Magia Record Story Mitama and the Delicious New Year's Party

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Part 1

Mitama, in a new year kimono went to the shrine together with Kanagi as they pray for the new year and enjoy the carnival held there. Mitama is a little miffed Kanagi is not praising her outfit and gives a hint, which Kanagi took and praises her, making Mitama smile brightly. The two pray at the shrine and later share their wishes. While Kanagi frowns at Mitama's many wishes, the latter defends herself, saying God might choose what wishes to grant, so making more gives a higher chance to have them granted.

The two then tour the stores at the new year carnival, eating different foods and having fun. There, they meet Mito, Seika and Leila who are hosting a stall which allows people to taste their Nimono if they can solve three riddles and bring the goods related to the answer back to them. Although it is specifically aimed at children to teach them to eat different types of food, adults are welcomed as well. Since there is no charge, the pair decide to take up the challenge.

They manage to solve the first riddle, but as they go for the second one, they meet up with Himika's siblings who are scared silly by the lion which their sister is trying the let have a bite at them. This is per tradition, as the lion eats away bad luck and sickness.

Mitama decides to help Himika and has Kanagi take up the Lion wear and pretend to be the lion as she defends the kids. She manages to convinced them to have the courage to stand up against the lion, but it worked too well as Himika's brother pretends to transform into his favorite superhero and beats the heck out of the lion. In the end, Mitama and Himika are able to teach the tradition to the children. As they children go away to play, Himika and Mitama apologize to Kanagi about the violence, but she laughs it off, happy that she is able to help. Himika gives them her home-made juice as thanks. Mitama believes this to be the answer to the second riddle and plans to use it for cooking while Kanagi frowns on Mitama's choice and think this is not the right answer.

As they search for the third answer, they come across Riko's family store and greet her and her parents. However, her pet puppy is scared by the sudden drum sounds and ran off. Riko blames herself for not tying the puppy up and is at tears, so Mitama and Kanagi decide to drop the game for a while and help out. They find the puppy and tried to calm it down by playing frisbee, but it frightened the puppy even more. The trio eventually find the dog at a corner and this time Mitama is able to calm the dog by mixing in what she learned from TV: using music to sooth emotions with her magic and experience as a healer to calm the puppy, but using the drum. It worked excellently, even making the puppy dance to her drum beats. They return back to the store where Riko's parents thank the pair and give them their trademark food as thanks. Mitama thinks this is the last answer.

As Kanagi predicted, only the first answer was correct, but Mito, Seika and Leila decide to let them have the food anyway since it is festival time anyway. They love the taste and Mitama even manages to get the recipe from Leila, thinking that she will cook for her customers the next time round.

The event shows Mitama likes children and will go out of her way to help them, while Kanagi is good boyfriend material despite being a little dense and brash.

Part 2


At the Mikazuki manor, Iroha and Tsuruno thank Yachiyo for helping them wear their new year kimonos. After wishing each other Happy New Year, they decide to visit Mitama's to wish her a good New Year, but wonder if she is open. Just then Sana and Felicia return, the latter exclaiming in fear that Mitama is holding a New Year party at her place and has prepared food. The party also welcomes participants to bring along their own food as well. Felicia's experience with Mitama's food makes her vehemently refuse to join the party. However, she is eventually convinced by the rest of the team since they wanted to have fun together for the New Year, as Sana has never celebrated the festival and they all agree that Mitama deserves the thanks they should give. Iroha assures Felicia that they will politely ensure Mitama's food never surfaces by bringing lots of food that they cooked.

The team wish Mitama a happy new year at her place. Mitama is delighted, and is overjoyed when the team offer to help her with preparations. Since she is only done with the New Year dishes, she needs help with setting up the place for mochi making and cooking the Nimono. Yachiyo and Iroha help out with the cooking while the rest help set up the place. Everything goes smoothly (though Mitama needs Yachiyo to teach her how to properly remove skin from a piece of chicken meat) until Tsuruno and Felicia ask Yachiyo and Iroha for help. Thus, the seasoning is done by Mitama and this worries Yachiyo and Iroha. But Yachiyo thinks they should have more confidence with themselves and Mitama, and they help set up the food.

After a while, the other participants arrive. Since most have their own activities for New Year, only Momoko trio, the Azalea sisters, Akira and Kako join, but Mitama is happy anyway. Iroha and Tsuruno help arrange the bento boxes and desserts the others brought, and everyone cleverly don't ask about Mitama's food. Hazuki accidentally opens Pandora's box when she asks about the owner of the beautiful bento box, which is revealed to be Mitama's food. The colors are too bright to be possible with just seasoning, and then Mitama realizes that only her food has not been touched. As the atmosphere gets awkward, Iroha decides to bite the bullet, but Momoko intercepts and offers herself as sacrifice instead. The first bite was fine, but Momoko was knocked out cold after finishing the whole thing since the excited Mitama shoved everything down her stomach.

After that, everyone enjoyed the good food and made mochis using extra sticky glutinous rice Mitama had prepared, and they could even add in their own variations. Mitama brought out her Nimono that everyone has forgotten about, but this one tastes excellent since Mitama followed the recipe diligently and also because she had helped from Yachiyo and Iroha. She ruined the food though when she dumped in the juice from Himika and the fried food Riko's parents gave her during her visit to the shrine and festival.

They manage to finish the food with some nauseous feelings after, but after some rest, they continue to finish off the good stuff, having a great time. Everyone wishes Mitama a happy new year again and leave after helping her clean up. Kanagi arrives late, so she helps by taking out the trash, and she is happy that Mitama's party is a success. She cannot help but frown when Mitama says her New Year Wish is to improve her cooking, and she tells Mitama that while she is happy for her enthusiasm, she pleads for Mitama to use only food that is meant to be cook as her ingredients.

Kanagi has to go for her shift at the Maid Cafe, and Mitama is alone again. However, Iroha comes back and says they had forgotten to invite her to join them at Mizune Shrine for a New Year picture. Mitama is reluctant initially due to her negative experiences with the region, but eventually succumbs to Iroha's heartful invitation. Mitama and the Mikazuki manor gang take photos at the shrine while also enjoying themselves at the festival held there. Mitama is happy and grateful that she has such caring and kind friends, and thinks the new year will be great.