Magia Record Story Kamihama Cheese Panic!

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Kamihama Cheese Panic.jpg

Nagisa manages to convince the magical girls of Kamihama that she is a cheese angel and proves it by showing them a pink Kyubey that is accompanying her. She manages to enlist the aid of Emiri, Miyako, Ren, Rika, Asuka, Sasara, Ria, Kanako, Manaka and Akira at first to deal with her witch self who is running loose in the city and can mass produce very quickly. Meiyu didn't buy her tale even after Nagisa summoned the pink Kyubey, but decides to help since she has confirmed the presence of the pink Kyubey and reports back to Nanaka. Nagisa manages to think of a good plan: Since the witch is her, and she like cheeses, they had a cheese party in the park and managed to lure all the witches there and finished them off once and for all.

Nagisa then revealed that she has no idea who the voice or the magical girl form who guides her to the Law of Cycles is. She wonder if it chose a form that's comfortable for her or if that is what the Law of Cycles really looks like. (This is hinting that those Madoka saves do not know her at all.) She decides to kill off the pink Kyubey who is there to supervise her. She believes that the Law of Cycles chose her to send to Kamihama to preserve whatever humanity the Law of Cycles still has. Nagisa believes that her mission is the opposite to what the Law of Cycles wishes, which is an undecided future like a blank piece of paper. She is here to ensure how the future is shaped to make humans more human-like even if it would destroy the universe.

She happily says now she is free and will work on her own mission: to prevent this universe from being unified by the Law of Cycles. But first, she's going to tour the city.