Kazumi Magica Chapter 7: Picking Gems

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Released July 23, 2011.

The chapter begins with Kaoru, Saki, Mirai, and Satomi confronting a magical girl named Sumire Akane. Sumire recognizes Kaoru from training together at the training center. Kaoru apologizes and uses a spell called "Tocco del Male" (Touch of Evil) as Akane screams. The scene cuts to another girl watching the Pleiades from afar who mentions that she's glad she stopped in Asunaro City before going to Mitakihara City. She watches as all the magical girls detransform, and the Pleiades hold out their Soul Gems. As she pulls out her own Soul Gem, she says that she wants the Pleiades. The next morning, Kazumi thanks Souchirou for the food, and becomes overjoyed when he puts the Bucket Parfait on the menu. She leaves when she spies Niko and Juubey walking past the store

Kazumi asks Niko what she's doing, and she evasively answers that she's on a witch hunt. Kazumi elects to go with her, and they enter La Vie Land, Asunaro's amusement park. Kazumi mentions that the Pleaides were trying to be nice to her by hiding the truth about witches. Niko then says that Kazumi still doesn't have her memories back. Kazumi acknowledges this, and wonders if she hit her head in the trunk; if Airi had erased her memories they would be coming back. She then asks if there's anything that can bring back her memories. Niko says they aren't all good memories and Kazumi might have had plenty of regrets. She says this while looking at an American news article about a Japanese kid shooting other people. Kazumi says that she's fine with it, and doesn't want to run away from that part of herself. Niko says that they should talk about this with everyone else later, before turning around to confront the girl that was watching the Pleaides from earlier in the chapter. Introducing herself as Ayase Souju, she reveals that she collects Soul Gems because "they shine with the light of life". Niko calls her hobby disgusting. Ayase counters by saying the Pleiades are picking gems too. She refers offhandedly to Sumire, saying she was only slightly dirty, and didn't bother anyone. Niko is silent (it's possible that she wasn't present during the incident), while Kazumi is confused. Ayase then reveals her intention to add the Pleaides to her collection. Niko and Ayase proceed to transform.

Ayase's weapon is a sword, and she throws fireballs. Niko dodges, turns her fingers into bullets, and fires them. Ayase deflects the bullets only to find herself being surrounded by a horde of Nikos. Juubey tells Kazumi that Niko made of wish of "rebuilding and reforming", which gave her the power to reconstruct materials as other objects - the other Nikos were literally made from bricks. Ayase throws another flurry of fireballs, burning the Niko clones to bits. At that point, the real Niko appears, grabs Ayase's Soul Gem, and uses "Tocco del Mare". Ayase abruptly detransforms, while Niko continues to hold Ayase's Soul Gem. When asked, she tells Kazumi she only stunned Ayase. Ayase then begins speaking and attacks Niko point-blank with an ice spell, reclaiming her Soul Gem. She then transforms again, but has a different outfit. Kazumi asks Juubey if magical girls can transform twice, but Juubey claims there are two of her. The girl reveals that she is Luca Souju, and that both her and Ayase share the same body as two souls. As Kazumi wonders if Ayase/Luca is a magical girl with a split personality, Luca says her surname (meaning "twin trees") is a good description of her body.