Hinano Miyako

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Hinano Miyako
Hinano profile.png
Japanese Name 都 ひなの (Miyako Hinano)
Voiced by Japanese: Madoka Asahina
ID No: 3003
Release Date (JP): August 22, 2017
Release Date (NA): June 25, 2019

Hinano Miyako is one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical Features
Age 18
Eye colour Yellowish Green
Hair colour Green
Height 145cm, 145.3cm (Arc 2 Chapter 12)
Soul Gem Four leaf clover (under her chest)
Weapon Chemical-filled test tubes and flasks
Witch Form Cyan
Powers and Abilities Chemical Explosion (Turn surroundings into explosives)
Wish To save her life, after an experiment went horribly wrong. (Exact wording unknown)
Japanese pronoun atashi (アタシ)
Known relatives Unnamed father
Origins Chuo Ward
School Minaminagi Liberty Academy, Twelfth Grade
Affiliation Kamihama Magia Union

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

2★→ 5★



Attribute forest.png


Initial 4101 1182 1587

Max at ★2 12114 3490 3431
Max at ★3 20189 5828 5721
Max at ★4 20189 5828 5721
Max at ★5 25030 7230 7100

Max SE 28194 8573 9398
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Icon skill 1085.png Connect: Here Are Our Research Results!

★2 Damage UP [IV] & Guaranteed Poison
★3 Damage UP [VI] & Guaranteed Poison
★4 Damage UP [VIII] & Guaranteed Poison
★5 Damage UP [X] & Guaranteed Poison
{{{2}}} Magia: Atomo Arrabbiato

★2 Damage to All Enemies [I] & Chance to Poison (All / 3T)
★3 Damage to All Enemies [III] & Chance to Poison (All / 3T)
★4 Damage to All Enemies [V] & Chance to Poison (All / 3T) & Guaranteed Stun (All / 1T)
★5 Damage to All Enemies [VII] & Guaranteed Poison (All / 3T) & Guaranteed Stun (All / 1T)
{{{2}}} Doppel: Cyan

★5 Damage to All Enemies [IX] & Guaranteed Poison (All / 3T) & Guaranteed Stun (All / 1T)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

2★ +6% +3% +3% +2% +4% +4%
3★ +7% +4% +4% +3% +5% +5%
4★ +8% +5% +5% +4% +6% +6%
5★ +9% +6% +6% +5% +7% +7%

SE +9% +6% +6% +9% +10% +17%
Spirit Enhancement

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1090.png Accele Adept Accele MP Gain UP [II]

Icon skill 1131.png Skill Quicken Chance to Skill Quicken [II]

Icon skill 1148.png Poison Edge Chance to Poison on Attack [II] (3T)

Icon skill 1120.png Shield Adept Damage Cut [II]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Boost: MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1139.png Anti-Poison Guaranteed Anti-Poison

Icon skill 1091.png Charge Adept Charged Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1214.png Technical Adept Charge Disc Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1146.png Stun Edge Chance to Stun on Attack [II] (1T)

Icon skill 1106.png Poison Guaranteed Poison (Single / 1T) CD: 6 turns


She may look young but Hinano is a seasoned Magical Girl. She has a mind for science and is president of the chemistry club. Although popular with the younger crowd, she is often made fun of for her childish stature. She strives to be more "mature."

Doppel Description

Cyan, Hinano's doppel

The Doppel of imprudence. Its form is smog. The master of this Doppel is thrilled with its legs, which have grown much longer. It boils the contents of its right leg and condenses the contents of its left to cause the chemical reaction that forms its gaseous upper body. It therefore boasts a high resistance to physical attacks; however, it also envelops enemy and ally alike in its toxicity. Once it appears, its surroundings are contaminated by its gas, and even its master would likely not be able to withstand it if she did not wear a gas mask. It also has a strong curiosity for rare kinds of Witches.

Side Story

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Hinano an 18 year old high school girl, confesses to a boy at her school. The boy says she's not her type, crushing Hinano. Later Emiri Kisaki helps Hinano with an experiment. Emiri says that Hinano is a lot more subdued than she usually is. Emiri offers to take Hinano for a group blind date. Hinano ignores her. Emiri says that a guy who rejects on her appearance isn't worth it, and there are others out there. When Emiri brings up that some people like Hinano's body type, Hinano tells her to shut up. She then starts crying.

Hinano says Emiri always looks down on her, but Emiri says it's an expression of love. Hinano says that Emiri doesn't treat her with respect, especially since she's 18 while Emiri is 13. She tells Emiri to reflect on her attitude, but Emiri says she's still taller, and claims Hinano is cute. Hinano wonders why she has someone like Emiri as an assistant. A flashback reveals Hinano helped Emiri out against a witch. Emiri thanked Hinano profusely, but then wondered if she was a grade-schooler. An angry Hinano insisted she's a high school girl, which shocked Emiri.

Emiri was surprised to find Hinano was a magical girl for five years. She asked Hinano what she normally did, and Hinano answered that she's the president of the science club. Emiri called her cute, which annoyed Hinano. Emiri said she was still in middle school, and asked Hinano about high school science classes and then asked what she does at the science club. Hinano said she holds events for children and performs on stage at the grade school. Emiri compared her to a scientist on television. She then asked to become Hinano's assistant, as she was excited to perform on stage. She also said she took a liking to Hinano. Hinano pointed out it's dangerous, but Emiri just hugged her really hard.

Later, Emiri practices a speech for one of Hinano's presentations. She explains that Hinano's father works in a chemical plant and took her to see science events. She claims it inspired Hinano to hold science events of her own. She finishes the speech by saying that Hinano can get emotional when reaching her dreams, and that the stage for the event is in an elementary school classroom. Hinano asks Emiri what she's doing in a master of ceremonies position. Emiri says not to worry and takes a peak outside. The children are waiting in the hall, and Hinano begins her presentation.

Hinano uses hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent to entertain the elementary school students. Emiri says the presentation was a success. Suddenly a girl takes a dangerous chemical. Hinano and Emiri try to stop her, but the girl insists on taking it. Suddenly all the children start saying they want the chemical. Hinano suddenly notices all of the children have witch kisses. Emiri decides for "Pretty Guardians! Chemistry Twins!" Hinano nearly goes along with it, but then says it's not the time. Hinano says they should split up to find the witch. Emiri agrees, before realizing what Emiri actually said.

Hinano points out the barrier is likely in the school, and splitting up to search will be more efficient. She tells Emiri she won't be alone, and she'll come running if something happens. Emiri says she believes in Hinano and the two begin the search. Later, Emiri telepathically contacts Hinano and says she's found the witch. She doesn't see anything going on in the barrier. Hinano tells her to wait until she arrives, but Emiri says it'll be fine if she goes on the offensive. Hinano says she should get out if it's too dangerous.

Suddenly, Emiri notices the teacher was pulled into the barrier. The teacher is holding iron sulfide and hydrochloric acid. Emiri recognizes that they can combine to form hydrogen sulfide, which Hinano says is an extremely toxic gas. Hinano tells Emiri to run, and starts thinking the witch is a science nerd. In her narration, Hinano says that using science to kill others is unforgivable.

Hinano enters the barrier and fights off familiars. When Hinano telepathically contacts Emiri, she finds Emiri is choking on the sulfide fumes. Emiri says she just wanted to beat something without Hinano's help, in order to make Hinano proud. Hinano tells Emiri to get out of there, but Emiri apologizes for having to rely on Hinano again. Suddenly Emiri is attacked by the witch. Emiri wonders if she could be saved if she was smaller like Hinano. Hinano calls out to Emiri, but gets no answer.

In a flashback, Hinano yells at Emiri for improperly handling chemicals. Hinano explains that she became a magical girl because she wasn't careful during an experiment and released a toxic gas. If she hadn't met Kyubey she would have died. When Emiri asks why that happened, Hinano says she was just a thoughtless kid, doing dangerous things just to amuse herself. She says she quit doing dangerous things a long time ago, calling it a moment of growth.

Back in the present, Hinano finds her way is blocked by rubble. She is able to slip through a narrow crevice, and mentally thinks this is the only time she'll be grateful for a small body. Finally confronting the witch, she destroys it and saves Emiri. Emiri apologizes for not being useful, but Hinano calls her an idiot. She says she's already proud of Emiri.

Afterward, Emiri says it was strange how the witch appeared without them sensing it. Hinano says she believes Emiri would have overlooked it if she wasn't there. Hinano then says she was kidding, but as magical girls they need to be focused at all times. Emiri said she was happy Hinano cried for her. Hinano insists she wasn't. Emiri said it was just like when they first met, and says she really respects Hinano. Hinano says Emiri always mocks her, but Emiri insists she doesn't and wants to rely on Hinano even in desperate situations. She then brings up Hinano's size, and gives her a "cheek rubbing penalty". Hinano wonders if Emiri has gone mad.

Costume Stories

Winter Outfit
Hinano valentine costume.png

Hinano meets with Ren Isuzu. Ren says she wanted to talk to Hinano because Rika Ayano has seemed depressed. Hinano thinks it's because the day reminds Rika of her ex-girlfriend and remembers how Rika started crying after she ended the relationship. Ren asks if Hinano has an idea to help Rika cheer up. Hinano thinks something showy would be better for Rika, claiming Rika is the sort of person who gets her anger out by beating up witches or breaking dishes. Ren says she can imagine Rika screaming while breaking dishes.

Hinano asks Ren what she does when she feels down, and Ren says she would just draw or write. Hinano says those aren't really Rika-type things. Suddenly it starts snowing. Ren says they should head home, but Hinano asks Ren to go over to her first. Hinano then snuggles up against Ren, saying it's warmer when two people are close together. Ren agrees, saying she's experienced the same thing with Rika. Hinano says that Ren doesn't have to do anything in particular to help Rika, she just has to be there for her. Ren decides she'll go see Rika and leaves. Hinano muses that now that she's all by herself, she feels a bit lonely.

Miyako Hinano (Swimsuit).png

Hinano heads to the beach with Emiri and their friends. Hinano says she plans to become the "Dynamite Queen of the Beach". Having bought platform sandals, she prepares to buy a swimsuit. While shopping with Emiri, Rika and Ren, a saleswoman tells Hinano to go to the kid section. Hinano is annoyed by this. Rika thinks it might take Hinano some time to find a swimsuit, and Ren says she might have problems herself. Ultimately, Ren decides to let Rika pick.

Meanwhile, Hinano finds a swimsuit and shows it to Emiri. Emiri thinks Hinano needs to be measured by an employee. It turns out the swimsuit is too big for Hinano. The salespeople suggest Hinano pick a junior sized swimsuit, but she refuses. Emiri suggests Hinano wear a school swimsuit and an innertube, saying she heard someone say Hinano should dress up like a kindergartner. Hinano deduces it was Rika who said that, and says it was meant to be a joke.

Hinano announces her intention to become a "Midsummer Sexy Scientist". Emiri says they should first look for something in Hinano's size, which might take awhile. She tells Rika and Ren to leave without her and Hinano and the two girls search the store. Eventually they find a swimsuit Hinano likes. Emiri says it captures the feeling of a tiny girl wishing to grow up. Hinano is annoyed. Meanwhile, Rika and Ren muse Hinano is late.


Event Appearances

Magical Girl Story Appearances

Other Appearances

Hinano appears in Rika Ayano's side story. Rika stands up for her when their blind dates make fun of her, Hinano learns Rika's backstory, and they become friends.

Powers and Abilities

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  • The character in her last name means "city" (都).


  • Her illustrator is GENJIN, the same artist who illustrated Moka Megumi.
  • Hinano acts as the Leader of both the Center and South. Just as Kanagi controls the east, and Yachiyo controls the west of Kamihama
  • Hinano and Emiri's heights and ages are mentioned in Hinano's side story.
  • When she attacks, Hinano dons a gas mask to protect herself from the dangerous chemicals she uses, this may correlate back to her backstory where she was choking on dangerous chemicals, it may also be symbolism for why she became a magical girl.
  • Due to being so small and having cat ears on her head, she may have been based on the mannerisms of a cat, or possibly referring to the saying "curiosity killed the cat but excitement brought it back"
    • Hinano's wish was made when her curiosity towards science caused a chemical explosion, but her excitement for chemistry continued on despite it all.
  • The Japanese text on the back of the memoria "Myako-Senpai Radar" is written backwards, hence the backwards English translation.
    • When flipped, it reads the following. "'Whoawhoawhoawhoa... whoa! A fish! I can feel a tug!' | 'Woah! Th-this is...?!' | 'Myako-senpai!' | (...Yeah! Todays radar is in great condition!)"
  • Her magia name is Italian for "Angry Atom". It is also a typo for "Atomo Arrabiato"
  • Hinano's doppel may be derived from Cyanide. Cyanide is a chemical that is known to be very poisonous and deadly when you come in contact with it. Hinano almost died from deadly toxins one of them possibly being a form of Hydrocyanic Acid.
  • Hinano's doppel may also be based of a Mushroom cloud, a towering column of smoke and debris, often reaching thousands of feet into the sky, formed by a nuclear explosion.
    • This fits both Hinano's desire to be tall, and her backstory involving dangerous chemicals
  • In her five star card art, Hinano accidentally has three joints in her right arm.


Official Art

Anime Screenshot

Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
LOVE Chemistry
(NA: Love Science)
Icon skill 1106.pngPoison Cloud
Guaranteed Poison (All / 1T) 8 turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Poison (All / 1T) 7 turns
**Unique to Hinano Miyako**
She has become ever more absorbed, day after day, since she learned how charming chemistry can be. Today's agenda is the "Chameleon Experiment": Each vial changes to a different color depending on the reaction within, much like a beautiful art piece.

本日の実験は「カメレオン実験」 化学反応によりそれぞれが違う色で染まった試験管は、

Science Drunkard
(NA: Drunk on Science)
Icon skill 1148.pngPoison Edge
Normal Passive
Chance to Poison [II]
Max Limit Break
Chance to Poison [III]
Your first hint is a curious giggle. Then come glowing liquids, colorful smoke, and maybe even an explosion or two. It's the curtain call for the world's most exciting show!妙な笑い声が聞こえてきたなら、それがサイン。


Deliver Your Wish!
(NA: Let Your Feelings Fly!)
Icon skill 1172.pngAddict Slayer
Damage Increase [V] & Damage UP Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [V] (Self / 1T) 9 turns
Max Limit Break
Damage Increase [VI] & Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [VI] (Self / 1T) 8 turns
Valentine's Day comes around just once every revolution of the planet. Once you know about love, you think, how many more time will I be able to experience this day the way I feel now? Now that I realize, I need to treasure this day, the feelings it gives me...and the chocolate.物心ついて恋をして、星が巡って巡り来る年に1度のバレンタイン淡い気持ちを抱いたまま、あとどれだけこの日を迎えられる?って考えてしまうから、大切にしなくちゃいけないこの日も想いもチョコレートも...だって
The Wings from Before, Once Again
(NA: Those Feathers From Before)
Icon skill 1090.pngLight Step Adept
Normal Passive
Accele MP Gain UP [II] & Chance to Evade [II]
Max Limit Break
Accele MP Gain UP [III] & Chance to Evade [III]
"What happened that day was shocking... It was almost as if the two of them were transformed into angels."

"I was surprised too, but it all made sense to me."
"Oh, com on. Even modern science can't explain what happened..."

"Those feathers, did they even show up in the photo you took, Ryo?"

「む、自分は驚きはしたが、意外と自然なことかと思ってしまったぞ」 「いやいや、あんなのは現代の科学でも証明できるもんじゃないぞ…」

Myako-Senpai Radar
Icon skill 1085.pngFull Gauge Drive
Normal Passive
Increased Attack While At Max Health [III]
Max Limit Break
Increased Attack While At Max Health [IV]
"!gut a leef nac I !hsif A !aohw...aohwaohwaohwaohW"
!?...si siht-hT !haoW"
(!noitidnoc taerg ni si radar s'yadoT !haeY...)

「?!…はここ,こ!っーおむ」 「!輩先こーゃみ」

Handmade Ultimate Dress
Icon skill 1085.pngSmite Rise
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [IV] & Charged Damage UP [IV] (Self / 3T) 8 turns
"These things are rather analog and handmade...

"It's no use, we didn't have the budget to go that far. "Hey, Touka. With this design, I don't think she'll be able to take it off by herself.

"Oh, come on, we can't recreate it, we're under budget.

「仕方ないよーそこまで回す予算が無かったんだからー」 「あれ、灯花。この設計だと自力で脱げないんじゃないかな」

Smog Witch
Icon skill 1106.pngDeadly Poison
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Strengthened Poison & Burn & Dazzle (All / 3T) 9 turns
**Unique to Hinano Miyako**
A girl with an insatiable appetite for exploration crosses the line when she is hurt by the gap between her ideals and her own.

The immense hope that was nurtured in its small body was rejected, and the deadly poison that was released will annihilate all living beings.

Accepting yourself and knowing your potential for growth helps in the pursuit.
探究心に貪欲な少女は 理想との乖離に傷つき 一線を越える

小さな体に育んだ 膨大な希望を断った 背伸び薬 生み落とされた猛毒は 生ける者全てを死滅させる

己を受け入れ 伸びしろを知ることが 追考の一助
Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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