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Guided by strange power, magical girls gather in this town.
There is a place where a magical girl can stay as she is.
They're fighting with a new power from witches.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record (マギアレコード 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ外伝 Magia Recōdo: Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika Gaiden), also known as MagiReco (マギレコ) for short, is a smartphone-exclusive role-playing game distributed by Aniplex and developed by F4samurai which was released on August 22, 2017. Originally slated for Mid-May 2017, the game was pushed back for further development. The game is available on iOS and Android. It follows the story of Iroha Tamaki, a magical girl who arrives at Kamihama City to find her missing younger sister.

The theme song of the first part of the story is called "Kakawari" (かかわり, "Connection"), and the theme song of the second part is called "Utsuroi" (うつろい, "Change"); both were written and composed by Sho Watanabe and sung by TrySail, a group consisting of Momo Asakura, Sora Amamiya, and Shina Natsukawa, the voice actors for Iroha, Yachiyo, and Tsuruno respectively.


It was first announced in 2011 that a Gaiden work of Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica" would be developed. On September 22-25, 2016 the game was officially announced at the SHAFT 40th anniversary event "Madogatari"[1] . Atsuhiro Iwakami, the producer of the original anime said "Since it seems that it will take some more time until the anime's new work, the idea that I want to make a title that "Madoka Magica" is active will work."

Ume Aoki was responsible for the design of the original character that serves as the game's protagonist, as well as designing more than 10 new and original characters for the game. Gekidan Inu Curry is also responsible for the designs of the new witches. In addition to this, Shaft has produced the opening animation and magical girl transformation scenes.


The Magia Record Story page includes translations of some parts of the game's story. Magia Record has a total of six story modes:

  • Main Story, which details Iroha's quest to find her sister amid the mysteries of Kamihama City. The first arc consists of ten chapters.
  • Another Story, which focuses on what other magical girls were doing during the Main Story. There are currently nine chapters (starting with chapter 2).
  • Mirrors, the PvP mode. The story of Mirrors is that Iroha and her companions are exploring the barrier of the Mirror Witch. Mirrors is divided into levels which are unlocked by playing the mode. Unlocking levels displays new story scenes.
  • Each character has their own Side Story that is three chapters long. (Some characters have a fourth chapter with no story that is used to unlock their Doppel.)
Certain characters have Costume Stories which are basically side stories tied to limited edition costumes.
  • Events, which are one-time stories with different types of gameplay.

Also see the Magia Record Timeline.


Iroha Tamaki is the main character of the story. The gameplay follows a "Main Story", which is the focus of the game, a "Side Story" which is a timeline different from the Main Story, and "Character Story" where the background of each character is further developed. It features the magical girl cast from the anime and several original magical girls created for the game . The game will also feature other characters from the spinoff mangas such as Oriko and Kirika. The game uses character designs, animation, and music from the anime as well as incorporating new designs and songs for the dialogue scenes. Characters are superdeformed or "chibi" in the fight scenes. Players can also team up in a move called 'Connect' to defeat powerful enemies. The game will also feature a new gameplay element called "Doppel" in which magical girls can summon their witch forms and use new powers in combat.

Mirror Witch's Barrier

Within the mirror witch's barrier, a battle with the other player's reflections will unfold. Pass through several of the "mirror's layers" and aim for the center of the barrier. Unlock more mirror battles by advancing through the story quests.

The magical girls fought in PvP are mere copies, not real magical girls. The mirror witch can make copies of magical girls who enter her barrier. The more time a girl spends in the barrier, the better the quality of the copy. Initially players are limited to a certain number of Battle Points which are used to initiate combat in the Mirror Witch's Barrier. As time passes, Battle Points will replenish.


Doppel witch.PNG

According to the official website "A select few Magical Girls in Kamihama City can summon a power known as a Doppel. Only awakened Magical Girls have this ability, which allows them to invoke a portion of the Witch power in their Soul Gem when it becomes fully tainted."

In general, a magical girl changes into a witch when her soul gem, which is the main source of magical power that is created as a result of contracting, becomes cloudy. But in the world of Kamihama City the "Doppel" power is invoked instead. A magical girl's appearance changes into that of their witch form but will still leave her magical girl form intact resulting in a hybrid of their magical girl and witch forms. When doppel is activated, the magical girl is able to use powerful techniques they would not normally be able to use.


See Magia Record Characters

The game introduces a staggering amount of new magical girls. Twenty-two entirely new characters were playable on the game's launch, and other magical girls have been added as the game continues. Most of these characters are (currently) irrelevant to the main plot, though each playable magical girl gets their own special side-story.

As stated earlier, Ume Aoki was hired for the original character designs of several new magical girls that will feature in the game. In addition, other magical girls from the spin-off series such as Manga Time Kirara Magica series are also playable. The main characters are:

The main character of the game. Iroha became a magical girl to cure her little sister, Ui's illness. When Ui went missing she came to Kamihama City to search for her. She is cheerful and earnest, but she pays too much attention to other people's needs. "Wait for me, Ui. Your big sister will find you."

A Magical Girl who operates out of Mitakihara City. She goes to Kamihama City in search of her friend, Mami, who suddenly disappeared. "I'm here to help you, Homura!"

A magical girl who has been battling Witches in Kamihama City for seven years. She works alone and doesn't associate with others. She documents all of Kamihama City's rumors. "If you've learned your lesson, just stop. Life as a magical girl is no picnic."

A mercenary magical girl who goes berserk if she sees a Witch. Felicia is selfish and lazy and always demands attention, but she is second to none in battle. "I'll rid the world of Witches!"

A foolhardy Magical Girl whose goal is to become the most powerful ever. She respects and loves her grandfather and her birthplace, which has a long, storied history. She is proud of the Chinese restaurant that her family has been running since her great-grandfather's time. "There's nothing wrong with acting on the fly!"

A pessimistic Magical Girl who lacks confidence. She is submissive to people who need her, and if she's fond of them, she will quietly stand by them. "I need to change, don't I?"

A timid Magical Girl who wished to become a being capable of protecting Madoka. She reverses time over and over in an attempt to prevent Madoka from becoming a Witch. A series of events causes her to search for a way to change the future in Kamihama City. Her appearance is that of the braided Homura from Episode 10. "This is how I'll save Madoka."

A benevolent Magical Girl who saves inexperienced Magical Girls when they're in a pinch. As the middle child with two brothers, she grew up very assertive and outspoken, almost boyish. Despite that, she likes stuffed animals and other cute things. As a direct result of those preferences, she is also a fan of female idols. "Don't worry! Just leave it to me!"

A cowardly Magical Girl who's prone to worrying. Still, she's kind, cares about her friends, and will face any dilemma for the sake of her team. She loves plants, animals, insects, and nature, and works hard on her vegetable garden at home. One of her favorite hobbies is playing UFO catcher games, even though she’s not good at them. "I'm sorry. I'm totally useless..."

A socially awkward Magical Girl who's bad at expressing herself. She hides her lack of confidence by putting up a determined front, which makes it easy for her to be misunderstood by people she doesn't know well yet. Contrary to her unsociable attitude, she likes sweets and has a childish taste when it comes to food. She is a female idol groupie. "I hate myself!"

A Magical Girl who has been fighting Witches in Mitakihara City even longer than Madoka Kaname and the others. She mentors the girls, taking pride in being able to save people. She likes black tea. "Do you mind if I take care of this?"

A Magical Girl from Kazamino City. She appears to be a dropout, and where she lives is unknown. She tends to clash with other girls thanks to her unyielding spirit and straightforward values. She's always eating. She wields a multi-jointed spear and can summon magical barriers. "Everyone has a story... This is mine."

A straightforward Magical Girl with a strong sense of justice. She is close friends with her classmate, Madoka. She respects Mami, her senior as a Magical Girl, and their combat styles are similar, both utilizing an arsenal of weapons. She used to go to the hospital regularly to visit her childhood friend, Kyosuke Kamijo, while he was a patient there.


An original series by PAPA started on the game's official website on March 10, 2017. PAPA had previously serialized "The Veranda of Madoka" at Manga Time Kirara ☆ Magica. The comic updates every 3 to 4 days and explains the original animation and comments on the gameplay while exchanging gags. The original comic can be found here and translations are available here and there.

Stage Play

A stage play adaptation ran in Japan from August 24th through September 9th

According to secondhand accounts, the stage play retells the first five chapters of Magia Record's Main Story, with several alterations to the plot. For example, Tsuruno replaces Momoko in Chapter 1.

Manga Adaptation

A manga adaptation is serialized in Manga Time Kirara Forward, which started August 24th. The artist is Fujino Fuji.

Anime Adaptation

An anime adaptation was announced on September 1st, and it began its emission on January 4, 2020.

Law of Cyclimpics

On April 1, 2019 a side bonus app was released on the google app store. Called "Law of Cyclimpics" (円環の理大運動会), it features 3 mini games with a Health-Sports Day theme and a roster of various characters that can be unlocked by gaining new personal high scores or by sharing your high scores with others on twitter. The first mini game is called "Run away from despair! Heart pounding action" (絶望から逃げろ! ドキドキがけっこ) and features a magical girl running a race away from a witch. The second game is called "Delivery to space! Kyubey epidemic" (宇宙まで届け!キュゥべえ投げ) and has a magical girl in a hammer throw comptetition, complete with Kyubey hammer. The final game is called "Defeat despair! Stand against the witch and topple her over" (絶望に抗え!誓り立つ魔女棒倒し) and has a magical girl attempt to destroy a witch and her familiars within 30 seconds or less, causing more damage to the witch as more familiars are destroyed. A competition was also announced with 3 random winners chosen from the pool of people posting their high scores on twitter. The winners will receive a "Madocancer" statue like the one featured in Anime Japan 2019.


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