Magia Record Main Story Part 2 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Smiles and Fireworks

Section 1: Moo Moo Farm Ulterior Motive

Kagome Satori writes in her notebook summarizing the events that have happened up until now, beginning when Iroha Tamaki first began visiting Kamihama during the time when the Black and White Feathers of the Magius were at their most active. The girls gathered and raised both Witches and Uwasa while protecting the Magius. They would follow their orders until the day of liberation. But soon the work of the Feathers ended up endangering others and there was much dissent among the now angry Magical Girls. After that, the situation worsened and Kamihama was hit by a major disaster. Walpurgisnacht had attacked and the now-defeated Embryo Eve had smashed the city. Finally, the small Kyubey became the core of Eve instead of Ui Tamaki and Eve’s body scattered itself all across Kamihama. It was at this time that the “Kimochi” were born. The magical girls of Kamihama now had access to the tremendous energy of Eve and were aiming to expand the energy field into what they’d always dreamed of: a global automatic purification system.

Tokime Clan: Everyone in the Tokime clan were made aware of the ramifications of becoming a Magical Girl. Chiharu Hiroe wasn’t expecting to find themselves cooperating with Magia Union. Shizuka Tokime understands that they may have different ways of doing things, but Iroha’s ideals are similar to her own while Sunao Toki hopes they can come to understand one another little by little.

Neo-Magius: Hagumu Azumi laments that no one else wants to join Neo-Magius. She laments that they don’t have a Kimochi stone with which to convince prospective new members but with so few numbers Shigure Miyabi isn’t sure that will be possible.

Promised Blood: Juri Oba wonders if the Kamihama Magical Girls will be strong enough to defeat her. Yuna Kureha warns her against fighting recklessly without at least getting some understanding of their opponent’s strength first. Hikaru Kirari regrets not being able to crush Kamihama earlier. Ao Kasane knows the only way to win this is by finding all the stones.

Kamihama Magia Union: Iroha worries about what she should do. She used to have a more positive outlook on things, but right now she feels like nothing will change with the way things are. She’s willing to get to know the other side but fears there may be conflict down the line regardless.

As far as Kyubey is concerned, to him Doppels and Witches are essentially the same thing and he gets the same energy that is generated when Hope turns into Despair. He purposefully informed Promised Blood about Kamihama in order to drive conflict and force the girls to Doppel more often.

It is Kagome’s job to record everything that happens from now on. Each Magical Girl wants to be saved from their fate in the same way, but their manner of going into it is sure to create conflict among each other. She thinks about what will happen to the thread of fate that humankind has collectively spun now that more people will know the truth about Magical Girls and the world’s history.

At the hospital, Alina Gray wakes up Karin Misono now that it’s morning. Karin awakens but is soon overwhelmed by the pain in her body.

Kamihama Magia Union: Felicia Mitsuki begs Yachiyo Nanami to let her participate in an Dekagon Ball scavenger hunt. She’s excited not just by the show but by the grand prize: a group set of tickets to Moo Moo Farms. However, Yachiyo feels it is too dangerous since they don’t know when Promised Blood might attack them and Iroha agrees. Felicia won’t give up and tries to imitate the show to prove what a great show it is and show how much she loves it. Tsuruno Yui thinks it should be ok for her to participate since it’s just for one day and it’s unlikely they’ll be attacked in places with lots of people around. Being cooped up for too long can be stifling. Yachiyo admits she can be a bit overprotective and asks Felicia if she’s willing to do wash dishes, do her homework, and do well on her test if she agrees. Felicia feels like it’s hopeless. Sana Futaba urges them to hurry or they’ll be late for school.

Iroha and Tsuruno join the Momoko trio on their way to school. After hearing all the excitement, Rena Minami is drained just thinking about living at Mikazuki Villa and Kaede Akino agrees. Iroha admits she feels cooped up just like Felicia does. Momoko Togame can see it from Yachiyo’s point of view; she recalls how strong just Juri and Ao were. Tsuruno looks down sadly as she recalls how Karin had been injured as a result of that fight. Iroha feels bad for not being able to go visit Karin in the hospital and wonders if she couldn’t have done more to prevent this. Momoko reassures her that she has more than enough on her plate and it was their fault for not giving chase. Tsuruno reminds her they’re a team and Iroha shouldn’t try to bear everything on her shoulders alone.

The girls stand outside the school, continuing their discussion. Kaede believes if they can get to the Kimochi and the next stone first, they can cut their enemy off. With Ui on their side to track the Kimochi, they should be able to get to the stone before the enemy can find it. However, Tsuruno worries they’ll stand out too much and Ui will be targeted before they can get to their goal. Iroha promises to talk about it at length at their meeting at the Ryuushin Dojo later that day.

The meeting at Ryuushin is underway. Per Touka Satomi, they’ve finally found the right energy needed to expand Eve’s force field: the Kimochi. Because they are creatures who were created and scattered by Eve herself, they have the same energy as the force field that Eve maintains. By collecting all the stones they’ll be able to use the energy to spread the automatic purification system across the globe. Naturally she worries that the enemy magical girls will take the stones for themselves first. The girls turn and discuss the matter with each other. They’re aware that there are already other bands of magical girls aiming to collect the Kimochi stones. Neo-Magius is disbanded and in disarray, so they’re the least concern. The Tokime clan is also collecting them, but they’ve allied with Kamihama Magia Union in the past so they aren’t worried about them. The one that they’re most worried about is Promised Blood. Ryo Midori thinks they should strike now while Promised Blood is laying low, especially since they can use Ui to find the Kimochi quickly thanks to her connection to them. Yachiyo worries they might target Ui to kidnap her, especially considering the strength of their opponents. Kanagi Izumi points out they won’t have to kidnap her since they can just follow her from a distance and sweep in at the last moment to take the stone for themselves. Iroha wonders if there’s a way to search and move about without getting caught. She recalls what happened to Neo Magius and shudders to think of what could happen to her friends if they too were caught in Promised Blood’s crosshairs. The meeting is adjourned after Hinano Miyako promises to not put all of the work on the little kid members of their group while Kanagi makes a quip about Hinano’s height.

The sun is setting Team Mikazuki walk home. Ui turns to her older sister and promises to do her best since she’s not scared. Iroha smiles and tells her it’s not just Ui that she’s worried about but all of her friends. She wants to find a way to move forward without anyone getting hurt. Sana wonders if Promised Blood is like them and is focused on finding the stones rather than run into another collision. Yachiyo is surprised to find Felicia is still home when she called the house and feels bad about the scavenger hunt. She turns to Iroha who looks at her with a fierce look of determination. She says they NEED to do the scavenger hunt. She explains her plan to Yachiyo, who whole-heartedly agrees.

Felicia screams cheers of joy when she learns Yahciyo will be allowing them to participate in the scavenger hunt. Tsuruno eagerly volunteers to call more people for the hunt as that will give them more eyes for searching. Iroha offers to call Shizuku and her friends and wonders if Shigure would like to come as well. Sana feels they should invite her since she once helped them out.

Mitama Yakumo shows Kanagi the flyer she had given to Felicia since she felt it was the kind of thing she’d be in to. Kanagi looks at the flyer for the Decagon Ball scavenger hunt and deduces that this is where Yachiyo’s headache began. Momoko walks into the coordinator’s place, having finished exterminating azllt he familiars that hang out outside. Despite being able to fight now, Mitama is still thankful and prefers Momoko to do the job for her. Momoko tries to change the subject but Mitama thinks that Momoko isn’t happy with the reward she gave her: a recording of herself singing Momoko awake as she reminds her to exterminate the familiars for her set as an alarm clock on her cell phone. Just then Hinano calls Kanagi on her cell phone. She asks if now is a good time to talk while Kanagi apologizes for calling her a shorty the other day. Hinano says this isn’t about that before angrily declaring she’ll find a cure for her height one day. She asks Kanagi if she’s heard about the scavenger hunt idea from Yachiyo and tells her she has to help participate since Hinano really wants the group tickets to Moo Moo Farm. Kanagi thinks HInano must have caught Felicia’s rabies or something.

Promised Blood: Hikaru worries they should be doing something since KMU hasn’t made a move either just when Juri and Yuna have been called back to Futatsuki city by a friend. Juri and Ao watch in amazement as the usually collected Hikaru falls into panic. Hikaru offers to go in Yuna’s place but Yuna says that’s ridiculous. Hikaru then offers to go with her but Yuna once more tells reassures her that everything will be alright. As it is they currently can’t hunt any Kimochi stones since they don’t know the layout of the city and are thus at a complete disadvantage for the moment. Also, getting into physical conflicts will only allow them to learn more about Promised Blood and could cost them resources. It’s better to wait for the girls of Kamihama to make an inevitable move first. Yuna needs to go back to get info from her friend and tasks Hikaru and Ao with keeping an eye on things while she’s gone. Ao thinks back to their fight with Iroha and the others and realizes that Ui was the first to sense the magic of the Kimochi. As she realizes this, Hikaru finishes her speech promising she’ll hold down the fort while Yuna and Juri leave.

The next day Kagome meets up with Mikazuki Villa after having received a message from Yachiyo the night before. Felicia is burning up with excitement as she holds aloft the map for the scavenger hunt. Sana pulsl Iroha to one side and tells her they’ll have to keep an extra good eye on Felicia today since neither Yachiyo nor Tsuruno will be joining them. Felicia immediately spots the first stamp nearby and runs off to get her mapped stamped. Sana takes off running, trying to keep up with Felicia and keep her in their sights. Iroha spologizes to Kagome for getting her dragged into this, but Kagome is actually glad she was invited since she hasn’t made any friends since moving to Kamihama. Ui doesn’t know anything about Decagon Ball but she thinks just watching is fun. Nearby, Ao asks Hikaru if she’s interested in Decagon Ball too, but Hikaru is only interested in Yuna.

Elsewhere Touka is directing Tsuruno, Yachiyo and Mifuyu Azusa on where to take all of her equipment. Mifuyu apologizes to Yachiyo for getting her ropes into this, but Yachiyo is fine with it. They had to move Touka regardless since they know where her lab is. Yachiyo is a little worried since she knows the scavenger hunt may get chaotic, but with Iroha and Sana tagging along she feels a bit more at ease.

Promised Blood: Juri meets up with Yuna outside of a city. Yuna mentions the new friends she met since she just moved to Futatsuki. It turns out Juri had to go back to the city as well due to reports of Witches appearing in the city. The Witch population has gone back up now that Magius is no longer luring Witches to the city of Kamihama. Yuna looks away and Juri asks if it’s bringing up memories of her past. Yuna recalls the ethics and morals she inherited from her senpais. Juri says she’s having fun either way but she doesn’t want to follow Yuna if she’s going to waver on her convictions. But Yuna assures her she will continue to follow her own path even if she has to mourn the dead as she passes them by. Juri seemed satisfied with this answer.

Kamihama Magia Union: Ui cheers as the next stamp on the scavenger hunt takes them near the hospital where she, Touka, and Nemu were hospitalized. The group goes to collect their stamp at a nearby station while in the distance Hikaru and Ao keep watch. Hikaru is getting bored and sleepy with following them around all day while Ao is starting to believe they really are just participating in a scavenger hunt since that’s all they’ve done all day. Hikaru thinks they should jump them and try to take the bracelet and their stone away from them by force. But Ao isn’t so sure about that. Rena comes over and shows Iroha the stamp on the map. Iroha suggests they invite Kaede with them to the farm since the prize is a group ticket. Rena thinks that’s a great idea and can’t wait to prevent Kaede from petting all the animals there.

The group continues on to the next stamp stand which is front of a monument at the beach park. Felicia runs off to get her stamp while Sana chases after her. With everyone busy, Iroha asks Ui to see if she can sense any Kimochi nearby. Hinano turns to Kagome and apologizes for getting her caught up in everything despite not being a magical girl. Kagome says it’s alright, since she’s just happy to hang out with everyone. Hinano worries she might get hurt if anything dangerous were to happen, but Kagome isn’t worried so long as she has Rii-chan to protect her.

Hikaru eagerly shows Ao the stamp pamphlet for the scavenger hunt. Ao is eager to see what secrets this scavenger hutn could hold then notes that the prize is a group ticket to Moo Moo Farm. Ao thinks it might be nice for them to take a break as a group and go have fun once in awhile. She thinks it would especially fun to see Yuna milking a cow. Hikaru thinks it’s a great idea and can’t wait to share freshly made ice cream with Yuna but is saddened that to think that they haven’t been collecting any stamps until now. Ao shows her her own stamp pamphlet filled with all the stamps up until now. She had been collecting them in secret while they were following Iroha much to Hikaru’s delight.

Felicia is excited now that their map is already half filled with stamps. Iroha thanks Shigure and Hagumu for joining her and helping and offers to let them join them on their trip to the ranch. Shigure turns down the offer while Hagumu offers their help again should she need it. Iroha is sorry they weren’t seeing eye to eye before but hopes they can get along now and in the future. Shigure pulls Hagumu aside and laments being so useless. Both Hagumu and Shigure feel like they can do nothing for Neo-Magius.

Tokime Clan: Shizuku and Chiharu wait at Moo Moo Farm for a message from Iroha, who has informed them that they are only a few stamps short before they can meet them at the ranch. Sunao was surprised at the message they had previously received from Iroha, but she too thinks that the scavenger hunt was a good idea. Shizuku’s phone buzzes and Sunao guides her on how to use her phone to check messages. As Shizuku laboriously types out a response, Sunao is worried that they didn’t bring more members of the clan with them as protection. Shizuku says it can’t be helped since not everyone agrees with cooperating with KMU. That and many of the girls are still trying to process the truth about their eventual witchification. Chiharu compares it to culture shock and how it takes time for people to digest new facts and sudden shifts. Sunao agrees, and is glad that Shizuku brought someone along who is taking things calmly and can ground the group. Shizuku smiles and shares some of the deer jerky she brought as they continue to wait for Iroha.

Kamihama Magia Union: Felicia is more excited than ever now that the group is on their last stamp so they can get the prize. Iroha asks Ui if she’s sensed anything, but Ui can only feel a vague reaction. Iroha figures the Kimochi must be too far from their current location. Telepathically, Iroha relates to Kanagi the conversation she had witih Yachiyo and the others when she first proposed her plan after their meeting. She wanted to use the scavenger hunt as a cover for them. This way they can use Ui to find the approximate location of the Kimochi while Tsuruno takes the trains to the other parts of the city to search on her own. Yachiyo opts not to go since she’s not a very good actor and won’t be able to hide their intentions and would likely raise suspion. She tasks Sana and Iroha with not letting Felicia know what their real intentions are in participating in the scavenger hunt since she knows that Felicia won’t be able to hide her emotions either. After they’re done helping Touka move her belongings, they’ll meet up with Iroha at Moo Moo Farms at the end of the day. Tsuruno gets excited at being able to participate in the svanger hunt after all until Yachiyo reminds her of their true purpose. Kanagi asks why it’s a problem if Felicia knows what’s going on just as Felicia notices a magical signature. She calls out to Iroha and telepathically warns her there are several Magical Girl signatures nearby. Iroha responds that they’ve already noticed and are only pretending not to. Irate, Felicia demands to know why they aren’t beating them to the punch and fighting them first before they can take her stamp card away. Iroha doesn’t think it’s stamps they’re after, but she asks Felicia to keep her cool until they can complete the scavenger hunt. She let them follow them in order to create an opportunity. Felicia is upset, but agrees to do as she’s told and pretends to notice something at one of the stalls. But her forced enthusiasm is incredibly apparent and Kanagi has to leave to get to her part-time job. Kagome asks the visibly upset Felicia what’s wrong but Felicia can only grunt in response. Ao watches the group and notices a strong change in the atmosphere. Even Hikaru can feel how awkwardly everyone is now acting. Ao decides to contact her sisters while Iroha tells Sana she’s going to call Yachiyo and head straight to Moo Moo Farm.

Promised Blood: Ao and Hikaru ride the same train as Sana’s group. Ao thinks the great shift in Felicia’s attitude is very suspicious, so she borrows the body of one of the girls that is sitting in the same train car as them in order to spy on them. She watches as Felicia angrily states how exciting it is to ride the trains all over Kamihama. Sana makes small talk with Iroha and Ui about when they plan on taking everyone to the farm since it’s difficult to schedule so many people for the same day. Felicia looks like she’s going to burst and says she’s going to crush them with her hammer right now. Sana calls out for Felicia’s attention and Felicia awkwardly says she meant the cows at the ranch. Ao returns to her body and relates to Hikaru that she believes they may have been noticed thanks to Felicia’s talk of crushing cows. Hikaru is a little confused about what kind of ranch they’re heading to but wishes the other two were here now. Ao too wishes that her other two sisters could join them but it would be impossible for them to catch up after returning from Futatsuki. Ao thinks hard and realizes there may have been an ulterior motive behind the scavenger hunt and that it could have covered for an investigation throughout the city. Hikaru didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary all day, but she understands that going through the city would help them narrow down the location of a Kimochi. Just then Ui senses several magical girls nearby, but Iroha knows this was part of the plan. She apologizes to Kagome for getting her involved and warns her to keep away as she fears there may be a fight soon.

Kamihama Magia Union: The group arrives at Moo Moo Farm at last and Felicia gets the last stamp for the scavenger hunt. She cheers loudly, excited at the prospect of group tickets and a chance to buy some of the merchandise the ranch has to offer. Sunao and Chiharu interact with Felicia while Shizuku and Iroha talk to one side. Shizuku asks how their search went, with Iroha having a strong suspicion as to where the Kimochi may be lurking. As they were did their scavenger hunt, she had Ui try to sense the Kimochi in order to narrow down the area. Ui senses a Kimochi not too far from where they are, in the woods. The small Kyubey also detects the magic. Ui believes that this Kimochi has less magical power than the others, and compared to the others is also easier for her to understand its magic. Chiharu is eager to go and defeat the Kimochi, but they’ll have to search and find its exact location first. Felicia gets a little anxious with how openly they’re talking about it but Iroha assures her it’s fine.

Over on the side of the clearing, Ao finishes borrowing the body of the young girl from the train once again and relates what she overheard to Hikaru. Ao proposes they head back and report to Yuna about the Kimochi that resides near the farm since they can’t risk going against so many magical girls by themselves. Hikaru then transforms and quickly throws herself in front of Ao, blocking an attack that was meant for her. Ao transforms as well and thanks Hikaru. Yachiyo, MIfuyu, and Tsuruno have arrived. It was their plan to lure Promised Blood out there where they would have the advantage in numbers. The Tokime Trio and Team Mikzazuki surround the members of Promised Blood. Iroha is sorry about what happened in Futatsuki City but they need the stones as well. A fight breaks out and Promised Blood is soon overwhelmed. Felicia even manages to go toe-to-toe with Ao. Ao swings her axe at Felicia, but despite its size she’s able to swing it around much more quickly than Felicia can swing her axe. But this doesn’t stop Felicia, who is still able to parry and counter each of her moves, surprising Ao. Even Hikaru is impressed, but Chiharu warns her not to turn her attention away and is able to apprehend Hikaru. Before Ao can escape, Mifuyu wraps her in illusions and knocks her down. The two girls are soon tied up and Tsuruno is ready to declare this battle their victory.

But Tsuruno’s cries of victory are premature as Juri leaps in and aims an attack at Yachiyo. Iroha leaps in and knocks Yachiyo out of harm’s way. Juri and Yuna have shown up just in time to save their comrades. Yuna unties the two girls, though Hikaru is embarrassed they were able to be ambushed like that. Yuna is just glad they’re safe and swings at Chiharu in retaliation. Shizuku uses her telepathy to call out to someone in the distance, ordering her to use her skills as an intimidation tactic. The unknown person then uses her sniper rifle to shoot at Yuna’s soul gem, but Hikaru leaps in and blocks the shot at the last second, narrowly protecting Yuna’s life.

Shizuku warns them all to leave now or else. Yuna, furious with rage over her lost friends from Futatsuki, leaves with her group.

Now at home, Kagome writes in her notebooks about the day’s events. She was quite surprised when she finally learned what the scavenger hunt was really about. Everyone is going after the stones now and their locations keep moving across the map of Kamihama, like a giant chessboard. Even the seemingly quiet farm soon became embroiled in fighting. As Kagome writes, she thinks about possibly speaking to the members of Promised Blood to get their side of the story as well for her writings.

Promised Blood: Back at their base, Hikaru winces as Juri examines her wound. They were lucky to be able to get the bullet out before the wound closed. Despite the possible severity of the injury, they know it was really a warning shot since the wound wasn’t very deep on Hikaru. Hikaru can tell if the sniper really wanted to, she could have easily taken out Yuna even with Hikaru and the others around. Yuna thanks Hikaru for saving her life and realizes they truly lost today’s battle. She turns to Ao to confirm the presence of a Kimochi at the farm. Ao belives what she overheard was true. Juri offers to go investigate the area for the Kimochi herself.

Over in Kamihama, Hagumu and Shigure wander the path that Iroha and the others took that day on their scavenger hunt in the hopes of sensing a Kimochi. But Shigure feels it’s futile for them to even try. Hagumu cheers her up and suggests they try to recruit others to help. If they can, then they should be able to stand a better chance at acquiring a Kimochi stone for themselves. Juri appears and tells them Neo-Magius should partner up with Promised Blood. With Promised Blood’s numbers and their knowledge of Kamihama’s layout, it would be easy for them to acquire more stones if they work together. Hagumu looks aside and says they can’t because they promised to work with Kamihama Magia Union. Juri says they must be mistaken, as her words were an order and not a proposal. She challenges them to a fight, and if they manage to win she’ll leave them alone. Shigure isn’t up for a fight, but Hagumu knows that fighting will happen inevitably since they’re all competing for the same stones. The fight ends quickly with Juri named as the victor. Juri thinks Shigure isn’t ready for any big fights. As for Hagumu she finds that, despite the size of her sword, Hagumu’s weapon is a result of her inherent magic and does no damage to other magical girls. She suggests that Hagumu work in conjunction with someone when fighting others rather than rely on her own abilities. Juri says she’ll contact them in the future when the time is right in order to get information on Kamihama. She says to think of her as a friend and promises to take them to a big dinner the next time and leaves. Both the girls are devastated by the terrible loss they suffered just now, while Hagumu hadn’t realized it was her own magic setting her back.

Kamihama Magia Union: Momoko screams in surprise after finding Alina is in the same hospital room as Karin. Karin couldn’t be happier to find her senpai and the fact they’re sharing a room together is just the cherry on the cake. Alina greets her politely but Momoko thinks Alina is messing with her. But Alina tries to explain she’s empty. Karin explains that Alina seems to have amnesia now and has lost all of her memories. Momoko is upset since she believes that Alina has escaped punishment for all the crimes she’s committed. Karin says she can just stop coming to visit if it bothers her that much. Momoko says that’s true, it’s just so hard for her to believe that’s what really happened. Alina explains she was supposed to have been discharged from the hospital already, but she sensed one of her works had come to her so she decided to stay. Momoko is confused by this, but Karin thinks she may be referring to herself.

Kagome interviews Iroha. Iroha says not to make fun of her, but she wishes everyone could be happy. She describes happiness as something that can change shape when you come into contact with different people. But even if the shape changes, the core of it is still happiness. Even if it’s just an ideal, she would like to search for a way to make everyone happy. It saddens her when people are hurt and she wants to help them out however she can. In the end, she just wants to make the world a gentler place.

Section 2: Around Enemies

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

  • After the Moo Moo Farm incident, Promised Blood, the Tokime Clan, and Kamihama Magia Union head back to their bases.
  • Kamihama Magia Union is introduced to the sniper who potshot Hikaru, her name is Asahi Miura of the Tokime Clan.
  • Union Leadership is invited to the Tokime base at Ryoko's Temple for dinner where Ryoko is conspicuously absent.
  • Ryoko was probably seeing Sakuya, who is also missing this episode.
  • Meanwhile Promised Blood is still seething as they concoct a plan.
  • The next day we are at the hospital where Karin is at.
  • Ikumi apologizes to Karin for not taking care of her. Instead Karin apologizes back, recognizing that she was a terrible person who didn't obey directives.
  • Meanwhile we learn that Sakurako has been programmed with basic medical training. She does a diagnostic test on Alina and confirms she does have amnesia.
  • Iroha is there as well and they seem to take it pretty easy when in the same room with someone that tried to kill them last time. I think even Iroha is starting to see Alina's charm and inherent goodness through Karin's eyes.
  • Karin's vows to help her Senpai rebuild her life as Alina realizes her Artwork is the Fool Girl.
  • But we don't have enough time to dwell on this Alina / Karin moment as Promised Blood executes their Operation Vengeance. In the north Hikaru moves in the direction of Kamihama Central Bank while Promised Blood also launches attacks from West, East, and South.
  • For some reason Kagome decides to follow Promised Blood around but she doesn't do much.
  • They could probably defeat them in detail rapidly if Shizuku were around but she's probably too busy drinking coffee with Ayaka.
  • The group decide to split up as the main group under Iroha, Yachiyo and Ui head to investigate Kimochis near Fendt Hope.
  • Meanwhile Shigure and Hagumu have been gang-pressed into helping Promised Blood with their plan.
  • Seeing as the main assault is not on Kamihama City, the main forces are gathering near Fendt Hope to ambush Kamihama Magia Union's leadership and both Shigure and Hagumu will show them the way there.
  • We reach Fendt Hope with Iroha and co, along with the Tokime Clan. There the three main leaders of Promised Blood launch their ambush.
  • Meanwhile in Kamihama the taskforces of North, South, East and West meet back in the middle when they realise something is up and they couldn't see the Promised Blood Expeditionary forces.
  • It is only when they reach Chuo that the PB Expeditionary Forces under Hikaru appear and a battle ensues.
  • They seem to fight well into the afternoon before Yozuru comes out of the caravan and tells them to go away and stop fighting.
  • They must have been fighting for a while before Yozuru came out to stop the kids. Guess she managed to tolerate it before it got too noisy and started disturbing Livia.
  • Under Magical Girl by-laws you can't fight near Adjuster stores as it is neutral ground. Disgruntled but with no choice, both sides call off the fight.
  • Not sure how far the neutral zone extends in a radius from the caravan.
  • Mizuna politicians are asking to lose their jobs. Chuo is still in ruins, there is a caravan parked in the middle of the streets, and no-one cares to book them.
  • We cut back to the Battle of Fendthope and it's going pretty badly. The girls are outnumbered, surrounded. Tokime Magical Girls are being cut down.
  • Shizuka is slashed along her belly by Ao. That was for Hikaru and now Promised Blood and Tokime Clan are even.
  • It is at this point that Shizuka decides to call a retreat and has Asahi snipe a Magical Girl to clear a path.
  • They manage to make it to the forest cover with Promised Blood in close pursuit. Shigure and Hagumu feel bad so they assist the retreat by showing Kamihama Magia Union and Tokime Clan an escape path.
  • The Heroes get away as Shigure and Hagumu tell Juri a lie to cover their tracks.
  • By nighttime, Kamihama Magia Union and Tokime Clan finally get out of the mountains and Shizuka collapses from her blood loss.
  • Somehow Shizuka isn't dead, and she didn't die earlier! She must have been walking down a mountain for at least a few hours. Strenuous exercise is a great thing to do with a gaping wound.
  • They could have really used Shizuku's help back there in the retreat but she's probably too busy hanging out with Ayaka.
  • Iroha tries to heal Shizuka now, rather than earlier but it isn't enough.
  • Thankfully Sudachi shows up and then instantly takes Shizuka away to Livia's Caravan, implying she has some sort of teleportation magic.
  • We cut ahead a few hours later after Iroha reunites with the City Defense Force at the Caravan in Chuo Ward.
  • There we get the good news from Chiharu and Sunao, under Livia's care and despite her injuries, their leader Shizuka is going to be okay.
  • While Shizuka sleeps and recovers Livia looks down and her and whispers sweet nothings to her.
  • Although Shizuka is under Puella Care (neutral territory), Hikaru is still lurking around for some reason. Surely she won't be that STUPID to attack someone under an Adjuster's care, on Adjuster territory, and thereby antagonize a third faction?

Section 3: The Third Arrow

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

We pick up a shortly after where we left off. Kamihama Magia Union and the Tokime Clan are still recuperating from the Battle over at Puella Care.

The next day Kagome heads over to the Tokime Base to see how they are going. Ryoko greets her and takes her to see Shizuka who has mostly recovered from her injuries. Shizuka treats Kagome as the first friend she made who is not a Magical Girl. Shizuka is mostly fine now but her friends Chiharu and Sunao are insisting she doesn't push herself that hard even though Shizuka tells them she is fine.

Meanwhile Mifuyu is scouting out for the Kimochi stones with the Amanes and she runs into Juri. Mifuyu manages to talk them down and they head out to find the stone together, which is located somewhere where Fendt Hope is. They enter the barrier.

Back to Kagome and we learn she got a first-hand taste of being a Magical Girl when she gets to travel all the way to Hokuyo with the Tokime Magical Girls leaping from building to building like ninjas. Despite Shizuka's injuries, they are on their way to reinforce their allies. Kagome gets the daylights scared out of her by this unique form of transportation.

Yuna is also en route with Ranka and Sakuya in tow.

At this point the battle soon begins as Kamihama Magia Union and Promised Blood enter the barrier of the Kimochi. Mifuyu and the Amane twins battle Juri, who is reinforced by Ao and Hikaru, so they can't get the Kimochi stone from Fendt Hope.

Yuna finds and enters the barrier but has to get pass Ikumi, Hinano and Ryo along with Tokime Magical Girls. The Tokime Clan arrives in time to reinforce the girls from Chuo Ward.

While Promised Blood is distracted, the main taskforce of Mikadzuki Villa and Ui sneak in to combat the Kimochi, but first they must get pass the Uwasa.

Yuna manages to enter the barrier of Fendt Hope with Ranka and Sakuya but Chiharu, Shizuka and Sunao pursue them and a skirmish ensures. There Shizuka goes on about doing what's right for Japan and Ranka openly mocks the Tokime Clan's patriotism. Yuna joins in on mocking her.

Shizuka becomes angered by this, telling them to stop but she doesn't have time to lash out at these ingrates who do not love the Motherland or the Emperor. Hinano, Ryo and Ikumi show up to relieve the Tokime Clan so they can go reinforce Mikazuki Villa.

We shift to the scene with Mikazuki Villa who have gotten pass the Uwasa and are now fighting the Kimochi.

In the name of the Emperor and Japan, Shizuka then unleashes what could be her named magia on the Kimochi, Shippuu Kamaitachi! (Reaping Whirlwind!). Felicia unleashes her Magia "Ultra Great Big Hammer".

The Kimochi is defeated and Felicia gets the bracelet. Realizing she kind of stole Shizuka's kill and her gem Felicia apologizes but Shizuka doesn't mind.

Promised Blood retreats and the Tokime Clan move back to their base. Meanwhile Ui and Iroha decide to celebrate the successful gathering of another gem by going to get takoyaki. Iroha also decides to invite Shigure and Hagumu, known Meguca Supremacists. Shigure and Hagumu decide to go since Juri told them "You can go if as long as you don't interfere with Promised Blood's job". Joining them is Yachiyo and Tsuruno. They all eat together.

They then hear a cry for help from a totally unknown Magical Girl whom they assume is a Kamihama Girl. The Magical Girl is being accosted by Promised Blood thugs and a skirmish begins to get the gang to back off.

While Yachiyo, Iroha and Tsuruno are fighting they seem to have left Ui with Shigure, Hagumu, and a totally unknown Magical Girl they just met. Bad idea. The Magical Girl reveals she is a Futatsugi girl and under orders from Ao and Juri-sama kidnaps Ui. Shigure and Hagumu half-heartedly try to stop her but couldn't do anything since this is what Juri meant by not interfering with their job.

When Iroha turns her back Ui is gone.

We fade to night and we're not sure if anyone had Takoyaki. Shigure and Hagumu are crying because they can no longer be friends with the Union anymore. It's at this point that Himena appears and offers to lead the to the top. Meguca Supremacy sounds cool to her.

  • The Episode ends with a cliffhanger, someone needs to assemble another rescue team like Momoko Trio to save Ui.
  • Neo-Magius could have a more competent leader now in Himena
  • Ryoko, Ranka and Sakuya appear in the main story. No confrontation between Ranka v Rena or Sakuya v Ryoko just yet.
  • Folklore is still chilling at their private aquarium

Section 4: Looking For My Father...

  • We are introduced to Nayuta who has just moved into Kamihama to search for her missing dad, who is also Touka’s uncle. Uncle Satomi has been missing for half a year.
  • She gets to her residence and finds a housemaid already there being her fellow Magical Girl partner Rabi.
  • It is possible Rabi could be Uncle Satomi’s old housemaid.
  • Someone also repeatedly rings her doorbell until she gets so annoyed and opens it, it is Mikage. A Magical Girl they met while battling.
  • Nayuta wants her to go away at first but Rabi invites her in for snacks.
  • We head off to Satomi Medical Center to begin our investigation, seems like Nayuta will be recycling Iroha’s story.
  • While there it seems like Alina has now been transferred to Satomi Medical Center.
  • Whereas Iroha has a problem with assuming any Magical Girl attacked by Promised Blood must be be one of them, Rena has the complete opposite problem. She assumes any outsider must be with Promised Blood and picks a fight with Nayuta, Mikage and her maid.
  • Nayuta swears she is not Promised Blood but Rena does not listen. She and Mikage transform for show and then they run away from the crazy tsundere.
  • Nayuta treats Mikage for snacks and Rabi is sent away.
  • In the meantime we see Sakuya spying on Momoko and Tsuruno.
  • Momoko, Tsuruno, Yachiyo meet up at Banbanzai.
  • After treating Mikage to snacks, Nayuta takes her to the Seaside Park where they have the displeasure of running into the actual Promised Blood: Ranka and some soldiers who assume they are Union scum.
  • A rooftop fight ensures and both Mikage and Nayuta are injured.
  • Thankfully they are saved by Sana and Sunao who were nearby on a date at a cafe, with Kagome tagging along.
  • Sana and Sunao beat up Ranka and her soldiers. We cut away to Rabi who defeated three soldiers by herself. Like Nayuta, has no idea why she is being attacked by random Magical Girls.
  • Mitama and Kanagi soon learn the unpleasant truth that Mitama’s little sister has become a Magical Girl. Thankfully Mitama heals her sister with a spare grief seed.
  • Nayuta recounts the day and how she got attacked at the Medical Center to which Rena sheepishly apologizes.
  • Nayuta asks for information on her dad and we learn that her dad has made contact with a few Magical Girls as part of his research.
  • Four years ago he visited Kirimine Village, two years ago he met Yachiyo. It seems he used a number of pseudonyms during his travels.
  • It eventually clicks that this Mr. Satomi could be related to Touka.
  • And right on cue our Touka walks in and we learn she is Nayuta’s cousin.
  • The first thing Nayuta does when she sees her beloved little cousin is slap Touka’s smug face
  • Touka finally got her long deserved slap!
  • Touka and Nayuta are not on good terms. Before she actually read her Uncle’s book she would mock her Uncle for writing folklore about Magical Girls, and saying it wasn't REAL, while her awesome Papa did a real job: being a Doctor and saving people’s lives.
  • Nayuta did not take kindly to her smug mockery of her Papa.
  • Mitama breaks them up before it escalates reminding them that the Adjuster zone is a neutral zone.
  • The other Magical Girls there assume Touka did something wrong again while Chiharu just thinks it is a case of big mean relative bullying a younger one.
  • The two of them are allowed to cool down and Nayuta decides to just call a family truce. Touka genuinely feels bad about it and apologizes showing once again she does care, but only about those she loves.



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