Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Alina and Hinano Episode

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Part One

A White Wing from the Wings of Magius meets with Mitama Yakumo. The White Feather, speaking in single words and halting sentences, tells Mitama there are plans for tomorrow. Mitama says they don't need reservations for adjustments, and asks if a higher-up will be visiting. When the White Feather confirms this, Mitama says she doing something at that time. The Feather says she is aware and that she doesn't need to go. Mitama wonders if the Feather means that Mitama should complete any business she has when the higher-up comes. When the White Feather confirms this, Mitama says she'll be prepared and waiting.

Elsewhere, Hinano Miyako is putting the final mixes to a chemical compound. Suddenly her hand slips, filling the room with gas. Hinano puts on her gas mask, thinking that at least it came in handy. She thinks she still hasn't recovered from a previous incident. Hinano then prepares for cleanup and the science event she's presenting the next day. On that day, Hinano explains what happened to her audience. Her assistant, Emiri Kisaki, tells everyone the lesson is to perfectly prepare their experiments. Afterward, Hinano complains that Emiri takes the best lines at the end. Emiri says she was just feeling it.

Emiri then asks Miyako what sort of experiment she was doing. Miyako reluctantly admits she was trying to make a drug that will make her taller. However, when she was making it, she thought about her failure from five years ago - the same failure which nearly ended her life and forced her to contract with Kyubey. At that time, Hinano was also trying to make a drug that would make her taller. Emiri admits hearing that made her nervous, and so to keep Hinano from danger Emiri offers her five centimeters of her height. Hinano says that kind of pisses her off. However, she'll stop doing dangerous experiments because she doesn't want to make her cute junior sad. Emiri says that's cute and hugs Hinano, much to her annoyance.

After Emiri goes home, Hinano sneaks back into her club room, thinking that no matter how pathetic it is, she can't give up her dream. She apologizes to Emiri for lying.

Part Two

Later, Emiri rushes into Mitama's place with an unconscious Hinano. She says that she found Hinano passed out in the science club room. Mitama sees Hinano's Soul Gem is alright, and what happened to Hinano doesn't appear to be life-threatening. However, she thinks Hinano's Soul Gem needs to be purified. Emiri uses one of her Grief Seeds to do so. She then thanks Mitama, saying that she was worried about whether she should take Hinano to a hospital. Mitama says she's not really a doctor of magical girls, but she thinks Emiri made the right choice by bringing Hinano to her. Suddenly, Hinano awakens.

Hinano apologizes and explains that when she drank her drug, she suddenly passed out from violent stomach pains. (Also she didn't grow any taller). Mitama says she should be grateful to Emiri for helping her, but Emiri says she doesn't need thanks since Hinano was so easy to carry. Emiri asks Hinano why she wants to get taller. Hinano apologizes for breaking her promise to Emiri, and explains that it's tied to her origin as a scientist. When she watched science experiment events as a child, the moderator was an attractive, long-legged older girl in white. Hinano wanted to become a dashing figure like that girl.

Part Three

Emiri exclaims that Hinano's ideal is to be amazing at experiments, teach science to kids, and to be an attractive and long-legged person. Hinano admits she can only accomplish one of those things - teaching science to kids. Ever since she almost died five years ago, she's too scared to perform dangerous experiments...and she's still short. Hinano says she almost killed herself again, and tells Emiri it's okay to laugh. Emiri says she won't laugh because when she became a magical girl she wanted to be the cutest little devil there was. She says it was a spur of the moment decision.

Hinano says that this feeling of hers still causes problems. Mitama notices her Soul Gem is beginning to corrupt. Emiri tells Hinano to pull it together. Mitama says they need to get Hinano outside. Suddenly a barrier appears. In a flash of white, Hinano was pulled into it. Hinano wakes up in a grey, cloudy area and wonders if she passed out again. Suddenly a shadowy version of Hinano appears. The shadow says that she is Hinano's desire, and says she will defeat Hinano so she can become her. Hinano transforms and the two battle.

The shadow claims that Hinano can't beat her, because she came from a time when Hinano was freer. She claims to be a pure crystallization of Hinano created from her longing. Since Hinano averted her gaze from her because she was afraid of making a mistake, Hinano has no chance but to win. Suddenly the shadow transforms into Hinano's Doppel. Shocked that such a monster was inside of her, she notes that it's composed of deadly poisons. She thinks it's the sort of thing her younger self would come up with. She also notes the doppel has an attractive labcoat and long legs, meaning it's certainly the product of her aspirations.

Hinano wonders if she's going to be pushed around her entire life by the Doppel and what it represents, all while making the same mistakes over and over. Suddenly she hears a telepathic message: Emiri shouting that she doesn't want to part with Hinano. The Doppel, having turned back into a shadow, asks if Hinano has lost the will to fight back, and attacks. However, Hinano dodges. Hinano says she can't die yet because there's someone waiting for her. Hinano says that while she failed to become a mature-looking kind of girl, she's popular among the kids for being approachable. Her appearance is also how she was able to meet Emiri;

The shadow asks if Hinano has any regrets. Hinano says she does, but she admits she feels alright because she's been blessed with friends. The shadow then asks if she's giving up her research to make the height drug. Hinano says research will continue on a completely safe version. The shadow says the goal stimulates her ambition, and that she will look forward to it's completion. She then disappears. The barrier then vanishes as well. Emiri is overjoyed to see Hinano safe and sound.

Mitama says she's happy as well, and says that Emiri was shouting she didn't want to part with Hinano. Hinano was surprised to find she actually heard Emiri's voice. Hinano says Emiri is the reason she came back and thanks her. Mitama says Hinano needs some time to recover and offers to give her some special service. Hinano says today was tiring, so she'll go home. After Emiri and Hinano leave, Alina Gray enters Mitama's place.

Alina says there was no point to the reservation. Mitama apologizes for keeping her waiting, and asks if Alina created the barrier that took Hinano. She believes that Alina's reason was to isolate Hinano so her Doppel couldn't hurt anyone. Alina says that if they carried Hinano they wouldn't have escaped in time, claiming that Mitama's death would be a bad situation for her. Mitama says she'll give Alina special service as gratitude. Alina says it's rare for her to be there at the moment of a release, and says she doesn't need any sort of gratitude. Mitama tells her not to say that and that she'll start with an adjustment. She asks Alina to keep favoring her business.

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