The Different Story: Episode 5

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The episode opens with Sayaka chasing a royal, king-like witch within its barrier. She tries many times to land a hit on it, but each time it escapes through the various doors within the barrier and in one instance it catches Sayaka off guard from behind. Before the witch can attack, a bullet comes between the two, and the witch quickly flees to another door. Sayaka turns around to thank Mami for stopping the witch’s attack, and returns to fighting the witch again while Mami (with Madoka holding Kyubey beside her) tells her to leave the follow-up attacks to her. Sayaka states in frustration how the witch is too fast for her to even have her attacks hit, and compares its fleeing patterns to playing whac-a-mole. Mami tells her to stay calm as she tries to find her an opening, so until then she tells Sayaka to keep drawing the witch’s attention for a while. As Mami starts forming a larger version of her gun, Madoka expresses her concern for Sayaka’s safety and Mami assures her that everything will be alright. She aims her gun at a several doors in front of her and quickly tells Sayaka not to move from her current position. She explains her plan to Sayaka; she is going to destroy the other doors to force the witch out of the last one standing (in front of Sayaka). Mami snaps her fingers and her gun fires her "Tiro Ricercare" ("Searching Shot") attack, hitting and destroying all the doors at once. Once they’re all gone, the witch comes out of the door near Sayaka with a lot of familiars, and Mami shouts to Sayaka to attack it now. Sayaka summons many swords and begins chucking them all at the familiars surrounding the witch, leaving it wide open, and in a flash Sayaka cuts it in half, defeating it. Sayaka smiles as she holds the grief seed, happy that they managed to defeat it.

In the next scene, the girls are walking through an alleyway when Mami suddenly stops them when Homura Akemi (the magical girl from the previous episode) approaches them. Madoka states to Homura that they already took care of the witch and Mami adds that she should no longer find any witches here. She goes on and says that there aren’t any grief seeds left for her, but Homura answers that she doesn’t have a need for any. She then asks Mami how she can help her, as even though the two of them (Mami and Sayaka) are powerful enough to defeat witches together, Mami still wants to have more allies. Mami asks if she’s talking about Madoka and if her becoming a magical girl is really inconvenient for her, or if Homura wants to control her and use her for her own battles. Mami adds that Kyubey had told her about how she’s teamed up with Kyoko (which surprises Madoka) and asks if the two of them really intend to take her territory, and if she wants to fight she will gladly accept it. Homura simply turns around and leaves without giving Mami an answer, and Mami thinks to herself about the time that Kyoko had told her she was going to fight her way.

The next part is Mami’s narration of what happened after Kyoko and her broke up and how she met Sayaka and Madoka, two second-year students of Mitakihara Middle School and her underclassmen, who she saved from a witch when they wandered into its barrier. They both had been told by Kyubey that they had the potential to become magical girls, and Sayaka was the first to make her contract and now fights alongside Mami. She then talks about Homura, who is a transfer student in the same class as Madoka and Sayaka. She notes that while she knows Homura is doing everything in her power to prevent Madoka from making a contract, everything else about her is a mystery and thinks she’s most likely a magical girl with incredible power. While Homura’s purpose remains unclear, Mami also takes note of Kyoko returning once more to Mitakihara City, with a different personality after their fallout.

The scene changes to Madoka, Sayaka, and Kyubey at Mami’s apartment having tea together and talking about magical girls teaming up. Madoka asks if in order to protect themselves they have to give up on magical girls who aren’t allied with them. Mami states that she understands Madoka’s feelings on it, as she too wishes they could be friends with other magical girls and that they didn’t fight amongst each other. She adds that no one fights because they want to, and Madoka simply says that she just wishes everyone would help each other out. She then talks about how she thinks Homura doesn’t want to fight them either and that she gets the feeling that there’s something special driving her to cross paths with them. Mami states that it might be true, but adds that because she doesn’t explain herself for her actions that Mami will not allow her into their group. Mami says she has a responsibility to protect Madoka and Sayaka, and in the unlikely event that they did team up with someone untrustworthy and find themselves in an unexpected situation, she could be putting their lives at risk. Madoka frowns and says that she better hurry up and decided on a wish. Kyubey states that if Madoka becomes a magical girl she’ll bring great power to Mami’s side. Kyubey is about to state what will happen if she contracts, but Mami shuts him up with food and states that they aren’t in a hurry and encourages Madoka to think her wish over carefully as she’s going to have to be fully prepared once she decides to become a magical girl, but in the end it all depends on whether or not they (Homura) would want to meet them in the middle. Sayaka recalls Homura’s attitude towards them and states who’d want to be friends with a bad person like her. Sayaka goes on and says that while Homura’s bad enough, she can’t stand Kyoko and how she leaves familiars alone to prey on people and made fun of Sayaka’s wish, her words being, “Your wish won’t help anybody! Not one good thing will come from having it granted.” Mami frowns over this as Sayaka talks about her and states she doesn’t want to team up with her. Sayaka takes notice of Mami’s expression and apologizes for her rant, and suggests they shouldn’t have that kind of talk over the cakes Mami has made.

As they eat, Madoka asks Sayaka if she finished her homework for tomorrow, and Sayaka stutters, embaressed that she forgot they had one. Mami reminds Sayaka that while her job as a magical girl is important, she needs to also keep up her schoolwork. Sayaka answers that with all the daily battles, she just doesn’t have enough time to do all her homework, and says that Mami must also have the same issue, and asks if she keeps up. Mami proudly states that it’s never a problem for her, and Sayaka gushes in awe over how perfect Mami is. Mami then suggests an idea to Sayaka, that it is time to get her started on using her magic more effectively to locate witches and finding other uses for it, showing a load of notebooks of her notes to Sayaka, startling her. Madoka looks over her notes and takes notice of Kyoko being mentioned and Sayaka exclaims why she can’t tail Mami to find witches and that she’s supposed to focus on her schoolwork. Mami states that tomorrow they’ll have a study session and then teach Sayaka about magic.

The scene changes to the next one, with Mami alone with Kyubey in her room after Madoka and Sayaka have left. She wonders what she’ll be doing now and remembers that Madoka mentioned homework and proceeds to work on it, having forgotten it earlier. She turns to Kyubey and asks him to keep it a secret from Madoka and Sayaka. Kyubey states not to worry about him. Mami sighs and asks Kyubey if he knows anything more about Homura and Kyoko. Kyubey answers that while it’s natural to assume they want to invade and take her territory, there’s no absolute proof of such. And that even if he knew for certain, all he can pass on to Mami is information that won’t unbalance his own neutral position. He then asks Mami if she plans on teaming up with them, and she answers no and thinks to herself that it’s not just her problem anymore. She muses that right now, as long as she has Madoka and Sayaka with her, she’s content with it.

The scene ends, and the next one is Mami using her Tiro Finale on the witch Elly from the anime, defeating it and discovering with Madoka that Hitomi Shizuki was targeted by the witch. Mami assures Madoka that Hitomi is fine and has simply passed out. Madoka breathes in a sigh of relief and Mami asks her if she knows Hitomi, and Madoka answers that she is a good friend of hers and her classmate. Madoka questions why Hitomi was targeted, and Mami tells her it’s nothing unusual, as even the slightest crack in one’s heart can lure anyone into the witch’s trap. Mami adds that the only reason they managed to make it here in time to save her was Madoka’s quick thinking and thanks her for it, and Madoka laughs in embarrassment.

Offscreen, a voice calls out to them, taking notice that Sayaka is not with the two. The girls turn to face Kyoko, who wonders if Sayaka is not there because she got sick of being with them. Mami counters that that isn’t the case as Sayaka is not the kind of person to betray people. She then notes how Kyoko isn’t with Homura, her ally. Kyoko huffs and states that she doesn’t know where Homura is but doesn’t care too much about it and it’s not Mami’s business what she does with someone else. Mami notes how Kyoko’s attitude has changed and how there are a lot of rumors about her that are not good. Kyoko sneers at her and says she doesn’t care and asks if Mami’s going to chase her off. Mami answers that she won’t as she doesn’t want to get Madoka involved, but Kyoko remarks how hypocritical it is for Mami to say that when she is dragging Madoka around to witch barriers as a civilian. Mami explains that Madoka has the makings of a magical girl and is giving her the chance to experience for herself what that life is like and thus, she has every right to be here. She adds on to her statement, that instead of becoming a magical girl with no idea of what they’re getting into, it’s better to go about it like this so that way they know the advantages and risks involved. Kyoko doesn’t think highly of Mami’s teachings, and warns Madoka that if she becomes a magical girl, she’s going to hunt her down. Madoka calmly states that she wishes Kyoko wouldn’t talk like that as she knows nothing about her and that Kyoko knows nothing about her or Sayaka either. She then adds that there is nothing bad about Sayaka’s wish, but Kyoko simply huffs and states that right now Mami is merely leading her and only wants her for extra fire power, and that Mami will not care about her after making the contract. Mami is appalled by Kyoko’s lies and states that while she’s free to stay in this town, she will not stand for her goading her underclassmen like that. She then leaves with Madoka, and once they’re out of sight, Kyoko angrily takes a bite out of the food she brought with her.

Homura suddenly appears and asks Kyoko why she picked her and not Mami to team up with. Kyoko answers that Mami doesn’t leave much room to negotiate and that she treats people like them like the bad guys. Kyoko informs Homura how Mami has been projecting the heroic magical girl image on other girls and states how much of a pain it is, as while Mami can keep that up, she can’t bring back what she’s lost. Homura muses how Kyoko is rather knowledgeable about Mami, and Kyoko responses with her wanting to take Mami’s territory. She adds that she can’t say she trusts Homura yet, but there’s no point in keeping her guard up around her either. Kyoko then asks Homura to tell her more about the witch Walpurgisnacht she’s been talking about earlier.

In the next scene after this, Madoka, Mami and Kyubey are walking downtown at night, and Madoka asks Mami if she knows Kyoko. Mami answers that she does from awhile back, but it’s nothing she and Sayaka should be concerned about, and that if anyone talks to her like how Kyoko did about becoming a magical girl or what her wish should be, to remember that it’s for her to decide alone. Madoka nods in understanding, as at first she just wanted to help people as her reason for becoming a magical girl, but when Sayaka made her contract she realized it wasn’t enough. The weight of Sayaka’s wish made her see that the wish to be granted is just as important and that she needs to find a wish to concrete on. Madoka ends it with her wanting to think about it so more and Mami agrees that it would be the best. Madoka states that she’d hate to be a burden on her and Sayaka, but Mami answers that she isn’t at all and that having her here gives her courage.

It’s the next day, and the scene opens up with Hitomi yawning, and Madoka asking her if she didn’t get enough sleep. As Hitomi talks, Sayaka speaks to Madoka via telepathy and apologizes for not being with her last night to fight the witch. Madoka asks Sayaka if she was ok by herself, and Sayaka appears to frown and answers yes, and then tells her that she can meet up with her and Mami today. Madoka is happy, but then tries to tell her about yesterday. Sayaka asks what happened, and Madoka tells her that Hitomi was attacked by a witch, startling Sayaka.

The scene changes to the inside of a witch’s honeycomb-like barrier where Mami and Sayaka fight off small, bee-like familiars of the larger witch (who is the witch form of one of the magical girls from the first episode) with Madoka being protected by Mami’s ribbons. Mami and Sayaka repeatedly defeat familiars, but the wave never seems to end. Mami notes how if they keep this up, it’ll never end and that they must defeat the source (witch) to end it. Mami tells Sayaka to focus their attacks on the witch instead and for her to help Mami to keep it from moving. Sayaka does so as Mami summons several muskets and fires them at the witch, binding it up. Sayaka then pins down the witch’s wings to keep it from flying away, and Mami prepares to finish it off with her Tiro Finale. Right when Mami pulls the trigger, she is caught off guard by vine/flytrap-like appendages and misses her shot. Mami wonders what’s going on, and notices that the witch’s barrier is changing into something more alive, which is something unusual for a witch's barrier to have. Mami jumps up to avoid the vines and notes that this isn’t just one witch’s barrier, but two of them working together (the other witch being the other magical girl from the first episode). As Mami lands in a safe spot, she looks over to Sayaka, who appears to be lost in her thoughts as the second witch is about to attack her from behind. Madoka shouts Sayaka’s name, snapping her out of her thoughts just in time to see Mami luring the second witch away from her. But Mami suddenly finds herself getting ensnared by the witch’s vines, and her large gun being destroyed. The episode ends with Sayaka and Madoka looking on in horror as Mami has been captured by the witch.