Magia Record Story The Great Banquet that Transcends Time

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The following is a summary posted on Discord by Mochi.


Part 1


Prologue Madoka gets a message from Iroha. Excited, she says she should invite everyone.

Episode 1

Yachiyo returns home at Mikazuki House. Tsuruno and Sana ask how her visit over to Mikazuki Villa went. Yachiyo says it doesn't look any different, and got some cleaning done. She also found a letter to Iroha in the mailbox. Everyone's shocked at how Iroha got an old, handwritten traditional letter addressed to her with a stamp and everything on it. It's from Suitoku Temple. Felicia says she's heard of that place before, and figures that must be why the letter is so old fashioned, since it's from the Tokime clan.

The letter flashes light. It says there's a party at Suitoku Temple, and that she should invite everyone from KMU and all her mahou shoujo friends over to it. There's some entertainment and a speech to give thanks set for the occasion, and everyone should come mentally prepared.

Yachiyo and Iroha are curious what this speech is about -- maybe something from the priests that will help them in their lives? Sana and Felicia are a little suspicious of the letter, but Iroha decides she'll call Shizuka later for details. Ui tells her to invite Madoka and her friends over.

On the phone, Shizuka is fine with Mitakihara girls coming too, and says she's been practicing how to run a banquet by Tokime tradition. Shizuka tells Iroha she's looking forward to seeing her banquet performance, and hangs up. Iroha ponders what she meant by that, then thinks that maybe all of them need to practice for the banquet.

At a cafe in Futatsugi, Yuna is showing a letter that she received, which again flashes light. Everyone discusses it and how it's from Suitoku Temple. Hikaru asks if it's a letter challenging them to a fight. Yuna reveals it's an invitation to a banquet. Ao and Hikaru don't like it, saying they should just ignore it. Juri's interested in what kind of food they'd have there. Yuna decides they'll be going, to Ao's surprise.

Episode 2

The next day, Promised Blood holds a meeting at Yuna's, with her announcing that spies in Kamihama reported Union is training for the banquet. Yuna was bothered about the letter mentioning to come prepared, thinking this party they've been invited to is a trap. She's certain they'll arrive, expecting a party, and then be stabbed in the back. Yuna still wants them to prepare and go to the party, using whatever traps they've set against them. Yuna tells them her plan: surround Suitoku Temple and wait for any suspicious movement, then smash! As she crushes a paper cup, she says they'll destroy the entire temple.

Hikaru suggests they also prepare a banquet performance to help sneak in. Ao's not sure what to do. Juri starts talking about how her father helps with some kinds of parties, and that the yakuza and politicians are the only ones that really do birthday parties for old folks. Hikaru says she loves birthday parties. Yuna also throws lots of parties at her place.

Hikaru says maybe she could play piano for the banquet. Ao says if that's what Hikaru's doing, she could do a speedrun for one of her games. Hikaru doesn't quite get what she means by it, asking if playing a piano means you'd be good at games too. Ao explains because they're both just pressing buttons it's similar enough. Juri doesn't have any idea of what kind of performance she could do, since all she does is make fire. Juri then comes up with an idea: why not have the horse jump through hoops on fire? Hikaru is having none of it.

Episode 3

At Ryuushinkan, Iroha is shocked to hear that PB will be attending the party too, as told by Tsukuyo and Tsukasa. Iroha wonders to herself if Tokime is being too kind, or if they're planning on ending the fighting peacefully with this. Felicia reminds her that they're there to talk about performing at the banquet.

Asuka says she can do a demonstration with her naginata. Meiyui suggests Akira do some karate demonstration to go with it. Akira says now that she's a mahou shoujo, she should be able to slice through tons of sheets. Meiyui looks down, saying carrying them will be the harder part.

Kaede tells Rena that singing and dancing to LinkS would be great, but Rena says it's too embarrassing to do that in front of people that don't even know who LinkS is. Kaede fuyus, asking if Rena-chan doesn't believe in the power of LinkS's music. Rena says that's not true, they're popular for getting new people into their music. Kaede looks up, happy as can be. Rena shouts fine, let's just go for it!

Sasara suggests Emiri do some counseling service at the banquet. Emiri is all for it, since everyone has problems that need helping. Iroha politely laughs, agreeing with that statement. Mifuyu says she'll show off her penmanship since she's been studying for months. Yachiyo claims that's the skill someone who doesn't study hard would pick. Mifuyu is certain her scores have been slowly improving, though.

Tsuruno wants to speed eat spicy food, doubling as an ad for Banbanzai. Felicia wants to run a food challenge, asking people what brand different kinds of beef are from, but Yachiyo says that's way too expensive. Felicia then switches to... guess the brand of milk? But Sana isn't sure if you can taste the difference in brands of milk.

Ui is surprised at how everyone has some kind of skill they can show off for the banquet...except herself. Sana suggests she look something up on the internet. Felicia looks over, saying Ui should try this, pointing to sumo wrestling. Iroha won't be letting Ui try that.

Episode 4

At the Tokime's, Charu is stumbling and falling over while practicing something. Shizuka tells her to get back up and try again, since she doesn't want them to be embarrassed when Union sees them. Sunao looks shocked, asking if Union is joining them. Chiharu thought the banquet was just for Tokime. Shizuka explains that the chief priest invited Union over as well so both sides could bond. They all think Union coming over was meant to be a surprise, so they should pretend they never found out.

Chiharu wants them to do their best for their team gymnastics. Shizuka corrects her, saying it isn't any old gymnastics, but 時万寿徒法夢 / じますとほうむ (this is apparently a semi made up pronunciation of "gymnast home" or home gymnastics, kanji is pronunciation), a traditional artform of the Tokime, so Charu needs to learn the proper name. Chiharu says it's really just gymnastics though.

The three of them practice formations, but eventually fall to the floor. Sunao says she has to go get ready since the banquet's tomorrow. Chiharu asks how are they going to practice now, but Shizuka says to take the rest of the day off.

Episode 5

That night, Chiharu says that Sunao is late. They hear the doorbell, but find Iroha is outside. Shizuka asks why Iroha is here since the banquet is tomorrow. Iroha says she's here to get Tsuruno. Shizuka is confused -- why would Tsuruno be at the temple? Iroha says she was coming to the temple to help with preparations, but Shizuka hasn't heard of that.

Yuna greets them outside. Chiharu panics, wondering if they're about to be attacked. Juri tells her that depending how she answers, she might just make her well-done. Shizuka again wonders what is going on, but Yuna tells her to shut up and return Hikaru to them. Chiharu has no idea what they're talking about. Ao tells her to stop playing dumb.

Flashback to Yuna's, where everyone is getting ready for the banquet. Hikaru goes up to Yuna and asks if she can go to the temple to help prepare. Yuna agrees, saying it's better that they send someone to show interest and make them think they're falling for whatever trap they set. Hikaru is dead set on making sure the banquet goes well, so Yuna sends her off, saying the horse is the person for helping out others. Yuna tells her to be back before it gets dark, or call her if she's going to be late.

In the present, Yuna says that since Hikaru hasn't contacted her since, she sent the squad to get her back. Juri and Ao say it's only reasonable to assume Tokime kidnapped her. Shizuka is utterly confused, asking if Promised Blood was going to come join the banquet. Yuna, pissed off, says that they're the ones that sent the letter. Again, Chiharu and Shizuka are confused, because they received one of these letters too.

Chiharu explains that they were just told to prepare too, but Sunao hasn't returned to them yet. Sunao also went off to go help prepare for the banquet. Ao and Juri ask who organized this then. Shizuka says the chief priest did. They hand the letters over to the chief priest, who is just as confused. He says he's not playing dumb to keep a surprise or anything, and it's not like he can have a great party being a vegetarian and all.

Everyone is left wondering who sent the letters to each leader. Suddenly, Chiharu starts feeling nauseous. Yuna isn't sure if this is still a trap by the Tokime or not, but she's worried about Hikaru nonetheless. She decides to believe Tokime for now. Shizuka wants to call off this banquet, and Iroha wants to go look for the missing girls. Iroha suddenly realizes she's going to have to let everyone in Union and Madoka and her friends all know the banquet has been canceled...

Episode 6

The next day, Mikazuki team are back at the House, but couldn't find Tsuruno or the others anywhere. Iroha tells Yachiyo they should contact Tsuruno's father and let him decide whether to put in a missing person report or not. Sana is thinking it has something to do with witches, so there isn't a reason to really go to the police, but it's also better to not keep it hush either. Yachiyo says she doesn't want the police to be going to Suitoku Temple.

Everyone starts mentioning that this situation is giving them deja vu, except Ui, who is confused what's wrong with everyone. Yachiyo has a sudden revelation.

Out in a residential area, PB are still looking for Hikaru, wondering if it was somehow Neo Magius, though they've been disbanded. Yuna disagrees, since not every mahou shoujo in Kamihama is a part of the Union, (some of which also want the Kimochi stones) so outsiders could be against all of the teams.

Yuna then spots Yuuna, and goes up to greet her. Yuuna doesn't recognize any of them. Yuna tells her yes, because we're your enemy, unfortunately. Juri tells her they just want to talk for a sec. After a talk, Yuuna says she sadly doesn't know anything about a kidnapping, and though she did want the stones at one point, she's done with fighting over them. Juri isn't buying that answer. Yuuna then says what, will you torture me now or something? That's a lot of not searching for your friend if you don't believe me.

Ao tells her don't worry, we're just going to make you come with us while we search around. Ao and Juri are really trying to force Yuuna to go with them, but then Yuuna suddenly keeps silent and makes some gestures. Ao asks her if she heard what they said. Yuuna says oh don't worry about me, then suddenly goes "AH!"

Juri freaks out and turns around, wondering what that was about, and Yuuna takes off running. Yuuna then hits a button, and one of her butlers runs outside immediately, impressing Yuuna. Her butler says that all the security cameras in the area belong to Koharu, so naturally he would be right on time to protect her. Juri and the rest start catching up, so her butler tells her to fasten her seatbelt and he'll floor it. (I guess she called a limo in?)

Episode 7

Elsewhere, KMR and Tokime have met with the Nayutan family, explaining about the missing girls. Shizuka asks if they know anything about it. Nayuta blushes, then starts panicking and stuttering, saying she's innocent. She is NOT a murderer, and she is absolutely NOT a member of Promised Blood! (Poor girl is having her own deja vu with constantly being accused) Mikage also says it's true, she innocent. Lavi tells her to calm down, panicking is just making her more suspicious.

Momoko and Kaede tell her this doesn't have anything to do with her search for her father, and no one's accusing her. Shizuka knows she isn't involved with PB. Nayuta says she's been traumatized by the constant accusations, and Mikage says she's also fainted over it. Kaede feels bad for them. Rena asks why Mikage is staring at her, then bursts out that she's really sorry for before.

Momoko then mentions PB is also missing a girl. Lavi is happy to hear that Nayuta's been proven innocent, which makes Nayuta upset that Lavi was implying she was suspicious of her. Lavi asks to hear the rest of the story now that they know this is serious.

After talks, and Nayuta still not knowing anything about what's going on, Lavi stops them from leaving. She says she's heard of something like happening before.

Down some random street, Promised Blood are panting, Juri having no idea where in the hell they are at this point. Ao points out that they went in a circle. Yuna is mad they lost Yuuna. Suddenly they sense some magic, but aren't sure what it is, if it's even a witch or familiar. Whatever it is, they don't like the feel of it.

Over to a phone call between Iroha, Nemu, and Touka, with Iroha explaining how all of a sudden everyone had a sense of deja vu. Nemu goes over the letters, the 3 girls missing after saying they were leaving to help prepare, etc. She asks for time to think it over. Touka suspects this is an Uwasa, and Nemu agrees, saying she will go talk to Sakurako.

Episode 8

Lavi says she saw a familiar going around spreading rumors about something like this. KMR get it. It's not just any old rumor that familiar is spreading -- it's an uWaSa...!

Inside Mikazuki Villa, (the place is safe to enter now I guess) Yachiyo and Iroha find "it" in the Kamihama Rumor File.

Back at the lab, Sakurako says that is unlikely. Nemu asks, but Sakurako is positive. Suddenly one of their phones goes off, but Touka asks Sakurako if there really is absolutely nothing going on with the Uwasa at the moment. Nemu asks what's gotten into Touka suddenly. Touka says Iroha messaged her.

Back to PB in the hood, they're wondering what it is they're looking at. Yuna realizes it's trying to tell them something. Uwasa-san makes a guest appearance, announcing the rumor of the Graveyard Banquet: the best way to get to know your friends, your enemies, and your rivals. Those who read the letter are guided to the testing area before they're allowed in, and only those who show they can make the banquet enjoyable will be allowed into the banquet and be lead to the Pure Land. But be careful if you do go! There's a rumor amongst the parishioners that if you fail the test, you'll be sent to the underworld instead. Come, get excited!

Back in the lab, Touka says that Iroha and Yachiyo looked into the Rumor File and found something about the Uwasa of the Graveyard Banquet, and that the letters they got match the description. Touka gets another text, this time from Momoko. She found info regarding the Graveyard Banquet as well. Touka and Nemu stare at Sakurako. Sakurako suddenly turns and starts whistling. Nemu tells her to quit feigning ignorance.

Episode 9

Sakurako is still certain that Uwasa shouldn't be showing up. Aside from Rii and herself, all other Uwasa are bound to the book. She isn't lying to Touka or Nemu, but she also thinks everyone else can't be lying either. (Nemu is just smiling while Sakurako goes over all of this) Touka doesn't understand, and Nemu says the Uwasa truly are mysterious and unknowable beings. This sets off a lightbulb for Touka, the Endless Mirrors are also an unknown phenomenon in Kamihama.

Touka begins explaining how at one point, witches from Mitakihara entered Kamihama and attacked because of the Mirrors. She goes on to say that if Kamihama's past and present are connected, where the Magius were still a thing, then one of the old Uwasa coming through the Mirrors isn't out of the question. She's certain that since only an Uwasa being near Suitoku is the only one that has been found, the Mirrors must have a limited effect, and one of the offshoots must be located right at Suitoku Temple.

Touka calls up Mifuyu, yelling into her phone. Mifuyu is startled, assuring Touka that she's studying since the banquet was canceled. Touka tells her to get to the Mirrors terminal right now and take out a mirror that's connected to Kamihama's past. Mifuyu asks now? But I'm studying... Touka doesn't care about the studying right now. Touka then says she also wants to get everyone together to discuss this.

Episode 10

Everyone is meeting at Suitoku Temple, all shouting in unison about Kamihama being connected to its past through the Mirrors. Felicia is mad there really isn't a banquet, and all her practicing was for nothing. Iroha is sure that the missing girls must be trapped in the Uwasa's barrier. Yuna, pissed as always, says this is all you Magius' fault again, huh! Ao asks Touka if this Uwasa was meant to kill Hikaru. Juri tells her to bring Hikaru back before they kill her.

Touka nyaas, asking all of them if they're stupid since everyone has someone missing right now. Touka says they all need to work together to save the girls, agreeing to Yachiyo's question that yes, she already has an idea how to solve this issue.

Touka says they just need to get to the terminal in the Mirrors and break the mirror with Kamihama's past in it. Iroha gets it, realizing that if the mirror is broken, nothing from Kamihama's past would have happened to the present, thus the Uwasa disappearing. Tokime are ready to go, but Touka says they're searching for where this mirror is at the moment. There's tons and tons of mirrors inside the terminal, so they need to find which one has the exact magic moving through it. Mifuyu is going to the terminal, and Kanagi is going to the offshoot near the temple.

The plan is to have Kanagi enter mirrors at the offshoot while Mifuyu waits and detects the magic coming and going until she can find the exact mirror that's connected to the past. PB don't get why this is such a serious issue then, if it just takes some patience and a mirror smashing to solve this, and even offer to go and break the mirrors themselves. Touka tells them that isn't a good idea, since the mirrors are constantly moving around, and they don't want to break the wrong mirror.

Nemu explains that time to break the mirror isn't the issue here, but how long people will keep getting caught by the Uwasa. Her original designs were to shake people emotionally so harvest energy, so if someone is caught in one for too long, who knows how they could be mentally. Even if the Uwasa disappears, the girls affect by it will still remember what they went through.

Yuna is ashamed that she only just now realized how serious this is. Iroha says she will go into the Uwasa and solve it without breaking the mirror, and save everyone inside. Shizuka says Tokime will join her. Yuna agrees and will join as well. Yachiyo tells everyone to not rush this, with Sana continuing that Tsuruno is even struggling, and she's been fighting Uwasa for years.

Yachiyo explains the details in the Kamihama Rumor File. Iroha isn't sure if she can do something to enter the banquet if it requires making it fun. Felicia reminds her that they were just practicing things for the banquet they thought they were going to. Chiharu and Ao also mention they were practicing skills. Iroha is confident, and tells everyone to go liven up the banquet. Juri is wondering about the part mentioning the speech of gratitude.

Kyouko shows up outside a Mitakihara train station, asking why the heck Madoka called her when the banquet's been called off. Madoka says she had a bad feeling about it. The rest of the quintet chime in that if Madoka thinks something was wrong, maybe it was canceled because there's trouble in Kamihama. They ride off to Kamihama.

Part 2

Episode 11

At the Mirrors entrance, Mifuyu is thanking her team for showing up on short notice. Asuka, Sasara, Emiri, Konomi, Kako, Kanoko, Natsuki, Tsumugi, and Aimi are all there, ready to help since they either had the day off for the banquet or wanted to help their friends in trouble. Mifuyu explains that while Yachiyo and the others are fighting the Uwasa, it's their job to get to the Mirrors terminal to take out a mirror.

Kanagi is in tunnels with Hinano, team KMR, some Tokime girls, some PB girls, the apartment trio (who all look worried), and Himika, all preparing to seek out the offshoot Mirrors. Himika asks what's with the PB girls being here. Kanagi and the girls themselves explain that this is strictly working together for mutual benefit.

In the temple itself, Yuna, Yachiyo, and the Tokime team are discussing just how to make this Uwasa appear. Yachiyo concludes that they just need to go against the rumor itself to make it manifest. Iroha asks if everyone is ready, then screams out that she's not going to make the banquet fun... but nothing happens. Ao calls her a liar.

Shizuka then brings up what happened yesterday right when Sunao left and that she said she had to leave to prepare. Felicia says Tsuruno said the same thing. Yuna says Hikaru said the same. Everyone thinks they need to head to where the banquet is being held, but where is the question. Shizuka suddenly realizes that she has no idea where it's being held. She never thought to ask, and the letter itself mentions no location.

Yachiyo realizes that because they all said they had to leave to prepare, she thinks there has to be a specific trigger to get to the rumor. Iroha remembers that the lucky owl water was like that. Yachiyo thinks the letter itself is how to start the rumor, which then flashes white as she holds it. Juri says they've already read it over and over, and Chiharu wonders if they've already been affected by the rumor. Iroha wonders if they're all being moved to the banquet without even realizing it.

Yachiyo thinks they're doing things they wouldn't normally do. Yuna says she wouldn't come to a banquet like this normally. Iroha says they should just stop everything and let the rumor take hold of them. Suddenly all of them think of the graveyard.

Over at the graveyard, Shizuka notices something's going on with it. Chiharu sees that the graves are missing. Iroha concludes they're already in the Uwasa barrier. Suddenly Tsuruno cries out to Iroha. Tsuruno, Sunao, and Hikaru are all standing there sad. Tsuruno is crying, saying you guys are finally here~~!! Iroha says she's glad they're all ok, but Tsuruno blows her nose, saying they're not ok.

Yachiyo asks them to explain what happened. Tsuruno says first they tried to destroy the Uwasa itself, but it wouldn't ever show up. Then she tried yelling out that she wasn't going to make the banquet fun to go against the rumor, but again nothing showed up. Then they gave up and tries saying they would make the banquet fun, but nothing... They've been failing this whole timeBigscarythings (talk)!!

Episode 12

Hikaru says she's done tons of stupid party tricks, and Sunao has lost all motivation and really wants to go home. Iroha just says she's glad they're safe, but Tsuruno points that hello, we're definitely NOT safe. Yachiyo says she doesn't see any sort of punishment done to any of them, but Tsuruno replies that it would've been better if they were. No matter how many times they fail, the Uwasa keeps forgiving them, making this whole situation a living hell!!

Sunao starts sobbing with Chiharu and Shizuka comforting her. Juri asks Hikaru how'd she mess up, and Ao asks her to show them what she did. Hikaru then starts sobbing, saying this group is relentless.

Tsuruno explains that aside from doing tricks and performances, Sunao was trying to show off how good she is at caring for others. They were all trying to show things they were skilled at. No matter how they tried to improve the banquet, nothing worked. Felicia reassures her that it'll be way easier now that the squad is here. Everyone cheers up. Yuna tells Hikaru with this many members here getting into the banquet will be easy and fun.

Suddenly a "Heavenly Voice" is heard loud and clear, saying "Let's have a look here." Everyone freaks out about this voice. Sunao says it's the Uwasa, who passes cruel and merciful judgment. Iroha says they need this voice to recognize them as people who will make the banquet better.

Chiharu is up first, with her Yusurinbo Shogun title guessing quiz. She tells Iroha (who is also familiar with the series) that there's 1000 episodes, and Chiharu has them all memorized. She asks Iroha to tell her an episode number, and she'll say the title of it. Iroha starts with episode 1, which Chiharu obviously would know by heart. She tells Iroha to pick a random number. She then asks what episode 500 is, and Chiharu gets it right again, saying it's the finale of season 10. Sana says a title like that is too obvious for a finale. Yuna says it's hard to tell if this is a skill or not. Iroha switches it up to episode 168, and Chiharu gets both the title and the synopsis right. Episode 814, right again.

Shizuka says this is surely impressive, and asks the heavenly voice what it judges. It speaks, sounding disappointed, but recognizes that she did her best... It continues, saying it doesn't even know if the episodes are right or not, and was more bored when she was reciting random episodes than the first or the finale one. Juri clenches her fist, asking this punk what's with the criticism!? The voice continues, saying it won't give up on her, so give it another shot. Chiharu tears up, saying its mercy is painful, and she wants to give up already, then falls over comically. Yachiyo looks down, saying their opponent is tougher than she thought...

Episode 13

Felicia is up next. Yachiyo praises her for being willing to go for it. Suddenly Felicia pauses, and Ui asks her what's wrong. She says she was going to guess types of milk, but doesn't have any milk with her. Iroha and Sana say she can't do her trick then if she doesn't have anything with her. Tsuruno interrupts, saying oh yeah, about that...

The heavenly voice speaks, saying it will provide whatever is necessary to perform. Sunao says even though it did all that for them too, they still failed. Hikaru apologizes for making the voice get the things for them even though they still messed up. The voice speaks again, confirming Felicia said she was guessing types of milk, and thus should provide different kinds of milk. Felicia says huh? I didn't say anything 'bout no milk. I'm guessing types of beef! Iroha is surprised Felicia changed her mind. Yachiyo says well, it's free so why not.

Suddenly a bunch of beef pops into existence in front of them, and Felicia starts eating. She then starts crying, saying this is the first time she's eaten meat this good. The heavenly voice speaks, telling Yachiyo to please feed her better. Yachiyo shouts that she does!! Yuna says it's speaking as if she's been giving Felicia animal feed.

Up next is Ui, who makes herself look like she's floating. Shizuka is surprised, and Iroha starts tearing up and smiling, asking Ui when did she learn something like this. Suddenly Chiharu says she can smell something. She immediately figures out that Sana made herself completely invisible and is lifting Ui up. Sana reappears, saying they've been found out, and asks if Chiharu sensed her. Chiharu smiles and says she was just taking a guess. Sana is relieved her invisibility still works.

The heavenly voice speaks, saying that would've been great if they weren't caught in the act. Chiharu feels bad for speaking out. Yuna says everyone has done their performances at this point. Ao says they've all been wiped out, but she herself looks happy. Juri points out that Ao is in a good mood after failing. Ao says her trick was to show off her RTA (speedrunning), and the voice gave her a sweet ass machine to do so. She shows it to Juri, saying it runs 8k at 240 FPS. Juri doesn't get what that means. Hikaru says she's at least glad Ao was able to enjoy this, since she had to jump through hoops on fire like a horse.

Yachiyo says everyone has lost their fighting spirit. Chiharu looks over to Shizuka, who is contemplating the situation. Shizuka suddenly says to do it. Chiharu looks surprised, guessing what she means. Sunao then says it out loud -- they're about to do their Tokime formation gymnastics. Iroha sounds it out, with Shizuka proudly correcting her. It's a time-honored ritual that's been passed down from generation to generation in the Tokime clan! Tsuruno doesn't even know what it means. Chiharu interrupts, saying it's gymnastics. Shizuka says it's not just gymnastics, but if that makes it easier to understand it's fine to call it that.

Sunao says it's a good idea to attempt it, since they've been practicing so much for it. Ui points out that so far everyone has been showing off individual talents, and Iroha continues that a group performance might be just what they need. Yuna laughs that there's nothing left to do, so go for it. The Tokime trio are fired up and ready to go.

The joke music starts up again. Yachiyo says their group gymnastics is great and all but... Shizuka interrupts, saying they've only just begun, and switch for formation 2. Felicia is shocked, wondering how they are supporting each other like that? Sana says she didn't know humans could bend that way. Ui bursts into tears, crying "Onee-chaaaan!! I'm scaaaared!!" Iroha rushes over to her, telling her not to look, and asks the voice what its judgment is.

The heavenly voice speaks, saying it doesn't mind it, but... They probably shouldn't do that at the banquet itself...

Episode 14

Iroha and Ui finish singing a duet, receiving applause from everyone. Yachiyo loves it, and Ui asks ye Heavenly Voice what is thine judgment. The voice says it's lacking it's more soothing than anything to get excited about. Iroha laughs it off, saying it's another dud, but Ui says she enjoyed singing with Onee-chan. Yuna stares off, saying you guys just failed again, yet you're so heartwarming. Felicia tells her to can it.

Yachiyo agrees with the verdict though, this isn't the time to be relaxing since they need to escape. Tsuruno suddenly has an idea, asking Yachiyo "A banquet talent is still a talent right?" Yachiyo says yes, but what's up with the question. Tsuruno then says well what if we use some showbiz talent? Yachiyo asks if she's talking about her. Everyone starts saying well you are a model and do performances. Yachiyo says she already tried though -- she's been guessing the weather on every 10x points day the entire year. Tsuruno says yeah, that's kinda great and all, but we're talking about professional talent.

Yachiyo says she can pose as a model, but Tsuruno says there has to be something she can do that's better for a banquet, especially since she used to be an idol model. Juri takes surprise at knowing Yachiyo used to be an idol. Sunao says a song by a former idol would be great. Chiharu says it would be really entertaining. Yachiyo starts getting nervous at everyone encouraging her, and turns to Iroha. Iroha apologizes, saying she wants to see this too. Yachiyo struggles for a moment, but decides that she will sing. Tsuruno tells everyone to feast their ears on Yachiyo's song "Macaron" as Yachiyo gives her signature death stare her way.

"U~~u! U~~u! Macaron♪" "I am a cute macaron♪"

Juri starts laughing "Puha- the hell is this?" Ao tells her to quit laughing.

"Though I'm covered in a hard shell, I'm sweet inside~♪" "I'll come out of it♪ just for you♪ Wonderfully curious macaron♪" "Bite-sized, easy to eat, gone in the blink of an eye~♪" "Ah~ cute adorable macaron♪" "This is our happiness~ lalalala~" "Macaron♪"

In the blink of an eye Yachiyo snaps back to mad mode and yells out "OKAY, THAT'S IT SHOW'S OVER!! ONCE THROUGH THE CHORUS IS ENOUGH FOR THE JUDGE! IT WAS PROBABLY TERRIBLE ANYWAY!!"

Iroha is smiling, saying it was a great performance. Tsuruno says she hasn't heard Yachiyo sing in forever, and thanks her. More applause from everyone. Felicia sings macaron♪ and then starts laughing. Yachiyo doesn't appreciate being made fun of. Chiharu asks, this song was made when you were little right? Yuna is laughing, saying it's a nice song for kids to sing. Yachiyo yells again "AND YET A COLLEGE STUDENT JUST HAD TO SING IT TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITY, AND IT SOUNDED AWFUL!!" Iroha says once again that it was really professional quality.

The heavenly voice speaks that it approves...

Episode 15

Everyone is surprised at what they just heard, asking the voice to repeat itself. It says yes, it was a great performance, and made it realize something, that it wants something, but never knew what until it heard this performance. Yachiyo goes from frowning to smiling, asking was this song what you were seeking? The voice continues that what it was seeking was "embarrassment" -- a beautiful woman full of pride, face stained red, face distorted, putting their all into their best performance. That is what it was seeking!

Tsuruno mentions that everyone was definitely embarrassed too, though, weren't they? The voice says that those were just all looks of defeat. Iroha couldn't tell a difference. The voice continues that progress has been made, but the time of the banquet draws near, and thus invites them to come join.

Iroha and Yuna don't like that sound of that, wondering what's going to happen now. Ao figures inviting means they're about to be taken somewhere. Shizuka tells everyone to stick together so no one gets lost. The door to the graveyard opens with a light flashing, and suddenly everyone is in the Uwasa's barrier (the background reward from this event). Everyone is still together in one piece.

The heavenly voice speaks, congratulating everyone on clearing the first stage. Ui says the voice is much clearer now. Sana points out the voice must be coming from the large tower in the distance. The voice says yes, I'm calling out from there. Shizuka asks if they've been approved for this banquet, but the voice says no. However, they are one step closer now that the perspective has changed.

Yuna guesses that must mean the embarrassment part. Chiharu wonders if that means everyone has to show embarrassment to pass. Juri is thinking out loud that they don't exactly have their own embarrassing original song. Ao says that Juri already has embarrassing about her -- she didn't know what the word "well-done" meant until she became a mahou shoujo. Chiharu is shocked at this revelation -- Juri's only been using that word because she just learned it recently!? She's just like a little kid, that's too embarrassing!! Iroha thinks Chiharu is overreacting a bit. Juri starts getting a little red, and Felicia points it out.

Yachiyo says this is it -- if we have a "reveal embarrassing secrets about everyone" tournament, then everyone will get embarrassed, and thus approved by the heavenly voice. Felicia immediately jumps into mentioning "well, when we were at work the other day, Tsuruno..." Tsuruno doesn't like that Felicia is attacking her straight away after she's been up all night trying to get past the Uwasa, but Felicia continues. "...She thought a new customer was one of our regulars and started talkin' to 'em for 10 minutes straight." Tsuruno is immediately embarrassed, but thought she was right because the customer had the same hair style and everything!

Ao joins in, starting with something about Hikaru. Hikaru thought a customer was working at the secondhand clothing store she went to and started haggling on the price to them. Hikaru is doubly embarrassed and tells Ao to stop.

Shizuka won't lose to them. She says that Chiharu is jealous by "how much Sunao has grown." Sunao and Chiharu immediately turn red. Ui is impressed. Tsuruno is ready to go on the attack herself, turning on Iroha-chan.

Fast forward to Juri embarrassing Yuna, Sunao smiling about Chiharu, and Sana turning red. Iroha and Yachiyo ask the heavenly voice what it thinks about all this. The voice says it feels that something is kinda off about this. Juri is pissed off.

The Mitakihara girls arrive in Sankyo Ward, looking for Suitoku Temple. Nemu shows up behind them, asking what they're doing here? They turn around to find Touka and Nemu. Touka says whatever, this is great, please you have to save everyone! Kyouko says she knew something bad was happening...

Episode 16

Nemu and Madoka finish talking. Madoka is determined going to go save everyone. At the Mirrors terminal, the Break the Mirror team is getting bombarded with witches. Natsuki can't even cheer the team on because of constant attacks. Tsumugi eats a witch's attack, surprising Asuka and Sasara, who calls it a life-threatening rescue. Tsumugi says it tastes just like shimeji mushrooms. The Amanes take out the witch while Tsumugi is eating attacks, but more witches show up.

Over in Uwasa land, Juri is screaming she can't take this anymore. The heavenly voice asks her to calm down, but Ao says she's about ready to explode. Yuna says if she does, the Uwasa space is going to get destroyed, meaning the Uwasa itself should come out, letting them defeat it to escape. Ui points out that Tsuruno already tried destroying the place before and nothing happened. Tsuruno says true, but they might as well try it again since that giant tower is there now.

In the offshoot Mirrors, Kanagi and co have finally arrived. They've encountered a warm welcome from tons of copies, however. A Mifuyu copy tells them to chill out and take a break, making Rena think it's the real Mifuyu. Kaede says no, she looks real, but that's a fake.

Back in Uwasa land, Juri is asking what's so special about the tower in the distance. Tsuruno says because they can hear the Uwasa clearly coming from the tower, that's the place to attack as a possible weakpoint. Iroha and everyone are expecting a tough fight ahead.

Tsumugi gets knocked back by witch. Everyone is looking exhausted, saying they don't even have a moment to look for the mirror they need. Mifuyu tells them to gather together and take the witches out in a coordinated attack.

Iroha tells everyone they need to join together to get out of here. She approaches Tokime and Promised Blood, asking them to cooperate with her. Yuna refuses, saying she should be thanking them for not attacking them right now. Iroha says not that kind of cooperate -- help us take out the tower and the Uwasa. Yuna then gets it, saying the living are more important than their grudge regarding the dead. Shizuka says they have no objections to helping. Yuna says she accepts whatever shame she receives even if it kills her.

The heavenly voice speaks, saying "That's it!!" Felicia is startled. The voice continues, saying it approves of them. Seeing enemies embarrass each other, come closer, and join hands has moved the voice, and thus has approved of all of them joining the banquet. Tsuruno asks why are the being let in now when it has nothing to do with the banquet. The voice says that while the embarrassment is missing now, they have something more: hostility. A banquet is supposed to be fun, so the people being angry and hostile isn't appropriate, but because they've all joined hands in this cause, that heavy atmosphere has lifted. In short, everyone is now on good terms, so they may be guided in.

With a flash of light, Iroha is surprised by how amazing this new place before her is. A golden hand is seen.

Episode 17

Madoka and team arrive at Suitoku Temple and head to the graveyard. Flashback to the convo with Touka from earlier. Sayaka finds out that the rumor's influence is spreading through the Mirrors. Kyouko asks well, can't we just enter by sayin' we'll liven up the banquet? Nemu forgot something; she only remembered after seeing the letters that when you get approved by the rumor to enter the die. Homura adds that if you don't get allowed in you get sent to the underworld. Nemu says yes, but if you're accepted you get into the Pure Land Banquet, AKA the afterlife, so either way you're dead. The only difference is heaven or hell (wow great rumor Nemu).

Sayaka and Madoka say we just need to go break the mirror then, since the whole thing will just seem like a daydream. Touka says even if it only appears to everyone as a daydream, everyone who experienced dying will still remembered it. Nemu says she realized this was a big mistake after hearing the underworld part. She's not sure what will happen to people that recovered from dying in the Uwasa. Will they just come back as if nothing happened, or will they be stuck in a vegetative state? Will the damage to their minds also damage their soul gems?

Mami asks what they should do then. Nemu says instead of breaking the mirror when everyone's dead, they need to break it after resolving the rumor. Back to the present, with the Mitakihara girls in front of the graveyard. They don't see Iroha or anyone here, which means...

Madoka shouts out to Iroha, telling her to answer her. The heavenly voice speaks, recognizing this voice. It asks: Who was it that shouted just now? Madoka asks: Eh? Me!? The voice continues that it knows that voice, and has been waiting for her. Everyone is still as confused. The voice says it never expected her to show up in person, but will guide her to the banquet right away. Madoka suddenly vanishes.

Madoka is in pure darkness, wondering where everyone went. She looks around to see everyone inside the banquet, scooped up by giant hands, all completely dead. None of them are answering her. She knows she has to make a decision. Flashback to her talking to Nemu, deciding she will have to resolve the rumor first. Nemu mentions she made a small revision to the rumor, as a just in case something really goes wrong. She says she's been testing her ability with giving magic to Kagome, but has found out there's a limit to what she can rewrite since this rumor doesn't exist in their timeline. All she could do is write 1 small detail to the rumor itself: a single person can be brought back from the Pure Land by calling their name. Meaning one person can be brought back from the dead, so Madoka will have to make that choice herself now. She calls out to Iroha-chan, and lights flash.

Episode 18

Iroha wakes up gasping for air. She asks Madoka what happened, where is everyone, and Madoka explains everything. Iroha thanks her for saving her, and says they'll beat the Uwasa together. There's been times where defeating Uwasa brought missing people back, so this has to be the same deal. Madoka asks what options they have. Iroha says Tsuruno and everyone already tried going against the rumor, but they didn't actually try destroying the area, they just assumed it wouldn't work. Just before they were going to try, they got warped to the banquet...and then died.

Iroha suddenly realizes something: she never actually went against the rumor, she only thought they did. She explains that they've been getting influenced by the rumor ever since they received the letters, but now that she was killed, she's not being influenced by it anymore. Madoka also hasn't seen the letter yet, so she can't be influenced either. Iroha asks her what would it mean to go against the rumor then? Madoka says: By saying you're not attending the banquet, of course? Iroha agrees, but they couldn't say that because the letters made them want to go. Trying to make the banquet not fun wasn't denying the rumor.

They agree to try to deny the rumor, taking a deep breath, and shouting that this isn't the time to be having a banquet, and that they have no interest in it at all!! The Uwasa is shocked, and the whole place begins rumbling. The illusion fades, and the entire area turns into typical Uwasa space. They spot something at the top of the tower...

Episode 19

They encounter a barrier, but the magic inside it is overwhelming. They're worried the Uwasa will start influencing them again after Iroha finally got free of it. Iroha tells Madoka to grab her hand. They both shoot inside the barrier, hitting the Uwasa within. The barrier disappears, and a clear blue sky appears above, with the Uwasa space disappearing. They celebrate putting a stop to the Uwasa.

The heavenly voice speaks, congratulating them and their friends. The banquet may be lost, but it is impressed and judges them worthy. It says it shall return what must be returned, and convey what must be conveyed. Iroha and Madoka ask what that means. The voice says they won't remember returning from the Pure Land, and must be given words of thanks that it was promised.

The voice continues, or perhaps you (anata-sama) wish to tell me directly from your own mouth? Madoka is once again confused why specifically her. She says she doesn't really have anything to say...? The voice laughs, saying it understands she is too embarrassed to speak directly.

The background changes to space. "I know, right now you are fighting a difficult and painful battle." "I know not what future you will follow..." "Of so many universes, there is proof of but one strange universe within..." "But you know, looking at it another way, all of you can open the future yourselves. This universe is one where no fate be." "So do not lose, no matter how painful it be." "Because I'm sure, someday, you will be able to create a future of salvation."

Iroha and Madoka are silent.

Episode 20

At the terminal, Mifuyu sees a mirror fade. The Amanes figure it must have been because of the Mirrors team. They head to the mirror, knowing this is the one they need to break. The three of them attack it, breaking it. Mifuyu says the events caused by the rumor should now fade into people's daydreams, and wonders if Iroha's team is ok.

Over at Suitoku, Shizuka is glad that Tsuruno, Sunao, and Hikaru were found and safe. Sunao thanks them all for finding them. Iroha says don't mention it, we all help each other when needed. Yuna says she can't believe 3 entire groups of mahou shoujo all lost contact with someone during the same "shopping trip." Hikaru and Tsuruno both feel bad for suddenly falling asleep. Tsuruno also thanks the Mitakihara girls for coming to help them.

Sayaka says they just happened to be visiting at the time, and Kyouko says they couldn't help but come find them. Juri says while she went out looking, she suddenly got tired too and had a weird dream about a banquet. Hikaru adds that she was also dreaming of helping out the Union girls. Kanagi says things like that have happened in the Mirrors. A PB girl says even as a dream it was horrible. Sunao is confused why even the people looking for them also had the dream.

Iroha thinks to herself that whether they think it was from the offshoot Mirrors or dreams, it all actually happened. Felicia says she had an awful dream too, some weird song about macarons was being sung. Ui shouts that calling it awful will make Yachiyo feel bad. Yachiyo is wondering why she is being mentioned. She then yells at Felicia to immediately forget whatever she dreamed about. Whatever it was, it's all a lie!! Mifuyu starts to remember something about a song like that, but Yachiyo yells at her too. Sana says she thought it was cute.

Hikaru says serves you right, but whatever they're remembering sounds like some dangerous premonition. Chiharu agrees, saying they should all forget whatever they were seeing in these dreams. Yuna also agrees, saying she's tired of all this silly talk, and tells her team to start leaving. One by one they tell Iroha they won't forget about today, and Hikaru salutes, thanking Iroha for saving her, and says goodbye.

Kyouko looks mad, saying those girls are just like we heard. Sayaka asks Iroha, so you guys are fighting them right now or something? Iroha laughs it off, saying "well... something like that..."

Shizuka says now that so many people are here, let's throw our own banquet in the temple. Tsuruno says she was just about to get to a banquet in her dream. Mami asks if there's time to even prepare one. Shizuka says yes, they just so happen to have been in the middle of preparing one, including lots of food. Homura asks Madoka what should they do. Madoka says since we're already here, why not stay and eat. Iroha says they'll stay too.

Fast forward to the banquet. Felicia is singing the macaron song. Yachiyo yells at her "I TOLD YOU TO FORGET ABOUT THAT!!" Madoka laughs. Iroha asks Madoka if she remembers those words they heard at the end of the hallucination. Iroha says the heavenly voice sounded different when she listened to it with Madoka, as opposed to when she was with everyone else. Madoka says they were kind words, but didn't understand what the voice was talking about. She thinks whatever it was, it must have been important. Iroha agrees, saying the voice was telling them to hold onto hope and do their best. Madoka thinks maybe they'll find out what the voice meant some day. Iroha agrees.

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