Homura's Revenge! Chapter 1

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In yet another failed timeline, Homura is defeated by Walpurgisnaucht. Again. Kyubey is thanking (mocking?) her. Again. Madoka is about to contract. Again.
And then Homura had an idea. She grabs Madoka, drops a one liner, and returns to the past (again), taking Madoka with her. Of course this means they just left Mitakihara to die, but we don't care about that.

Once again, Homura wakes up in the hospital. Her idea: If physical contact with Homura lets them move during time-stop, logically time traveling should bring those in physical contact with her to the past as well. Right? Though thinking about it, anything can happen. She might've just killed Madoka. Cue Homura having a mental breakdown.
Skip to Homura's first day at school. Everything proceeds normally. However, immediately after Homura's self introduction, Madoka jumps out of her seat, rushes up to her, and says she remembers everything. In front of the Entire Class! An awkward moment and obviously fake claim of not feeling well (which most of the class buys somehow) later, the duo is standing in 'that' hallway again, where Homura confronts Madoka about her choice. Madoka changes the subject by suggesting that they try and save the others this time. Despite knowledge of how this could butterfly out of control, Homura decides to give it a shot and dismisses herself, leaving Madoka to deal with the rest of the class.