Magia Record Story Kamihama in a Circle

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Day One

(Rika and Ren stand in front of a ward)
Rika: Mmh, haaa… Geez, to think that I’d sleep in today of all days…

Ren: Were you up late last night…?

Rika: Before I realized it was already past midnight. When I finally got back home my mom was furious. For real, it was totally the worst…

Ren: But your mom must have been really worried about you…

Rika: Yeah, I get that it was my fault. Oh…

Ren: Rika-chan…?

Rika: If I remember correctly, isn’t that girl over there a magical girl?

Ren: Yeah… She was there with us the other day…

Rika: Maybe we’re heading towards the same place then.

(Cut to Konomi and Kako standing in front of a ward)

Konomi: Then you’re not going Kako-chan?

Kako: I’m sorry for being so sudden…! I really wanted to participate, but…

Konomi: If it’s your team’s policy then it can’t be helped.

(Cut to Manaka and Ria standing in front of a ward)

Manaka: How can you be late on such an important day?

Ria: I told you, I had to make sure my hair looked good! If that’s not a critical situation for the beautiful Ria Ami then what is!?

Manaka: Haa… Nobody really cares about your hairstyle senpai…

Ria: NGAH!

(Cut to Masara, Kokoro, and Aimi standing at the park)

Aimi: I thought for sure Masara wasn’t going to participate.

Masara: I don’t particularly care either way, but…

Kokoro: That’s no good Masara. Everyone’s going to be meeting today.

Aimi: Since from here on we’re all comrades cooperating with one another.

(Cut to Leila, Mito, and Seika standing on a sidewalk)

Mito: Everyone who was fighting that witch together is probably gonna be there!

Leila: The girls of Mikazuki villa and Kanagi-san contacted us.

Seika: Everyone’s so amazing.

Leila: I wonder if everyone’s already gathered at the park?

(at Mikazuki Villa)

Iroha: Yachiyo-san! I’ve finished drying the laundry, so we can head out now!

Yachiyo: This is all because Felicia left a tissue in her pocket We ended up losing a lot of time…

Iroha: The laundry was full of paper…

Yachiyo: Futaba-san and the rest went on ahead. I wonder if they’ve already arrived by now.

Iroha: I just got in touch with her a bit ago. It seems everyone’s finished their errands. It seems everything’s just about ready.

Yachiyo: In that case, let’s hurry on to the gathering place as well.

Iroha: You’re right, all the Kamihama girls should be gathering there now. If we show up late, it’ll mess up everything.

Yachiyo: I’m going to check that the 2nd floor is locked up. Iroha, can you check the first floor?

Iroha: Got it!

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: It feels like so much time has passed.

Yachiyo: That's true.

Iroha: Coming to Kamihama in search of Ui.

Yachiyo: Investigated all sorts of rumors. Fighting with the Wings of Magius. Establishing the automatic purification system in Kamihama. After that, everyone was in a panic as the knowledge of witchification became widespread, but at last things have started to settle down.

Iroha: It all still feels so unreal to me that I can’t help but feel like I’m dreaming. It feels like so long ago when Yachiyo first tried to drive me away as I was searching for Ui, like a distant memory.

Yachiyo: That story of mine… well, it’s fine now I suppose. Right now, we're all living together happily. Everyone in Kamihama is trying to come together as well.

Iroha: Fufu, you’re right.

Day Two

(at the park)

Iroha: Haa… haa… haa…

Yachiyo: Haa… Aaa, at this rate we should be able to make it in time.

Iroha: I sure hope so… Kanagi-san is gathering up those from the east. Hinano-san’s taken charge of the south.

Yachiyo: That’s right. If we’re late after bringing up this whole idea, it’ll call our credibility into question.

Tsuruno: Yachiyooooo, Iroha-chaaaaan!!

Yachiyo: That voice…

Tsuruno: Hiyaaaaaaaaah!

Yachiyo: Kya-

Iroha: FUWA…!

Yachiyo: Tsuruno!

Tsuruno: Hum hum hum hum!

Yachiyo: Stop snuffling me!

Tsuruno: Hehehe, it’s your punishment for cutting it so close~ I’ve been waiting here for so long.

Iroha: Why didn’t you just head there directly from your house?

Tsuruno: I figured we might as well go together. Anyways, I was able to meet up with you, so it all turned out alright in the end. Now let’s dash!


Yachiyo: What!?

Iroha: Tsuruno-chan!?


Iroha & Yachiyo: Hyaaaaaa!!
(all take off running)

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: I first met Tsuruno while searching for Ui and investigating Uwasas. And because of that, I was able to form a connection with Yachiyo-san.

Yachiyo: Even working together, it was difficult fighting the Uwasa. To be honest, we might’ve lost if it hadn’t been for Tsuruno. It's just as Iroha said. She brought us together.

Iroha: That’s right. And after that, when we learned about Tsuruno’s true feelings through battling Uwasas, our bonds grew even stronger.

Yachiyo: All of us at Mikazuki Villa decided to support one another.

Day Three

(Outside convenience store)

Iroha: Haa… ha… fuu… Tsuruno-chan… It's alright…

Yachiyo: She’s right… We have some time to spare…

Tsuruno: Phew, nice work.

Iroha: Is it ok If I go to the convenience store for a bit? I’m thirsty, I think I'll get some tea.

Tsuruno: After I caught us up on time...

Yachiyo: We have enough time. I I’m going to buy some water too.

Felicia: Then, I'm gonna get a Decagon Ball chocolate.

Iroha: Is it okay to drink something like that? Wha-, Felicia-chan!

Felicia: Huh?

Yachiyo: How long have you been there?

Felicia: I got here just now.

Tsuruno: Did you take a detour somewhere?

Felicia: A bit, I went to Ayame’s place first. But Konoha and Hazuki aren't coming.

Tsuruno: It's a voluntary meeting. It’ll be a little lonely, but there's nothing we can do about it.

Iroha: We also had doubts about our "purpose".

Yachiyo: But when I'm in trouble as a Magical Girl they've helped me. It's ok to just promise me.

Iroha: I agree.

Felicia: Then, will you buy me the Decagon Ball chocolate?

Iroha: Did you want something to drink?

Felicia: I'll get milk!

Iroha: Alright then.

Tsuruno: Which one are you aiming for with the chocolates this time?

Felicia: It's the new Kidney Bean No. 19!

Tsuruno: Ohhh, that's a common one.

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: My first encounter with Felicia was back when I was caught up in a rumor.

Yachiyo: At that time she was still a mercenary, so she was violent and couldn't see the people around her. If I hadn’t met Iroha, I would’ve have ended up making the mistake of living with Felicia.

Iroha: Since we started living together, I've changed little by little, and now I"m able to care for people. But the one that's changed the most is Yachiyo-san.

Yachiyo: Is that right?

Iroha: Whether it be drying her hair or anything else, you’ve always cared for Felicia-chan more than anybody.

Yachiyo: Hmm… She’s such a troublesome child, but maybe that’s what makes her cute.

Day Four

(back alley)

Tsuruno: The M in milk stands for-

Felicia: Mightiest!

Tsuruno: The I in milk stands for-

Felicia: Die-licious!

Yachiyo: You know that's not right...

Felicia: Fits close enough.

Tsuruno: Rather than that, Yachiyo, are you sure we're on the right track?

Yachiyo: Anyway, I’m thinking of taking a shortcut.

Tsuruno: Oh, I see.

Iroha: Hey, I think there’s someone else back here.

(Sana appears)
Sana: Ah,…Iroha-san…!

Iroha: I thought it might be you Sana-chan. What are you doing croched down over there?

Sana: I spotted someone I hadn't seen in awhile.

Iroha: It’s Kaede-chan’s Gorojiro... isn’t it?

Sana: Yes, I happened to find her…!

Yachiyo: Eh? Gorojiro is here?

Tsuruno: Ohhh, it really is!

Felicia: Long time no see Goroji!

Gorojiro: Meow

Yachiyo: But you did well in finding it. Futaba-san were you trying to take a shortcut too?

Sana: No, that's not it... I was doing some patrolling... In case any dangerous magical girls Magical Girls were roaming about... Like the ones that were rampaging up until recently...

Yachiyo: So you were investigating while trying to stay hidden.

Sana: Yes... I want to do what I can for everyone…

Iroha: Thank you, Sana-chan. But it’s ok for you to relax today.

Tsuruno: That's right! Kamihama has calmed down now that everyone's united!

Felicia: In that case, let's stop dawdling and head over to Kaihin Park together.

Sana: Yes...! Then, until next time Gorojiro...

Gorojiro: Meow!

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: Back then, I could somewhat sympathize with Sana-chan's feeling of isolation in class. Then when I needed to find Sana-chan, she was with a gentle rumor in a barrier. Even now it’s still the same. For me, Mikazuki Villa is an important place where I want to stay forever.

Yachiyo: At first our hearts were far apart, but now they're all blending together. She was an invisible person whom no one could see except for other Magical Girls, but we’re gradually finding the distance to the world while facing it.

Iroha: It’s really amazing isn’t it...

Yachiyo: I think it would have taken an immeasurable amount of effort.

Day Five

(walking between wards)

Ui: Ah, Onee-chan! Everyone!

Iroha: Is that, Ui?

Touka: I’m here too!

Nemu: Good afternoon, Onee-san.

Iroha: Hello to you too, Touka-chan and Nemu-chan.

Felicia: Hmm? Did you guys leave before me?

Sana: Yeah, me and Felicia-chan left about the same time but…

Yachiyo: Were you guys playing far from here?

Touka: We weren't playing. We went to my hospital.

Nemu: The three of us hadn’t visited since being discharged. We updated the doctors and nurses who'd taken care of us back then on all the lastest news.

Ui: That’s right!

Iroha: Oh right, I think you mentioned something about that before. So what did you talk about?

Ui: Let's see... We told them about going to visit all the places on that map we made back then. And I talked about Onee-chan and the friends I’ve made.

Nemu: They were far more pleased to hear from us than I would've imagined. After that we talked about my web novels. I was really moved when I heard they were still reading them.

Iroha: What did you talk about, Touka-chan?

Touka: I’ve got a story to tell concerning my task with “connecting the universes”. It’s impossible to get wormholes to a practical level. I tried various things but none of them seemed to work.

Tsuruno: The conversation just became impossible to follow...

Touka: That’s because you're all stupid.

Yachiyo: You've said before that you'd verified a connection to another universe, didn't you?

Touka: That’s right. While it's one thing to observe the negative mass, trying to utilize it however... That's just a dream.

Ui: But if it succeeds, you’ll be closer to achieving “everyone’s ideal”, right?

Touka: Of course. There’s a possibility of expanding the automatic purification system forever!

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: I went to Kamihama believing that Touka-chan and Nemu-chan were the key. Even now it feels like a dream to see the three of them lined up together. I was so worried that Ui was just a mistake in my memories.

Yachiyo: What's more, Satomi-san and Hiiragi-san will help us fight to the end to enact our proposition of no longer becoming Witches. Certainly, when I think about the past, I want to really get a feel for the reality that the three of them are together now.

Iroha: Yes.

Yachiyo: What the two of them tried to accomplish was wrong, but their purpose wasn’t.

Iroha: I think we’re taking over that purpose now.

Yachiyo: I really wish we could do this from now on.

Iroha: “The liberation of Magical Girls”

Day Six

(outside bookstore)

Momoko: Hey everyone.

Iroha: Ah, Momoko-san!

Sana: It seems Rena-chan and Kaede-chan are on the same page too...

Momoko: We got here a little early so we stopped by the retro arcade.

Felicia: Woah! Did you get anything?

Tsuruno: Show me! Show me!

Momoko:I was able to get it but...

Rena: Like I said, it's all thanks to Rena's failed pulls moving it into position!

Kaede: But I'm still the one that got it in the end!

Yachiyo: Arguing again? Or is this just how they play around?

Momoko: It's probably a bit of both. Rena, Kaede, we're running out of time. We all got it together, so shouldn’t we divide it in half?

Rena: You can’t split stuffed animals!

Kaede: Lizard-san will be torn in half!

Rena: Hmph, Well, I guess I can let you have it this time Kaede.

Kaede: You mean it?!

Rena: Just so long as you admit that it's thanks to Rena.

Kaede: Yeah, thanks to Rena-chan I was able to get Lizard-san!

Rena: So honest…!

Momoko: You should be more honest too Rena. Why don't you learn a bit from Ui-chan's example?

Rena: Argh geez, give it a rest. More importantly, isn’t there something you wanted to talk about?

Touka: Maybe it’s about connecting other universes to space?

Momoko: Oh, I guess it’s ok.

Kaede: Um, but didn’t you say it was impossible?

Touka: Heh heh.

Nemu: That’s right, it is funny isn’t it?

Ui: Are you all surprised?

Rena: N-No way...

Touka: A small possibility has been found that’s it’s already been put into practice!

Iroha: Ehh, Is that so?!

Nemu: Previously it was a difficult task to find the real gem within the dream.

Ui: If there’s any way for it to be done, Touka-chan will find the way.

Touka: I went to Endless Mirrors!

Momoko: Mirrors...?!

Kaede: I can’t imagine connecting to another universe...

Touka: We might even get results sooner.

Rena: Amazing...!!

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: The first people I met in this town were Momoko-chan and Kaede-chan. I’m in the same class as Rena-chan so now the four of us often have lunch together.

Yachiyo: I was also an old friend with the three of them, I would have a lot of trouble and they would help me.

They’re supposed to be a separate team, but I think the connections between them are strong enough that they’ll remain the same team.

Iroha: When the story of becoming a Witch spread after that battle, they helped convince the other Magical Girls.

Yachiyo: That’s why we’ll continue to support Kamihama together.

Iroha: I can’t thank them enough.

Yachiyo: Momoko would say thank you for being nostalgic.

Day Seven

(outside wards other part)

Mitama: Yoohoo, Momoko!

Momoko: Woah, Coordinator?! Don’t just suddenly hug my arm like that. In any case, are you sure you should be here? What about the shop?

Mitama: As expected, everyone's gathering here. This coordinator decided to take a break today and I came to visit Kanagi.

Kanagi: Hmm, I missed you.

Iroha: Kanagi-san, thank you again for coming today.

Yachiyo: Yes, you must be very busy with your work at the maid café.

Kanagi: Don’t worry about it. I’ll be joining you again since I'm in charge of the east. Also, I asked Madam to cover my shift this evening.

Ui: So Kanagi-san is actually a maid!

Kanagi: Hmm, if Tamaki-kun’s little sister is a good girl too, then I hope you can come and see me. As my master, I will treat you with the utmost respect

Tsuruno: By the way, I have something to ask you Mitama.

Mitama: Hmm? What is it, Tsuruno-chan

Tsuruno: A while ago, we were talking with Touka-chan. Is it true that Mirrors can be used to connect to other universes?

Sana: Ah... Mitama-san was the one in charge of managing Endless Mirrors...

Mitama: More accurately, I track who went inside if you want to see it properly. Incidentally, that story is true. Me and Kanagi went in with them.

Kanagi: That’s right.

Iroha: Are you sure that's fine...? We haven't seen the Mirrors Witch in a long time...

Yachiyo: I was worried about that too.

Nemu: Of course that was something we also feared, but this time we were only experimenting.

Touka: Yup yup As for how I"ll stop the experiment when if it goes wrong, I've already thought of that too! So don’t underestimate my genius plan.

Yachiyo: Even geniuses lose their footing with the unknown.

Touka: Nya~!

Iroha: But... The power that defeated that Witch, can we really summon it...?

Mitama: Mirrors has become a more complex and mysterious place. I'm certain we'll need to make more entrances.

Kanagi: Mhm...

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: I met Kanagi-san relatively recently. Kanagi-san had noticed something strange going on in Kamihama so she helped us out.

Yachiyo: Back then it was me and Mifuyu who led the west, we were in an uphill battle with Kanagi of the east. It's a miracle that we can work together like this now.

Iroha: Also, Mitama-san had been strengthening my magical power since I met her, and has been helping me in various ways. When I learned of Mitama-san’s wish I was really surprised...

Yachiyo: But even so, our city is still firmly in place and we’re trying to move forward.

Iroha: Yes. I want to hold hands little by little with one, two and then three people. We’ll form a circle and move forward together. Starting today...

Day Eight

(at the park)

Iroha: Fuaaaa… You can see them gathering even from here.

Yachiyo: Yes, I'm a little surprised. But it makes me happy as well.

Iroha: Yes.

(various Magical Girls pan the screen)

Iroha: Oh, I’m starting to get nervous.

Felicia: Then leave it to me.

Iroha: Eh, what?

Felicia: Iroha, get closer to me and I'll make it stop.

Iroha: Ok,

Sana: Uh, Felicia-san...!

Tsuruno: Stop that!


Iroha: Ouch!

Ui: Onee-chan!

Iroha: Why did you hit me?!

Felicia: Because Tsuruno said if you do this, then you’ll get fired up.

Tsuruno: That’s limited to a few people!

Yachiyo: Tsuruno...

Tsuruno: Eek...

Hinano: Hey, you lot. This isn't the time for your comedy act.

Yachiyo: Miyako-san.

Hinano: It seems you guys are as lively and fun as usual.

Yachiyo: I’m doing well thanks to you. Also, thank you for accepting our suggestion.

Hinano: Well, there’s no one other than me that can get the South together.

Iroha: Still you helped us out, I look forward to working with you.

Hinano: Yeah, I'm prepared to accept any responsibilities if this happens. It's like chemisty.

Yachiyo: The thing I asked you to do about Alina...

Hinano: That’s right, I wanted to report on that.

Karin: Right...

Iroha: Hmm... Karin-chan?

Yachiyo: We’ve met before haven't we.

Hinano: She’s from the same school Alina went to, she actually knew about her quite well.

Iroha: Eh?!

Karin: B-But I don’t know where she is! Alina-senpai did something wrong, and now she’s gone.

Hinano: So she’s still missing.

Karin: Even after everything, I still can't believe it. I’m sorry...

Iroha: Karin-chan, you don’t have to apologize. We’ll find her together.

Karin: Yes...

Mifuyu: Yachaaaaaan!

Yachiyo: Mifuyu.

Mifuyu: We’re already late! I was getting ready together with Tsukuyo-chan and Tsukasa-chan.

Tsukuyo: They got here so quickly.

Tsukasa: Everyone’s comimg together. They're waiting for you two!

Tsukuyo: That’s right.

Tsukasa: We can't deal with them if they start to leave.

Tsukuyo: Right.

Iroha: I’m sorry, I’ll be right there.

Yachiyo: Mifuyu.

Mifuyu: What’s the matter?

Yachiyo: Thank you.

Mifuyu: Fu fu, could you praise me more?

Yachiyo: I’ll refrain.

(Iroha and Yachiyo stand before a gray backdrop, narrating)

Iroha: It’s finally beginning. It’s time for us to take a new step.

Yachiyo: Before Iroha came, my story began to move when Mifuyu disappeared.

Iroha: My story began when I met Mokyu and I started having strange dreams.

Yachiyo: And we connected with so many Magical Girls.

Iroha: A single chapter has ended here.

Yachiyo: And a new one is about to begin.

Day Nine

(at the park)

Iroha: Phew... Um, I... I’m not very good at speaking in front of everyone. Thank you for gathering today.

Yachiyo: I’m also thankful for today. I’m so glad we're all here together.

Iroha: That’s right.

(Shot of Momoko trio with narration over)
Iroha: We fought together against a very powerful Witch. We shared with everyone what we knew about Witches, Kyubey, and the universe. Although it caused some confusion. Nevertheless, it’s time for us to get together again and be united safely. I think it’s thanks to everyone.

(shot of Amane twins and Mifuyu with narration over)
Yachiyo: At the beginning, it was from the concerns and purposes that each individual has. It lead to battles against Uwasas, rumors made into reality. This lead to a battle against the Wings of Magius in order to liberate Magical Girls. In the end we had to fight a powerful Witch with everyone.

(narration ends)

Yachiyo: But what we got in return was even greater.

Iroha: Yes. Because I learned of the fate surrounding us and found a new purpose.

Yachiyo: Our purpose is the same as the purpose of those who were once our enemy, the Wings of Magius. “The liberation of Magical Girls”

Iroha: To release Magical Girls from the curse of becoming a Witch. Using us to maintain the universe. “Coexisting with Kyubey”

Yachiyo: But we won’t sacrifice ourselves. I wish it could be peaceful. It might even just be a dream, but... It’s our responsibility to deny the methods of the Magius.

(shot of Rika and Ren with narration over)
Iroha: I think the people here have come together because they know that and want to cooperate with us. But I would never consider those who didn’t come to be enemies.

(shot of Ria, Mayu, and Manaka)
Some of you couldn't participate because you couldn't make it. Some people didn't participate of your own volition. But everyone agreed to help each other, each of the Magical Girls of Kamihama.

(narration ends)

Yachiyo: I can't blame you for being skeptical of our dreams.

Iroha: Still, even if it was a problem with no way out.

(shot of Felicia, Tsuruno, and Sana with narration over)
Iroha: We, the Magical Girls of Mikazuki Villa from the West.

(shot of Kanagi and Mitama)
Iroha: The Magical Girls of the East around Kanagi-san.

(shot of Ryo, Hinano, and Ikumi)
Iroha: And the Magical Girls from the South side, centered around Hinano-san.

(shot of Touka, Ui, and Nemu)
Iroha: And work together with the Magical Girls we once fought against.

(shot of Kamihama City)
Iroha: By expanding the field of this automatic purification system that can generate Doppels without Witchification in Kamihama City.

(narration ends)

Iroha: I want to welcome the liberation of Magical Girls so we can coexist with Kyubey.

Yachiyo: Yes. Starting today we’ll work together under a new name.

Iroha: Yes, our new names from now on is...!

Day Ten

Iroha: Yes, our new names from now on is...!

(light flashes)
Iroha: Kyaa!

Iroha: Wh-what?! Suddenly my back feels so fluffy...!

Yachiyo: Iroha, you... Have wings on your back...

Iroha: What are you saying Yachiyo-san? There’s impossible... Yachiyo-san! Your back!

Yachiyo: Ehh?! I wonder... What this could be...

(cut back to the park, feathers falling everywhere)
Yachiyo: Even though the feathers had fallen before, this phenomenon didn’t happen then.

Iroha: Maybe it’s a blessing?

Yachiyo: Blessing?

Iroha: In this way the Magical Girls of Kamihama are holding hands. I wonder if the person who wields this mysterious power are blessed too.

Yachiyo: Perhaps. It helped us when we fought against Walpurgisnacht. Fufu Then let’s declare it again, with this blessing.

Iroha: Yes.

Yachiyo: The people gathered here are all Magical Girls from Kamihama holding hands.

Iroha: When we’re in trouble, we hold out our hands and support each other when things are difficult. They’re our allies who we vowed towards.

Yachiyo: I don’t know what hardships await us.

Iroha: But we can combat against such hardships!

Yachiyo: Here today!

Iroha & Yachiyo: We declare ourselves as “Kamihama Magia Union”!


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