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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
Ultimate Madoka
PN 09.jpg
Japanese Name アルティメット まどか
(Ultimate Madoka)
Voiced by Japanese: Aoi Yuuki

English: Christine Marie Cabanos
Italian: Joy Saltarelli
Spanish: Carmen Ambrós
Cantonese: Wong Zi Haan
French: Caroline Combes

For her full bio, see Madoka Kaname.

Ultimate Madoka is the final form of Madoka Kaname. She is created when Madoka makes her wish with Kyubey. Her wish created a new world where no Magical Girls turned into Witches. She did this by erasing the darkness from each girl's Soul Gem throughout history before taking the Soul Gem itself.

Ultimate Madoka also appears in Magia Record and other games as a playable unit. Additionally, she makes an appearance in Wraith Arc and Rebellion.

General Info

Physical Features
Date of Birth October 3
Eye colour Gold
Hair colour Pink
Blood type A
Soul Gem Red Teardrop located below her throat
Weapon Bow
Witch Form Kriemhild Gretchen
Powers and Abilities To remove the darkness from a girls soul gem before taking them away.
Wish "I want to erase all witches before they are even born. I will erase every single witch in every universe, past and future with my own hands...I don't care what you call it. All those magical girls who held onto their hopes and fought against witches I don't want to see them cry. I want them to stay smiling until the end. If any rule or law stands in my way I will destroy it. I will rewrite it. That is my prayer. That is my wish. Now grant it, Incubator!"
Likes Her dad's special hot chocolate
Japanese pronoun watashi (わたし)
Known relatives Tomohisa Kaname (Father), Junko Kaname (Mother), Tatsuya Kaname (Younger brother)
Origins Mitakihara City, The Law of Cycles.
School Not attending


Ultimate Madoka has long, generally straight pink hair with some drawn into two pigtails on her head, both of which are tied with a white ribbon. She wears a flowing white dress which exposes a small portion of her chest/stomach area. The undersides of the dress and sleeves show a cosmos-design. Her wings are light pink/yellow. She has light pink boots that reach the top of her knees and wears white gloves. The bow she uses is very similar to her pre-ascension version.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Madoka is seen in Episode 12 and Rebellion absorbing the grief of Magical Girls and taking their spirits to what may be a magical girl heaven that she created. Her wish, according to Kyubey, gave her the power of a god. She used her power to launch vessels of herself, which take forms of Madoka Kaname's base Magical Girl outfit, all through the past, present and future to save Magical Girls from their grief and prevent them from becoming Witches. As such, because of Madoka, all Witches were destroyed (or rather, never existed at all) and replaced with Wraiths.

Kyubey can be seen lamenting that the system is very inefficient in Rebellion, which leads them to set the events of the movie in motion by trapping Homura and forcing her witchification. This leads Ultimate Madoka to be trapped in Homulilly's barrier. This means Ultimate Madoka is either not all-powerful or not all-knowing, as she was tricked by Kyubey and trapped by Homura.


In the Main Series

Ultimate Madoka's first and last appearance in the original 2011 anime is in Episode 12, which is the episode where Madoka contracts with Kyubey and becomes the salvation of all Magical Girls. While not seen for long, she is seen saving Magical Girls throughout history from their despair before taking their soul gems away. These include characters who seem to be Cleopatra, Queen Himiko, Joan of Arc, a girl with a head scarf, a girl with a Jewish star on a train, a Dakini princess, a girl in a savanna, a girl with a bear costume, a girl in a volcano and a girl wearing a Viking garb. All of these characters are saved by Madoka (or, at least, implied).

In Wraith Arc, Madoka saves Sayaka. Later, Homura discovers that Ultimate Madoka's power is not all-encompassing, as a witch (implied to be Kriemhild Gretchen) still lives inside Homura's shield. Homura breaks her shield, releasing the witch, and the witch merges with a Wraith to become the Spindle Witch.

Additionally, in Rebellion, Madoka unsuccessfully attempts to save Homura.}} In Rebellion it is revealed that Madoka has retainers, or assistants. Both of them make an appearance in Rebellion. The first one to be seen is Sayaka Miki, and the other is Nagisa Momoe. They are shown helping Madoka. In Rebellion, it is revealed that both of them initially knew of Kyubey's trap, but were trapped themselves when they entered the barrier, losing their memories. Sayaka returns as a member of the Holy Quintet and Nagisa turns into Bebe.

Because of Madoka's failure to save Homura, she inadvertently allowed Devil Homura for be created by Homura.

In the Concept Movie

  • In the Concept Movie, Ultimate Madoka is referred to. However, she is only called "The Goddess". This scene talks about how "The Goddess" has none of what the two characters (Madoka and Homura) are talking about. Their dual speech is below.
Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka & Homura: Do you know what happiness is?
Madoka: It's bright May sunshine.
Homura: It's the warmth of family.
Madoka: It's fried eggs for breakfast.
Madoka & Homura: But there's nothing like that in Heaven.
Madoka & Homura: Do you know what happiness is?
Homura: It's having your name called by someone.
Madoka: It's calling someone's name.
Homura: It's when someone is thinking of you.
Madoka & Homura: But God alone cannot have any of this.
Homura: A lizard girl took pity on God…
Madoka: …so the lizard girl tore God in two, and kidnapped one of her halves to Earth from Heaven.
Homura: That radiance was so kind as to be cruel. Meeting it in the darkness... was far too dazzling.

For the full transcript, see here.

In Magia Record

For more information, see Ultimate Madoka in Magia Record or Ultimate Madoka-senpai.

"A Goddess who watches over Magical Girls from the furthest reaches of the universe's present, past, and future. She knows all there is to know about Magical Girls and provides blessings for all of them, but for the first time since coming into being, she found a Magical Girl she does not recognize..." - Ultimate Madoka

"A Magical Girl from Mitakihara City who obtained the Ultimate Power for Iroha-chan. She's still the same as usual, but now that she has the Ultimate Power, she's proud to be invincible. In fact, she's equipped with a variety of anti-witch weapons, which cost a tremendous amount of money. Very expensive." - Ultimate Madoka-senpai

Ultimate Madoka makes an appearance in Magia Record. She was released on the games first anniversary. This release revealed her official name to the fanbase. Additionally, an April Fools event released Ultimate Madoka-senpai.

Side Story

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

The side story begins with an adaption of Episode 12 of the original anime. Madoka makes her wish, erasing all witches before they are born, and becoming a concept. After her ascension, Madoka senses an abnormal thread of fate. Following it, she finds a universe she can't enter. Madoka sees the source of the anomaly is Kamihama City. Madoka sees that Homura Akemi and her alternate self are heading to the city. Madoka notes that the city entwines the fates of many magical girls, including Oriko Mikuna, Kazumi Subaru, Suzune Amano, and Jeanne D'Arc. Madoka then finds Touka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi, who were never supposed to be magical girls.

Madoka is panicking since her inability to interfere means she cannot prevent Puellae Magi from turning into witches. She began observing this universe and finds the source that is blocking her intervention in Kamihama originated when the Holy Quintet visited the city. She observes that this is the first time she had visited that city even after knowing about Homura's time loops, and see Ui Tamaki inviting Homura there to change fates. She even saw how the fates of the Holy Quintet mashes with the Kamihama local Puellae Magi and spin-off Puellae Magi like Oriko, Kazumi, Suzune and Tart. However, there were two that were never meant to cross paths with, that being Touka and Nemu. Thus, she decides to search for them.

There, she sees Touka and Nemu talking under the Eternal Sakura, sharing their enthusiasm that Walpurgis Night will be visiting and Eve will be born, thus liberating them from fate and releasing Puellae Magi from their Karma. From them, Ultimate Madoka understood their plans on hatching Eve by luring Walpurgis Night to the city. However, this doesn't bother Ultimate Madoka as much as the fact that Touka and Nemu are still alive. According to Madoka, Ui, Nemu and Touka are fated to die in every single universe, starting with Ui, then Nemu and Touka. Thus, they were never fated to contract. This difference is the key, and thus Madoka continues her search using this as a focal point, seeing how even the Holy Quintet are affected since Homura, Sayaka and herself are trapped by a Brainwashed Mami and Alina in a barrier and how Kyouko learns of Magius's plans from Mifuyu.

Madoka thinks that despite their methods, their plan, if come to fruition will achieve what she has done. She wonders if they will succeed and tries looking into the future, but she is unable to do so. She is at a loss if she should intervene since leaving it alone might lead to the destruction of this universe, but her forceful intervention might lead to other problems. She decides to do more investigating first, and decides to use Iroha as her next focal point. Iroha is chosen because this is the only universe where she has contracted to become a Puella Magi. Madoka begins her search by observing the people and events around Iroha, starting from her closest comrade in Kamihama: Yachiyo.

Madoka notices that Yachiyo and the fates of Kanae, Mifuyu and Mel are the same in this universe as well and comments that none of this was a factor for Iroha's contract. After encouraging herself that she must work hard for sacrificed Puella Magi like Kanea and Mel, Madoka begins studying Iroha herself. She chose the time where she is having a conversation with Nemu and Ui where they are showing off their knowledge of the Kamihama center district through research on the internet and books, gaining praise from Iroha since they know more. Touka joins and says that her dad has allowed her to use the radio telescope for her astronomy and shows off her astronomy and telescope knowledge to Iroha, gaining her praise which she happily requests for more. Touka is a little miffed that Nemu is interrupting her conversation with Ui's sister (Touka addresses Iroha as Onee-sama, Nemu uses Nee-san, Ui uses Onee-chan), though Nemu asks the piercing question if she is allowed for a holiday out of hospital.

Touka tells Nemu not to ask an obvious question since the answer is no, but her dad gave her access to the scope online, so she is aiming to use the 21cm to study and decipher the universe scientifically on her own terms. Iroha wonders if there would be aliens, and this caught Nemu's attention and she explains that she has read books and records of alien sightings, some taking the shape of men, some animals. Touka is not happy they are making stories out of her scientific search and gets into an argument with Nemu in which Iroha breaks them up with her usual friendliness and firmness. Madoka notes that this is also the same event that has happened in all universes and concludes that the change must have come after them contracting. Thus, she begin a close observation of Iroha's every single action since birth and finally finds the one difference:

One day, Iroha is heading to school as usual, but tried a shortcut instead. Madoka notes that this is the same, but unlike other universes, this Iroha accidentally kicked a small pebble which nearly made her late.

Madoka is rendered speechless for a while but concludes that this small but insignificant effect has caused a butterfly effect which led to her contracting and Ui, Nemu and Touka's survival. It derailed the universe and became lost in time, causing an even greater change in the future when it adds in Madoka and Homura's karma into the equation. Madoka wonders how such an error could have occurred? Is it due to an error created when causality overlaps or is it due to magic? Homura comes to mind, and she realizes her loop and causality overlapping have created this once in a million chance which derails the whole universe.

Madoka decides not to interfere since the powers of change working here might clash with her attempts and in the worse case cause destruction of the whole universe. However, she laments that she might have no choice but to trample over Iroha's wish and intervene if this universe that has becoming a singularity heads to a path that would threaten the safety and stability of the rest of the universes.


See Gallery:Ultimate Madoka.


  • Before her name was officially revealed when she was released in Magia Record, fans gave her many names. Some include:
    • Madokami
      • Note: Kami is a Japanese word used in Shintō belief, meaning "deity" or "divine being".
    • Godoka
    • Goddess Madoka
    • The Law of Cycles
    • In one of the original artwork designs, it is noted that Madoka is holding a shinai sword or a bow.
  • The final lines of the speech in the Concept movie reveal Devil Homura's reasons for splitting Madoka. She took pity on Madoka. She was sad for her and ultimately decided to end her endless suffering. Even if it meant becoming the devil, Homura would give anything for Madoka.
  • There is a petition to change the official name of the NGC 6357 nebula to the "Madokami nebula".
  • As an adult, Madoka looks similar to her Ultimate Madoka form, though without the pigtails.