Magia Record Story The Crescent Moon Manor's Summer Vacation

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

As Yachiyo is still addressing Iroha as Tamaki-san, this is before the museum brainwashing (Chapter 6).

It is Iroha and Felicia's turn to go shopping for dinner and they had two tickets for a lucky draw. After getting permission from Yachiyo, the duo went to roll the wheel to see the prize, and Iroha hits Jackpot, winning a 7 day 6 night hostel ticket for 5 at the beach in the southern area. The shop owner congratulates her for her good luck since it was the last day of the event.

Back home, the four girls living at Nanami-ke are excited about the trip, and after a little friendly teasing, they include Tsuruno for the trip as well and everyone heads out happily the next day.

Day 1

After admiring the beautiful scenery around the hostel, Nanami-ke proceed to check-in, meeting Momoko, Rena and Kaede who are also checking in. Rena claims that it was a coincidence, but after some prodding, Momoko had to take Iroha aside and tell her that Rena heard of the trip from Felicia and wanted to join in, so she tells them to go along with what Rena's saying to avoid embarrassment. Nanami-ke agree, but Felicia really thought it was just coincidence.

After checking in, the team change into their swimsuits and head to the beach. Tsuruno and Felicia dive in head first into the ocean and compete to see who can swim fastest, while the rest just enjoy the sun and the play at their own pace. Kadea teases Rena about her huge melons, leading to Rena and Yachiyo splashing water at her, while Momoko joins in to help Kadea and even the odds. Iroha and Sana became victims since Momoko's actions were too wild. Iroha and Sana head to the woods to rest and avoid the sun, with Sana close to tears since she has never been on holiday and has never had so much fun as thanks Iroha for the opportunity, which she thinks was needed. Momoko bought the duo cold drinks and they chat. Momoko agrees with the duo and says she is also having fun, especially since she did not expect to enjoy a holiday with Yachiyo. Yachiyo also joins in to take a break so the blushing Momoko went to take a nap nearby instead, answering happily to Yachiyo's concern for her getting sunburned by saying she has already used sunscreen lotion.

Yachiyo, Iroha and Sana begin to talk about protection from the sun, with Yachiyo sharing her sunscreen spray with her wards. After a while Iroha praises Sana for her beautiful skin, which Yachiyo agrees since it is soft and firm as well. Sana blushes hard, and Momoko who cannot sleep due to the heat joins in and agrees with Yachiyo and Iroha after copping a feel of Sana. Rena and Kaede join in and inform them that the beach is lending out beach toys for free. After heading to the borrowing space, they realize only beach flags are left, so Tsuruno and Felicia who have just joined them excitedly say they should play with that.

Iroha foresees their defeat at the hands of the athletic duo, but Yachiyo tells her that she should try before giving up. As expected, Felicia and Tsuruno defeat everyone. But seeing the smile on everyone's face, Yachiyo tells Iroha that enjoying the process is also important, and Iroha agrees whole heartedly. Tsuruno competes with Felicia but loses to her, even after several rematches. Eventually, Tsuruno decides that she will be the flag and Felicia has to catch her to win, and if she fails to do so, Tsuruno will be the winner. Felicia agrees to the terms and they went wild around the beach, going a long way around and back to the team, unable to stop themselves. Tsuruno is about to crash in, so Felicia stops her by tackling her, and the duo crashland on Rena.

Seeing that they've had their fun, Yachiyo announces that they should return to the hostel which all agree. However, Tsuruno is spent and falls asleep on top of Rena.

This ends Day 1.

Day 2

Everyone is having fun swimming as Yachiyo teaches the impatient Felicia frog-style. She offers to teach Iroha as well, but she decides that she is better on the float. Tsuruno is having fun using a self-created style which mixes backstroke and butterfly stroke to the bewilderment of Rena. After a while, they are hungry and thus head to the seaside restaurant.

Once there, they see a sign informing customers that the restaurant is in collaboration with Walnuts this summer, and the are greeted by Manaka who is in charge. They realize she is a Puella Magi since she can see Sana, and she is very happy to see Sana in good hands and enjoying herself. The menu is mainly seafood in western style, and the team is excited with the good food from the famed Walnuts. Just then, Himika rushes out from the restaurant (the team are sitting at the tables outside) and faints, with Natsuki following her. She greets her friend Kaede, and together with Manaka explains that there is a spicy curry challenge where free meal tickets will be given to challengers who can finish the curry within the given time. Himika failed the challenge and wanted some water, but gets pulled away by Natuski who thinks that Himika needs more training to win.

Manaka is proud that her specially crafted curry is working so well, and her saying it is the strongest attracts Tsuruno's interest in wanting to challenge the dish. Felicia decides to join in since Tsuruno is doing it. After some thinking, Iroha strongly dissuades them from eating the dish, surprising the team since it is very un-Iroha like. Tsuruno almost falls for Manaka's provocation, but Yachiyo steps in and announces that she will be the representative. The others relent due to her aura, and all sigh in relief when they see the dish. It is so spicy that it hurts their eyes by just looking at it. However, Yachiyo finishes the dish in the blink of an eye and she thinks it could be more spicy, surprising everyone. They then remembered how sharp and diligent Yachiyo is when it comes to food and realize she is a big eater who loves to enjoy good food in quality and quantity, but Rena has a spark in her eyes as she admires Yachiyo.

Manaka admits defeat gracefully and hands out the tickets, and recommends her to join in the food fight event in the afternoon. Unlike the curry challenge, the battle is once per summer, and the winner gets 5 million yen worth of vouchers to be spent in any shop in Kamihama. Despite being a top-class model, the shrewd Yachiyo decides to compete, and since the battle is fought with a team of 3, Tsuruno and Felicia join her as the others are not big eaters. They finally remember that they are here for lunch and proceed to dig in, with Yachiyo, Felicia and Tsuruno being exceptions since they have to compete.

As the other teams arrive, Iroha is surprised to know that all of them are Puella Magis and know each other in some way. The teams are Konoha and her sisters and Nanaka with Akira and Kako. Everyone knows Yachiyo by her reputation, but Nanaka and Konoha know her in person. The others are all connected as friends in one way or another and are all friendly to each other. Konoha says she understands Yachiyo is here for the ticket while she is here in the first place to assist Manaka in the restaurant, then decides to join to learn to emulate her sensei's cooking, but asks why Nanaka would join. She replies that she wanted to have good memories of summer with her friends, and even thinks it is a miracle that everyone is meeting up together here. It is apparent she is very happy this time round.

Manaka is the judge and commentator and is joined by Meiyu since she is not part of the tournament, though she looks pretty unwilling to take the role. Momoko and the others check that a standard female can eat about 50 bowls of the cold pasta used in the battle and wonder how much they can eat. The battle is fought in relay, and the order is like this:

  • Tsuruno, Felicia, Yachiyo
  • Hazuki, Ayame, Konoha
  • Akira, Nanaka, Kako

The battle is underway and by the time Yachiyo and Konoha are up, Konoha's team is leading with Yachiyo in second and Nanaka at the third, though Kako has not been subbed in yet. Konoha is enjoying the food so much that she forgets about the tournament while Yachiyo and Nanaka enjoy the food while also remembering that they are competing. After reaching about 100 bowls, Yachiyo finds the taste boring, and so does Nanaka even though she has not eaten as much. Manaka offers that they can use one type of spice to add flare for the pasta, and Yachiyo chooses Tabasco while Nanaka decides to remain vanilla. Yachiyo's speed goes up again and Nanaka finally gives in, tagging Kako in. To everyone's surprise, Kako is also a big and fast eater, with Felicia and Ayame explaining that touring Ramen stands is Kako's second hobby. Yachiyo decides to keep up her pace despite Kako's speed, and her strategy is correct since Kako eventually slows down and gives up, making Yachiyo's team the winner.

The ladies realize Yachiyo ate about 142 bowls, close to 3 times the normal intake of a person and Rena admires Yachiyo like a cute fan girl. They depart on good terms and wish each other a good summer, though Hazuki and Ayame are dreading it since Konoha wants to replicate the recipe after work, but she already is getting the wrong cooking aids, like using vinegar and mayonnaise which were never used.

Thus ends day 2.

Bad Ends

The first bad end has Iroha failing to stop Tsuruno and Felicia from challenging the curry, leading them to being overwhelmed by the curry and going nuts, heading to the sea to drink water and doubling the damage, and the rest have to head out to save them.

Three bad ends have Yachiyo losing the eating contest:

  • One because mayonnaise doesn't go well with pasta, making her lose her appetite.
  • Another because vinegar lacks spice and she stops eating.
  • The last one has her picking up the pace when Kako is chasing up fast, which overwhelms her digestive system and she passes out. However, she wakes up without much problem later and is hungry again. She is given vouchers to a book store though since it is consolation prize for all who lose.

Day 3

Sana accidentally wakes Iroha early in the morning and tells the concerned Iroha that she cannot sleep because she is too happy and excited. However, as she took a stroll yesterday night (Iroha chides her since it is dangerous for a girl to wonder around late in the night, but Sana thinks it is fine since she is invisible), she saw a female-like shadow screaming "Come on go" and disappeared. Sana shares her tale with the rest of the team and Tsuruno thinks that it is a ghost, while others think Sana mistook trees as a shadow and animal cries for words. Sana relents and the team head to the beach. There, Iroha notices that Sana is out of it, and she admits that she is curious about the event and wants to find out the truth. Momoko joins in the conversation, though Iroha heard someone saying "come go on" and decides to ask that person directly.

It seems Kokoro also heard that phrase as she is returning to the hostel from the convenience stall. Masara thinks she is just too tired and mistook stuff, but Kokoro insists that she is correct. Masara first apologizes to Iroha, and then questions if she has ulterior motives in approaching them and used the words she overheard as an excuse. Iroha denies it, and thus Masara comes to the conclusion that something is happening since the same phrase appears. The trio cannot think of a reason, but it spikes Kokoro's interest, so she drags Masara back and decides to rope in Aimi to search for the truth. Sana, Iroha and Momoko share their findings with the rest of the team, and they decide to aid Sana in finding the truth since it might have something to do with witches even though their soul gems have had no reactions.

However, their investigations lead to wild guesses on the Kamihama's official local SNS. Tsuruno's investigation is asking about "come on go" like those doom saying prophets, Felicia thought it was a monster and roped in Asuka and Sasara in the search, leading to Asuka questioning people with her Naginata. Even Yachiyo's polite questioning is up on the SNS since guys became embarrassed when they mistook this beauty as trying to hit on them. Sana decides that the mystery of the phrase is what led to this fuss and decides to go on with the investigation and gain full support from the team. They are interrupted by Mito and Leila.

The duo explained that they are here since their childhood friend Seika invited them here. They reveal that she went on a training camp with a senpai neither them nor her mother know, worrying and angering her mother who cannot just bring her back due to work and asked the duo to do it for her. They are worried that she has fallen in with bad company, and are interrupted because they saw "come on go" on Seika's memo. They agree to introduce her to Seika.

At 6 in the evening, a huge crowd has gathered at the beach since they want to know about the truth of "come on go". Even Karin is there since she wants to sketch the truth, and she said that the news was spread on the SNS. Kokoro, Masara and Aimi are also there as well. Seika introduces Mito and Leila to Ayaka, her Manzai teacher, and performs a very bad gag which plays on the meaning of the word and rhythm, but no one is laughing. Sana and Kokoro are frozen in place and have a thousand yard stare when they find out the source of their trouble.

Shizuku connects with Ayaka through telepathy and realizes she is too late to stop her and Seika. She tells them to bolt before anything bad happens and retorts to Ayaka complaining that she is intruding on her freedom of expression that what she is doing is a crime to society. Ayaka says they can just disappear like usual, but Shizuku reminds her that they can't do that if she is not around, so they decide to just walk. Seika asks her friends who are apologizing if they want to come with them and they accept.

After seeing the comforting look from Yachiyo, Sana promise that she will sleep well tonight.

End of day 3.

Bad Ends

Sana has three bad ends:

  • One where she insists she sees a person and went to search for her on the beach, but instead finding a new species of crab. She falls in love with marine animals and eventually becames famous for her research, winning awards and could even open an aquarium with only the new species she's discovered. Since she is invisible, Yachiyo and Iroha became her representative, though Sana is still miffed she cannot find out the truth about the ghost, though she enjoys studying marine animals as well.
  • Another has it that she gives up when their search causes wild guesses, but the rumors do not die down and even become a tourist attraction, bringing big bucks and a sustainable tourism icon for Kamihama. It ends with Iroha and Sana enjoying an ice cream named after the phrase "come on go".
  • The last has her give a dry and half-hearted applause for Ayaka and Seika's performance, dragging her into the team. Sana eventually falls in love with Manzai and begins studying it for real.

Day 4

Day 4 consists of the side story for Swimsuit Iroha's side story.

Day 5

Tsuruno is the leader for today's activities, and she planned for a surprise tour. Unfortunately, she left some of her notes in the room, so the team know about the surprise. Luckily, she wrote the plans in codes nobody could understand, though they know the surprise has something to do with treasure hunting, a curse, and that Iroha is the centerpiece for the surprise. The team go along with Tsuruno's plan since they did not want to waste her efforts. They first got a map by helping a kid open a bottle who is obviously Tsuruno's helper, then Iroha ad-libs and pretends to be interested in the treasure the map is leading to, allowing Tsuruno to continue her plan. They then follow Tsuruno's lead to a forest where they meet up with Konomi who was asked beforehand by Tsuruno to play a role as well.

Her role is to warn them about how seeking the treasure will be cursed. Tsuruno asks Iroha who pretended to be interested if she is okay, but she says she only feels a little tired which Rena comments is from the walking. Tsuruno over-reacts that it is the curse, and Konomi plays her role and tells them they can get rid of it by finding the treasure. Tsuruno thanks her and gives her discount tickets at Banbanzai which she accepts happily, surprising Kaede that Konomi likes food with a strong taste, large portions and a little oily. She apologizes to Konomi for getting involved, but she laughs it off and goes back to work.

Following the map, the team arrives at a small shrine. Tsuruno asks Mayu about the treasure since the map marks the spot, but she was too involved in studying the shrine that she gives a long and detailed introduction on the 500 year old shrine and how it is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen. She comes back to senses when she sees everyone looking at her and dives into her role immediately, earning praise from Rena. She informs them there is a second part for the map which is in the hands of the evil queen, and she is also responsible for cursing Iroha since she wants the treasure for herself. Tsuruno thanks Mayu for her help and also gives her a discount ticket at Banbanzai which she also happily accepts, surprising the team that one with her looks would also enjoy Banbanzai. Kaedea and Momoko think Tsuruno is pretty good at marketing as well since she is promoting her shop while leading the team for a surprise.

The queen turns out to be Mitama. Seeing how Tsuruno is looking at her with anticipation, her thoughts are even leaking out from telepathy, Iroha challenges Mitama for the map which she easily gives out. Following the map, Tsuruno brings the team to a cave with amazing scenery and a clean and beautiful stream. She explains this is nature's treasure, and apologizes for the surprise which the team acting like they buy it. However, they do find the place to be beautiful, and they have a great time playing in the stream and cave.

Iroha reveals that Mitama is the one who introduced Tsuruno to the cave since she have been there once. However, Tsuruno thinks it is boring to just walk there, so she planned for a surprise tour, but she wandered into an adventure game and the plan became focused on that instead. Detecting that it will become a disaster, Mitama advices Tsuruno to write her plans down on a memo and scatter them about since it will help in increasing her chance for success. Like Mitama expected, the team finds the memo and decides to go along while ad-libbing which leads to a happy experience for everyone, so nobody is angry that Mitama played them like a fiddle, especially since it is done with good intentions.

End of day 5.

Bad Ends

Tsuruno has four bad ends:

  • Bad end 1 is she came back early and sees the team looking at her memo, killing the atmosphere and the team stays indoors the whole day.
  • Bad end 2 is Iroha giving too light of a reaction when she is said to be cursed, and Tsuruno's constant and failed prodding lead to them repeating the thing until night comes.
  • Bad End 3 is Iroha putting too much effort in acting being in pain due to a curse, scaring everyone and Tsuruno brakes down in tears as she apologizes to Iroha for causing her to really be cursed. Iroha embarrassingly reveals she is fine, but the damage is done and Tsuruno is not in the mood to play anymore.
  • Bad end 4 is Iroha waiting for Tsuruno's reacting when facing the queen, with Mitama accidentally dropping the ball by just giving the map away. But everything works out since the scenery the cave provides is enough for everyone to forget about the embarrassing stuff.

Day 6

The team is at the beach playing as usual when Rena and Kaede inform them that there is a poster at the restaurant advertising on the summer festival that will be held that night nearby. The team find it lucky and decide to join in, though Iroha sees the subtitle: Ria's Festival. That night, the team visit the summer festival and is amazed by the lighting, decorations and stores with Tsuruno busy taking pictures of the scenery and her friends enjoying themselves. But they realize it is pretty unorthodox, since there are a lack of traditional food and candy, but has variations like mushroom okonomiyaki, or a chemistry shooting stand for example. After a discussion, they decide to try out the shooting stand.

The tired owner informs them that the stand uses an air gun which has 5 shots. Felicia is unsure if it is fun shooting a gun without bullets, so Tsuruno offers to demonstrate. However, the shot is so powerful that it topples all the prizes, and the owner has to head back and talk to Miyako who is responsible for creating and maintaining the guns. She apologizes first, but realizes the gun is functioning, just that she accidentally set the power at max. The owner informs the nervous Tsuruno that she can take her targeted prize and they leave the stall happy.

On the way, they meet Rika who is overjoyed to see them, and brings them along to the organizing committee's office. Emiri, the producer for this year's event greets them. Rika explains that her reputation for being helpful and resourceful made the adults who wanted new changes to the Summer Festival, which is part of the revitalization plan, to appoint Emiri as the producer while they provide cash and manpower. Emiri adds that many of her friends have joined in to help while enjoying the holiday, including Kanako, Konomi, Rika, Miyako, Ren, Manaka and Mayu. Iroha asks Emiri about Ria's Festival and Ria herself appears to answer.

Before she can say anything though, the team greets her with wrong names, including Boar from Tsuruno, Ribs from Momoko, Rishi (Interest) from Rena and Retire from Kaede. She finally introduces herself and Emiri explains that the festival needs an icon, and the beautiful and elegant Ria is the right person. Ria notices Yachiyo being quiet and mistakes her disinterest as a sign of anger at not being chosen instead and thus offers her a chance to challenge her for the title of Goddess. Rika explains that there will be stage event later where people challenge Ria and winners will get prizes. Yachiyo is really not interested despite Ria's challenges, though Felicia is really eager. Since anyone can join, Yachiyo gives Felicia the permission to do so and pacifies the fuming Ria that Felicia is her representative, so if Ria defeats her, it means she defeats Yachiyo as well.

As the event begins, Rena and many idol chasers are delighted that Sayuri (Sayusayu) is invited as the MC. The team is surprised that Felicia is the only challenger, and Ren informs them that everyone chose to drop out, though Ria takes it in stride and thinks they are just afraid to lose to her. Sayuri introduces the three games for the challenger to choose from, being catching goldfish, Katanuki and Mushroom Whacking. Felicia chooses Mushroom Whacking and wins easily since she is used to using a hammer while Ria is not. Felicia cheerfully informs Yachiyo that she has won, and she gives a happy smile seeing how much fun Felicia is having. Rena notices that Tsuruno is also having the same smile despite her loving this kind of challenges, but she let Felicia have the chance instead.

While accepting defeat for the game, she refuses to admit defeat in whole and challenges Felicia to Bon Odori, and eventually everyone joins in, and the day ends with them dancing under the beautiful fireworks.

Bad Ends

Felicia has four bad ends:

  • Bad end 1 has the team try out Mushroom Okonomiyaki, but the mushroom Kanako uses gives a bad odor which kills the team's holiday mood.
  • Bad end 2 has the team follow Tsuruno's nose as they look for a store, leading them to Banbanzai's store since her dad is invited as well. Seeing how busy he is, Tsuruno decides to help out instead despite her dad's protest and the rest of the team join in. While they also have fun, they regret that they could not enjoy the festival more.
  • Bad end 3 has Yachiyo denying to join the Goddess challenge. While the team enjoy themselves, Ria makes a fool of herself bon dancing frantically.
  • Bad end 4 and 5 have Felicia losing out to Ria in goldfish catching and katanuki since Ria is very good at it since she was young. However, Felicia is attracted by the art of katanuki and Ria teaches her the skills to do it.

Day 7 and Normal End

Today is the day for everyone to leave. After packing, the team went to the beach to have a final look of the summer sea, though Tsuruno and Felicia decide to change into their swimwear to have fun one more time. Everyone decides to follow suit, and they ask Manaka to help take a group photo which includes Nanami-ke and Momoko trio. Iroha thinks to herself that she will treasure these precious memories with her friends.

True End

That night, Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Sana, and Felicia throw a surprise birthday party for Iroha. She is surprised that they know her birthday, and Tsuruno gently chides her for being quiet about it since she herself will give hints that she wants a celebration. Yachiyo informs Iroha that her parents called the day before they headed to the beach, informing her that they have sent a package to Iroha as her birthday present, but delivery troubles will cause a delay where the present will arrive a day after their daughter's birthday, and they called to inform Yachiyo to sign the package.

Before cutting the cake, everyone gives their presents to Iroha one by one: Yachiyo's gift is a cook book that Iroha desired, Tsuruno's gift is an album which contains photos of their holiday (everyone also wants a copy, which she complies), Sana's gift is a drawing of a cute animal she imagined when they searched for "come on go" (she imagined it to be a cute animal) and inspired by her favorite show: Korokoro the kitten, and Felicia's gift is a brooch made from paper clay with help from Yachiyo. Felicia drew Iroha's portrait and designed the brooch, coloring it with help.

Just then, Momoko trio also arrives to join in the celebration, offering a beautiful bouquet handpicked by Konomi and food that they have bought together. Iroha is touched by their affections and finally cries tears of joy and needs to be comforted by Yachiyo and Momoko.

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