The Different Story: Episode 11

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The episode begins with Kyoko's suspended form disappearing. It seems a fraction of Kyoko's illusion magic returned. As Kyoko looks down on Mami, Mami asks if they could have a review meeting like they used to after a witch hunt. She tells Kyoko that she always wanted to be her friend and regretted not having the courage to say anything. The only thing that connected them was combat, and all of this fighting could have been avoided. Mami knew it was only an illusion from the moment she kicked her, her old illusions were much better. Kyoko yells at Mami, she'll get stronger and has nothing to learn from Mami anymore. Mami only responds that friendship doesn't make you weaker, but can complement you and cover up your weaknesses. Pushing others away only leads to loneliness. She asks Kyoko to finish her off and then to go save Sayaka. Kyubey watches on as Kyoko tries to shoulder the blame and Mami begs for death. She'd rather die than become a witch and would rather die than continue living if she can't save anyone. Kyoko cries out that Mami has saved someone even now: she's saved her and she's the only family Kyoko has left.

Kyoko thinks back to the day she told her father that she was a magical girl. Her father became cruel soon after and abused her mother. Kyoko begs her mother for forgiveness and if it wasn't for Mami Kyoko would have fallen into despair then and there. It was thoughts of Mami and all she had done for her, how she supported her and treated her the way a big sister would have that saved her. Kyoko touches a grief seed to Mami's polluted soul gem as Mami sheds tears of gratitude. Kyoko explains her real intentions in coming to the city was not to kill Mami but rather to make sure she was happy, even if she ended up going about it the wrong way. Kyoko turns to go but not before Mami asks her to promise she'll never leave her again. In exchange, Kyoko leaves Mami her ribbon and pendant promising to return for them. As she walks into the barrier, Mami's soul gem is shown dispelling the illusion magic Kyoko cast on it causing it to return to its darkened state.

The scene shifts to inside Sayaka's barrier and Kyoko is facing down Oktavia von Seckendorf. As she leaps toward Oktavia, Kyoko imagines a world where Mami is introducing her to her other friends. Sayaka extends her hand to Kyoko in friendship and now Kyoko stands crying alone in the rain, telling her father about another successful witch hunt in which she saved a suicidal person. The scene changes and Mami awakens at home in her own bed, safe and sound. Madoka is relieved to see her ok and jumps into her arms crying. Homura informs her they brought her home after they found her and she's been asleep for an entire day. When Mami asks what happened to Kyoko and Sayaka, Homura says Sayaka was killed by a witch and Kyoko's whereabouts are unknown. Before Mami can say otherwise, Homura telepathically tells her she doesn't want Madoka to find out the truth. Once Madoka leaves for home, Homura asks for Mami's help.