Magia Record Story A la Carte Valentine

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This event is composed of ten separate stories, with an additional bonus scene that was shown on Valentine's Day.


Madoka valentine event.png

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Madoka wants to make plenty of chocolate for all her friends, so she meets up with the Holy Quintet to go to Mami's house to do it. Before that, she decides to go to Kamihama and buy ingredients with Kako.

They shared with each other their dreams where they become monsters destroying everything, and change the issue when Kako mentions there is a shop that sells chocolate that shows the buyer's destiny. Out of curiosity, they visit the shop and are surprised when the old guy shop owner have chocolates appear from nowhere into their hands.

The owner reveals his true colors and it is indeed a rumor, and its familiars stole the chocolate from other people, Kako, and Kanako (who was present), causing them to faint.

Madoka's chocolate tells her that only those with the chocolate granted by the keeper can escape, and she refuses to give the others up. After some one-sided convincing, Madoka brakes her huge chocolate and shares it with everyone else, allowing them all to escape. Note that this is considered bad as it is sharing her destiny with others. Everyone loses their memory of the shop though. On the actual day, everyone but Homura shows up, but Madoka manages to invite her out on another time to give her the chocolate.


Sayaka valentine event.png

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Sayaka asks for Kyoko's help to create another set of chocolates other than the ones that the Holy Quintet are gathering for, in order to make chocolate for Kyosuke under the guise of making a surprise for everyone. Kyoko agrees to help and they manage to create a good one. On the actual day, Sayaka is having cold feet on giving it to Kyosuke, and Kyoko who already saw through her first threats to eat the thing up since Sayaka claims that she wants to look at the chocolate for a little longer, and gives the sound advice of acting and not just looking since someone else might take the prize away. Sayaka gains courage and heads to Kyosuke's place while Kyoko gives a knowing smile.


Aimi valentine event.png

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Aimi wants to give chocolate to her crush, who is a really nice guy, but since she failed last year she decided to get help from Kokoro and Masara. They seem pretty familiar with each other since the two are used to Aimi getting caught in her daydreaming.

Aimi gave pretty wacky plans which are discouraged by the two, and eventually decide to act on Masara's plan: Make chocolate for everyone as this will also lead to her giving it to the guy as well and prevent Aimi from getting cold feet.

The plan works, but due to Masara being lacking in the romance department, the giving has no romantic notions at all, and Aimi gave the wrong one (she made one with heart) to another person (girl), so at least she manages to achieve her goal.

Kokoro felt sorry for Aimi since everything went well, and Masara is just puzzled since Aimi did manage to give the chocolate out as planned.

Hinano 1

Hinano valentine event.png

Hinano Miyako makes Valentine's Day chocolate for her new crush. She calls it "Saint Science #14 (temporary)". She says this time she'll become the cool person she wanted to be. Since she was rejected the last time she confessed to a boy, Hinano thinks she can't be too forward this time. Hinano wonders how she will give her crush the chocolate. She talks with Emiri Kisaki about it, and Emiri thinks it might work if Hinano goes "in hard with it". Hinano says if her brain was simplistic as Emiri's she would be happy.

Emiri points out that if Hinano overthinks it she'll get nothing done. Hinano says she just doesn't want to fail again. Emiri says it will work because Hinano is a legal...short girl, and looks like a cute animal. Emiri says Hinano can make someone happy just by being kept in their house. Hinano demands that Emiri stop talking about her like she's an animal. Hinano says she'll forget her theories and go straight for the confession.

Emiri says that tomorrow she'll meet with Akira Shinobu to exchange chocolates. She invites Hinano to come, but Hinano says she won't go because her chocolate is a "one-shot". Hinano says her confession will be successful, and she'll be busy celebrating the day she became a cool person. However, when the day before Valentine's Day comes, Hinano still doesn't have a plan. As she walks outside, she senses a witch for a brief instant.

Hinano 2

On Valentine's Day, Emiri enjoys Akira's chocolate. Akira says it's the first time she's done something like this. Meiyui Chun, also present, says that Akira used an unexpected amount of strength to make the chocolate. Akira says that she couldn't have them eat chocolate that didn't taste good. Suddenly there's a sound, which turns out to come from a somber Hinano. Emiri is overjoyed to see her, but then sees Hinano's mood and wonders if she was "defeated". Hinano says she didn't even start.

In a flashback, it's revealed that Hinano saw her crush alone in the classroom and was going to give the chocolate to him. However, another boy showed up and talked to Hinano's crush about a "dependable, sexy, older girl type" senior that Hinano's crush supposedly likes. Hinano's crush insisted he only admires that type of girl. Crushed, Hinano left the school without handing over the chocolate. In the present, Hinano hands the chocolate over to Emiri, and then runs off crying. While moping in a park, Hinano suddenly senses the witch from earlier. Entering the barrier, she says that this is an unbelievable day.

Hinano 3

Hinano is shocked to find her crush is trapped inside the barrier. Recognizing Hinano, the boy explains the barrier appeared while on his way home. Hinano puts the boy to sleep. Suddenly the witch appears and Hinano announces she'll make it explode with nitroglycerin. Upon it's defeat, the witch attempts to suicide bomb Hinano. When the witch explodes, Hinano sees her crush and thinks it's the visions you supposedly see before you die.

It's revealed that Hinano's crush was in her class with her, and that his little sister really enjoyed Hinano's science performances. The boy says that he had to quit his club because of an injury and admits he feels envious of Hinano. As Hinano wonders if she saved her crush, she suddenly sees Emiri calling out to her. Hinano apologies to Emiri, but Emiri keeps calling. Suddenly multiple Emiris appear, asking if Hinano is really listening. Hinano abruptly awakens in reality, shouting at Emiri to shut up. Surprised and relieved that she's still alive, Hinano notices that her crush is fine too.

Hinano 4

It turns out that Emiri, Akira, and Meiyui are also there. Hinano tells them it isn't what they think it is and there's a really good reason. Meiyui says Hinano is acting weird, and Emiri asks if the unconscious boy was Hinano's crush. Hinano's reaction is answer enough. Emiri says this is a miracle and tells Hinano to confess. Hinano says the boy already likes someone else, but Emiri says the boy only said he admired that person. Emiri says if she confesses now, she could "bullseye his tastes".

Hinano protests, but Emiri says she doesn't want Hinano to have any regrets. When Hinano still refuses, Meiyui says Emiri is right. She asks Hinano to identify the magical girl she knows with the most longevity. Hinano says the only one older than her is Yachiyo Nanami, and abruptly comes to a realization. Emiri says she trusts Hinano and knows she'll be fine, but Valentine's Day only comes once a year. Hinano finally admits Emiri is right. Emiri then throws the chocolate Hinano made back at her, hitting Hinano in the head. Akira said that Emiri didn't eat it, claiming that she couldn't eat something packed with those feelings.

The boy suddenly begins waking up, and Akira tells Hinano to hurry. When the boy awakens, he says he doesn't remember what happened, but he feels like he was saved from a dangerous situation. Hinano says that's what happened, and then gives him the chocolate. She tries to say something else, but what comes out is bunch of "ata"s, which causes Akira to exclaim it's like "that legendary martial art".

Emiri tells Hinano to relax, and Hinano asks the boy to go out with her. The boy is silent for a long while. He then thanks Hinano for helping him, but isn't sure how he should say what he wants to say. Hinano realizes he's rejecting her. She sighs and tells him to forget the dating part. She then apologizes for laying this on him so suddenly. The boy says it's alright, and he'll eat the chocolate with care.

Hinano 5

Afterward, Emiri tells Hinano the boy only needed one more push. Hinano points out the boy was saved from an inconceivable situation and was surrounded by a bunch of people. She claims in that situation it would be hard to turn anyone down, comparing it to a flash mob. Emiri says it didn't feel like the boy would reject, but Hinano says the boy was just trying to be careful with her feelings. Emiri says she doesn't know that, but Hinano says she does because she fell in love with him.

Hinano thanks Emiri and says she's satisfied, claiming that Emiri might understand if she falls in love with someone one day. Hinano says it feels like she missed out on handing chocolate - specifically to Emiri. Hinano gives Emiri chocolate, to Emiri's surprise. An overjoyed Emiri says she loves Hinano and wants to adopt her. Hinano says she's different from yesterday, and that this day's experiences begins her third growth spurt. Meiyui asks if humans grow taller when they're rejected. Hinano starts crying and runs off. Akira tells Meiyui that was just a metaphor.

Catching up to Hinano, Emiri asks her to shout out all the things she liked about her crush, to get it out of her system. Her voice slurred from crying, Hinano shouts out all the things she liked about the boy, which is nothing more than characteristics of his appearance. Emiri then reveals she got chocolate for Hinano. When she sees the chocolate, Hinano claims it's as huge as a tennis ball. Emiri says she fortified the chocolate with calcium supplements. Hinano says that based on the chocolate's weight, Emiri ignored the recommended dosage. She still thanks Emiri, and says she'll crush up the chocolate and drink it every day. Emiri says she can't wait for next year. Hinano narrates if she can grow another ten centimeters next year, she'll fall in love again.


Homura valentine event.png

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Natsuki and Homura are having tea and talking about plans for Valentine's Day. Natsuki informs Homura that girls give chocolate as a sign of friendship to each other as well, getting Homura excited since she wants to give it to Madoka and Natsuki since they are her friends. Natsuki cheers her on.

The next day, Homura visits a shop near the hospital she was in and was dismayed that it has moved. She detected a witch in the hospital and proceed to deal with it, finding a black feather fighting it already.

After defeating it together, the black feather thanks Homura for giving her the grief seed since she is weak, and refuses to give her name due to the rules of Magius who believe their God will eventually come to give them equal happiness, referring to herself only as Kuro.

They discover they are alike, having stayed in the same hospital and lacking confidence, and eventually came to agree that they will go shop for chocolate together. They did, and encourage each other to give it to their friends, finding in each other a kindred soul.

Homura was not able to give the chocolate to Madoka on the actual day, and decides to do it when they head to Mami's place for the party and give it to everyone at the same time. Kamihama's gang will have to wait.

While waiting for Madoka after school to head to Mami's place together, Homura receives a call from Kuro crying for help at the hospital. Homura rushes there without a second thought. What she finds is a badly wounded Kuro with her soul gem close to being fully tainted. She moans on how some people have the worst timing (implying she is bullied in school) and how she is worthless despite becoming a Puella Magi and joining Magius. She confesses that she was at the hospital to rescue a nurse who was very good to her when she was hospitalized and she even failed at that.

She berates herself for getting in over her own head and being useless, while crying out that she loves the world, everyone in it and Homura as well and beggs her to give her something to show that she is not worthless as she has nothing to hold dear.

Homura is in tears and tries convincing her to stay calm and tells her that she has chosen a unique chocolate for her as a sign of friendship and she should not say she is worthless.

While thankful, Kuro apologizes to Homura that it is too late and that she should wish to become a hero like those in stories instead and turns into a witch. Homura had to euthanize Kuro.

At the park waiting for Madoka (followed from her story), Homura berates herself for being useless and over her own head, believing that she can help people like Madoka. Her soul gem is purified by Madoka who has arrived and exchanges chocolates. Madoka holds Homura's hands and keeps talking about how nice her chocolate is and little more. Perhaps she knows Homura is down and is trying to cheer her up without asking about the issue.


Momoko valentine event.png

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Momoko's team agrees on giving each other friend chocolate on Valentine's day. Rena notices Momoko seems a bit down, but the latter claims that she has recovered from her failure to confess to the guy she likes. Secretly though, she admits that she has not fully recovered.

The next day, she heard about a rumor where a beast will appear on Valentine's Day when couples give each other chocolate or confess and twist their feelings into hating each other. Momoko gathers Rena and Kaede to investigate, and she realizes the culprit is Rena who transformed into one of the mob girls to spread the rumor.

Rena confesses her crimes, but claims that she didn't expect it to spread out of hand. She did it because she realizes Momoko has not fully recovered from her heartbreak and wanted to create a fake case so she can deter her from those thoughts. She hates to see Momoko still hurting. Momoko thanks her, but decides to create another rumor to remedy the damage done.

The rumor is just an anti-monster who will aid couples on Valentine's Day. It didn't spread as well, but Momoko thinks it is enough. She is correct since couples give chocolate and confess per norm as the trio watches. Momoko muses that it takes huge courage for girls to confess, so those decided will not be deter by mere rumors. Sadly, the fiasco led to the trio preparing nothing for each other. Rena suggests that they should meet at the local supermarket that night.

Rena bought almost all the chocolate there with the money she saved for an idol concert since she thinks it is her fault that so many were not sold. Momoko laughs and shares the costs since she believes she also has responsibility as Rena did the deed because of her. The trio then give each other chocolate from those they bought, and on the way back they see the guy Momoko is in love with enjoying his time with his girlfriend.

Momoko led the other two away to not disturb the pair, but claims she is relived that they are enjoying Valentine's Day, and claims that it is thanks to Rena that she feels this way and isn't wallowing in self-pity. The three then open the chocolates together and eat them, and Momoko secretly thanks Kaede and Rena for giving her a happy Valentine's Day.

Ren 1

Ren valentine event.png

On Valentine's Day, Ren Isuzu plans to give chocolate to the friends who helped her: Akira, Emiri, Ria Ami, Konomi Haruna, Hinano, Kanoko, and most especially Rika Ayano. Ren shops for chocolate but finds there are too many choices - and she doesn't know her friends' preferences anyway. Suddenly Ren senses a witch and heads into its barrier. The witch is very strong and nearly defeats Ren. Suddenly she's rescued by another magical girl, Aimi, who is annoyed the witch attacked while she was shopping for Valentine's. Aimi asks for Ren's help, and they destroy the witch.

Afterward, Aimi introduces herself to Ren, and asks if she went to buy chocolate for Valentine's Day. Ren is shocked that Aimi knew. Aimi says she guessed because it's close to Valentine's Day. She says she's giving chocolate to the person she loves, and asks Ren what kind of guy she's giving her chocolates too. Ren's stuttered reaction causes Aimi to apologize, saying she's just interested in hearing love stories. Ren explains the chocolate is for her friends. Aimi says that's also a flavor of Valentine's Day, and says she's giving chocolate to the rest of her class too. Ren, perhaps not understanding, is surprised Aimi has that many friends.

Aimi asks Ren if she decided what to buy yet. When Ren says no, Aimi suggests they look together. Aimi herself is looking for the ingredients for homemade chocolate. The two travel through the store, but Ren can't find anything she thinks is right. Aimi becomes fascinated by a red heart-shaped chocolate, and decides to make one just like that. Aimi asks if Ren has thought of something, but Ren says she hasn't. Aimi says it's pretty hard to find something that would make the other person happy. This causes Ren to remember something...

Ren 2

Ren recalls the gift Rika gave her on her birthday. When she tells Aimi about it, Aimi suggests that Ren should make drawings on her chocolate. She suggests Ren should draw flowers, just like how Rika drew flowers on the gift she gave Ren. Ren says she doesn't understand the language of flowers, but Aimi points out she can just use the internet. Aimi then decides to give her a pen to draw pictures on chocolate. Aimi initially bought it for her Valentine's chocolate, but since she's now going to copy the heart-shaped chocolate she doesn't need it anymore. She asks Ren to consider it her Valentine's present. Ren decides that she'll make the chocolate herself, and Aimi encourages her.

When Ren returns home, she goes to make the chocolates. Ren's mother asks if she's making chocolate for someone, but Ren says it's for her friends. Ren's mother then asks if it's okay that Ren is making the chocolates alone, but Ren says that's what she wants to do. Ren's mother wishes Ren good luck. Using Aimi's pen, Ren successfully makes the chocolates. She wonders if her friends will be happy with it.

Ren 3

On Valentine's Day, Ren was supposed to meet with everyone at Emiri's "office". However, Ren loses courage in the quality of her chocolates and ends up not going. Ren believes that no-one would actually like her chocolates. Suddenly a voice calls out. It turns out to be Rika, who was worried something happened to Ren. Ren apologizes, but Rika says it's fine and gives Ren her Valentine's chocolate. She then notices that Ren is holding a bag, and asks if she brought Valentine's chocolate herself. Recalling Aimi's encouragement, Ren hands Rika her chocolate. When Rika unwraps the chocolate she pauses for a moment. Ren thinks she isn't happy until Rika says it's super cute. Rika asks Ren if she made it, and Ren confirms it.

Rika asks what flower Ren drew on her chocolate. Ren says it's rose periwinkle. Rika never heard of it, but is happy anyway. Rika notices that Ren made chocolates for everyone else. Ren says she made them to thank everyone. Rika is sure they'll be happy, and says they should go give out the chocolates. As the girls leave, Ren explains that in the language of flowers, rose periwinkle means "happy memories". Ren thanks Rika for everything. Rika thanks Ren too, and say that when she's with Ren she's always having fun. The girls decide to make lots of happy memories together.

Tsukasa 1

Tsukasa valentine event.png

Tsukasa Amane decides to makee a "true love" Valentine's chocolate for her sister Tsukuyo Amane. Unfortunately, Tsukuyo will only have a half-hour's worth of free time on Valentine's Day, starting at 6:00 PM. Tsukasa resolves to do her best. She makes chocolate not just for Tsukuyo but for her other friends as well. Tsukasa's first "obstacle" occurs after school, when one of classmates invites her to exchange chocolates with the rest of her friends. This is in fact something Tsukasa has done every year until now. Tsukasa hands over some of the choclate she made and asks the classmate to share it with everyone. She then leaves the school.

Once at home, Tsukasa has an hour to prepare dinner for her father and his apprentices. She believes she can finish if no-one bothers her. In a flashback, Tsukasa thinks about her Valentine's Day plans before she bumps into Take, one of her father's apprentices. Noticing she's thinking about something, Take offers to help Tsukasa, ignoring her warning that her father might get angry. Tsukasa asks Take to delay her father on Valentine's Day, making him stay in the workshop until 6 PM.

Back in the present, Tsukasa finishes with time to spare. She prepares to leave, when suddenly her father and his apprentices arrive in the dining room. Tsukasa's father praises her for getting dinner ready. Tsukasa mentally berates Take. Tsukasa's father explains he came home early because he noticed Take trying to delay their work, and thought he might be hiding something. Take apologizes to Tsukasa, saying he knew she wanted to keep it a secret. Tsukasa is confused, until he reveals he thought Tsukasa was making a Valentine's Day surprise for everyone. Tsukasa mentally calls Take an idiot.

Tsukasa 2

The time is 5:40 PM, 20 minutes before Tsukasa is set to meet Tsukuyo. Her father has bought Take's explanation, causing Tsukasa to laugh. Take thinks Tsukasa snapped. Tsukasa thinks that she had planned for something like this to happen, and reveals that she prepared chocolate for all the apprentices. She also reveals she created a sort of chocolate fountain. She demonstrates with chocolate from the refrigerator, to the delight of the apprentices. Her father still says she can do better, but the apprentices insist it's delicious. Suddenly they notice Tsukasa left while they weren't looking.

With only five minutes left before the meeting, Tsukasa worries about being late. However, she knows Tsukuyo will wait for her. That's when she suddenly runs into a witch's barrier...

Tsukasa 3

Her time run out, Tsukasa decides to defeat the witch and go home. Suddenly Tsukuyo arrives, much to Tsukasa's shock. Tsukuyo explains she was caught by a junior at school and headed to the meeting place in a hurry. However, then she sensed the witch. Tsukasa says the same thing happened, and is relieved she was able to meet Tsukuyo in the barrier. The girls think they were just on time. Together they easily defeat the witch and share the Grief Seed.

As the girls marvel over what happened, Tsukuyo suddenly exclaims she only has ten minutes left. Tsukuyo gives Tsukasa her chocolate, but then Tsukasa realizes she forgot to bring hers. Thinking back, she believes she used the chocolate meant for Tsukuyo in the chocolate fountain. Tsukasa apologizes, but Tsukuyo says they can just share hers. The chocolate turns out to be two half-moon shapes stuck together. Tsukuyo says she did not intend them to be divided in half, but believes doing so now is the right thing. Tsukasa thanks Tsukuyo, and the two wish each other a happy Valentine's Day.

Back at Tsukasa's house, Take wonders what "true love" chocolate is doing in the refrigerator. It seems Tsukasa never took it out of the fridge.

Sana 1

Sana valentine event.png

Sana Futaba narrates that New Year's over and that it will be Valentine's Day soon. She claims she doesn't like Valentine's Day because it reminds her of the household where she didn't belong. In the past, her mother gave her brothers Valentine's chocolate while ignoring Sana. Sana would give chocolates to her family, but while they accepted her gifts, the next day she found them tossed out in the garbage.

In the present, Iroha Tamaki takes Sana out to shop and notices Sana looks a little pale. Sana says she just got distracted, while she thinks that the Valentine's section brought her memories to mind. She resolves to forget and not let Iroha worry. With the store being crowded, Iroha grabs Sana's hand; Sana finds it warm. The girls buy food for dinner. Sana decides she'll give chocolate to Iroha and the others, as they're the people who accepted her.

Sana 2

In the past, Sana thought "friendship choclate" was something in a different world from her own. Sana wonders if she'll ruin the mood if she's the only one to get chocolate, but then figures that everyone will be happy regardless. As she shops, Sana is paralyzed by indecision. She then realizes no-one can see her anyway, so she can't even pay. She figures she'll just ask Iroha for help until she notices the self-checkout machine. She resolves to come back the next day - Valentine's Day, and use it to buy chocolate.

Sana 3

On Valentine's Day, Sana finds a box of chocolate truffles that she decides to buy for her friends. She also sees a "Koneko no Gorogoro" chocolate which she buys for herself. After buying the chocolates and leaving the store, she comes across a boy in an alleyway. Sana notices the boy has been Witch Kissed.

Sana 4

Sana wonders if she should call the others, but figures they won't make it in time. She decides to resolve the situation herself. The boy climbs up a building and prepares to jump off a ledge. Sana tells him to stop, but of course he doesn't hear her. The boy mutters that he just wanted the girl he liked to give him chocolates. As the witch's barrier appears, Sana exclaims the boy can't just disappear for that reason.

Sana is able to defeat the witch and rescue him. The boy wonders where he went, and figures he came here because he was being depressed. Sana tries to talk to him, but he can't hear her. The boy says he thought a girl liked him, but she gave chocolates to someone else. Sana thinks it's sad, though she feels she can't really understand. The boy says he just wanted to stay by the girl's side, causing Sana to wonder what would happen if she lost her friends. Sana says she doesn't understand what it is to love, but she believes she understands the boy's feelings just a bit. She says she wants to say sorry, but of course the boy doesn't hear her.

Sana places her "Gorogoro" chocolate in the boy's bag, not wanting to give away the chocolate she got for the others. The boy laughs and says that even if it was just some kid from his neighborhood, he was really happy to get chocolate. Sana decides to go home, and hopes the boy finds a place where he belongs. Sana thinks that even invisible, there could be more things she can do. She thanks Ai for releasing her, and Iroha for finding her. She promises to do her best. Thinking that it could snow soon, Sana hurries back home.

Iroha 1

Iroha valentine event.png

After buying food at the store, Iroha finds a pamphelet saying there will be a special event for Valentine's Day, to commemorate the new branch of a famous chocolate store. Iroha wonders what she should do for Valentine's. In the past, Iroha and her mother would make a chocolate cake for Ui Tamaki each Valentine's Day. Of course with Ui missing Iroha can't do that this year, so she decides that she will get chocolate for her friends. Iroha wants to wait for Ui to come back before making the chocolate cake again, so instead she decides to buy something.

Iroha 2

The next day, Iroha buys chocolate at the store. She gets a Dorogon Ball chocolate for Felicia Mitsuki, the "Strongest Chocolate" for Tsuruno Yui, and a "Purring Kitty" chocolate for Sana. Iroha then wonders what to get for Yachiyo. Remembering the pamphlet for the previous day, she decides to wait for the event on Valentine's so she can buy Yachiyo a beautiful and "adult-like" chocolate. Iroha wonders if everyone will be happy on Valentine's Day.

Iroha 3

As it was her turn to clean the classroom, Iroha left school late on Valentine's Day. Having heard it was going to snow at night, Iroha decides to rush to the supermarket. Suddenly she senses the presence of a witch, and investigates. Iroha ultimately encounters a familiar. Iroha tries to fight the familiar, but it keeps dodging her attacks. Despite this, Iroha perseveres and destroys the familiar. However, once the barrier vanishes, it's nighttime and snowing. Iroha hurries back to the supermarket just before it closes due to the weather. Unfortunately, all the Valentine's chocolates were sold out. Iroha thinks there's no time to go to another store, and wonders what to do.

Iroha 4

Returning home, Iroha is welcome by everyone except Tsuruno, who is also late. Tsuruno eventually arrives carrying a pull-cart of Chinese food. She exclaims that for Valentine's Day, her family's restaurant is having a "Valentine Chuunise Menu" - since "chuu" is Japanese for "kiss". Tsuruno shows the food, which is just ordinary food given grandiose names...and crab rice. There's also a heart-shaped almond jelly for desert, though it ends up parted in the middle due to shaking in the pull-cart. Yachiyo says she'll pay Tsuruno later. The girls prepare the food and prepare to eat.

Iroha 5

After eating, the girls say it was delicious. Tsuruno says the customer who came to her family's restaurant on Valentine's liked the food too...although those customers were all old men. Felicia then asks if she can give everyone chocolate, much to the surprise of both Yachiyo and Iroha. Neither of them expected Felicia to do such a thing. As Felicia runs to her room to get the choclate, Iroha thinks that she forgot all about her chocolate woes while eating. Felicia then comes down with "Momo Milk Choco", claiming that she wanted to try it for some time, and that she's only sharing half the pieces. Tsuruno says that's just like Felicia. The chocolate has a rich milk taste.

Sana then says she bought chocolate for everyone and hands it to them. When asked how she could buy chocolate while invisible, she explains she bought the chocolate using the self-checkout machine. This prompts Iroha to say that Sana is amazing. Sana says she bought the chocolate to show her gratitude to everyone. The girls enjoy Sana's chocolate. Tsuruno then says her present was the "Chuunise Menu" from before. The girls say it was delicious. Tsuruno says the restaurant plans to do a white menu for White Day.

Yachiyo then brings out the chocolate she got for everyone, placed in a beautiful box. She got Felicia extra milk chocolate, Tsuruno hazelnut-flavored chocolate, Sana milk tea Chocolate, and Iroha white chocolate. Yachiyo says she picked chocolate that represents the image each girl gives. Iroha thinks the chcolate is beautiful. Iroha knows she has to give chocolate next, but is still worried. She gives Felicia the chocolate she bought for her, which has an action figure inside of it. Felicia is thrilled. She then gives Tsuruno the "Strongest Chocolate". Tsuruno promises to put it in the refrigerator and eat it all before it expires. Iroha then gives Sana the kitten chocolate. Sana is shocked - it's the chocolate she wanted and gave away in her own Valentine's story. Sana says she's very happy.

Finally, Iroha tells Yachiyo she couldn't buy the chocolate she wanted to give to her, and gives Yachiyo common, ordinary chocolate. Iroha apologizes, but Yachiyo says she's happy just because Iroha made the effort. Yachiyo says she has an idea, and asks Iroha if she can share her chocolate with everyone. When Iroha says yes, Yachiyo uses the chocolate Iroha got her to make hot chocolate for everyone. Yachiyo says that Iroha's chocolate was perfect for it. The girls enjoy the drink. Iroha says it's like magic: Somehow the bland chocolate became something amazing, and Iroha's bad feelings became warm ones. Yachiyo says Iroha's exaggerating.

Iroha still feels bad because she's always receiving things from Yachiyo. She promises to repay her on White Day. Yachiyo tells Iroha she doesn't need to do that, but then says that Iroha isn't going to listen anyway. The girls drink their hot chcocolate and watch the snow outside. Iroha thinks that even if she made a mistake, it turned out to be a happy Valentine's Day she'll never forget. Narration appears, saying that on this day, all kinds of people have all kinds of feelings. The narration claims, the ten girls of these Valentine's Day stories had day flavored to their personal taste.

Special Scene

Special valentine scene.png

Natsuki Utsuho thinks about how she cheers people on, and admits that saying those cheers to herself makes her nervous. However she's happy; earlier in the day she gave chocolate to the baseball team, and they said it was good. Natsuki figures you have to stand on the mound and be brave before expecting results. Natsuki thinks everyone else is going to hand out their chocolate later in the day, and also believes they have chocolate for their special someones. Natsuki decides to get up on top of a large building and cheer for everyone. Transforming, she tells everyone to do their best. "Go, fight, win!"