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Chapter 1: Forward with the Sound of Shoes

Section 1: Promised Girls

Kagome Satori sits at home writing in her notebook. She writes down poetic words describing the auto-cleansing system that currently engulfs Kamihama and how it could be a possible eden for Magical Girls to escape the fate of becoming Witches. But the quiet sounds of cracking can be heard. As she puts her pen down, she scolds herself for not having the courage to talk with people instead of being so secretive. Rii-chan reminds her she needs to hurry or she'll be late for school.

Over at the Mikazuki household, Ui is reminding everyone they'll be late for school if they don't hurry. Iroha has already locked up the house for the day but Felicia is refusing to get out of bed. She decided not to take Yachiyo up on her offer to study the night before and doesn't want to go to school since she's sure she'll fail her quiz and get yelled at. Iroha, Yachiyo, and Sana agree they have no choice and tickle Felicia relentlessly. Tsuruno arrives and helps to carry Felicia out of bed.

At school, Iroha's is deep in thought about the peace they find themselves living in. As she thinks of the number of grief seeds left in the West, the teacher calls on her to answer the question regarding English propositions. Iroha answers with "Two", much to everyone's confusion.

Outside of school, Rena is still in tears laughing at Iroha's answer in class earlier. Iroha worries about what will happen if doppels keep getting released. If there's no Witchification anymore, then there won't be anymore Grief Seeds either. Kaede tells Rena she shouldn't make fun of others after failing the English final exam last year. Momoko tells the two to stop bickering and asks Iroha what she called them over for. She shows them the bracelet that has attached itself to her arm. She explains that a Witch dropped the item instead of a Grief Seed and asks if they've ever heard of such a thing before. The trio hasn't, and when Iroha explained that the Witch used Rumors as Familiars she realizes that maybe the creature wasn't a Witch after all. Its magical energy signature was very different from that of a Witch or Rumor. Momoko suggests she bring it up at the city-wide Magical Girl meeting they'll be having later that day. Both Kanagi from the East and Hinano from the South will be there and they might have seen something similar.

At Magius' lab, Touka is trying to figure out the number of Grief Seeds needed to maintain a Magical Girl's magic along with Nemu and Mifuyu. Since Soul Gems are also influenced by a girl's emotional state and her environment, the number varies too much per individual. When the auto-cleansing system finally came to fruition due to Eve, they were ecstatic. But when it came to expanding the system, it seemed too elusive to actually do. Touka is stressed and suggests they use Magical Girls or Witches again, but Mifuyu refuses this plan, asking if Touka wants to fight Iroha and her friends again. Touka doesn't want to, but can't seem to come up with another way to get the necessary energy to expand the field. Sakurako arrives and reminds them of the upcoming meeting between all the leaders of Kamihama's Magical Girls. Touka says she's busy and won't be going, while Nemu has already relayed all the information she knows and won't be going either. Sakurako leaves sulking since the four girls won't be together again. It seems Touka and Nemu had decided to stay behind to help Mifuyu study for school like they'd promised to do.

The scene shifts to Touka's reports on the new system: while the auto-cleansing system is continuing to collect corruption and protect against Witchification, it's still unclear where the barrier is. And because the small Kyubey is the one taking Ui's place as Eve's core, they're not sure what kind of energy it requires since the small Kyubey is neither a Magical Girl nor a Witch. Since they don't know what kind of energy it needs, they have no idea on how to expand the barrier.

Iroha and Kanagi finish reading Touka's report. Hinano says they shouldn't be impatient since drug development can take years until implementation. Yachiyo is more concerned that Touka might consider using Witches again to expand the barrier but Kanagi offers her fists should Touka consider that again. They ask Ui and the small Kyubey if either of them can sense the entrance to the auto-cleansing system, but they can't while they're outside of Eve's body. At this, Tsuruno points out the bracelet attached to Iroha's wrists and describes the "Witch" they fought when it dropped it. Sana and Felicia also describe how it used Rumors as Familiars to fight with. The group asks Ryo Midori if she knows anything about it from her time as a White Feather, but Ryo has never heard of a combination Rumor/Witch before. Also, the bracelet clearly shows up in photographs, so there might not be a relationship between it and Witches. Kanagi states that she's heard mentions of a strange magical signature in her area, but no one had been able to pinpoint its location yet.

The group disbands for the day and everyone says their goodbyes. Ui and Sana are off to the store to get milk while Iroha and Yachiyo prepare dinner. Felicia and Tsuruno are off to Banbanzai to help prep food for the following day. Kanagi suggests they have Mitama look at the bracelet since she can tamper with magical energy, but Yachiyo would rather that be a last resort since they don't know what tampering with it might do. Hinano and Ryo watch Ui and Sana skip off to the store. She asks Ryo how Ikumi is doing, and Ryo mentions that Ikumi is staying late at school. She notes that Karin Misono has been staying late at school a lot recently, and that she never knew that Alina was in Magius despite them spending so much time together. Hinano is worried about her and decides they should keep an eye on Karin from now on. Suddenly, the girls sense several magical signatures and realize it's Magical Girls. Ryo manages to snag a picture of them just as they rush past them and head towards Shinsei Ward.

At school, Ikumi enters the Art Club's studio where Karin is. She delivers her "love beam" and tells Karin she's worried about her. Karin replies that Ikumi should go home and not worry about her since she is going to stay until the teacher asks her to leave. It seems her grandmother has noticed how depressed Karin has been so Karin has been avoiding going home so she wouldn't worry her grandmother further. Karin points out some of the artwork that Alina had left behind and can't bring herself to believe that Alina would try to destroy the city. Ikumi tells her that both her and Ryo saw Alina often when they were Feathers of the Wings of Magius. Alina, alongside Touka and Nemu, were all willing to sacrifice the city in order to finish raising a Witch. Karin says the last time she saw Alina, Alina had given her pointers on how to sketch but Karin didn't improve, so Alina must have been angry and stopped showing up to school. If she practices and improves, Alina is sure to return. Ikumi tells Karin that people have more than just one side to them and promises to make her feel better one day. Ikumi leaves as Karin starts drawing again, remembering the time that Alina gave her a carton of strawberry milk and praising her for her improvements. Karin begins to cry.

At Mitama's place, Kanagi asks if Mitama has noticed any new Magical Girls in Kamihama since the recent events. Mitama notes that some of the girls she's adjusted have faint memories of new girls, but no one has seen them clearly. Kanagi is upset that so much of the rubble from the destruction of Kamihama has been pushed to the East, but it seems the Mayor is taking a lot of flak for how the reconstruction efforts have been going. Kanagi asks how the Mirror Witch has been, and except for a recent flair-up, Mitama reports that it has calmed down considerably. Yachiyo arrives along with the rest of Team Mikazuki, with word that there are more than just one or two girls coming in from outside Kamihama.

They show everyone the picture that Ryo took but the picture is too blurry to recognize anyone. Kanagi and Yachiyo have their suspicions of the newcomers and warns everyone to be careful. Mitama tries reading Ui's memories to see if she can recognize their magical signature but to no avail. Iroha then shows them the bracelet that's attached to her arm. Mitama tries to remove it but it won't budge. As Mitama touches the gem on the bracelet, she realizes that the gem is bursting with magical energy; so much so Mitama's Soul Gem would break if she tried to adjust it. Instead, she tries to read the memories of the gem only for Iroha to be transported to a white void. There, the creature they encountered meets Iroha and conveys to her that it wants to be taken by Iroha, much like how Ui had said. Iroha tries to explain that she trusts Mitama and just wants her to look at the bracelet, but the creature conveys to her that it trusts Iroha with its life. Therefore, Iroha can only entrust the bracelet to someone she herself can share her life with from the bottom of her heart. Iroha's mind returns. Both Mitama and Iroha had been rejected from trying to remove the bracelet as Iroha explains to the others what she saw and learned. Tsuruno suggests they investigate the place they first fought the creature for clues. The rest of the team agrees and they all storm off.

At the place where they fought the creature, Team Mikazuki looks around but can find nothing. As they search for any kind of clue, they feel a magical signature and find two members of Promised Blood in the area. It seems they too were searching for the creature that was defeated. The girls from Promised Blood explain they are searching for the huge energy signature that was there earlier, only to notice Iroha hiding her wrist. They announce their goal to search for that magic, as well as to take the lives of any Kamihama girls who get in their way. Three more members of Promised Blood appear and they launch an attack on Team Mikazuki, primarily aiming for Iroha. As they fight, Yachiyo notices how well versed their enemies are in fighting Magical Girls, going so far as to protect their own Soul Gems during the fight. Just as it seems that Promised Blood would lose, Hikaru appears and attacks with her Hikaru Army Corps. As the dust settles, she's surprised to see that Team Mikazuki was able to withstand her attack. Yuna stands beside her, looking down on them. Felicia goes berserk and tries to attack Yuna but is quickly defeated. Ui asks if they're members of the Wings of Magius, but Yuna tells them they're not and won't tell them anything more about them. Iroha urges Ui to go and get help, since these opponents are seriously aiming to kill. As Ui escapes, Yuna turns her attention to Ui and orders her goons to not let her escape. Iroha draws their attention as Yachiyo aims her attacks at Yuna. Tsuruno also becomes enraged and fights as hard as she can while Sana protects the wounded Felicia.

As the fight rages on, Iroha begs them to stop the fighting so they can talk things out. Hikaru doesn't want to kill pointlessly, but she won't give up until she gets the bracelet either. Iroha can't understand why they're being attacked, which just infuriates Hikaru further. Just when things seem their most dire, Ui returns with Momoko, Rena, and Kaede. Yuna, seeing the backup arrive, orders everyone to draw back. She asks Team Mikazuki if they've ever heard of Futatsugi City, and when they respond they haven't, she tells them they are a group of Magical Girls who swore an oath of blood to make them suffer they way they have suffered because of Kamihama. They tell them their names and vow to get the bracelet next time they meet.

Promised Blood leaves and the group is thankful to the Momoko Trio for their help. Although they didn't do much, they were still grateful they could at least scare the enemy away for now. The group decides to return to Mitama's place with the injured Felicia and tell her what happened. Mitama had assumed they were attacked by the Wings of Magius, but is surprised to learn it was a different enemy altogether. They're mostly worried because the members of Promised Blood were able to hold their own against them despite the fact that they've been adjusted by Mitama. But since Mitama had no recollection of these girls, they wonder if it's possible to be adjusted some other way. Mitama asks them to describe the group, but she's never heard of Yuna or Futatsugi City. Tsuruno agrees that this sounds like quite the mystery, since Mitama is the only Adjustor in Kamihama. Mitama agrees, then says there are other Adjustors in the world beside herself, revealing that she was taught her skills by another.

Elsewhere, Livia finishes adjusting Hikaru in her RV. Livia warns her not to lose track of her goal, and to learn some moderation since she went barreling into a fight with an unknown group. Hikaru thanks her for her services and returns to her hideout. A short time later, Yuna can be seen towering over a Magical Girl who is begging for her life. Yuna warns her she can't let her leave, especially after discovering their hiding place and shatters her Soul Gem. She then orders Hikaru to dump the body where it will easily be discovered, and demands she get her some ice cream afterwards to cool down.

Elsewhere, Juri and Ao are playing a video game against each other. As they bicker, Hikaru appears and shoves ice cream into Juri's mouth telling her to calm down. Ao tells her that's funny coming from someone who went and immediately picked a fight with their opponents. Yuna tells them they really didn't seem to know anything, and thinks that Juri will enjoy herself with them, though Ao would rather settle things peacefully.

An unknown Magical Girl notes that no one can turn away from the truth, and how the clock is ticking closer to Armageddon.

At home, Kagome continues to write in her notebook. She describes the voices of the Magical Girls she hears, and begins to detail the mysterious "Witch" and bracelet they've found. The scene then cuts to Kyubey as Kagome apologizes to him for not making a contract. She made a promise to an old scholar as well as to Rii-chan to continue to record the exploits of Magical Girls and spread that knowledge across the world.

Elsewhere, Shizuka Tokime asks Chiharu Hiroe and Sunao Toki for help. They point her out to the fare-adjustment machine and explain that the money she puts in will get transferred to her train card. Shizuka is suspicious though, since the money she puts in is gone and can't be seen. Suano explains it again, only for Shizuka to throw her hands up in exasperation at this confusing new city.

Section 2: Girls for Others

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

The Tokimi trio became fast friends with Iroha and co. especially because Iroha and Shizuka are both bad and uncomfortable with technology. Ui and the rest of the team minus Iroha and Yachiyo bring them around the city since they are new and even defeat a new Kimochi together. Since Shizuka scored the killing blow, she gets to keep it.

The trio assured Ui and co. that they are here no to grab away the purification system, but to learn of its mechanism and replicate them using the huge source of mana from the bracelet. They say it is Kyubey who gave them this idea.

Neo-Magius have been recruiting the old feathers back, and Mitama notes that they are disturbing as while they seek salvation, they are also Magical Girl Supremacists taking in way too much what Touka used to preach. Miyufu realize that Touka and Nemu are in danger since they will be seen as heathens.

The feather killed by Yuna is one of the two scouts from Neo-Magius. Juri is able to make the other one talk, though she noted that despite being in a bad position, she still viewed Promised Blood in contempt. They split, Hikaru and Yuna will be targeting powerful Magical Girls in Kamihama to wreck revenge and destroy opposition while Aoi and Juri hunt for the huge mana source (Kimochi).

Touka and Nemu scanned Iroha's bracelet and check for similarities using Eternal Sakura. This is possible as connecting her to the internet servers allow her to become a magic signal database. Before she can share her research, Neo-Magius Black feathers attack, claiming they are here to welcome back Touka and Nemu. Iroha messages Ui to bring everyone to Touka's lab as she prepares for a big fight.

Kagome records all of the above and sets foot in Kamihama as she hears the voice of a Magical Girl calling.

  • Funny note. Shizuka thought the trains were huge snakes at first and had an inicident where a bike hit her at a crossing because she didn't know how stoplights work. She can use an IC card and shop on her own now.

Section 3: Dream Chasing Girls

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

  • Hagumu (who Shigure nicknamed "Hagumun") and Shigure tries to convince Touka and Nemu to come back and lead them.
  • Even though Touka still believes in Magical Girl Supremacy she says a big I----YAAA because she finally got back with her friends Iroha and Ui. She'd rather be with her friends than do that supremacy thing again.
  • Promised Blood splits into two teams: Team Hikaru / Yuna and Team Juri / Ao
  • Juri and Ao keep talking using gaming lingo and fight the Kimochi of this chapter.
  • Yuna and Juri show up with their followers to attack the Satellite Array and quickly overpower Iroha, Yachiyo and even Sakurako.
  • Touka and Nemu cannot transform, all hope seems lost, they are desperate and out numbered 20:1 but then
  • ASSSAULT PARANOIA! The Winged Mifuyu arrives with Tsuruno and Felicia to reinforce their family, turning the tide of the battle
  • But it's not enough for Neo-Magius. Several hooded soldiers are killed and Shigure is reduced to tears.
  • Hikaru and Iroha battle again unleashing the Hikaru Corps and Strada Futuro to cancel each other's attacks.
  • The Tokime Clan also shows up and Shizuka's reaction is only 'what the hell is this?' as she sees Magical Girls, who are supposed to be comrades, fighting each other
  • Shizuka finally shows off some leadership quality and proves why she is destined to succeed her mother as Hokage by stepping in and talking everyone down. The fighting factions back off and listen to Shizuka's talk and call it a night.
  • Karin shows up at the worst possible place and yaps her mouth open about Alina, who Juri recognizes as one of the leaders of Magius. They capture her and take her back.
  • The main three leaders of Promised Blood call each other sisters. Ao is the little sister, Juri is the next oldest followed by Yuna, who is the oldest sister.
  • Because Karin isn't the brightest, Momoko has to lead a Rescue Team of the Amanes, Ryo, and Ikumi in to save her.
  • Himuro decides to talk with the Dark Adjuster. If you compare the painting in the background to the 6th Symbol you will notice some similarities.

Section 4: Girl Writing

The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.

Kyubey explains that the small Kyubey is a good core for the system, but its lack of emotion means it cannot hold energy born from emotion. They scattered with Eve, and collecting all of them will give the owner the right to master the system.

Kyubey admits that he lured Magical Girls to Kamihama since he knows they will fight within themselves for his experiment. He wants to see how much the system can take before it cracks, and if it doesn't, he'll judge if it is possible the Doppel system can keep the universe going.

He believes that this is win-win: he gets to maintain the universe, while the girls can ensure no more victims will come about as long as they release their Doppels.

Promised Blood are pissed for dancing on another palms again, but they take it in stride since they have seen much blood. Neo-Magius realize this is out of their league. Sunao Toki and Chiharu Hiroe are shocked for being pawns even before the elder's schemes, but are cheered up by Shizuka Tokime who takes it very well, seeing it as a greater honor to serve the universe and not just Japan alone.

Iroha asks if the other teams will maintain their stance since they can complete the system faster if they work together. Neo Magius refused due to their hatred of people not like them and Yuna Kureha also refuses despite the fact that it is rationally sound: she cannot take it emotionally. Only the Tokime group agree to join forces, and everyone prepares for war, though they call it a day for now. We also learn Kagome Satori fused with the last rumor Nemu Hiiragi created. They both aim to spread the deeds of Magical Girls to the world, but the rumor is too weak since it was created during Alina and Nemu's fight, so it had to fuse with something to survive (much like Rumor Tsuruno).

As Kagome was the assistant of a creep researching on Magical Girls after her meeting with Iroha and before meeting the rumor, she became the right host.

The rumor grants her the ability to listen to all conversation and thoughts of Magical Girls in her line of sight and the ability to avoid danger. Her aim to record Magical Girls and their deeds also go in line with Nemu who pities themselves: serving humanity and dying without anyone knowing,

On the way back home, they met Mitama Yakumo who was waiting for them, and Livia Medeiros appeared with her two lackeys: Yozuru Sasame and Sudachi Sawa. It seems she is indeed Mitama's teacher, though she brands Mitama as a failure for breaking her stance on neutrality as an Adjustor, and also reminds her that her wish made her lose the right to have any stance on any issue. She greets the Union and leaves, welcoming them to their service at anytime.

Mitama thinks Kyubey is cunning since pointing the Adjustors here ensures that the war will not be one-sided. Felicia thinks they should just whack them to keep the advantage, but Mitama discourages this, elaborating that as merchants of death, their neutral stance makes them many friends, and harming them will make the attackers public enemy. So it will be a tough battle ahead.

Back home, Momoko informs Yachiyo of their side of things via phone, and Ui is comforted by her sister as she cries hard, terrified about her and the small Kyubey's connection to the emotion, the tense atmosphere and the future war between Magical Girls.

As the teams are talking to Kyubey, another battle was commencing, After seeing how terrified Karin is during interrogation, Juri let her go since she knows nothing, is not a target, and for being weak.

However, Ikumi, Momoko trio, Amane sisters and Ryo come to Karin's aid, making Juri crack a smile since her plan to fish the big names actually worked.

Promised Blood and Kamihama Magical Union fought at a draw, though Juri managed to piss Momoko off with a cheap shot after pretending to agree to a cease fire. Momoko's innate magic rose the morale of her side, allowing them to gain an upper hand, making her decide to retreat.

Kaede and Rena chased after her, so Juri create a wall of flames to scare them off. It is at this moment where the emotionally spent Karin who has been questioning on why she is on the receiving end of abuse and near death just because she ask for Alina, and how she endangered her friends by becoming the bait of the enemy saw the danger Kaede and Rena is in on dashed right at the wall before Rena and Kaede hit it.

This actually shocked Juri. While the wall will not do much to Kaede and Rena, it is lethal to the weak Karin. True to her expectation, Karin is brought to the verge of death, leading to her Doppel's manifestation.

It is strong enough to wreck Promised Blood, but they manage to escape with bruises since Karin's Doppel cannot hold on long with her host close to death. She gave them a Grief Seed as a form of apology since, while she loves death bouts with strong opponents, killing weaklings is not her thing. She also revealed hers and Ao's name as well as they retreat.

Kagome continue to record the Magical Girls:

Magia Union: A big and connected, but somewhat loose web of an alliance of PMs trying to help each other. Will their web remain strong and inviting, or will it burn under the flames of war?

Tokime: While Sunao and Chiharu recovered from their shock, they have to in turn cheer Shizuka up since she is shocked that most PMs did not wish, nor wants to protect Japan. She gets over it pretty quickly with Sunao and Chiharu's encouragement. They can make up now, and besides, they are now protecting the universe instead. Kagome wonder if they remain pure as they ventured into the complex world.

Promised Blood: Juri easily passes her bracelet to Yuna, proving her loyalty once again. But Yuna is pretty gloomy, and Hikaru correctly pointed out that she is considering Iroha's words. After some pause, Yuna says the person she is now will not heed Iroha, but this personality of hers can be exploited. Kagome wonders how much of their hate is due to righteous anger or due to self-destructive escapism for the choices they have made.

The Neo Magius is just falling apart as the members know they are out of the league, and there is nothing Shigure and her friend can do to stop them. They refuse to agree to their suggestion at finding stronger Magical Girls since they believe they are unnecessary.

Finally, we see Alina in a hospital when she suddenly senses one of her artwork as something push past her.



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