The Different Story: Episode 4

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Episode 4 begins from where the last episode left off with Mami offering ginger tea to warm Kyoko up after being out in the cold. Kyoko notes how Mami has even loaned her some of her clothes and says it must be putting her out. Mami answers that it's not a problem as it's already getting late and that she should stay over at her place for the time being. Mami then asks what she is thinking of doing now, and says that if it's ok, she'd like Kyoko to stay with her until things settle down for her. Kyoko turns her down, as she doesn't want to impose on her that much. Mami understands, but adds that she would like Kyoko to stop trying to do everything by herself, and that she can be her back up in battles too. She suggests that they do things together from now on, and offers to make dinner for tonight. As Mami leaves, Kyoko clutches her soul gem in her hand and (thinking) apologizes to Mami, as she's afraid she can't fight with her anymore after her ordeal.

The scene changes to the next day, where Mami is tending to Kyoko's injuries after they have just gotten out of a fight in a barrier. Mami takes note of how Kyoko isn't acting like her usual self. She tells Kyoko that this might be hard for her hear this, but if she can't give her all while fighting, she's better off not fighting at all as she is risking her life in battle. Mami also tells her about what they just fought back there was a familiar and that she was lucky to have gotten away with just a few scratches, but if Kyoko had just used her magic she wouldn't have taken much of a beating. Mami asks her why she isn't using it, and Kyoko answers that she can take down a witch without it. Mami is about to state that defeating witches isn't as easy without magic, but Kyoko suddenly interrupts her saying that there's something she's been meaning to talk to her about. Kyoko tells her it's about how they fight, and how from now on, instead of taking down both witches and stray familiars, that they concentrate on the witch alone. This surprises Mami as Kyoko goes on, telling her that if they're hunting familiars, they don't drop any grief seeds and it means they will end up wasting their magic for no good reason and that they don't profit from going after them. Mami asks if something has happened to Kyoko, but she ignores her and goes on to state that while Mami may be trying to be a hero and "protect the peace", it's too much of a pain to play along with her hobbies, and that it just doesn't seem right to her anymore. Mami is upset and asks her what is she talking about, as regardless there's a witch or it's familiar attacking people, it's best to save them or they'll die.

Kyoko then snaps at Mami, saying that they can't possibly go saving everyone all the time. Mami is speechless, and Kyoko adds that whether people are possessed by a witch or not, the ones who want to die are going to, and asks Mami why she should have to risk her life saving jerks like that and says to let the familiars have them so they have some more grief seeds in the future. Mami understands that Kyoko is just upset about how she feels about her family, but that she still shouldn't say things like that. Kyoko snaps back saying that what would she understand, as she is a girl whose family died in an accident, which is in no way the same as a girl whose family died because of her. Kyoko states that Mami was right about one thing; that she really should've made the wish for herself instead, as the only one who would be hurt is herself, and that that way, she doesn't push her own selfish ideas of happiness on someone else. She adds on that she got her whole family caught up in her own misery, and that it serves her right as her magic started the whole mess in the first place. Kyoko then accuses Mami that somewhere down inside, she thought something like this was bound to happen, and Mami tearfully says she never thought of that at all. Kyoko states that she has made up her mind, and is not going to anything anymore for other people's happiness, or try to save anyone either. She will never use her magic for that reason, and instead use her magic to make herself happy. Kyoko then asks Mami if they're done being a team, as Mami might hate her now for what she has said. Kyoko turns to leave, but Mami grabs her by the wrist. Kyoko tells her to let go, but Mami cries as she says that she won't and that she doesn't care how tough it is for her right now, but she refuses to let Kyoko live her life like that, as trying too hard to act strong like that will make things tougher for her. Mami also says that she can't leave her alone like this, that she can't just walk away from Kyoko after all that. Kyoko sighs in frustration, and uses her magic to repel Mami away from her, saying that she's leaving even if she has to blast Mami away to do it. Mami is taken aback as Kyoko has transformed into her magical girl form and takes a fighting stance.

Mami is still upset, and asks if Kyoko doesn't intend to talk it over rationally. Mami then pulls out her soul gem ready to fight. Kyoko apologizes to Mami (calling her senpai) and begins her attack. Mami manages to move out of the way and uses her magic to attempt to restrain Kyoko, but Kyoko uses her spear to defend herself and notes how Mami has high speed magic, and that she can see through it with no problems. Mami dodges her incoming attack and summons a musket, replying that while Kyoko may say that, but attacking from the front without planning ahead isn't a good idea, as she had warned her over and over again but still does it. Their weapons clash together and Mami shoots at Kyoko to send her back a bit. She then summons several large muskets and fires at Kyoko, who has just recovered and notices a smoke screen has formed around her. She quickly dodges a shot and takes notice of several small muskets surrounding her. They fire, and Kyoko quickly moves to dodge them, stating that Mami isn't aiming at her and thinks about how soft she is. Kyoko states that if Mami doesn't shoot like she really means to kill her, then Kyoko doesn't have to do much to dodge it. Kyoko jumps out of the smoke and lunges at Mami, catching her off guard and points her spear at her to issue a warning that if this continues, then she will really get Mami the next time they fight, as unlike her, she's serious in her fighting. Kyoko retracts her spear and begins to walk away, stating to Mami that she is going back to Kazamino, as from now on, she is going to fight her way and thanks her for the lessons they had until now. Mami calls out to her and says that Kyoko was the first magical girl who ever saw eye-to-eye with her, and that she believed Kyoko wasn't like all the other magical girls. Mami asks her if this is truly what she wants and if she really thinks she can stand the loneliness. Kyoko doesn't answer and leaves without a word, leaving Mami alone. Mami cries to herself about her failure again, and asks why it always turns out this way as now she's back to being all alone again. The scene then switches to Kyoko, who is seen alone as well from the top of a building, looking down at her soul gem and thinking to herself that Mami can find a better friend than her.

The next scene takes place amongst the anime's timeline, a long time after Mami and Kyoko's fallout, with Mami sitting alone in her apartment when she hears her name being called through telepathically by someone and a knock at the door. Mami quickly realizes it's Madoka Kaname (with Kyubey as well) and apologizes for not realizing it was her talking. Mami asks her what's wrong, and Madoka says she's sorry for calling on her so sudden, but says there's something going on with Sayaka Miki downtown.

The scene changes to Sayaka fighting against Kyoko in an alleyway, the same as in episode 5 of the anime. Kyoko says that's Sayaka's not too bad for being a rookie, and says that she's learned a lot from this "senpai" she has supposedly been bragging about. Sayaka fights back and exclaims that Kyoko is nothing like Mami, as she is only in it for herself and doesn't care for the lives of other people. As she jumps up and away from Kyoko and starts charging towards her, she states that isn't going to let a magical girl like Kyoko defeat her. Kyoko turns around and unchains her spear and throws it at Sayaka to ensnare her sword and take her down. Kyoko says that Sayaka just doesn't get it, as fighting for other people won't do her any good. As she is about to attack Sayaka, she adds that if she's such a fool that can't figure that out then she will beat some sense into her. Kyoko is close to striking Sayaka until she hears a noise behind her and stops her attack. Madoka comes in, a bit breathless, but relieved that they made it in time (behind her, another magical girl is seen watching). Kyoko states that it's been awhile, and the person behind her answers that she is Sayaka's senpai and that she is responsible for her and wishes Kyoko wouldn't involve her in anything untoward. The girl behind her states that it's bad manners for Kyoko to be setting foot in someone else's territory. The episode ends with Kyoko stating that she didn't expect to see her here and face the girl behind her, revealed to be Mami, who she thought had fallen in battle a long time ago.