The Different Story: Episode 2

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The next episode begins with a classmate of Mami’s asking her why she’s been in such a happy daze all day, snapping her out of it. Mami didn’t seem to notice herself, and her classmate believes she might have gotten herself a boyfriend. Another classmate happens to hear it and teases her for it. Mami denies having a boyfriend, but tells them she has made a new friend instead (Kyoko), causing her two classmates to ask what that means and if they aren’t her friends. Mami states that isn’t what she means at all, but she goes on to say that she isn’t sure how to say how different her new friend is from her normal friends. In a way, Mami says that if they didn’t trust each other beyond being just friends, then she thinks they could be as compatible and they only just met and can’t be sure it’ll turn out that way. Mami finishes with saying that she hopes her new friend can be someone she can feel at ease entrusting her life to, but just before she finishes her classmates interrupt her and think it isn’t a boyfriend, but a fiancé instead.

As Mami leaves school and says goodbye to her classmates, she thinks to herself how a magical girl like her has made another magical girl her friend.

The scene changes and takes place back at Mami’s place with Kyoko and Kyubey sitting with Mami. Mami is surprised about Kyoko’s request to be her disciple. Kyoko states that Mami is her ideal in every way and if she’s not in her way, she’d like to be so. She asks if the answer is no (judging by Mami’s silence), but Mami speaks up and states that while it isn’t quite the same as a disciple, she thought it’d be nice to have another magical girl for a friend. Kyoko asks if what she’s saying is yes, and Mami agrees. She adds that if she has any advice to give, it is that she doesn’t mind advising Kyoko as a more experienced “senpai” magical girl. Kyoko is filled with joy and thanks Mami for accepting her.

From that point onwards, Mami and Kyoko meet up together to hunt and fight another witch, and end the day by going to Mami’s place and having dinner. Kyoko is leaving Mami’s house after having dinner and Mami tells Kyoko as she’s leaving to be careful out there and to come by Mitakihara again as she is always welcome. Kyoko asks if she’s not in the way, and Mami answers that she’s a big help to her and that even in today’s fight, she could really rely on her. Kyoko smiles and expresses the same thoughts and states that she wants to spend a lot of time together with Mami again, calling her "Mami-senpai".

As Kyoko leaves, Mami is a little surprised and embarrassed to be called "senpai" by Kyoko as it is the first time she’s ever been a senpai to anyone. She thinks about how ever since she became a magical girl, all she’s ever done is fight witches every day and that it isn’t like that leaves her with time to be in a school club. She thinks it might not be too bad, and as Mami muses about this, she sits with Kyubey and wonders what would be the best name to give Kyoko’s final attack with Kyubey saying that isn’t his area of expertise.

Cue to the next scene, and its Mami and Kyoko changing back out of their magical girl forms after defeating yet another witch together. Kyoko exclaims that she can’t get over how accurate Mami’s witch finding is, as she was never able to find witches that fast when she was working alone herself.

Mami states that there are a lot of unexplained murders and suicides that you can attribute to finding a witch. She puts it into other words and sums it up that she believes witches are attracted to places where humans are in despair. She gives an example, when one finds a crossroad for troubled hearts, then there should be some kind of darkness lurking nearby, and adds that she started her searches around the centers of those places from there. Mami thinks that it’s very important to find witches as quickly as possible so that they can limit the damage and their effect on human society. Kyoko then asks about how young Mami was when she became a magical girl. Mami asks her why, and Kyoko just asks out of curiosity, as to become an accomplished magical girl with all her attacks and knowledge, she thinks that maybe it took a long time and a lot of effort to reach. It also makes her wonder what kind of wish she started off with in the first place. Mami’s expression darkens and she frowns, not giving an answer. Kyoko quickly retracts back as her saying something she shouldn’t have, but Mami says she hasn’t. She supposes that now is a good time to let her know about her contract with Kyubey. Mami begins by saying that she made her contract with Kyubey about a year ago and that if she hadn’t met him, then she wouldn’t be right here talking to Kyoko right now, adding that her contract with him kept her alive. About a year ago, Mami and her family were caught in a terrible car accident and because of the quick contract, Mami was the only survivor of it. Her parents didn’t make it and it was very painful and sad for her to see. But Mami goes on and says that with a fate to battle witches, she couldn’t mourn the loss of her parents forever, and at one point she started to think that if someone is killed by a witch or familiar, someone else will be feeling the same sorrow she did. And as a result of her life being saved by Kyubey, she received the power to fight witches, and of through her efforts fight them, even one person is spared of her sorrow, it’s worth it. And so she thought it was best to keep fighting, as it keeps her doing what she’s doing now. Kyoko understands, and Mami adds that that’s why she’s so happy that Kyoko is fighting alongside her, as she’s the very first person who ever recognized her way of fighting. Kyoko stays silent until Mami suggests that they go back to her place to have tea again, and suggests that instead of going to her place if Mami would like to come to her house instead if it’s ok with her.

The next scene comes in, and begins with Kyoko’s sister Momo smiling and calling Mami her big sister asking her to play with her. Kyoko tells Momo to stop it, but Mami smiles to her and says that they’ve only just finished dinner and that they’ll play later. Kyoko’s mother apologizes for Momo, as she always gets excited whenever guests come over. Mami tells her it’s ok as she’s having a lot of fun and thanks her for the dinner. Kyoko’s mother talks to Kyoko that if she had told her about Mami coming over beforehand that she could’ve made something better for dinner. Kyoko answers back that it’s much better to have what they always have, and that if it was too good, Mami would feel guilty about coming over. Mami says that it’s been a long time since she’s had such a happy dinner and really appreciates it. Kyoko’s father replies that they’re happy she’s enjoyed it, and adds that to be honest they can now treat guests to a meal that doesn’t embarrass them, and that it is only a recent development. Mami asks if that’s so, and Kyoko’s father says that it is. He states that he serves as the pastor to his church and that his sermons are meant to bring some more happiness to the world. But for years on one would listen to him preach different things from the church and that because of it, his family had suffered a great deal because of it. Then it all changed from one day to the next as followers who wished to hear his words started appearing. At first he doubted it even when he saw it, as one morning he awoke and found that a large number of people had gathered to his church who wished to hear his sermons. Kyoko’s mother adds, “If you believe and continue to plant the seeds of that faith, then those seeds may finally flower.” as something her husband once said. Kyoko’s mother states that Mami is the first friend Kyoko has ever brought over and hopes that the two girls will be long lasting good friends. Kyoko is embarrassed by this as she told her mother to keep it a secret and Mami laughs.

The scene cuts and the next one starts off with Kyoko walking along with Mami to see her off home. Kyoko says she’s sorry for keeping her out so late, but states that she’d love to have her come over again sometime. Mami changes the subject to what Kyoko’s wish for when she became a magical girl, and Kyoko turns away and answers that it wasn’t wishing for her family to be rich or anything, but for all the people to listen to what her father had to say was all. She states that not even one person has tried to understand what he was saying and never listened at all, and that she got frustrated so much that she couldn’t stand it. Mami sees what Kyoko is getting at that her wish was for her father’s sake. Kyoko asks Mami is making a wish for someone else’s sake is weird or anything, and Mami answers it isn’t, as she thinks that a wish for someone else that would also fulfill a wish for one’s own self too would be a wonderful thing. But she goes on to say that as their battles put them in great danger, that they must sacrifice at least part of their lives, and that she feels that one can withstand the price of their wish better if it’s for oneself. She begins to state again about if the wish isn’t for oneself, but Kyoko cuts her off saying that if that’s the case, she’s alright as her father has been doing everything to make her family happy. She states that she wanted happiness for everyone, herself included and that the first step to that was to make sure her father is happy. Kyoko is happy with her contract and says that she’s here to protect everyone’s happiness as that’s what her wish really is. Mami smiles at her and says that she’s sure Kyoko will be just fine. Kyoko states that it makes it her reason for fighting the same as Mami and says that she’d like to keep on working together with her. The two are about to shake hands in agreement, when suddenly Mami’s soul gem starts to glow. Kyubey suddenly appears and warns both of the girls that he’s found a grief seed trying to hatch nearby, and urges them to hurry. Mami and Kyoko both look at each other and nod as they both transform and begin the hunt for the witch. As they set off, Mami cannot help but think that Kyoko is different from other magical girls, as she never thought that two magical girls could understand each other so well. Ever since she decided to protect the people as a magical girl, somewhere inside of her, she wanted the perfect partner alongside her and that finally she was able to meet her.

The next scene begins with Kyoko, Mami, and Kyubey walking out of a construction area with Kyoko excited over how there isn’t any witch that can stand against her and Mami. Mami states that they mustn’t get too over confident, but Kyoko reasons that if it’s just the two of them that Walpurgisnacht would fall easily. Mami isn’t sure what Walpurgisnacht is, so Kyoko begins to explain that it’s a huge witch that all the magical girls’ rumors about about. She adds that they may be over confident but she doesn’t think that a witch like Walpurgisnacht can stand up to their duo and that she thinks they could save the whole world. Mami laughs and says that she has gotten a little too confident. Kyoko wonders if she is getting ahead of herself and Mami answers that she wouldn’t say that as it’s good to have big goals. Mami still laughs in amusement, but goes on to say that she agrees with Kyoko and that together they could take down the witch. And when that someday comes and the witch actually appears, they would protect the town together.

The scene cuts and the next one is at nighttime with Kyoko and her sister sleeping in bed, only for Kyoko to awaken and find her soul gem glowing brightly and Kyubey by the window alerting her to something happening in the Sakura Church. Kyoko makes her way to the church and takes note of the odd smell in the air. When she enters the church, she finds several people inside ripping up various books and pouring gasoline on them. Kyoko is shocked and asks Kyubey what is going on, and Kyubey answers that they are under a witch’s kiss and that its barrier is starting to spread inside the church. Kyoko takes quick notice that one of the people gathered has a box of matches ready to start a fire. Kyoko then realizes that they intend to burn the church and puts her hands together and prays to not let that happen. She uses her magic to turn the matches into pocky and the gasoline covered books into various sweets and junk food. Kyoko snags the pocky box away from the person and looks up to see the witch’s barrier taking over. Kyoko angrily states as she transforms that she hopes the witch is prepared for this as this is her father’s church it’s curse and it’s going to pay for it. The barrier fully forms, and Kyoko is met with a swarm of flying letter-like familiars coming at her. She swipes them away with ease, and catches sight of the witch itself: a messenger bird witch. Kyoko’s glad it showed itself as now she can fight it quickly. The witch proves to be a powerful and fast foe as it tries to disable her weapon and distract her with its familiars. Kyoko summons several spears to attack the witch and states as she uses ‘’Rosso Fantasma’’ that she will not let the witch hurt anyone or use her father’s church to gather people and she will protect everyone. The witch is stabbed repeatedly and is defeated, leaving the people it manipulated on the ground unconscious. Kyoko notes that the witch leaves quite a bit of a mess behind, but reasons its ok since there’s plenty of time before dawn and things would get really complicated. Disrupting her thoughts, Kyoko hears footsteps approaching from behind and turns around surprised to face her father, having seen her in her magical girl form fighting the witch.

The last scene begins with Kyoko’s sister Momo waking up wondering where her sister is at and instead finds her father awake. She asks him where Kyoko is and if there’s something wrong. Her father simply pats her on the head and apologizes for waking her and that nothing is wrong, asking her to go back to sleep. He says good night to her and as she goes back to bed, the chapter ends with Kyoko seen still in her magical girl form right next to her father.