Kazumi Magica Chapter 15: Essence of Satomi

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Released on March 24, 2012.

Kazumi and the final clone fall to the ground, while Satomi transforms back into her street clothes. Kazumi grabs the clone's hand and absorbs it. Satomi expresses annoyance at this and prepares to attack her again, but her Soul Gem suddenly begins to crack without any visible corruption, like Niko's spare did. It breaks open and Satomi becomes a witch. Kazumi dodges the witch's attacks and changes into a tentacled, witch-like form. Satomi's familiars attack Kazumi, but Kazumi turns them against the witch with Mirai's "La Bestia" attack. The familiars explode, breaking the witch open and revealing a smaller form inside of it. Kazumi grabs it and kills it by smashing it against a wall.

The remaining Pleiades run up to see Kazumi now attacking Satomi's corpse. She returns to normal at the sound of Saki's voice and is horrified at what she's done. Saki tells her it wasn't her fault, calling her Michiru. Kazumi shoves her away, asks the others if she really is a clone or not, and is met with silence. She begins to panic, asking "Who am I? What am I?!" and teleports away.

Umika, Kaoru, Saki, Mirai and Niko reconvene at Umika's house. Niko is unable to locate Kazumi, as she is unconsciously using cloaking magic. Saki apologizes for not destroying the clones when she herself volunteered to, though the others don't fault her for it. The five then discuss what to do about Kazumi, now that she's becoming a witch again and they only have 5/6 of the magic needed to clone her. Niko holds up her container, with Satomi's body and Grief Seed inside of it, calling them the "ingredients" for Satomi. Everyone but Kaoru votes to kill Kazumi and to revive Michiru and Satomi as many times as necessary. Kaoru objects to just killing Kazumi off when they can no longer control her. Saki produces Michiru's diary, saying, "Are you fine with giving this diary a bad ending?!"

Saki and Mirai head out on patrol. Saki thanks Mirai for covering for her. Mirai says that Kazumi isn't the Michiru they knew-- she's just a witch that looks like a person.

Meanwhile, Kazumi hides in a lighthouse on a cliff, tearfully gazing at a photo of the Pleiades, taken after killing the witch from Chapter 3 on her phone. Someone behind her suddenly grabs her shoulder, and she turns to see who it is.