Kazumi Magica Chapter 3: Kazumix

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Released March 24th, 2011.

The name of the city is revealed to be Asunaro, as Kazumi, Umika, and Kaoru are engaged in battle against an anime-style witch, complete with a barrier and familiars. During the battle, Kazumi hesitates, remembering when she accidentally hit her friends. Because of this, the witch devours Umika and Kaoru and escapes, leaving Kazumi by herself with a mark on her hand. At this point, four other magical girls arrive: Satomi, Mirai, Saki and Niko. It is revealed that the four of them, plus Kazumi, Umika, and Kaoru, make up a seven-member team of magical girls named the Pleiades Saints. They took their name after the Pleiades Star Cluster (this is a pun in Japanese; "Pleiades Saints" and "Pleiades Star Cluster" are pronounced the same way in Japanese and when written, differ by only one character). Kazumi gets a call from Umika and Kaoru, who are being protected by a barrier created by Umika. However, she can only maintain it for five hours. Umika tells Kazumi to team-up with the other Saints to find the witch. When Kazumi feels bad about what happened to Umika and Kaoru, Mirai hits her on the head, saying that they're the only ones who can help them. (This is a running gag that re-occurs through the chapter). The five of them use their Soul Gems to find the witch, while Kazumi remarks that her witch detector hair doesn't seem to be working.

Satomi speaks to a cat, revealing that her wish was to be able to talk to animals so she could become a veterinarian. The cat reveals that the mark on Kazumi's hand has been planted around the city (it seems distinct from the witch's symbol, however). Niko reveals that they designed a smartphone application that picks up the wavelengths from witches and transfers them into Soul Gems, making the witches easier to track down. The girls split up, but they are tricked by the mysterious girl from before who disguises herself as Satomi. She then leads Kazumi away from the others. When she reveals herself, Kazumi recognizes her as the one who put her in the suitcase. The girl announces she will kill Kazumi and summons a giant bull. She then creates a number of pistols and sub-machine guns, Mami-style, and fires them, pinning Kazumi to a wall. Realizing they've been tricked, the other four magical girls arrive in time to help Kazumi. The mysterious magical girl escapes. Back at Umika's house, Saki finds that the mark left behind by the witch is the mark of a bookmobile, and that the appearance of the marks matches the bookmobile's schedule. They rush off to find the witch (after Kazumi cooks a large meal for them). Kazumi brings a bag of candy with her for Umika and Kaoru. Kazumi is told to wait outside the barrier, while the other magical girls incapacitate the witch. Once giving the signal from an electronic communicator, Kazumi will then fire into the barrier, destroying the witch. The plan hits a snag when Niko's communicator is broken, prompting Umika to use flute candy from Kazumi's bag to contact her. Kazumi successfully destroys the witch and reunites with Umika and Kaoru. Saki finds that the witch used an abandoned car to make its barrier, while Niko collects the witch's Grief Seed which looks like the ones in the anime. Their expressions in this scene carry the subtle implication that they also know magical girls become witches. As they celebrate their victory, they are watched by something that resembles a black cat mixed with Kyubey.