Magia Record Story A La Carte Valentine 2nd ~What If That Girl Took the Lead Role On This Day?~

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This event is composed of eleven separate stories and an additional bonus scene that was shown on Valentine's Day.


An old woman looks up from behind the register of the chocolate shop she is tending. She is surprised to find anyone has entered her shop, since she normally doesn't get very many customers. You see, she doesn't sell chocolate at this shop, only the ingredients for making chocolate. She suggests they take a look around, especially at the different types of baking chocolate she has lined up on the shelves. If they're curious, she might even let them take a peak and they might soon begin to realize what makes this chocolate so special. Within the baking chocolate lies all of the possibilities that each girl possesses on Valentine's Day, including possibilities that could have happened or may have yet to happen. She advises they choose carefully before selecting some chocolate to take home, so she begins by showing them the possibilities of one girl contained in a bar of baking chocolate...


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Part 1

Iroha Tamaki and Felicia Mitsuki have come to Banbanzai for lunch, although Tsuruno Yui is treating it like it’s some kind of conference meeting. After Felicia orders two fried rice specials, Tsuruno prepares to present them with her idea for Valentine’s Day. Iroha guesses she’s doing a Chinese food themed Valentine meal, but Tsuruno shakes her head. The problem is that’s all they’ve done in the past few years, which means they’re not being innovative enough. Tsuruno gets worked up trying to describe her big plans, but before she can venture into any details her dad returns with the fried rice they’d ordered. He apologizes for Tsuruno’s pushiness as Tsuruno continues to talk while Felicia and Iroha eat.

It turns out Tsuruno’s big plan is something called “Spicentine’s Day”. She wants to start a new tradition where people are encouraged to eat spicy food on Valentine’s Day. Since the emphasis is on food, Tsuruno hopes this will get more people to come to Banbanzai to eat mapo tofu and other spicy dishes. Felicia asks if they’ll have fried rice, but Tsuruno replies that’s not spicy so it doesn’t count. Felicia finishes munching on her food as she half-heartedly listens to Tsuruno continue to talk her idea up. She asks if they can help her promote her idea but before Iroha can politely decline, Felicia pipes up and agrees to help.

Part 2

Tsuruno went through the streets of Kamihama, trying to spread the word about Spicentine’s Day to everyone she met, but most people didn’t understand the appeal. At first, everyone thought it was a strange performance by a strange girl, and no one took it seriously. Tsuruno had even come up with a point card with gifts for people who ate spicy food there frequently. However, Tsuruno’s innocence and her passion for making her restaurant prosperous were infectious, and when someone did become interested, that someone would start telling other people about it on the internet. Eventually, before she knew it Tsuruno had become something of an internet celebrity. Some people took it a little too far though, and thought that Tsuruno was advocating spiciness as a way to enlightenment. For some reason, the Spicy Day movement had deviated from Tsuruno’s original plan as a way to promote Banbanzai and ended up gaining an unintended ideology. Before long, the points card subscribers transformed into an organization dedicated to human innovation through spiciness, worshiping Tsuruno as its leader.

Soon the number of followers ballooned and it shook Kamihama to its core. Several of the spicy cult members arranged meetings at Banbanzai where they argued their spicy tenets. Some of them said that they should focus on all spicy foods while others argued that they should only focus on spicy Chinese dishes, since Banbanzai is a Chinese food restaurant. Others wanted to take the spice level to the extreme, consuming spicier and spicier food. They all turned to Tsuruno for guidance, but Tsuruno didn’t know what to do in the face of all this. Soon, the proponents of the Spicy Day movement spilintered into various factions, including the Mainstreamers, the Origins of Banbanzai Group, the Spice Sect, the Spicy-Hot Extremists, and the Heartful Spiciness Society. They became a force that couldn’t be controlled.

Part 3

Tsuruno couldn’t help blaming herself for all that happened, even if none of this was her intention. She went to the park and sat on a bench for a long time, trying to brainstorm how she could get it all back under control. As she sat there, two girls passed by talking. Tsuruno overheard them talking about the Spicy Day movement. Neither of them knew what the big deal was and why everyone was suddenly so obsessed with spicy food. One of the girls asked the other if they knew where it all originated, but she had no clue. All she knew was that it had something to do with Valentine’s Day. Tsuruno continues to listen as the girls talk about how they don’t like spicy food at all, and all this talk about spiciness and Valentine’s Day really made them crave some chocolate. The two girls agree and head off to find some chocolate to munch on.

This gave Tsuruno the idea she needed, so she gathered representatives from each of the factions that supported Spicy Day. Iroha and Felicia were also invited to the meeting, although neither of them was sure why. Tsuruno then begins her big speech, first thanking everyone for appearing and supporting the cause. She then makes her big announcement to everyone: Spicy food is good, but sweet foods are just as good. Tsuruno then ends her speech. This throws everyone for a loop as they try to process her words. Iroha is worried that Tsuruno didn’t say enough, but suddenly one by one, the different sect leaders begin to agree with Tsuruno’s statement. Tsuruno is glad they understand, and she also tells them she’ll be adding some sweet foods to the spicy menu. The other leaders are happy for her and prepare to go out and spread the word to the other followers. As the leaders head out, Tsuruno thanks Felicia and Iroha for coming as well. Tsuruno was too nervous to talk to all those people on her own, but she’s glad things have settled down so that she can celebrate Spicy Day without all the ruckus. However, as the leaders passed on the word that sweet foods are just as good as spicy foods, they all realized they were stating the obvious and everyone just kind of calmed down all at once and came to their senses. The masses then celebrated Valentine’s Day as usual and completely forgot about Spicentine’s Day (which meant there were no visitors to Banbanzai that day, much to Tsuruno’s sadness). However this didn’t stop Tsuruno, who continued to experiment with foods, like a chocolate pepper steak, for next Valentine’s Day.


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Part 1

Rika Ayano arrives home and gets changed out of her school clothes. She had had a great day so far, giving chocolates to Emiri Kisaki and the others as well as exchanging chocolates with Ren Isuzu. As she looks down at the pile of chocolate she has and debates on which one to try first, Rika’s mother arrives home. She finds Rik anad hands her more chocolate, letting her know that her childhood friend had come all the way to drop it off for her. Rika feels bad that she had to go so far just for her, but Rika’s mother can tell something is bothering her. She doesn’t want to pry if Rika doesn’t feel comfortable telling her and goes to get dinner started. Rika offers to help but her mother tells her not to worry. Instead, Rika sits in her room and stares at the chocolate sadly. The childhood friend who had left her chocolate for her is the same one Rika had wished would fall in love with her. Rika still blames herself for tearing her friend and her boyfriend apart because of her selfishness. Rika is glad that her friend and her boyfriend were able to reconcile after Rika broke things off, but she doesn’t know what to do about the chocolate she received. In all honesty, she hadn’t planned on giving her friend any chocolate this year. Rika then remembered the conversation she had had with Hinano Miyako about how she liked girls instead of boys, although Hinano saw nothing wrong with it. She decided to call Hinano up and arranged to meet with her at the park.

Rika blows into her hands to keep them warm as she waits for Hinano to arrive. She doesn’t have to wait long before she hears Hinano calling her name as she approaches her. Rika apologizes for making her come all this way on Valentine’s Day but Hinano tells her not to worry. Rika then shows her the gift she received and explains it’s from her ex-girlfriend. Hinano is surprised to hear this and asks her why she didn’t open it. Rika couldn’t bring herself to open it alone, especially since she and her ex haven’t spoken much since they broke up. Hinano tells her she’s not going to figure out much just by looking at the outside, so she had better open it if she wants more clues. Rika braces herself for a moment, long enough so that Hinano asks if she doesn’t want her to open it for her. Rika shakes her head and finally opens the gift. Upon seeing what it is, Rika is so startled she almost drops it. She shows it to Hinano: a chocolate gateau.

She explains to Hinano that her friend had wanted to give chocolate gateau to the one she loved, because it tastes different the next day after it’s made. In theory, she would give chocolate gateau to the one she liked, they eat half of it that same day, and then the next day they eat the other half and compare the difference in taste. Hinano asks if this doesn’t mean that she gave her love chocolate, but Rika shakes her head. She knows her classmates have been talking about how happy she is with her boyfriend, and she hasn’t mentioned chocolate gateau in a really long time, so maybe she got the gifts switched by mistake. However, Hinano points to the card attached that reads “To Rika” with no honorific or other words written. This reminds Rika of when they first started dating and she had asked to call her just by her first name instead of Rika-chan. Rika stares at the ground, lost in memories. Hinano and her both know that there’s been no mistake: this chocolate was definitely intended for Rika. Rika wonders if maybe her ex is trying to say “you’re the one who ripped me away from the boy I loved”. Hinano asks if she’s the kind of person to do that, but Rika shakes her head. She was mostly just talking out of guilt, but either way she has no idea why her ex would give her this kind of chocolate.

Part 2

Rika is at a complete loss as to what to do. Hinano asks her what she wants to do about it, since all they know is that her ex sent her a chocolate gateau on purpose, but they don’t know what her intentions were or how she felt about giving it to Rika. They don’t have much to work off of, meaning Rika is probably going to have to ask her directly. Either way, Hinano believes that Rika is free to do what she wants with the chocolate and, since it is Valentine’s Day, she thinks the best thing she can do is be honest with her feelings. However, Rika doesn’t believe she has the right to do that considering she was the one to warp the feelings of her best friend. Hinano tries to argue that that’s not what’s happening here, but Rika is distraught. Rika tells Hinano that she’s not ready to admit that she still has feelings for her ex; she forced her friend to change her mind and leave her boyfriend for Rika. She took everything from her, and even if Rika knows you’re not supposed to, she did it anyways. Now all Rika can do is hope to somehow get rid of these feelings from inside herself. Hinano agrees that self control is important, but she tells Rika that denying those feelings of love won’t erase them because that’s what it means to fall in love with someone. She can try to deny those feelings all she wants, but they’re her own feelings and she’s free to think and feel whatever she wants. If someone tries to get in her face about it, then she should just tell them to mind their own business.

Rika remembers when she first received the gift from her mom and how happy it made her at first. In fact, she was so happy that she couldn’t forgive herself for feeling joy because of it. To Rika, that chocolate had felt like her friend was telling her she was still important to her, even if she couldn’t’ be her true love. Even though Rika had tried to deny the feelings she still had for her ex, she knew she had to own up to those feelings or else she might hurt her friend again. Doing nothing could end up being the worst thing she could do. With new resolve, Rika tells Hinano that she wants to give her ex a proper gift by buying her chocolate, as well as apologize to her for avoiding her. Although Rika isn’t sure they can ever be best friends again, she would still like to at least be on speaking terms with her. Either way, she’d like to ask her ex why she gave her the chocolate. Rika asks Hinano if she wouldn’t mind helping her see this through to the end, to which Hinano whole heartedly agrees.

The two soon head down to the store to look at different chocolates. Rika had had a crush on her for four years. The first year that Rika gave her ex chocolate, she had wanted to make homemade chocolate for her, since homemade chocolate is best for confessing your love. But her ex was an expert at baking and Rika had burnt the homemade chocolate from the kit she bought. In the end, Rika felt it was better to buy her something premade rather than give her a burnt failure and ended up buying her a chocolate attached to a plush keychain. Her ex had loved it so much and it made Rika happy to see how much she liked the gift. Rika was unable to confess her love that year and each year after that Rika had given her essentially the same gift, never once confessing her feelings. Hinano suggests Rika get her the same gift, but Rika thinks that such a gift would have too loaded a message. Instead, Rika wants to get her ex something she would never have given her in the past when she was in love. Even if four years is too long a time for someone to have a crush, Rika doesn’t want to leave things the way they are. She’d rather get closure, even if it’s just a bit at a time. Today, Rika will draw the line and hopefully one day she can honestly be truly happy for her friend. So long as Rika is remembered fondly as a dear childhood friend than that’s all she needs. Hinano thinks Rika is an amazing person and Rika thanks her as she picks out a box set of novelty chocolates.

Part 3

Rika heads to her friend’s house, bracing herself for their meeting. However, her friend wasn’t home so Rika ended up having to leave the chocolate with her friend’s mom. It was still too early for her to go home and call the day to an end, but Rika also didn’t feel like it was right for her to hang around and wait for her friend to come home. It is Valentine’s Day after all, so more than likely her friend was already busy with plans of her own. Suddenly, Rika’s phone rings. It’s Ren, who has called Rika to thank her for the wonderful day they had. At first, Ren was too nervous about participating in Valentine’s Day for the first time, but thanks to Rika she was able to find the courage to give chocolate to everyone. She also thanked Rika for the chocolate she had given to Ren. Rika realizes who much heart and soul Ren had put into making those chocolates for everyone, so she decides to send a message to her friend thanking her for the chocolate. She hits send, just as she wonders if it’s ok for her to just do that. Almost immediately her friend replies, telling Rika that she’s almost home and asking if she can wait for her there so they can talk. Rika decides she can’t run away anymore and messages her friend back, telling her she’ll be waiting for her.

Back at the park, it’s Hinano’s turn to blow on her hands to keep them warm as she waits for Rika to arrive. Rika soon gets there and apologizes for being late. Hinano asks Rika how it went. Rika says it went great and that her friend still considered her an important childhood friend. This year, her ex had decided to make chocolate gateau because she’s with someone she truly loves. Rika has decided to face things more head on, since everything that happens from here on out will be up to her. As for the chocolate, Rika has decided to eat it properly but on her own. Tonight, she’ll eat the first half and reflect on her memories of her ex. Tomorrow, the chocolate will taste different just like how everything else has changed as well. They say scars only hurt when you refuse to look at them. Rika then realizes how late it’s getting and apologizes for keeping Hinano out so late. Hinano shrugs and reminds her that she is her senior afterall. Rika smiles and says Hinano is a very reliable senpai despite being so short. Hearing Rika call her short, Hinano blows up a little and asks why everyone always keeps running their mouth like that at her. Rika apologizes as Hinano smiles once more and says goodnight before heading home. Rika sits down at the park bench, the snow slowly drifting around her as she looks at the chocolate gateau. She had always hoped that one day she would receive one. She takes a bite and sadly looks down at it, remarking on how delicious it is.

The next day, Rika eats the other half of the chocolate gateu. Amidst a sad smile filled with tears, Rika notes that it’s just as delicious as ever. As she eats it, she thinks that if she could eat it with someone she loved, it would make her really happy.


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Part 1

Mel Anna’s classmate tells her about a love confession, but she wants to know how it will go. Even though Mel isn’t supposed to tell fortunes anymore, her classmate begs her to make an exception for her just this once. She wants to know how it will go and doesn’t mind if she gets a bad reading. After much prodding, Mel finally relents.

Later that day, Mel along with Mifuyu Azusa and Yachiyo Nanami finish vanquishing a Witch in front of the school gates. Yachiyo notes that there’s been an uprising in the number of Witches lately, but she’s not surprised to find one so close to the school this time. Mel is confused so Mifuyu tells her to think about it. Mel remembers that Witches are creatures that spread misery and curses so they like to target people that are already emotionally unstable. More of them have been appearing near the schools and Mifuyu reminds her that it’s February as well. Mel thinks she’s put it all together and deduces that it must be because of wikipedia:Setsubun. Yachiyo tells her Setsubun has already passed and reminds Mel that she threw beans at Yachiyo that day (although Mel claims it was Tsuruno’s fault). Yachiyo then points out that the biggest holiday in February is Valentine’s Day. Mifuyu says it doesn’t happen every year, but most years Witches tend to gather more near schools because of all the people worrying about Valentine’s Day. Mel shakes her head at how thoughtless Witches could be: weren’t they women too and weren’t they ever once in love? Yachiyo says that, even if that were true once, they’re still completely ruthless. Hearing this, Mel’s conscience gets to her so she tells Yachiyo that she’s worried about her classmate since she read her fortune earlier. Mel apologizes to Yachiyo as Mifuyu asks her to go easy on Mel. But too late, the infuriated Yachiyo yells at Mel and loudly reminds her that fortune telling was banned!

Back at Mikazuki Villa, Yachiyo glares as Mel continues to sit upright. Mifuyu asks Yachiyo for leniency but Yachiyo warns her not to go pampering Mel on this since this is the one thing she can’t be lenient on. She turns her attention back to Mel and asks her if she understands what her fortune-telling really is. Mel nods and remembers the time they discovered that her magic isn’t to predict the future with her tarot cards, but to shape it according to her reading. Yachiyo asks her why she read her classmate’s fortune. Mel says the only reason she did it was because her friend really begged her to. She looks up at Yachiyo and says she’s being harder on her than usual. Yachiyo replies that she doesn’t get angry for no good reason, especially when it comes to matters of love. Mel responds she’s never been in love so she wouldn’t know. She asks Mifuyu and Yachiyo what love is, what it’s like, and why it’s so important. If she knew then she could understand better why Yachiyo is so upset.

Mifuyu smiles and turns to Yachiyo, looking to her for an explanation on the fundamentals of love. After glaring at Mifuyu for putting her on the spot, Yachiyo stammers and half-heartedly tries to explain that love makes your heart race and you want to be with the person you like all the time. Mel listens intently but Yachiyo doesn’t really know what else to say. Mel asks if wanting to be alone with someone is really so important. With nothing else to say, Yachiyo passes the conversation over to Mifuyu. Mifuyu tries to squirm her way out of this conversation but Mel won’t let her. Mifuyu sighs and tries to explain that love makes your heart race but Mel points out that Yachiyo had already said that part. Mifuyu then tries to describe love as that abstract feeling of being drawn toward the person who is to become your destined partner, someone you can be wedded to for life. Mel is starting to get why it’s so important now. Yachiyo chimes in and explains that a lot of whether or not it will work out depends on how that first confession goes, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you don’t get to redo. That’s why Yachiyo was upset with Mel doing a tarot reading. If her reading predicts that things will turn out poorly, then all the hard work that the couple put into their relationship will be for nothing. Mel now understands why Yachiyo was so upset; however she had gotten lucky and had read a happy future for her classmate. Yachiyo is glad it happened to work out for the best this time, but she warns Mel to never read the fortune of a girl’s confession again. Mel hangs her head and says she understands.

Part 2

The next day, Mel sat at home pondering the meaning of love. Although Mifuyu and Yachiyo had done their best to explain it to her, and Mel thinks she can see the importance of it, she still doesn’t fully grasp the concept yet. Her mother overhears her talking to herself and giggles. She asks Mel if she isn’t thinking of spending Valentine’s Day with someone she loves. Mel tells her she’s wrong, and when her mother offers to teach her how to make chocolate, Mel gets upset and leaves the house in a fury. Mel’s mom giggles to herself again and comments on how unusual it is for Mel to be out the door before Kanagi Izumi even got there.

Outside the complex, Mel is huffing to herself as Kanagi catches up to her and says hi. She notices the look on Kanagi’s face and says she looks like she’s in a bad mood today. Mel tells her it’s none of her business, but Kanagi replies that talking to someone about what’s worrying you can often help. Mel drops her guard and looks at Kanagi for a moment before asking Kanagi if she’s ever been in love. Kanagi replies that truthfully, that’s not an area she’s very good at. Kanagi isn’t so sure what the feeling of love entails either, but all she does know is that love doesn’t keep your stomach full and Witches can use it to their advantage. Mel says Kanagi is a cold person, and if not knowing about love makes you a cold person, then Kanagi is no different than the Witches who attack on Valentine’s Day. Kanagi grabs Mel and threatens her with a spanking but Mel scrambles out of her grasp and runs off screaming.

At school, Mel decides to ask one of her classmates what love is about. She figures maybe hearing it from someone closer to her age would help her understand, but her classmate says she’s just a kid too. However, her classmate agrees with Mifuyu’s interpretation of love. One of Mel’s male classmates, Gin-kun, overhears the girls talking and offers to take Mel out on a date to help her better understand the nuances of love but Mel outright rejects his “offer” by knocking him out cold on the ground. As one of Gin-kun’s friends wails over the body of his once-living friend, Mel turns to her friend and asks if she’s ready for Valentine’s Day. Her friend says she’s ready and all fired up for the big day, and thanks Mel once more for reading her fortune. Mel says she’s glad to hear that things are going well and wishes her luck for tomorrow. It seemed to Mel that everyone knew what love was except for her.

Later that day, Mel decides to go out for a bit, but not until her mother makes her change out of her school clothes and makes Mel promise not to stay out late. Mel rolls her eyes and does as she’s told. She heads to the lake and watches the fish splash around as she thinks about love again. She knows she doesn’t have to fall in love and, like Kanagi had said, love left you vulnerable to harm. But there was this vague fuzzy feeling in her chest that made her want to know more it. As she stares at the water, Mel hears the voice of her mother calling out to her. Mel’s mother finally finds her and scolds her for not coming home before it grew dark. Mel apologizes as she sighs and stares at the lake. Mel’s mother notices this and asks Mel if she’s still thinking about this morning. Mel nods and her mother apologizes. She realizes that maybe she had been putting her nose into Mel’s business when she offered to teach her how to make chocolate that morning. She promises to stay out of Mel’s way, but she still wants to support her in her endeavors even if it’s secretly.

Mel gets frustrated and tells her that it’s not like that. Confused, Mel’s mother asks her if there isn’t someone she likes, but Mel responds that there isn’t anyone she likes and that’s the problem. That’s why she keeps wondering what love is and why it’s so important. She had tried to talk to her older friends about it but that only left her more confused about the whole thing. Her mother nods in understanding. Mel looks at her and asks her mother what she thinks about love. Her mother asks Mel what her friends said, so Mel repeats what Mifuyu said about being drawn to someone you can be wedded to for life. Mel’s mother smiles and says that sounds about right. Mel asks her mother if it was the same for her, and her mother replies that she’s correct. However, that was a long time ago and her feelings of love are now quite different then what they used to be. Mel’s mother points at the lake and tells Mel to look at it. She then describes love as that precious feeling when you come face to face with your greatest treasure. Mel realizes that her mother had been pointing to Mel’s reflection in the lake. Mel’s mother tells her that if she hadn’t met her father, then Mel wouldn’t be here. Mel gets embarrassed and flustered, asking her mom if she isn’t embarrassed to be saying such things to her daughter. Her mom shrugs, not seeing what the big deal is as Mel gets huffy again and calls her impossible before telling her she’s going home now. Mel takes off running with her mother calling after her.

Mel reaches the complex by the time she stops running. She calls what her mother said about her embarrassing, gross, and creepy before realizing it had also been making her smile the whole time.

Part 3

Ever since they got back home Mel had been unable to face her mother. She knew that obviously when people get married they have children, she’d been taught that in health class. Still, she thought to herself with a smile, I didn’t mind being told I’m a treasure. Mel then gets a text message from her friend, the one she did a reading for. The message says she’s sorry, but even though she got a good fortune she caught a cold. Her friend had considered pushing through and going to school anyway, but she didn’t think anyone would want chocolate from someone with a fever. She apologizes to Mel again for not being able to go through with it. Mel looks at her phone and thinks it’s weird that something like that would happen. If her magic is in effect, then her friend shouldn’t be having any problems since she predicted a happy outcome for her confession. Mel suspects something is amiss so she transforms and heads over to her friend’s house.

Once there, Mel quickly detects the presence of a Witch and thus confirming her suspicions. If something was canceling her magic then it had to be either another Magical Girl or a Witch. She soon finds the barrier and enters it, prepared to put down the Witch that was preventing her friend from having a happy outcome. Mel may not have found love yet, but she is beginning to at least understand the importance of it. Her friend is trying her best to convey all of those feelings that her friends described to her and Mel is determined to not let this Witch interfere. Mel continues to do battle with the Familiars as she draws closer to where the Witch resides. Mel finds the Witch and unleashes her magia Dark Arcana before blacking out.

She wakes up and remembers the Witch so she lashes out and hits the first thing she sees, which just so happens to be Yachiyo looking over her. Yachiyo smacks her back and says “who are you calling a Witch!” before telling her they already defeated the Witch that Mel was battling. Both Mifuyu and Kanagi are relieved to see that Mel is unharmed. Mel recounts what happened and Kanagi informs her that the Witch just so happen to be able to cancel out Mel’s magic so it was the one opponent that Mel wouldn’t be able to defeat on her own which is why Yachiyo and the others came to rescue her. Mel apologizes for what happened but Mifuyu says she shouldn’t have to apologize for doing something admirable. Kanagi says that may be fine and all, but she still wants an apology from Yachiyo for trespassing onto Eastern territory. Yachiyo reminds her they had already agreed to hand the Grief Seed over to Kanagi. Besides, they both knew that Kanagi was just as worried about Mel as they were. Kanagi’s expression softens as she admits that’s true. Mel is surprised to hear they were worried about her, but Yachiyo says she didn’t stop by to visit that day like she normally does while Kanagi had remembered the troubled expression on Mel’s face that morning which is why she had asked Yachiyo about it. Mel apologizes for causing them all trouble but they tell her not to worry about it.

Kanagi asks Mel if she ever found out what love meant for her. Mel admits she didn’t, but that she does understand that it is a precious feeling that she won’t know about until she herself falls in love. She’s still curious about it, but she doesn’t want to tell the others that she felt lonely and left out since she was the only one who hadn’t experienced it yet. Kanagi says maybe it has something to do with health class and admits that she herself has had to do some thinking about it. Yachiyo and Mifuyu both agree that there’s no rush and it’ll happen to Mel when the time is right. Mel brightens up and says she hopes to fall in love some day, otherwise she’ll end up like the tactless Witches on Valentine’s Day or as cold as Kanagi. Kanagi grabs Mel just as Mel realizes what she said, only this time Mel isn’t able to escape a smack on the butt from Kanagi.


51050 riko title.jpg

Part 1

Riko Chiaki is helping out her classmates with their chocolates. Some of her friends have been practicing making them and Riko has offered to help taste-test some of their creations. Her friends believe that Riko is great at flavors and will give them good advice although Riko is too humble to think so. Before they can continue talking, the teacher catches them and reminds them that candy isn’t allowed at school. If they do, then Hungry Mokeo will come out and play a trick on them. Hungry Mokeo is one of the “Seven Wonders” of the school and is described as a human anatomy model with a bottomless stomach. However, Riko and the others remember that the school only has skeleton models, not human anatomy models so there can’t be any Mokeo. The children become emboldened and have decided to bring in their chocolates the next day for Riko to taste-test.

Later that same day, Riko finishes helping her family clean up their bento shop for the day. It’s getting late and the night air has grown chilly. While her parents finish locking up, Riko asks her parents if they’ve ever heard of Hungry Mokeo. She describes him as one of the school’s Seven Wonders but she doesn’t know much about him. Riko’s dad says he’s never heard of him from when he went to school there, which only proves to Riko that Mokeo must not really exist. Her dad points behind Riko and asks who that is then. Riko jumps a mile in the air as she turns around but there is nothing there behind her. Her dad laughs as her mom tells him not to make too much fun of Riko. Riko realizes she’s been tricked as she hangs her head.

At school the next day, all of Riko’s friends sadly greet Riko. When she asks them what’s wrong, severl of Riko’s friends explain they had brought some chocolate in their backpacks for Riko to taste-test, but when they looked in their bags the chocolate was gone. Riko is beginning to look worried as she wonders if Hungry Mokeo was behind all this. Her friends wonder if maybe the story about Mokeo was true. Riko is sure it must be a coincidence and that they’re sure to find their chocolate if they just keep looking. But her classmates are adamant that they’ve looked everywhere they could. If Mokeo really exists and he really did take their chocolate, then none of them will be able to bring chocolates on Valentine’s Day. One of her classmates points out that it was Riko who said she’d be sampling chocolate at school and then this happened, but another classmate argues that it isn’t Riko’s fault since none of them put any credence to the Mokeo story. Riko feels like crying at this point since she blames herself for what happened. Still, Riko is able to stifle her tears and put on a brave face as she tells her classmates that she is going to search after school to see if Mokeo really is there. Riko is taking the blame for what happened since she still wants everyone to be able to exchange chocolates on Valentine’s Day. But her friends are worried about how dangerous it could be, since they might have angered Mokeo and he might eat them. But Riko is determined to prove Mokeo isn’t real.

Part 2

Since Mokeo is supposed to be a human anatomy model, Riko decides to first check out the science lab afterschool. She looks around and nervously calls out Mokeo’s name but the science lab remains silent. For a moment there is the sound of clatter and Riko asks if anyone is there but no one responds and there are no other sounds in the lab. Riko takes a deep breath and sighs as she tries to strengthen her resolve. Riko decides to look around the rest of the school for the mysterious Mokeo, but she finds nothing but empty classrooms everywhere she looks. Riko begins to wonder if Mokeo doesn’t exist or if she merely missed him. As she ponders this, she hears the creaking of a door opening behind her. Riko jumps up and turns around to find the teacher there. Her teacher is surprised to see Riko still at school at this hour so he asks if there isn’t anything he can help her with. After fidgeting for a bit, Riko asks her teacher when, where, and who did he hear about Mokeo from? Does Mokeo really exists and if so, did the teacher ever get pranked by him? The teacher smiles as he looks down and sees that Riko is very serious about her inquiries. He tells her that he doesn’t remember who told him about Mokeo, but that he really does exist although he’s never seen Mokeo personally because of how shy it is. He looks at Riko once more and asks her if it’s so hard for her to believe that Mokeo is real. Riko isn’t so sure about Mokeo’s existence, but she couldn’t just leave things the way they are with her friends so scared. The teacher raises his eyebrow and mentions that no one believed him when he told the class about Mokeo yesterday, but Riko insists that today is different because the chocolates that everyone had brought went missing. Before the teacher can say anything further, Riko smiles and says she’s going to take off now. The teacher asks Riko what she’s planning to do next, so Riko replies that she’s going to investigate this Mokeo by asking other people about it.

Riko starts by asking Tsukasa Amane about Mokeo. Tsukasa remembers hearing about him in elementary school but their candy was never stolen in the past. This evidence plants some doubt in Riko, since Mokeo didn’t used to steal candy before so what made this year so different. Tsukasa suggests Riko go around the school with a big pile of sweets to lure Mokeo out, but she asks Riko what she’ll do if she does run into him. Riko looks nervous at the thought but she puts on a brave face and says she’s going to tell Mokeo to please leave the kids’ candy alone. Tsukasa has her doubts but she asks if she can come along since it would be a problem for her too if she isn’t able to bring sweets on Valentine’s Day. Riko smiles and says she’s more than welcome to join her. Tsukasa suggests they begin their search tomorrow since there are less teachers and students around on a holiday. Riko nods and the plan is set.

The next day, Riko is dressed up and ready to begin her investigation. She tells herself she’s not afraid and that she’ll definitely uncover the truth. As she heads out the door, her dog Mameji starts to bark. Riko stops and realizes she almost forgot to bring the sweets. She thanks Mameji and drops the sweets into her bag.

Part 3

Tsukasa arrives at the school where Riko is already waiting for her. Tsukasa asks if Riko brought the sweets. Riko nods and shows Tsukasa her Mameji handbag, but when she opens it and looks inside the candy is missing! Tsukasa asks her if maybe she forgot to pack it but Riko is positive that she did. Even Mameji saw her do it. Riko is upset and looks like she wants to cry, but Tsukasa assures her that everything will be alright. She brought some candy of her own to lure Mokeo with, and the two of them should be able to resolve this problem quickly before Valentine’s Day. Riko cheers up some and promises to do her best.

Tsukasa and Riko go through the school calling out for Mokeo, but everywhere they look is the same story: empty classrooms and no Mokeo. After going through almost the entire school, the two girls stop to take a break. They hear growling but quickly realize that it’s Riko’s stomach that’s making the noise. Tsukasa laughs and says she’s getting hungry too and suggests they eat some of the sweets they brought with them since the smell might attract Mokeo. When she offers a rice cracker to Riko, Riko happily accepts and the two munch on some of the snacks together. After stuffing their faces, the two inadvertently fall asleep.

The two girls wake up as the sun is beginning to set. They realize they must have fallen asleep with how late it’s getting. Tsukasa thinks that if Mokeo hasn’t shown up by now then he must not be real. Riko brightens up and says she must be right when suddenly the door creaks open. Riko and Tsukasa are scared, with Riko screaming it must be him but it turns out it was Riko’s teacher. He is surprised to see the two of them here on a day off and at the elementary school. They ask what the teacher is doing here but he’s here as part of the Karuta club. Riko explains everything they’d been up to and concludes that Mokeo must not be real. The teacher gives a sly smile and says that Mokeo is fond of homemade sweets and may not have been interested in the store bought sweets they brought. Riko looks at the teacher suspiciously and remarks that he seems to know an awful lot about Mokeo.

Riko comes to a sudden realization and asks her teacher if Mokeo isn’t a friend of his. Tsukasa is taken back by this revelation and asks Riko what made her think that was the case. Riko points out that only someone who know Mokeo personally would know he had a preference for homemade rather than storebought sweets. Tsukasa agrees that make sense. The teacher pretends to have been found out and praises Riko for her expert deductions. He admits he’s on good terms with Mokeo afterall. Riko then pleads his case with him: to ask Mokeo to please not eat the homemade sweets that people bring to school. The teacher promises to ask Mokeo for her, but he warns her that Mokeo will undoubtedly make an appearance if her or her friends bring in a lot of candy or hand out chocolates in the open. Riko nods in understanding. So long as they bring only a few chocolates and hand them out secretly then they should be clear of Mokeo’s radar. Riko thanks her teacher and prepares to head home.

As soon as Riko left the classroom, Tsukasa turns to the teacher and asks him if he wasn’t the one who spread the Mokeo story originally. The teacher chuckles and says it’s true and that he had the cooperation of the parents in helping spread the story, although he worries he may have made the story a little too scary. Tsukasa can understand why, since Valentine’s Day and the giving of chocolates is a lot of stress as it is. Before Tsukasa can ask further details, Riko calls out for her friend to hurry up. Tsukasa races after Riko and the two walk home together.

Finally it’s Valentine’s Day and Riko has already told her classmates about the secrecy they have to use if they don’t want Mokeo to find them out. Her classmate hands Riko a chocolate as Riko hands her one in return. Her classmate apologizes for the way she had spoken to Riko the other day, but Riko says it’s no biggie. Some of her other classmates were attacked by Mokeo at home, since the candies they had packed into their bags went missing by the time they got to school. Riko is glad that the chocolates they had brought to school before eventually turned up. Even the sweets that Riko had packed for her investigation with Tsukasa had turned up at home later that day. Riko gets the feeling that Mokeo might not really be real after all.

However, just then another of Riko’s classmates hands a boy in their class a chocolate, but when the boy looked at it he noticed it had bite marks from someone eating it earlier. Riko gasps in shock as she remembers the warning the teacher gave Riko about Mokeo. Now, Riko isn’t so sure if Mokeo is real or not.


51050 kyoko title.jpg

Part 1

Kyoko dodges an incoming attack from a Witch. Mitakihara has been pretty dried up for Witches lately so she decides to take her time wiping them out. After battling with the Witch for some time, Kyoko aims a killing blow at the Witch but at the last second it turns tail and flees, leaving Kyoko looking bewildered. Kyoko curses her luck and then sighs. It was the first Witch she’d ran into in forever and it was all for nothing. She looks around and finally notices a young girl looking lost near her. The girl must have been inside the labyrinth when Kyoko went after the Witch. She quickly nullifies her transformation and approaches the girl, asking her if she’s alright.

Kyoko walks the girl over to the sidewalk, where the girl thanks her and introduces herself as Sumomo. Sumomo wonders why she would collapse in a place like that, so Kyoko tells her she was probably anemic or something. Of course Kyoko knows the real reason was because of the Witch, however Sumomo was pretty sure she saw a weird looking monster back there. Kyoko is surprised to hear that Sumomo might have seen the Witch herself, but she plays it off like it was a dream she had while she was passed out. The girl shrugs it off and asks Kyoko for her name. Kyoko tells her it’s Kyoko, spelled with the kanji for apricot and child. The girl says they must be sisters since Sumomo means plum, so she asks if she can call her Kyoko onee-chan, i.e. Big Sis Kyoko. Kyoko suddenly is hit with this strong feeling of nostalgia, but before she can let the feeling overwhelm her she tells herself to calm down. The girl asks Kyoko what’s wrong, but Kyoko tells her it’s nothing. She just reminds her of a kid she once knew, namely the younger sister she once had but she doesn’t mention that last bit. She then asks Sumomo if her house if close enough for her to walk there but before she can finish her sentence her empty stomach growls and betrays her. Sumomo asks Kyoko if she’s hungry and offers her a meal at her house as a thank you for helping her out. It turns out Sumomo’s home doubles as a cake shop.

The two of them head over to “Sugar Plum”, a specialty cake shop. Sumomo announces she’s home and her father comes over to greet them. Sumomo introduces Big Sis Kyoko to him and explains how she helped her out. Her father thanks Kyoko for her assistance and insists she have something from the shop as thank you for taking care of his little daughter. Sumomo explains that her dad is a pastry chef whose specialty is cakes with fruit in them. She asks Kyoko what her favorite fruit is and Kyoko responds that it’s apples. Sumomo looks a little disappointed that her favorite fruit isn’t apricots, but Kyoko tells her she doesn’t decide things just based on her name. Sumomo laughs while her father tells Kyoko to wait a moment while he goes to get their store’s renowned Chocolate Apple Pie.

As Kyoko waits, she notices that she shop is very quiet and doesn’t have any customers despite it being the holidays. She looks around and can tell that the store is clean and well-kept, nor is it crowded so that can’t be the reason why it’s so empty. Sumomo’s father returns and presents Kyoko with the most delicious looking pie she’s ever seen. Kyoko takes a big bite and Sumomo eagerly anticipates Kyoko’s reaction. Kyoko’s eyes open wide and she declares the pie to be beyond tasty; in fact it’s so tasty it’s like she was born again.

Part 2

Kyoko quickly wolfs down the rest of the pie and sits back in her chair. After eating something so delicious, it seems that Kyoko’s mood has greatly improved. Sumomo’s father tells Kyoko to eat and drink as much as she likes and offers to fix her up any other kind of food she’d like. Kyoko tells him to save the food for his other customers, but Sumomo’s father tells her that won’t be a problem since it doesn’t seem like they’ll be getting anyone else today. Kyoko realizes he’s right and asks if the shop is always as empty as this despite how delicious the food is. Sumomo’s father hangs his head and says it’s his own fault they haven’t received any orders for Valentine’s Day. He blames himself for not being a better chef and heads back into the kitchen. Sumomo tells Kyoko that her dad is always saying stuff like this and asks if it’s because the other shops have tastier food. Kyoko says that can’t be it since she gave the food her own personal seal of approval. Sumomo then says that the few customers they do receive often mention that the shop isn’t “convenient” or “familiar” enough. Kyoko realizes that this is partly true; the shop’s location is far from the nearest train stop and most people won’t try new things unless it’s been recommended or unless it’s something they’re familiar with like a name brand. Sumomo wishes that people would just give it a try and then they would see how good it is.

Hearing her say that reminds Kyoko of what she was like before she had contracted. She too believed that her father’s church would become more popular if people would just listen to him even for a few minutes. Then they would see that there was truth to her father’s words and the church wouldn’t be empty anymore. As Kyoko is reminiscing, Kyubey appears and tells Sumomo that he can make her wish come true. Kyubey offers to make anything that Sumomo wishes come true in exchange for a contract to become a Magical Girl. Kyoko glares at Kyubey and tells him to beat it. This town doesn’t need more Magical Girls, especially if the number of Witches is dying out. Kyubey tells Kyoko that he was talking to the girl, not her, and turns his attention back to Sumomo. He tells her that she can trust him to make sure that everyone will come to try the cakes her father makes if she agrees to the contract. Kyoko asks Kyubey how well that worked out for her own family and reminds him of the mess that it made all of their lives because of her wish. Kyubey reminds her that her wish was granted like she wanted, wasn’t it? Kyoko transforms and warns Kyubey to leave, now. Kyubey shakes his head and takes off for now.

Outside the shop, Kyoko informs Sumomo that the creature they just saw was Kyubey. He offers girls wishes in exchange for contracting and becoming a Magical Girl, but Kyoko warns there are very harsh consequences for accepting his offer. She likens him to a con man. Sumomo is a little confused so Kyoko asks if she remembers the weird monster she saw. When Sumomo nods, Kyoko explains that it’s their duty as Magical Girls to always fight monsters like that for the rest of their lives until they die. If Sumomo was capable of seeing the Witch and Kyubey, that must mean she has the potential to become a Magical Girl. Kyoko warns her to not contract or listen to anything Kyubey says if she sees him again since there’s no way anything good will come of it. If she’s worried about her shop, then Kyoko can get several of her friends to stop by. This greatly cheers up Sumomo and she thanks Big Sis Kyoko. Kyoko realizes that she often has a soft spot for kids that were her sister’s age, like that one girl that contracted because of her, so she doesn’t want Sumomo to go through the same thing.

The next day, Kyoko has returned to the shop along with Sayaka Miki and Homura Akemi. Although Kyoko had promised Sumomo that she’d bring lots of friends, she was only able to bring Sayaka and Homura along. Even though Mami Tomoe would have loved to come to a place like this, Kyoko still feels awkward around her. Sayaka had wanted to bring Madoka Kaname as well, but Homura told her not to since she wanted to keep it a secret that she’s making chocolate for Madoka. Sayaka is really excited to try out this chocolate masterpiece that Kyoko kept going on about and hopes she can use it as inspiration for the chocolate she’ll be making. Sumomo soon arrives with their orders: a raspberry choco tart, a pumpkin choco soufflé, and a chocolate apple pie. Sumomo thanks Kyoko once more for bringing her friends along and Kyoko tells her she was happy to. Sayaka is surprised to find Kyoko acting friendly with someone for a change, but Kyoko tells her to shut up and eat her food. The three of them dig in and both Homura and Sayaka are completely blown away with how delicious the desserts are. Kyoko smiles and asks if she wasn’t right about how great it all is. Sayaka then asks her why she was so keen on showing them this shop.

Kyoko tells them everything about how she saved Sumomo and how Kyubey had been trying to contract her right after. That’s why Kyoko was trying her best to promote the shop. Sayaka is more than happy to invite Madoka and Mami over to the shop while Homura suggests they tell Iroha and the other girls in Kamihama about it. Kyoko thinks that’s a great idea and thanks them for their help. Kyubey pops up and asks if they’re going to take the honest straightforward approach to their campaign. Kyubey turns to Sumomo and tells her if she made a wish, then all sorts of people would come to her dad’s shop without having to go through so much fuss and trouble. It would be easy for him to make this shop into the #1 cake store in all Japan. Sumomo begins to fidget and asks if this is really true, but Kyoko warns her not to listen to anything Kyubey says. Sure the shop would become popular if she made a contract, but then what would happen when her father finds out the real reason that people came to the store. If he found out that it was because of his daughter messing with magic, then it would all come crashing down. Kyoko knows one stupid person who made a wish just like that and it tore her family apart. She then tells Sumomo that the idiot she was referring to was herself, and all she asks is that Sumomo doesn’t end up like her. Sumomo promises Kyoko that she won’t contract and declines Kyubey’s offer. Without another word, Kyubey vanishes. Kyoko is glad that Sumomo made the right decision and tells her how proud she is of her. With that, Kyoko and her friends get ready to leave. Before she does, Sumomo looks like she wants to ask Kyoko something but then she thinks better of it.

Part 3

Sumomo’s father and Sumomo sit sadly in their shop. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if they don’t get enough orders in time for that day, then they won’t have enough to be able to keep Sugar Plum open. Not only that, her father doubts that he’ll be able to find similar work in the city so they will have to move away elsewhere. Hearing this causes Sumomo to yell out and tell her dad they can’t quit yet. Her father nods and tells her she’s right; they’ll have to give it their very best right to the end, just like they promised her mother on her grave.

Sumomo is walking outside alone and thinking on all her troubles. It was her mother’s dream to see her father’s shop filled with customers, but no matter how hard her father works it looks like that dream won’t be coming true. If the shop closes down, then Sumomo will have to move away and she won’t be able to see Big Sis Kyoko or any of her other friends again. While she thinks back to Kyubey’s offer, she continues to walk and doesn’t notice that she’s walked right into a Witch’s barrier. She looks around in fear at the colorful and disorienting landscape of the barrier just as the Witch notices her presence. The Witch attempts to strike at Sumomo, but Sumomo manages to hide just in time. She cries out for help from Big Sis Kyoko as Kyubey watches from a distance.

Kyoko is happily walking along as she thinks of paying another visit to Sugar Plum. She thinks she should call up Sayaka and the others since seeing extra people is sure to make Sumomo happy. Before she can do that, however, she senses the magical signature of the Witch that managed to escape from her the other day. Not only that, she can tell that the Witch’s presence is very close to where Sugar Plum is located. Kyoko gets a bad feeling about all of this and hurries after the signature. She narrows it down to an alleyway and begins to look around for the entrance to the barrier when she runs into Homura. She asks if Homura was tracking down the Witch too, but Homura explains that she was keeping an eye on Kyubey’s movements. It seems that Kyubey was waiting for the opportune time to contact Sumomo again, but the sudden appearance of a Witch this close to her shop is very suspicious. Homura isn’t sure if Sumomo got pulled into the barrier, but it’s very likely. Kyubey had probably waited for the moment that the Witch caught Sumomo and put her in danger in order to try and force her into a contract. Kyoko doubts that Kybuey would do something that evil and underhanded, but Homura is uncharacteristically sure that that is exactly the kind of thing that Kyubey would do. Since Homura was incredibly certain, Kyoko believes her and the two of them transform and hurry into the labyrinth.

Inside they decide to hurry into the heart of the labyrinth as quickly as possible. Almost immediately they sense the movements of the Witch and can tell that it’s attacking someone. They don’t have much time so Homura tells Kyoko to grab onto her. Inside the heart of the barrier, Sumomo is trying to do her best to keep away from the Witch. Kyubey urges her to contract and become a Magical Girl but Sumomo tells him she can’t because she made a promise to Big Sis Kyoko. Kyubey tells her she can wait all she wants but no one is going to come and save her. If she doesn’t contract, then the Witch is sure to kill her. At the very least if she does contract, then not only will it save her life but she’ll also have her wish come true. The Witch aims another blow at Sumomo, but Kyoko appears just in time and blocks the attack. She apologizes to Sumomo for putting her in such a dangerous spot while Homura checks to make sure Sumomo is ok. Kyubey is baffled; he hadn’t felt their presence at all until they suddenly appeared. It was thanks to Homura’s time-stopping magic that they were able to make it in time. She asks Homura to keep an eye on Sumomo while she takes on the Witch. Kyoko and the Witch trade blows with Kyoko quickly gaining the upperhand, partially due to how enraged she was that this Witch would dare to hurt her little sister figure. Before too long, the Witch once more turns tail and flees, causing the barrier to dissipate.

Back in the now empty alley, Sumomo thanks Kyoko for saving her once more. Thankfully Sumomo is unhurt save for a few scrapes which Homura already took care of. Kyoko blames herself for all of this since it was her fault the Witch managed to escape a few days ago, but Sumomo tells her she’s fine. She even kept her promise and turned down Kyubey when he offered her a contract. Kyoko is relieved although she still blames herself for what Sumomo went through. Kyubey tells her it would have been easier had Sumomo contracted and forged a path for herself, with Homura directly asking Kyubey if he purposefully didn’t say anything in order to lead Sumomo right into the Witch’s path. Kyubey asks if they would trust him any less were that true. Seeing how strong Sumomo’s resolve was, Kyubey decides that he will leave Sumomo alone. He asks her if that’s ok with her, and Sumomo says she’s fine. Kyubey soon vanishes without another word.

Kyoko doubts that they can trust Kyubey to keep his word. Homura thinks they can; even if he’s the kind of creature to withhold information, he also seems like the kind to keep his word. Kyoko is relieved to hear this as is Sumomo. Even Sumomo believes she’d have second thought if she ran into him again. When Kyoko asks her why, Sumomo explains the dilemma that the shop and her father are in. If they can’t fill up the shop in time for Valentine’s Day, then the shop will close down for good and Sumomo will have to move away to another city. Kyoko realizes they don’t have much time so they all hurry back to the store.

When they get there, there’s a huge crowd of people surrounding the shop. Her father is up to his ears with orders and so many reservations have been made for their chocolate cakes that reservations are now being handed out through a lottery drawing. Sayaka is inside the shop and is surprised to find Kyoko and Homura working together. Kyoko asks her what’s going on and Sayaka tells them that Sugar Plum has become a huge sensation. They’ve been flooded with order for their Valentine-themed chocolate cakes. According to Sayaka, some big-name fashion model had visited this place recently and ate something really delicious. It sounded like she was talking about this shop’s chocolate cake so now several scouting agents have deduced that she was referring to this shop. There was even an interview and other stuff about it in a “BiBi” web article. Kyoko asks if Homura knows about any of this and Homura actually does.

She pulls up the article on her phone: it’s a web article exclusive extended interview with Yachiyo Nanami. Homura recognizes the name as one of the Magical Girls from Kamihama. Neither of them knew that Yachiyo was actually a famous celebrity. When Homura had told Iroha about the shop, Iroha had replied that she would check it out with Yachiyo and her other friends. Sumomo recognized the picture of Yachiyo and told her that the pretty lady had stopped by with several friends from middle and high school. So thanks to Kyoko asking Homura and Sayaka for their help, Homura was able to get word to Iroha and then Yachiyo was able to publicize it. Thanks to all of them, it seems that the shop has becoming a roaring success and won’t have any trouble securing enough orders for Valentine’s Day.

Sumomo thanks Kyoko and her friends for their help, and her father is very grateful as well. If it hand’t been for Kyoko and Sumomo meeting, then none of this would have been possible. Kyoko tells them it was thanks to Homura, but she’s still glad to see that Sumomo was able to carry out her family’s dream. Homura calls it a tiny miracle.

Part 4

Kyoko left the shop with mixed feelings. While she is happy that Sumomo's family's hard work paid off and led to a miracle without Kyubey’s help, she wonders if the outcome for her family would also have changed if she chose not to contract back then. Sayaka had seen the look on Kyoko’s face when she left the shop and followed after her since she was worried. She catches up with Kyoko and asks her what’s wrong. Kyoko says she bent her own rules and ended up using her magic for someone else. Sayaka tells her she doesn’t know what Kyoko has been through, but even she could see that Kyoko was happy to see that girl resolve everything without making a contract. She asks if Kyoko was feeling jealous or anything like that when she saw what happened. Kyoko angrily tells her there was no way she felt like that because she was genuinely joyful and relieved to see that family achieve their dreams. Sayaka tells her everything is fine then because she helped them out because she wanted to. If she did it because she wanted, then technically she didn’t bend her own rule. Sometimes it feels good to be thanked for doing a good deed. Kyoko realizes she’s right and tells her that actually made her feel better. She tells Sayaka that she has a knack for talking out people’s problems. Sayaka tells her to leave it all to her, so long as the problems are someone else’s but she keeps this last bit to herself.

The air grows colder and soon the two girls are breathing on their hands to try to warm them as the snow begins to fall. Kyoko looks up and realizes she’d already begun to forget what it was like to feel nothing but resentment and disgust, and that there is still so much beauty in the world. While Kyoko smiles, Sayaka asks her if there’s something wrong with her but Kyoko tells her to shut up. Sayaka laughs and says that Kyoko must be ok then. With that, Sayaka turns and heads home.


51050 manaka title.jpg

Part 1

Manaka had just finished agreeing to be filmed while working at Walnut’s for the documentary the student council was making. She was only too glad to help them since it would also help to get Walnut’s name out to more people. Afterwards, one of the student council members approached Manaka with a favor to ask. They were so impressed with the food she’d served them that she wanted Manaka to make a chocolate so delicious that it would guarantee a successful confession. Manaka tried to decline the request, explaining that her restaurant serves Western-style entrees, not confectionary treats. They were two completely different disciplines. However, the student council member insisted and even gave her an advance payment. Seeing all those dollar bills caused Manaka to lose sight of herself for a moment and by then the council member was gone. Manaka gave a small cry of frustration once she’d realized she had ended up taking the job afterall. Manaka sighed as she considered the daunting task before her. Still, if she was going to be the greatest chef in the world one day she couldn’t back down from this challenge now. She has to do everything she can to make this happen. The student that was filming her asked if it was ok for her to continue filming up-close, and Manaka gave them the go ahead to film as much as they liked as long as Walnut’s was being promoted.

The filmmaker begins by adding some narration detailing Manaka’s life. At 14 years old and the only daughter in her family, she works alongside her father to support Walnut’s. Manaka had come to her father to tell him the conundrum she found herself. A chocolate that would guarantee a successful confession was quite the tall order and they only had two weeks until Valentine’s Day to pull it off. Manaka figures something fancy and high-class and settles on making a giant chocolate sculpture, but her dad thinks that’s a bit heavy-handed. Although he’s not against making a chocolate sculpture, he’s worried that such a big chocolate would overshadow the confession of the girl. But he doesn’t have any other bright ideas either. Both he and Manaka are amateurs when it comes to making confections, so he suggests they work together to figure this problem out.

After two hours the two of them finally come up with a good idea. Manaka turns to the filmmaker and tells them they’re going to start with a ganache. Ganache is simple, tasty, and won’t overshadow the confession. If they add coloring to it then they can really make it pop visually, although Manaka is ashamed to admit they haven’t come up with an image to make out of the ganache. She and her father were trained in the pursuit of good taste, not in the pursuit of love.

The next day, Manaka turned to her senpai Ria Ami for help coming up with the design. Ria yells out in surprise when she heard that Manaka was making a chocolate that would guarantee a confession. Manaka tells her to keep it down before she gives away the surprise. Ria laughs and tells her that Valentine’s Day would be a breeze if everyone had chocolate like that, although someone as beautiful as her would never need it. She laughs once more and poses for the camera, peeking slyly to make sure the camera got her good side. Manaka tells her to stop posing for the camera, but Ria insists she’s acting normal. Manaka points out that striking poses in the middle of the sidewalk on your way to school is hardly normal.

Back to the point on hand, Manaka asks if there isn’t anything else she can do with the chocolate besides try to make it taste better. Ria chuckles to herself once more and prepares to lay out the secret to a great confession: it’s love. Manaka shakes her head and sighs; she should have known better than to ask Ria for advice. Ria is all too happy to teach her more about love, for a price that is. But Manaka says she’ll pass, since Ria seems like the kind of girl who would be troublesome when it comes to love. Even if Manaka poured all her love into it, she’s not the one who will be doing the confessing. The love is supposed to come from someone else.

Part 2

With only one week left until Valentine’s Day, Manaka went through a lot of trial and error to create a chocolate that would guarantee a successful confession, and came up with fourteen different products. But even a trained chef like Manaka was starting to get worn out. She showed some of the different chocolates to Ria to ask her her opinion. One of them was a larger piece of ganache with white chocolate wings sprouting from it. There was cocoa powder and flakes of gold leaf to make it look like it was flying through a starry sky. She’s sure that this one will be the one to melt the boy’s heart. Ria stares at it incredulously before telling Manaka that she’s lost the plot. The white chocolate wings were so large that she had to hold them up with pretzels. Ria thinks it looks too much like some kind of box glider, but quickly tries to appease Manaka by saying she would like to receive it. But Manaka shakes her head sadly. She can already tell that Ria doesn’t think it’ll work if she had to mince words like that.

Mayu Kozue appeared then, having been called over by Ria. She greets Ria and Manaka before noticing the camera and getting embarrassed. Manaka says it’s too late to worry about her hair and asks Ria why she called over Mayu. Ria tells her she won’t know how someone will react to her chocolates until she actually gives them to someone. Ria turns to Mayu and bats her eyes. She shows her the chocolate and says she made it especially for her before asking Mayu if she would go out with her. Mayu cries out in embarrassment and blushes before remembering the camera. She wonders if that’s why they were filming and tells Ria it’s rude to surprise someone like that. Ria curses and says it failed the test. When Mayu asks what she meant by that, Ria explains she wanted to see if this chocolate could convey someone’s feelings. Manaka tells her she was commissioned to create a chocolate that would guarantee a confession and asks for Mayu’s honest opinion. Mayu hesitates before telling her it reminded her of a glider. Manaka sighs sadly.

Afterwards, Manaka headed over to Sakae ward. Her cameraman asks her if she doesn’t want to take a break from making this chocolate. Even Manaka has to admit she’s getting a bit tired from all of this, but she can’t let up until she knows her customer will be satisfied with her work. She’s started to get frustrated at the lack of progress and she’s been whipping back and forth between extravagant ideas and getting shot back down to earth. She thinks Ria is right and she’s too wrapped up in her theory to see where she’s going anymore. Suddenly, Manaka is struck with inspiration and tells the cameraman to hush while she thinks things through. She realizes now that she hasn’t been thinking outside the box at all so she heads over to a jewelry store. She looked around before noticing something at the jewelry store and then rushed back home to Walnut’s.

She explains to her father that they were so caught up in the idea of Valentine’s Day that they overlooked the heart of the matter. The girl was making a confession of her true actual love to someone, like a proposal. So she wants the chocolate to look and shine like an actual jewel. With that the project had a new direction: Manaka was going to make a chocolate that looks like a ring, complete with a real-looking gem in it. It’ll be exactly like what people exchange when they make their wedding vows.

There’s only three days left until Valentine’s Day, and Walnut’s has finished their newest creation. The chocolate ring that Manaka had created had a lustrous, luxurious silhouette as if it were made of precious metals. It was hard to believe that it was made out of mere chocolate since it looked and shined like real jewelry. Manaka and her father had to race in order to have it ready in times for Valentine’s Day but they managed to make it in time. Today, they were going to deliver the piece to the girl who commissioned it. But on her lunch break that day, Manaka was struck with a harsh rebuke. The girl who had commissioned the chocolate didn’t like it at all! It wasn’t what she had envisioned and she believed that candy could never be actual jewelry, no matter how closely it imitated it. Candy is candy and chocolate is chocolate and could never be more than that. Even if other people displayed their affection through jewels and precious metals, she didn’t want to do that. If she had wanted to give her crush a ring she would have gone out and bought one instead of commissioning chocolate. The reason the girl had chosen chocolate as the means to convey her feelings was because she thought that the truth was always by its side, precisely because it’s within everyone’s reach. She asks Manaka to remember that when she creates chocolate again, leaving Manaka to sigh in resignation.

Manaka leaves the classroom and sees Ria and Mayu waiting for her in the halls. They ask her how it went with her customer but all Manaka could do was give them the saddest look ever before collapsing to the ground. After helping her to the hospital, Manaka was diagnosed with burnout and sleep deprivation. She woke up shortly after, but her eyes had lost their fire.

When Manaka woke up, she found Mayu there waiting for her. Mayu apologized to her since Ria couldn’t stay due to her work, but she had left a pickled plum for Manaka since she believed it would help her recover. Mayu asks the cameraman to turn off the camera, but Manaka tells them to leave it on. She had agreed to do this documentary because it would help promote Walnut’s and she believes she shouldn’t hide her failures since that wouldn’t be honest of her. Manaka’s father bursts into the room and asks Manaka if she’s ok. Manaka tells her dad she’s sorry that she failed him and begins to cry, but her dad assures her she didn’t do anything wrong because she sincerely tried her best against the odds. Despite this, Manaka feels like there was no way she could have accomplished what she set out to do. It’s like what Ria had told her at the beginning: the best kinds of confession chocolates are made with love, and love isn’t some ingredient that Manaka could add to the chocolate. No matter how hard Manaka tries, all she can ever make is simple chocolate. Much like a picture hanging on the wall, it doesn’t matter how nicely the frame is if there’s no picture in it. Mayu believes that’s ok, though, since the frame is just as important as the picture. Without it, the picture couldn’t hang on the wall and there are even people who specialize in frame-making. Hearing this gave Manaka’s father the idea they needed and he relayed his idea to Manaka. He believed that the answer they were looking for was right before their eyes from the start. With that, Manaka made her decision to turn down the order from the student council member.

Part 3

On the day before Valentine’s Day, Manaka was working in the restaurant again, as though she’d never collapsed the other day to begin with. In sharp contrast to before, there were value packs of chocolate and other sweets laid out in the kitchen, and the creation they planned to make this time was different as well. The cameraman asks Manaka if she hadn’t decided to turn down the order. Manaka nods and says she did, but they were still going to finish the chocolate before the day of the day. After that, she refused to tell the cameraman anymore of what she was planning. At the scheduled time, the young woman from the student council arrived at Walnut’s. She had a stern expression on her face as she asked where the chocolate she ordered was. Manaka’s father apologized to the girl but they were unable to fulfill her request, although he could understand the young lady’s anger since it ‘’was’’ the day before Valentine’s Day afterall. But the order was beyond their abilities to fulfill and apologizes again. The girl asks angrily if that’s their excuse, but Manaka explains that a good confession requires love and the only love they could ever provide would be to their client. They can’t recreate the love that she feels towards the recipient and if they put too much effort into the chocolate itself than it would overshadow her confession. Since they weren’t the leading players in this love confession, they gave up on the order.

The girl sadly accepts their reasoning and prepares to go, but Manaka’s father tells her they can still support her in their own way. Manaka describes it like a picture frame: the girl will make the chocolate she wants for her confession, and Manaka and her father will help to frame it the best way they can. That’s why they laid out all the ingredients she could need to make the chocolate for herself there at Walnut’s. The girl perks up at the idea and smiles broadly. Considering how much work and effort Manaka had already put in, the girl tells her to keep the advance payment for the chocolate. In exchange, she asks that they make the chocolate-making lesson free of charge. Manaka is happy to accept this arrangement and offers her help in making the chocolate since she’s been working at it for the past few weeks. The girl then asks for the chocolate ring that Manaka had made before. She realizes that Walnut’s created that chocolate especially for her to help her convey her feelings.

Once they made the chocolate, Walnut’s had fulfilled the commission. The girl thanks them for their help in teaching her how to make chocolate and compliments them on the white chocolate ring case they made for her. Manaka asks her if it’s ok for them to keep some of the chocolate rings, and the girl replies that she made too many so it’s better if she keeps them. You never know, they might come in handy. The girl thanks them once more before taking her leave. With the deadline passed, these frantic days have come to a close. With that, the cameraman ends the documentary with a bit of narration.

At school, there’s an overhead announcement asking that Manaka report to the student council room as soon as possible. She says bye to Ria and Mayu and heads over to the classroom right away. There, she finds the student council girl who had commissioned the chocolate waiting for her. Manaka asks her if they’re done talking about chocolate, but the girl tells Manaka that she never told her the real intention behind her request. In truth, she didn’t need a chocolate that would guarantee a successful confession. Manaka can’t believe what she just heard and she angrily asks her if they were doing it just to make fun of her. She calls her a monster straight out of hell for making her go through all that. The student council girl tries to tell Manaka to calm down but Manaka refuses. The girl explains that her father is hosting an important dinner and everyone recommended Walnut’s for the catering. But she couldn’t entirely trust the recommendations of others and deliberately posed a difficult question to Manaka to see what answers she’d get. She wanted to know if Manaka would be the kind of chef to serve food that would detract from the event and get all the attention, or if she’d prepare the kind of food that would complement the dinner evening. She tells Manaka that she passed the test with flying colors and offers her the catering job. Manaka’s angry face gives way to a face that shows just how exhausted she is. She tells her no, although she’ll ask her father about it. Personally, Manaka is too tired from all the stress of making the chocolate and she decides she needs to take a break. The girl is surprised by her refusal and points out she gave Manaka chocolate that was supposed to guarantee a successful confession. Manaka realizes that that’s why the girl had insisted that Manaka keep some of the chocolate rings. The girl smiles mischievously and reminds Manaka that she never said it was for a confession of love. Manaka glares back at her; even if she hasn’t been paid yet, she still feels like she’s being strong-armed into something.

Just then the documentary director enters the classroom. Thanks to the documentary they made about Manaka, they were able to get really good ratings. It seems that plucky, hard-working kids really tug at the viewers’ heartstrings. Manaka tells him not to spin it like that and asks what he wants. The man apologizes and informs Manaka that the student council girl had told him he’d have the opportunity to film and interview Manaka again. And since he received some chocolate from the girl, he felt obligated to follow up on it. Manaka realizes that the girl had set up this trap in advance as the girl smiles at her once more. Manaka sighs; she never thought the chef of Walnut’s would be the one to be preyed upon. And so, the trials of Manaka, the only daughter of Walnut’s, began once more…


51050 mami title.jpg

Part 1

Mami Tomoe is out shopping for ingredients. Earlier in school that day, she had been talking to Sayaka Miki about Valentine’s Day. Mami had lost all connection to most holidays ever since she lost her parents and became a Magical Girl, so she hadn’t made any kinds of plans at all. Sayaka suggested they invite Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, and Kyoko Sakura over to hang out. Then they could all make chocolate together and have a chocolate-making party. Mami thought this was a great idea and offered her place since she had most of the equipment for chocolate-making already. Mami then went shopping after school for the finest ingredients with which to make something special for the occasion.

When Mami got to the supermarket, she saw several specials sales and limited time ingredients for sale, things they normally wouldn’t carry. Mami wanted to make ganache and truffles for the party, as well as pralines since she remembered how much Homura had liked it. Mami also wanted to make cookies, since everyone always played rock-paper-scissors over the last one. As she continued to look at the ingredients, Mami added a pound cake to her list of things to make since Madoka liked them so much. Mami reaches for the ingredients but stops. She thinks she’s making the same things she usually makes for them, so she doesn’t think it would be that special for such a special occasion. Instead, she decides to take a break and heads to the food court to think things over.

While sitting at the food court, Mami considers the prerequisites for the party: the chocolate they make should be something they can all make together, fun to make, and doesn’t take too much time or effort. While she tries to come up with something that is special enough for the occasion, Mami overhears a girl talking to her mother. The girl insists that the chocolate her mother picked out wasn’t special enough for Valentine’s Day, so the worried mother puts it back. Mami sighs heavily as she watches them interact. She wonders if her own mother were still alive, would they have been able to talk to each other like that?

Part 2

Mami sits at the food court, her mind heavy with thoughts as she recollects the time she had made chocolate for her parents. Her mother and father were so proud of her even if, in hindsight, the cake didn’t look that great since she was only a beginner. Even so, her father told her how happy he was to be able to eat it, which made Mami very happy in turn. Because of this, Mami had made many different kinds of things for her parents in order to get better and continue to make them happy.

Kyoko is walking past when she spots Mami sitting forlornly by herself. She approaches Mami and greets her. She explained she had been wrapping things up and was going to grab something to eat before she headed home when she recognized Mami and how sad she looked. Mami realizes she must have looked quite sad for Kyoko to take notice, so she smiles to herself and asks Kyoko if she wouldn’t mind chatting with her while they eat. At the sound of food, Kyoko perks up and accepts her offer.

The two girls sit together with Kyoko asking Mami what she wanted her for. Mami says she shouldn’t be so blunt and tells her she really did just want to talk. Mami admits to herself that she couldn’t stand being alone with her thoughts anymore and really needed someone to be there. She also still had to resolve the problem of what chocolate to make. She mutters something about needed something special for Valentine’s Day, so Kyoko asks her if she isn’t trying to come up with some kind of chocolate for a guy she likes. When Mami looks up in surprise, Kyoko ventures to guess that was the reason why Mami looked so sad. Mami quickly corrects her and tells her she’s hung up on trying to figure out something for their chocolate-making party. Kyoko suggests she just make what she usually makes since it all comes out delicious anyways, but Mami says that won’t do. Kyoko then suggests she buy a bunch of ingredients and make a ton of different things to see what works or not, before bravely volunteering to eat all the leftovers. When Mami asks if she isn’t saying that just because she’s hungry, Kyoko instead offers to help her pick something out and runs off without answering Mami’s question. She chases after Kyoko in a hurry to catch up.

Back at home, Mami looks over all the different kinds of foods that Kyoko had made her buy. She frowns at first, but quickly that changes into a smile as she admits that Kyoko may have had a point. If she starts making things, then maybe she’ll get some ideas as she’s going along.

Part 3

At school, all the different students are buzzing about with different talks about chocolate. The girls are chattering about confessions they made and the reactions of the boys they gave their chocolates to, whereas the boys are counting the number of chocolates they received and in some cases comparing the quality. Mami on the other hand, is still worried about the chocolate-making party. Despite choosing a suitable chocolate recipe for the group to make and even mixing a special blend of tea, Mami is still worried that it all may not be special enough for her friends or the occasion. She thinks back to the chocolate she had made when she was little. The chocolate she gave her dad that day was the first Valentine she’d ever made. She hopes this Valentine’s Day is as special as that one was.

Sayaka spies Mami in the halls and calls out to her. She asks Mami if she’s going to some other classroom before telling her how much she looks forward to their chocolate-making party later that day. Hearing how much Sayaka looks forward to it makes Mami feel even more pressured to make sure the party is special enough. Sayaka then apologizes in advance for the mistakes she’s sure to make in making the chocolate since she’d never done anything like that before. Still, even if she messes it up, she’s happy if she can make new memories having fun with her friends. Mami suddenly brightens up and says she too is looking forward to the good times despite the slip-ups. Sayaka takes off, leaving Mami smiling. Mami realizes she might have been overthinking everything as she thanks Sayaka for the clarity she needed.

Back at home, Mami finishes laying out everything they’ll need for their party. She remembered the chocolate she had made for her parents and realizes now that they were happy not because it was good or bad, but because Mami had worked hard on it for them. She worked hard on it because she wanted to make them happy, and that was all they needed in order to be happy. Mami doesn’t want today to be a perfect day, she just wants it to be a day where she has a good time with her precious friends. She is thankful for the lesson Sayaka taught her. Soon the doorbell rings and Mami goes to welcome her friends into her home.


51050 emiri title.jpg

Part 1

Kanoko Yayoi is perplexed. She just received a call from Emiri Kisaki, but this time she’s the one asking for advice! Emiri soon arrives at Kanoko’s house with a special request: she wants Kanoko to make her a mold so that she can use it to make chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Every year prior to this Emiri has just bought the most delicious looking chocolate she could find, but this year Emiri wants to try her hand at making it herself. That’s why she wanted a mold, because it’s go big or go home! And if you ever want something that has to do with metal, then Kanoko is the one you turn to. Kanoko is happy to help and asks what kind of mold Emiri wants to make. Emiri describes it as “home base”. Kanoko is perplexed and asks if she’s referring to baseball. Emiri nods, which leaves Kanoko wondering if she even needs a mold for something like that, but Emiri wants to make it super realistic. Not just the base, but Emiri wants there to be baseballs and baseballs bats as part of the mold.

Emiri’s excitement makes Kanoko want to try her hand at making chocolate as well, but Kanoko wants to make chocolate truffles. Since she loves mushrooms so much it’s only natural that she’d want to make chocolate truffles. This confuses Emiri, who asks if truffles are a kind of mushroom. Kanoko shakes her head and explains that it’s chocolate, which confuses Emiri since Kanoko had mentioned mushrooms earlier. Kanoko says that’s different because truffles are mushrooms before realizing why Emiri was so confused. She explains that there’s a kind of mushroom that’s also called a truffle and that they’re very delicious. So delicious in fact, they were named one of the top three delicacies. Emiri is amazed and asks Kanoko what the other two delicacies are. Kanoko thinks for a moment before replying the other two are caviar and foie gras. Emiri doesn’t know what either of those things are, but she still agrees that they sound amazing. Emiri decides to make those as well but Kanoko reminds her that she came here for a mold. Emiri doesn’t see the problem with making home base-shaped truffles and decides to go ahead with that as her plan, despite Kanoko telling her it’s weird. Neither of the girls has a recipe for truffles but Emiri wants to buy one for herself. Kanoko warns her that mushroom truffles are expensive. She then gets side-tracked and starts telling Emiri all kinds of facts about mushrooms.

Part 2

Kanoko starts rattling off facts about truffle mushrooms to Emiri, including the fact that they can be harvested in Japan and that includes Kamihama City! It’s not the same as the high-class European black truffle, however. Instead it’s a similar variety of mushroom called the “Asian black truffle”. Emiri asks if they can find them at the park and Kanoko says she can. They commonly grow in places where animals have dug up the soil recently, and a surprising number grow at the park. She once found some with the help of a girl named Himika Mao. Emiri thinks all of this sounds amazing and she’s more pumped than ever to get started making chocolate truffles. She thanks Kanoko for her help and takes off running. Kanoko calls after her to remind her she didn’t have a recipe but Emiri was already gone. Kanoko can only watch as Emiri disappeared into the horizon. Maybe she ran off to find a recipe, thinks Kanoko. That’s when Kanoko realized that she gave Emiri the wrong ideas. Instead of telling Emiri that chocolate truffles are called that because they were made to resemble the mushroom, Emiri now thinks that chocolate truffles are chocolates MADE with truffles. She should have realized sooner that Emiri knew absolutely nothing about chocolate truffles when she was asking to make them with a large mold.

Soon Emiri had arrived at a park determined to find as many truffles as she could. She hoped she would find plenty so she could give the extras to Kanoko. Emiri remembered that they grew in areas where the dirt had been dug up so she carefully scoured the ground in all directions. However, three hours later and Emiri hadn’t found a single one! But Emiri wasn’t going to let this deter her and she soon began to search in other parts of Kamihama outside the park, such as the canal and the shopping district in the hopes they might pop up somewhere. But no matter where Emiri looked she couldn’t find even a trace. She even went to her school to look for a truffle. That’s when Emiri remembered that pigs were supposed to be good at finding things like these, so she decided to channel her inner pig and began to oink to herself as she looked around. That’s when she bumped into Kaede Akino, who asked her what she was doing. Emiri responded by oinking at her loudly which confused Kaede so much she began to oink back at her in response. Emiri kept oinking at her and gesturing while Kaede responded with her own oinks. Eventually Emiri oinked happily and Kaede wondered if she oinked the right thing. Kaede smiled and oinked once more only to look up and find Momoko Togame standing in front of her instead of Emiri. When Momoko asked Kaede if she was oinking just now, Kaede tried to tell her it was Emiri that was oinking first but Emiri had already disappeared.

Eventually Emiri’s search led her into the mountains. However her luck continued to elude her and Emiri couldn’t find any truffles in the mountain as well. It soon began to grow dark and Emiri was growing tired from the search. She sighed and blew on her hands to warm them. She decided to take a break for now and ending up falling asleep as she leaned on a tree.

Part 3

Emiri woke up late in the night only to find a strange old man standing nearby. She asks him who he is repeatedly but the man doesn’t answer. Emiri mentions she was looking for truffles without success and laughs nervously at how silly it is to talk about truffles to someone you just met, but the man simply continues to stare. He then points to the ground and after a moment he oinks like a pig. Emiri looks at the ground quizzically but soon she’s overwhelmed by a strong urge to fall asleep. Before she knew it, Emiri was fast asleep.

Emiri woke up once more, later in the night. She looked around in the deep, dark woods but this time the old man wasn’t there. She wondered what that was about and looked in the spot where the man had pointed.

Back at Walnut’s, Emiri is recounting the story to Manaka. There in the place where the man had pointed was a truffle growing in the ground. As soon as she could, she ran off to Walnut’s with it to ask how to make chocolate truffles. Emiri wonders if that was a dream she saw but Emiri isn’t so sure. She thinks it must have been a truffle fairy come to help her since the man had oinked when he spoke. Now that she has the main ingredient, Emiri can’t wait for Manaka to show her how to make the best chocolate truffles. Manaka shakes her head sadly. She doesn’t know who told Emiri about chocolate truffles, but they aren’t made with truffle mushrooms. Emiri can’t help but oink in shock! After a moment of looking sad, Emiri perks back up and says oh well. Even if chocolate truffles don’t use truffles to make them, she still had lots of fun looking for the things.

Manaka was all too happy to show her how to make real chocolate truffles and soon the two girls were done. After they were done, she compliments Emiri on the good job she did making them, causing Emiri to beam with joy. Manaka wonders if her teaching skills have improved as well when she notices Emiri making a serious face. Emiri asks Manaka if it’s ok if she takes that and shaves it over the chocolate truffles, and by that she means the truffle. She doesn’t know why, but she has a strong gut feeling that she should try it. Manaka isn’t so sure it’ll come out good, especially when they worked so hard to make them perfectly, but Emiri insists that a little won’t hurt and has already begun to grate and sprinkle it on top. Manaka tries to stop her but Emiri has already added so much to the chocolates. That’s when Kanoko entered the restaurant, unaware of what had just transpired. Emiri had called her over to show her the truffles they’d made. Kanoko asks if she can try one and Emiri is all too happy to give one to her friend. Manaka tries to stop her but too late! Kanoko had already popped the treat into her mouth. As she chews it, she stops and tries to discern the flavor. When she’s done she calls it absolutely delicious, much to Manaka’s surprise. Curious, Manaka tries one for herself only to find that the flavor is amazing. She wonders if it’s something inherent in the truffle or if Emiri really did run across some kind of truffle fairy. When Kanoko found out what had happened, she apologized for the big misunderstanding. Still, in the end everything worked out for the better. Emiri was so happy to hear her friends like them, that she gave a loud oink of cheer.


51050 kanagi title.jpg

Part 1

Kanagi Izumi is at her maid café, looking at the schedule for next month’s shifts. Her manager approaches her and asks her if it’s really ok with her that she gave away her shift for Valentine’s Day. Kanagi doesn’t see a problem with it since it’s not like she has a partner or partner so it’s not a holiday she has any business with. The manager looks surprised by this and tells her there’s more to Valentine’s Day than just that. But before he can elaborate he is called away by one of the other maids. He warns Kanagi to be careful on her way home before going off to take care of the café. Kanagi wonders what he meant by “what a shame” since Valentine’s Day is supposed to be an event for lovers. As she thinks about it, she also remembers that girls give chocolates to one another and to other people as well. She is beginning to think that maybe people give chocolates to more than just the people they’re interested in and wonders if that explains the large pile of chocolates left on her desk last year. It was way too many chocolates to just be an accident. Kanagi heads home, unsure what to make of all of this.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Kanagi has received chocolates from Himika Mao and Mitama Yakumo. Kanagi looks out over the canal as she wonders why she of all people would be receiving chocolates from others. She hears the voice of Karin Misono calling out to her and running over. Karin catches her breath as she explains that she had just missed meeting Kanagi at the Coordinator’s. Kanagi asks if there’s an emergency but Karin assures her everything is fine. She says the reason she wanted to meet up with her was because it’s Valentine’s Day. Upon hearing this, Kanagi seems to get kind of sad. Karin asks her if she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, but Kanagi explains that she’s not sure how to feel about the fact that she got chocolate from Himika and Mitama. Karin asks if it annoys her but when Kanagi denies that it does, she tells her she should just accept it since it’ll make the giver happy as well. Karin is about to give Kanagi something but she’s cut off midsentence by the sound of a girl screaming. Both Kanagi and Karin race off to help.

Part 2

Kanagi finds a young girl crying her eyes out. It seems she fell off her bicycle. Kanagi looks her over and asks where she’s hurt but the young girl says that’s not the reason she’s crying. She had wanted to give chocolates to her parents and brother and had saved up enough money to buy some as her way of saying thanks, but when she fell from the bike the wrapping for the chocolates was torn. Kanagi could understand the feelings of the young girl; she cared for her family and had wanted to express that feeling. Kanagi wished she could do something for the girl. That’s when she noticed Karin fidgeting with the girl’s chocolates. Karin was trying to stretch out what remained of the wrapper in order to cover up the hole and salvage it. Kanagi gets a bright idea and asks Karin to hand over the chocolates. She notes that the chocolates themselves are untouched, so she takes the bags that Himika’s chocolates came in in order to re-wrap the chocolates. She then puts them into the tote bag that Mitama’s chocolates had come in. Kanagi figures that recycled wrapping is better than torn up wrapping. Karin asks if that’s ok since her friends gave her those gifts, but Kanagi knows her friends would be more upset with her if she didn’t do something to help.

Kanagi finishes re-wrapping the chocolates. Karin points out what an amazing job she did, calling her a real pro. Kanagi says she learned how to do so at a previous job of hers, so technically she is a pro at it. Still, the chocolates seem a little plain and could do with a bit of decoration to really seal the deal. Karin thinks for a moment before getting a ribbon from somewhere and handing it to Kanagi to use for decoration. Kanagi asks if it’s ok since she could guess that it was part of a gift to someone, but Karin is sure that the person that ribbon was originally for wouldn’t mind at all. With that, the chocolates are complete and look nicer than they ever did. The only problem is that the bag Mitama had given her was a little smaller than the original so a few of the chocolates didn’t fit inside. Despite this, the young girl is thrilled with how they look and is very grateful for the help. She offers them the extra chocolates that didn’t fit as her way of saying thank you, because her mom had taught her that Valentine’s Day is a day for saying thanks and showing your appreciation. Karin and Kanagi graciously accept the chocolates much to the delight of the young girl.

Part 3

Kanagi and Karin wave bye to the girl as she heads off to meet her family. Karin is happy that Valentine’s Day didn’t end in tears today. Kanagi nods and reflects on how Valentine’s Day is a day for showing appreciation to others. She recalls how Himika had given her a package of chocolates, but Kanagi was reluctant to accept it because she didn’t have anything to give to Himika in return. Himika figured as much since Kanagi didn’t seem like much of a Valentine’s person, but she still wanted to give her chocolate as her way of showing her feelings. When Mitama had given Kanagi chocolate, she immediately asked if Kanagi didn’t have any for her. When Kanagi sadly replied in the negative, Mitama shrugged it off and told her it was fine since she wanted to give her some chocolate to express her feelings. Kanagi mentioned to her that Himika had said the same thing, to which Mitama only giggled in response. This then must have been what her manager meant when he tried to tell Kanagi that Valentine’s Day wasn’t a holiday meant only for couples.

Kanagi realized she still has a lot to learn about some important things in life. Seeing the downcast look on Kanagi’s face caused Karin to ask her if something was wrong. Kanagi replies that she was just being introspective. It’s then that she remembers that Karin had been searching for her for a reason. Karin remembers her original purpose. She apologizes since the gift she brought for Kanagi is now missing its ribbon, but she had some Valentine’s chocolates she wanted to give to her. Kanagi smiles and thanks Karin for her gift. Kanagi asks if she wouldn’t mind joining her for a bit and Karin happily agrees to.

Kanagi is at the Coordinator’s place. She’s in the back area where Mitama has her kitchen but the stove is covered in what looks like burnt chocolate from where she left it on an open flame. Kanagi can smell something other than chocolate burned into the pile as well. She decides to make something of her own while she cleans up Mitama’s mess. In the main area, Mitama and Karin are waiting patiently. Mitama wonders what got into Kanagi for her to suddenly ask to use the kitchen like that. Karin explains that a lot of things happened along the way. Since they’re waiting, Mitama asks to hear the whole story so Karin sketches it out for her.

Karin wraps up the story with them buying some ingredients and arriving at her shop. Just as she finishes, Kanagi appears and tells them she’s finished. She presents the two with homemade ganache as her way of saying thanks. Mitama and Karin both devour one and declare it to be the most delicious thing they’ve had. Mitama is so surprised at how something so delicious was so quickly whipped up and asks for another. Kanagi explains the chocolate is all for them and tells them to dig in. As the two happily munch on ganache, Kanagi prepares to head off. It’s late in the day and she has a lot of people to give chocolate to. Mitama wishes her luck as Karin thanks her for the chocolate, but Kanagi insists she is the one who should be thanking her for teaching her such a valuable lesson. Kanagi wishes them both a Happy Valentine’s Day before heading out, much to both of their amazement.

At the maid café, Kanagi presents her manager and the head maid with some of the homemade ganache. It’s just the two of them closing up after a long day, but they’re grateful for Kanagi’s gifts. Kanagi explains she understands now that sometimes appreciation is best shown in tangible form. That reminds the head maid of something and she present Kanagi with a large pile of chocolates from her fans at the café. Not only was the rechocolate, but a mountain of letters as well. She opens one of the letters and read it. The letter is filled with encouraging words and talks about how much they’re cheered up by Kanagi’s presence. Kanagi smiles as she reads it and she tells the manager that she wants to show her appreciation to her customers by trying her best to give them the best service she can. Her manager smiles at her and says she’s really growing up.


51050 kaede title.jpg

Part 1

Kaede Akino sits in her classroom, overhearing her classmates talk about the different kinds of chocolates they’ll be making for Valentine’s Day. Kaede wonders if her friends Rena Minami and Momoko Togame will be receiving chocolates this year and hopes that the ones she gives them will be the most delicious once they’ll have all day. Rena and Momoko on the other hand, are bickering because Momoko missed the timing and the Witch they were chasing managed to escape. Kaede asks them what kind of chocolate they would like to receive that year but Rena tells her to read the room and reminds her they were talking about a Witch, not chocolate. Kaede says she knows that but she’s more interested in their answer to her question. Momoko tells Rena not to be so mean. Rena glares for a bit before stating that any chocolate made by Kaede would be good. Kaede is happy to hear this and vows to make them the best Valentine’s chocolate they’ve ever had.

Kaede has gone shopping with Konomi Haruna for ingredients for their chocolates. While Konomi has already chosen roasted nuts for her chocolates, Kaede still can’t decide what chocolate or topping to use for the ganache and crunchy chocolate she has planned. Not only that, Kaede is starting to doubt the recipe she chose and wonders if there aren’t better recipes out there. Seeing her indecision, Konomi warns her that there isn’t much time left until Valentine’s Day and suggests she stick with the recipe she already has. She should just get the basic ingredients for now and choose toppings later. Kaede agrees and grabs cocoa powder from the shelf.

As she’s grabbing ingredients, she overhears two girls talking. One of them is planning on making homemade chocolate also, but she worries that it’ll never be as good as the luxury chocolate you buy in stores. The girl sighs and laments that she can only use chocolate to convey her feelings on this holiday as her friend tries to reassure her. This put Kaede to thinking about what Rena had said about not caring what Kaede makes for them, which in turn makes Kaede wonder if all handmade things will wind up being the same no matter what she makes. Kaede wonders how else she can express her feelings for her friends. Konomi returns and asks if Kaede finished picking out ingredients. Kaede nods and rushes off to the checkout counter, but the look on her face worries Konomi.

Part 2

Now that the shopping for ingredients is done, Konomi asks Kaede where she would like to go shopping for materials to wrap the chocolates in. She notices the sad look on Kaede’s face and asks her what’s wrong. Kaede says it’s nothing bit but she’s worried that nothing she makes by hand will be as good as real store-bought chocolate. She’s also worried that her friends might be annoyed if she were to present them with chocolate anyway. Konomi doesn’t think her friends will be annoyed so she gets an idea. She brings Kaede with her to Blossom’s, the flower shop she works at. She then asks the Auntie that runs the shop for a favor and disappears into the back, leaving Kaede waiting in the lobby. Kaede continues to ruminate as she waits, thinking that her homemade chocolates might be an embarrassment and chastising herself for thinking she could make something for her friends.

Just then Konomi returns and presents her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Kaede is thrilled and loves the bouquet, commenting on how it’s mostly made up of her favorite color. Konomi is please that she likes the bouquet so much and asks Kaede why she likes it. Kaede says she enjoys it because she knows that Konomi was thinking of her when she put it together. Konomi points out that Kaede’s handmade chocolates are much the same as Konomi’s handmade bouquet. Kaede was so worried that the quality of her chocolates would be as good as that of storebought that she missed the point. Although Konomi believes that feelings can also be expressed with store bought chocolate, there must have been a reason that Kaede had wanted to make it herself. Kaede explains that she wanted to show her appreciation to her friends and make them something that they would both enjoy in order to bring happiness to her friends. Konomi agrees and tells her that the important thing isn’t the look or taste of the chocolate but the amount of love and care she put into making it. She assures Kaede that her friends will love the chocolate she makes and they’ll understand her feelings.

Kaede remembered the time she had made brass rings for the first time. She had presented a pair of them to Momoko and Rena as gifts. Momoko was surprised it was her first time making rings since the ones Kaede had made were so well-crafted. Even Rena had accepted the gift, but not before asking if Kaede didn’t have one of her own. When Kaede replied that she did, Rena had suggested they all wear their rings the next time they go out together. Kaede realizes that Konomi was right, her friends would definitely understand Kaede’s feelings. Kaede thanks Konomi for the advice and for the beautiful bouquet. Konomi is glad her friend is much cheered up and reminds her they still have to shop for wrapping supplies. She asks Kaede if she can wait for her a minute while she tells Auntie something real quick before they head out. As Kaede waits, she receives a text message from Momoko. In the message, Momoko informs Kaede that she too wanted to try her hand at making homemade chocolate after she learned that Kaede was making some for them. But Momoko messed up the recipe and the chocolate came out as hard as steel. She even sent pictures of the seemingly normal chocolate. Although Momoko has given up on making chocolate in time for Valentine’s Day, she promises to practice so that she’ll be prepared for when White Day rolls around. In the meantime, she’s looking forward to the chocolate that Kaede will be making. The text made Kaede smile, and she remembered that Rena had volunteered to taste test any chocolate for her. Kaede realizes she really didn’t have anything to worry about just as Konomi returns. The two head out to finish their shopping, both of the girls in much higher spirits than before.

Kaede plans on making ganache for Rena, since she has a super sweet tooth and the palate of a child. Momoko on the other hand, will be getting colorful crunchy chocolate since she loves cute things with lots of colors and crunchy textures.

Part 3

Kaede and Momoko are waiting in the shopping district for Rena to show up. The city is crowded with people and the shops are covered in various Valentine’s Day decorations. A cold February breeze chills the air around them as they wait. Since it’s getting chilly, Momoko suggests they wait in a café until Rena arrives. Kaede agrees and considers giving Momoko her chocolate first while they’re in the café, but before Kaede can decide on something they both sense the magical signature of a Witch nearby. Kaede is upset that this had to happen today of all days but they both know their duties as Magical Girls.

Kaede and Momoko are able to track down the Witch and enter its barrier. They soon encounter the Witch at the center of the barrier and coordinate their attacks to take it down. Momoko notes that this Witch has the same magical signature as the Witch her and Rena were tracking down before. Kaede notes how powerful this Witch is, but Momoko isn’t worried so long as they stay focused and keep up the teamwork. Kaede moves in to attack on Momoko’s signal, but she worries that the chocolate she brought for her friends will be ok. However, Kaede’s thoughts distract her from the task at hand and the Witch is able to get the upper hand. It launches an attack aimed directly at Kaede, who is caught completely offguard. Before the strike can land, Rena leaps in and blocks it with her trident. She warns Kaede to quit wasting time. With the Witch thrown off balance by Rena, the three of them coordinate a final attack that defeats the Witch once and for all.

The barrier dissipates as Kaede sighs in relief. Rena tells them she was surprised to find they were the two Magical Girls struggling with the Witch when she entered the barrier. Kaede reminds Rena that she had said she wouldn’t help Kaede if she ever got caught by a Witch. Rena’s face reddens as she tells Kaede that she wasn’t there to help her, she just happen to be there to fight the Witch. Momoko shakes her head at Rena and her dishonesty. Even so, Kaede apologizes to her friends for being a nuisance. Momoko tells her not to worry about it but Kaede says she can’t. All day she’d been thinking about the gifts she was going to give them as she hands each of them the chocolate she had made and wrapped. Momoko is astounded by the beautiful wrapping paper as Kaede thanks both of them for being her friend. Momoko realizes now that this is the reason that Kaede was moving so slowing during their battle with the Witch. Even Rena realizes now that was the reason and stammers a simple thank you when prompted by Momoko.

Momoko asks if she can open it and does so after Kaede gives her the go ahead. She is pleased to find it’s crunchy chocolate; Kaede had remembered that Momoko once mentioned it was her favorite. Rena also unwraps her gift but isn’t as pleasantly surprised as Momoko was: the ganache was crushed somewhat during the battle with the Witch. Kaede apologizes and offers to make a fresh batch of ganache for Rena, but to her surprise Rena says nothing and pops some of the ganache into her mouth. Momoko also tries some of the chocolate and finds it is delightful. Rena straight up tells Kaede that the ganache looks horrible, but the taste is good. Kaede is pleased that her friends love the chocolate she made for them. Since the three of them are reunited, Momoko suggests they go somewhere to have fun together. Rena asks if they can’t go somewhere warm since it’s still snowing gently in the park where they’re talking. While Kaede can’t always say what she wants to, for today at least she can thank Momoko and Rena for always being there for.


51050 felicia title.jpg

Part 1

Yachiyo Nanami returned to the living room after finishing her laundry only to find Felicia Mitsuki and Iroha Tamaki enthusiastically talking with each other. Felicia was asking Iroha to teach her how. Yachiyo is surprised to hear that Felicia actually wants to study for once but Iroha tells her that’s not the case. Felicia was asking Iroha about how people normally make handmade chocolate. When Yachiyo asks Felicia why she’d want to learn about that, Felicia eventually replies that it’s for Valentine’s Day. Yachiyo is surprised that Felicia would want to make handmade chocolates for Valentine’s Day, causing Felicia to get defensive and asking if there’s anything weird about that. Yachiyo mentions that she’s never seen Felicia make sweets, much less for Valentine’s Day. Felicia angrily tells her she’s made sweets before and there’s nothing wrong with her making sweets now. She storms off outside, leaving Yachiyo looking a bit distressed.

Yachiyo asks Iroha what that was all about, but Iroha isn’t sure either. All she knows is that Felicia had asked her out of the blue, and when she asked her who it was for Felicia wouldn’t answer. She had just stood there fidgeting. Yachiyo looked worried since there weren’t any real reasons why Felicia would want to learn how to make homemade chocolate unless she had someone in mind to give it to. Iroha doesn’t think that’s the case and figures maybe Felicia had wanted to make some since everyone else was doing it. Considering how fidgety Felicia was when she wouldn’t answer Iroha’s question about whom the chocolate was for, Yachiyo comes to the shocking conclusion that Felicia must have a boy she likes.

Yachiyo starts to panic at the thought that Felicia has someone she likes. Why else would she be asking how to make handmade chocolates? Iroha notices the panicked look on Yachiyo’s face and asks her what’s wrong. Yachiyo calms herself down. Now is not the time to panic, but to remain calm and collected. She looks at Iroha and points out how odd it is for Felicia to be making chocolate, especially considering her past behavior and actions. Therefore she must be making chocolate to give to the boy she likes. Yachiyo is certain that her theory is correct although Iroha’s face betrays her feelings of doubt on this theory. In order to prove it’s true, Yachiyo will have to investigate Felicia. It’s her duty as the guardian of the household. She asks Iroha for her help, and Iroha reluctantly agrees. If she doesn’t tag along then she’s afraid that this whole thing might go sideways on Yachiyo.

Yachiyo believes the first thing they should do is start by stalking Felicia first thing in the morning. That way they can find out what kind of person she’s giving the chocolate to. Iroha can tell that Yachiyo is running wild under her calm demeanor and tries to talk her out of it. She thinks stalking is a little bit much but Yachiyo cuts her off. To her, stalking is a part of being a good guardian.

Part 2

It’s the next morning and Felicia is off. Yachiyo sees her off with a cheery smile, but as soon as Felicia’s out the door and around the corner she goes into full stalker mode and follows after her with Iroha in tow. The two of them follow Felicia as she hums and skips through town. Yachiyo figures she must be on her way to meet this boy if she’s having this much fun. However, Felicia soon heads to the park where she meets up with her best friends Kako Natsume and Ayame Mikuri. Iroha figures it must have been something simple like this but Yachiyo seems a little disappointed. They continue to watch as the three girls laugh about whatever before it eventually devolves into Felicia and Ayame arguing like usual as Kako plays the peacemaker. Just as Iroha is suggesting they go home before they’re caught stalking since nothing seems to be happening, they overhear Ayame loudly exclaim that Felicia is making chocolate to give away. That decides it. Yachiyo decides to continue to stalk Felicia, but they’re too far away to hear much of the conversation and the three girls have begun to whisper to one another. Yachiyo decides this is can only confirm her theory and she has to continue the investigation.

Back at home Iroha is showing Felicia how to make handmade chocolates. They begin by melting chocolate in a double boiler on the stove, but Yachiyo soon shows up and watches the two of them intently. Iroha also really wants to ask Felicia what it’s all about, but the intense pressure coming of off Yachiyo is too much and the timing just isn’t right. The two continue to make chocolates as Felicia begins to add cocoa and nuts to the mix. Iroha says this is the stage where she can season it and make it to her liking, so Felicia decides to go for a chocolate banana. And then, just as they were making the finishing touches for the handmade chocolate, Yachiyo interrupts and begins to ask about the chocolate. Felicia looks somewhat embarrassed and apologizes. She can’t let them have even a little bit of the chocolate she’s making because there’s someone else she wants to give it to first. Yachiyo looks like her heart has been stabbed while Iroha is surprised to find that Yachiyo’s hunch was right. Yachiyo asks Felicia who she’s going to give the chocolate to, but Felicia immediately gets defensive and claims it’s for no one. Yachiyo replies that she was just curious but the damage has been done. Felicia gets upset and tells her to forget it because it’s a secret. And with that, Felicia storms out the front door once more, taking the chocolate with her. Yachiyo decides to chase after her, dragging Iroha along with her.

Part 3

They follow Felicia back to the park where she was at earlier. When they arrive, they find her looking around for someone. Yachiyo is certain that Felicia is going to meet up with the person she’s going to give her chocolate to, but who could it be? Iroha points out that the chocolate might not be meant for a boy but for someone else. Yachiyo knew there were other possibilities, but she was still so sure it had to be a boy that Felicia liked. Iroha is beginning to wonder if it really is a boy and starts to get excited as the possibility. Felicia soon spots the person she’s been waiting for and she apologizes to him for not calling beforehand. The boy says it’s no big deal. Yachiyo and Iroha turn to look at each other, their eyes opened wide in amazement. It WAS a boy. Yachiyo asks Iroha if she recognizes him, but she’s never seen him before. They watch as Felicia hands him a chocolate and he eats it. Iroha smiles and swoons at the thought of young love blossoming while Yachiyo looks serious and asks if she should go over and introduce herself. Iroha thinks the timing is way off but Yachiyo is determined to go. She figures they can just play it off as a coincidence that they happen to be passing by at this time. Iroha tries to dissuade her but it’s no use.

Felicia blows on her hands as she waits to hear his response. The boy tells Felicia that the chocolate should be more than good enough, especially for her first try. Felicia grins and breathes a sigh of relief. She’s glad to hear the chocolate is good as she begins to beam with pride at how well her first try went. That’s when Yachiyo approaches Felicia and pretends to have noticed her. Iroha smiles awkwardly as she mentions what a coincidence it is that they bumped into her. The boy asks if they’re acquaintances of hers but Felicia doesn’t know how to answer that just now. Yachiyo is surprised to meet the person that Felicia had planned to give the chocolate to and asks her to introduce them to him. Felicia sighs; she has no choice now but to explain everything to them. But first, she insists they call Tsuruno and Sana so she can tell them also.

Tsuruno and Sana, along with Yachiyo and Iroha, are now waiting for Felicia to appear and explain whatever it is that’s going on. Felicia finally arrives, and she looks somewhat embarrassed as she calls everyone’s attention towards her. Tsuruno asks what this is all about while Sana asks if it’s important. Felicia fidgets as she admits that it’s kind of important. She steels herself up and then hands each of them a beautifully wrapped chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Yachiyo looks at the gift in confusion. Was the chocolate really meant for them after all, she asked. Felicia grisn and nods and tells them it was handmade as well. Sana and the others compliment her and thank her for the wonderful gift.

Iroha was also as confused as Yachiyo and asked who the person at the park was. Felicia’s face turned bright red when she realized that Iroha and Yachiyo had seen that as well. Since it was her first time making chocolate, she wanted to make sure she got it right. That’s when she asked Kako for advice, and she in turn introduced her to a kid that worked at a cake shop. The boy had even shared some of his ingredients with Felicia, which is why she had given him some of the chocolate first as a way of saying thank you. Iroha realizes now that that was the reason they had so many ingredients for the chocolates they were making the other day. She had thought it odd and had assumed that she had restocked all the ingredients at some point. After that she had wanted to give the rest of the chocolates away. Felicia then apologized to Iroha for giving her her chocolates last, even though she was the one that had taught her how to make them. Iroha told her not to worry about it at all.

Yachiyo thought back to what Felicia had said in the kitchen the other day. She now realized that that’s what she had meant when Felicia said she had someone else she had to give some of the chocolate to first. Felicia for her part feels embarrassed that they saw her in a situation like that. But Tsuruno assures her it’s fine while Sana thinks it was amazing that Felicia was able to get special ingredients from the cake shop for them. This cheers up Felicia immensely. Iroha and Yachiyo look at each other for a moment. Yachiyo then admits that everyone makes mistakes, causing Sana to ask what she meant by that. Iroha quickly tells her it’s nothing. Either way, Tsuruno thinks the handmade chocolates came out great. Felicia replies that she’s grateful to them. That’s why she had wanted to make handmade chocolates for them, because Iroha had told her that Valentine’s Day was a day to convey your feelings to the most important people in your lives. But even she has to admit that’s she’s too shy to say it directly. This causes everyone in Mikazuki House to awww and thank Felicia once more for her gift. Felicia smiles and urges Iroha and Yachiyo to try some of their chocolate.

Iroha and Yachiyo bite into their chocolates and both of them agree that it is very delicious. Felicia shouts out in joy at the praise as Yachiyo savors the flavor of the chocolate. With that, Yachiyo declares that they’re having sukiyaki for dinner that night. Felicia let’s out another loud cry of joy as she jumps around in delight. Tsuruno decides to come back for dinner but Yachiyo turns to her and asks her why she’s still there. Tsuruno then looks utterly defeated until Yachiyo tells her that won’t be a problem today, causing Tsuruno to also let out a cry of joy. Hearing this, Felicia declares Valentine’s Day to be the best.


The shopkeeper turns to Iroha and Yachiyo and asks them whose possibilities they’d like to have. Iroha thinks hard on the question: each of the scenarios that they’ve seen are events that may happen on Valentine’s Day and events that may have happened in the past. Iroha thanks the chocolate-seller for the baking chocolate as well as showing them the possibilities for everyone’s Valentine’s Day. The woman tells her it’s no problem and asks Iroha which chocolate she is going to choose, but Iroha shakes her head. She can’t buy any one chocolate because Valentine’s Day isn’t about them, it belongs to everyone. Yachiyo tells her they already know the truth.

Have you heard? Who told you? The rumor of the Chocolate Shoppe No. Zero.
This little hidden shop is a baking chocolate distributor!
It’s full of possibilities, as supplied by young ladies!
Without them knowing, it was stolen away and lined up to be sold at the store! So look out, everybody! Until Valentine’s Day, watch your back! It’s a rumor among girls that anyone whose stolen possibilities are sold are doomed to aaaalways have a bad time on Valentine’s Day. How awful!

If Yachiyo and Iroha were to buy any of the chocolate from the shop, then everyone would have awful Valentine’s Days from here on. The woman glares at them and asks what they’re going to do. Either way the chocolate is being sold at the shop so they’re only choice is to buy it. Iroha points out that the woman took those past and future possibilities without permission, so Yachiyo and she will have to just take them back without permission. Yachiyo and Iroha transform but the woman refuses to back down. Iroha snatches the chocolate out of the woman’s hands and the two of them make a run for it.

As they exit the shop, it suddenly disappears behind them, leaving Yachiyo and Iroha standing in an alleyway. The two nullify their transformations and breathe a sigh of relief. Yachiyo is glad they were able to escape in time and marvels that the shop had even managed to take possibilities from both Tsuruno and Felicia. Iroha is glad they were able to resolve all of this before Valentine’s Day. The two decided to head home since everything seems to have worked out. They still have to prepare for their own Valentine’s Day after all. Iroha hopes that everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day.

Back at Mikazuki Villa, Tsuruno is telling Iroha how she’s made up her mind: This year she’s thinking of doing “Spicentine’s Day”! Iroha tells her it’s probably better if she doesn’t. Even Iroha isn’t so sure about the possibility of that one coming true.

Valentine Login Special

Little Kyubey watches as Iroha brings out chocolates for everyone. Felicia thinks they're delicious and is delighted to find they melt easily in her mouth. Tsuruno brings out a bag of red chocolates to give out as well but the others are concerned with the red color. Yachiyo asks if it isn't made with red peppers but Tsuruno admits she dumped some in at the last second. Sana bravely volunteers to try one but the spiciness is too much for her. Tsuruno offers to get her water but Yachiyo says that'll just make it worse. Yachiyo goes to get some of the regular chocolate she had bought for everyone to give to Sana to help her with the pain. As Felicia cheers for the chocolate party they'll be having, Little Kyubey begins to tear up. Iroha calls out to Little Kyubey and gives it its own piece of chocolate. Both Tsuruno and Yachiyo also offer it chocolate for its own, although Yachiyo wonders if it'll be okay for it to eat it. Iroha thanks it for always being there for it and hopes it can continue to be there as she faces the many difficulties ahead. The three of them wish everyone a happy valentine's day.

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