Reira Ibuki

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Reira Ibuki
Reira ibuki profile.png
Japanese Name (伊吹 れいら) Ibuki Reira
Voiced by Japanese: Marika Kouno

Reira Ibuki is one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

General Info

Physical features

  • Age:
  • Eye colour: Hazel
  • Hair colour: Pink


  • Soul Gem: Blue heart on her hair decoration
  • Weapon: Sai that can be transformed into a flaming sword
  • Wish: To return to how things used to be with Seika.
  • Witch form:
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi ()
  • School: Kamihama City University Affiliated School

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★4 80 Balanced Attribute flame.png
Initial 4615 1479 1494
Max at ★3 15691 5028 5079
Max at ★4 20408 6544 6609
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Let's Unite Our Feelings
★3: HP Restore [IV] & Attack UP [V] & Burn Edge
★4: HP Restore [VI] & Attack UP [VI] & Guaranteed Burn
Magia: Circle of Fire
★3: Attribute Strengthened Damage One Enemy [III] & Charged Damage Up (All / 3 T)
★4: Attribute Strengthened Damage One Enemy [V] & Charged Damage Up (All / 3 T) & Remove all negative effects (All)


A magical girl living in an apartment complex in Kamihama's Shinsei Ward. Cheerful and very gentle-hearted, she touches the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with. Drawn to her personality, lots of people and things in nature gather around her. On the other hand, she sometimes sacrifices herself for the sake of harmony around.

Side Story

Reira wants to help throw a party for her friend Seika Kumi and is trying to decide what sweets she could make. Reira can't make cake, since Seika's mom is buying one already. Reira ends up stumbling on a restaurant named "Walnut's" and decides to get something there. While she enjoys the food, she can't find inspiration for Seika's party. She then overhears Manaka Kurumi explain to Hinano Miyako about the restaurant's special walnut cake. Reira asks Manaka if she could have one.

Reira immediately digs into the cake and finds it delicious. She then explains her situation to Manaka. Manaka says that her restaurant is sponsoring cooking classes, and invites Reira to attend the next session. By a coincidence, it turns out the next session will be about making the walnut cake. Reira says she'll try her best.

At the cooking class, Manaka notices that Reira is good at making the cake and asks if she's done it before. Reira says she sometimes makes sweets. Reira's cake turns out to be perfect, and Reira is overjoyed. However, Manaka receives a phone call, which prompts her to ask Reira for help. It turns out there's a cooking contest that Walnut's was invited to participate in. However, an important customer made a reservation at the restaurant, preventing Manaka from attending the event. She asks Reira to enter in her place.

Reira says she's just a novice, but Manaka explains it was a desert contest...and she was going to enter the very kind of cake that Reira finished making. Manaka says that the cake Reira made is good enough to serve in the restaurant and asks her to attend as a representative. Reira is reluctant to enter, but Manaka ultimately persuades her. She decides to practice making the cake again.

Reira also asks Manaka who else is competing in the contest. Manaka is shocked to find Konoha Shizumi is entering. Unaware of who her competitor is, Reira thinks she's up against some capable people. Manaka says she'll be fine. Reira says she'll make it work out. At the event, Tsuruno Yui, representing her family's restaurant "Banbanzai", shares her Sesame Ball desert. It is of course, rated 50 points.

Himika Mao enters with a desert that includes shredded squid and honey. The judges don't approve. Aimi Eri enters with "Sweets of a Maiden in Love", but it's too sweet for the judges. As Reira tries to finish her cake, she realizes there aren't any walnuts. She complains to the event hosts, who admit they made a mistake. Reira calls Manaka, who tells Reira she has faith in her and to follow her instincts. Manaka apologizes for only being able to encourage her, but Reira says she's grateful.

Reira overhears that Himika still has some ingredients left over and asks to use them. She then finishes the cake and presents it to the judges. The judges find it's delicious. It turns out Himika's desert had salted nuts that Reira used instead. As Reira calls Manaka to tell her the good news, the judges come to their final contestant, Konoha.

Konoha shows them her specialty ice cream. It makes the judges fall unconscious. Hazuki Yusa tells Konoha that she told her so. Ayame Mikuri says she knows how the judges feel. Konoha admits she's not good at making sweets. Ultimately, Reira wins the contest for Walnuts. She then makes a cake and serves it at Seika's birthday party. Both Seika and their friend Mito Aino enjoy it. Reira says everything turned out okay.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • The characters in her last name mean "Italy" (伊) and "to blow" or "to whistle" (吹), respectively.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Hello from Atop the Stairs
Critical Adept [IV] (Self / 1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
Critical Adept [V] (Self / 1 Turn)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
Since I was a child, I have been living together in an apartment complex with Seika and Mito, so I ran up and down the stairs together. Even though I felt it was big at that time, now I am wearing legs normally, but some things have changed but the three of them are still friends...! 小さい頃から団地で一緒に暮らしているれいら、せいか、みと一緒にバタバタと階段を駆け上がったり駆け下りたり!あの頃は大きいと感じていた一段も、今では普通に足をかけている変わっていくこともあるけれど、三人は変わらず、今も友達...!
Reira's Key
MP Gain Up [IX] (Self/1 T)
Max Limit Break:
MP Gain Up [X] (Self/1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
**Unique to Reira Ibuki**
This one I bought myself...

This one was from Seika... ah, and this is the one Mito gave me! So that's basically why I put all those keyrings on my house key! It's a little big... but it's cute, so it's fine!


これはせいかからで・・・あ、これはみとからもらったもの! そんな感じでキーホルダーを全部付けた私の家のカギ! ちょっと大きいけど・・・カワイイからいっかな!

The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex
Chance to Cover [II] & Defense Up [III]
Max Limit Break:
Chance to Cover [III] & Defense Up [IV]
Passive The park in the housing complex is a place where three people always meet, chatting after returning to school or sometimes like a picnic; At such times three people taste slow and gentle time while they are taking in the warm light, and taste the sweets that were brought ... 団地にある公園は、三人がいつも集まる場所学校帰りにおしゃべりしたり、時にはピクニックみたいなこともそういう時は三人はゆっくりとした穏やかな時間を味わっている暖かい光を浴びながら、れいらが持ってきたお菓子を味わいつつ...
Tomorrow They Will Bloom Again
Max Limit Break:
Renerate HP [III] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [IV]
Passive One day, an older and younger group of magical girls met by chance.

Teaching and learning about the mysterious world that sits next to reality, eventually the girls are able to come through to each other naturally and with their hearts. They gently nestle together, those who carry the same fate...


現実と隣り合わせの不思議な世界のことを教え、そして学ぶ やがて彼女たちは自然と心を通わせるようになる 同じ宿命を背負った者たちが、そっと寄り添うように…

The Way Home after the Rain (Reira)
Guaranteed Darkness & Attack Down [VI] (One / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Darkness & Attack Down [VI] (One / 1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
On the way home on a rainy day, this time is fixed ... Hey, Mito jumped into the puddle! Guard the anticipation there! Hehe~! she's already accustomed! Next time I will try to do it ...! Even so, at this time I avoid it naturally ... Seika will...? 雨の日の帰り道、こういう時は決まって…ほら、みとが水たまりに飛び込んだ!そこを予想してガード!ふふ〜!もう慣れっこだもんね!次は私もやってみようかな…!?それにしても、こういう時自然に避けてるよね〜せいかは…!

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