Magia Record Story Rumors in Disguise

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

Part 1

The rumor of the ripper has spread to Hohzuki. It seems like the source is in Kamihama, so Chisato and her friends head there. Suzune heads there as well on her own. (Matsuri and Suzune know each other as classmates at this point.) The group divides, with Haruka and Chisato investigating the library, while Arisa and Matsuri go look around.

Haruka and Chisato find that the new Ripper-san is different from the one they heard, so they name them Coat Ripper and Memory Ripper. Memory Ripper can change forms, roams back alleys and asks for a name from whoever it meets, and her arrival is known by the chime of a bell. They also get info from two children looking into urban legends.

Arisa and Matsuri find the Memory Ripper cycling through the appearances of Nanaka's group. When asked for their names, Arisa gives a made up name while Matsuri answers honestly. Both of them get attacked regardless. Natsuki finds Suzune and tries talking to her, but Suzune ignores her and runs away once Chisato and Haruka arrive. Kanoko finds Matsuri and Arisa. After they both wake up, it seems Arisa forgot what her wish was and goes back to her meek personality. Both of the groups then reunite.

Chisato recognizes what happened to Arisa because she told her about her wish. Haruka asks Matsuri if something similar happened to her and when Matsuri says she has an older sister, Haruka points out she's supposed to be a single child. Natsuki gets a call from Aimi, who says she obtained some good intel so the groups leave the matter of the missing and "fake" memories and head over to her. The group separates: Chisato, Arisa and Kanoko head to the place of the attack to look for clues and Haruka, Matsuri and Natsuki go to meet with Aimi.

Suzune meets Aimi by chance and thinks it's better to not get involved with her and leaves. Aimi follows her into an alley and they both get attacked by Ripper. Aimi asks Suzune to deliver the intel to Natsuki or Kanoko and tries to stop Ripper. Matsuri separates from her group and wanders around daydreaming about her newfound memories. Suzune runs into Matsuri, and Ripper appears before them. Suzune asks Matsuri to deliver the intel and tries to stop Ripper, telling Matsuri to run. Due to Ripper's attack, Matsuri doesn't remember Suzune, but feels like she should know her. Matsuri reunites with Natsuki and Haruka. Natsuki recognizes the note as Aimi's handwriting.

Meanwhile, Chisato's group hears Ripper approach and hide, however they see the kids from the library heading towards it. Chisato and Kanoko jump in to save them, as Arisa is too afraid to move. Chisato returns with the two kids, asking Arisa to take them and run while she holds off Ripper. She runs but Ripper catches up to her, now using Chisato, Kanoko and Suzune's forms as well. Arisa barely escapes into the main street with the two kids.

Part 2

Haruka and the others reunite with Arisa, who explains what happened. There's friction about what to do, Haruka asks to calm down and analyze their clues while Arisa can't stand it. Haruka tells Arisa that heading out without a plan is reckless, and she asks for time to cool her head. The group analyzes Aimi's note, there's some discussion about the nature of Ripper's attack and Matsuri's new memories. Matsuri insists they're real, while Haruka says they're false. In the end, Haruka can't deny Matsuri's point. While this is happening, Arisa has run off to find Ripper and the group heads out to catch up with her.

Arisa finds it, and a fight ensues with all the girls taking turns confronting her. Haruka has a small breakdown reminiscing of her sister and her role as leader. She finds in the rumor a need to be recognized that rings a bell within her. When Ripper cycles to Chisato's form, Arisa calls out to her. This makes Ripper spit out Chisato and triggers the appearance of the uwasa barrier. The groups take refuge inside a building, Arisa and Haruka make up and things have calmed down. Chisato wakes up and she reveals that by refusing to give Ripper their names it absorbed them.

Ripper breaks into the building. By recalling what happened with Chisato, the contents of the rumor, and Natsuki's help, they are then able to get back Kanoko, Kako, Akira and Nanaka. Arisa fends off Ripper while the group retreats with the unconscious girls. Nanaka wakes up and informs them that they were investigating the rumor when Ripper absorbed them. Haruka asks her for help identifying the remaining forms. Meiyui is the only girl not with them, so Matsuri, Natsuki, and Haruka head back with this info. They manage to get Aimi and Meiyui back, while the only remaining form is Suzune. However, as Matsuri had her memories scrambled, nobody knows her name.

Matsuri takes a gamble following her gut and lets Ripper cut her again. The group then fends off Ripper for a while until she wakes up. Matsuri manages to recall her memories of when she met Suzune and manages to rescue her. Suzune mentions that she feels she should know Matsuri from somewhere before. Only Ripper's original form remains, that of a random girl. Haruka recalls the rumor once more and figures Ripper's true name is Suzunone.

Suzunone thanks her and disappears. Matsuri and Haruka's memories remain unchanged, Nanaka and Suzune agree via telepathy to not start a fight right there. Matsuri asks Suzune to stay, she wants to talk with her about memories long gone. Suzune accepts. The barrier starts to crumble when:

Matsuri: Uh, is that?
???: Why are you always bothering me?

Cut to black.

Now outside the barrier, Arisa and Matsuri are back to normal. However, the events related to the rumor have been replaced with an encounter with a witch and Suzune is nowhere to be seen. Everything seems to be normal except for the lingering feeling that something is amiss. Matsuri quickly disregards this sensation and the girls decide to do some sightseeing.

Later that night, someone is dragging an unconscious Suzune out of Kamihama. The figure meets with Kyubey and berates him for involving Suzune in the event and almost ruining her plan and how Matsuri is a nuisance, but it doesn't matter as everything was forgotten. Kyubey says she accomplished it with her ability to rewrite memories. The mysterious figure remarks doing it with such a huge number of people was a lot of work. The figure mentions everything is well now that Matsuri has forgotten and is sightseeing around the city. Kyubey asks what is she going to do to Suzune, and the figure responds that she will return her to Hohzuki after making sure she has forgotten everything. Finally, she asks Kyubey to remain quiet about her plan.

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