The Different Story: Episode 9

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The episode begins with Mami remembering her life with her parents. Mami regrets not wishing to save her family's lives. The scene changes and a young Mami sits in her apartment alone with Kyubey. She questions her life and doesn't know what to do anymore. Kyubey tells Mami that her lifespan was extended as a result of her contract and has a duty to fight witches from now on. After her first battle with a witch, Mami is scared but content. For every witch she defeats, a life is saved and so is a piece of her even if other magical girls don't agree with her way of thinking. A young Kyoko asks to be her apprentice and now Mami isn't alone, sad, or afraid anymore. And then Kyoko leaves to fight on her own as well as Sayaka. Now Mami is alone again, but she has to keep going.

Mami begins to cry, as she realizes that everything isn't going to be ok. She never wanted to be a defender of justice, only to be with someone else. The scene changes to Elsa Maria's barrier as Mami rescues Sayaka. Everything looks hopeful as Sayaka tearfully thanks Mami. But suddenly Sayaka's soul gem hatches into a grief seed before Mami's eyes. Oktavia's barrier spreads out and Mami falls, grasping at happy memories of the wonderful days she spent with Madoka and Sayaka. The scene changes and Madoka has found Mami after having been searching in the rain. She asks Mami if she's found Sayaka, but Mami smiles and says she just missed Sayaka who should be alright now. She lies to Madoka, telling her they'd been chatting but the rain made them stop for now so they decided to go witch-hunting. Madoka asks if she can go, but Mami makes an excuse so Madoka leaves for home, happy to know Sayaka and Mami are friends again.

The scene changes once more. Homura explains to Kyoko how magical girls become witches by using up their magical energy. Kyubey confirms this, and confirms also that Sayaka became a witch once her soul gem became polluted. He looks at Homura and, while he'd like to know how she came about this knowledge, he reiterates that becoming witches is the fate of all magical girls. Kyoko turns to leave and Homura reminds her not to go looking for Mami and Sayaka now unless she's willing to die by their hands. Homura believes Mami isn't strong enough to handle the truth about magical girls and must already be dead or a witch. Kyoko is upset and yells at Homura, angry at her attitude towards Mami. But Homura smacks her hand away and informs Kyoko that she's the one who doesn't know what Mami's true nature is. If Kyoko were to meet her now her life would be in danger. Kyoko however, erects a lattice barrier to prevent Homura from following her and heads out both to find Sayaka and turn her human again as well as change Mami's mind if need be. If all is well then all the more people to face Walpurgisnacht.

Mami walks through the city using her soul gem to track a witch until she walks into a lattice barrier, Kyoko emerging from the shadows. She taunts Mami, asking if she can hunt one more witch before leaving the city once and for all. Mami stands her ground, telling Kyoko she intends to die with that witch. Mami magically transforms and aims her musket at Kyoko, saying she has no reason to continue living as a magical girl, not if the fate of all magical girls is to end up becoming witches. Mami and Kyoko argue, Kyoko adamant to not leave Mami alone in her state even if she has to use force. Mami agrees and responds by summoning a field of muskets. It's a fight to the death and neither magical girl is holding back.