Magia Record Story A La Carte Valentine 2nd ~What If That Girl Took the Lead Role On This Day?~

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This event is composed of eleven separate stories and an additional bonus scene that was shown on Valentine's Day.

The following are summaries posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.


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Yachiyo comes home, and walks in on Iroha and Felicia talking about chocolate. She quickly gets suspicious of Felicia's strange behaviour, and starts suspecting that she has a crush on a boy. However, Iroha is not convinced. The next time Felicia leaves the house, Yachiyo drags a reluctant Iroha along and together they start tailing her. It turns out she's just meeting up with Kako and Ayame at the park, and Yachiyo is relieved. That is, until she overhears Ayame exclaim that Felicia has someone she wants to give chocolate to. Yachiyo once again enters mama bear mode. Later, Iroha is teaching Felicia how to make handmade chocolate. When they're done, Yachiyo comes over to ask Felicia who the chocolate is for. Felicia once against starts fidgeting nervously, and vaguely says something about having someone she wants to give chocolate to first. When they keep asking her, she runs out of the house with the chocolate. Yachiyo and Iroha follow her.

They arrive at the same park, and this time they see her meet up with a guy. She gives him the chocolate, and he eats it and tells her it's good for her first time making it. Yachiyo has seen enough, and quickly rushes over. Iroha awkwardly tries to act like it's a coincidence that they're there. Upon seeing Yachiyo and Iroha, Felicia finally agrees to spill the beans, but first, she tells everyone in Nanami-ke to gather at home. Once home, there is a tense moment of silence on Yachiyo's end, before Felicia starts giving out Valentine's chocolates that she made for them. It turns out, Felicia had also consulted with Kako, who introduced her to some guy working at a cake shop. He shared ingredients with her, and she had met up with him first to give him chocolate as a token of gratitude. Iroha had told Felicia that Valentine's day is the day to share your feelings with the people you love, and therefore she had been practicing how to make chocolate for everyone in Nanami-ke.


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She rescued a girl name Sumomo who is around her dead sister's age and looks like her as well. Since she is weak against kids, and this one even look like her sister, she accepts Sumomo's offer for dessert as gratitude for rescuing her from the witch. While the dessert tastes great, Kyoko realized that the poor location, lack of fame and lack of connections (Sumomo's dad studied abroad to make desserts) render the store almost empty. Kyubey arrives and tries to convince Sumomo to contract to make the shop popular, but Kyoko realizes how familiar Sumomo and her situation are and intercepts, saying she will bring costumers to the shop instead. Sumomo trusts Kyoko more and denies Kyubey's offer.

The next day, Kyouko grumbles about her lack of connections and could only bring along Homura and Sayaka. She is still awkward with Mami, and they help Homura hide the fact that she is researching to make chocolate for Madoka, so they did not invite her. Sayaka and Homura are smitten by the great tasting dessert and agree to help bring more costumers. Sayaka will bring along Mami and Madoka the next time while Homura invites Iroha and co. to visit. They are even more determined to help when they learn that Kyubey is trying to use this as a leverage to make Sumomo contract. Kyubey arrives again, but Sumomo promises she will not make a contract after Kyoko tells her about the dangers of magical girl life and how her dad will doubt himself and her if he learned that magic is what caused his shop to prosper.

One day, Sumomo is returning home sad and worried. This is because her dad informs her that if business does not pick up for Valentine's Day, they will have to move. She is worried that her dad's dream will be shattered and also sad that she will be leaving Kyoko. Kyubey stalks her, and decides not to warn that she is walking into a witch's barrier so he can force her to contract in the face of danger. Kyoko on the other hand, is still having a headache on how to gather more costumers, and tells herself she also has to be careful less Sumomo contract to help her, just like how Yuma did. She senses the witch that managed to escape from her when she rescued Sumomo and that it is near her dad's shop as well.

Hurrying to the barrier, she is surprised to see Homura. She explains that Kyubey has been stalking Sumomo, so she is keeping an eye on him and saw that he purposely didn't warn her as she headed into danger. While Kyoko doubts Kyubey is this amoral, Homura's uncharacteristic confidence on the issue convinces her, and they head into the barrier together. Sumomo is in grave danger, but she keeps her promise not to contract. Luckily, Kyoko and Homura arrive in time thanks to the latter using time stop and defeat the witch while rescuing Sumomo again. Sayaka arrives a little late, but the three are hostile to Kyubey when he admitted in a roundabout way that he is trying to make Sumomo contract in the face of danger. He agrees to leave Sumomo alone seeing how stubborn she is. Sumomo informs the trio that she might not be able to hold on next time and explains her situation, and the trio decide to bring her home first.

To their surprise, the shop is over packed with people, and all the desserts have been sold out. Sumomo's dad even needed to place orders for delivery due to good business. After checking the internet, they realize that Iroha and co. had visited before at Homura's invitation, and the dessert's excellent taste made Yachiyo recommend the shop when she is doing a long interview for the BB fashion magazine for a Valentine's Day special. Her popularity and good reputation lured costumers to the shop, and it is saved as business will pick up from now on. Sumomo and her dad thank Kyoko for both saving Sumomo's life and the family business. Kyoko thinks it was due to Homura's efforts though, but still accepts the thanks anyway.

Kyoko left the shop with mixed feelings. While she is happy that Sumomo's family's hardwork paid off and led to a miracle, she wonders if the outcome for her family would also have changed if she chose not to contract back then. Sayaka, who is worried and thus followed Kyoko, tells her that she should be just happy that everything went well, and that Kyoko has not broken her promise not to use magic for others since she helped Sumomo because that is what she wants. Kyoko agrees with Sayaka's points and says she is good at solving emotional problems for others. She ends the story by saying that while there is bad stuff here and there, seeing too much makes her forget how beautiful the world actually is.


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Mel helps a classmate to foretell her chance of success in confessing her love after her classmate was almost begging for it. After hunting witches later the same day, Mel questions on what love is and slips on her fortune telling session. Yachiyo flips since Mel's magic will bend the outcome to her results and thinks this is a disrespect to the persons in question since it render their effort useless.

Mel is curious and asks Yachiyo and Mifuyu on what love is. Yachiyo, who has been in love before, explains shyly that your heart flutters when you think of that person, your thoughts can never leave him and you would want to be with him, always. Mifuyu can only add in her dream: it is a feeling of destiny to meet and spend the rest of your life with that person. Mel is still confused but became curious, yet she decide not to ask her mom after she teased her about it, and Kanagi's answer is that love will distract Puella Magis and make them vulnerable to witches' attacks. She is pissed that Mel compared her to witches, claiming that they are cold hearted and chased after her to smack her butt as punishment.

Mel is trapped by the issue and takes a stroll. Her mom notices her troubles and shares her experience after finding her daughter at her favorite lake. The first part of her answer is the same as Yachiyo's, though she added that marriage also allowed her to have a treasure between her and her dad: Mel, their daughter. Mel is embarrassed and fled with a stupid but content smile on her face. She at least understands that love is valuable to those who have fallen in love. That night, her classmate apologizes to her since she is down with fever despite Mel's fortune telling and thanks her for her troubles.

Mel suspects that a witch is disrupting the results, and she is right. Thus, a lass not knowing love fights with her full power to defend those in love since it is valuable to the person in question. However, the witch is a counter to her, so she is defeated. But Yachiyo, Kanagi and Mifuyu who are worried about her tracked her down and defeat the witch in her place. The confession went well for her classmates, and Mel is now looking forward to her chance to fall in love. Though she makes fun of Kanagi again on her being cold-blooded, and this time she failed to escape and got spanked.


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Rika realizes that her childhood friend is still affected by her wish and is still attracted to her. After seeking Miyago's advice, Rika realizes that she is still in love as well, but she is also determined to keep the relationship as best friends even though it will take some time. She believes that she has screwed enough with her best friend's life.

The amusing thing is hints are pointed out that her best friend has the hots for BOTH Rika and her current boyfriend.


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The children's chocolates are stolen when they brought them to school for tasting so they can improve on them. Riko decides to find this culprit, "Hunger-kun" since she is the one who suggest that they should eat them in school.

She enlists Tsukasa's help, and while Riko herself doesn't know, but Tsukasa learns from the teacher that there is a school policy where both teachers and parents help each other and ensure the kids do not bring chocolate openly due to love troubles that have occurred before. The parents and teachers will take away the chocolate in secret and tell them they should do it quietly.

Eventually, Valentine's Day went smoothly for all, though some had their chocolate half eaten since they did the exchange in public, so hunger-kun might really exist.


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Tsuruno tries to promote spicy food for Valentine's Day and ropes in Felicia and Iroha to help. They manage to start a cult on eating spicy food and things slowly went out of hand as cultists argue on what is the best spicy dish.

The problem is solved by telling the cultists that eating sweet stuff is also okay. After spreading the message in a frenzy, they cool down and the cult is disbanded as fast as it was created.

Business is as usual in Banbanzai, though Tsuruno had Iroha and Felicia try out her new Chinese dessert menu using chocolate.

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