Magia Record Story Mitama and the Delicious New Year's Party

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Part One

The following summary was provided courtesy of Min as well as Summary Anon on 4chan’s /pmmm/ general.

Episode 1

Kanagi Izumi and Mitama Yakumo meet up on New Year’s Day at the Daito shrine to pray together for the new year and to enjoy the carnival held there. Mitama is wearing a Kimono that she borrowed from Yachiyo Nanami. Mitama is a little miffed Kanagi is not praising her outfit and gives a hint, which Kanagi took and praises her, making Mitama smile brightly. Mitama says that this is her first time at a shrine on New Year’s with a friend. Kanagi and Mitama ask for their wishes in front of the bells of the shrine.

While Kanagi frowns at Mitama's many wishes, the latter defends herself, saying God might choose what wishes to grant, so making more gives a higher chance to have them granted. Then Kanagi and Mitama go to receive their fortunes: Kagani got “Great Luck” while Mitama got “Great Luck” too but Mitama wanted something more exciting. The two then tour the stores at the new year carnival, eating different foods and having fun. They stop at one stall that is selling takoyaki and is run by the neighborhood association. They meet with Seika Kumi, Mito Aino, and Leila Ibuki. They ask if Mitama and Kanagi to would like to join an event.

Episode 2

The event is called “New Year’s Soup Event” and basically they are hosting a stall which allows people to taste their Nimono if they can solve three riddles and bring the goods related to the answer back to them. Mitama says that she and Kanagi want to join but Kanagi says that the event is directed to children. Leila states that they wanted to attract children to teach them to eat different kinds of food, in particular traditional food, but it’s okay for anyone else who wants to join. The instructions are “There are 10 riddles set up around the Shrine Area. Pick any 3 and solve’em! Once you solve a riddle, you will be given an ingredient as a reward. Solve three and come back here, and you can use the 3 ingredients you won to top your soup! Then we can all enjoy eatin’ it together!” Leila, Mito and Seika explain how the ingredients work and then say that there are some that are not used in Kamihama, but she urges them to not hesitate in getting them. Since there is no charge, the pair decide to take up the challenge.

Episode 3

Mitama wonders where the riddles are, so they decide to comb the whole are from top to bottom in hopes they can find one of the questions that way. Mitama gets distracted with all the eating, but Kanagi interrupts her to ask if they’re looking for the questions or not.

Mitama says that a hint lies among the food and that is called “Scavenger hunting 101” They see a fishermonger asking for help so Mitama runs over to find out what happened to him. Mitama talks to him and agrees to his request to help him to find something lost.

Episode 4

An old woman appears and recognizes the badges that Mitama and Kanagi have so she says that if they solve a riddle she will lend them the item that the fishermonger is looking for. Kanagi tries some answers but the old woman says that those are wrong. After some time Mitama gives the answer to the granny and obtain the cod. They deliver it and obtain some red and white fish cakes in exchange.

Episode 5

Mitama and Kanagi see one of the Lions from the Lion Dance, with some nearby children getting scared by how the Lion looks. Kagani meets with Himika Mao’s little brother (who was running from the lion some seconds ago) and then Himika appers in front of Mitama. They wish each other a Happy New Year. The children are scared because the Lion wants to bite their heads but Himika says that the bite keeps you healthy for the year. (This is per tradition, as the lion eats away bad luck and sickness.) Mitama gets an idea but she needs “that” to make it work.

Episode 6

Kanagi dresses up as the Lion that scares the children in order to give them more courage while Mitama pretends to defend the kids. She manages to convinced them to have the courage to stand up against the lion, but it worked too well as Himika's brother pretends to transform into his favorite superhero and begins to kick and punch the heck out of poor Kanagi. Mitama stops them and tells him that the Spirit of the Lion that performs the Lion dance is a good spirit. In the end, Mitama and Himika are able to teach the tradition to the children. As they children go away to play, Himika and Mitama apologize to Kanagi about the violence, but she laughs it off, happy that she is able to help. Himika gives them her home-made “Feral Sauce” and while Mitama believes this to be the answer to the second riddle and plans to use it for cooking, Kagani recommends she not use it in the soup. Mitama says that they only need one more ingredient.

Episode 7

As they search for the third answer, they come across Riko's family store and greet her and her parents. It is her first time helping her parents on New Year’s Day. Riko’s father gives thanks to Mitama for looking out for their little daughter and offers her a bento. Riko’s dog Mameji gets scared by a Taiko drum and runs off, with Riko blaming herself for not tying the puppy up and is in tears, so Kanagi and Mitama offer their help to find him.

Episode 8

They try to find Mameji and ask a lot of people but no one has seen him. It is then they hear some people talking about a cute dog that is not leashed. Mitama tries to throw him a frisbee and a ball but that scares him more and he runs away.

Episode 9

The trio eventually find the dog at a corner and this time Mitama is able to calm the dog by mixing in what she learned from TV: using music to sooth emotions with her magic and experience as a healer to calm the puppy, but using the drum. Mitama wants to calm Mameji by using a constant beat on the taiko drums to relax him. It works perfectly and now Riko is reunited with Mameji again. They return back to the store where Riko's parents are very grateful for the help from Mitama and Kanagi and give them their trademark food as thanks. Mitama thinks this is the last answer: Chiaki’s friend chicken.

Episode 10

Mitama and Kagani return to the stall from the beginning where Leila, Seika and Mito were. First, they show them the Red and White fish cakes and Mito agrees that they solved the fishmonger problem. Then Mitama shows them the Feral Sauce and Leila asks them what riddle they solved to get that. The last thing Mitama shows them is the fried chicken but Seika gets surprised. They didn’t obtain the necessary ingredients so Leila, Mito and Seika offer part of their soup to Kanagi and Mitama anyway since it is festival time after all. They love the taste and Mitama even manages to get the recipe from Leila, thinking that she will cook for her customers the next time round.

Part Two

Episode Eleven

Iroha Tamaki and Tsuruno Yui show off their gorgeous kimonos to one another, Tsuruno happy that her kimono had cleaned up nicely. Yachiyo Nanami had helped them get dressed for the occasion. Yachiyo sighs, tired from helping get three people dressed up in elaborate kimonos. She suggests they take a little break so Iroha offers to prepare the tea and sweet porridge for everyone. After their snack, Tsuruno asks for seconds with Yachiyo warning her to not overeat or else she won’t fit in her kimono anymore. Iroha asks if they can take a picture since they’re all dressed up, so Yachiyo suggests they take a picture at Mizuna shrine even if they’ve already been to a shrine to ask for New Year’s Blessings. Tsuruno thinks that’s a great idea and wants to head out as soon as Felicia Mitsuki and Sana Futaba get back. Iroha asks if they can’t visit Mitama to wish her a Happy New Year afterwards, but Yachiyo doubts she’ll even be open on a holiday. Iroha isn’t so sure she won’t be there since she remembers Mitama mentioning a party she had wanted to throw, but Tsuruno reminds Iroha about how flaky Mitama can be.

Just then, Felicia slams open the door and stomps over. Sana follows closely behind and greets everyone. Felicia is all worked up about something, but Yahciyo reminds her about the house rule of washing her hands when she gets home. Felicia goes to wash her hands, but stops when she remembers what she was worked up about: there was something in the mailbox!

Episode Twelve

Felicia waves around the invitation from Mitama that she found in the mailbox. Mitmaa has invited them to a party at her place in the afternoon, promising food and mocha-pounding. Tsuruno is excited about the party but Felicia doesn’t want to go. Felicia points out the word “cuisine” on the invite and reminds them Mitama can’t cook to save her life. She’s even willing to miss out on the mochi-pounding just to avoid her food. Iroha wants them all to go to Mitama’s party together so they can have a good time, but Felicia thinks that no amount of fun will improve the taste of Mitama’s cooking. Yachiyo sighs and says she’s willing to go and asks Sana and Tsuruno if they want to join them. The two are willing to go but Felicia asks how they’ll be able to avoid her food. Tsuruno has a great idea though.

Episode Thirteen

Tsuruno points out that Mitama has said on the invite that they were welcome to bring their own food. If they bring snacks, sides and New Year’s food of their own to the party then they should be fine. Felicia still isn’t sure her food can be entirely avoided, but Sana wonders if maybe her cooking has improved. Felicia can’t believe they’re going through with this, but when Iroha asks for her help in making delicious food for them all to eat, Felicia finally relents and decides to join them.

The group arrives at Mitama’s place where she’s already set up all sorts of festive decorations. They greet one another and wish each other a Happy New Year’s. Yachiyo compliments Mitama on her kimono and they set up the vast amounts of food they brought: New Year’s dishes from Yachiyo, Chinese food from Tsuruno, as well as snacks and sides. Mitama asks if it’s ok for her to keep all this food so Felicia says it’s better this way so they won’t have to eat anything she cooks. Halfway through her sentence, Tsuruno pinches Felicia hard and tells Mitama they did it so she wouldn’t have to worry about the food for her party. The group offers their help for anything else Mitama might need to make her party a success so she asks for their help in finishing setting up.

Episode Fourteen

Mitama takes everyone to the back of her shop and explains that the only thing she has ready so far is the food. She still has to finish cooking the soup as well as preparing a room for the guests. Iroha and Yachiyo offer to help make the soup (so there will be at least one more edible thing at the party) while Tsuruno, Sana, and Felicia prepare the place for the party. They set about putting up the wooden mallet and mortar for the mocha as well as getting tables and dishes out.

The group gets started on the preparations, but Mitama’s “help” only hindered them. First she tries to get the skin off the chicken by pulling it off with her hands but Yachiyo intervenes and tells her to make a small cut with a knife. Mitama does so by stabbing the knife straight into the chicken, and then struggling to get the knife back out because the knife went through the chicken and into the cutting board. Yachiyo tells her to take this serious but Mitama insists she is. Despite Mitama’s cooking skills, the soup was coming along nicely and it seemed like the decorations were underway. When Tsuruno had some trouble with the decorations, Yachiyo and Iroha went to help, leaving Mitama with the food unattended. Mitama notices the soup is boiling but thinks the color is a little pale so she begins to add random ingredients to the soup.

Yachiyo and Iroha return and prepare to finish the soup with the seasoning but Mitama says she already took care of that. They look at the soup and pray that everything will be ok.

Episode Fifteen

Iroha and Yachiyo check in with the others. Tsuruno says the dining area is ready and Iroha nervously replies that the soup is ready as well. Hearing the worry in Iroha’s voice, Felicia questions how good the soup could be. The other guests will be arriving soon, so Yachiyo asks what else they can do to help. Sana suggests they help serve the food and help the party go more smoothly. Tsuruno proposes they spruce up Mitama’s food but even Yachiyo doesn’t think that’ll be possible. For now all they can do is do their best to make sure their hard work doesn’t go to waste and make sure everyone has a great time. The group lets out a big encouraging cheer.

The party is now underway as Mitama greets her guests, promising gifts to all the good girls who came to visit her. When everyone doesn’t cheer right away, Mitama pouts for a bit until Iroha and Tsuruno give out forced yells. Mitama reminds everyone they have mocha-pounding and lots of delicious New Year’s dishes and wraps up her speech. The crowd of Magical Girls chatter as Momoko Togame can be heard lamenting having to eat any of Mitama’s cooking. Ayame Mitsukuri runs around excitedly looking at the food like the mochis and tarts with Konoha Shizumi warning her not to eat just desserts. Mitama calls out to everyone and leads them in a raising of glasses as she toasts to the New Year. Iroha frets over everything as Tsuruno helps her pass out the food to everyone, including pizzas, Konoha’s dishes, and even a chestnut tart from Kako. When Iroha spies the vegetables sprinkled with multivitamins that Mitama had put out, she grabs them and puts them aside to try to salvage them later.

Kaede Akino mingles with Kako Natsume as Iroha brings them some pizza. Felicia chats with Momoko, who didn’t go to their friend Asuka’s training sessions. As Rena Minami comments on the weather, Akira Shinobu and Kako ask why none of Mitama’s dishes have been served yet. Felicia immediately shushes them but too late, Hazuki Yusa has already asked about the bento boxes that Mitama made, much to Mitama’s delight.

Episode Sixteen

Mitama opens one of the bento boxes to proudly display the “delicious”, multi-colored food inside.

Mitama thought it would be more fun to pack the New Year’s dishes into a bento box rather than the traditional lacquer ware. Konoha thinks she learned something about how important plating is, but Hazuki, who is staring at the food in disbelief, says that’s not the more important thing about food. The other girls stare at the food in equal disbelief as all of them squirm at the thought of eating it. When Rena outright states she’s not going to eat any of that, Tsuruno smiles and encourages her to take a bite. She decides to demonstrate but Felicia runs over to stop her since she doesn’t want Tsuruno or anyone else to die. Iroha thinks it’ll be ok since her and Yachiyo took out all the shells and tough parts already as well as checking the taste of it but Felicia still doesn’t believe that’s enough to salvage anything Mitama had a hand in. Hazuki asks who will eat Mitama’s cooking then but Ayame’s stomach isn’t up to the task after all the damage it’s already sustained from Konoha’s equally bad cooking.

Mitama starts to look sad and asks if anyone is willing to try it. Kako builds up her courage and offers to be the first victim. Akira warns her it might not be safe and not to do it. Sana and Iroha are getting worried. If they don’t do something soon then this party might turn into a disaster. Momoko bravely steps forward and offers to eat some of the food. If Iroha and Yachiyo helped, then maybe it won’t be as disgusting as usual. Mitama glares at Momoko and reminds her she’s right there. Momoko grins sheepishly and apologizes to Mitama before settling on a relatively safe looking fish and egg roll. Momoko closes her eyes tightly and pops the food into her mouth. She chews it for a minute before swallowing some of it. Kaede and Rena rush to her side and ask if she’s ok. Momoko makes a noise before saying it was good. Mitama beams as she points to all the other food she’s made and offers Momoko another helping. Momoko swallows the rest of the food in her mouth as hard as she can. Not wishing to offend Mitama, Momoko wolfs down the other food as fast as she can before the taste of it can catch up to her and then passes out. Ayame and Felicia stare down at their hero, Felicia in particular thanking her for taking the hit and eating it all so the rest of them don’t have to suffer.

Episode Seventeen

Felicia had cheered up a lot thanks to Momoko’s sacrifice, especially since Mitama had just announced the mochi pounding. Felicia is all fired up to swing the wooden mallet and warns Sana to keep up with her. Sana gulps nervously as Felicia picks up the mallet and swings it down on the rice in the mortar. Sana squeals as her hands narrowly miss being crushed by the mallet. Ayame gets excited and asks for a turn. Seeing how much fun they’re having, Rena thinks she’ll give it a go as well. Kaede is surprised that Rena would want to participate since she never wants to do anything. Rena replies that it’s childish and she doesn’t really want to do it, but since it’s New Year’s it couldn’t hurt. She picks up the mallet and finds it weighs a ton. Then she turns the mallet over and realizes it’s the mochi that’s weighing it down, not the mallet. Yachiyo stares at Mitama and asks if she tampered with it in anyway. Mitama swears she didn’t touch it, the only thing she did was choose the brand of rice flour “World’s Stickiest”. Yachiyo places the blame on the bag of flour but Tsuruno points out that the rice might have reacted to the super fast attacks from Felicia and Ayame. If they keep pounding the rice, it’ll only get sticker and tougher.

With nothing else to do with it, Yachiyo proposes they eat the mochi in their own special way. So everyone started looking up all sorts of recipes that use mochi and tried using the food that everyone had brought in their own way. Kako toasts the mochi while Akira makes pancakes out of it. Rena thinks pancakes from scratch is too much work but Kaede offers to make some to show her how. Since Kaede is making pancakes anyways, Rena asks her to make some for her too. Typical Rena, Kaede sighs. Sana thinks of making rice crackers with the mochi so Tsuruno shows her how. Konoha tries putting cheese and ham on the mochi, then toasting it like a pizza. Seeing so much toasted mochi everywhere makes Kaede hungry for nice soft boiled mochi soup. Mitama thought someone would want some so she came prepared, much to everyone’s worry.

Episode Eighteen

Mitama hums happily as she goes to get the soup she made earlier in the day with Iroha and Yachiyo. Akira is beginning to panic at the thought of more of Mitama’s food that they’ll have to endure. Iroha turns to Yachiyo, wringing her hands and worrying about the soup she’d forgotten about. Neither of them had gotten a chance to taste it. Yachiyo tells her not to worry since they didn’t use anything inedible in it. Yachiyo resigns herself to their fates as Iroha worries about the “finishing touches” that Mitama added to the soup. Mitama comes out with a big pot of hot soup for everyone. Tsuruno goes up and helps her pass out bowls to everyone. Rena sniffs her bowl and is surprised to find it looks and smells normal. Kaede thinks it looks delicious. Hazuki warns Ayame not to let her guard down as Ayame takes a tiny sip of the soup. Sana nervously accepts her bowl of soup but Felicia refuses to touch it. If she has to be forced to eat something Mitama made then it should at least be some meat. Tsuruno frowns at her and tells her she can’t just be eating meat all the time. She tells her about how hard Mitama worked on the soup and tells her to not be rude and eat up, assuring her that Iroha and Yachiyo helped with the prep work. Sana tries to encourage Felicia by offering to eat it with her so Felicia finally gives in and hangs her head as she picks up her spoon. Yachiyo and Iroha begin to eat the soup, first by sipping the broth.

Episode Nineteen

Iroha opens her eyes wide in shock at the taste of the broth. Everyone begins talking about how amazing it tastes! Rena can’t believe it, the soup tastes like actual food and not just food, but good food! She asks if Mitama made this all by herself but Mitama admits she had help from Iroha and Yachiyo. However, she did season it with a special secret ingredient. Ayame immediately asks if she put some kind of weird drug in the broth while Konoha figures they must simply be hallucinating the delicious flavor of the soup. Mitama explains she came across the recipe when she tried some really tasty soup earlier so she had asked for the recipe so she could share it with everyone. Iroha thinks that was really thoughtful of Mitama while Tsuruno is impressed with how great it turned out. Seeing how much everyone loved the soup, Mitama thinks she’ll try adding her own customizations to the recipe. Felicia warns her to leave the recipe as it is or else she’ll ruin it but Mitama believes that any meal can be improved upon no matter how good it is. To demonstrate, Mitama goes to fetch a few things from the kitchen and comes back. Hazuki tries not to throw up when she recognizes one of the ingredients that Mitama brought back. Mitama explains they’re very precious ingredients: a bento shop’s prized fried chicken as well as the Feral Sauce she got from Himika. Mitama smiles and says that one delicious food plus another delicious food equals even more delicious food. She drops the ingredients into the soup, stirs it around, and then asks who wants seconds. Rena stares at the soup and wishes she had passed out back when Momoko did. Yachiyo sighs as she realizes they weren’t able to escape disaster after all. The soup was over and all the Magical Girls greeted the New Year with suffering and eyes burning from the spiciness. But they were eventually able to recover and there was still good food left over so all in all everyone had a great time.

With the food gone the party is about over. Mitama thanks everyone for coming to her party as she bids everyone a good year and hopes she sees them all again.

Episode Twenty

The party is over and everyone has left. Even though this was her first year throwing a party, Mitama believes it went well thanks to her cooking and everyone’s help. As she prepares to wrap things up and head out, Kanagi shows up to see if Mitama is still there. Kanagi’s shift at the maid café is soon, but she has enough time to offer to help Mitama pick everything up. Mitama thanks her for the offer but it seems that everyone helped pitch in with the clean up before they went. Mitama walks with Kanagi on her way to work, explaining that her party was a hit thanks to the delicious New Year’s dishes and soup she made. Kanagi is really surprised to hear this, though she has her doubts. Mitama had so much fun she can’t wait for the following New Year to do it all over again. And thanks to the party, Mitama now has a big dream of doing her best at cooking. Kanagi looks away as she says this, but Mitama points out that cooking can make lots of people happy at once. Kanagi smiles and says she sees that all the time at her work. Mitama smiles, seeing as how Kanagi understands what she means. She promises to get better and better at cooking so she can make even more people happy and they’ll shower her with praise so she’s going to cook even more than ever. Kanagi agrees that you can’t hope to change if you never push yourself. Mitama wants to start her culinary journey by trying her hand at making a rice omelette. Kanagi stops and stares at her for a moment before making her promise to only use ingredients fit for human consumption. Mitama promises she will before Kanagi says goodbye and heads into work.

Mitama then hears Iroha’s voice calling for her. Mitama is surprised to see that Iroha has come alone. Iroha explains that the others went ahead without her to Mizuna shrine since she wanted to come back and talk to Mitama. Since they were so busy at the party, Iroha didn’t get a chance to ask her to join them for a photo at the shrine. Mitama stares wide eyed as she asks repeats the question. Iroha says they don’t get many chances to dress up in kimonos so it would be a waste not get a photo while they’re all dressed up and asks her once more to please join them. Mitama realizes that she’s been blessed in her own way, with kind, caring, and strong friends who she treasures and that care about her as well. There’s no one else she knows that’s kinder than this group of girls. Outwardly, Mitama pretends to really think her offer over as Iroha begs her once more. Mitama realizes they’ll be going to Mizuna shrine, but then she smiles and agrees to go.

At the shrine, a woman tells them to say cheese as she takes the girls’ picture. Iroha and Tsuruno look at the photo and declare it to be perfect. Yachiyo thanks the stranger for indulging them and then thank Mitama for joining them. Mitama smiles in return and telsl them they can pay her back with some of the beef skewers they’re selling at the stands. Iroha and the others are taken back but Mitama says she’s just joking. She really is pleased that they thought to invite her with them and says thank you. Yachiyo wants to take a picture with just the four of them in their kimonos but Felicia begins to whine about wanting to hit up the food stalls. Iroha tells her just to be patient for a few more minutes as Sana takes the camera and prepares to take the picture with Mitama snuggling right up to Yachiyo. With the picture done, Yachiyo suggests they make a prayer at the shrine before heading home. Felicia thinks that’s a great idea and is already planning on hitting the food stalls on their way out. Yachiyo can’t believe that Felicia is still hungry after the feast and all the mochi they had but Felicia is too focused on the fresh mochi in a nearby stall to listen to anything Yachiyo is saying. Iroha tells Mitama that the soup she made earlier was delicious and wants to make it for herself. Mitama informs Iroha of her new passion for cooking and promises to make her lots of healthy and tasty goodies for the coming year. Iroha and Tsuruno’s eyes glaze over at the thought of more of Mitama’s food. Changing the subject, Iroha, Tsuruno, Sana and Yachiyo offer to help Mitama with any future parties she decides to throw. Felicia spies some candy apples and runs off to get some, with Yachiyo chasing after her. Sana thinks a candy apple would be delicious so they decide to all get one, inviting Mitama to join them. Mitama smiles, glad to do so.

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