Magia Record Main Story Part 2 Chapter 1 Script

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English text translated through DeepL and fixed by editors.

Section 1

Part 1
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Kagome "…………" "............"
image=75px Kagome "(ウワサ、マギウスの翼エンブリオ・イブ)" "(Rumors, Wings of Magius, Embryo Eve)"
image=75px Kagome "(そして魔女にならない力自動浄化システム…)" "(And the power to not become witches, automatic purification system...)"
image=75px Kagome "(ずっと動けなかったけど、あの子のおかげで見えてきた…)" "(I couldn't move for a long time, but she's helped me see...)"
"私の耳元でささやくの。あの子が神浜の魔法少女たちの言葉を。" "That girl whispered in my ear. The words of magical girls of Kamihama."
"ひとつひとつは小さな言葉。何気ない会話。" "Each one, a small word. Casual conversations."
"それが、細い糸で繋がると、魔法少女が息づく世界がボンヤリと姿を現してくる。" "When connected by a thin thread, the world that magical girls live in, faintly comes into view."
"闇に呑まれる希望の光“魔法少女”。" ""Magical girls", the light of hope swallowed by darkness."
"みんなにとって神浜は特別な場所。闇に染まらない力に満ちた、決して魔女にならない不思議な場所。" "Kamihama is a special place for everyone. Filled with power untainted by darkness, a mysterious place where no one becomes witches."
"それってユートピア?魔法少女にとっての桃源郷?" "Isn't that utopia? The fabled Peach Blossom Springs for magical girls?" <TL note: Chinese fable, paradise on earth>
"手を取り合って輪になって、変わらない日常を噛み締めるけどキシキシキシキシ少しずつ亀裂の入る音が聞こえる。" "Hand in hand, in a circle, reflecting our unchanging everyday lives, but *crick crick crick* little by little, I can hear the sound of it cracking."
image=75px Kagome "(こんなコソコソせずに、勇気を出して話せばいいのに…)" "(I wish I could be brave enough to talk about it without having to sneak around...)"
image=75px Kagome "私ったらダメだね… アルちゃん…" "I'm no good, am I? ...Aru-chan..."
image=75px Aru-chan "<それより学校だよっ>" "More importantly, you have school."
image=75px Kagome "そうだね、そろそろ行かないと" "You're right, I think we should get going."
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃんたち!" "Sis and the others!"
image=75px Ui "早くしないと学校に遅れちゃうよー!?" "Hurry up or you'll be late for school!"
image=75px Iroha "戸締まりできましたよ!やちよさん!" "I'm ready to lock the door! Yachiyo-san!"
image=75px Sana "あの、フェリシアさんが、動いてくれません…!!" "Um, Felicia-san won't move...!"
image=75px Felicia "今日の小テストが悪いと、ぜってー怒られるんだよ…!" "I'm going to be get mad at because of a low test score today...!"
image=75px Yachiyo "だから、一緒に勉強しようって昨日言ったでしょ!?" "Didn't I told you yesterday that we should study together!?"
image=75px Iroha "やちよさん、さなちゃん!こうなったら!" "Yachiyo-san, Sana-chan! When it comes to this!"
image=75px Yachiyo "ええ、やむを得ないけど…" "Yes, it's unavoidable, but..."
image=75px Sana "せーのっ…!" "Se-no...!"
Yachiyo&Sana "こちょこちょこちょこちょこちょ!" *tickle tickle tickle tickle!*
image=75px Felicia "ぬあっ、あははっ!や、やめろよー!" "Nagh, haha! S-stop it!"
image=75px Tsuruno "来たよー!" "They're here!"
image=75px Yachiyo "ナイスタイミング、鶴乃!" "Nice timing, Tsuruno!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ほっ!?" "Hoh!"
image=75px Yachiyo "フェリシアを担いで!" "Carry Felicia!"
image=75px Tsuruno "おーっし、任せろー!" "Ooh, I'll take care of it!"
image=75px "私は森の中で食事をしている獣を知っている" "I know a beast eating in the forest."
image=75px "この時、ビーストという名詞にかかっている修飾語は…" "At this time, the qualifier that rests on the noun Beast..."
image=75px Iroha "(最近はドッペルを出した報告もないし)" "(And there have been no reports of doppelgängers recently.)"
image=75px Iroha "(しばらくは大丈夫そうかな…)" "(I think it's going to be okay for a while...)"
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Iroha "(西に残ってるグリーフシードの数は…)" "(The number of grief seeds left in the west...)"
image=75px "そこで、次の例文だけれど、どの言葉を修飾してると思う?" "So, the next example sentence, which word do you think you are modifying?"
image=75px "環さん" "Tamaki-san."
image=75px Iroha "えっ!?あっ、2個です!" "What? Oh, there are two!"
image=75px "…………2個?" "...............two?"
image=75px Iroha "あぁああっ…あの、ごご、ごめんなさい…" "Ohhhh... um, I uh, I'm sorry..."
image=75px Rena "はっ、あははっ…も、だめ、お腹くるひぃ…!" "Ha, Ahhha... no, no, my stomach is tight...!"
image=75px Iroha "だってドッペルを出し続けるとどうなるか心配だし" "Because I'm worried about what's going to happen if we keep using our doppel."
image=75px Iroha "それに魔女化がなくなると、グリーフシードも無くなるから" "And if the witches goes away, there will be no more grief seeds."
image=75px Iroha "色々と心配になっちゃって…" "I've been worrying about a lot of things..."
image=75px Rena "でも、英語で2個って…!" "But two in English...!"
image=75px Iroha "そんなに笑わなくても…" "You don't have to laugh that much..."
image=75px Kaede "レナちゃんも去年の期末試験で英語の日を間違えて泣いてたのに" "Rena-chan, you were crying for the wrong English day on your final exam last year, too."
image=75px Rena "あれはレナにわかるように説明しない先生が悪いのよ" "That was the teacher's fault for not explaining it to Rena in a way she could understand."
image=75px Rena "それに、かえでだって試験前に泣きついてたでしょ?" "Besides, even Kaede was crying before the exam, right?"
image=75px Kaede "あー!言わないって約束したのに!" "Ah! You promised not to tell that!"
image=75px Momoko "それに、泣きつかれたのはアタシだけどな…" "And besides, I'm the one who was crying to you..."
image=75px Momoko "っていうか、昼休みぐらい仲良くしてくれよ…" "I mean, you should at least be friends with me during your lunch break..."
image=75px Momoko "ごめんね、いろはちゃん本題がまだなのに" "Sorry, Iroha-chan, but we haven't gotten to the point yet."
image=75px Rena "何かあったっけ?" "What's going on?"
image=75px Iroha "うん、これなんだけど" "Yeah, it's this."
image=75px Rena "アンタ、いつの間にそんな色気づいたの…?" "When did you realize how sexy you are...?"
image=75px Iroha "わ、私のじゃないよ!" "I-it's not mine!"
image=75px Iroha "あ、違う、私のなんだけど、魔女が落としたの!" "Ah, no, it's mine, but the witch dropped it!"
image=75px Momoko "昨日、連絡網できてたろ?" "You were on the network yesterday, weren't you?"
image=75px Rena "あー、あれね" "Oh, that."
image=75px Iroha "何か知ってることある…?" "What do you know about...?"
image=75px Rena "ぜーんぜん" "NOTHING!"
image=75px Rena "魔女が落とすなんて聞いたこともないし" "I've never heard of a witch dropping it."
image=75px Kaede "私も初めて見たと思う" "I don't think I've ever seen it before either."
image=75px Momoko "何かその魔女について変わったことってあるの?" "Is there anything unusual about that witch?"
image=75px Iroha "えっと…" "Well..."
image=75px Iroha "使い魔じゃなくてウワサが手下になってて" "It's not a familiar, and it's not an Uwasa's minion either."
image=75px Momoko "ウワサが!?" "Uwasa?"
image=75px Iroha "それも、絶交ルールの時のウワサでした…" "That was also the rumor of friendship-ending rule..."
image=75px Rena "うっわ、最悪の思い出…" "Ugh, my worst memory..."
image=75px Rena "かえでがまた階段を掃除し始めるわよ" "Kaede is going to start cleaning the stairs again."
image=75px Kaede "それならレナちゃんも大泣きするね" "That would make Rena-chan cry a lot, too, wouldn't it?"
image=75px Rena "ぬぅっ…" "Ngh, uh..."
image=75px Iroha "あと、魔女って言ってるけど、本当はどうか分からないんです" "Also, it seems that she's a witch, but I'm not sure she's really one."
image=75px Momoko "どういうこと?" "What do you mean?"
image=75px Iroha "魔力の反応が、魔女でもウワサでもなくって…" "It's not a witch or a rumor that the magic response is..."
image=75px Momoko "となると、余計にアタシらじゃわからないな…" "That makes it even more difficult for us to tell..."
image=75px Momoko "うーん…" "Ummm..."
image=75px Momoko "今日って各地域の近況報告会だったよね?" "Today was an update on the various regions, right?"
image=75px Iroha "はい" "Yes,"
image=75px Iroha "東からは十七夜さんが来ますし、南からはひなのさんが来ます" "Kanagi-san is comin' from the east, and Hinano-san is comin' from the south."
image=75px Momoko "その時に聞いてみた方がいいと思うよ" "I think you'd better ask them then."
image=75px Momoko "他の地域でも、同じようなことが起きてるかも" "There may be similar things happening in other parts of the country."
image=75px Iroha "そうですね、そうしてみます" "Yes, I'll do that."
Part 2
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Touka "うーーーん難しい問題だにゃー…" "Hmmm, that's a difficult question..."
image=75px Mifuyu "灯花が頭を抱えてるだなんて珍しいですね" "It's so rare to see Touka holding her head up."
image=75px Nemu "理論や理屈で片付けられるほど単純明快なものではなく" "It is not so simple and straightforward as to be put away by theory and logic."
image=75px Nemu "神のみぞ知る運命の上でしか説明できない問題だからね" "It is a problem that can only be explained on the basis of God's own destiny."
image=75px Mifuyu "と、言いますと?" "W-What do you mean?"
image=75px Touka "とーけーを取ってたの!" "I was taking a break!"
image=75px Touka "魔法少女の魔力を維持するのに、“必要なグリーフシードの数”" "The number of grief seeds required to maintain the magical power of a magical girl."
image=75px Touka "ちゃんと脳細胞活かして考えてよねー、みふゆー" "You're going to have to use your brain cells to think properly, Mifuyu."
image=75px Mifuyu "うっ…" "Ugh..."
image=75px Mifuyu "つ、つまり、えっと…?それで悩んでるということは…" "I, I mean, eh...? If that's what's bothering you..."
image=75px Mifuyu "必要なグリーフシードの数がわからないってことですよね?" "You mean you don't know how many grief seeds you need, right?"
image=75px Mifuyu "例えば、体を維持する魔力量にあまりにも個人差があるとか" "For example, there are too many individual differences in the amount of magic to maintain the body,"
image=75px Touka "それもそうなんだけどねー48点かにゃー" "That's true too - 48 points or so."
image=75px Mifuyu "万々歳より低いんですね…" "So it's even lower than Banbanzai..."
image=75px Touka "人は他人の影響をいーっつも受けてる状態でしょ?" "People are in a state of being influenced by other people all the time, aren't they?"
image=75px Touka "だからソウルジェムの穢れも周囲に左右されるんだよ" "That's why the soul gem stain is also dependent on the surroundings."
image=75px Nemu "うん" "Yeah."
image=75px Nemu "心と体が密接で、濁り方にも影響を及ぼす以上" "As long as the mind and body are so close together and affect the way we muddle through."
image=75px Nemu "突然ストレスがかかれば、すぐに濁りきる可能性もあるんだ" "If you are suddenly stressed, it can become murky very promptly."
image=75px Touka "だから必要なグリーフシード数を断定できないんだよ" "That's why we can't determine the number of grief seeds we need."
image=75px Touka "最初っからわかってたんだけどにゃー…" "I knew it from the beginning, but..."
image=75px Mifuyu "確かに知らず知らずのうちに外からの影響を受けている以上は" "Certainly as long as you are unknowingly exposed to outside influences."
image=75px Mifuyu "必要なグリーフシードの数を把握するのは難しそうですね" "It's going to be difficult to figure out how many grief seeds we need."
image=75px Mifuyu "自動浄化システムを広げる話といい" "It's good to talk about expanding the automatic purification system."
image=75px Mifuyu "“マギウス”の頭脳でもままならないものなんですね…" "Even the brains of the Magius can't get it right..."
image=75px Nemu "イブが自動浄化システムになって幸先は良いと思ってたけどね" "I thought Eve was going to get off to a good start with the automatic purification system, though."
image=75px Nemu "いざ拡張するとなると掴み所がなさ過ぎるんだよ" "When it comes to expanding, there is just too much to grab onto."
image=75px Mifuyu "神浜のどこにあるかもわからないですからね…" "We don't even know where it is in Kamibama..."
image=75px Touka "それもだよ!!" "That too!"
image=75px Touka "コルチゾールが分泌されてストレスが溜まるばーっかり!" "The cortisol is released and stressed out, bakkari!"
image=75px Touka "手っ取り早くエネルギーを集めたいのにーー!!" "I'm just trying to gather energy as quickly as possible!"
image=75px Touka "もう魔法少女か魔女を使うしか" "I have no choice but to use a magical girl or a witch."
image=75px Mifuyu "ダーメーです!" "Please don't!"
image=75px Mifuyu "また、いろはさんたちと争うつもりですか!" "You are going to fight with Iroha-san and the others again, aren't you!"
image=75px Touka "だって、方法がわからないんだもん!" "Because I don't know how!"
image=75px Sakurako "|ただいま|" I'm home.|"
image=75px Mifuyu "あら、桜子さん今日は早いお帰りですね" "Oh, Sakurako-san, you're back early today."
image=75px Sakurako "|今日は神浜マギアユニオンの集まりがあるから|" There is a gathering of the Kamihama Magia Union today.|"
image=75px Sakurako "|ひなのたちは忙しそうだった|" They have been busy.|"
image=75px Mifuyu "やっちゃんにいろはさん十七夜さんも集まりますからね" "Yacchan, Iroha-san and Kanagi-san are going to be there as well, I presume."
image=75px Mifuyu "3地域の情報交換は大切ですし、仕方ありませんよ" "It's important to exchange information between the three regions, and we don't have a choice."
image=75px Sakurako "|灯花とねむは行かないの?いろはとういも居るよ?|" "
image=75px Sakurako "|一緒に行こう|" "I'm coming with you."
image=75px Touka "今日はやることがあるからパスかにゃー" "I've got things to do today, so I guess I'll pass."
image=75px Nemu "僕も伝達すべき事は報告してあるから心配無用だよ" "I have been reported what I need to communicate as well, so do not worry about it."
image=75px Nemu "ひとりで行ってきてもいいよ" "You can go on your own."
image=75px Sakurako "|…………|" "|.....................
image=75px Sakurako "|4人一緒がいいのに…|" "I wish the four of us were together..."
image=75px Mifuyu "すねちゃいましたね" "You've been sulking, haven't you?"
image=75px Nemu "僕たち4人のために生まれたウワサだからね…" "She's a rumor that was born for the four of us..."
image=75px Touka "そもそもわたくしが残ったのは、みふゆの勉強を見るためだよー?" "The reason I stayed in the first place was to watch Mifuyu study!"
image=75px Nemu "僕も" "Me too."
image=75px Mifuyu "ほんと、すみません…" "I sincerely apoligize..."
Part 3
Name Japanese Translation
Touka "■報告1 自動浄化システムは 現在も穢れを回収して魔女化を防いでいるが どこに結界があるのかはいまだに不明" "■Report 1: The automatic purification system is still collecting impurities and preventing witchification, but we still don't know where the labyrinths are."
Touka "■報告2 また、ういの代わりに感情がないキュゥべえが イブのコアになってできたものなので 魔法少女でも魔女でもない概念のみの存在だと 仮定している" "■Report 2: I'm also assuming that instead of Ui, Kyuubey, who has no emotions, was created as the core of Eve, so I'm assuming that she's neither a magical girl nor a witch, only a concept."
Touka "■報告3 魔法少女でも魔女でもないとなると 何のエネルギーが必要なのかが不明なので 調べる必要がある" "■Report 3: If she's not a magical girl or a witch, we don't know what kind of energy she needs, so we need to find out."
Touka "けつろーん魔女化を防ぐ力、自動浄化システムを広げるほーほーは、わかりませーーーん!" "Conclusion: About the power to prevent witchcraft and expand the automatic purification system, I DON'T know!"
image=75px Iroha "以上が灯花ちゃんから受け取った今の状況です" "The above is the current situation I received from Touka-chan."
image=75px Kanagi "“状況は変わらず”ということか7文字で終わったな…" "You mean "situation hasn't changed", which ended in seven words.
image=75px Iroha "あはは…まぁ、そうですね…" "Haha... well, yes..."
image=75px Hinano "でも、焦ることはないだろ" "But you're not in a hurry, are you?"
image=75px Hinano "薬の研究も実用化までには、長い年月をかけるものだ" "Drug research also takes a long time to be commercialized."
image=75px Yachiyo "ただ、ストレスが溜まると、魔女を使うとか言いそうだから…" "It's just that when I get stressed out, I'm going to say I'm going to use a witch or something..."
image=75px Kanagi "本当に言い出すようなら、ゲンコツだな" "If you're really going to start talking, you're a goner."
image=75px Iroha "ういにも、わからないよね…?" "Ui, you don't know...?"
image=75px Iroha "自動浄化システムの入口がどこにあるのか…" "I don't know where the entrance to the automatic cleansing system is..."
image=75px Ui "うん、何も感じないから…" "Yeah, I don't feel anything, so..."
image=75px Ui "userNameは、わかったりしないかな?" "Doesn't userName know or something?"
image=75px userName "モキュゥ…" "Mokyuu..."
image=75px Ui "そうだよね…" "Yeah, right..."
image=75px Ui "わたしも本体から離れちゃうとわからないみたい…" "I don't seem to understand it when I'm away from the mainframe either..."
image=75px Yachiyo "引き続き探すしかないわね" "We'll just have to keep looking."
image=75px Tsuruno "それよりも今日聞きたいのは別のことだよ!" "But that's not what I want to hear today!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ほらっ、いろはちゃんの手首をご覧あれ!" "See, look at Iroha-chan's wrist!"
image=75px Iroha "ちょ、ちょっと鶴乃ちゃん引っ張らないで!" "Hey, don't pull me like that, Tsuruno-chan!"
image=75px Kanagi "む、例のブレスレットの話か" "Mm, you're talking about that bracelet."
image=75px Kanagi "魔女を倒したら着けていたらしいな" "I heard you had it on when you defeated the witch."
image=75px Hinano "かなり強い魔力を帯びてるが、どんな魔女だったんだ?" "You have some pretty strong magical powers, but what kind of witch was she?"
image=75px Felicia "ちょースゴかったんだぜ!?いないはずのウワサは出るしさ!" "That was pretty good, right? It's not supposed to be there, but it is!"
image=75px Felicia "なっ、さな!" "Nah, Sana!"
image=75px Sana "えっ!?" "What?!"
image=75px Sana "あ、は、はい…" "Oh, y-yes..."
image=75px Sana "それにみんながいないと倒せないぐらい強くて…" "And it's so strong that you can't beat it without everyone else..."
image=75px Iroha "観鳥さんは何か知らない…?" "You don't know what's going on, Midori-san...?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "どうして観鳥さんなんだい?" "Why Midori-san?"
image=75px Iroha "マギウスの翼で白羽根でしたし何か知らないかなって" "You used to be a white feather in the wings of Magius, and I was wondering if you knew anything about it."
image=75px Midori Ryo "そう言われても困るな~" "I don't like it when you say that!"
image=75px Midori Ryo "魔女を育ててたのもウワサを作ってたのも本当だけど" "It's true that we were raising witches and making rumors."
image=75px Midori Ryo "それが組み合わさった存在なんて聞いたこともないからね" "I've never heard of a combination of those things, because I've never heard of a combined entity."
image=75px Midori Ryo "つまり、観鳥さんが感じてるのは特ダネの匂いだけだよ" "I mean, it's just the smell of the special sauce that Midori-san is feeling."
"パシャッ" *flash*
image=75px Midori Ryo "観鳥さんの写真にもしっかり写ってるし" "And you're well represented in Midori-san's photo."
image=75px Midori Ryo "魔女とブレスレットの因果関係はないかもね" "Maybe there's no causal link between the witch and the bracelet."
image=75px Yachiyo "これに似た話でもいいんだけど東や南では聞かないかしら…?" "I could tell you a story similar to this, but I don't know if you'd hear it in the East or South...?"
image=75px Kanagi "ふむ…" "Hmm..."
image=75px Kanagi "聞いたような魔女と遭遇した話は東では聞かないな" "You don't hear stories of encounters with witches like the ones I've heard about in the East."
image=75px Kanagi "ただ…" "It's just..."
image=75px Yachiyo "なにかある…?" "What's going on...?"
image=75px Kanagi "確かに妙な魔力を感じたという情報だけは聞いている" "I've only heard that he did indeed feel some strange magical powers."
image=75px Iroha "その魔女はどうなりましたか?" "What happened to that witch?"
image=75px Kanagi "どうも何も、見つけるまでに至ってない" "Thanks, nothing, I haven't come close to finding out."
image=75px Kanagi "だが、七海や環君が見たものと同じ可能性もある" "But it could be the same as what Nanami and Tamaki-kun saw."
image=75px Tsuruno "それなら気をつけて!" "Then be careful!"
image=75px Tsuruno "わたしたちでも、ようやく倒せたんだから!" "Even we were able to finally defeat it!"
image=75px Kanagi "そうだな警戒するようにしておこう" "Yes, I'll try to be vigilant."
image=75px Hinano "アタシも南の魔法少女に連携しておくよ" "I'll link up with the magical girls in the south, too."
Part 4
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Iroha "みなさん今日はありがとうございました" "Thank you all for your time today."
image=75px Kanagi "気にするな同じ神浜の仲間だからな" "Don't worry about it, we're all in the same goddamn boat."
image=75px Yachiyo "ふふっ" *giggle*
image=75px Kanagi "む、なにか変なことを言ったか?" "Mm, did I say something weird?"
image=75px Yachiyo "以前なら考えられない言葉だからちょっと不思議な感じがして" "It's a word I wouldn't have thought of before, so it's kind of strange."
image=75px Kanagi "喜べることだろう?" "It's something to rejoice about, isn't it?"
image=75px Yachiyo "ええ、そうね" "Yeah, I guess."
image=75px Hinano "それじゃ、アタシたちはそろそろ帰るとするか" "Well, I guess it's time for us to go home, then."
image=75px Midori Ryo "観鳥さんも今から記事を書かなきゃいけないしね" "And Midori-san has to write her report now, too."
image=75px Hinano "変な記事は書くなよ" "Don't write weird articles, okay?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "それは撮れるもの次第かな" "I guess that depends on what I can shoot."
image=75px Sana "あっ、南の方に行くなら私たちも…" "Oh, if you're going to the south, we're going to have to..."
image=75px Midori Ryo "何か用事でもあるの?" "Is there something you need to do?"
image=75px Ui "今日はそっちのスーパーでね、牛乳が安いんだよ" "We're heading to that supermarket over there today, and the milk is cheap."
image=75px Iroha "私たちは夕飯の支度をしてるからそっちはよろしくね、うい" "We're making dinner, so take care of that one, Ui."
image=75px Ui "うんっ!" "Yeah!"
image=75px Tsuruno "わたしとフェリシアも万々歳の手伝いに行くよー!" "Me and Felicia are going to help Banbanzai too!"
image=75px Felicia "今日は店のトウガラシを使い切らないとなんだよなっ!?" "We need to use up all the peppers in the store today!"
image=75px Tsuruno "お店の空気を吸うだけでむせぶ、ドラゴンフェアの開催だからね!" "It's just sweltering to breathe the air in the shop, it's a dragon fair!"
image=75px Felicia "激辛中華でかんげーだぜ!" "Spicy Chinese food, baby!"
image=75px Kanagi "環君" "Tamaki-kun."
image=75px Iroha "はい" "Yes."
image=75px Kanagi "ブレスレットのことだが、八雲にも見てもらった方が良い" "About the bracelet, you should have Yakumo take a look at it."
image=75px Kanagi "彼女は魔力を弄る調整屋何かわかることもあるだろう" "She adjusts magic, and she may know something about it."
image=75px Yachiyo "最終手段だと思ってたけど…" "I thought this was a last resort, but..."
image=75px Kanagi "む、何か問題でもあるのか?" "Mm, what's the problem?"
image=75px Yachiyo "魔力を深く探ると何が起きるかわからないでしょ?" "You don't know what happens when you probe deep into the magic, do you?"
image=75px Yachiyo "だから奥の手にしてたのよ" "That's why I kept it in the back."
image=75px Iroha "ただ、これ以上時間を掛けるのも怖いですし…" "It's just that I'm afraid to take any more time..."
image=75px Yachiyo "そうね、みたまに見てもらいましょうか" "Well, let's have a look with Mitama."
image=75px Kanagi "うむ、それが最善だろう八雲には自分が連絡を入れておく" "Mmm, it would be best to let Yakumo know herself."
image=75px Iroha "ありがとうございます十七夜さん" "Thank you very much, Kanagi-san"
Sana & Ui "「牛乳…♪」「ぎゅうっにゅうっ♪」" "Milk....." "Milk..."
Sana & Ui "「小麦粉…♪」「こむっぎこっ♪」" "Flour...." "Flo-ur..."
Sana & Ui "「卵…♪」「たーまごっ♪」" "Eggs..." "Eggs!"
Sana & Ui "「合せてコネコネ…♪」「あーわせってコーネコーネ♪」" "Measuring and mixing mixing....." "Measuring and mixing mixing....."
image=75px Sana "美味しい美味しいパンケーキ…♪" "Delicious, delicious pancakes..."
image=75px Ui "おっいしいおっいしいパンケーキっ♪" "Delicious, delicious, pancakes!"
image=75px Hinano "なんだか、羨ましくなる光景だな" "It's kind of an enviable sight."
image=75px Midori Ryo "夕焼けに手を繋いでの買い物良い画だね" "That's a nice picture of them holding hands at sunset and shopping."
"パシャッ" *flash*
image=75px Midori Ryo "あとで送ってあげるかな" "Maybe I'll send it to you later."
image=75px Hinano "郁美のやつからは連絡はあったのか?" "Did you hear from Ikumi?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "うん、さっきバイトが終わって、栄総合に向かったってさ" "Yeah, she said she just finished her part-time job and headed to Sakae General."
image=75px Hinano "まだ、あの子は学校に残ってると思うか?" "Do you think she's still in school?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "居るんじゃないかな最近は帰りが遅いみたいだし" "I think she's there, and she seems to be coming home late these days."
image=75px Hinano "アリナと同じ教室で部活動をしてたんだよな…" "She and Alina had a club in the same classroom..."
image=75px Midori Ryo "それでもマギウスなのは知らなかったけどね" "Still, I didn't know she were a Magius, though."
image=75px Hinano "繋がりが深い手前、ちゃんと保護したいな…" "I'd like to make sure we're protected before we get too close..."
image=75px Midori Ryo "今は卒業生の牧野チャンに頼るしかないよ" "We're going to have to rely on our alumni Makino-chan now."
image=75px Hinano "そうだな" "Yeah."
image=75px Sana "明日の朝ご飯楽しみだね…" "I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow..."
image=75px Ui "わたし、パンケーキ作るの初めてだから楽しみっ" "I've never made pancakes before, so I'm looking forward to it!"
image=75px Sana "フワフワに焼けるといいね…" "I hope it's fluffy baked..."
image=75px Sana "えっ…" "Eh..."
image=75px Ui "この魔力反応… だれ…?" "This magical reaction... who...?"
image=75px Ui "近付いてくるよ…" "It's getting closer..."
image=75px Sana "魔女じゃない…魔法少女…" "It's not a witch... a magical girl..."
image=75px Ui "全然知らない人だよ…" "I don't know her at all..."
image=75px Midori Ryo "しかも、ひとりじゃないね外から来た魔法少女かな?" "And they're not alone, are they magical girls from the outside?"
image=75px Hinano "最近知らない魔法少女の目撃情報もある" "There have been some recent sightings of a magical girl I don't know about."
image=75px Hinano "気をつけろ…" "Be careful..."
image=75px Sana "…………" "............"
image=75px Ui "…………" "............"
image=75px Midori Ryo "…………" "............"
image=75px Hinano "…………" "............"
image=75px Hinano "きた…!" "It's comin'...!"
"…………" "............"
"パシャッ" *flash!*
image=75px Sana "…通り過ぎちゃった向かったのは新西区の方…?" "...They've passed through, we're headed for the new west ward...?"
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃんたち大丈夫かな…?" "Will they be okay...?"
image=75px Hinano "令、写真は撮れたか…?" "Ryo, did you get the picture...?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "シャッターチャンスは逃さない観鳥さんだよ" "Midori-san never misses a shutter release."
image=75px Midori Ryo "ただ、遠いしブレてるね…" "It's just so far away and blurry..."
image=75px Hinano "…………" "............"
image=75px Hinano "判別は難しそうだな…" "It's going to be hard to tell..."
image=75px Sana "はい…" "Yes..."
Part 5
Name Japanese Translation
"コンコン" "Knock knock."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "おじゃましま~す" "I'm sorry to trouble you~"
image=75px Misono Karin "また来たの" "You're here again."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "かりんちゃんのことが心配だから" "I'm super worried about Karin-chan."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "愛を届けるメイド魔法少女牧野郁美がやってくるんだよっ" "Makino Ikumi, the maid magical girl who delivers love, coming through!"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "えいっ、ラブビームっ!" "Hey, love beam!"
image=75px Misono Karin "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "えーん、愛が届かないよー" "Awwww, My love can't reach you~!"
image=75px Misono Karin "いくみんには、もういっぱいもらってるの" "Ikumin has already given me a lot of love already."
image=75px Misono Karin "だから心配せずに帰って欲しいの" "So don't worry, I want you to leave."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "でも、かりんちゃんも帰ろうそろそろ日が暮れちゃうし" "But let's go home too, Karin-chan, it's about to get dark."
image=75px Misono Karin "先生に言われるまで、帰るつもりはないの" "I'm not going to leave until the teacher tells me to."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "どうして…?" "Why...?"
image=75px Misono Karin "わたしが落ち込んでるの、おばあちゃんが気付いてるから…" "I'm depressed, and if my granny knows it..."
image=75px Misono Karin "早く帰ったら、不安な顔おばあちゃんに見せちゃうから…" "If I go home early, I'm going to show granny my anxious face..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "まだ、受け入れられない…?" "You still can't accept it...?"
image=75px Misono Karin "無理に決まってるの" "Of course I can't."
image=75px Misono Karin "アリナ先輩は厳しいけど、わたしにとって大切な先輩なの" "Alina-senpai is tough, but she's a very important senior to me."
image=75px Misono Karin "これ見るの!" "Look at this!"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "これ…?" "This...?"
image=75px Misono Karin "この絵、アリナ先輩が、命をテーマにして書いた絵なの" "This painting, Alina-senpai, drew this painting about life."
image=75px Misono Karin "それに、この版画は、今際の際って言ってたの" "Besides, She said this print was the moment of the moment."
image=75px Misono Karin "そしてこのカードゲームは流転をテーマにしたって言ってた" "And she said this card game was about flux."
image=75px Misono Karin "全部、共通してるのは命なの" "The one thing they all have in common is life."
image=75px Misono Karin "そんなアリナ先輩が、町を滅ぼそうとするはずないの!" "There's no way Alina-senpai would try to destroy the city!"
image=75px Misono Karin "アリナ先輩のことは聞いたのでも、わたしは信じないの…" "I've heard about Alina-senpai, but I don't believe it..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "…………" "............"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "私はマギウスの翼の黒羽根で、あの人を遠くから見てた…" "I used to be a black feather of the wings of Magius, watching that person from afar..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "令ちゃんも白羽根として見てた…" "Ryo-chan also saw it as a white feather..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "間違いなくアリナは羽根たちの頂点にいるマギウスで" "Without a doubt, Alina is the Magius at the top of the feathers."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "里見灯花と柊ねむと肩を並べて私たちの前に立ってたよ…" "She were standing in front of us, shoulder to shoulder with Satomi Touka and Hiiragi Nemu..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "町や羽根を犠牲にしてでも、魔女を育てきるために…" "Even if it means sacrificing a city and a feathers to raise a witch..."
image=75px Misono Karin "…………" "............"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "どっちのアリナが本当なんだろうね…?" "I wonder which Alina is real...?"
image=75px Misono Karin "わたしの知ってるアリナ先輩が本物なの…" "The Alina-senpai I know is the real thing..."
image=75px Misono Karin "死んでもいないし、行方不明にもなってない…" "She's not dead, she's not missing..."
image=75px Misono Karin "デッサンのことを言われてもわたしが上手くならなかったから" "When she told me about the drawing, it was because I wasn't getting better at it."
image=75px Misono Karin "怒っちゃって顔を出さなくなっただけなの" "She probably got angry and stopped showing up."
image=75px Misono Karin "だから、いっぱい練習して上達すれば戻ってきてくれるの!" "So, if I practice a lot and improve, she'll come back to me!"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "そうかも、しれないね…" "Yeah, maybe..."
image=75px Misono Karin "…………" "............"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "かりんちゃん" "Karin-chan."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "くみのキュンキュンパワーでげんきにな~れっ!" "Kumi's kyuun kyuun power, cheer up!"
image=75px Misono Karin "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "私はね、人って一面だけじゃないと思うよ…" "I mean, I think there's more to a person than just one side of a person..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "ごめんね…こんなこと言って…" "I'm sorry... for saying this..."
"カリカリカリ…" *scribble*
"カリカリカリ…" *scribble*
image=75px Alina "はい、コレ" "'Kay, here."
image=75px Misono Karin "え、わっ…" "Eh, wah..."
image=75px Misono Karin "…イチゴ牛乳…" "...strawberry milk..."
image=75px Alina "自分にウソついてないし、良くなったと思ったワケ" "I'm not lying to myself, and why I thought you are getting better."
Misono Karin "「ぐすっ…」" *sniff*
image=75px Kanagi "(誰だ…!)" "(Who...!)"
image=75px Kanagi "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "(報告には上がっていたが、本当に謎の魔法少女がいるな…)" "(It was up in the reports, but there really is a mysterious magical girl...)"
image=75px Kanagi "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "消えたか…" "She's gone..."
Part 6
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Mitama "神浜外の魔法少女ぉ?" "A magical girl outside of Kamihama?"
image=75px Kanagi "うむ、自分もとうとうそれらしき反応を感知してな" "Indeed, I finally detected a reaction like that myself."
image=75px Kanagi "八雲は何か気付いてないか?" "Is Yakumo aware of anything?"
image=75px Mitama "確かにそういった記憶がある子はいたと思うんだけどぉ" "I'm sure there were some people who remember that, though."
image=75px Mitama "見たって子はいないわねぇ" "I don't know any girls who've seen it."
image=75px Kanagi "情報以上のことはないか" "Is there anything more to it?"
image=75px Kanagi "東が活気付いている今…" "Now that the East is booming..."
image=75px Kanagi "水を差すような事態に、ならないと良いんだがな…" "I hope it's not a watered down situation..."
image=75px Mitama "素直に喜べないけどねぇ…" "I'm not going to be happy about it, but..."
Mitama "「中央区が壊れたせいで仕事が増えたんだから…」" "I've got more work to do because the Chuo ward has been destroyed..."
Kanagi "「瓦礫の撤去先が東なのは皮肉だがな」" "It's ironic, though, that the debris is being removed to the east."
image=75px Kanagi "とはいえ、都合が悪いものは東に押し付けるのが常だからな…" "Nevertheless, they always push the inconvenient ones to the East..."
image=75px Mitama "それが、今回ばかりは、西側も比較的味方みたいよ?" "And for once, it looks like the West is relatively on our side, too, right?"
image=75px Kanagi "む、そうなのか?" "Mm, is that so?"
image=75px Mitama "イブとワルプルギスの夜が原因でも、周りから見れば災害" "Even though it was caused by Eve and Walpurgis Night, from the perspective of those around us, it was a disaster."
image=75px Mitama "それに対する初動の遅延が、市長を辞任に追い込んでる影響で" "The initial delay in responding to it is the effect of the mayor being forced to resign."
image=75px Mitama "瓦礫の扱いについても批判が及んでいるらしいわ" "I've heard there's also been some criticism about the handling of the destruction."
image=75px Kanagi "魔女が原因だと思えば、市長も災難だな…" "It would be a disaster for the mayor if he thought it was a witch..."
image=75px Kanagi "魔女を呼んだおガキ様は、何も思ってなさそうだが…" "The little brat who called the witch doesn't seem to think anything of it..."
image=75px Touka "クチュッ!" "Achoo!"
image=75px Touka "クシュンッ!" *sneeze*
image=75px Touka "誰か噂してるのかにゃー…" "Who's gossiping about me, I wonder...?"
image=75px Nemu "くしゃみ2回は悪口だよ" "Two sneezes means you are being badmouthed at, you know."
image=75px Touka "もー!なんで、そういうこと言うのー!!" "Hey! Why do you say that!"
image=75px Kanagi "あと、果てなしのミラーズに妙な動きはないか?" "Also, is there any strange movement in the endless mirrors?"
image=75px Kanagi "問題があれば、先に東の方で対応するが" "If there's a problem, though, we'll deal with it in the east first."
image=75px Mitama "いつも通り、日々複雑怪奇にはなってるけど" "As usual, though, it's getting more complicated every day."
image=75px Mitama "前に一度暴走した時を除けば、今は落ち着いたものよぉ" "Except for once before when you went off the rails, you've calmed down now."
"ガチャ" *door opens*
image=75px Mitama "あら、やちよさん" "Oh, hello, Yachiyo-san."
image=75px Kanagi "思ったより早かったな、七海" "That was quicker than I thought, Nanami."
image=75px やちよ "…………" "............"
image=75px やちよ "みたま、十七夜" "Mitama, Kanagi."
image=75px Mitama "どうしたのぉ?" "What's going on?"
image=75px やちよ "外から魔法少女が集まってるひとりやふたりじゃないわ" "There's a bunch of magical girls from outside, not one or two."
image=75px Kanagi "ふむ…" "Hmm..."
image=75px Kanagi "どうも、きな臭くなってきたようだな" "Apparently, it's starting to smell fishy."
Part 7
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Mitama "十七夜も感知したみたいだけど、ひとりじゃなかったのねぇ…" "It looks like Kanagi sensed it too, but I guess I wasn't alone..."
image=75px Yachiyo "謎の魔法少女が来ている話現実味を帯びてきたわね…" "You know, this story about a mysterious magical girl coming to your house is starting to feel real..."
image=75px Iroha "この写真を見てもらえますか…?" "Can you look at this picture...?"
image=75px Mitama "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "確かに複数人いるな…" "There's definitely more than one of them..."
image=75px Sana "昨日の集まりの帰りに、知らない魔力反応があって…" "On the way home from yesterday's gathering, I felt an unknown magical reaction..."
image=75px Sana "通り過ぎる瞬間を、観鳥さんが撮ってくれたんです…" "Midori-san took a picture of the moment we passed by..."
image=75px Ui "魔力パターンがわからなかっただけかもしれないけど…" "Maybe I just didn't understand the magic pattern, but..."
image=75px Yachiyo "だけど、楽観視できないわ" "But I'm not optimistic."
image=75px Iroha "はい、マギウスの翼にいた羽根が来たのかもしれませんけど" "Yes, the feathers that was in the Wings of Magius may have come, though."
image=75px Iroha "ここ数日で妙なことが立て続けに起きてます" "Strange things have been happening in the last few days in a row."
image=75px Iroha "だから、最悪の結果を想定した方が良いと思います" "So I think it's best to assume the worst possible outcome."
image=75px Mitama "その最悪って?" "What's the worst of it?"
image=75px Iroha "神浜の魔法少女でも外にいる羽根でもない" "It's not a magical girl on a divine beach or a feather outside."
image=75px Iroha "“私たちの敵になる魔法少女”が来ることです…" "The coming of a magical girl who will become our enemy..."
image=75px Tsuruno "東の十七夜だけじゃなくて、南でも感知した人がいたとすると" "It wasn't just Kanagi-san in the east, but someone else detected it in the south as well."
image=75px Felicia "ヤベー魔法少女が、いーっぱいいるかもしんねーな" "There might be a lot of bad magical girls out there, huh?"
image=75px Felicia "ふんす!" "Humph!"
image=75px Kanagi "異論はないが、あまり考えたくもないな" "I don't disagree with you, but I don't want to think about it too much."
image=75px Yachiyo "だけど胸騒ぎがするのよ" "But it makes my heart race."
image=75px Kanagi "長年の勘か" "A long-standing hunch."
image=75px Yachiyo "ただの勘よ、年寄りみたいに言わないで" "It's just a hunch, don't sound like an old man."
image=75px Kanagi "地雷だったか" "It was a land mine."
image=75px Mitama "でも、この写真…相手の姿も何もわからないわねぇ" "But this picture... you don't know what they look like or anything."
image=75px Mitama "そうだ、ういちゃん!" "Oh right, Ui-chan!"
image=75px Ui "な、なに?" "What?"
image=75px Mitama "ちょこーっとソウルジェムに触っていい?" "Can I touch your soul gem for a moment?"
image=75px Ui "う、うん、いいよ?" "Uh, um, okay?"
image=75px Mitama "それじゃあ失礼して" "Well then, if you'll excuse me."
image=75px Mitama "…………" "............"
image=75px Felicia "こいつ、何してんだ?" "What's she doing?"
image=75px Sana "記憶から魔力パターンを探ってるんだと思います…" "I think they're looking for magic patterns from memory..."
image=75px Felicia "おぉ、すげーじゃん" "Oh, wow, that's awesome."
image=75px Mitama "うんっ" "Yeah."
image=75px Ui "どうだった?わかった?" "How did it go? Do you understand?"
image=75px Mitama "ごめんなさいわからなかったわぁ" "I'm sorry, I didn't understand..."
image=75px Ui "そっかぁ…" "I see..."
image=75px Yachiyo "まぁ、無理もないわね…" "Well, it's not surprising..."
image=75px Yachiyo "とりあえず情報だけでも回すようにしましょう" "Let's just try to turn the information around for now."
image=75px Kanagi "謎の魔女に続けて魔法少女皆も驚くかもしれんな" "Follow the mysterious witch, and all the magical girls might be surprised."
image=75px Mitama "あとは、いろはちゃんのブレスレットよねぇ?" "And then there's Iroha-chan's bracelet, right?"
image=75px Mitama "十七夜から聞いたのは、その話だったんだけどぉ" "That's what I heard from Kanagi, though."
image=75px Iroha "あ、はい、そうなんです" "Oh, yes, I do."
image=75px Iroha "見てもらってもいいですか?" "Would you mind having a look at it?"
image=75px Mitama "ええ、もちろんご要望には応えるわよぉ" "Yes, of course I can accommodate your request."
image=75px Mitama "それじゃあ、まずは服を脱いで横になってねぇ" "Well, then, you'll have to take your clothes off first and lie down."
image=75px Yachiyo "みたま!" "Mitama!"
image=75px Mitama "あら怖い、冗談よぉ" "Oh, I'm just kidding."
image=75px Iroha "わ、私だってもう、その冗談は通じないですからねっ" "E-even I don't fall for that joke anymore, you know."
image=75px Mitama "ふふっ" *giggle*
image=75px Mitama "じゃあ、ブレスレットを見せてくれるかしら?" "Well, can you show me your bracelet?"
image=75px Iroha "これなんですけど全然はずせなくって…" "It's this, but I can't take it off at all..."
image=75px Mitama "んっ…!ほんと、ビクともしないわねぇ" "Hmm...! You're really not freaking out."
image=75px Iroha "これが何か探ることってできませんか?" "Can't we explore what this is?"
image=75px Iroha "せめて、取る方法がわかればいいんですけど" "I wish I knew how to take it out, at least."
image=75px Mitama "そうねぇ" "Well"
image=75px Mitama "宝石から感じる魔力を、ちょっと探ってみましょうか" "Let's explore the magic you feel from the jewels for a moment, shall we?"
image=75px Iroha "はい" "Yes,"
image=75px Mitama "…………" "............"
image=75px Mitama "――っ!?" "What...?"
image=75px Mitama "なに…これ…" "What... this...?"
image=75px Kanagi "どうした、八雲…" "What's the matter, Yakumo..."
image=75px Mitama "ほんと、普通の魔女が相手じゃなかったのね" "Really, you weren't dealing with a normal witch."
image=75px Mitama "桁違いの魔力が内包されてる…" "It contains an order of magnitude more magical power..."
image=75px Iroha "そんなにですか…?" "Is that so much...?"
image=75px Mitama "調整に使えば、ソウルジェムが持たないわ…" "If I use it to adjust, I'm afraid my soul gem won't bear it..."
image=75px Mitama "もう少し、深く探ってみるわね" "I'm going to probe a little deeper."
image=75px Iroha "はい…" "Yes..."
image=75px Mitama "深く…深く…" "Deeper... deeper..."
image=75px Iroha "アッ!!" "Ack!"
image=75px Yachiyo "いろは!" "Iroha!"
Part 8
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Iroha "ここは…" "This is..."
image=75px Iroha "あの時の魔女…?どうして、倒したはずなのに…" "That witch back then...? Why, I thought we beat it..."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Iroha "ここ…現実じゃ、ない…?" "This... isn't real...?"
image=75px "∵フフッ_あははッ" "∵フフッ_あははッ"
image=75px Iroha "キャッ…" "Kyaa..."
image=75px Iroha "…攻撃してこない" "...they're not attacking us."
image=75px "∵ハァ~ ̄にひひッ_" "∵ハァ~ ̄にひひッ_"
image=75px Iroha "ブレスレットを外すのが不安なの…?" "Are you worrying about me taking this bracelet off...?"
image=75px "∵ヒッ_ハハハッ―" "∵ヒッ_ハハハッ―"
image=75px Iroha "壊すつもりなんてないし、誰かに渡したりもしないよ…" "I'm not going to break it, and I'm not going to give it to anyone..."
image=75px "∵フフッ ̄フ―フフッ" "∵フフッ ̄フ―フフッ""
image=75px Iroha "連れていって、欲しい…?" "You want me to, take it...?"
image=75px Ui "…どこかに行きたいのかな?" " you want to go somewhere else?"
image=75px Iroha "ん?どういうこと?" "Hmm? What do you mean?"
image=75px Ui "え、ううんなんとなくそう思っただけ" "Yeah, no, I just kind of thought so."
image=75px Iroha "ういが言ってたことと同じ…?" "Is that what Ui said...?"
image=75px "∵アハ―ふふッ…" "∵アハ―ふふッ…"
image=75px Iroha "別に、あなたを誰かにあげようなんて…" "Not that I would give you to anyone else..."
image=75px "∵ニ―ハヒヒ_ ̄フフッ" "∵ニ―ハヒヒ_ ̄フフッ"
image=75px Iroha "大丈夫、みたまさんのこと、私はちゃんと信用してるから…" "Don't worry, I have a lot of faith in Mitama-san..."
image=75px Iroha "はずしたとしても、調べてもらうだけだよ?" "Even if I take it off, she'll just have it checked out, okay?"
image=75px "∵くすっ―ハハ_ヒヒッ" "∵くすっ―ハハ_ヒヒッ"
image=75px Iroha "そっか、あなたは私に倒されてこうして命を差し出した" "I see, you were knocked down by me and thus offered your life."
image=75px Iroha "だから、心の底から私が命を分かち合える相手じゃないと" "So, from the bottom of my heart, it has to be someone I can share my life with."
image=75px Iroha "信用できないんだね…" "You can't trust me..."
image=75px Iroha "ハッ…" "Ha..."
image=75px Iroha "はぁ…はぁ…" *pant*... *pant*...
image=75px Mitama "いろはちゃん、大丈夫…?" "Iroha-chan, are you okay...?"
image=75px Iroha "今の…何だったんだろう…" "What was that... just now...?"
image=75px Mitama "何か見えたの…?" "Did you see something...?"
image=75px Mitama "わたしは拒絶されちゃったみたいだけど…" "I guess I've been rejected, but..."
image=75px Iroha "私も、ブレスレットをはずすのを拒まれちゃいました…" "I also refused to take my bracelet off..."
image=75px Mitama "え…?" "What...?"
image=75px Iroha "私が命を差し出せる相手にしか渡せないのかも、しれません…" "Maybe I can only give it to someone I can offer my life to, maybe..."
image=75px Mitama "このブレスレットには意識があるの?" "Is there any consciousness in these bracelets?"
image=75px Iroha "なんだか、私にもわからなくて…" "I don't know, I just don't know what it is..."
image=75px Iroha "ただ、悪さをするつもりは、ないのかも…" "Just maybe it's not going to do anything bad..."
image=75px Iroha "この子も私に倒されて、命を差し出したみたいだから…" "It's like this one was knocked down by me, too, and offered its life to me..."
image=75px Tsuruno "よしっ、うなって考えてもどうしようもない!" "Okay, I can't help but groan and think about it!"
image=75px Tsuruno "こうなったらふりだしに戻ろう!" "It's time to go back to the drawing board!"
image=75px Iroha "鶴乃ちゃん?" "Tsuruno-chan?"
image=75px Tsuruno "あれから最初の現場には戻ってないからね!" "I haven't been back to the first scene since then!"
image=75px Tsuruno "そういう時は、現場検証に限るよ!" "In that case, it's only a field test!"
image=75px Tsuruno "何か残ってるかもしれないよ!ふんふん!" "There might be something left! Yep yep!"
image=75px Yachiyo "そうね" "Yes,"
image=75px Yachiyo "悪さをしないからって安全とイコールじゃないわ" "Just because it won't do anything bad doesn't mean you're safe."
image=75px Tsuruno "善は急げだ!行こう、いろはちゃん!" "The sooner the better! Let's go, Iroha-chan!"
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃん…" "Sis..."
image=75px Iroha "…ういが言ってたことは、本当だったのかも" "...Maybe what Ui said was true."
image=75px Ui "この魔女、何なのかな…" "This witch, what is it..."
image=75px Iroha "それは一度、ふりだしに戻って考えよう" "Let's go back to the drawing board and think about that."
image=75px Ui "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Kanagi "嵐のように去ったな" "They left like a storm."
image=75px Mitama "…………" "............"
image=75px Mitama "以前、いろはちゃんが記憶を取り戻した時" "Earlier, when Iroha-chan regained her memory,"
image=75px Mitama "神浜の物語は動き出した" "The story of Kamihama is in motion."
image=75px Kanagi "今回も同じか" "Same thing this time?"
image=75px Mitama "デジャブね" "It's deja vu."
??? "「謎が解けない時はふりだしに戻るっすか」" "So when you can't solve a mystery, you go back to the drawing board?"
??? "「帰って来るわよぉ…彼女たちは…私にも何もわからないものぉ…」" "They'll be back... Those girls...I don't know what they are either..."
Part 9
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Iroha "特に反応はありませんね…" "I don't see any reaction..."
image=75px Yachiyo "そうね…" "Well..."
image=75px Tsuruno "魔力も残ってないし、何の欠片も見当たらないね" "I don't sense any magic left, and I don't see any pieces of it."
image=75px Sana "私の方もダメでした…" "It didn't work for me as well..."
image=75px Ui "わたしも…" "So do I..."
image=75px Felicia "おーい、いろはー!すっげーのいるぞー!" "Hey, Iroha! There's an awesome one!"
image=75px Iroha "何か見つかったの!?" "What did you find?
image=75px Felicia "ちょーでかいカマキリ!" "It's a huge praying mantis!
image=75px Yachiyo "真剣に探しなさいよ!" "You should seriously look for it!"
image=75px Felicia "いやでも、すごくね?ほら、さな!" "No, but it's great, isn't it? Come on, Sana!"
image=75px Sana "ちょ、ちょっと…近付けないでください…!" "W-Wait,... don't get it too close on me...!"
image=75px Sana "この反応…!" "This reaction...!"
image=75px Felicia "このカマキリ、使い魔なのか!?" "Is this praying mantis a familiar?"
image=75px Sana "そうじゃないです…!" "It's not...!"
image=75px Ui "昨日、さなさんと感じた、魔力反応と同じだよ…!" "It's the same magical reaction I felt yesterday with Sana-san...!"
image=75px Iroha "それって写真の…" "That's a picture of..."
image=75px "確かに残ってないよな" "You certainly don't have any left, do you?"
image=75px "ええ、残ってないわね" "Yeah, there's not much left."
image=75px Iroha "あなたたちは…" "You are..."
image=75px "ここにあった魔力反応を追いかけていたのよ" "We were chasing a magical reaction that was here,"
image=75px "知ってるんじゃない?あなたたち…" "You know, don't you? You guys..."
image=75px Iroha "私たちが倒しました" "We beat it."
image=75px Yachiyo "あなたたち、何者なの?神浜の魔法少女じゃないわよね?" "Who are you guys? You're not a magical girl from Kamihama, are you?"
image=75px "そうだな私たちは外からやってきた" "Yes, we come from the outside."
image=75px Yachiyo "何が目的…?" "What do you want...?"
image=75px "ここにあった強い魔力大きなエネルギーを求めている" "We're looking for the strong, magical, big energy that was here."
image=75px Iroha "――っ!?" "--What?
image=75px "手首を隠したな…" "You've been hiding your wrist..."
image=75px "なるほど、手に入れたものはそこか" "I see, that's where you got it."
image=75px "やりましょう…" "Let's do..."
image=75px "だな" "Right."
image=75px "りゃあああっ!" "Ryaaa!"
image=75px Iroha "――っ!?" "--What?!"
image=75px Iroha "な、何ですか急に!" "What, what is it, all of a sudden!"
image=75px Tsuruno "想定していた最悪の結果になっちゃったかな…" "I guess that's the worst I could have expected..."
image=75px "私たちの目的はこの場にあった強大なエネルギー…" "Our goal was to be here, the mighty energy that was here..."
image=75px "そして、お前たち神浜の魔法少女の命だ!!" "And it's the life of you magical girls of the Kamihama!"
image=75px Ui "どうして…!?" "Why...?!"
image=75px Felicia "ほんとだぞ意味がわかんねーぞ!" "It's true, I dunno what that means!"
image=75px Sana "他にも居ます…!!" "There are others...!"
image=75px "争うなら殺されるつもりで来い" "If you're going to fight with me, come to me like you're going to be killed."
image=75px Iroha "…手に入れたものを置いていけばどうしますか…?" "...What if I leave what I got...?"
image=75px "せめて苦しまないように殺してやる…" "At least I'll kill you so you don't have to suffer..."
image=75px Iroha "どちらにしても、戦うつもりなんですね…" "Either way, you're going to fight..."
Part 10
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Tsuruno "わわわっ!" "Wawawa!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ちょっと、コイツら本当に危険なヤツかもしれない!" "Hey, these guys could be really dangerous!"
image=75px Yachiyo "魔法少女との戦いにかなり場慣れしているわ…" "They're pretty used to fighting magical girls..."
image=75px Yachiyo "ソウルジェムを…自分の命をしっかり守って!!" "The soul gems... hold on to your life, protect it!"
image=75px Felicia "んだよ、この殺気…" "What the heck is this stuff..."
image=75px Felicia "オレたちが何したって言うんだよ…" "What did we do...?"
image=75px Iroha "うい!私の後ろに下がって!" "Ui! Get behind me!"
image=75px Sana "私も援護します…!" "I'll cover you...!"
image=75px Ui "大丈夫…" "It's okay..."
image=75px Ui "わたしひとりで、怖がってられないもん…!" "I'm not going to be alone and I'm not going to be scared."
image=75px "生死は問わない" "I don't care if you live or die."
image=75px "あのクロスボウの手首にあるブレスレットを奪うんだ" "We're going to take the bracelet on that crossbow girl's wrist."
image=75px "わかってるよ" "I know,"
image=75px Iroha "っ…" "Huh..."
Part 11
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "隙を見せたな!" "You showed me an opening!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ほっ!" "Ho!"
image=75px Tsuruno "わざと、隙を作ったんだよ!" "I created a gap, on purpose!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ちゃらぁっ!!" "Charaaaaaah!"
image=75px "ぐっ…" "Guh..."
image=75px Tsuruno "ふぅ…こっちは終わったよ!" "Huh... we're done over here!"
image=75px "もらったわ!" "I got it!"
image=75px Ui "キャッ!" "Kyaa!"
image=75px "クッ!" "Kuh!"
image=75px Ui "ありがとう、お姉ちゃん!" "Thanks, sis!"
image=75px Iroha "すごい、本当に戦い慣れてる…" "Wow, you're really used to fighting..."
image=75px "くそ…ぅ…" "Shit....uh..."
image=75px Yachiyo "私だってこれでも、場慣れはしてるつもりよ" "I think I'm used to the occasion, even in this."
image=75px Yachiyo "あなたたちが何者なのか、全て聞かせてもらうわ" "I'm going to have to hear all about who you guys are."
image=75px "ふふっ…" *chuckle*
image=75px Yachiyo "何、その余裕は…" "What, you can't afford..."
image=[[File:|75px]] ???の声 "行け!ひかる軍団!!" "Go! Hikaru Soldiers!"
image=75px Yachiyo "――っ!?" "--?!"
Yachiyo "「キャアッ!」" "Kyaa"
image=75px Yachiyo "ケホッ…今の攻撃はいったい…" "Ugh... what was that attack just now..."
image=75px ??? "さすがは特異なことをする神浜の魔法少女ねぇ…" "As expected of a magical girl in the Kamihama who does peculiar things, huh..."
image=75px ??? "ひかる軍団を使っても、平気なのはビックリっすね" "I'm quite surprised that you could defend Hikaru Soldiers."
image=75px Felicia "んだよ、お前ら…コイツらの親玉か…!?" "What the hell, you guys... are you the bosses of these guys...?"
image=75px Iroha "待ってフェリシアちゃん前に出たら!" "Wait, Felicia-chan, if you step forward!"
image=75px Yuna "ふん、大ぶりなだけねぇ…" "Hmm, you just talk big.."
image=75px Felicia "ドッカーーーン!" "Boom!"
image=75px Yuna "こんな動物みたいな子に…" "You animalistic..."
image=75px Felicia "ぬぅ、よけられた!" "Nuh-uh, they've dodged me!"
image=75px Yuna "私たちの命が翻弄されるなんて!" "I can't believe our lives are being tossed around!"
image=75px Felicia "ぬッ…" "Ngh..."
image=75px Yuna "腹立たしい!" "It's infuriating!"
image=75px Felicia "グッア…!" "Guh...!"
image=75px Yuna "虫酸が走る!" "Disgusting!"
image=75px Felicia "ガッ…ア…!!" "Gah...a...!"
image=75px Felicia "うっ…く…" "Ugh....a...!"
image=75px Sana "フェリシアさん!!" "Felicia-san!"
image=75px ??? "うまくソウルジェムはさけたみたいねぇ…" "Looks like you got the soul gem out of the way..."
image=75px Ui "あ…あなたたちは…マギウスの翼…なの…?" "A-Are you guys...from Wings of Magius...?"
image=75px Ui "外から来た…" "From outside..."
image=75px ??? "違うっすよ" "That's untrue."
image=75px ??? "ひかるたちは、マギウスの翼じゃないっす" "Hikaru and the others aren't from the wings of the Magius, you know."
image=75px Ui "じゃあ…なに…?" "Then... what...?"
image=75px ??? "答える必要はないわぁ" "I don't have obligations to answer that question."
image=75px Iroha "うい、連絡を取ってきて…" "Ui, you have to get help..."
image=75px Ui "でも、わたしも…" "But I also..."
image=75px Iroha "今は助けが必要なの…" "We need help now..."
image=75px Iroha "マギウスの時とは全然違うこの人たちの殺気は本物だよ" "The killing spree of these people is real, not at all like it was with the Magius."
image=75px Iroha "勝てたとしても…誰か、やられるかもしれない…" "Even if we win... someone may not survive..."
image=75px Ui "わ、わかった…!" "G-Got it...!"
image=75px Ui "っ…!" "Huh...!"
image=75px ??? "小者1匹だとしても、行かせるわけにはいかないんすよ" "Even if it's just a little brat, we can't let it go."
image=75px ??? "っ!" "Huh!"
image=75px Iroha "あなたの相手は私がするよ…" "T'm your opponent..."
Part 12
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ??? "ちょうど良いわぁ" "Just in time!"
image=75px ??? "ひかる、その子のブレスレットを奪いなさい…" "Hikaru, take that girl's bracelet away..."
image=75px ??? "っす!" "Roger!"
image=75px ??? "私の相手はきっとあなたねぇ…" "You're the one who's going to be with me..."
image=75px Yachiyo "わかってるじゃない…" "You know..."
image=75px Yachiyo "みかづき荘の仲間を傷付けたこと後悔させてあげるわ" "I'm going to make you regret hurting my friends at Mikazuki Villa."
image=75px "向こうのハンマーのヤツは手負いになってるぞ" "That brat over there with the hammer is wounded."
image=75px "そのままこっちで片付けよう" "Let's just get it over here as is."
image=75px Tsuruno "聞き捨てならないよ!" "I don't want to hear it!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ちょーっと様子を見ようと思って優しくしてたけど" "I was just trying to be nice to you to see how you were doing for a bit."
image=75px Tsuruno "わたしもここまでされたら堪忍袋の緒が切れちゃったよ" "I'd be out of patience too if you did this to me."
image=75px Tsuruno "何人が向かおうとしても!!" "No matter how many people try to face it!"
image=75px Tsuruno "わたしの体と燃える炎が、誰も通さない最強の壁になる!!" "My body and the flames that burn will be the strongest wall that no one can pass through!"
image=75px Felicia "ぐっ…ぅぅ…" "Ggh...ugh..."
image=75px Sana "大丈夫ですフェリシアさん…私が盾になりますから…" "It's okay, Felicia-san...I'll be your shield..."
image=75px ??? "地獄へ行く覚悟はできてるっす" "Are you ready to go to hell?"
image=75px Iroha "話だけでもさせてくれないの…?" "Can't you just let me talk...?"
Part 13
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ??? "はぁ…はぁ…刻まれるっすよ!!" "'re about to be chopped up!"
image=75px Iroha "くっ…ローブが…" " robe..."
image=75px ??? "このまま、駆け抜けるっす!" "We're going to run through this!"
image=75px ??? "消えた…" "It's gone..."
Iroha "「私たちはあなたたちを何も知らない…」" "We don't know anything about you guys..."
image=75px Iroha "だから、教えてよ!どうして攻撃してくるの!?" "So, tell me! Why are you attacking me?"
image=75px ??? "クゥッ!" "Guh!"
image=75px ??? "う…" "Uh..."
image=75px ??? "知らないのがひかるたちは腹立たしいんすよ!" "It makes Hikaru and the others angry that they don't know!"
image=75px Iroha "キャアッ!!" "Kyaa? !"
image=75px ??? "さぁ…そのブレスレットをひかるに寄越すっす" "Come on...You'll give that bracelet to Hikaru."
image=75px ??? "…ひかるだって無駄な殺生をする気はないっす…" "...Even Hikaru doesn't want to kill for nothing..."
image=75px Ui's voice' "お姉ちゃん!" "Sis!"
image=75px Rena "何よこれ…どうなってるの…!?" "What the hell... what's going on...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "間に合った…!" "I'm in time...!"
image=75px "くそ、助けが来た…" "Shit, help is on the way..."
image=75px Yachiyo "これでも、まだやる気?" "Are you still going to do this?"
image=75px ??? "強がってるけど、あなたも限界が近いでしょぅ…" "I know you're trying to be strong, but you're nearing the end of your rope..."
image=75px Yachiyo "それはどうかしらね" "I'm not so sure about that."
image=75px Momoko "何とか間に合ったみたいだな" "Looks like we managed to make it in time."
image=75px Rena "ももこが買い物行こうなんて言わなかったら" "If Momoko hadn't asked me to go shopping,"
image=75px Rena "ここまで遅れなかったのに" "We wouldn't even this late."
image=75px Kaede "タイミング悪いよね" "It's bad timing, isn't it."
image=75px Momoko "仕方ないだろ!" "I can't help it!"
image=75px Momoko "で、どういうことだ…これ…お前ら一体、どこのどいつだ!" "So, what do you mean... this... where the hell are you guys from?!"
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px ??? "みんな、武器を下ろしなさい" "Everyone, put your weapons down."
image=75px ??? "っす" "Roger."
image=75px Yachiyo "尻尾を巻いて逃げるつもり?" "Are you going to run away with your tail between your legs?"
image=75px Iroha "お願い、教えてください…" "Please, tell me..."
image=75px Iroha "どうして襲うんですか?何の恨みがあるんですか…!?" "Why are you attacking us? What do you want to do to us...?
image=75px ??? "恨みしかないのよぉ" "I have nothing but resentment towards you."
image=75px ??? "虎屋町…竜ケ崎…蛇の宮…" "Torayamachi....Ryugasaki... Juunomiya..."
image=75px ??? "二木市(ふたつぎし)のことは知ってるぅ?" "Do you know about Futatsugi City?"
image=75px Iroha "…………いえ…" ""
image=75px ??? "何も知らないのねぇ…" "You don't know anything, don't you..."
image=75px ??? "じゃあ、せめて覚えておいて" "Well, at least remember that."
image=75px ??? "私たちは血の約束を交わした魔法少女たち" "We are magical girls who have exchanged blood promises."
image=75px ??? "神浜に辛酸を舐めさせ死んだ同胞の数だけ苦しめる" "Let Kamihama lick the bitterness out of you and make you suffer for the number of our dead compatriots."
image=75px ??? "私たちの血を流して生まれたものは" "What was born in our blood,"
image=75px ??? "私たちが手に入れるわぁ…" "We'll get it..."
image=75px ??? "故郷で生きている仲間のためにもねぇ…" "For the sake of the people back home who are still alive..."
image=75px ??? "環いろは、七海やちよ" "Tamaki Iroha, Nanami Yachiyo."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Yachiyo "…………" "............"
image=75px Yuna "“紅晴結菜”(くれは ゆな)よ" "I'm Kureha Yuna."
image=75px Yuna "私だけが知ってるのも不公平だから教えてあげるわぁ" "It's not fair that I'm the only one who knows, so I'll tell you."
image=75px Hikaru "自分は“煌里ひかる”(きらり ひかる)っす" "Kirari Hikaru is the name."
image=75px Hikaru "今度はそのブレスレット、頂戴するっすからね" "We're going to have to take that bracelet this time, you know."
image=75px Iroha "これは、何なの…?" "What is this...?"
image=75px Hikaru "本当に何も知らないんすね" "You really don't know anything about it, do you?"
image=75px Momoko "ごめん、やちよさんアタシら何もできなくって" "Sorry, Yachiyo-san, we couldn't do anything about it."
image=75px Yachiyo "いいのよ来てくれたことで牽制できた" "It's okay, you're here and I'm able to keep you in check."
image=75px Yachiyo "あのままじゃ危なかったわ…" "It was a close call as it was..."
image=75px Kaede "これから、どうするの…?" "What are we going to do now...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "調整屋に戻ろう" "Let's get back to the Coordinator's."
image=75px Yachiyo "鶴乃?" "Tsuruno?"
image=75px Tsuruno "マギウスの翼でもなかったなら、あれだけ強いのはおかしいよ" "If it wasn't the wings of the Magius, it's weird how strong they are,"
image=75px Tsuruno "わたしたち神浜の魔法少女も、外から来たマギウスの翼の羽根も" "Neither we magical girls of the Kamihama, nor the wings of the Magius from the outside."
image=75px Tsuruno "みんな神浜の中で、調整を受けてたんだよ…?" "We were all in the Kamihama, getting adjusted...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "二木(ふたつぎ)から来た人が調整を受けてるはずがない…" "There's no way someone from Futatsugi is getting adjusted..."
image=75px Yachiyo "確かに私たちと戦えるのは、合点がいかないわね" "It certainly doesn't make sense for them to be able to fight us."
image=75px Momoko "けど、調整を受けてたら、調整屋が知ってるはずだよな" "But if you're getting adjusted, the Coordinator should know, right?"
image=75px Iroha "さっき聞いた時は、知らないって言ってました…" "When I asked her earlier, she said she didn't know..."
image=75px Iroha "もしかしたら、他にも調整をする方法があるのかも…" "Maybe there's another adjusters..."
image=75px Momoko "そうなると、調整屋始まって以来のピンチだな" "Then she's in a pinch for the first time since the adjustment shop started."
image=75px Yachiyo "とりあえずみたまに話を聞いてみるわ" "In the meantime, I'm going to talk to Mitama."
image=75px Yachiyo "ごめんなさいももこせっかく来て貰ったけど" "I'm sorry, Momoko, but I'm glad you're here."
image=75px Momoko "いいよ、水臭いな" "Okay, that stinks of water."
image=75px Momoko "居るだけでヘルプになれたならそれで十分さ" "If I can help you just by being there, that's good enough for me."
image=75px Momoko "また、何かわかったら連絡してくれよな" "And if you find out anything else, let me know, okay?"
image=75px Yachiyo "ええ" "Yes."
image=75px Iroha "ういも、ありがとうね" "Thanks for that, Ui."
image=75px Ui "うん、お姉ちゃんたちが無事でホッとした" "Yeah, I'm so relieved that sis and the others are safe."
image=75px Sana "あとは、フェリシアさんをちゃんと休ませないと…" "Now we just need to make sure Felicia-san is properly rested..."
image=75px Felicia "っ…オレ…大丈夫…" "N...I...I'm...I'm fine..."
image=75px Iroha "大丈夫じゃないよ…" "You're not fine at all..."
image=75px Iroha "もう、あの人たちは行ったから我慢しなくていいんだよ…" "You don't have to put up with those people now that they've gone..."
image=75px Felicia "いたい…" "It hurts..."
image=75px Iroha "うん…すぐ連れて行くからね…" "Yeah...I'll get you there in a minute..."
image=75px Iroha "私の魔法で、少しだけでも回復すればいいけど…" "I hope my magic can help you recover a little..."
Part 14
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Iroha "みたまさん!" "Mitama-san!"
image=75px Mitama "おかえりなさぁい向こうでは何か見つかったぁ?" "Welcome back... what did you find out over there?"
image=75px Felicia "ぅ…く…" "U...c..."
image=75px Mitama "フェリシアちゃん!?" "Felicia-chan!"
image=75px Mitama "…何があったの?" "...What's going on?"
image=75px Sana "写真の人たちに襲われたんです…" "The people in the picture attacked us..."
image=75px Mitama "えっ…" "What..."
image=75px Mitama "と、とりあえずフェリシアちゃんをこっちに" "F-For now, bring Felicia-chan over here."
image=75px Mitama "寝台に寝かせてあげて" "Put her on the bunk."
image=75px Felicia "ふぅ…ぅ…" "Hmm...uh..."
image=75px Mitama "ひどい怪我…よほどの強敵だったんでしょ…?" "She was badly hurt... they were such a strong opponent... right?"
image=75px Mitama "羽根がきたの…?" "Did the feathers come...?"
image=75px Yachiyo "…………" "............"
image=75px Mitama "どうしたの…?" "What's the matter...?"
image=75px Yachiyo "本当にみたまは何も知らなかったのよね?" "You really didn't know anything about this, did you, Mitama?"
image=75px Mitama "言ってる意味がわからないわぁ…" "I don't know what you're talking about..."
image=75px Tsuruno "襲ってきた相手は、マギウスの翼じゃなかったんだよ" "The people who attacked us wasn't from the wings of Magius."
image=75px Tsuruno "でも、調整を受けたわたしたちと同じぐらい強い相手だった…" "But they were just as strong as us who got adjusted..."
image=75px Mitama "え…" "Eh..."
image=75px Sana "本当に写真を見た時ういちゃんに触れた時…" "When you really saw the picture, when you touched Ui-chan..."
image=75px Sana "何も知らなかったんですか…?" "You didn't know anything about...?"
image=75px Iroha "あの、本当に知らなかったなら、全然それでも構わないんです" "Um, if you really didn't know, I'm totally fine with that."
image=75px Iroha "ただ、調整できるのって、みたまさんしか知らないから…" "It's just that the only person I know who can adjust it is Mitama-san, so..."
image=75px Mitama "そういうことね…" "So that's what it is..."
image=75px Ui "疑うのは良くないよ!" "It's not a good idea to doubt!"
image=75px Ui "みたまさん…本当に知らなかったんだよ…!" "Mitama-san... She really didn't know anything...!"
image=75px Mitama "ういちゃん…" "Ui-chan..."
image=75px Mitama "でも、疑うのも無理ないわ…" "But I don't blame you for being skeptical..."
image=75px Mitama "みんなはわたしと違って、人の中を探れないんだから…" "You can't look inside people like I can..."
image=75px Ui "でも…" "But..."
image=75px Mitama "わたしも全てを覚えてるわけじゃないから" "I don't remember everything, either."
image=75px Mitama "もしも相手のことで知ってることがあれば教えて" "If there's anything you know about the person you're dealing with, let me know."
image=75px Mitama "思い出せるかもしれないわ" "I think I might be able to remember."
image=75px Iroha "向こうのリーダーっぽい人は、紅晴結菜っていう名前で" "The leader-like person is named Kureha Yuna."
image=75px Iroha "もうひとりは煌里ひかる" "The other one is Kirari Hikaru."
image=75px Yachiyo "あと、相手の住む町は、二木市という名前みたいよ" "Also, the place they live in is called Futatsugi City."
image=75px Mitama "…………" "............"
image=75px Mitama "…ごめんなさい、やっぱり知らないと思うわ…" "...I'm sorry, I guess I really don't know..."
image=75px Yachiyo "そう…" "So..."
image=75px Yachiyo "ごめんなさい、今さら少しでも疑ってしまって…" "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm a little suspicious now..."
image=75px Mitama "いいのよ、それだけわたしは過去にひどいことをしたんだから" "It's okay, that's how badly I've done things in the past."
image=75px Sana "でも、それなら…あの強さはどうやって…" "But then... how did they get that strength..."
image=75px Tsuruno "うん、わからないね" "Yeah, I don't know."
image=75px Tsuruno "みたま以外に調整できる人なんていないはずだよね?" "There shouldn't be anyone other than Mitama who can adjust, right?"
image=75px Mitama "ええ…この町にはわたししか居ないはずよ" "Yes...I'm the only one in this town who's supposed to be here."
image=75px Mitama "だけど、もしかしたら…" "But maybe..."
image=75px Tsuruno "え、ちょっと待って!調整屋って他にもいるの!?" "Yeah, wait a minute! There's another adjuster?
image=75px Mitama "わ、わたしだって、教えてもらったんだもの…!" "Well, I learned from them too...!"
image=75px Mitama "あ…" "Oh..."
image=75px Iroha "みたまさん…?" "Mitama-san...?"
image=75px Mitama "まさか…先生が…?" "Could it be... teacher...?"
image=75px ??? "ほい、これで調整も終わりやな" "Ho, I guess that's the end of the adjustment."
image=75px Hikaru "っす" "Alright."
image=75px Hikaru "今日も助かったっすよ" "You're a big help to me today."
image=75px ??? "ほんま、出会って早々に本気でやり合うやなんて" "Really, I can't believe we met and got into a real relationship so soon."
image=75px ??? "血気盛んなんはええけど、程ほどにしとかなあかんで?" "It's fine to be bloodthirsty, but don't you think you should keep it in moderation?"
image=75px Hikaru "神浜が相手だったんで仕方ないんすよ" "I had to do it because I was dealing with Kamihama."
image=75px ??? "大局を見極めて、本来の目的を忘れるな" "Look at the big picture and don't forget the original purpose."
image=75px ??? "アンタらのボスにも、よーく聞かせとき" "I'll make sure your boss hears about it."
image=75px ??? "目先のもんに囚われとったら後で収拾がつかんくなるからな" "If you get caught up in what's in front of you, you won't be able to catch up later."
image=75px Hikaru "っす!" "Roger!"
Part 15
Name Japanese Translation
"「お願い…助けて…」" "Please... help me..."
"「言わない…誰にも言わないから…」" "I won't tell...I won't tell anyone..."
Yuna "―結菜―神浜の言葉を信じられると思うわけぇ?" "You think I can trust the words coming from a person of Kamihama?"
Yuna "―結菜―どの道、ここを知られて放っておくわけにはいかないわぁ" "I can't just let them know about this place and leave it alone anyways..."
Yuna "―結菜―命乞いをするぐらいなら逃げた方が良かったわねぇ…" "I'd rather have run away than beg for my life..."
"ぅ…ぁ…" "Uh...uh..."
"ドサッ…" "Thud..."
image=75px Hikaru "この死体、どうするんすか" "What are we going to do with this corpse, then?"
image=75px Yuna "見つけて貰える場所に捨てておきなさい" "Throw it away where they can find it."
image=75px Hikaru "熱くなりすぎっすよ" "You're getting too hot, you know."
image=75px Yuna "あとでアイスをちょうだいそれで冷ますわぁ" "Give me some ice cream later, and I'll cool down."
image=75px Hikaru "それなら、バリバリ君を買ってあるっすよ!" "Well then, I'll bring you a Crouncy Bar!"
image=75px Yuna "ベストチョイスねぇ" "Best choice, isn't it."
image=75px ??? "オイ!ウソだろマジかよ!" "Hey! No way, seriously!"
image=75px ??? "今のは樹里サマのKO勝ちだろ!" "That was suppose to be a KO victory for Juri-Sama!"
image=75px ??? "わたしにゲームで勝とうなんて、姉ちゃんもまだまだ甘いね~" "Trying to beat me at a game, you're still so naive, big sis!"
image=75px ??? "うわ、クッソむかつく!" "Damn, that pisses me off!"
image=75px ??? "んだよ、ゲーム機がおかしいんじゃないのか!?" "What the hell, there has to be something wrong with the game console!"
image=75px ??? "意味わかんねーっつー、むぐっ!" "I don't get it- MGRH!"
image=75px ??? "つめてー!" "It's cold!"
image=75px ??? "オイ、姉さん!" "Hey, sis!"
image=75px ??? "急に樹里サマの口にアイス突っ込むなよ!" "Don't suddenly shove ice cream in Juri-sama's mouth!"
image=75px Yuna "熱くなっちゃだめよ~樹里" "Don't get too heated up~ Juri."
image=75px Hikaru "そっすよ次女さん今こそ冷静になる時っすから" "That's right, second sister, now is the time to cool down."
image=75px ??? "早々にバトってくる人たちに言われたくないよね~" "I don't want to be told by people who are battling early on!"
image=75px ??? "で、どうだったの~?" "So, how did it go~?"
image=75px Yuna "彼女たちは本当に何も知らないみたいだったわぁ" "The girls really didn't seem to know anything about it."
image=75px Hikaru "無知の罪っす" "Ignorance is crime."
image=75px ??? "強さの方はど~なの?" "How's their strength~?"
image=75px Yuna "次女は楽しめると思うわよぉ" "I think my second sister will enjoy it."
image=75px ??? "へぇ…いいじゃん…" "Huh...that's nice..."
image=75px ??? "樹里サマがウェルダンにする価値はあるってことだな" "I guess that means it's worth it for Juri-Sama to cook them well-done."
image=75px ??? "わたしは平和に終わるなら、その方がいいけどね~" "I'd be better off if it ended in peace, though~"
image=75px ??? "見つめた真理は嘘をつかない" "The truth that you look at does not lie."
image=75px ??? "目を背けられない真実" "The truth we can't turn away from."
image=75px ??? "今、一歩が踏み出された" "Now a step has been taken."
image=75px ??? "ふぅ…" "Huh..."
image=75px ??? "終末への針が0時へと刻み始めた…" "The needle to the apocalypse began to tick to midnight..."
"魔法少女の声が聞こえてくる。" "I hear a magical girl's voice."
"謎の魔女…。ブレスレット…。それを狙う人たち…。" "A mysterious witch.... The bracelet...... The people who are after it....."
"何かに導かれて現れた人たちは、どんな目的を持っているのかな…?" "What kind of purpose do the people who appeared guided by something have in mind...?"
"まるで、夜闇に漂う海が打ち付ける真っ黒で大きな波のよう。" "It's like a big, black wave lapping at the ocean as it drifts in the dark of night."
"みんなは大丈夫なのかな?ちゃんと無事でいられるのかな…?" "Is everyone okay? Will I be safe...?"
"魔法少女なのは同じ…。" "It's the same with being a magical girl...."
"なんだか、大きな波は生きたい衝動のようにも感じる。" "I feel like the big wave is like an urge to live."
"私たちの光が、自分たちの光を追っているのかもしれない…。" "Maybe our light is chasing our own light...."
image=75px Kagome "ごめんねキュゥべえ…" "I'm sorry Kyuubey..."
image=75px Kagome "やっぱりね、期待には応えられない…" "I knew it, I can't live up to your expectations..."
image=75px Kyubey "そうか、何度聞いても答えは変わらないようだね" "Well, no matter how many times I ask, the answer doesn't seem to change, does it?"
image=75px Kagome "私… 約束しちゃったから…" "I...I made a promise..."
image=75px Kyubey "前に言っていた学者のおじさんのことかい?" "You mean that scholarly uncle you mentioned before?"
image=75px Kagome "それと、この子とも…" "And also, this girl..."
image=75px Kyubey "この子か" "This one?"
image=75px Kyubey "ボクには何も見えないんだけど、何を約束したんだい?" "I don't see anything, what did you promise?"
image=75px Kagome "…それは、言えないよ" "...I can't tell you that."
Kagome "私はこの子と一緒に記録を続けてあの人と世界に広めるの" "I'm going to continue to record with this girl and spread the word to that man and the world."
Kagome "魔法少女のことを" "You know, about the magical girls."
image=75px ??? "ちゃる!すなお!助けて!どうしても出してくれないの!" "Charu! Sunao! Help! It just don't let me out!"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "だから静香ちゃん!チャージしないと!" "That's why Shizuka! We have to charge it up!"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "カードにお金をチャージして!" "Charge the money to the card!"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "横に精算機があるので、そこにお札を入れてください!" "There's a checkout machine on the side and you can put your bill in there!"
image=75px ??? "だって、あれ、お金を吸い取っちゃうじゃない!" "But, you know, that thing is going to suck up my money!"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "それがチャージなんだよぅ!" "That's why they call them 'charge'!"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "お金はちゃんとカードの中に入ってるから大丈夫です!" "All of the money is in the card, so it's all right!"
image=75px ??? "見えないのに!?" "Even though I can't see it!?"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "見えないのに!" "Even though you can't see it!"
image=75px ??? "私はこの町で生きていける未来が見えない" "I don't see a future for me to live in this city."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "何を言ってるんですか!" "What are you talking about?!"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "ちょっと駅員さんのところに行ってくるね!" "I'm going to go to the station agent for a minute!"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "お願いします、ちゃる!" "Please do, Charu!"

Section 2

Part 1
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Kagome "アルちゃんには見える?" "Can Aru-chan see it?"
image=75px Aru-chan "<私には見えてるよ>" "I can see it."
image=75px Kagome "そうだよねアルちゃんは私" "That's right, Aru-chan is me."
image=75px Kagome "全部見えてるはずだし、聞こえてるはず" "You can see it all, and you can hear it."
image=75px Kagome "私の隣にいる、この子の声も…" "Next to me, this girl's voice too..."
"白銀の指輪がキラリと光る女の子。彼女たちの言葉がね、また、近くに居た私の耳に届けられたの。" "The girls with their white and silver rings glittering. Their words, you see, were delivered to my ears again as I was near."
"それは、そよ風のようにフワッと優しい言葉。隣にいる子がささやく言葉。だけど中身は鋭くてね、聞く度に私は削られるような気持ちになる。" "It's words as fluffy and gentle as a breeze. Words whispered by the girl next to me. But they're sharp inside, and every time I hear them, I feel like they're grinding away at me."
"決まったルール。固く閉ざされた牢屋。その中で回る魔法少女。" "Set rules. A prison that is tightly closed. A magical girl who turns inside it."
"外から来た魔法少女とブレスレットが大きな波になって、逃げられないみんなを襲ってる。" "A big wave of magical girls and bracelets from outside, attacking everyone who can't escape."
"切り分けられた魔法少女たちの世界を足元から満たしていくように…。" "As they fill the carved up world of magical girls from underneath their feet...."
"不安と一緒に…。誰も知らないまま…。" "Along with the anxiety.... No one knows what's going on...."
image=75px Kagome "外から来た魔法少女たち…" "Magical girls from the outside..."
image=75px Kagome "みんなは一体、どこから来たのかな…" "I wonder where the hell you all came from..."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "ICカードのチャージは覚えた?" "Have you learned to charge your IC card?"
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "もちろん!" "Of course!"
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "お金はこの板の中に入るのよね" "The money goes into this board, right?"
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "それに電車は大きな蛇ではない" "And the train isn't a big snake."
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "これぐらいはテレビでも見てるしちゃーんと覚えてるわよ" "I've seen this much on TV and I remember this much, hmmm."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "あと、交通ルールの基本も大丈夫ですか?" "Also, are you okay with the basic traffic rules?"
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "青色は渡れ、赤色は絶対に渡っちゃダメ" "Cross the green light, never cross the red one."
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "正解でしょ?" "Isn't that right?"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "ただ、車やバイクの飛び出しにも注意が必要ですよ" "But you also have to be careful about cars and motorcycles jumping out of the road."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "そうだよ" "Yes"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "止まってくれるからって急に飛び出すと危ないからね" "It's not safe to jump out of the way just because it stops."
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "ええ、同じ轍は二度も踏まないわ" "Yeah, I'm not going to make the same mistake twice."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "これで基本的な部分は大丈夫でしょうか?" "Does this get the basics right?"
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "買い物もひとりでできるし板をかざしてピッと一発よ!" "I can do the shopping all by myself, and I'll just hold the board up and give it a beep!"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "では、復習のために買い出しに行きましょう" "So, let's go shopping for a revision, shall we?"
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "そうね、今のうちに繰り返して体で覚えないと" "Yes, we need to repeat it now and learn it in our bodies."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "わたしも行くよ!" "I'll come with you!"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "ドラマはいいんですか?" "You don't mind the drama?"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "宿無し探偵、等々力耕一は録画しておく!" "Homeless Detective, Koichi Todoroki will record it!"
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "これであとは、人の多さを克服できれば完璧ね" "Now all we need to do is get over the sheer number of people and it'll be perfect."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "あぁ…それはわたしも…" "Oh...that's me too..."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "みんなが来るまでになんとかしないとね…" "I'll have to do something before everyone else gets here..."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "ですね…" "Indeed..."
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "せっかく人を集めて集落から出てきたんだもの" "I've been trying to get people to come out of the village."
image=Card 10254 d.png ??? "“時女一族”の本家として、ここで折れてられないわ…" "As the head of the "Tokime Clan" we can't just fold here..."
image=75px Mifuyu "うっ…うぅ…" "Ugh...ugh..."
image=75px Mifuyu "ワタシはこんなに幸せで良いんでしょうか…" "I don't know if I should be this happy..."
image=75px Yachiyo "偶然、タイミングが重なっただけじゃない…" "It wasn't just a coincidence of timing..."
image=75px Tsukasa "そうそう" "Yeah, yeah."
image=75px Tsukasa "毎日勉強してるっていうから、大変だと思って" "I thought it would be a lot of work, because you said you were studying every day."
image=75px Tsukuyo "ねー" "Rightー"
image=75px Tsukuyo "労いにと思って夕飯を作りに来ただけでございますよ" "I just came to make dinner to help you out."
image=75px Yachiyo "見事に店屋物とコンビニ袋の残骸が残ってたし" "It was a beautiful piece of store and convenience store bag debris."
image=75px Yachiyo "来て正解だったわ" "You were right to come."
image=75px Mifuyu "ゴ、ゴミの話はいいじゃないですか…!" "L-Let's not talk about the garbage...!"
image=75px Mifuyu "でも、本当に嬉しいです" "But I'm really happy about it."
image=75px Yachiyo "その代わり、薬学部への合格は必ず果たしてもらわないとね" "In return, you'll have to make sure you get accepted to pharmacy school."
image=75px Yachiyo "里見さんのところから、奨学金も借りてるだろうし" "I'm sure you have a scholarship from Satomi-san."
image=75px Mifuyu "…………" "............"
image=75px Touka "マギウスの翼は解体しても、約束は残るから頑張ってね!" "The wings of Magius may be dismantled, but the promise remains, so good luck with that!"
image=75px Mifuyu "やっぱり…必須ですよね…?" "It's still... essential... right?"
image=75px Touka "だって、みふゆがマギウスの翼で活動できるように" "Because I want Mifuyu to be able to operate in the Wings of the Magius."
image=75px Touka "わたくしが奨学金と家を用意したんだよ?" "I got you a scholarship and a house, remember?"
image=75px Touka "薬学部への受験が必須条件だしわたくしが教えるんだから" "It's a requirement that you apply to pharmacy school, and I'll be teaching you."
image=75px Touka "失敗は許されないよね?" "You're not allowed to fail, are you?"
image=75px Mifuyu "はい…" "Yes..."
image=75px Yachiyo "ふふっ" *giggle*
image=75px Tsukasa "じゃあ、ウチら台所をお借りしますね" "Well, I guess we'll be renting your kitchen."
image=75px Tsukuyo "腕によりをかけるでございますよ" "I am going to lend you a hand."
image=75px Tsukasa "ねーっ" "Rightー"
image=75px Yachiyo "あ、私は?" "Oh, what about me?"
image=75px Tsukasa "やちよさんはみふゆさんと話しててください" "Yachiyo-san, please talk to Mifuyu-san."
image=75px Tsukuyo "今日は私たちに任せて欲しいでございます" "We shall handle it today."
image=75px Yachiyo "何のために来たんだか、分からなくなってしまったわね" "I don't even know what I'm here for anymore."
image=75px Mifuyu "だけど、ちょうど良かったかもしれません" "But it might have been just as well."
image=75px Mifuyu "話したいことがありましたから" "I just wanted to talk to you about something."
image=75px Yachiyo "ブレスレットと外から来た敵について?" "About the bracelets and the enemy from the outside?"
image=75px Mifuyu "さすがはやっちゃん察しが良いですね" "As expected of you, Yacchan, you're very perceptive."
image=75px Yachiyo "急を要する件なんて、それぐらいしかないもの" "There's only so much urgent business that needs to be done."
image=75px Mifuyu "ですよね" "Right?"
image=75px Yachiyo "それで、何かわかったことでもあるの?" "So, what have you learned?"
image=75px Mifuyu "…はい" "...Yes."
image=75px Mifuyu "外から来た魔法少女ですが、やはり増えていると思います" "Magical girls from the outside, but I still think it's increasing."
image=75px Mifuyu "昼に回ってみたところ、それらしい反応がありました" "We went around at noon, and that's what the response was."
image=75px Yachiyo "私も学校の中で感知したっていう話を聞いたし" "And I've heard that I've detected it in the school, too."
image=75px Yachiyo "実際に増えて入り込んでいるのは確かなんでしょうね…" "I'm sure they're actually increasing and getting in..."
image=75px Yachiyo "ただ、目撃情報が減ったのと接触がないのは気になるわね…" "It just bothers me that the number of sightings and the lack of contact has decreased..."
image=75px Yachiyo "以前の襲撃は、こちらの小手調べかしら…" "The last time we were attacked, we were trying to find out if it was a diversion."
image=75px Mifuyu "ワタシも同意見です" "I agree with you,"
image=75px Mifuyu "神浜の魔法少女たちを襲う上で、力を見極めているのではと…" "In attacking the magical girls of Kamihama, I thought they were assessing their powers..."
image=75px Yachiyo "厄介な相手だわ" "That's a tricky one to deal with."
image=75px Yuna "何も知らないのねぇ…" "You don't know anything..."
image=75px Yuna "じゃあ、せめて覚えておいて" "Well, at least remember that."
image=75px Yuna "私たちは血の約束を交わした魔法少女たち" "We are magical girls who have exchanged blood promises."
image=75px Yuna "神浜に辛酸を舐めさせ死んだ同胞の数だけ苦しめる" "Let Kamihama lick the bitterness out of you and make you suffer for the number of your dead compatriots."
image=75px Yuna "私たちの血を流して生まれたものは" "What was born in our blood,"
image=75px Yuna "私たちが手に入れるわぁ…" "We'll get it..."
image=75px Yachiyo "目的も判然としないし、嫌になるわね…" "I don't even know what it is, and I hate it..."
image=75px Yachiyo "みんなを疲れさせるだけだから、警戒してろとも言えないし…" "I can't tell them to stay vigilant because it would only tire them all out..."
image=75px Mifuyu "もう少し、謎の魔法少女問題の全体像が見えれば良いですけどね" "It would be nice if we could see a little more of the whole mysterious magical girl problem, though."
image=75px Yachiyo "まずは尻尾を掴まなきゃ" "We have to grab the tail first."
image=75px Mifuyu "ですね" "Yes."
image=75px Mifuyu "あと、いろはさんのブレスレットについてですが" "Also, about Iroha-san's bracelet."
image=75px Mifuyu "一度、灯花たちに見せてもらっても良いですか?" "Can I show them to Touka and Nemu at once?"
image=75px Mifuyu "情報だけじゃわからないから、ちゃんと調べたいって言ってて" "They said they wanted to make sure they got it right, so they wanted to do some research."
image=75px Yachiyo "変なことしないかしら…" "I hope they won't do anything weird..."
image=75px Mifuyu "いろはさんが相手なら大丈夫かと…" "I thought it would be okay with Iroha-san..."
image=75px Yachiyo "ふっ、信じておくわ" "Hmph, I'll trust you."
Part 2
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Yuna "まだ、捕獲した子は口を割らないのぉ?" "You still haven't broken your captive's mouth?"
image=75px Hikaru "色々と説得はしてるっすけど、全然ダメっすね…" "I've tried to convince her, but it's not workin'..."
image=75px Yuna "目の前でひとり、仲間を殺してしまったからねぇ" "I killed one of them right in front of them myself, you know."
image=75px Yuna "あれは私のミスだわぁ…" "That was my mistake..."
image=75px ??? "姉さまは、だいぶ熱くなってたからね~" "Nee-sama is getting a little fired up, isn't she~"
image=75px ??? "でも、こんなザコ1匹でも骨があるってわかったのは収穫だ" "But it's good to know that even a single pesterer like this has a bone in its body."
image=75px ??? "魔女にならない力とやらで、温室育ちなのかと思ったけど" "I thought you grew up in a hothouse, with your power to not be a witch or something."
image=75px ??? "結構、戦い甲斐がありそうじゃん" "It's pretty much worth the fight, isn't it?"
image=75px Yuna "その次女の方はどうなの?神浜と二木以外の魔法少女は…" "What about second sister? Other than Kamihama and Futatsugi, all the other magical girls..."
image=75px ??? "んなすぐに結果なんて出るかっつーの" "There's no such thing as a quick result."
image=75px ??? "こっちは神浜の魔法少女すら見分けがつかねーってのにさ" "Over here, I can't even recognize a magical girl from Kamihama."
image=75px ??? "あの出張調整屋って人の話だと、まだ色々と居そうだけどね~" "From what that traveling adjuster said, I'm sure there's a lot more to come~"
image=75px ??? "つか、チマチマしたのは、樹里サマの性に合わないんだよ" "I mean, chiming in is not in Juri-sama's nature."
image=75px ??? "だからひかる、選手交代だ" "So, Hikaru, let's switch players."
image=75px Hikaru "交代っすか?" "You want to take over?"
image=75px ??? "捕獲したヤツの話は樹里サマが聞いてやるよ" "Juri-sama will listen to the one you captured."
image=75px Hikaru "じゃあ、ひかるが、町の様子を見ればいいんすね" "So, Hikaru should just check on the city, right?"
image=75px Hikaru "結菜さん、それでもいいっすか?" "Yuna-san, is that okay with you?"
image=75px Yuna "カワイイ妹の頼みなんだから、これぐらい許すわよぉ" "I'm doing my cute cute little sister a favor, so I'll forgive you this much."
image=75px Yuna "よろしくね、ひかる" "I count on ya, Hikaru."
image=75px Yuna "ただし次女、あなたくれぐれもやりすぎないように" "But second sister, you mustn't overdo it."
image=75px ??? "ったりめーだろ" "You're a fuckin' idiot,"
image=75px ??? "捕虜の扱いについては、後悔してることもあるからな" "There are some things I regret about the treatment of prisoners of war that I regret."
image=75px ??? "優しく可愛がってやるさ" "I'll be gentle and loving."
Part 3
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Tsuruno "さて、お集まりのみなさん!" "Well, ladies and gentlemen!"
image=75px Felicia "オレとさなしかいねーぞ" "It's just me and Sana."
image=75px Tsuruno "今日集まってもらったのは、ドラゴンフェアinみかづき荘!" "I had them gather today, Dragon Fair in Mikazuki Villa!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ということで、夕飯でこの唐辛子を使い切るためです!!" "So we're going to use up all these chilies for dinner!"
image=75px Sana "ぴゃっ…" "Pya..."
image=75px Sana "あの、これってすごい辛い料理になるんじゃ…" "Um, this is going to be an incredibly spicy dish..."
image=75px Tsuruno "今日の夕飯はやちよ不在でいろはちゃんも買い物中だからね" "Since Yachiyo's not at dinner tonight and Iroha is still shopping."
image=75px Tsuruno "ここで、万々歳の力を発揮する時なんだよ!" "This is where Banbanzai's power comes into play!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ふんふん!" "Yep yep!"
image=75px Sana "それでも…あの…少しだけ辛いってことですよね…" "But still... well... you mean it's just a little bit hard..."
image=75px Tsuruno "さな…違うよ…これはドラゴンフェアなんだよ…" "Sana... no... this is a dragon fair..."
image=75px Sana "じゃあ、本当に…" "Then, really..."
image=75px Felicia "オレたち!" "We!"
image=75px Tsuruno "わたしたちで!" "We'll do it!"
image=75px Tsuruno "辛さの向こう側にあるうまみを堪能してもらうんだよ!" "You're going to enjoy the umami on the other side of the spiciness!"
image=75px Tsuruno&フェリシア "ニャッハッハッ!ワッハッハッ!" "Myahaha! Wahaha!"
image=75px Sana "そ、それは…私食べられなくなっちゃいます…" "Well, that's...I won't be able to eat..."
image=75px Felicia "まぁ、オレもだけどな" "Well, me too."
image=75px Sana "えっ、えっ…意味がわからないんですけど…" "Eh, eh... I don't know what that means..."
image=75px Tsuruno "辛さを超えたら美味くなる" "Once you get past the spiciness, it gets better."
image=75px Tsuruno "何かを超えるということは、強くなったことの証明" "Going above and beyond means that you've become stronger."
image=75px Tsuruno "フェリシアもさなも、これは強くなる一歩なんだよ!" "Both Felicia and Sana, this is a step in the right direction to be strong!"
image=75px Felicia "って鶴乃が言うから、オレも食ってやるって決めたんだぞ!" "And since Tsuruno said that, I've decided that I'm going to eat it too!"
image=75px Sana "ぇえ…!!" "Eeh...!"
image=75px Tsuruno "というわけで調理開始!" "So, we'll start cooking!"
image=75px Tsuruno "フェリシア!油と唐辛子を投入だーー!" "Felicia! Throw in some oil and chili!"
image=75px Felicia "っしゃーーーー!" "Shhhhh!"
image=75px Sana "いろはさーーん…" "Iroha-san..."
image=75px Ui "牛乳とかじゃがいもとか、重いものは袋の下に入れて…" "Put the heavy stuff, like milk and potatoes, under the bag..."
image=75px Ui "これでいいんだよね?" "That's it, right?"
image=75px Iroha "はぁ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Ui "あ、お姉ちゃんさなさん何て言ってたの?" "Oh, Sis, what did Sana-san say?"
image=75px Ui "追加で買うもの?" "Is there anything else to buy?"
image=75px Iroha "ううん、鶴乃ちゃんが夕飯に激辛料理を作り始めたって…" "No, Tsuruno-chan said she started making a very spicy dish for dinner..."
image=75px Ui "げきから…!?" "Spicy...?!"
image=75px Iroha "私の買い物が終わってからって説得したみたいなんだけど" "It's like she convinced me to wait until after I'm done shopping."
image=75px Iroha "下準備だとかで、どうしようかな…" "I don't know if it's a prep job or what, but..."
image=75px Ui "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px ??? "えっ…えっ…どうして支払えないの…?" "What... eh... why can't I pay...?"
image=75px Iroha "ん?" "Hmm?"
image=75px ??? "こうして…" "Thus..."
"ピッ" "Beep."
"ブブー" "Boo."
"「ご使用のICカードは対応しておりません」" "Your IC card is not supported."
image=75px ??? "対応…してない…?" "It's not responding...?"
image=75px ??? "どういうこと?" "What do you mean?"
image=75px ??? "いろんな種類があるっていうこと…?" "You mean there are different kinds of that...?"
image=75px ??? "なんで色んな種類があるの…?" "Why are there so many different kinds...?"
image=75px ??? "1種類でいいじゃない…!" "There's just one kind, right...!"
image=75px ??? "いえ、もう1回試せば…" "No, just one more try and..."
"ピッ" "Bleep."
"ブブー" "Boo."
"「係員が参りますのでしばらくお待ちください」" "The attendant will be here in a moment."
image=75px ??? "ちょ、ちょっとやだ!" "W-Wait, don't!"
image=75px ??? "私、盗もうなんてしてないわよっ" "I wasn't trying to steal anything."
image=75px Irohaの声 "あの…" "Um..."
image=75px ??? "あーーーっ!ごめんなさい、店員さん!!" "Ahhhh! I'm sorry, clerk!"
image=75px ??? "でも違うんです!" "But it's totally a misunderstanding!"
image=75px ??? "この機械が私を拒否してくるから!" "Because this machine is going to reject me!"
image=75px Iroha "いえ、私店員じゃなくて…" "No, I'm not a clerk..."
image=75px ??? "え、じゃあ…誰…?" "Eh, then... who...?"
image=75px Iroha "あの、他のICカードが無くても現金で支払えますよ?" "Um, you can pay with cash even if you don't have any other IC cards, you know?"
Part 4
Name Japanese Translation
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "ごめんなさい静香…カワイイゆるキャラがいて…" "I'm sorry Shizuka... there's a cute little character over there and..."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "そっちに気を取られてしまいました…" "I've been distracted by that..."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "ごめんね静香ちゃん…" "I'm sorry Shizuka-chan..."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "等々力耕一の特集をしてる雑誌が気になっちゃって…" "I'm curious about the magazine that features Koichi Todoroki..."
image=75px ??? "いいわよ…無事に買えたし…" "Okay... we got it all in one piece..."
image=75px ??? "それより本当にありがとうございました" "And, thank you so much for that."
image=75px ??? "なんとお礼をして良いか…" "How can I thank you for this..."
image=75px Iroha "そんな、深々と頭を下げなくても良いですよ!" "Oh no, you don't have to bow down so deeply!"
image=75px Iroha "私もこういうのは弱くって、色々あるとわかりませんよね" "I'm so weak in these things, too, you can't tell when there's a lot going on."
image=75px ??? "ほんと、そう都会は便利だけど不便よ…" "Really, yes, the city is convenient, but it's not convenient..."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "わたしやすなおちゃんは、少しぐらいわかるけど" "I and Sunao-chan, can understand a little bit."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "静香ちゃんには難しいよね…" "It's hard for Shizuka-chan, isn't it..."
image=75px ??? "すなお、1種類にできない?" "Sunao, can't we have one kind?"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "私には無理です…" "I can't..."
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃん" "Sis,"
image=75px Iroha "ん?" "Hmm?"
image=75px Ui "この人、お嬢様なのかな…?" "Is she kind of like anoble type...?"
image=75px ??? "あははっ全然、お嬢様じゃないわよ" "Hahaha, no no, not at all."
image=75px Ui "あ、聞こえてたごめんなさい" "Oh, I'm sorry you heard me."
image=75px ??? "ううん、いいわよ" "No, it's fine."
image=75px ??? "本当はただの田舎者で、山奥にいた世間知らずなだけよ" "I'm really just abumpkin, a naive person from deep in the mountains."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "実は私たち、最近神浜に来たんです" "Actually, we've recently come to Kamihama."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "それで、右も左もわからないのでこうして特訓をしてるところで" "So, we don't know what's left and right, so we're just training like this."
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "今日は買い物の復習をしてたんだよね" "I was just reviewing my shopping today, right?"
image=75px ??? "失敗だったけど" "It didn't work out."
image=75px Iroha "山奥…買い物の復習…すごく大変そうですね…" "Deep in the mountains...reviewing shopping...sounds like a lot of work..."
image=75px ??? "覚えることは沢山あるし、町のことも知らないから…" "There's a lot to learn, and I don't know about the city..."
image=75px Iroha "うーん…" "Ummm..."
image=75px Ui "ねえ、お姉ちゃん" "Hey, sis,"
image=75px Iroha "ん?" "Hmm?"
image=75px Ui "わたしたちにできることってないかな?" "Is there anything we can do to help?"
image=75px Iroha "ふふっ実は私も同じこと考えてた" "Huh, actually I was thinking the same thing."
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "え、そんなさすがにご迷惑ですよ!" "Eh, we don't want to be a nuisance!"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "でも、すなおちゃん" "But, Sunao-chan,"
image=Card 10264 d.png ??? "わたしたちでも色々と限界があるよ…?" "There are many limits to what we can do...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png ??? "そう、ですね土地勘も何もないですし…" "Yeah, well, I don't know the places or anything..."
image=75px Iroha "これも何かの縁ですから、気にしないでください" "It's just another one of those things, so don't worry about it."
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px ??? "そこまで言って頂けるなら、あの、お願いしてもいいですか?" "If you can say that much, um, can I ask you to do that?"
image=75px Iroha "はい、私たちでよければ" "Yes, if that's okay with us."
image=75px ??? "よければなんて、ぜひ、よろしくお願いします" "How nice of you, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it."
image=75px Shizuka "私は時女静香(ときめ しずか)って言います" "My name is Tokome Shizuka."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あっ、わたしは広江ちはる(ひろえ ちはる)だよ" "Oh, I'm Hiroe Chiharu."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私は土岐すなお(とき すなお)です" "My name is Toki Sunao."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ご迷惑をおかけすると思いますがよろしくお願いします" "I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but I'm looking forward to your kind help."
image=75px Iroha "うん、よろしくね" "Yeah, nice to meet you."
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃん、みんなに連絡先を聞いておこうよ" "Sis, let's get everyone's contact information."
image=75px Iroha "そうだね聞いてもいいかな?" "Yes, may I ask you something?"
image=75px Shizuka "それは、もちろん" "That, of course,"
image=75px Shizuka "でも、あれっ…この、すまほ?" "But, hey... this, sumartophon?"
image=75px Shizuka "どうすればいいんだっけ?" "What am I supposed to do with it?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あ、静香ちゃんわたしがやるよ!" "h, Shizuka-chan, lemme do it!"
image=75px Ui "あと、待ち合わせの場所も決めようよ" "Also, let's pick a place to meet up."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "それは助かります水名区でもいいですか?" "That would be very helpful, can we go to Mizuna Ward?"
image=75px Iroha "張り切ってるね、うい" "You're sticking it out, Ui."
image=75px Ui "えへへ" "Heh."
image=75px Ui "お友だちが増えたみたいで楽しくなっちゃった" "It's like I've made a new friend and it's been fun."
Part 5
Name Japanese Translate
image=75px Felicia "いや、もうオレ食えねえ…" "No, I can't eat anymore..."
image=75px Felicia "むっちゃ汗かくし、ヒリヒリして無理だぞ…" "It's so sweaty and tingly, I can't..."
image=75px Tsuruno "まだスタートラインに立ったばかりだよ、フェリシア!" "We're just getting started, Felicia!"
image=75px Tsuruno "もうひと口…ふた口…って食べてると壁を越えるから!" "One more bite...two bites...because you'll go over the wall if you eat another bite...two bites!"
image=75px Felicia "食えねえって言ってるだろ!?" "I told you I can't eat!"
image=75px Felicia "なんでメシ食うのに、イヤな目に遭わなきゃいけねーんだよ!" "Why do I have to be in a bad way to eat?"
image=75px Tsuruno "うぇええええ!?" "Eeeeeeeeee?!"
image=75px Iroha "かっ、からっ…からい…!舌が痛いよ…" "Cool...dry...dry...! My tongue hurts..."
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃん…こんなの食べられないよぉ…" "Sis...I can't eat this stuff..."
image=75px Iroha "私も…無理かも…" "I don't think I can... either..."
image=75px Sana "だから…言ったじゃないですか…!" "So...I told you...I told you...!"
image=75px Tsuruno "うぉぉ…さなが怒ってる…" "Whoa...Sana's mad at me..."
image=75px Sana "ういちゃん、卵がゆ作ってあげるね…" "Ui-chan, I'm going to make you some egg soup..."
image=75px Ui "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Iroha "鶴乃ちゃん、ちょっとアレンジしてもいい?" "Tsuruno-chan, can I make some arrangements?"
image=75px Iroha "たぶん、お酢とか卵で少しは柔らかい味にできるから" "Probably because you can make it a little softer with vinegar and eggs."
image=75px Tsuruno "あ、うん…ごめんね…" "Oh, yeah... sorry..."
image=75px Yachiyo "なっ…!" "Wha...!"
image=75px Yachiyo "ちょっと、何この匂いむせそうなんだけど…" "Hey, what's that smell, it's sweltering..."
image=75px Tsuruno "ふぉぉ、なんというタイミングで…!" "Whoa, what timing...!"
image=75px Yachiyo "窓をあけてちょうだい…部屋が唐辛子になるわ…" "Open the window... it's going to pepper the room..."
image=75px Tsuruno "す、すぐにでも!" "Soooo, right away!"
image=75px Yachiyo "鶴乃" "Tsuruno."
image=75px Tsuruno "はいっ!" "Yes!"
image=75px Yachiyo "うちの経済状況、わかってるわよね…?" "You know our financial situation...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "ひぃっ…!" "Eek...!"
image=75px Iroha "おかえりなさいやちよさん" "Welcome back, Yachiyo-san."
image=75px Iroha "お酢の買い置きってありませんでしたっけ?" "Didn't we have a stock of vinegar?"
image=75px Yachiyo "シンクの下に入ってると思うわ" "I think it's under the sink."
image=75px Yachiyo "味付けを変えるなら、私も一緒に手伝うけど" "If you want to change the seasoning, I'll help you with that."
image=75px Iroha "ありがとうございます" "Thank you very much."
image=75px Yachiyo "二葉さんは大丈夫そう?" "Does Futaba-san look okay?"
image=75px Sana "はいっ…" "Yes..."
image=75px Sana "冷やご飯と卵があったので、ういちゃんの分はそれで" "I had some cold rice and eggs, so that's what I had for Ui-chan."
image=75px Yachiyo "ウチに来てから、だいぶ料理も慣れてきたわね" "You've gotten a lot more used to cooking since you've been at the house."
image=75px Sana "はいっ…" "Yes..."
image=75px Yachiyo "いろは" "Iroha."
image=75px Iroha "はい?" "Yes?"
image=75px Yachiyo "明日だけど里見さんの所に行ってくれるかしら?" "It's tomorrow, but can you go to Satomi-san's place?"
image=75px Yachiyo "ブレスレットをちゃんと確認しておきたいって" "She wants to make sure the bracelet is in place."
image=75px Iroha "やっぱり直接見てもらった方が良いですよね" "It's still better to have them look at it in person, right?"
image=75px Yachiyo "そうね、本人もそれを望んでるみたいだから" "Yes, she seems to want that, too."
image=75px Iroha "あっ…" "Oh..."
image=75px Yachiyo "ん?何か、用事でもあった?" "Hmm? What, did you need something?"
image=75px Iroha "はい…ちょっと人と会う約束があって" "Yes...I have a quick meeting with someone."
image=75px Yachiyo "十七夜とか?" "With Kanagi?"
image=75px Iroha "いえ、今日スーパーで会った女の子たちなんですけど" "No, they're the girls I met at the supermarket today."
image=75px Iroha "田舎から神浜に出てきて、右も左もわからないそうなんです" "They came out of the country to the divine beach, and she doesn't know what's left or right."
image=75px Iroha "それで明日、私とういで、お手伝いをする約束をしてて…" "So, Ui and I have an appointment tomorrow to help out..."
image=75px Yachiyo "また、随分と思い切ったわね" "You're being very drastic again."
image=75px Ui "大丈夫だよお姉ちゃんわたしひとりでも!" "It's okay, sis, I'm on my own!"
image=75px Yachiyo "だーめーよ" "No-you-can't."
image=75px Yachiyo "さすがに、ういちゃんひとりは私が許しません" "As expected, I will not allow Ui-chan to go alone."
image=75px Ui "なんで…!?" "Why...?!"
image=75px Yachiyo "小学生ひとりで知らない人と一緒なんて" "You're in elementary school all by yourself with a stranger."
image=75px Sana "あの、それなら私が一緒に行きます…!" "Um, I'll go with you then...!"
image=75px Sana "見えないと思いますけど…" "I don't think they can see me, but..."
image=75px Sana "ちょっとぐらいサポートはできると思いますし…" "I think I can provide a little bit of support and..."
image=75px Ui "だって!お願い、やちよさん!" "Because! Please, Yachiyo-san!"
image=75px Yachiyo "…………" "............"
image=75px Yachiyo "仕方ないわね" "I don't blame you."
image=75px Yachiyo "大丈夫だと思うけど、迷惑はかけないようにね?" "I'm sure it's okay, but don't cause trouble, okay?"
image=75px Ui "うんっ!" "Yeah!"
Part 6
Name Japanese Translate
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "おぉ…" "Oh..."
image=75px Ui "あの、急に連れて来ちゃってごめんね" "Um, I'm sorry I brought you here on such short notice."
image=75px Tsuruno "由比鶴乃でっす!3人ともよろしく!" "I'm Yui Tsuruno, and it's nice to meet you three!"
image=75px Felicia "オレは深月フェリシアだぞ!" "I'm Mitsuki Felicia!"
image=75px Tsuruno "今日は急にお邪魔しちゃってごめんね" "I'm sorry to bother you on such short notice today."
image=75px Shizuka "ううん、連絡はもらってたから平気よ" "Not really, I've been contacted, I'm fine."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい、みなさん今日はよろしくお願いします" "Yes, we are looking forward to your help."
image=75px Tsuruno "それで、事情は聞いたよ静香ちゃん!" "So, I heard what happened, Shizuka-chan!"
image=75px Shizuka "急にグイグイ来た…!" "I'm suddenly giggling...!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ここは生まれも育ちも神浜でガイド役のエキスパートでもある" "I was born and raised here, and I'm an expert at guiding people on the Kamibama."
image=75px Tsuruno "この由比鶴乃にお任せだよ!" "Just leave it to Yui Tsuruno!"
image=75px Felicia "お前、人が多いのが苦手なんだろ?" "You don't like a lot of people, do you?"
image=75px Shizuka "この子もグイグイくるわね" "She's giggling, too."
image=75px Ui "あの、ごめんなさい…" "Um, I'm sorry..."
image=75px Shizuka "ううん、いいのいいの" "No, it's fine."
image=75px Shizuka "これぐらい壁がない方が私も気を張らなくていいから" "I wouldn't have to be so uptight if there weren't this many walls, either."
image=75px Felicia "で、苦手なのかよ" "So, you're not good at it?"
image=75px Shizuka "うーん…" "Ummm..."
image=75px Shizuka "苦手っていうか、まだ慣れない感じかな" "I'm not good at it, or maybe I'm still getting used to it."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "そうですね" "Right."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私は平気だったんですけどちゃると静香は目を回しちゃって" "I was fine with it, but Charu and Shizuka looked around."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "私も前までは人混みって平気だったんだけどね…" "I used to be fine with crowds, too..."
image=75px Sana "前までは平気だったのに…?" "You were fine before...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "まさか、何かトラウマでも!?" "Don't tell me you've had some kind of trauma?!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "えっ!?別に何もないよぅ!" "What? It's nothing!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ちょっと田舎暮らしをしてる間に免疫がなくなっただけだと思う" "I think I've just lost my immunity while living in the country for a bit."
image=75px Tsuruno "そっか、そっかそれなら良かったよー" "I see, I see, that's good, then!"
image=75px Shizuka "それで、環さんからは、お手伝いって聞いてたんだけど" "So, I heard from Tamaki-san that you were going to help me out."
image=75px Shizuka "今日はどういう予定なのかしら?" "What do you have planned for today?"
image=75px Tsuruno "いろはちゃんの考えてた予定は聞いてないんだけど" "I didn't hear about the plans Iroha-chan had in mind."
image=75px Tsuruno "わたしなりに良い方法を考えてきたよ!" "I've come up with a better way of doing things in my own way!"
image=75px Shizuka "その方法は…?" "How does that work...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "その前に確認したいんだけど、急いで慣れる必要はあるのかな?" "Before I do that, I just want to make sure you're not in a hurry."
image=75px Shizuka "そうね…" "Well..."
image=75px Shizuka "あまり時間は残されてないかもできれば早く慣れてしまいたいわ" "Maybe we don't have much time left, but I can't wait to get used to it if I can."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "でも、静香あまり無理はしなくても" "But, Shizuka, you don't have to do too much."
image=75px Shizuka "仕方ないでしょこれも時女本家の役割なんだから" "It can't be helped, this is also the role of the Tokime head."
image=75px Tsuruno "ふーん?" "Hmm?"
image=75px Felicia "んじゃ、鶴乃が言ってた通りにするしかねーな" "Then I guess we'll just have to do what Tsuruno said."
image=75px Ui "それ、大丈夫なのかな…?" "Is that okay...?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "そんなに過酷なの!?" "It's that harsh?"
image=75px Tsuruno "要は荒療治だからね" "The point is, it's a rough treatment."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あらりょうじ!" "Rough treatment!"
image=75px Tsuruno "つまり、これからみんなには、遊んで楽しんで慣れてもらいます" "I mean, we're going to let everyone play and have fun and get used to it."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "へ?" "Heh?"
image=75px Tsuruno "ただし!神浜で最も人が集まる場所で!" "However! In the most crowded place on Kamihama!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "おぉ…" "Oh..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "段取りを踏まないこの感じ…等々力耕一も言ってたよ…" "Like Koichi Todoroki said, he never takes any chances."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あえて苦難な道を選ぶ必要があるんだって!" "He said he had to dare to take the hard way!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "じゃあ、行ってみますか?" "Well, shall we go then?"
image=75px Shizuka "電車の乗り方は覚えたわそして覚悟もできた" "I've learned how to go by train, and I'm ready."
image=75px Shizuka "由比さん連れて行って!神浜で最も人が集まる場所へ!" "Please guide me, Yui-san! Go to the most crowded place in Kamihama!"
Part 7
Name Japanese Translation
Tsuruno "「村から山道を歩いて辿り着く時女集落それは正に、現代に残る隠された秘境…」" "The Tokime village, reached by walking up the mountain path from the village, is truly a hidden and unexplored area that remains in the modern era..."
Tsuruno "「ある時から文明の流入がなくなっていたが集落内の騒動が切っ掛けで門扉が開かれこの神浜へとやってきた…」" "At some point, the influx of civilization had ceased, but a disturbance in the village led to the opening of the gates and the arrival of Kamihama..."
Tsuruno "「それが時女一族!」" "That's the Tokime clan!"
image=75px Tsuruno "って、嘘みたいな話だと思って聞いてたけど" "And I thought it sounded like a lie when I first hear them."
image=75px Tsuruno "これは、本当みたいだね…" "This sounds like it's true..."
image=75px Ui "連れて来ちゃって良かったのかな…?" "Is it okay that we brought them here...?"
Shizuka "前に…後ろに…左右に…人が流れている…" "In the front... back... left and right... people are flowing..."
Shizuka "これは、人間の川…人の作った水流そのもの…" "This is a human river... the very stream of man-made water..."
Shizuka "私、渦に呑まれそう…!" "I'm going to be swallowed by the vortex...!"
Sunao "静香、何を言ってるんですか!戻って来てください!" "Shizuka, what are you talking about! Please come back!"
Sunao "―すなお―意識をしっかり保ってこれは、ただの人の流れです"
Sunao "―すなお―そのうち慣れますから…!" "-Sunao- you'll get used to it...!"
Chiharu "―ちはる―あ、ダメ…" "-Chiharu- Oh, no..."
Chiharu "―ちはる―やっぱりちょっとだけ気分が悪くなってきたかも…" "-Chiharu- I think I'm starting to feel a little sick after all..."
Sunao "―すなお―ちゃる!" "-Sunao- cha-ru!"
image=75px Sana "ちはるさん、平気でしょうか…?" "Chiharu-san, will you be okay with this...?"
image=75px Sana "私も人混みってあまり得意じゃないから…" "I'm not very good with crowds either, so..."
image=75px Ui "うん…ちはるさん、大丈夫…?" "Yeah...Chiharu-san, are you okay...?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ん、大丈夫…" "Hmm, okay..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "深呼吸してたら、ちょっと落ち着いてきたよ" "I've been taking deep breaths and I'm starting to calm down a bit."
image=75px Shizuka "これは人…人の流れ…" "This is a person... a stream of people..."
image=75px Shizuka "私は時女静香…" "I am Tokime Shizuka..."
image=75px Shizuka "大丈夫…大丈夫…" "It's okay... it's okay..."
image=75px Shizuka "こんな人の流れなんかに、呑まれて…" "I don't want to get swallowed up in this flow of people..."
image=75px Shizuka "本家は務まらないっ!!" "I can't do this."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "静香!" "Shizuka!"
image=75px Shizuka "大丈夫よ、すなお…" "It's okay, Sunao..."
image=75px Shizuka "私、打ち勝つわ…!" "I'm going to beat this...!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい、立派です!" "Yes, that's fine!"
image=75px Felicia "なんだよこれ…" "What the hell..."
image=75px Ui "ふたりとも乗り越えたねっ!" "You two got through it!"
image=75px Shizuka "ええ、ここで負けてられないもの" "Yes, something I can't afford to lose here."
image=75px Shizuka "それで、これからこの町で、何をして遊べばいいの?" "So, what am I going to do and play in this town now?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "色々ありそうだけどね" "It sounds like a lot of things."
image=75px Ui "鶴乃さん何か考えてきてる?" "What have you been thinking about, Tsuruno-san?"
image=75px Tsuruno "一応、やちよからオススメスポットは聞いてるよっ" "In case you're wondering, Yachiyo has some recommendations for places to go."
image=75px Ui "やちよさんって、こういう場所で遊んだりするんだねっ" "Yachiyo-san, you play in places like this, don't you?"
image=75px Tsuruno "んや、仕事関係の人から、情報だけが入ってくるんだって" "Nah, they only get information from people in the business world."
image=75px Ui "へぇー" "Heh."
image=75px Felicia "おい、向こうにウマそうなポップコーンがある!" "Hey, there's some good-looking popcorn over there!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "えっ?" "Eh?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "あ、ほんとですね!" "Ah, it's true!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "コーンの頭が弾けたキャラクターも可愛いです!" "The character with the popped corn head is cute too!"
image=75px Tsuruno "おぉ、速い" "Oh, she's fast."
image=75px Sana "これなら自然と、楽しんでくれそうですね…" "This will be natural, and you'll enjoy it..."
image=75px Tsuruno "うん、良かった良かった!" "Yeah, good, good, good!"
image=75px Shizuka "あ、また目が…" "Oh, my eyes again..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うっぷ…" "Ugh..."
Part 8
Name Japanese Translation
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ふふっ" *giggle*"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "見てくださいよ静香、ちゃる" "Look at this, Shizuka, Charu."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "このポップコーンカラフルでカワイイですよ" "This popcorn is colorful and cute."
image=75px Shizuka "これ、食べれるの?" "This is edible?"
"あむっ" *munch*
image=75px Shizuka "なんか甘くて美味しい今まで食べたことがない感じ" "It's kind of sweet and delicious, like nothing I've ever had before."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "集落だと和菓子ばっかりだもんね" "In a village, it's all Japanese sweets."
image=75px Tsuruno "ねえ、フェリシアわたしにもひと口ちょーだい" "Hey, Felicia, can I have a bite?"
image=75px Felicia "いいぞ、ほら" "Okay, here."
image=75px Tsuruno "ありがとう" "Thanks."
image=75px Tsuruno "って、これポップコーンのかけら!!" "I mean, that's a piece of popcorn!"
image=75px Tsuruno "味もほとんどわかんないよ!" "I can barely even taste it!"
image=75px Felicia "ひと口って言っただろ!?" "What did I say about taking a bite?
image=75px Tsuruno "ぐっ、たしかに…!" "Gosh, you're right.
image=75px Felicia "嘘だよ、ほらひと掴みいけよ" "I'm just kidding. Come on, grab a handful."
image=75px Tsuruno "にひっ" "Nihihi."
image=75px Tsuruno "おらぁ!" "Hey!"
image=75px Felicia "鶴乃!!それ取り過ぎだぞ!!" "Tsuruno! You're taking too much of that!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "これも甘くておいし~" "This is also sweet and delicious~"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ミルクティーなんて飲むのいつぶりかわからないですっ" "I can't remember when is the last time I had a cup of milk tea."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "それに、この食感もやみつきになっちゃいますね" "And the texture is addictive, too."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちゃると静香はいりますか?" "Do you want some, Charu and Shizuka?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ううん、わたしはいいや" "No, I'm not."
image=75px Shizuka "私も遠慮しとく…" "I don't think I'm going to..."
image=75px Shizuka "そんなでかいカエルの卵あまり食べる気にならないから" "Because I don't feel like eating too many big frog eggs like that."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "え、カエル!?" "What, frog?!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "違うよ静香ちゃんこれ、タピオカって言うんだよ" "No, Shizuka, this is called tapioca."
image=75px Shizuka "たぴおか…?" "Tapioka...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "キャッサバから作るんですよ" "We make them from cassava,"
image=75px Shizuka "きゃっ、鯖…?" "Ka, Cassava...?"
image=75px Shizuka "…………へぇ" "............huh."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わかってないよね…" "You don't understand..."
image=75px Shizuka "うん" "Yeah."
image=75px Sana "ういちゃん…ひと口食べてみる…?" "Ui-chan... try a bite...?"
image=75px Ui "うんっ" "Yeah."
"ぱくっ" "Snap!"
image=75px Ui "ふわぁっクリームが口で溶けちゃった" "Fluffy, the cream just melted in my mouth."
image=75px Ui "イチゴもおいしい" "Strawberries are good too."
image=75px Tsuruno "ここのクレープはやちよがオススメしてたんだよ" "The crepes here were recommended by Yachiyo."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "もう、私、幸せです…静香とちゃるはいりますか?" "I'm already happy... do you want some Shizuka and Charu?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ううん、わたしは大丈夫だよ…" "No, I'm fine..."
image=75px Shizuka "ねえ、すなお…" "Hey, Sunao..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい?" "Yes?"
image=75px Shizuka "言いにくいんだけど、その…" "I hate to say it, but I mean..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "な、なんでしょう…" "What is it..."
image=75px Shizuka "太るわよ?" "You're going to get fat, okay?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "くっ…" "Damn..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "…どなたか、いりますか?" "...Anybody want one?"
image=75px Ui "あ、わたし食べたいな" "Oh, I want to eat."
image=75px Sana "あんまり食べ過ぎると、いろはさんに怒られるよ…?" "If you eat too much, Iroha-san will be angry with you...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "…………" "............"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "…………" "............"
image=75px Shizuka "あ、あれ…?" "Oh, that...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "あーーーーそうだ!みんなで服でも見ようよ!" "Ahhhh yes! Let's all look at some clothes!"
image=75px Tsuruno "色んなお店が揃ってる場所があるからさっ!" "There's a place where you can find all kinds of shops."
image=75px Felicia "オレはまだまだ食べられるぞ!?" "I can still eat!"
image=75px Tsuruno "いいからいいから!" "It's okay, it's okay!"
image=75px Shizuka "あっ…" "Oh..."
image=75px Shizuka "すごい、色んな服があるっ" "Wow, there are so many different clothes."
image=75px Tsuruno "静香ちゃん気になる?" "Do you mind, Shizuka?"
image=75px Shizuka "うん、ちょっとだけワクワクしてきた" "Yeah, I'm just a little bit excited about it."
image=75px Shizuka "だけど、右も左もこれだけお店があると" "But when there are so many shops on the right and left,"
image=75px Shizuka "時間が経つのも忘れそうだし、回りきれない気がするわ" "I think I'm going to forget how much time has passed, and I feel like I can't get around."
image=75px Tsuruno "それなら、また一緒に来よういつでも付き合うよ" "Then I'll come back with you, and I'll go out with you anytime."
image=75px Shizuka "また…ふふっ、そうね" "Also...hmmm, yeah."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "静香、ちょっとだけ慣れてきたんじゃないですか?" "Shizuka, I think you're getting used to it a bit, aren't you?"
image=75px Shizuka "あ、確かにそうかも" "Oh, you're right, I might."
image=75px Felicia "アラ料理成功だな!" "That was a success!"
image=75px Sana "荒療治ですよ、フェリシアさん…" "It's a rough treatment, Felicia..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "…………" "............"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ごめん…わたし、やっぱり無理だ…" "I'm sorry... I can't do this..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ちょっと、ごめんね…" "Hey, I'm sorry..."
image=75px Sana "あっ…" "Oh..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちゃる…" "Charu..."
image=75px Shizuka "これは困ったわね…" "This is a problem..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい…" "Yes..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちょっとお願いがあるんですけど場所を変えても良いですか…?" "I was wondering if you could do us a favor and change the location..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "極力、人が少ない場所だと助かるんですけど…" "It would be helpful if there were as few people in the area as possible..."
image=75px Shizuka "ごめんなさい…" "I'm sorry..."
image=75px Shizuka "あなたたちに迷惑を掛けてしまって…" "I'm sorry I've put you guys through so much trouble..."
image=75px Ui "ううん、わたしは全然平気だよ" "Nope, I'm totally fine with it."
image=75px Felicia "そうそう気にすんなよ!こういう時は助け合いだぞ!" "Don't worry about it so much! It's times like these that we help each other!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ねぇねぇ、さな…" "Hey, hey, Sana..."
image=75px Sana "はい…?" "Yes...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "人が少ない所ってどこか知ってる?" "Do you know where the least amount of people are?"
image=75px Sana "それなら…はい…" "Then...yes..."
image=75px Sana "栄でも西の方に離れたら大きな公園があります…" "Even in Sakae, if you go away to the west, there's a big park..."
image=75px Tsuruno "そこって、建物を壊して更地にしたところだっけ?" "Is that where they tore down the building and cleared the land?"
image=75px Sana "はい…博物館の移転で…" "Yes... with the relocation of the museum..."
image=75px Sana "あの辺りなら、人は少ないと思います…" "I don't think there are many people in that area..."
Part 9
Name Japanese Translate
image=75px "ちょっと、里見さん!待ちなさい!" "Hey, Satomi-san! Wait!"
image=75px Touka "もーなんなのー?" "What is it?"
image=75px Touka "わたくしを追いかけても、費用対効果が悪いよせんせー" "It's not very cost effective to go after me, Teacher."
image=75px "宿題を提出してないのは、あなたひとりだけなんですから!" "You're the only one who hasn't turned in your homework!"
image=75px "やってないなら居残りしていきなさい!" "If you haven't done it, go get detention!"
image=75px Touka "あんな幼児向けの宿題なんて、もー終わって提出済みだよ" "That kind of toddler homework is already done and submitted."
image=75px "でも、先生は受け取ってません!" "But the teacher didn't receive it!"
image=75px Touka "メールで添付して送ったよ" "I emailed it to you as an attachment."
image=75px "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
image=75px "それは提出ではありません!ちゃんとノートで出すように!" "That's not a submission! Make sure you get it out in paper!"
image=75px "それより、どうして、先生のアドレスを知ってるの!?" "More importantly, how did you know your teacher's address!"
image=75px Touka "セキュリティが甘いからすぐにわかっちゃったよ" "The security is so lax that I found out right away."
image=75px "里見さん…" "Satomi-san..."
image=75px Touka "いいから、わたくしに構うなら仕事してよ!" "Just do your job if you're going to leave me alone!"
image=75px "今、してるわよ!" "I'm doing it now!"
image=75px Touka "さよーならー" "Good~ bye~."
image=75px Touka "っていうことがあって、遅れちゃった" "That's what happened, so I'm late."
image=75px Touka "ごめんね、お姉さま" "I'm sorry, sister."
image=75px Iroha "そこは、先生の言うことを聞いておいた方がいいよ…" "You'd better listen to the teacher there..."
image=75px Iroha "みんなと一緒にお勉強するのも大切だよ?" "It's important to learn with everyone, okay?"
image=75px Touka "そうやって軍隊みたいに揃えよーとするのは" "That's how you try to align them like an army."
image=75px Touka "日本のきょーいくの悪いところだと思いまーす" "I think that's the bad thing about Japanese kyoiku."
image=75px Iroha "もう…" "I can't..."
image=75px Yachiyo "相変わらず口が達者ね…" "Your mouth is as glib as ever..."
image=75px Touka "それで、ブレスレットは持ってきてくれたかにゃー?" "So, did you bring your bracelet?"
image=75px Touka "そもそも、取れないんだっけ?" "You can't get it in the first place?"
image=75px Iroha "うん、無理に取ろうとしないでね?" "Yeah, don't try to force it, okay?"
image=75px Touka "今日は魔力パターンを調べようと思っただけだから" "I just thought I'd check out the magic patterns today."
image=75px Touka "取らなくてもへーきだよ" "You don't have to take it, it's fine."
image=75px Yachiyo "魔女ともウワサとも違うのは、私たちでもわかったわ" "We knew too that it wasn't a witch or a rumor."
image=75px Yachiyo "魔力パターンを調べたところで新しい発見はないと思うけど…" "I don't think we'll find anything new by examining the magic patterns..."
image=75px Touka "そんな感覚はなーんの当てにもならないよ" "You can't rely on any of those senses."
image=75px Touka "やっぱり、ちゃんと分析して結果を出さないとねー" "I knew I had to analyze it properly and get the results..."
image=75px Iroha "分析?" "Analysis?"
image=75px Touka "そう、桜子に見てもらってわたくしが答えを出すんだよっ!" "Yes, let Sakurako see it and I'll give you the answer!"
image=75px Sakurako "|そう、私が見る|" "Yes, I'll see it."
image=75px Iroha "どういうこと?" "What do you mean?"
image=75px Sakurako "|私は万年桜のうわさ|" "I'm a Rumor of the Enternal Sakura."
Sakurako "|灯花、ねむ、うい、いろはの4人が再び出会う場所として作られた|" "| It was created as a place where Touka, Nemu, Ui and Iroha meet again."
Sakurako "|だけどねむによって内容が変えられた|" "|But the content was changed by Nemu.|"
Sakurako "|の内容に縛られるのは今まで通り変わらないけど|" "|I'm still bound by the same rules as before, but.|"
Sakurako "―万年桜のウワサ―|得た知識や記憶がサーバーに保存されて随時更新されるようになった|" "
image=75px Yachiyo "詰まるところ、彼女の知ってる魔力パターンと照合するのね" "So, at the end of the day, you're going to have to check it against the magic patterns she knows."
image=75px Yachiyo "そんなことができるなんて思いもしなかったわ" "I never thought I'd be able to do that."
image=75px Touka "くふふっ" *giggle*
image=75px Touka "魔力でねむの本とウワサが繋がってるのは知ってたから" "I knew the rumors were connected to Nemu's book by magic."
image=75px Touka "サーバーと繋がった桜子の魔力がどう変換されて" "I'm connected to the server, and how Sakurako's magic is converted."
image=75px Touka "どんなデータベースを構築するかを調べてたんだよ" "We were trying to figure out what kind of database we were going to build."
image=75px Touka "その答えさえ出れば" "If only I could answer that question."
image=75px Touka "わたくしが組んだプログラムを実行するだけで照合できるからね" "All you have to do is run the program I put together and I can match it."
image=75px Iroha "へぇー?" "Huh?"
image=75px Touka "ただ、時間がかかるから腕を置いたまま動かさないでね" "Just don't move it with your arm in place because it will take a while."
image=75px Iroha "それは全然平気だよ" "I'm totally fine with that."
image=75px Nemu "あれ、灯花?" "Oh, Touka?"
image=75px Nemu "僕が想定していたよりも随分と早いお帰りだね" "You're home a lot sooner than I expected."
image=75px Iroha "あ、ねむちゃん" "Ah, Nemu-chan."
image=75px Nemu "いらっしゃい、お姉さん" "Welcome, onee-san."
image=75px Sakurako "|ねーむっ|" "|Neemmmmmu|"
image=75px Nemu "良かった、今日はご機嫌だね桜子" "Good, you're in a good mood today, Sakurako."
image=75px Sakurako "|これで3人揃った|" "|Now we're all three.|"
image=75px Sakurako "|あと、ういが来てくれたら私もブレスレットを見る|" "|Also, I'll look at the bracelet when Ui comes over.|"
image=75px Iroha "えっ…!?" "What...?"
image=75px Yachiyo "ういちゃんは今日、別件ね…" "Ui-chan's got another thing going on today..."
image=75px Sakurako "|え…|" "|Heh...|"
image=75px Nemu "桜子…" "Sakurako..."
image=75px Sakurako "|そう…|" "|So...|"
image=75px Iroha "ちょっ、ちょっと桜子ちゃん!" "Hey, hey, Sakurako-chan!"
image=75px Touka "あーあ、すねちゃった…" "Ohhhh, she sulked..."
image=75px Nemu "4人揃うのが至福なのは、の内容で揺るがないこと" "What makes the four of us together blissful is that we can't shake the content of"
image=75px Nemu "僕でもさすがに如何ともし難いことだよ" "It's hard to do, even for me."
image=75px Touka "機嫌が直るのを待つしかないかもしれないにゃー…" "We may have to wait for her mood to get better..."
image=75px Iroha "あとで来られないかういに聞いてみるね" "I'll ask Ui if she can come later."
image=75px Nemu "ありがとう、お姉さん" "Thank you, onee-san."
image=75px Touka "それで、ねむは結局を見つけられたの?" "So, did Nemu find the end result?"
image=75px Yachiyo "うわさ?" "Rumor?"
image=75px Iroha "今、残ってるのは、桜子ちゃんだけじゃないの?" "Isn't Sakurako the only one left now?"
image=75px Nemu "違う…" "No..."
Nemu "「僕はアリナと対峙した時に全ての力を使い冥府に堕ちるのも覚悟で最後のを作った」" "When I confronted Alina, I used all my powers to create the last one, ready to fall into the Underworld."
Nemu "「だけどうわさ、作ったが見当たらない」" "But I couldn't find the Rumor I had made."
Nemu "「間違いなく僕の本には作ったうわさが記されているのに感知できないんだ」" "No doubt I made it in my book, but I can't detect it even though it's marked in it."
Part 10
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Mifuyu "ワタシも同じです…" "It's the same with me..."
image=75px Mifuyu "皆さんが料理を振る舞ってくれた日の夜更けに" "Late in the evening on the day you all served me food."
image=75px Mifuyu "外で彼女と遭遇して勧誘されました…" "I ran into her outside and she recruited me..."
image=75px Mifuyu "おふたりはいつ頃に…?" "When did you two...?"
image=75px Tsukasa "ウチらは、やちよさんたちと別れたあとです" "Ours is after we left Yachiyo-san and her friends."
image=75px Mifuyu "どちらにしても夜遅く…" "Either way, it's late at night..."
image=75px Mifuyu "マギウスの翼が解体されてから籠もってると思ってましたが" "I thought you've been caged in since the wings of Magius were dismantled."
image=75px Mifuyu "どうも“あのふたり”は、暗躍していたようですね…" "I think those two have been working in the dark..."
image=75px Mifuyu "まさか、新しいマギウスの翼だなんて…" "I didn't think it was a new wings of Magius..."
image=75px Tsukuyo "でも、他の羽根たちと同じで説得はできるはずでございます" "But I'm sure you can be persuaded, just like the other feathers."
image=75px Tsukuyo "魔法少女の解放を目指すのは、こちらも同じでございますし…" "We're trying to free the magical girls as well, and..."
image=75px Mifuyu "そうだと良いんですけど…" "I hope you're right..."
image=75px Tsukasa "みふゆさん弱気にならないでください" "Mifuyu-san, please don't be weak."
image=75px Mifuyu "あの子たちは知ってるんですよ" "I know those people."
image=75px Mifuyu "ワタシたちの目的が今でも魔法少女の解放であることを…" "And that our purpose is still the liberation of magical girls..."
image=75px Tsukasa "それは…" "It's..."
image=75px Mifuyu "それで敵に回るなら、他に理由があるはずなんです…" "If that's going to turn against them, there must be another reason..."
image=75px Mifuyu "…………" "............"
image=75px Mifuyu "東で暗躍していたなら、十七夜さんに話すべきですね…" "If you've been in the dark in the east, you should talk to Kanagi-san..."
image=75px Tsukasa "今はバイト中かもしれないです" "She's may be working part-time right now."
image=75px Mifuyu "それなら少しだけ待たせてもらいましょう" "Then we'll just have to wait a little while."
image=75px Mifuyu "ついでに令さんと郁美さんにも連絡をとっておきます" "While we're at it, I'll contact Ryo-san and Ikumi-san as well."
image=75px Mifuyu "調整屋で落ち合って話を摺り合わせましょう" "Let's meet at the adjuster shop and go over the details."
image=75px "くっ…" "Gủk..."
image=75px ??? "嘘を吐いてるヤツはその目を見たらわかるんだよな" "You can tell who's lying when you look them in the eye."
image=75px "本当のこと、言ったよ嘘なんてついてない、私は…" "I told you the truth, I'm not lying, I'm not..."
image=75px ??? "あがき方に余裕があるし目玉の底に希望の火が見える" "There's plenty of room to struggle and I can see the fire of hope at the bottom of my eyeballs."
image=75px ??? "諦めたヤツの目の奥はな夜の砂漠みたいになるんだよ" "You know, the ones that give up, behind the eyes, it's like a desert at night."
image=75px "そんな例え方されても…" "You can't make that analogy..."
image=75px ??? "じゃあ、もう何も聞かねーよ" "Then I won't ask any more questions."
image=75px ??? "あとはヒッソリと、ここで骨になればいい" "The rest of it is hissy fit, and we can get to the bone here."
image=75px ??? "手は下さない時間をかけてゆっくりな" "I'm not going to put my hand down, so take your time."
image=75px "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px ??? "その目だ" "That's the eye."
image=75px ??? "さあ正直に言いな納得すれば逃がしてやるよ" "Now, tell me the truth, and if I'm convinced, I'll let you go."
image=75px ??? "あーあ、話を聞くっていうのもかなり疲れるもんなんだな…" "Oh, I guess listening to the story is pretty exhausting too..."
image=75px Yuna "次女、何かわかったかしらぁ?" "Second sister, what have we learned?"
image=75px ??? "ニヒッ当たり前だっつーの" "Hehee, It's no wonder."
image=75px ??? "今の目的が何なのか、ちゃーんと聞き出したよ" "I made sure I got her to tell me what she wants now."
image=75px ??? "嘘の情報じゃないよね~?" "You're not lying to me, are you~?"
image=75px ??? "いくつか嘘は吐いたが、これは確度が高い自信がある" "I've told a few lies, but I'm very confident that this is a sure thing."
image=75px Yuna "それで、彼女たちは、どうするつもりなのぉ?" "So, what are they going to do?"
image=75px ??? "どうも山の中に、どでかい電波望遠鏡があるらしくてさ" "Apparently there's a big radio telescope in the mountains."
image=75px ??? "そこに、助けを求めて、仲間が移動してるらしい" "That's where they say they're moving their people to for help."
image=75px Yuna "あの、ローブを被った子たち、神浜の子だったわよねぇ" "You know, those kids with the robes, they were the kids from Kamihama, weren't they?"
image=75px ??? "だな" "Right."
image=75px ??? "そいつらが助けを請うんだどんな相手かは想像がつく" "Those guys need help, and I can only imagine what kind of people they're dealing with."
image=75px Yuna "実力者…あるいはブレインってことねぇ…" "You're a powerhouse... or a brain, I mean..."
image=75px Yuna "まぁ、場所から想像するに、後者なんでしょうけど" "Well, from the location, I imagine it's the latter."
image=75px Yuna "フフッ、良い情報よ次女…" "*giggle* Good information, Second Sister..."
image=75px Hikaru "結菜さん頭を潰せば体は動かないっす" "Yuna-san, if you crush their head, the body won't move."
image=75px Yuna "そうね、次の狙いは定まったわぁ…" "Well, I think I've got my sights set on the next one..."
Part 11
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "んー" "Hmm."
image=75px "やっぱりなぎたんに運んでもらったケーキは" "I knew that the cake that Nagitan brought to me was..."
image=75px "実に美味でありますな" "It is indeed delicious."
image=75px Ka "何度も言っていることだが、他の客と同じものだぞ" "I've said it a million times, but it's the same thing as any other customer."
image=75px "いやいや、愛情が入ってる分美味しくなってるよ" "No, no, the more love you put into it, the better it tastes."
image=75px Kanagi "客に愛情は皆無なんだがこれは値段の対価だぞ?" "I don't have any love for my customers, but this is the price you're paying for this."
image=75px "またまた、隠さなくても" "Again, you don't have to hide it."
image=75px Kanagi "ふむ…" "Hmm..."
image=75px Kanagi "これならどうだ?" "How about this?"
image=75px "ケーキに…大量のタバスコ…" "A cake... and a lot of Tabasco..."
image=75px "いや、これも愛をもってすれば…" "No, this too, with love..."
image=75px Kanagi "…………" "............"
image=75px "…………" "............"
"あむっ…" "Um..."
image=75px "び、美味であります!!" "I-It's delicious!"
image=75px Kanagi "八雲のレシピだったんだが、案外いけるものなのか" "It's surprisingly good, although the recipe is Yakumo's."
image=75px Mifuyu "…………" "............"
image=75px Mifuyu "十七夜さん、あなたいつも、こんな接客をしてるんですか…?" "Kanagi-san, do you always treat customers like this...?"
image=75px Kanagi "む、これは珍客だなご主人として丁重にもてなすぞ" "Mmm, this is a rare guest, and as your host, I will treat you with the greatest courtesy."
image=75px Mifuyu "これ、ご主人の扱いなんですね…" "So this is how you treat your customer..."
image=75px Kanagi "うむ、どうもケーキとタバスコは合うらしい" "Mmm, apparently cake and Tabasco go together."
image=75px Kanagi "梓もどうだ?" "How about Azusa?"
image=75px Mifuyu "いえ、遠慮しておきます…" "No, I'll refrain from..."
image=75px Mifuyu "それに今日は、客として来たわけじゃありません" "Besides, I'm not here today as a guest."
image=75px Kanagi "なるほど、面接か梓なら衣装も映えるだろうな" "I see, the interview or Azusa would look great in costume."
image=75px Mifuyu "いえ、急いで十七夜さんの耳に入れておきたいことが…" "No, there's something I need to hear from Kanagi-san in a hurry..."
image=75px Kanagi "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=75px Kanagi "…急に不穏だな、どうした" "...this is suddenly very disturbing, what's going on?"
image=75px Mifuyu "一部の羽根が、再び動きを見せています" "Some of the feathers are on the move again."
image=75px Mifuyu "それも、ひとりやふたりでなく、数を集めているかと…" "I wondered if they were gathering a number of them, too, rather than just one or two..."
image=75px Kanagi "そういうことか" "So that's what it is."
image=75px Kanagi "八雲には連絡はとってあるか?" "Have you contacted Yakumo?"
image=75px Mifuyu "はい、十七夜さんを連れていくと事前に連絡を入れてあります" "Yes, I've sent word in advance that I'll be taking Kanagi-san with me."
image=75px Kanagi "それで合点がいった" "So we've come to a point."
image=75px Kanagi "八雲から着信があったんだが、出られなかったところでな" "I just got a call from Yakumo, where I couldn't answer it."
image=75px Kanagi "悪いが、1時間待ってくれそれで今日はあがりだ" "I'm sorry, but give me an hour and I'm done for the day."
image=75px Mifuyu "では、月夜さんと月咲さんも、呼んできますね" "So, I'll go get Tsukuyo-san and Tsukasa-san, too."
image=75px Mifuyu "中で軽くお茶でもしながら、待たせて頂きます" "We'll have to wait for you inside for a light tea."
image=75px Kanagi "うむ、歓迎するぞ、ご主人" "Mmm, you are welcome, my lord."
Part 12
Name Japanese Translate
image=75px Tsuruno "いろはちゃんからメッセージ?" "A message from Iroha-chan?"
image=75px Ui "うん" "Yeah."
image=75px Ui "桜子ちゃんが会いたがってるから終わったら来て欲しいって" "Sakurako-chan wants to see you, so she wants you to come over when she's done."
image=75px Tsuruno "すねちゃったのかな" "I think she's sulking."
image=75px Ui "多分、そうだと思う" "Maybe so."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "んぅ…" "Hmm..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ごめんね、だいぶ気分が良くなってきた" "I'm sorry, I'm feeling much better."
image=75px Tsuruno "おっ、良かった!" "Oh, good!"
image=75px Tsuruno "病院とか行かなくて平気?一応、調べておいたけど" "Are you okay with not going to the hospital or something? In case you were wondering, I did some research."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、平気ほんと迷惑かけてごめんね…" "Yeah, it's fine, I'm really sorry to bother you..."
image=75px Ui "でも、大変そうだね人の数で酔っちゃうのって…" "But it sounds like a lot of work, getting nauseous because of crowds..."
image=75px Felicia "な、好きな所いけねーしちょー不便じゃん" "Hey, I can't go anywhere I want, it's not even close."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "…………" "............"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あの、さっき居た所って悪い人が多かったりする?" "Um, do you think there are a lot of bad people in the place you were just in?"
image=75px Felicia "あ?悪い人?" "Oh? Bad people?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "なんか、悪意を持ってたり、犯罪を犯そうとしてる人とか…" "It's like, you know, someone who has bad intentions or is trying to commit a crime or..."
image=75px Tsuruno "どうだろうね?" "I don't know."
image=75px Tsuruno "確かに少し外れた場所に行くと変なキャッチがいたりするし" "It's true that if you go a little bit out of the way, there are some weird catches."
image=75px Tsuruno "女の子が行くには危険な場所なんだけど" "It's a dangerous place for a girl to go."
image=75px Shizuka "じゃあ、そのせいかもしれないわね" "Then maybe that's why."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ですね…" "Yes..."
image=75px Tsuruno "ただの人酔いじゃないの?" "Isn't it just people sickness?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "えっと、実はね信じてもらえないかもだけど" "Um, actually, well, you're not going to believe this, but..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わたし、人の悪意があると、それを感じ取っちゃうんだよぅ…" "I can sense when people have bad intentions, you know..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "人数が多くても、少しはコントロールできてたんだけど…" "We had a little bit of control over the number of people..."
image=75px Felicia "すげーな、それ超能力じゃん" "Awesome, that's a superpower."
image=75px Felicia "未解決事件の番組に出てくる超能力捜査官と同じだぞ!" "You're just like the psychic agents on the cold case show!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ほっ?" "Ho?"
image=75px Tsuruno "ぉお、そっか!3人とも魔法少女だったんだ!" "Oh, I see, all three of you are magical girls!"
image=75px Ui "えっ!?" "What?!"
image=75px Ui "ほんとだ、指輪がある!!" "Really, they have a ring!"
image=75px Sana "あれ、じゃあ私のことも見えてたんですか…!?" "Oh, so you can see me, too...?"
image=75px Shizuka "お化けじゃないんだから見えてるわよ!" "You're not a ghost, I can see you!"
image=75px Shizuka "それより、みんな、魔法少女を知ってるの!?" "More importantly, do you all know about magical girls!?"
image=75px Tsuruno "知ってるも何もわたしたちも同じなんだよ!" "You know what? We don't know what we are either!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "まさか神浜の魔法少女に案内してもらってたなんて" "I didn't think we had a magical girl in Kamihama to show us around."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "まるで運命みたいです" "It's like fate,"
image=75px Felicia "…………" "............"
image=75px Yuna "こんな動物みたいな子に…" "You're such an animal..."
image=75px Felicia "ぬぅ、よけられた!" "Nuh-uh, they've dodged me!"
image=75px Felicia "お前らアイツラの仲間か…!?" "You're one of those guys...?"
image=75px Shizuka "えっ!?" "What?"
image=75px Felicia "いろはのこと狙ったり、オレをボコボコにしたり" "They're trying to get to me and beat me up."
image=75px Felicia "仲間だったらぜってーに許さねーぞ…!" "If you're one of them, I'll never forgive you..."
image=75px Sana "ちょっと、フェリシアさん落ち着いてください…!" "Hey, Felicia-san, please calm down...!"
image=75px Ui "そうだよ、あの時の人たちとは違うよ!" "Yes, It's not like those people back then!"
image=75px Felicia "でも、コイツら、知らない町の魔法少女じゃん!" "But these people are magical girls from a town we don't know!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "あの、どうしたんですか!?" "Um, is someting the matter?!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "恨みを買うようなことなんて全然してないよぅ…!" "I didn't do anything to cause any resentment at all...!"
image=75px Tsuruno "うーんと…" "Ummm..."
image=75px Tsuruno "二木市って知ってる…?あと紅晴結菜って…" "You know what Futatsugi City is...? And Kureha Yuna..."
image=75px Shizuka "そんなの知らないわ初めて聞いたぐらいよ" "I don't know about that, I've never heard of it before."
image=75px Tsuruno "その町の魔法少女たちが、わたしたちを襲ったんだよ" "The magical girls in that town attacked us."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "全然、私たちは関係ありません" "Not at all, we're not involved."
image=75px Shizuka "そうよ、私たちが来たのは、霧峰村の時女集落なんだから…!" "That's right, we came from Tokime's Village of Kirimine outland...!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うんうん!" "Yeah, yeah!"
image=75px Tsuruno "だよ、フェリシア" "That's it, Felicia."
image=75px Felicia "…………だよな" ".....................right?"
image=75px Felicia "アイツらと同じなら、一緒に遊ぶはずねーしな…" "I wouldn't be playing with you if you were like those guys..."
image=75px Felicia "悪い、勘違いしてたぞごめんな" "Sorry, I was wrong about you."
image=75px Tsuruno "ただ、魔法少女なら気をつけてね" "Just be careful if you're a magical girl."
image=75px Tsuruno "二木市の魔法少女は、本気で攻撃を仕掛けてくるから" "Because the magical girls in Futatsugi City are serious about attacking you."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "同じ魔法少女なのに?" "It's the same magical girl?"
image=75px Tsuruno "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Tsuruno "狙いは神浜の魔法少女だから、そっちは関係ないと思うけどね" "I don't think that has anything to do with it, though, since the target is a magical girl from Kamihama."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "だとしても、大切なことを聞いたよ" "But even so, I've heard something important."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "等々力耕一も言ってたからね要らない情報はないって!" "You know, Koichi Todoroki also said there's no information we don't need!"
image=75px Shizuka "とりあえず、誤解が解けて良かったわ" "Anyway, I'm glad we've cleared up the misunderstanding."
image=75px Shizuka "正直、みんなが神浜の魔法少女で安心したから" "Honestly, I'm just relieved that everyone is a magical girl from Kamihama"
image=75px Tsuruno "安心?" "Relieve?"
image=75px Shizuka "だって、私ってば集落から出てきたばかりでしょ?" "Because I just came out of the countryside, right?"
image=75px Shizuka "人が沢山いる中で、私だけが世間とズレていて" "There's a lot of people out there, and I'm the only one who's out of step with the world."
image=75px Shizuka "新しい友だちとか、仲間とか、うまく出来るか不安だったのよ…" "I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make new friends and associates and all that..."
image=75px Tsuruno "なら、安心だね!わたしたちが友だちだから!" "Then you're safe! Because we're your friends!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ふんふん!" "Yep yep!"
image=75px Ui "うん、そうだね!わたしたちみんな友だちだよ!" "Yeah, I guess so! We're all friends!"
image=75px Shizuka "…………うんっ" ".........yeah."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "神浜で活動をするのに、少しは気が楽になりましたね" "It makes me feel a little bit better about doing the activities at Kamihama."
image=75px Sana "そういえば、みなさんはどうして神浜に…?" "Speaking of which, why did you all come to Kamihama...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "あ、それはですね" "Oh, that is,"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "これ、魔女の反応…!?" "This is the witch's reaction...?"
Part 13
Name Japanese Translation
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "これ、魔女の反応…!?" "This is a witch's reaction...?"
image=75px Shizuka "ちゃる、すなお、この反応、かなり強いわよ" "Charu, Sunao, this reaction is pretty strong."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "どうして今まで気付かなかったんでしょうか…" "I don't know why I didn't notice it before..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "でも、これって魔女かな…魔法少女でもなさそうだけど…" "But I wonder if this is a witch... it doesn't look like a magical girl either..."
image=75px Shizuka "ただ、魔女だとすれば、かなり危険よ…" "It's just that, if she's a witch, she's pretty dangerous..."
image=75px Ui "また、この反応…" "This reaction again..."
image=75px Shizuka "日の本を呪いで彩る魔女叩かないといけないわね…" "I'll have to beat the witch who colors the Land of the Rising Sun with curses..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん" "Yeah."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "正体不明だとしても、もしもの可能性があります" "Even if it's unidentified, it could be if."
image=75px Ui "あ、ちょっと待って…!" "Oh, wait a minute...!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うぇえ!?なんで止めるのさ!" "What? Why are you stopping me?!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "悪鬼は倒さないといけないのに!" "The Devil had to be defeated, though!"
image=75px Ui "悪鬼?" "Devil?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あぁっと、魔女、魔女!悪鬼は村での呼び方ね!" "I-I mean, Witch, the Witch! 'Devil' is what how call them in the village!"
image=75px Shizuka "急がないと、移動するかもしれないわよ?" "If we don't hurry, it might escape!"
image=75px Ui "違うの" "It's not."
image=75px Ui "あのね、この反応って、魔女でもウワサでもない相手なの" "You know, this reaction is neither a witch nor a rumor."
image=75px Shizuka "魔女でも噂でもない…?" "It's not a witch or a rumor...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "要は、よくわからない相手だっていうことだよ" "The bottom line is that you're dealing with something you don't know very well."
image=75px Tsuruno "それに、戦い慣れた仲間同士でも苦戦するぐらいだったから" "And it was so much more of a struggle, even among friends who were used to fighting."
image=75px Tsuruno "今の面子で行くのは危険だと思う" "I don't think it's safe to go with the face we have now."
image=75px Sana "そうですね…" "Well..."
image=75px Sana "神浜の魔法少女に声をかけて、来てもらった方が良いです…" "You'd better talk to the magical girls of Kamihama and ask them to come..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "以前は何人で戦ったんですか?" "How many people did you fight with before?"
image=75px Sana "前に戦った時は、6人でやっとでした…" "The last time we fought, we barely had six people..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "まさか…" "No way..."
image=75px Felicia "って、喋ってる間にズガンッとやっちまおーぜ!" "Let's do it while we talk!"
image=75px Felicia "今回は7人居るんだし、なんとかなるぞ!" "There's seven of us this time, we can handle it!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、悪意の多い町で暴れたら、どうなるかわからないし" "Yeah, and I don't know what's going to happen if I go off in a town with a lot of bad intentions."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "逆に倒せば、魔女の影響を受けた人たちが元に戻るかも" "On the other hand, if we defeat it, the people affected by the witch might be restored to their original state."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "それぐらい強い魔女なんだよね?" "That's how strong a witch you are, right?"
image=75px Ui "そ、そうだけど…" "Yeah, I know, but..."
image=75px Shizuka "じゃあ、消しましょう" "Then let's turn it off."
image=75px Shizuka "この町がちゃるにとって、生きやすい町になるなら一層ね" "If this town will be a better place for Charu to live, even more so."
image=75px Sana "もう、止まってくれそうにないですね…" "I don't think they're going to stop now..."
image=75px Tsuruno "助けを呼んでる間に、行っちゃうだろうし…" "They'll be gone while I'm calling for help, and..."
image=75px Tsuruno "よしっ!!" "All right!"
image=75px Tsuruno "こうなったら、みんなでなんとか切り抜けよう!" "If this happens, we'll all manage to get through it together!"
image=75px Sana "はいっ…!" "Yes...!"
image=75px Shizuka "どの辺りに居るかわかる…?" "Do you know where it is...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "少し待ってください" "Give me a minute."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "…だめですね強い魔力は感じるんですけど…" " can feel strong magic, but..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わたしもダメだよ…" "I can't either..."
image=75px Ui "多分、こっち…!" "Maybe this way!"
image=75px Sana "ういちゃん…?" "Ui-chan...?"
image=75px Ui "わたしだけなのかな…?なんとなく居場所がわかるよ" "Is it just me...? I kind of know where I am."
image=75px Felicia "んじゃあ、さっさと乗り込んで、ぶっ倒してやるぞ!" "Well then, let's get in there and beat the crap out of them!"
image=75px Felicia "ついでに、もう1個、ブレスレットも貰おうぜ!" "And while we're at it, let's get another bracelet, too!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "…ブレスレット?" "...bracelet?"
Part 14
Name Japanese Translation
image=Card 10274 d.png ⊃―☆|" ⊃―☆|"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "魔女の反応じゃありませんこの敵は一体…" "This is not a witch's reaction, this enemy is a..."
image=75px Sana "前まで神浜にいたウワサっていう敵です…" "It's an enemy called Uwasa, which was in the Kamihama before..."
image=75px Sana "もう残ってないはずなんですけど急にこうして現れて…" "There shouldn't be any more of them left, but all of a sudden they show up like this..."
image=75px Tsuruno "あの時と魔力の反応も違うし、わたしたちにも正体はわからない" "The magic reacts differently than it did then, and we don't know who they are either."
image=75px Tsuruno "ただ、最後にいる危険な親玉の手下だってことは確かだよ!" "Just make sure they're working for the last dangerous master!"
image=75px Shizuka "つまり、戦って倒すべき相手、それは魔女と同じってことね" "So it's the same as a witch that you're supposed to fight and defeat."
image=75px Shizuka "ちゃる、すなお!" "Charu, Sunao!"
image=75px Shizuka "時女一族の巫(かんなぎ)としていえ、魔法少女として" "Not only as a Diviner of the Tokime clan, but as a magical girl."
image=75px Shizuka "日の本の悪を断ちましょう!" "Let's defeat the monstrosity harming the Land of the Rising Sun!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい!" "Yes!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん!" "Yeah!"
Part 15
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "|ギ┐┗ギゴゴ┤ズ!?|" "| |┐┐ engraved on the end of a sentence. |"
image=75px Shizuka "はぁ…倒した…" "Huh...I beat it..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ふたりとも大丈夫ですか…?" "Are you two okay...?"
image=75px Shizuka "ええ、まだまだ戦えるわ" "Yeah, I can still fight."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わたしも全然平気だよっ!" "I'm totally fine, too!"
image=75px Tsuruno "…………" "............"
image=75px Felicia "おい、鶴乃!なにボーッとしてんだよ!" "Hey, Tsuruno! What are you doing in a daze?"
image=75px Tsuruno "えっ、あぁ…ごめん!" "Eh, oh... sorry!"
image=75px Tsuruno "(このウワサを普通に相手できているっていうことは)" "(The fact that they can deal with this rumor in a normal way)."
image=75px Tsuruno "(二木市の魔法少女と同じようにどこかで調整を受けてる…?)" "(Like the magical girls in Futatsugi City, they're getting adjusted somewhere...?)"
image=75px Ui "くる…" "It's coming..."
image=75px Ui "みんなっ、来るよ!!" "Guys, it's coming!"
image=75px "∵へ~ ̄ハイ_ええ" "∵へ~ ̄ハイ_ええ"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うわっ…" "Uwaa..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "なっ、なにこれ…" "What is this..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "すごい…鳥肌が…" "Wow... I even get goosebumps..."
image=75px Shizuka "思わず表情が引きつったわ…変な汗まで出てきた…" "I couldn't help but pull a look on my face... I'm even sweating weirdly..."
image=75px Ui "だ、だから言ったんだよ!" "That's why I said it!"
image=75px Ui "今ならまだ、逃げられるかもしれないよ!" "Maybe we can still get away with it now!"
image=75px Shizuka "魔女を相手に逃げる…?それはできないわ" "Running away from the witch...? I can't do that."
image=75px Shizuka "この悪鬼を狩ることで、みんなを救えるんだから" "We can save everyone by hunting this Devil down."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、怯えてられないよ" "Yeah, I can't be frightened."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "心で負けちゃいけませんね7人で力を合わせて倒しましょう" "We can't let our hearts beat us, let's join forces with the seven of us to defeat it."
Part 16
Name Japanese Translation
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちゃる、静香!今です!" "Charu, Shizuka! Now's the time!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "これで、お縄だーーーーー!" "Now that's a noose!"
image=75px Shizuka "潔く散れーーー!!" "Be gone gracefully!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ふぅ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Shizuka "魔女は…!" "The witch...!"
image=75px "∵ワァぁ―エエ_ええ" "∵ワァぁ―エエ_ええ"
image=75px Chiharu "ァアアアッ!!" "Aaaaah!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ぐぅぅぅっ!!" "Ughhhh!"
image=75px Shizuka "うっ…ケホッ…" "Ugh... *cough*..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うぅ…" "Ugh..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちゃる!静香!!" "Charu! Shizuka!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "っ…" "Huh..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "…………" "............"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "侮っていた…" "I was underestimating..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私たちは外の世界を知らなさすぎた…" "We know too little about the outside world..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ういちゃんの言う通りで…" "Ui-chan was right..."
image=Card 10274 d.png "∵へ~_うん" "∵へ~_うん"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "あ…" "Oh..."
image=Card 10274 d.png "∵ハイィ―_ ̄!?" "∵ハイィ―_ ̄!?"
image=75px Ui "鶴乃さん!ちょっとひるんだよ!" "Tsuruno-san! It's just flinched!"
image=75px Tsuruno "うしっ!" "Ush!"
image=75px Tsuruno "行くよ、フェリシア、さな!" "Let's go, Felicia, Sana!"
image=75px Felicia "おう!" "Okay!"
image=75px Sana "はいっ…!" "Yes...!"
image=75px Felicia "何がしたかったのか、忘れさせてやるぞ!" "I'm going to make you forget what you wanted to do!"
image=75px "∵ん~~_ハィ ̄!!" "∵ん~~_ハィ ̄!!"
image=75px Felicia "にゃっ、もう動けんのか!?" "Nya, can't you move anymore?!"
image=75px Felicia "ぬぅっ!" "Noooooo!"
image=75px Tsuruno "立ち直りが早い…!さな、引いて!" "It's recovering fast...! Sana, pull back!"
image=75px Sana "えっ" "What?"
image=75px "∵エェ_うん―!!" "∵エェ_うん―-!"
image=75px Sana "ひゃあっ!" "Hyaa!"
image=75px Tsuruno "まずい…魔女が…" "Not good... the witch..."
image=75px Tsuruno "3人とも逃げて!体勢を立て直さないと!!" "All three of you, run! We have to get back into position!"
image=75px Shizuka "はっ…はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha...ha..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ぬぅん…" "Mmm..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちゃる、静香!担いでいきますね!" "Charu, Shizuka! I'm going to carry it!"
image=75px Shizuka "いらない…" "I don't want..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "静香…!" "Shizuka...!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "魔女が迫ってるのになにを言ってるの!?" "We're in the middle of a witch hunt, so what are you talking about?"
image=75px Shizuka "私たちは時女一族…" "We are the Tokime clan...
image=75px Shizuka "何百年も昔から変わらない…" "It's been the same for hundreds of years..."
image=75px Shizuka "日の本とそこに生きる人々のために" "For the Land of the Rising Sun, and the people who live in it."
image=75px Shizuka "この魂を燃やし続けてきた" "I've kept this soul burning."
image=75px Shizuka "だから、背は向けない…!" "So I won't turn my back on you...!"
image=75px Shizuka "抱き続けてきた矜持を簡単に捨てるわけにはいかない!" "I'm not going to throw away the pride I've been holding on to so easily!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "静香…" "Shizuka..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "ぬっあああああっ!!" "Nuh-uh!"
image=75px "∵オォ_ハイはい!?" "∵オォ_ハイはい!?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちゃる!?" "Charu?
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "動き、止めたよ!" "It's stopped!
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "こんなちっぽけな悪意ひとつにわたしだってやられない!" "I can't let this little bit of malice stop me, either!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "勝って、立ち上がるんだ!!" "We're going to win and get up!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "っ…!!" "Huh...!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "わかりました…" "I understand..."
Sunao "限界まで私が静香を癒やします" "-I will heal Shizuka to her limits."
Sunao "だから清浄な光と共にその剣で!" "So I'll be with the clean light with that sword!"
Shizuka "悪を断つ…!" "Cut off the evil...!"
Shizuka "まだ、折れないわ" "I'm not broken yet."
Shizuka "―静香―私たちの変革は始まったばかりなんだから!" "Our transformation is just beginning!"
Part 17
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Shizuka "ハッ、ァアアアアッ!!" "Ha, ah, ah!"
image=75px "∵ハッ_ィィイイ!?" "∵ハッ_ィィイイ?!"
image=75px Shizuka "はぁっ…はぁっ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
image=Card 10264 d.png "…………" "............"
image=75px Shizuka "やった…倒した…" "I did it...I beat it..."
image=75px Ui "すごい、倒しちゃった" "Wow, she beat it."
image=75px Felicia "山火事の力だな!" "That's the power of wildfire!"
image=75px Sana "…?" "...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "火事場の馬鹿力だね" "You're a fool's errand of the fire."
image=75px Felicia "それな!" "That's it!"
image=75px Ui "鶴乃さん…" "Tsuruno-san..."
image=75px Ui "静香さんが倒したっていうことはもしかして" "If Shizuka-san beat it, then maybe..."
image=75px Tsuruno "うん、もしかするかもね…" "Yeah, maybe..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あれ、静香ちゃん?" "Eh, Shizuka-chan?"
image=75px Shizuka "ん?" "Hmm?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "そんなブレスレットなんて着けてたっけ?" "Did you ever wear a bracelet like that?"
image=75px Shizuka "ブレスレットって何?" "What's a bracelet?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "腕輪のことですよ" "It's a bangle."
image=75px Shizuka "私、腕輪なんて着けたこともないわよ" "I've never even worn a bangle before."
image=75px Shizuka "ほらっって、ある!?" "See? There it... is!?"
image=75px Shizuka "え、な、何これ…" "What, what is this...?"
image=75px Shizuka "――っ!?" "--What?
image=75px Shizuka "これ…さっき感じてた魔力…?" "Is this... the magic I was feeling earlier...?"
image=75px Ui "やっぱりお姉ちゃんと同じだ" "I knew you were just like my sister."
image=75px Shizuka "ういちゃん" "Ui-chan."
image=75px Ui "この敵を倒したあとにね" "After we've defeated this enemy."
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃんの腕にもブレスレットが着いてたの" "A bracelet had been on my sister's arm too."
image=75px Felicia "グリーフシードは無かったけどな" "We didn't have any grief seeds, though."
image=75px Shizuka "これは何なの?" "What is this?"
image=75px Tsuruno "それが、わたしたちも絶賛調査中なんだよ…" "That's what we're raving about, too..."
image=75px Sana "さっきの魔女の命だっていろはさんは言ってました…" "Iroha-san said it was the witch's life earlier..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "形の違うグリーフシードでしょうか…?" "Is it a grief seed of a different shape...?"
image=75px Sana "どうなんでしょう…" "I don't know..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "強い魔力が秘められてるのは確かみたいですけどね…" "I'm sure it's got a strong magical power inside it..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "強い魔力…それって…" "Strong magic... that's..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "あっ!!静香ちゃん、すなおちゃん!" "Ah! Shizuka-chan, Sunao-chan!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "集めればいいのってこれなんじゃないかな!?" "I think this is what we should collect!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私も思いました!" "I thought so too!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ちょ、ちょっと待って!" "Hey, wait a minute!"
image=75px Tsuruno "その話って詳しく聞いてもいいかな!?" "Can I ask you to elaborate on that story?!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "へ?" "Huh?"
image=75px Tsuruno "前にわたしたちを襲った相手も、同じ物を狙ってたんだよ" "The girl who attacked us before was after the same thing."
image=75px Tsuruno "ただ、その理由が全然わからなくって…" "I just didn't know why at all..."
image=75px Ui "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Ui "みんなはどうしてブレスレットが欲しいの…?" "Why does everyone want a bracelet...?"
Part 18
Name Japanese Translate
image=75px Yuna "そう、神浜の東側に強い魔力反応が…" "Yes, there's a strong magical reaction on the east side of Kamihama..."
image=75px Yuna "よく見つけてきたわねぇ" "I'm glad you found it."
image=75px Hikaru "やったっすよ!" "I did it!"
image=75px ??? "結構、イージーモードだったよね~" "It was pretty easy mode, wasn't it~"
image=75px Yuna "ただ、どうやって見つけたのかしらぁ" "However, I just don't know how they found it."
image=75px Yuna "強い魔力を保持してるとはいえ、簡単に感知できなかったはずよぉ" "Even though you hold a strong magical power, you couldn't have easily detected it."
image=75px ??? "それは、わたしにもよくわからないんだよね~" "That's not really clear to me either~"
image=75px ??? "また羽根っぽい人と、衝突しちゃってさ~" "I had another collision with someone who looks like a feather, again~"
image=75px ??? "その時、急に感知して、近くにあるんだろうな~って" "That's when I suddenly sensed it, and it must be close~"
image=75px ??? "なんだ、場所までは特定せずに帰ってきたのかよ" "What, you didn't even specify where they were coming from?"
image=75px ??? "そういうところが、妹の詰めの甘さなんだっつーの" "That's the kind of thing lil' sis is so lacking in stuffing."
image=75px Yuna "次女、見つけられただけでも、こちらとしては良い塩梅よぉ" "Second sister, it's a good salve for us to have found you."
image=75px Yuna "目的を果たすために必要な力が、手に入るんだからぁ" "You'll get the power you need to fulfill your purpose, you know."
image=75px ??? "ただ、こっからどう動くつもりなんだ、姉さん" "Just how are you going to move on from this, nee-san?"
image=75px Yuna "狙いはふたつあるんだから、二手に分かれましょう" "We have two aims, so let's split up."
image=75px Yuna "ひかる" "Hikaru."
image=75px Hikaru "っす!" "Yes!"
image=75px Yuna "これから私とふたりで、神浜の有力者を潰しに行くわよぉ" "From now on, the two of you and I are going to go crush the most influential people in Kamihama."
image=75px Yuna "次女と三女は、その間に強い魔力を確保してきなさい" "The second and third sisters, go and secure a strong magical power in the meantime."
image=75px ??? "ええ…姉ちゃんと共闘で~?" "Yeah... in a fight with nee-chan~?"
image=75px ??? "何が不満なんだよ" "What are you complaining about?"
image=75px ??? "やり方が乱暴なんだよね~" "It's a wild way to do things~"
image=75px ??? "今回はむしろそれでちょうどいい相手だろ" "That's rather just the right partner for you this time."
image=75px Hikaru "そっすね" "That's right."
image=75px Hikaru "魔法少女が相手ならひかるたちも慣れてるっすけど" "Hikaru and the others are used to dealing with magical girls, though."
image=75px Hikaru "得体が知れない敵っすから、油断は禁物っすよ" "They are an unknown enemy, so you can't be too careful."
image=75px ??? "釈迦に説法だっつーの" "I'm preaching to the Buddha."
image=75px ??? "お前こそ気をつけろ" "YOU're the one who needs to watch out for."
image=75px ??? "山の中に、どんな魔法少女が潜んでるか知れないからな" "Because you never know what kind of magical girl might be lurking in the mountains."
image=75px Hikaru "っす!" "Roger!"
image=75px Yuna "あと気になるのは、ローブの連中ぐらいねぇ" "The only other thing I care about is those robes."
image=75px Hikaru "っすね" "Right."
image=75px Hikaru "マギウスの翼は解散したって聞いてたっすからね" "I heard that the Wings of Magius had been disbanded, right?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "いやはや、観鳥さんも驚いたよ" "Well, well, Midori-san's surprised to see you."
image=75px Midori Ryo "まさか今になって堂々と勧誘に来るとは思わなかったからね" "I didn't think you'd come to me now to solicit me so openly,"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "そうだね" "Yes,"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "私のところにも普通に来て勧誘してきたし…" "They usually come to me and solicit me and..."
image=75px Mifuyu "暗躍してようやく準備ができたというところでしょうか…" "I guess I'm finally ready to go in the dark..."
image=75px Tsukuyo "でも、勧誘に来たふたりは元は黒羽根でございますし" "But the two who came to recruit me were originally Black Feathers, and..."
image=75px Tsukuyo "前の仲間を集めたところで、何もできないと思うでございます" "I don't think we can do anything about it if we gather our former companions."
image=75px Tsukasa "ねー" "Right!"
image=75px Tsukasa "他の黒羽根たちを集めても、そんな戦力にはならないはずだよ" "You shouldn't be able to gather the other Black Feathers to be such a force to be reckoned with."
image=75px Kanagi "無駄に争って傷付ける前に説得するのが最優先だな" "I guess the first priority is to convince them before they fight and hurt us for nothing."
image=75px Kanagi "どうだ、八雲" "What do you think, Yakumo?"
image=75px Kanagi "梓の見立てでは、それは難しいということだが" "The way Azusa sees it, though, is that it's hard to do."
image=75px Mifuyu "…………" "............"
image=75px Mitama "そうねぇ…" "Well..."
image=75px Mitama "みふゆさんの言う通り説得はかなり難しいと思うわぁ" "I think you're right, Mifuyu-san, it's going to be pretty hard to persuade them, huh?"
image=75px Mifuyu "みたまさんは、何か気付いていたんですか?" "Did you notice anything, Mitama-san?"
image=75px Mitama "何度か調整をする中で、ふたりの中は見えていたわぁ" "I could see inside both of you as we made a few adjustments, oh,"
image=75px Mitama "ただ、ここまで本気で動いていたとは思わなかったけど" "I just didn't think it was working this seriously, though."
image=75px Kanagi "それで、説得が難しい理由はなんだ?" "So what's the reason it's so hard to convince them?"
image=75px Mitama "…………" "............"
image=75px Mitama "彼女たちの目的が解放だけじゃないからよ" "It's because their purpose is not just to liberate the girls."
image=75px Mitama "それと同等に…いえ、それ以上に大切なことがある…" "Equally... no, more importantly..."
image=75px Kanagi "――っ!?" "--?"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "どういうこと…?" "What do you mean...?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "マギウスの翼の理念は、解放にあったはずだよ" "The idea of the wings of Magius should have been to liberate you,"
image=75px Mitama "ふたりの中にあるのは、灯花ちゃんから聞いた価値観" "The values that Touka told me about in the two of us."
image=75px Mifuyu "それは…" "It's..."
image=75px Mitama "「魔法少女至上主義」" "Magical Girl Supremacy."
image=75px Mifuyu "っ…そういうことですか" "Huh... is that what you mean?"
image=75px Tsukuyo "みふゆさん!?" "Mifuyu-san!"
image=75px Mifuyu "灯花とねむがさらわれるかもしれません!" "There's a possibility that Touka and Nemu will be taken!"
image=75px Mifuyu "彼女たちが狙われる前に助けに行かないと!" "We've got to go help these girls before they get targeted!"
image=75px Kanagi "自分も行くぞ、梓!" "I'm going too, Azusa!"
Part 19
Name Japanese Translated
image=75px Sakurako "|…………|" "|....................|"
image=75px Touka "おっけー!全データの照合が終わったよー" "Okay! I've finished collating all the data!"
image=75px Iroha "ありがとうね桜子ちゃん" "Thanks, Sakurako-chan."
image=75px Sakurako "|これで、ういも来てくれる?|" "
image=75px Iroha "うん、後で寄ってくれるってだから少しだけ待っててね" "Yeah, she said she's going to stop by later, so you'll have to wait a little while."
image=75px Sakurako "|うんっ|" "|Unh.|"
image=75px Yachiyo "それで、魔力パターンを分析して何かわかった…?" "So, You've analyzed the magic patterns and found out something...?"
image=75px Touka "もー、ベテランさんはせっかちだなー" "Moo, you veterans are so impatient!"
image=75px Touka "もう少し待ってよー" "Wait a little longer!"
image=75px Nemu "僕が作ったと関係してるその可能性はないかな?" "Isn't there a possibility that it has something to do with me creating it?"
image=75px Touka "うーんウワサじゃないと思うよ?" "Hmmm, I don't think it's a rumor, do you?"
image=75px Touka "ウワサはねむの魔力が元だし、類似するパターンが混じるからね" "The rumors are based on Nemu's magical powers, and similar patterns are mixed in."
image=75px Touka "あっ、結果がでてきたよー" "Oh, I'm getting the results!"
image=75px Iroha "どう?" "Well?"
"バタン!" "Slam!"
image=75px Iroha "――っ!?" "--What?!"
image=75px Sakurako "|ういが来たのかな?|" "
image=75px Iroha "ちがう…ういじゃない…" "No... no... no..."
image=75px "お迎えに上がりました灯花様、ねむ様" "I'm up for you, Touka-sama, Nemu-sama."
image=75px Iroha "マギウスの翼…!?" "Wings of Magius?""
image=75px Yachiyo "その衣装は一体…" "What are those costumes?"
image=75px Touka "もう、これで何人目?" "How many more of these are there already?"
image=75px Touka "衣装まで作ってきたのは、正直、びっくりだけど" "I'm honestly surprised that they even made the costumes, though."
image=75px Touka "わたくしたちを担ぐつもりならさっさと帰ってよねー" "If you're going to carry me, you'd better get the hell out of here!"
image=75px Nemu "うん" "Yeah."
image=75px Nemu "そこまで意気軒昂なのは構わないけれど" "I don't mind you getting all worked up about it."
image=75px Nemu "マギウスの翼を再建するつもりは坊主の毛先ほどもないんだよ" "I'm not going to rebuild wings of Magius as much as the tip of a monk's hair, you know."
image=75px Touka "そうそう" "Yeah, yeah."
image=75px Touka "一緒に解放を目指すつもりならそんなの脱いだ方がいーよ" "If we're going to work together for liberation, you'd better take that stuff off."
image=75px Touka "こっちに歓迎するから" "You're welcome over here."
??? "「私たちはただ解放を目指すつもりはないんです」" "We're not just trying to liberate ourselves,"
??? "「ぼく…灯花様の理想…叶える…」" "I...Touka-sama's ideal...will come true..."
image=75px Nemu "君たちは…?" "Are you guys...?"
image=75px Iroha "(うい…)" "(Ui...)"
image=75px Ui "みんなはどうしてブレスレットが欲しいの…?" "Why does everyone want a bracelet...?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うーん…" "Ummm..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わたしたちが欲しいのってブレスレットっていうか" "What we want is more like a bracelet."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "この中に詰まってる強い魔力の方なんだよ" "It's the strong magical power that's stuck inside this thing."
image=75px Ui "魔力…?" "Magic...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "とてもわたしたちが扱えるような力じゃないと思うんだけど" "I don't think it's very much of a power we can handle."
image=75px Sana "ですよね…" "Right..."
image=75px Sana "みたまさんだって、調整には使えないって言ってましたし…" "Even Mitama-san said that you can't use it to adjust..."
image=75px Shizuka "別に自分たちの体に使うつもりじゃないわよ?" "I'm not going to use it on ourselves, okay?"
image=75px Sana "それなら、何に使うつもりなんですか…?" "Then what are you going to use it for...?"
image=75px Shizuka "“魔女にならない力”がこの神浜にはあるでしょ?" "You have the power to keep from turning into a witch here in Kamihama, right?"
image=75px Tsuruno "自動浄化システムのこと?" "You mean the automatic purification system?"
image=75px Shizuka "そう、それ" "Yeah, that,"
image=75px Shizuka "私たちが強い魔力を求める理由はそのシステムを貰うためなのよ" "The reason we want strong magic is so we can get that system."
image=75px Tsuruno "も、貰う!?" "Take it too!?"
image=75px Felicia "それ、奪うってことじゃねーの…?" "Doesn't that mean you're going to take...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "いえいえ、集落のために少し分けて欲しくってですね!" "No, no, I just wanted to share some of it for the village!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "そうそう、全然争うつもりなんてないんだよぅ!" "Yeah, yeah, I'm not trying to fight you at all!"
image=75px Ui "でも、そんなことができるの?魔力を手に入れるだけで…?" "But how can you do that? Just to get the magic power...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "それは、正直なところ、私たちにも謎が多いんですけど…" "That's a bit of a mystery to us, to be honest..."
image=75px Tsuruno "考えたこともなかったね…" "I never thought of that..."
image=75px Tsuruno "ただ、自動浄化システムも元を辿れば魔女だし" "But the automatic cleansing system is also a witch at its source."
image=75px Tsuruno "もしかしたら、もしかするのかも…?" "Maybe it could be...?"
image=75px Sana "その、強い魔力があれば、自動浄化システムが手に入るって" "Well, she said that if you have a strong magical power, you can get an automatic purification system."
image=75px Sana "誰から聞いたんですか…?" "Who told you about this...?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "久兵衛様だよね?" "Kyubey-sama, right?"
image=75px Ui "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい、久兵衛様に聞きました" "Yes, Kyubey-sama told me."
image=75px Ui "…キュゥべえ" "...Kyuubey."
"ピロン♪" "Pilon♪"
Iroha "「うい、こっちに来る時にみんなを連れてきて」" "Ui, bring everyone with you when you come over here."
Iroha "「灯花ちゃんとねむちゃんが危ないかもしれない…」" "Touka and Nemu-chan might be in danger..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "ちょっと、かりんちゃん待って!" "Hey, Karin-chan, wait!"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "ひとりで調べるのは危ないから!" "It's not safe to look into this alone!"
image=75px Misono Karin "でも、マギウスの翼なの!" "But it's a wings of Magius!"
image=75px Misono Karin "もしかしたら、アリナ先輩がいるかもしれないの!" "Maybe Alina-senpai is there!"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "信じないって言ってたのに…!" "You said you didn't believe me...!"
image=75px Kagome "本当にこっち?こっちで合ってるの?" "Really this way? Is it right over here?"
image=75px Kagome "…………" "............"
image=75px Kagome "ううん、信じてるよ私" "No, I believe it, I do."
image=75px Kagome "山の中から聞こえてくるんだよね…?" "It's coming from the mountains...?"
image=75px Kagome "魔法少女の声が…" "I heard a magical girl's voice..."

Section 3

Part 1
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Sana "その、強い魔力があれば、自動浄化システムが手に入るって" "Well, he said that if you have a strong magical power, you can get an automatic purification system."
image=75px Sana "誰から聞いたんですか…?" "Who told you about this...?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "久兵衛様だよね?" "You're Kyubey-sama, right?"
image=75px Ui "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい、久兵衛様に聞きました" "Yes, Kyubey-sama told me."
image=75px Ui "…キュゥべえ" "...Kyubey."
image=75px Tsuruno "…………" "............"
image=75px Sana "…………" "............"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "えっ、えっ、どうして、みんな黙っちゃうのさ…!?" "What, eh, why does everyone shut up...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "あのっ、本当ですよ!?" "Um, it's true!"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "久兵衛様は、嘘を吐かないと思いますし" "I don't think Kyubey-sama would tell a lie, and I don't think he would."
image=75px Tsuruno "あーうん、嘘は吐かないんだけど" "Uh-huh, I don't tell lies."
image=75px Tsuruno "なんて言うのかな、含みがある気がして…" "I don't know what to say, I just feel like it's implied..."
image=75px Felicia "あ?なんだよ、含みって" "Oh? What's that, inclusions?"
image=75px Tsuruno "何か目的があって、伝えてるんじゃないのかなーって" "I'm wondering if he has a purpose and he's not telling us."
image=75px Shizuka "そんな、気にしすぎよ" "Oh no, you care too much."
image=75px Shizuka "私たちを魔法少女にできるすごい力を持ってるんだから" "You have amazing powers that can make us magical girls."
image=75px Shizuka "わからないことがあっても当然" "It's no wonder you don't know what you're doing."
image=75px Shizuka "ただ、その自動浄化システム?" "Just that automatic purification system?"
image=75px Shizuka "魔女にならない不思議な力を手に入れるってなると" "When it comes to getting magical powers that don't make you a witch,"
image=75px Shizuka "確かにみんなからすると、奪われるのと変わらないわよね" "Surely, from everyone's point of view, it's no different than being robbed."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、そうだよね" "Yeah, I guess so."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "意気揚々と神浜に来ましたけど、困らせたくはないですし…" "I'm here in Kamishama with great enthusiasm, but I don't want to embarrass you..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "これは困ったね" "This is troubling."
image=75px Ui "あ、それなら今の話、灯花ちゃんたちに聞いてもらお!" "Oh, then you'll have to listen to what you just said, Touka-chan and the others!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "とうかちゃん?" "Touka?"
image=75px Tsuruno "キュゥべえと言えば宇宙宇宙と言えば灯花" "Speaking of Kyubey, the universe universe is a lantern."
image=75px Tsuruno "話せばわかることもあると思うし" "I think there are some things you can learn if you talk about it."
image=75px Tsuruno "いろはちゃんとやちよも居るから良いタイミングだよ!" "Iroha and Yachiyo are here too, so it's good timing!"
image=75px Ui "うんっ" "Yeah."
image=75px Ui "お姉ちゃんに今から行くって送るね" "I'll send my sister to tell her I'm on my way."
image=75px Tsuruno "ほいさ!" "Hoisah!"
image=75px Ui "あれっ、お姉ちゃんからまたメッセージ?" "Oh, is that another message from your sister?"
image=75px Ui "――っ!?" "--Hmm?"
image=75px Sana "ん?どうしたの?" "Hmm? What's going on?"
image=75px Ui "ど、どうしよう!" "Dude, what do I do?!"
image=75px Felicia "んだよ、ヤベー敵でも現れたのか?" "Nah, you got some bad enemies out there, huh?"
image=75px Ui "そうかも!" "Maybe so!"
image=75px Felicia "マジかよ!" "Seriously?!"
image=75px Ui "灯花ちゃんたちが危ないかもしれないから" "Because Touka-chan and the others might be in danger."
image=75px Ui "みんなを連れてきてって!" "Bring them all in!"
image=75px Felicia "おい、それ…あの時のヤツらじゃねーか…!?" "Hey, isn't that... those guys from back then...?"
image=75px Sana "二木市の魔法少女…" "The Magical Girl of Futagi City..."
image=75px Tsuruno "急いで行こう!" "Let's hurry up and go!"
image=75px Tsuruno "ごめん、静香ちゃんたち!詳しくはまた今度話そう!" "I'm sorry, Shizuka and the others! I'll tell you more about it another time!"
image=75px Shizuka "ちょっと待って緊急事態なんでしょ?" "Wait a minute, it's an emergency, right?"
image=75px Shizuka "それなら私たちも行くわ" "Then we'll go with you."
image=75px Tsuruno "えっ" "What?"
image=75px Shizuka "せっかくできた友だちが困ってるんだもの" "The friends I've made are in trouble."
image=75px Shizuka "仲間が多い方がいいなら私たちにも手伝わせて" "If you'd rather have more friends, then let us help you."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい、力になりますよ" "Yes, I can help you."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "今日は色々付き合ってもらったし恩返しもしないとね!" "You've done a lot for me today, and I should return the favor!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "悪いヤツはわたしが御用してやるよ!" "I'll take care of the bad guys!"
image=75px Tsuruno "っ、ありがとう!" "Nah, thanks!"
"もうすぐ町中に行き渡ろうとしてる。" "It's about to go all over town."
"優しい言葉で。" "Say it nicely."
"動いているよって。" "It's moving," she said.
"向かった先に行くだけでも大変。" "It's hard to just get to where you're headed."
"あの子は、「くるよ」ってささやいた。" "She whispered, 'It's coming.'"
"不思議な瞬間。" "It's a strange moment."
"何かが真っ直ぐ抜けていった。" "Something went straight through me."
image=75px Kagome "はっ…はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha...ha..."
image=75px Kagome "今、奥の方に何か通って行ったよね…?" "You just went through something in the back of the room...?"
image=75px Aru-chan "<うん、人かもしれないよ?>" "Yeah, it could be a person? >"
image=75px Kagome "魔法少女かな?" "Is she a magical girl?"
image=75px Aru-chan "<あの子が言ってるんだからきっとそうだよ>" "She's saying it, so it must be true."
image=75px Kagome "だよね、アルちゃん…" "I know, Al..."
image=75px Kagome "でも、私の足で行けるかな…?" "But can I get there on my feet...?"
image=75px ??? "私たちはただ解放を目指すつもりはないんです" "We're not just trying to be liberated,"
image=75px ??? "ぼく…灯花様の理想…叶える…" "I will fulfill Touka-sama's dream."
image=75px Nemu "君たちは…" "You guys are..."
image=75px Iroha "ただのマギウスの翼じゃないっていうこと…?" "You mean it's not just Magius' wings...?"
image=75px ??? "そうぼくたちは“”" "♪ Yes, we are ♪
image=75px ??? "灯花様とねむ様の思想を継いで、再び立ち上がったんです" "I'm standing up again to carry on the philosophy of Touka-sama and Nemu-sama."
image=75px ??? "解放の先を見つめて" "Looking beyond liberation."
image=75px ??? "外でみんな待ってるよ" "We're all waiting for you outside."
image=75px ??? "はい、弱虫で何も取り柄もなくてダメな私たちだけど" "Yes, we're wimpy and useless with nothing to show for it."
image=75px ??? "灯花様とねむ様がみんなを特別にしてくれるって" "Touka-sama and Nemu-sama said they'd make everyone special."
image=75px Yachiyo "特別って、あなたたちは何を言ってるの?" "What do you guys mean by special?"
image=75px Nemu "なるほどね僕には合点がいったよ…" "I see... and I have a point..."
image=75px Touka "わたくしもひとつだけ心当りがある…" "I know of one thing that would make sense to me..."
Part 2
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Touka "その特別にしてくれるって話詳しく聞いてもいいかにゃー?" "Can I hear more about that special you're going to make me special?"
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px ??? "魔法少女は人類の歴史を変えて進化させてきた" "Magical girls have changed and evolved throughout human history."
image=75px ??? "それに魔女と戦って人を守る優れた身体能力も持っているから" "Plus, I have excellent physical abilities to fight witches and protect people."
image=75px ??? "どんな人たちよりも尊重されるべき" "They should be respected more than any other people."
image=75px ??? "私はそう、おふたりに聞きました" "I did, I asked you both,"
image=75px ??? "だから、ぼくたちみんなに認めてもらいたい" "So I want all of us to be recognized."
image=75px ??? "魔法少女は優れてるってただの人よりすごいんだって" "They say magical girls are better than just people."
image=75px ??? "変じゃ、ないよね…?" "It's not weird, is it...?"
image=75px Iroha "灯花ちゃん、ねむちゃん…" "Touka-chan, Nemu-chan..."
image=75px Yachiyo "また過去が追いかけてきたわね…" "Your past is chasing you again..."
image=75px Touka "“魔法少女至上主義”の思想は今もあまり変わらないけどねー" "'Magical Girl Supremacy' philosophy hasn't changed much, though..."
image=75px Touka "でも、思った通りの答えだったよ" "But the answer was exactly what I thought it would be."
image=75px Nemu "1点、相違があるけどね" "There's one difference, though."
image=75px Touka "そうだね" "Yes,"
image=75px Touka "わたくしたち魔法少女は進化させてきたわけじゃないよ" "We magical girls didn't evolve them, you know."
image=75px Touka "どちらかというと発展を支えてきたんだよ" "If anything, I've supported the development."
image=75px Touka "キュゥべえが言うには、魔法少女がいなかったら" "Kyubey says that if it weren't for the magical girls,"
image=75px Touka "わたくしたち人類は今も穴ぐらで暮らしてたらしいからね" "I've heard that we humans still live in caves."
image=75px Nemu "人類史に名を連ねるどんな賢人たちの偉業も" "The achievements of any wise man in the history of mankind."
image=75px Nemu "僕達、魔法少女が裏で関わっていたかもしれないよ" "We, the magical girls, might have been involved behind the scenes."
image=75px Nemu "演説の場でも、そこまで強く主張したつもりはなかったから" "I didn't mean to make such a strong case for it, even in a speech."
image=75px Nemu "傾倒して集まる魔法少女が現れるとは思わなかったよ" "I never thought I'd see a magical girl who would be inclined to gather around."
image=75px Iroha "でも、こうして来ちゃってるよ…" "But this is how I'm here..."
image=75px Touka "ちなみに、何をするかは決めてるのー?" "By the way, have you decided what you're going to do?"
image=75px Touka "わざわざ誘いに来てるんだから今のほーしんはあるんだよね?" "You've gone out of your way to invite me, so you have a hoax now, right?"
image=75px ??? "えと…自動浄化システムを手に入れる…" "Uh... get an automatic purification system..."
image=75px ??? "そして、ぼくたちの思想を信じる人だけが使えるようにして" "And make it available only to those who believe in our ideas."
image=75px ??? "どうしてもダメな人は使えないようにする" "We'll make sure that those who can't make it work can't use it."
image=75px ??? "あっちいけって" "Go away."
image=75px ??? "あとは、みんなで人類に周知して魔法少女が上に立つんです" "Now we all have to make it known to humanity and the magical girls will rise above."
image=75px ??? "それで、灯花様やねむ様が思う、本来の在り方になれば" "So, if we can be what Touka-sama and Nemu-sama think we should be,"
image=75px ??? "魔法少女による、健全な人類の進化もできます" "We can also have a healthy evolution of humanity by magical girls."
image=75px ??? "そして、私たちも、安らかに過ごすことができる…" "And we, too, can rest in peace..."
image=75px ??? "あ、もちろん自動浄化システムを世界に広げる努力もします!" "Oh, and of course we'll try to expand the automatic purification system to the world!"
image=75px Yachiyo "とは言っても、それって邪魔な人を排除するだけよね?" "But that's just getting rid of people who are in the way, right?"
image=75px Yachiyo "人を人とも思わない、かつてのマギウスのやり口…" "I don't even think of people as people, the way Magius used to do it..."
image=75px Yachiyo "嫌な部分まで引き継いでるわねあなたたちは…" "You've taken over the nasty parts of me, and you guys..."
image=75px ??? "魔法少女も人類も傷付けたいとは思ってません" "I don't want to hurt magical girls or humanity."
image=75px ??? "魔法少女が優れてるということを信じてくれる" "They believe that magical girls are superior."
image=75px ??? "そして尊重してくれるだけでいいんです" "And you just have to respect me."
image=75px Iroha "ふたりの言う通り、優れていることも多いと思うけど" "I think you two are right, though I think there are a lot of things that are excellent."
image=75px Iroha "私たちは家族や友だちや周りの人に支えられている…" "We have family, friends and people around us to support us..."
image=75px Iroha "だから、モヤモヤするかも" "So it might be a bit of a blur."
image=75px Iroha "お父さんやお母さんの上に自分がいるんでしょ…?" "You've got yourself on top of your father and mother...?"
image=75px Touka "そもそも、自動浄化システムを手に入れる方法なんてあるのー?" "Is there any way to get an automatic purification system in the first place?"
image=75px Touka "わたくしもどこにあるのかわからないのに" "I don't even know where it is."
image=75px ??? "詳しいことは知らない" "I don't know the details."
image=75px ??? "でも、あなたのブレスレットから感じるような" "But it's like I can feel it from your bracelet."
image=75px ??? "強いエネルギーを手に入れればいいって聞いた" "I've heard it's all about getting strong energy."
image=75px Iroha "ふたりも、これが欲しいの…?" "You two want this, too...?"
image=75px Sakurako "|…………|" "|.....................
image=75px Sakurako "|いろはを傷付けて奪うなら私がふたりを排除するよ|" "If you hurt Iroha and take her away from me, I'll get rid of both of you."
image=75px ??? "えっ!?" "What?"
image=75px ??? "ぼ、ぼくたちは争うつもりなんてない" "I mean, we're not gonna fight."
image=75px ??? "はわわわ…そそ、そうだよ…!" "Haha....yeah....yeah...!"
image=75px ??? "灯花様とねむ様に来て欲しかっただけだから!" "I just wanted Touka-sama and Nemu-sama to come!"
image=75px ??? "それに、奪う必要なんてない" "And you don't have to take it away."
image=75px ??? "ぼくたちもそろそろ手に入れるはずだから…" "We should be getting our own by now, so..."
Part 3
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "強い魔力を感知したのは、こっちで合ってる?" "I'm sensing strong magic, is that right over here?"
image=75px "うん、大丈夫" "Yeah, I'm fine."
image=75px "それに他の羽根が待ってるから近付いたら教えてくれる" "And the other feathers are waiting for you, so they'll let you know when you get close."
image=75px "わかったわ" "Okay,"
image=75px "灯花様とねむ様の説得うまくいくといいわね" "I hope Touka-sama and Nemu-sama can be persuaded to do so."
image=75px "そうだね" "Yes,"
image=75px "それだけでも私たちの安らぎになる" "That alone is a comfort to us."
image=75px "私たちも頑張って必ず手に入れないとね" "We'll have to work hard and make sure we get it, too."
image=75px "相手は強敵だと思うし気を張っていかないと…" "I think they're a tough opponent, and we need to keep our heads up..."
image=75px ??? "姉ちゃん、思ったよりもイージーモードかもね~" "Sis, maybe you're in easier mode than I thought~"
image=75px ??? "だな" "Right."
image=75px ??? "あのローブの影は、捕まえた奴らと同じ" "Those shadows on those robes are the same as the ones we caught."
image=75px ??? "アイツらも東の強い魔力反応に気付いたみたいだな" "It looks like those guys have also noticed the strong magical reaction in the east."
image=75px ??? "わたしとひかるが見つけたポイントと、方角が同じだしね~" "It's the same direction as the point Hikaru and I found, and it's the same direction~"
image=75px ??? "次は遅れを取るわけにいかねーし一発叩いておくか" "We can't afford to be late next time, so let's give it a whack."
image=75px ??? "またそうやってガツガツいく…" "I'm going to gobble it up like that again..."
image=75px ??? "その選択肢はどう考えてもバッドエンドだよ~" "That option is a bad ending no matter what you think~"
image=75px ??? "ぁあ?" "Oh?"
image=75px ??? "なんだよ、妹じゃあ他の選択肢を教えろよ" "What, sister, then tell me the other option."
image=75px ??? "ふふんっ" "Hmph."
image=75px ??? "こういう時は泳がせて、相手の流れに乗るんだよ~" "When you're in this kind of situation, you have to let them swim and go with their flow!"
image=75px ??? "今は生きた道しるべだし、良い手駒になるかもよ?" "It's a living road map now, and it could be a good handout, right?"
image=75px ??? "なるほどなそうと決まれば追いかけるか" "I see, or if you decide to go after it, you'll go after it."
image=75px ??? "やっぱお前、頭が切れるよな" "I knew you were smart, you're so smart."
image=75px ??? "テヘッ" "Teh-heh."
Part 4
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Momoko "はぁっ!?魔法少女至上主義!?" "Huh? Magical Girl Supremacy?!"
image=75px Tsukasa "その思想を持った羽根が、電波望遠鏡に向かったみたいで…" "It's as if a feather with that ideology was headed for the radio telescope..."
image=75px Tsukuyo "ねー" "Hey,"
image=75px Momoko "まーた、なんかやっかいな言葉が出てきたな…" "Well, there's some tricky words..."
image=75px Rena "ていうか灯花たちは平気なの?" "I mean, are Touka and the others okay with it?"
image=75px Kaede "うん、今って変身できないように制限されてるはずだよね…?" "Yeah, now it's supposed to be restricted so that you can't transform...?"
image=75px Tsukuyo "みふゆさんと十七夜さんが向かったので大丈夫でございます" "Mifuyu-san and Kanagi-san are on their way, so it's okay."
image=75px Rena "あ、それにふたりの近くには、桜子もいるんだっけ" "Oh, and I don't remember Sakurako being close to both of you."
image=75px Tsukuyo "はい" "Yes,"
image=75px Tsukuyo "なので、私たちは他のことを優先しようと思いまして" "So we decided to put other things first."
image=75px Tsukasa "気になることがあったからね" "I've been thinking about something that's been bothering me."
image=75px Momoko "つまり、アタシらを呼んだのは、そっちが理由ってことか" "So, you're saying that's why you invited Attah and the others?"
image=75px Rena "この辺りで何かあったの?" "What's going on around here?"
image=75px Tsukuyo "実は、神浜の魔法少女以外の魔力反応があったでございます" "Actually, there was a magical reaction other than the magical girls in the Kamihama, sir."
image=75px Tsukasa "それも数が多いから集まってるみたいなんだよね" "It's like we're getting together because there are so many of them, too."
image=75px Rena "またっ!?" "Damn it.
image=75px Tsukuyo "それで調べに行きたかったのでございますが" "So I was hoping to go check it out, sir."
image=75px Tsukasa "さすがにふたりだけだと不安で連絡したんだよ" "As expected, I was worried that it was just the two of us, so I called you."
image=75px Kaede "前のいろはちゃんの時みたいに囲まれたら怖いもんね…" "It's scary to be surrounded like Iroha-chan was before..."
image=75px Momoko "アタシらを目の敵にしてる魔法少女もいるからなぁ…" "There are some magical girls who have their eyes on us..."
image=75px Rena "魔法少女至上主義とかヤバそうな奴らもいるし" "There's some magical girl supremacy and other people who look like they're in trouble."
image=75px Rena "なーんか、状況が悪化してるみたいなんだけど…" "Nah, things seem to be getting worse..."
image=75px Kaede "うゅぅ…大丈夫かなぁ…?" "Ugh...I wonder if I'm going to be okay...?"
image=75px Rena "少し強くなったと思ったのに、まだ、あうあう言ってるの?" "I thought I was getting a little stronger, but you're still saying, awwww, you're still saying that?"
image=75px Kaede "そ、そんなこと言ってないよ!イブと比べたら怖くないし" "Yeah, I didn't say that! And it's not as scary as Eve's."
image=75px Rena "なら、よゆーでしょ" "Then you're good,"
image=75px Rena "ま、ふたりには後で食事をおごってもらいましょ" "Well, I'll have you two buy me dinner later."
image=75px Tsukasa "えっ!?" "What?!"
image=75px Tsukuyo "まさか、たかられるとは思わなかったでございます…" "I didn't expect to be hauled off, sir..."
image=75px Momoko "いいよ、聞かなくて" "Okay, don't ask."
image=75px Momoko "とりあえず報告が上がった所に行ってみよう" "In the meantime, let's go to where the report came up."
image=75px Ryo's voice "おーーーい" "Oooooh!"
image=75px Momoko "ん?" "Hmm?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "こっちでかりんちゃん見なかった!?" "Have you seen Karin-chan over here?"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "ごめんねっ" "I'm sorry."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "私、頑張って追いかけたけど撒かれちゃったみたいでぇ…" "I did my best to chase it, but I think it's getting scattered..."
image=75px Tsukasa "撒かれたって何か逃げる理由があったの?" "Did you have any reason to run away from being scattered?"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "実は新しいマギウスの翼に勧誘された話をしちゃって…" "Actually, I just told you about being recruited by the new Magius Wing..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "そしたら、そこにアリナがいるかもしれないって" "Then he said that Alina might be there."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "飛び出していったの…" "He ran out..."
image=75px Rena "アリナがマギウスだって信じてなかったのに?" "You didn't believe Alina was a Magius?"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "そうなの…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Kaede "…関係ないと思う" "...I don't think it matters."
image=75px Kaede "私だってももこちゃんとレナちゃんが居なくなって" "Even I'm missing Momoko and Rena-chan."
image=75px Kaede "居場所の手がかりが掴めたら捜しに行っちゃうもん…" "If I get a clue as to where he is, I'll go looking for him..."
image=75px Momoko "ん、まぁそうだな" "Hmm, well, yeah."
image=75px Momoko "とりあえず魔法少女が集まってる場所と方角は同じなんだろ?" "Anyway, you're in the same direction as where the magical girls are gathered, right?"
image=75px Momoko "それなら、一緒に捜そう" "Then we'll look for it together."
image=75px Tsukuyo "そうでございますね" "Yes, sir."
image=75px Tsukuyo "はち合わせるかもしれないでございます" "We may have to match, sir."
image=75px Midori Ryo "観鳥さんもご一緒させてもらうよ" "I'm going to have to take you with me, Midori-san."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "うん、私も一緒に行く" "Yeah, I'm coming with you."
Part 5
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ??? "強いエネルギーは他の羽根が手に入れてくれます" "Strong energy is obtained by other feathers."
image=75px ??? "だから、あとはおふたりだけなんです" "So, it's just the two of you now."
image=75px ??? "灯花様、ねむ様どうか来てくれませんか…?" "Touka-sama, Nemu-sama, could you please come...?"
image=75px ??? "私たちと一緒に…" "With us..."
image=75px Nemu "世の中が本来持つべき生命の序列を示すために?" "To show the pecking order of life that the world should have?"
image=75px ??? "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px ??? "そして、ぼくたちを導いて欲しい…" "And I want you to lead us..."
image=75px Iroha "灯花ちゃん…" "Touka-chan..."
image=75px Yachiyo "柊さん…" "Hiiragi-san..."
image=75px Touka "くふっ" "Huh."
image=75px Touka "答えなんて最初から出てるよ" "I've had the answer all along,"
image=75px Nemu "そうだね" "Yes,"
image=75px Touka "いーーーーーやっ!" "Eeeeeeeeee!"
image=75px Nemu "僕も辞退するよ" "I'm declining, too."
image=75px ??? "どうして…" "Why did you..."
image=75px Nemu "正しい序列を示すことは、ふたりにとって関係がないからね" "It's not relevant for both of us to show the right pecking order, you know?"
image=75px ??? "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Nemu "君達の言葉の中には不安の粒子が余す所無く散りばめられている" "There's an extra particle of anxiety sprinkled throughout your words."
image=75px Nemu "最初から高尚な目的なんて無くて世間での立ち位置の確立が目的だ" "There's no lofty goal to begin with, it's all about establishing your standing in the world."
image=75px Nemu "魔法少女の解放は確かに叶えたい事だと思うけど" "I know that freeing a magical girl is certainly something I'd like to achieve."
image=75px Nemu "本当は惨めな自分から脱却したいだけなんだよね?" "You really just want to get out of your miserable self, don't you?"
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px Nemu "バカにされても、弄られ役でも、得意なことがない人間だとしても" "Even if you're someone who's never been good at being ridiculed or played with,"
image=75px Nemu "魔法少女であるステータスが自身の価値を底上げするなら" "If your status as a magical girl raises your own worth,"
image=75px Nemu "一目置かれるわけだからね" "You're going to get a lot of attention,"
image=75px Nemu "反論異論は受け付けるよ?" "I'm open to objections, okay?"
image=75px ??? "…当たってる" "'re right."
image=75px Touka "まー、昔のわたくしたちなら、付き合ってたと思うけどねー" "Well, I think we would have gone out with each other in the old days..."
image=75px Touka "人類が進化すれば、宇宙の真理に近付けるかもしれないし!" "And if humanity evolves, we might get closer to the truth of the universe!"
image=75px Touka "でも、わたくしもねむも、そんな自分は忘れちゃったんだよ" "But I've forgotten who I am, both me and Nemu."
image=75px Touka "記憶が戻ったのも理由だけど" "It's partly because my memory has returned, though."
image=75px Touka "誰かを犠牲にするやりかたは、お姉さまとういに怒られるからね" "The way you do it at the expense of someone else is going to make your sister and Ui mad at you."
image=75px Touka "野望はまだあるけど" "The ambition is still there, though."
image=75px Touka "くふふっ" "Hmmm."
image=75px ??? "だめ、なんですね…" "No, I guess..."
image=75px Iroha "あ、あのね…" "Oh, you know..."
image=75px Iroha "私も前まではクラスの中で浮いた存在だったの…" "I used to be a floater in my class before..."
image=75px Iroha "嫌われないように気を遣って、どこにも溶け込めなくなって…" "I was so concerned about not being disliked that I didn't fit in anywhere..."
image=75px Iroha "でも、少しずつだけど、自信を持てるように変われたの" "But, little by little, I've been able to change to be more confident."
image=75px Iroha "だから、そんな思想に頼らなくたって" "So you don't have to rely on that kind of ideology."
image=75px Iroha "ふたりは強くなれると思うよ" "I think you two can be strong."
image=75px Yachiyo "そうね" "Yes,"
image=75px Yachiyo "諦めて思想にすがる必要はないんじゃない?" "You don't have to give up and hang on to the idea, do you?"
image=75px Nemu "奪い合うことなく、共に自動浄化システムを広げよう" "Let's expand the automatic purification system together, without taking away from each other."
image=75px Nemu "成功の暁に得られる自信は、君達を成長させるはずだよ" "The confidence you'll gain when you're successful should make you guys grow."
image=75px Touka "うんうん、それでいーんじゃないかにゃ?" "Yeah, yeah, that's all right, isn't it?"
image=75px Iroha "ね、一緒に頑張ろう" "Hey, let's work together."
image=75px ??? "…むかつく" "...disgusting."
image=75px ??? "はぐむん、ぼく、こいつキライだ" "Hagumun, I, I hate this guy."
image=75px ??? "悩んで苦しんだことはあっても卑屈になったことはないんだね…" "You've been troubled and distressed, but you've never been despicable..."
image=75px Iroha "え…" "Eh..."
image=75px ??? "ぼくが欲しいのは永遠の安心" "What I want is peace of mind forever."
image=75px Iroha "キャッ!" "Cat!"
image=75px ??? "はぐむん!" "Hagumu!"
image=75px ??? "導いてもらおう…!" "Let them lead us...!"
image=75px Iroha "えっ、な、なに!?争うつもりはないって!" "What, what! I'm not trying to fight you!"
image=75px ??? "奪うつもりはある" "I'm going to take it away from you."
image=75px ??? "ごめんなさい" "I'm sorry."
Touka "「は、放してよ!!」" "Ha, let me go!"
Nemu "「僕達が変身できないのを知って…!!」" "You know we can't transform...!"
Touka "「お姉さま!!」" "Hey, sis!"
image=75px Yachiyo "まずい、さらわれた!外に出たら森が近いわ!" "Oh no, they took me! You'll be so close to the woods when you get outside!"
image=75px Iroha "隠れられる前に捕まえないと…!" "We have to catch him before he hides...!"
image=75px Sakurako "|許さない…|" "I don't forgive you..."
Part 6
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ??? "みんな、お願い!相手を通さないで!" "Guys, please! Don't let them through!"
image=75px Touka "ふっ、ぬぅぅ!" "Huh, noooooo!"
image=75px Nemu "放してよっ" "Let me go!"
image=75px "灯花様とねむ様!?" "Touka-sama and Nemu-sama?
image=75px ??? "ぼくたち逃げないとだから、お願い" "We have to run away, so please."
image=75px Sakurako "|私が羽根を相手するから|" "I'll take care of the feathers."
image=75px Sakurako "|いろはとやちよは、ふたりを追いかけて|" "|Iroha and Yachiyo chase after them."
image=75px Iroha "ありがとう、桜子ちゃん!" "Thank you, Sakurako-chan!"
Part 7
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ??? "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
image=75px Touka "んにゃ、放してよ!" "N-nya, let me go!"
image=75px Iroha "ごめんね、無神経なことを言ったかも…" "I'm sorry, I may have been insensitive..."
image=75px Iroha "でも、行かせるわけにはいかないの!" "But I can't let you go!"
image=75px ??? "あうっ…!" "Ahh...!"
image=75px Touka "にゃっ!" "Nyah!"
image=75px Yachiyo "担いで逃げるなんて無謀よ…" "You're reckless, you'll never get away with it..."
image=75px ??? "あっ!" "Oh!"
image=75px Nemu "った…" "I was..."
image=75px Touka "お姉さま!" "Sister!"
image=75px Nemu "お姉さん!" "Sister!"
image=75px Iroha "ふたりとも大丈夫?" "Are you two okay?"
image=75px Yachiyo "担がれてただけだし、ケガのしようがないわよね?" "You were just carried, and there's no way you could have gotten hurt, right?"
image=75px Touka "ベテランさん冷たい!プンプンだよ!?" "You're cold, veteran! It's so pungent!
image=75px Sakurako "|私も食い止めたよ|" "I held them off too."
image=75px Iroha "助かったよ桜子ちゃん" "Thank you, Sakurako-chan."
image=75px Nemu "うん、偉いね自分を誇りに思っていいよ" "Yeah, great, you can be proud of yourself."
image=75px Sakurako "|うん、もっとほめて|" "Yeah, more praise."
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px Yachiyo "里見さんと柊さんは諦めて今日のところは帰りなさい…" "Give up Satomi-san and Hiiragi-san and go home for today..."
image=75px Yachiyo "無理にさらっても良いことなんて何もないわよ…" "There's nothing good about forcing yourself to take them..."
image=75px Iroha "うん、ふたりだって付いてきてくれないよ…?" "Yeah, even you two aren't going to follow me...?"
image=75px ??? "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Iroha "これ…" "This..."
image=75px Yachiyo "危ない!避けて!" "Watch out! Avoid!"
image=75px ??? "えっ…" "What..."
image=75px ??? "あぁっ!" "Oh!"
image=75px ??? "し、時雨ちゃん!" "Shh, Shigure-chan!"
image=75px Yachiyo "今の攻撃、どこから…!" "The attack, where is it coming from...!"
image=75px Iroha "やちよさん…あそこにいる人たちって…" "Yachiyo-san... those people over there..."
image=75px Yuna "あらぁ、今回の神浜の魔法少女はずいぶんと骨がないみたいねぇ" "Oh, it looks like the magical girls in Kamihama this time are pretty boneless."
image=75px Hikaru "っすね" "Right."
image=75px Iroha "紅晴さんと煌里さん…" "Kureha-san and Kirari-san..."
image=75px Yachiyo "どうしてここに…" "How did you get here..."
image=75px Yuna "神浜の要人がいるのを聞いて先に消そうと思ったのよぉ" "When I heard that there was an important person in Kamihama, I thought I'd turn it off first."
image=75px Touka "――っ!?" "--?"
image=75px Touka "お姉さま…" "Sis..."
image=75px Nemu "今の僕達でも十分わかる相手が悪い…" "Even we know enough now to know that the person we're dealing with is bad..."
image=75px Sakurako "|いろはもやちよも私もいる守るから大丈夫|" "Iroha, Chiyo and I are here to protect you, so don't worry."
image=75px Touka "相手は20人近く居るのに?ピンチなのはわかるよね?" "With nearly twenty other people on the other side? You know you're in a pinch, right?"
image=75px Hikaru "たぶん、あのちびっ子ふたりが標的っすよ、結菜さん" "Probably those two little ones are the targets, Yuna."
image=75px Hikaru "環さんたちの陰に隠れてるし、手強い相手じゃなさそうっす" "He's hiding behind Rin and the others, and he doesn't look like a tough opponent."
image=75px Yuna "以前とは違って、今回はお守りをしながら…" "Unlike before, this time, I'm going to play the amulet while..."
image=75px Yuna "ブレスレットも一緒に頂きましょぅ…" "We'll have the bracelet as well, sir..."
image=75px Yachiyo "簡単に外せるような代物じゃないわよ" "It's not something that's easy to remove,"
image=75px Hikaru "なに言ってんすか手首を落とせばいい話っすよ" "What are you talking about, just drop your wrist."
image=75px Yachiyo "っ、エグいことをやすやすと言えたものね" "Huh, you could easily say egregious things."
image=75px Yachiyo "どんな町から来たのよ…" "What kind of town are you from..."
image=75px Hikaru "答える必要はないっす" "I don't have to answer that."
image=75px Yuna "そう、自分で知りなさぁい" "Yes, you should know that yourself."
image=75px ??? "う、く…" "Ugh, c..."
image=75px ??? "ここを聞いたって言ってたけどもしかしてローブの子…?" "You said you heard this place, but could it be the robed girl...?"
image=75px ??? "ふたり、連絡が途絶えて帰って来てないの…" "You two, we lost contact and haven't come home..."
image=75px Yuna "ごめんなさい殺すつもりはなかったのよぉ" "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill you."
image=75px ??? "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=75px Yuna "ただ、神浜の子だって知って沸点を超えちゃったのよぉ" "It's just that I went over the boiling point when I found out that I'm a Kamihama girl."
image=75px ??? "そんな…" "Oh no..."
image=75px Hikaru "場所を教えてくれた人はちゃんと逃がしたっすよ" "The guy who told me where it was, I made sure he got away with it."
image=75px Yuna "雑談は終わり" "No more chit-chat."
image=75px Yuna "長話をするために、来たわけじゃないわぁ" "I'm not here for a long story, you know."
image=75px Nemu "桜子!" "Sakurako!"
image=75px Sakurako "|うん|" "Yeah."
image=75px Sakurako "|灯花とねむを狙うなら、私が先にあなたを消す|" "| If you go after Touka and Nemu, I'll eliminate you first.
image=75px Yuna "あなた魔法少女じゃないわねふっ、本当面白い町ねぇ" "You're not a magical girl, phew, it's really an interesting town."
image=75px Iroha "ふたりとも下がってて" "You both stay back."
image=75px Touka "うっ、うん…でもお姉さま…" "Ugh, yeah... but sis..."
image=75px Iroha "わかってるよ数の時点で不利だもん…" "I know, I know, we're at a disadvantage when it comes to numbers..."
image=75px ??? "ぼくも戦う…" "I'm going to fight..."
image=75px ??? "灯花様とねむ様は絶対に渡さない…" "I'll never give you Touka-sama and Nemu-sama..."
image=75px ??? "一緒に守ります" "We'll protect you together."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Iroha "ふたりの名前は…?" "What are their names...?"
image=75px Shigure "宮尾時雨(みやび しぐれ)" "Miyabi Shigure."
image=75px Hagumu "安積はぐむ(あずみ はぐむ)" "Azumi Hagumu."
image=75px Iroha "ありがとう時雨ちゃん、はぐむちゃん" "Thank you, Shigure-chan, Hagumu-chan."
Part 8
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ??? "ローブの連中が入っていったのはここだな" "That's where the Robe guys went in."
image=75px ??? "この目でハッキリ見たよ魔力の反応もバッチリだね~" "I've seen it clearly with my own eyes, and the magic response is perfect~"
image=75px ??? "横取りっていうのは、樹里サマの趣味に合わないが" "Side-stepping is not really in Juri-sama's taste, though."
image=75px ??? "このままくれてやる理由もない" "There's no reason to give it to you like this."
image=75px ??? "だね~みんな準備はいい~?" "Yeah - are you guys ready for this?"
image=75px "いつでも" "Anytime."
image=75px "必ず手に入れましょう" "You must get it."
image=75px ??? "おっけ~" "Oops!"
image=75px ??? "じゃあ、行くとするか" "Well, let's get going, then."
image=75px ??? "ミッションスタートだね" "I guess it's a mission start."
image=75px "|パッパカツッタ♪|" "Pappa-katta."
image=75px "これは、ねむ様が作ってたウワサ…!?" "Is this the rumor that Nemu-sama was making...?"
image=75px "もう居ないはずなのに…倒しても大丈夫なのかな…?" "He's supposed to be gone now... is it safe to take him down...?"
image=75px "万年桜以外は残ってないはず…" "I'm sure there's nothing left but Eternal Sakura..."
image=75px "様子もおかしいし何かカラクリがあるのよ" "It's not right, and there's something off about it."
image=75px "それに、きっと倒さないと手に入らない" "And I'm sure you'll have to beat it to get it."
image=75px "私たちが欲しい強いエネルギーは…" "The strong energy we want is..."
image=75px "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px "倒そう、そして手に入れよう!" "Let's take it down, and we'll get it!"
image=75px ??? "そのゲーム、わたしたちも混ぜてもらってもいいかな~?" "Can we get that game mixed up with us, too~?"
image=75px ??? "悪いな10人ほどプレイヤー追加だ!" "Sorry, about ten more players!"
image=75px "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=75px "だ、誰…!?" "What, who's...?
image=75px "その髪の色にドラゴンのバッグ…" "With your hair color and your dragon bag..."
image=75px "戻って来た羽根が言ってた特徴と同じだよ…" "It's the same traits that the returning feather mentioned..."
image=75px "あんたが…私たちの仲間を…" "You... you... you're one of us..."
image=75px "|パカラッタ♪ンタタタン♪|" "|Pakalatta nta-tatan."
image=75px ??? "そーーーれっ!!" "Sore!"
image=75px "|パカラッ!?!?|" "PAKARAH! |!"
image=75px "あっ…" "Oh..."
image=75px ??? "よそ見してる場合じゃないでしょ~" "This is not the time to be looking away~"
image=75px ??? "せっかくなんだから協力プレーでいこうよ" "Since we're here, let's play cooperatively."
image=75px ??? "そうそう、今だけは休戦だ" "Yes, yes, a truce for now."
image=75px "そんなことを言われても" "I don't care if you say that."
image=75px ??? "それじゃあ…" "Then..."
image=75px ??? "お前からウェルダンに仕上げてやろうか?" "Do you want me to finish you off to Weldan?"
image=75px "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px "わかったわ" "Okay,"
image=75px "ここは一時休戦" "We have a truce."
image=75px "だけど、目的のものは絶対に渡さないから" "But I'll never give you what you want, because I'll never give you what you want."
image=75px ??? "気が合うじゃねーか" "We're kindred spirits, man."
image=75px ??? "わたしたちも渡すつもりはないよ~" "We're not going to give it to you either~"
image=75px "|…………ォォン…ォォン|"
image=75px ??? "っと、ここでさっそくラスボスの登場か?" "Well, is this where the russian boss quickly appears?"
image=75px ??? "ん~早いと思うけどな~" "Hmmm... I think it's early..."
image=75px ??? "裏ボスありってことか" "You mean there's a back-up boss."
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px ??? "妹、ここは任せた!" "Sister, I've got this place covered!"
image=75px ??? "えっ!?" "What?!"
Part 9
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "|ォォン…ォォ…………|" "|Oh..........................|"
image=75px ??? "ふぅ、片付いたよ姉ちゃん" "Phew, that's cleared up, sis."
image=75px "こっちは必死なのに、全く戦わないなんてひどい…" "It's awful that we're so desperate and not fighting at all..."
image=75px ??? "そう言うなよ" "Don't say that,"
image=75px ??? "樹里サマは裏ボスのために、炎を溜めてたんだっての" "Juri-sama said that she was storing flames for the back boss."
image=75px ??? "ほら、証拠みたいに結界も解けねーだろ?" "See, you can't even break the wards like the evidence, can you?"
image=75px ??? "グリーフシードも何も落とさないしね~" "And I'm not dropping any grief seeds or anything!"
image=75px ??? "っていうかこの人たちさ…" "I mean, these people..."
image=75px "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
image=75px "まだ敵は残ってるはずよみんなしっかりして" "I'm sure there are still some enemies left, everyone get it together."
image=75px ??? "よく生き残ったなってぐらい弱いね~" "You're so weak that you've survived well~"
image=75px ??? "生ぬるい町で生きてるからだろ" "That's because you live in a lukewarm town."
image=75px ??? "…ふん" "...hmm."
image=75px ??? "もう少し役立つかと思ったけど、これじゃあ足手まといになるな" "I thought it would be a little more useful, but this is going to slow me down."
image=75px "なっ…" "Nah..."
image=75px "私たちは協力を受け入れたのになんて言い草" "What a mouthful, when we've accepted cooperation."
image=75px ??? "そもそも神浜の魔法少女ってのは大嫌いなんだよ" "To begin with, I hate being a magical girl on a Kamihama."
image=75px "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
image=75px "私たち二木市の魔法少女は、神浜への恨みを忘れない" "We, the magical girls of Futatsugi City, will never forget our resentment towards Kamihama."
image=75px ??? "特にあなたたちマギウスの翼を継承してるような人たちはね~" "Especially those of you who seem to have inherited the wings of the Magius~"
image=75px ??? "つーわけだ" "That's why."
image=75px ??? "問答無用で殺されないだけラッキーだと思った方がいいぞ" "You should consider yourself lucky that they don't kill you without question."
image=75px "意味がわからない…" "I don't know what that means..."
image=75px ??? "お前らのしたことが、巡り巡って残虐を生んだんだ!" "What you guys did went around and produced atrocities!"
image=75px ??? "なっ…" "Nah..."
image=75px "∵ガァアアアアッ!!" "∵Gaaaaaaah!"
image=75px "ひっ…なに…この魔力…" "Hee...what...what...this magic power..."
image=75px "こ、こんなのただの魔女じゃない…" "Hey, this isn't just some witch..."
image=75px "次女さん、三女さん!" "Second daughter, third daughter!"
image=75px ??? "本当に裏ボス登場なんて…" "I can't believe the back boss really appeared..."
image=75px ??? "しかもゾクッとくるぐらい、まっすぐな感情をぶつけてくる" "And it's so chillingly straightforward and emotional."
image=75px ??? "ニヒッ、いいじゃねーか" "Nihil, that's nice."
image=75px ??? "樹里サマもコイツに負けないだけ感情をぶつけてやる" "Juri-sama will be as emotional as this guy is."
image=75px ??? "マギウスの翼への怒りと、溜め込んだ炎で" "With anger at the wings of the Magius and the flames that have been pent up."
image=75px ??? "お前をウェルダンにしてやる" "I'm going to make you well-done."
image=75px "∵ウゥゥ!アァアアアッ!!" "∵Uu! Aaaaaaah!"
image=75px Kanagi "電波望遠鏡からの魔力反応梓も感じるか?" "Do you feel the magical reaction from the radio telescope, Azusa?"
image=75px Mifuyu "はい、かなりの数です…" "Yes, quite a few..."
image=75px Mifuyu "思っていたよりも多くて驚いています…" "I'm surprised there's more of them than I thought..."
image=75px Kanagi "事態は深刻かもしれないな" "I think things could be serious."
image=75px Mifuyu "この反応は…" "This reaction is..."
image=75px Tsuruno "みっふゆー!" "Mifuyu!"
image=75px Mifuyu "やっぱり鶴乃さん!近くに居るんですか!?" "I knew it, Tsuruno-san! Are you nearby?!"
image=75px Tsuruno "うん、いろはちゃんからヘルプメッセージが来てて" "Yeah, Iroha-chan sent me a help message."
image=75px Tsuruno "みんなで向かってるところだよ!" "We're all on our way!"
image=75px Mifuyu "他のみかづき荘の人たちも一緒ですか?" "Are the other people from Mikazuki Villa with you?"
image=75px Tsuruno "もっちろん!" "Mocono!"
image=75px Tsuruno "あと、田舎から出てきた時女の魔法少女も一緒だよ!" "Also, when I came out of the countryside, a female magical girl was with me!"
image=75px Mifuyu "それは誰でしょう…?" "Who would that be...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "友だちだから気にしないで!" "I'm your friend, don't worry about it!"
image=75px Tsuruno "とりあえず合流して一緒に助けに行こう!" "In the meantime, let's just meet up and go help them together!"
image=75px Mifuyu "あっはい、そうですね" "Oh yes, yes,"
Part 10
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Shigure "あっちいけ!" "Go away!"
image=75px "そんなパチンコ玉じゃ、蚊も殺せないぞ" "You can't kill a mosquito with a slingshot ball like that."
image=75px "はっあああ!" "Hah!"
image=75px Shigure "ぐっ…" "Guh..."
image=75px "這いつくばって寝てろ!" "Stay down and sleep!"
image=75px Shigure "ァアアッ!" "Ahhhh!"
image=75px Hagumu "時雨ちゃん!" "Shigure-chan!"
image=75px Hagumu "お願い、どいて!" "Please, get out of my way!"
image=75px "大きい剣を振り回す割に全く手応えがないわね" "For wielding a big sword, you're not very responsive at all."
image=75px Hagumu "このぉっ!" "Damn it!"
image=75px "ふんっ痛くも痒くもないのよ!" "Hmmm, it doesn't hurt or itch!"
image=75px Hagumu "あっ…" "Oh..."
image=75px Touka "…………" "............"
image=75px Sakurako "|っ…!!|" "|...! |"
image=75px Sakurako "|近付いちゃ、だめ…|" "Don't come near me.
image=75px Yuna "ソウルジェムがない相手はずいぶんとやっかいねぇ…" "It's a lot harder to deal with someone who doesn't have a soul gem..."
image=75px Sakurako "|…………っ|" "|....................."
image=75px Yuna "どきなさい…" "Get out of the way..."
image=75px Yuna "はぁああああっ!!" "Hahhhh!"
image=75px Sakurako "|クァッ!!|" "|KUH! |!"
image=75px Yuna "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
image=75px Iroha "ぐっ…あっ…" "Guh... ah..."
image=75px Hikaru "前回のようにはいかないっす" "It's not going to be like last time."
image=75px Iroha "どうして、そこまで神浜の魔法少女を…" "Why do you have to go so far with the magical girls of the Kamihama..."
image=75px Hikaru "命までは取らないっすけどこのブレスレットは頂くっす" "I'm not going to take my life, but I'll take this bracelet."
image=75px Hikaru "ふっ、んんっ…!!" "Hmph, hmmm...!"
image=75px Hikaru "やっぱり手首を落とさないとはずれないっすね…" "I knew it wouldn't come off without dropping my wrist...."
image=75px Iroha "ッ…" "Ugh..."
image=75px Hikaru "ひかるだって嫌なんすからそんな顔しないで欲しいっす…" "Hikaru doesn't like it either, so I don't want you to look at me like that..."
image=75px Yachiyo "いろは!" "Iroha!"
image=75px "仲間のことは諦めてもらうわ" "You'll have to give up your mate."
image=75px "その数で抵抗したことだけは褒めてやる" "I only commend you for resisting with that number."
image=75px Yachiyo "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=75px Yachiyo "宮尾さん!安積さん!?" "Miyabi-san! Mr. Azumi-san?
image=75px Yachiyo "くっ…!" "Damn it...!"
image=75px Touka "変身できないとこんなに非力なんだねー" "You're so impotent if you can't transform..."
image=75px Nemu "実に悔やまれるけど、今さら解くのは難しい" "It's really frustrating, but it's hard to solve it now."
image=75px Nemu "変身を制限されているのは僕達への罰でもあるんだから" "It's our punishment for being restricted from shapeshifting."
image=75px Touka "どうせ本当は死んでなきゃいけないんだし" "It's not like I really have to be dead anyway."
image=75px Touka "ちょーど良いタイミングかもね" "Maybe it's a little better timing."
image=75px Nemu "ういに怒られるよ?" "You're going to be pissed at Ui?"
image=75px Yuna "ふぅ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Yuna "こんなおチビさんが、町の要人だなんてねぇ" "I can't believe this little guy is the key man in town."
image=75px Nemu "数時間前を想うと、一寸先は闇だと実感するよ" "When I think back to a few hours ago, I realize that every inch of it is dark."
image=75px Yuna "ふふっ肝の据わり方がいいわぁ" "Hmmm, you've got a lot of nerve."
image=75px Yuna "ひとつ質問していいかしらぁ" "Can I ask you one question?"
image=75px Nemu "何かな" "What is it?"
image=75px Yuna "神浜に魔女を集めていたマギウスっていうのは誰?" "Who's this Magius who was gathering witches at the Kamihama?"
image=75px Touka "提案も実行もわたくしだよすごいでしょー、くふふっ" "I'm the one who makes the suggestions and executes them... isn't it great... kuh-uh."
image=75px Yuna "そう、ありがとう" "Yes, thank you."
image=75px Yuna "お礼にその賢い頭を潰してあげるわぁ…" "I'll crush that clever head of yours in return for you..."
image=75px Nemu "因果応報だね" "I guess that's karma."
Mifuyu "「アサルトパラノイア!!」" "Assault Paranoia!"
image=75px "っうう!" "Ugh!"
image=75px Mifuyu "っ、はぁ…ギリギリ間に合いました…!" "Huh, haha... we made it just in time...!"
image=75px Mifuyu "みなさん、お願いします!" "Ladies and gentlemen, please!"
image=75px Tsuruno "もちろん電光石火の速さで行くよ!" "Of course I'll go at lightning speed!"
image=75px Felicia "やちよーーーーー!" "Yachiyooooo!"
image=75px "ガッ" "Gasp."
image=75px "くぅっ…!!" "Kuu...!"
image=75px Yachiyo "鶴乃!フェリシア!" "Tsuruno! Felicia!"
image=75px Tsuruno "結構、ケガしてるね…" "You're pretty hurt..."
image=75px Felicia "無事ならいーじゃん!" "You're safe!"
image=75px Iroha "すみません、十七夜さん" "I'm sorry, Kanagi-san,"
image=75px Kanagi "妹にメッセージを送ったのが功を奏したな" "You sent a message to your sister, and it paid off."
image=75px Kanagi "偶然だったが合流できた" "It was a fluke, but we got to meet up."
image=75px Iroha "ここまで事態がひどくなるなんて思いませんでしたけど…" "I didn't think things could get this bad, but..."
image=75px Kanagi "それで、貴様がくだんの二木市の魔法少女か" "So, you're the magical girl from your Futagi City?"
image=75px Hikaru "っす" "Sss."
image=75px Hikaru "あと少しでブレスレットを頂戴できたんすけどね" "I was so close to giving you a bracelet, though."
image=75px Kanagi "強奪未遂とはな" "Attempted robbery."
image=75px Kanagi "押し入れの中で反省した方がいいぞ" "You might want to reflect on that in the closet."
image=75px Hikaru "おちょくってくれるっすね" "You're going to piss me off, aren't you?"
image=75px Sana "ふぅ…はぁ…" "Huh... haha..."
image=75px Touka "あ、ありがとう、さな" "Oh, thanks, Sana."
image=75px Nemu "九死に一生を得たよ…" "I've got nine lives..."
image=75px Yuna "ずいぶんと頑丈な盾ねぇ" "That's a pretty impressive shield."
image=75px Yuna "だけど、どれだけ耐えられるかしらぁ" "But I don't know how long I can stand it."
image=75px Yuna "っ…!" "Huh...!"
image=75px Ui "灯花ちゃんとねむちゃんをいじめないで!" "Don't tease Touka and Nemu-chan!"
image=75px Ui "わたし、もっと強い攻撃だって、できるんだからね!?" "I'm capable of a stronger attack than that!"
image=75px Yuna "足が震えてるわよぉ?" "Your legs are shaking.
image=75px Yuna "でも、良い状況ではないわねぇ" "But it's not a good situation."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "静香、ちゃる…何が起きてるんですか、これ…" "Shizuka, Charu... what's going on here..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わ、わからないよぅ!" "Wow, I don't know!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "どうして魔法少女同士がこんな戦ってるの…!?" "Why are magical girls fighting each other like this...?"
image=75px Shizuka "日の本を支える巫が、外では争っていただなんて…" "I can't believe that the miko who supports the book of sunshine is out there fighting with each other..."
image=75px "はぁ…っ…くお前たちも…仲間か…!" " you guys of us...!"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わ、わわわっ!そうなのかな!?" "Wow, wow! Is that so?!"
image=75px Shizuka "…そうよ" "...yes."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "静香…!" "Shizuka...!"
image=75px Shizuka "みんな私の友だちよ…!" "You're all my friends...!"
Part 11
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Hikaru "まだまだ、諦めたわけじゃないっす" "I haven't given up on it yet."
image=75px Hikaru "結菜さんのためにもブレスレットを頂くっすよ" "I'll take the bracelet for Yuna-san, too."
image=75px Kanagi "これは自分が相手をした方が良さそうだな" "I guess I'd better deal with this one myself."
image=75px Iroha "はい、私は遠距離でサポートします" "Yes, I'll support you from a distance."
image=75px Hikaru "逃げるとは卑怯っすね" "It's not fair to run away, is it?"
image=75px Kanagi "こちらにも目的がある" "We have a purpose here, too."
image=75px Kanagi "悪いがこちらを襲う理由無理矢理、見させてもらうぞ" "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to force myself to see why you're attacking us."
image=75px Hikaru "この口から語ることは何もないっす" "I don't have anything to tell you from this mouth,"
Part 12
Name Japanese Translation
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "また、魔法少女を相手に魔法を使うことになるだなんて" "I can't believe I have to use magic against a magical girl again."
image=75px Shizuka "ほんと、同じ魔法少女同士日の本を守る刃でありながら…" "Really, we're both magical girls, the same magical girl, the same blade that protects the book of the sun..."
image=75px Shizuka "ちゃる、悪意は感じる?" "Charu, do you feel any ill will?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、少しは感じるけど、でも悪人みたいな感じじゃない…" "Yeah, I feel a little bit, but not like a bad guy..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "なんだか純粋な恨みっていうか使命みたいなものなのかも…" "Maybe it's some kind of pure resentment, or maybe it's a mission..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "経緯がわからない以上は、理解できそうにないですね…" "As long as we don't know how it happened, I don't think we're going to understand..."
image=75px Shizuka "ただ、これ以上はさすがに付き合いきれないかも…" "It's just that I may not be able to keep up with you any longer indeed..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うんみんな死んじゃうよぅ…" "Yeah, we're all going to die..."
image=75px Yachiyo "はぁ…はぁ…こっちは片付いたわ!" "Ha...ha...ha...we're done over here!"
image=75px "手加減だなんて、舐めた真似をしてくれる…" "It's a lick of hand-holding, it's a lick of..."
image=75px Felicia "ヒィン!コイツら立ち上がってくるぞ!" "Hin! These guys are going to get up!"
image=75px Yachiyo "だからって、これ以上は傷付けられないわよ!" "That doesn't mean I can't hurt you more!"
image=75px Sana "うっ…けほっ、けほっ…" "Ugh...kehosh, kehosh..."
image=75px Yuna "っ…ふぅ…ようやく膝をついたわねぇ" "'re finally on your knees."
image=75px Sana "うい…ちゃん…" "Yee...chan..."
image=75px Ui "も、動けない…" "But I can't move..."
image=75px Touka "…………" "............"
image=75px Nemu "…………" "............"
image=75px Yuna "冥府に堕ちなさいそのうち私も行くわぁ" "Go to the underworld and I'll be there one of these days."
image=75px Sakurako "|その前に私を消してから|" "You'll have to make me disappear first."
image=75px Yuna "まだ、動けたのぉ" "You can still move."
image=75px Tsuruno "こっちにもいるよ!" "There's another one over here!"
image=75px Yuna "っ、次から次へと…" "Huh, one after the other..."
image=75px Hikaru "っ、放す…っす!" "Nah, let go...sss!"
image=75px Kanagi "…………" "............"
image=75px Hikaru "ぬぅぅぅぅ!" "Nuh-uh!"
image=75px Kanagi "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "そうか…" "Well..."
image=75px Hikaru "んなぁあああっ!" "Nnaaaaah!"
image=75px Kanagi "っ!" "Huh!"
image=75px Iroha "十七夜さん!" "Kanagi-san!"
image=75px Kanagi "問題ないある程度は把握した…" "It's not a problem, I've got some sense of..."
image=75px Hikaru "はぁ…はぁ…行け!ひかる軍団!!" "Ha...ha...ha...go! Hikaru's army!"
image=75px Iroha "いけないっ" "I shouldn't."
image=75px Iroha "ストラーダ・フトゥーロ!!" "Strada Futuro!"
image=75px Iroha "ふぅ…ふぅ…" "Hmm...hmm..."
image=75px Hikaru "相殺された…" "Offsetting..."
image=75px Hikaru "一旦、退くっす…" "I'm going to step back..."
image=75px Iroha "はぁ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Kanagi "すまない助かった" "I'm sorry, thank you."
image=75px Iroha "いえ…" "No..."
image=75px Shigureの声 "っ…うぅっ…" "Ugh...ugh..."
image=75px Iroha "…あ" "...Oh."
Shigure "―時雨―はぐむん!みんな!" "-Shigure-Hagum! Guys!"
Shigure "―時雨―っ…!!" "Shigure...!"
image=75px Iroha "いつの間に…" "When did you..."
Shigure "―時雨―ぁあ…アア…" "-Shigure- ah... ah..."
Shigure "―時雨―っ、うあああん!" "-Shigure-uh, ooohhhh!"
Shigure "―時雨―ぅぅぅううう…" "Shigure-uhhhhhh..."
image=75px Iroha "私は何をして…周りの状況も見ないで…" "What am I doing... without looking at what's going on around me..."
Yuna "「この機会は逃さない…あなたたちも纏めて相手するわぁ…!」" "I'm not going to miss this opportunity...I'll deal with you guys collectively too...!"
Shizuka "「ちゃる、すなお!距離を取って!これ以上相手にしちゃいけない!」" "Charu, Sunao! Keep your distance! You can't deal with them any more!"
Yachiyo "「どうしてそこまでして戦うの!?これ以上は泥仕合になるだけよ!」" "Why are you fighting so hard! It's just going to be a mudslinging match any more!"
Shigure "「うぅぅぅ…」" "Uhhhh..."
Hagumu "「…………」" ".........."
image=75px Iroha "っ…!!みんなもうやめて!!" "Huh...! Everyone stop already!"
image=75px Iroha "どんな目的や恨みがあるのか私にはわからない!" "I don't know what kind of purpose or resentment you have for me!"
image=75px Iroha "だけど、誰も今ここで無駄死にしたいわけじゃないでしょ!?" "But no one wants to die here and now for nothing!"
image=75px Iroha "このままじゃ共倒れになる!!" "If we don't, we're going to fall together!"
image=75px Hikaru "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha... ha... ha..."
image=75px Hikaru "熱くなりすぎっすよ結菜さん" "You're getting too hot, Yuna."
image=75px Hikaru "ひかるでも、引き際なのはわかるっすよ" "Even Hikaru, I know it's a drawback."
image=75px Hikaru "これでみんな死んで戻ったら顔向けできなくなるっす" "Now if we all die and come back, I won't be able to face you."
image=75px Yuna "ひかる…でも、頭の中から離れないのよ…" "Hikaru... but I can't get it out of my head..."
image=75px Yuna "みんなの、断末魔が…!" "Everyone, the end of the line...!"
image=75px Hikaru "よしよしっす…" "Alright..."
image=75px Yuna "…………" "............"
image=75px Yuna "みんな、武器を下ろしなさい!!" "Guys, put your weapons down!"
image=75px Mifuyu "やっちゃん、無事ですか…?" "Yacchan, are you okay...?"
image=75px Yachiyo "全然無事じゃないわよ…生傷が増えたわ…" "You're not safe at all... you've got more fresh wounds..."
image=75px Mifuyu "ワタシもです…" "So do I..."
image=75px Sana "ういちゃん、ケガは?" "Ui-chan, are you hurt?"
image=75px Ui "これぐらい平気灯花ちゃんとねむちゃんは?" "I'm not afraid of this, how about Touka and Nemu-chan?"
image=75px Touka "ういが守ってくれたから全然だいじょーぶ" "I'm totally fine with Ui protecting me."
image=75px Nemu "非力で申し訳ないよ桜子も最後までありがとう" "I'm sorry for being so impotent, and thank you, Sakurako, for ending it."
image=75px Sakurako "|気にしないで|" "Don't worry about it."
image=75px Tsuruno "で、この状況どうするの?" "So, what are we going to do about this situation?"
image=75px Felicia "ぐっちゃぐちゃだぞ…" "You're messing up..."
image=75px Iroha "まだ、何も教えてはくれないんですか…?" "You're not going to tell me anything yet...?"
image=75px Yuna "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "我々のせいで仲間が死んだようだな" "Looks like our people died because of us."
image=75px Kanagi "それも数多くの…" "And a number of them..."
image=75px Hikaru "どこで気付いたんすか" "Where did you notice that?"
image=75px Kanagi "貴様の心を読ませてもらった…" "I've read your mind..."
Part 13
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Iroha "まだ、何も教えてはくれないんですか…?" "You're not going to tell me anything yet...?"
image=75px Yuna "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "我々のせいで仲間が死んだようだな" "Looks like our people died because of us."
image=75px Kanagi "それも数多くの…" "And a number of them..."
image=75px Hikaru "どこで気付いたんすか" "Where did you notice that?"
image=75px Kanagi "貴様の心を読ませてもらった…" "I've read your mind..."
image=75px Hikaru "心を…嫌な能力っすね…" "The mind... it's a nasty ability..."
image=75px Yuna "…………" "............"
image=75px Yuna "ふぅ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Yuna "どこまで見えたのかは知らないけど" "I don't know how far you could see,"
image=75px Yuna "半端に伝えられて誤解が生まれるのも厄介ね…" "It's tricky when it's half-delivered and misunderstood..."
image=75px Yuna "素直に教えてあげるわぁ" "I'll teach you to be honest."
image=75px Iroha "…十七夜さんが言っていたこと本当ですか…?" "...Is it true what you said, Kanagi-san, is it true what you said...?"
image=75px Iroha "私たちのせいで仲間が死んだって…" "You said your people died because of us..."
image=75px Yuna "えぇ…" "Yes..."
image=75px Yuna "正確に言えばマギウスの翼が仲間を殺した原因…" "To be precise, Magius's wings were the cause of the killing of his friends..."
image=75px Yuna "だけど、何も知らずに魔女化を回避し続けるあなたたちも" "But you guys keep avoiding witchcraft without knowing what you're doing."
image=75px Yuna "私にとっては同罪なのよぉ…" "You're just as guilty to me..."
image=75px Iroha "えっ…" "What..."
Yuna "「元々私たちが住んでいる二木市ではキュゥべえを狩っていたことが原因で魔法少女の契約を交す子が減っていたわぁ」" "Originally we lived in Futatsugi City, and the number of children who signed a magical girl contract was decreasing due to the fact that we were hunting Kyubeys in the city..."
Yuna "「当然起きたのは魔女の減少とグリーフシードの奪い合い」" "What happened, of course, was a decrease in witches and a fight for the grief seed."
Yuna "「それでも私たちは何とか協調して争いを避けていたのよぉ」" "But we still managed to work together and avoid conflict, you know."
Yuna "「でも、ある日を境に“魔女が失踪”してからは事態は急激に悪化したわぁ…」" "But things went downhill very quickly after the 'witch disappeared' one day..."
Yuna "「魔女の数もグリーフシードの数も涸渇したと言っていいほど激減して同じ方角に魔女が去って行くのはわかっていてもその原因を明らかにすることができなかった」" "The number of witches and the number of Grief Seeds had plummeted so drastically that it was almost as if they had run dry, and even though we knew the witches were leaving in the same direction, we were unable to determine the cause of this."
Yuna "「そうなればわかるわよねぇ」" "You'll know it when it happens, won't you?"
Yuna "「均衡が崩れてグリーフシードを巡る“”が起きたわぁ」" "The equilibrium has shifted and we're going around Griefseed!"
image=75px Iroha "魔女の失踪…同じ方角に…それって…" "The disappearance of a witch... in the same direction... that's..."
image=75px Touka "魔女を集めてたかって聞いてきた理由がわかったよー" "Now I know why you wanted to gather the witches and ask them!"
image=75px Nemu "僕達はイブの魔女化のために膨大なエネルギーを必要とした" "We needed an enormous amount of energy to witch up Eve."
image=75px Mifuyu "魔女化させない力を世界に広げる条件でしたからね…" "It was a condition of spreading the power of non-witchcraft to the world, you know..."
image=75px Yachiyo "それで外の魔法少女たちが受けた見えない代償…いえ、犠牲…" "So the unseen cost of the magical girls outside... no, the cost..."
image=75px Yachiyo "私たちは魔女が増えたことで逆に困惑をしていたけど" "We've been baffled by the increase in witches, but the reverse is true."
image=75px Yachiyo "外では真逆のことが起きていた…" "The exact opposite was happening out there..."
image=75px Yuna "そう、ただ凄惨で残酷よぉ…" "Yes, it's just so horrible and cruel..."
image=75px Yuna "魔法少女の解放マギウスの翼" "Magical Girl's Liberation Magius Wings."
image=75px Yuna "魔女を追わせていた魔法少女から真相を聞いた時は驚いた" "I was surprised when I heard the truth from the magical girl who had the witch chasing me."
image=75px Yuna "それと同時にとめどない怒りに打ち震えたわ!" "And at the same time, I was overcome with an unending rage!"
image=75px Yuna "私たちの争いと流した血は、一体何のためだったのかって!!" "I wonder what all our strife and spilled blood was for!"
image=75px Yuna "知らない町にいる少女たちの実験に、知らずに付き合わされ" "I was unknowingly subjected to the experiments of girls in a town I didn't know."
image=75px Yuna "私たちは多くの仲間を殺した!" "We've killed a lot of people!"
image=75px Yuna "殺さなくていい仲間を殺した!" "You killed a buddy who didn't need to be killed!"
image=75px Yuna "この遣る瀬なさがわかる!?" "Do you know what you're doing here?"
image=75px Yuna "今も目を閉じれば聞こえて来る!" "Even now, if I close my eyes, I can hear it!"
"「う、ァアアアアッ!!」「た、助け、ぐぁ…」「結菜さん…結菜さん…」" "U, aaaaaaah! "Ta, help, guh... Yuna-san... Yuna-san..."
image=75px Yuna "私の前で消えて行った魔法少女たちの断末魔が…!" "The demise of the magical girls who disappeared in front of me...!"
image=75px Yuna "だから、だから私たちは自動浄化システムを頂くのよぉ…" "So, that's why we're going to take the automatic purification system..."
image=75px Yuna "私たちの血で作られたものを贖罪の証としてねぇ" "Made of our blood as a sign of redemption, hey!"
image=75px Yuna "血の契りを交わした私の妹たちが今も動いているわぁ" "My sisters, who are still working on the blood bond, my sisters, are still working on it!"
image=75px Yuna "その恨みと怒りの中に、過去が救われる希望を持って" "In that resentment and anger, with the hope that the past can be saved."
Part 14
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "∵ウゥ、グ、ヌァアアアッ!!" "∵Uu, gu, nuaaaaah!"
image=75px ??? "お前の怒りなんざ、姉さんに比べりゃ生ぬるい" "Your anger is lukewarm compared to your sister."
image=75px ??? "妹!" "Sister!"
image=75px ??? "わかってるこっちでちゃんと隙を作るよ!" "I know, I know, I'll make a proper opening over here!"
image=75px ??? "みんなもいける!?" "Can we all go too?!"
image=75px "はいっ!" "Yes!"
image=75px "∵ガァアアアッ!!" "∵Gaaaaah!"
image=75px ??? "かかって来い" "Come on."
image=75px ??? "樹里サマたちの希望になってもらうぞ…!" "I'm going to let Juri-sama and the others be the hope...!"
Part 15
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Yuna "感想はあるかしらぁ張本人のおチビさん…" "I don't know what you think of that, my little man who is in charge..."
image=75px Yuna "大それたことができる頭を持ってるぐらいなんだから" "You're so smart that you can do big things."
image=75px Yuna "リスクは計算済みでしょぉ…" "You've taken the risk.
image=75px Touka "まーねー" "Manneh."
image=75px Touka "マギウスだった頃のわたくしは犠牲とか気にしてなかったもん" "When I was a Magius, I didn't care about sacrifice or anything."
image=75px Touka "未来に生まれる魔法少女に対して今の魔法少女と人類の犠牲なんて" "What is the sacrifice of today's magical girls and humanity for a magical girl born in the future?"
image=75px Touka "ほーんのちょこっとだと思ってたからねー" "I thought it was a little bit of a hoot!"
image=75px Yuna "っ…!!" "Huh...!"
image=75px Hikaru "やっぱりその頭は輪切りにした方が良いっすね" "I guess you should cut that head into a circle after all."
image=75px Iroha "くっ…" "Damn..."
image=75px Hikaru "環さん…" "Tamaki-san..."
image=75px Iroha "ごめんね、ふたりとも私たちのせいで…" "I'm sorry, we're both responsible for..."
image=75px Nemu "お姉さんが謝る必要はない計画は全てマギウスの責任だよ" "Your sister doesn't need to apologize, the plan is entirely Magius' fault."
image=75px Iroha "でも、私たちが計画を止めなきゃ全ては成功してたかもしれない…" "But if we hadn't stopped the plan, the whole thing could have worked..."
image=75px Iroha "自動浄化システムが今頃、世界中を覆ってたかもしれない…" "An automatic purification system could have covered the whole world by now..."
image=75px Iroha "だけど、仕方なかった" "But I had no choice."
image=75px Iroha "放っておけばどれだけの人が傷つくかわからなかったし" "And I didn't know how many people would be hurt if I let it go."
image=75px Iroha "今頃、この神浜だって、なかったかもしれない" "It might not even have been this Kamihama by now."
image=75px Yuna "その結果救われたのが、この神浜だけってことぉ…?" "So the only person who was saved as a result of that is this Kamihama...?"
image=75px Iroha "はい…" "Yes..."
image=75px Iroha "今も止めたことは、後悔してません…" "I still don't regret stopping, even now..."
image=75px Iroha "だけど、謝らないといけない…" "But I need to apologize..."
image=75px Hikaru "謝罪を聞いて、ひかるたちはどうすればいいんすか" "What should Hikaru and the others do when they hear your apology?"
image=75px Hikaru "謝られても命は戻らないし、溜飲なんて下がらないんすよ" "An apology won't bring back your life, and it won't bring down your pent-up energy."
image=75px Iroha "今、私たちはね、力を合わせて世界に広げようとしてるの…" "Now, we're, you know, trying to join forces and expand into the world..."
image=75px Iroha "神浜にある自動浄化システムを…" "We have an automated septic system on the beach..."
image=75px Iroha "謝っても何もできないのはわかってるけど…" "I know I can't do anything about it by apologizing, but..."
image=75px Iroha "何を言ってるんだって思われるかもしれないけど…" "You may think I'm saying what I'm saying, but..."
image=75px Iroha "それを成功させることに、協力して欲しい…" "I need your help in making it work..."
image=75px Iroha "いつか必ず、みんなの町も二木市も救われるはずだから!" "Because one day, I'm sure that everyone's town and Futatsugi City will be saved!"
image=75px Yuna "本当にぬけぬけと、よく言えたものねぇ…" "How can you say that to me, you're really a slippery slope..."
image=75px Yuna "二木市の魔法少女にとって今は奪うことに意味がある" "For the magical girls of Futatsugi City, it makes sense to take it away now."
image=75px Yuna "私たちが流した血の数だけ血を流させることに" "For as much blood as we shed."
image=75px Shizuka "馬鹿馬鹿しい" "This is ridiculous."
image=75px Yuna "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=75px Iroha "静香…ちゃん…?" "Shizuka...?"
image=75px Shizuka "悪いわね、環さん私も魔法少女だったのよ" "I'm sorry, Ring, I was a magical girl too."
image=75px Shizuka "だますつもりはなかったわ" "I didn't mean to deceive you,"
image=75px Yuna "あなたも神浜の魔法少女…?" "Are you also a magical girl from Kamihama...?"
image=75px Shizuka "いいえ、私は霧峰村の時女集落から来た時女静香" "No, I'm Tokime Shizuka from the Tokime Village in Wufong Village."
image=75px Shizuka "時女一族の本家として、この神浜に来たのよ" "I came to this Kamihama as the main family of the Tokime's clan."
image=75px ??? "へー" "Heh."
image=75px ??? "こうやってアイツらもブレスレットを手に入れたんだな" "That's how those guys got their bracelets, too."
image=75px ??? "うん、姉ちゃんの腕にしっかりと着いてる" "Yeah, I'm firmly in my sister's arms."
image=75px ??? "とりあえず今日のところはミッションコンプリートだね~" "For now, I guess we're mission-complete for today!"
image=75px ??? "それなりにハードモードだったけどな" "It was a hard mode in its own way, though."
image=75px ??? "そうは見えなかったけど~?" "I didn't see it that way~?"
image=75px ??? "前の敵をお前たちに任せて溜め込んでなかったら" "If I hadn't left my former enemies to you guys to hoard."
image=75px ??? "勝ち目なんてなかったっつーの" "I didn't stand a chance."
image=75px ??? "確かに、わたしもだいぶサポートに入ったもんね~" "You're right, I'm a lot more supportive too!"
image=75px ??? "あぁ、助かったよで、コイツらはどうする" "Oh, thank God for that, so what about these guys?"
image=75px "…………" "............"
image=75px ??? "もう戦う理由はないかな~" "I guess there's no reason to fight anymore~"
image=75px ??? "だよな" "Right?"
image=75px "その、ブレスレットは…" "Well, you know, the bracelet..."
image=75px ??? "樹里サマが倒したんだから、こっちのもんだ" "Juri-Sama beat you, so it's ours."
image=75px ??? "お前らもやることはやったろナイスファイト" "You guys did what you had to do, nice fight."
image=75px ??? "うん、お家に帰りなよ" "Yeah, you should go home."
image=75px ??? "わたしたちがまた、バトルモードになる前にね~" "Before we go into battle mode again!"
image=75px "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px ??? "じゃあ、拠点に戻って姉さまたちを待とうか" "Well, let's go back to the base and wait for your sisters."
image=75px ??? "その間にゲームでもする~?" "In the meantime, do you want to play a game~?"
image=75px ??? "いや、もう少し張ろう" "No, let's put a little more tension on it."
image=75px ??? "え?" "What?"
image=75px ??? "強い魔力反応があったんだぞまだ釣れるかもしれねーじゃん?" "I had a strong magical reaction, you might still be able to catch it, right?"
image=75px ??? "くすっ" "Chuckle."
image=75px ??? "ザコには用はないけど、隠しキャラには用があるんだね" "You have no use for zakos, but you do have use for hidden characters."
image=75px ??? "乗りに乗ってるんだ消せる時に消してやるだけだ" "I'm on a ride, I'm just going to turn it off when I can."
Part 16
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Shizuka "馬鹿馬鹿しい" "This is ridiculous."
image=75px Yuna "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=75px Iroha "静香…ちゃん…?" "Shizuka...?"
image=75px Shizuka "悪いわね、環さん私も魔法少女だったのよ" "I'm sorry, Ring, I was a magical girl too."
image=75px Shizuka "だますつもりはなかったわ" "I didn't mean to deceive you,"
image=75px Yuna "あなたも神浜の魔法少女…?" "Are you also a magical girl from Kamihama...?"
image=75px Shizuka "いいえ、私は霧峰村の時女集落から来た時女静香" "No, I'm Tokime Shizuka from the Tokime Village in Wufong Village."
image=75px Shizuka "時女一族の本家として、この神浜に来たのよ" "I came to this Kamihama as the main family of the Tokime's clan."
image=75px Shizuka "話を聞いてて不憫なのはわかるけど" "I know you're unhappy with what you're hearing."
image=75px Shizuka "それで恨みを晴らしたところで正直虚しくない?" "Isn't it honestly vain when you get your grudge out of it?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちょっと、静香" "Hey, Shizuka."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "刺激しすぎない方が良いよぅ" "You shouldn't overstimulate it, you know."
image=75px Shizuka "だって、そうでしょう?" "Because you do, don't you?"
image=75px Shizuka "どっちみち世界に広げるなら、手伝った方が良いじゃない" "If you're going to spread it around the world anyway, you might as well help out."
image=75px Shizuka "自分たちだけじゃなくて他の人だって救える" "We don't just save ourselves, we can save others too."
image=75px Shizuka "その方が血を流した仲間だって浮かばれると思うわ" "I'm sure that would make even my bleeding friends float."
image=75px Shizuka "殺し合いをして、さらに血を流すよりもね" "Rather than killing each other and spilling more blood."
image=75px Yuna "私たちの仲間の想いを勝手に決めつけないでくれるぅ?" "Don't make assumptions about the thoughts of our people, will you?"
image=75px Yuna "虫唾が走るのよぉ" "I can't stand it."
image=75px Shizuka "ふんっ" "Hmph."
image=75px Shizuka "少なくとも私は奪うぐらいなら広げる手伝いをするわ" "At least I'd rather help you spread it out than take it away."
image=75px Shizuka "時女一族としてね" "As a member of the Tokime clan."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私も奪い合いになるぐらいなら、争いは避けたいです" "I'd rather not have a fight than have to fight for it either."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、私もその方がいいとは思うけど…" "Yeah, I'm sure I'd be better off that way too, but..."
image=75px Shizuka "それに魔法少女同士の争いなんて不毛中の不毛よ" "And a fight between magical girls is the most barren thing ever."
image=75px Shizuka "日の本を支える者同士、本来は手を取り合うべきなのに" "Those of us who support the book of the day should be hand in hand with each other."
image=75px Iroha "日の本を支える…?" "Supporting the Book of Days...?"
image=75px Yachiyo "彼女たちも何か特殊な事情がありそうね…" "They seem to have some special circumstances, too..."
image=75px Iroha "もしかして、静香ちゃんも、ブレスレットを狙ってるの?" "Could it be that Shizuka is trying to get a bracelet, too?"
image=75px Tsuruno "大丈夫だよ、いろはちゃん奪うつもりはないって言ってたし" "It's okay, Iroha-chan said she wasn't going to take it away from me."
image=75px Ui "今日だってわたしたちのために来てくれたんだからっ" "You're here for us today, too!"
image=75px Shizuka "うん、奪うつもりはないでも必要" "Yeah, I don't mean to take it away from you, but I need it."
image=75px Shizuka "日の本を支える魔法少女として地盤を盤石にするためにもね" "I'm trying to keep my ground as a magical girl to support the book of the day,"
Shizuka "「私たち時女一族は遙か昔から日の本と、そこで暮らす人々のために魂を捧げ続けてきた」" "We, the Tokime clan, have been giving our souls to the Book of Days and the people who live there since long ago."
Shizuka "「私も同じ、魔法少女になる素質を見出され日の本のために願いを叶えてそれからは魔女を退治して人々を守ってきた」" "The same thing happened to me, I was discovered to be a magical girl, I was granted a wish for the book of sunshine, and since then I've been slaying witches and protecting people."
Shizuka "「だけどね、その誇りは裏切られていたわ」" "But, you know, that pride has been betrayed."
Shizuka "「私たちの魂は売られていたのよ…」" "Our souls were sold..."
Shizuka "「集落の長の手によってこの国のどこかにいる偉い人たちの願いを叶えるためにね」" "By the hands of the head of the settlement, to grant the wishes of all the great people somewhere in this country."
Shizuka "「極めつけは、魔女になるっていう真実も伏せられていたこと」" "The best part is that the truth about becoming a witch was also withheld."
Shizuka "「役目を終えた魔法少女は魔女になる前に成人の儀式という建前のもと殺されてきたわ」" "Magical girls who have done their job have been killed under the edifice of a coming of age ritual before they become witches."
image=75px Shizuka "今は長も消えて、集落を取り戻すことができたけど" "Now that the chief is gone, though, we've been able to reclaim the settlement."
image=75px Shizuka "今もまだ魔女になる問題が残ってる" "We still have the problem of being a witch."
image=75px Shizuka "だから私たちは、みんなで神浜に来たのよ…" "That's why we've all come to the Kamihama..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "久兵衛様に相談したら神浜のことを教えてくれたんだよ" "I talked to Kyubey-sama about it, and he told me about Kamihama."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "魔女にならない不思議な力、自動浄化システムがあるって" "They say there's a magical power that doesn't turn you into a witch, an automatic purification system."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ただ、それが奪うことになるとは思いませんでしたけど…" "I just didn't think it was going to take away from me, but..."
image=75px Shizuka "でも私は魔女にならない力が欲しい" "But I want the power to not be a witch."
image=75px Shizuka "それがあれば、安心して私たちは日の本のために戦えるから" "Because with that, you can rest assured that we will be able to fight for the book of days."
Part 17
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Felicia "オレたちって国のために頑張るのか…?" "Are we going to work hard for our country...?"
image=75px Tsuruno "土地が変われば、魔法少女の意味合いも変わる…" "As the land changes, the implications of magical girls change..."
image=75px Tsuruno "そういうことだと思う…" "I guess that's what I mean..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "はい、日の本のためであるのはあくまで時女一族の問題です" "Yes, it is only a matter of the Tokime Clan that it is for the sake of the Sun."
image=75px Shizuka "普通じゃなかったんだって私は少し落胆してるけど…" "It wasn't normal, I know, and I'm a little discouraged, but..."
image=75px Shizuka "それ以上に、ただ復讐に走るあなたにはガッカリよ" "More than that, I'm disappointed in you for just going for revenge."
image=75px Shizuka "本当に力の無駄遣いだわ" "It's a real waste of power."
image=75px Yuna "別にあなたに何と言われても私は構わないわぁ" "I don't care what you say, I don't care what you say about me."
image=75px Yuna "魔法少女のあり方なんて人それぞれ" "Everyone has their own way of being a magical girl."
image=75px Yuna "あなたの土地のルールを押し付けないで欲しいわねぇ" "I wish you wouldn't impose the rules of your land on me."
image=75px Hikaru "っすね" "Right."
image=75px Hikaru "ひかるたちの目的は変わらないっす" "Hikaru and the others' goal is still the same."
image=75px Shizuka "別に押し付けるつもりはないわ私は世間知らずの田舎者だし" "I don't mean to impose on you, I'm just a naive redneck."
image=75px Shizuka "他では違うって言われたら、悔しいけど納得するしかない" "When people say it's different elsewhere, it's frustrating, but I have to agree with them."
image=75px Shizuka "私はただ、争いを避ける選択をしてほしいと思ったのよ" "I just wanted you to make the choice to avoid the conflict."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "自動浄化システムのことは手を取り合うだけで済むのに…" "The whole automatic septic system thing could just go hand in hand..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "感情は理屈じゃない" "Emotions are not a theory."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "同じ魔法少女同士であっても人間なのは変わりませんから" "Because even if we're both magical girls, we're still human."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "簡単に納得なんてできないんだと思います…" "I don't think it's easy to be convinced..."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Iroha "私たちは自動浄化システムを全力で守る…" "We will defend our automated purification system at all costs..."
image=75px Iroha "時女一族は自分の誇りのために私たちを手伝ってくれる…" "The Tokime clan will help us for the sake of their pride..."
image=75px Iroha "そして二木市はその壁になる…" "And Futatsugi City will be that wall..."
image=75px Iroha "対立は避けられないんですね…" "Confrontation is inevitable, isn't it..."
image=75px Yuna "答えるまでもないわぁ…" "I don't need to answer that..."
image=75px Shizuka "あとはローブの子たちだけど一体何が目的なの…?" "And then there's the robed kids, but what the hell do they want...?"
image=75px Shigure "…………" "............"
image=75px Hagumu "うっ…私たちは…" "Ugh... we're..."
image=75px Shigure "はぐむん…" "Hagumu..."
image=75px Hagumu "魔法少女が人類の上に立つそんな組織を作るんです…" "We're going to create such an organization where magical girls stand above humanity..."
image=75px Hagumu "みんなが馬鹿にされずに認められるような社会にして" "We need to make a society where everyone is recognized without being ridiculed."
image=75px Hagumu "平穏に生きられるように…" "I hope you can live in peace..."
image=75px Hagumu "その、ためにも手に入れないといけない…" "Well, that's why we have to get it..."
image=75px Shigure "…………" "............"
image=75px Shigure "きっと手に入れたら魔法少女が付いてきてくれる" "I'm sure when you get it, a magical girl will follow you."
image=75px Shigure "ここではボロボロだけど弱っちいけど" "I'm battered here, but I'm weak."
image=75px Shigure "今頃、みんなが…" "I'm sure by now everyone is..."
image=75px Yuna "それなら残念ねぇ" "Well, that's too bad."
image=75px Yuna "立派な使命だとは思うけど叶わないと思うわぁ" "I know it's a noble mission, but I don't think it's going to come true."
image=75px Hikaru "次女さんと三女さんが先に手に入れてるっすからね" "Your second and third daughters are getting it first, you know."
image=75px Shigure "え…他のみんなは…!?" "What... what about everyone else...?"
image=75px Hikaru "ひかるにはわからないっすけど" "Hikaru doesn't know, though."
image=75px Hikaru "上手く利用されてるんじゃないっすかね" "I think it's being used well,"
image=75px Shigure "うっ…ウゥ…" "Ugh...ugh..."
image=75px Hagumu "時雨ちゃん…" "Shigure-chan..."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
Part 18
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Shigure "えっ…うっ…" "Eh...ugh..."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
Iroha "外から魔法少女が来たかもしれないあの時に感じた悪い予感はこうして最悪の形で現実になった" "It could have been a magical girl from the outside, and the bad feeling I had at that time was thus realized in the worst way possible."
Iroha "誰もが自動浄化システムを狙ってこの神浜の町に集まって私たちと対立することになったのはきっと避けられなかったこと" "It was surely inevitable that everyone was going to come together in this Kamihama town to confront us for an automatic purification system,"
Iroha "そして今日からその戦いが始まってしまうのなら…" "And if that fight is going to start today..."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "環君…" "Tamaki-kun..."
image=75px Kanagi "争いを避けたい気持ちは理解できるが、難しい状況だぞ…" "I understand that you want to avoid conflict, but it's a difficult situation..."
image=75px Yachiyo "ええ…" "Yes..."
image=75px Yachiyo "二木の魔法少女の気持ちは、私たちでは覆せないわ…" "We can't override Futatsugi's magical girl feelings..."
image=75px Iroha "はい、わかっています…" "Yes, I know..."
image=75px Iroha "だから私たちはこれから、自動浄化システムを守ります…" "So we are now going to protect the automatic septic system..."
image=75px Iroha "ブレスレットに込められた強いエネルギーを集めて" "Gather the strong energy in the bracelet."
image=75px Iroha "誰にも渡さないように…" "Don't give it to anyone..."
image=75px Yuna "守るために集めるね宝の持ち腐れにすぎないわぁ…" "I'm going to collect them to protect them... they're just treasures..."
image=75px Hikaru "っすね" "Right."
image=75px Hikaru "何に使うわけでもないんすから" "It's not like I'm going to use it for anything."
image=75px Iroha "ううん、私たちにも集める意味があるかもしれない" "Nope, it might make sense for us to collect them."
image=75px Iroha "うい" "Yes."
image=75px Ui "な、なに…?" "What...?"
image=75px Iroha "ういは誰よりも早く、不思議な魔力に気付いたよね?" "Ui noticed the mysterious magic before anyone else, didn't he?"
image=75px Ui "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Ui "どうしてかはわからないけど、見つけられたよ…" "I don't know how, but I've found it..."
image=75px Iroha "そして、それはuserNameも同じだった" "And it was the same for userName."
image=75px userName "モキュッ" "Moccasins."
image=75px Tsuruno "ういちゃんとuserNameの共通点…" "Ui and userName have something in common..."
image=75px Tsuruno "ほっ…それってもしかして!" "Ho...could that be it?!"
image=75px Tsuruno "そのブレスレットがイブと関係してるっていうこと!?" "You mean that the bracelet has something to do with Eve!"
image=75px Felicia "どういうことだよ?なんか同じところってあったか?" "What do you mean? Was there anything in the same place?"
image=75px Sana "イブは元々、ういちゃんだったし…" "Eve was originally a wee girl and..."
image=75px Sana "userNameは身代わりにイブのコアになりました…" "The userName is now Eve's core instead..."
image=75px Iroha "うん、そのふたりが、いち早く気付いたんだよ" "Yeah, the two of them were the first to find out."
image=75px Touka "くふっお姉さまの直感は正しいよ" "Kuhu, your instincts are right, sister."
image=75px Touka "後で結果を言おうと思ったのに先に言われちゃったよー" "I was going to tell you the results later, but you told me first!"
image=75px Iroha "灯花ちゃん…" "Touka-chan..."
image=75px Iroha "じゃあやっぱりこのブレスレットの正体は…" "Then I knew this bracelet was a thing..."
image=75px Iroha "ここにある宝石の正体は…" "The jewels in here are..."
image=75px Touka "そうっ!間違いなくイブの欠片だよ" "Yes! It's definitely a piece of Eve."
image=75px Touka "感情のないキュゥべえがコアになって" "Emotionless Kyubey at its core."
image=75px Touka "維持できなくなった感情エネルギーが" "An emotional energy that can no longer be sustained."
image=75px Touka "飛び散って生まれた結晶体" "Crystalline bodies born in a scattering."
image=75px Touka "魔女に似た魔力反応だけど別物だったのは当然かもねー" "It's a magical reaction similar to a witch's, but maybe it's no surprise that it was something else..."
image=75px Yachiyo "じゃあ、私たちが戦った敵は…" "Then the enemy we fought..."
image=75px Nemu "もしも、個々の感情を凝縮した巨大な結晶だとするなら" "If it's a giant crystal of individual emotions,"
image=75px Nemu "差し詰め、新しい敵、“”というべきだろうね" "For now, a new enemy, I suppose you could say."
image=75px Iroha "それなら私たちも、集める理由があるはずだよね?" "Then we should have a reason to collect, too, right?"
image=75px Nemu "そうだね" "Yes,"
image=75px Nemu "僕達にとっての大きな課題が、解決されたことになる" "It's a huge challenge for us, and it's been solved."
image=75px Touka "元々は自動浄化システムが保持しているはずのエネルギー" "The energy that was originally supposed to be held by the automatic purification system."
image=75px Touka "世界に拡大させるのに利用するには最高の相性だよー" "It's the perfect match to use to expand it to the world!"
image=75px Mifuyu "そういうことですか…" "So that's what you mean..."
image=75px Mifuyu "ワタシたちの望みが叶うんですね…" "I guess we get what we want..."
image=75px Yuna "私たちへの宣戦布告とみて良さそうねぇ…" "I suppose I'll take that as a declaration of war on us..."
image=75px Mifuyu "世界中の魔法少女を救う道筋が目の前にあるんです" "We have a pathway in front of us to save magical girls around the world."
image=75px Mifuyu "それでも手を組むことはできませんか…?" "Can't we still join hands...?"
image=75px Yuna "むしろ対立する意思が、ひしひしと伝わってきたわぁ" "I'm getting a rather searing sense of your willingness to be confrontational!"
image=75px Yuna "今日、ここに来たのはそれだけで十分" "That's enough to get me here today."
image=75px Yuna "ひかる、みんなを連れて引き上げるわよぉ" "Hikaru, we're going to take you all back up."
image=75px Hikaru "っす!" "Sss!"
image=75px Iroha "待ってください" "Wait."
image=75px Yuna "…まだ何かあるのぉ?" "...What's more?"
Iroha "「紅晴さん…」" "Kureha-san..."
Iroha "「静香ちゃん…」" "Shizuka-chan..."
Iroha "「時雨ちゃん…」" "Shigure-chan..."
image=75px Iroha "そして私…" "And I..."
image=75px Iroha "色んなグループの人たちが揃っている今だからこそ" "Now that we have all these different groups of people,"
image=75px Iroha "確認をさせてください" "Let me check."
image=75px Iroha "自動浄化システムを手に入れる方法について" "On how to get an automatic septic system."
image=75px Shizuka "確かに各々持ってる情報に食い違いがあるかもしれないわね" "Surely there may be discrepancies in the information we each have."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "でも、聞けるんですか?" "But you can ask?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、わたしたちは久兵衛様に教えてもらったけど" "Yes, though we were taught by Kyubey-sama."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "神浜に入れないんでしょ?" "You can't get into the Kamihama, right?"
image=75px Iroha "灯花ちゃんなら連絡を取れるでしょ?" "Touka-chan would be able to contact you, right?"
image=75px Touka "くふっ、そうだね" "Huh, I guess so."
image=75px Touka "せっかくだから色々と聞いてみようか" "Well, since you're here, let's ask you a lot of questions."
Touka "「キュゥべえに」" "By Kyubey."
Part 19
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ??? "おい、いい加減放せ!" "Hey, come on, let go of me!"
image=75px ??? "お前みたいなザコを相手する気はないんだよ!" "I'm not going to deal with a zapper like you!"
image=75px Misono Karin "っ、放さないの!" "Nah, I'm not letting go!"
image=75px Misono Karin "ローブの人たちのこと教えて欲しいの!" "I need you to tell me about the robes people!"
image=75px ??? "ちょっと、どうして、そんなに必死になるの~?" "Hey, why are you so desperate~?"
image=75px Misono Karin "ここにいたのはマギウスの翼かもしれないの" "I think it might have been Magius's wings that were here."
image=75px Misono Karin "アリナ先輩がいたかもしれないの!" "I think senior Alina might have been there!"
image=75px ??? "――っ!?" "--?"
image=75px ??? "アリナ…?" "Alina...?"
image=75px Misono Karin "知ってるの?" "You know?"
image=75px ??? "あぁ、報告で聞いてた胸糞悪いマギウスの名前だ" "Oh, that's the disgusting Magius name I heard in the report."
image=75px Misono Karin "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px ??? "お前、ソイツのなんだ?" "You're that guy's what?"
image=75px ??? "ちょっと、姉ちゃん!" "Hey, sis!"
image=75px ??? "あんまり本気になっちゃ可哀相だよ~!" "I feel sorry for you if you get too serious~!"
image=75px ??? "妹…" "My sister..."
image=75px ??? "マギウスの関係者なら、さすがに放置できねーだろ" "If you're related to the Magius, you can't leave it alone, indeed."
image=75px ??? "この子だって、何も知らないみたいだよ?" "Even this girl doesn't seem to know anything about it, you know?"
image=75px ??? "それは聞いてからだ" "That's what I've been waiting to hear."
image=75px Misono Karin "ひっ…" "Hee..."
image=75px ??? "お前はマギウスの何を知ってる" "What do you know about Magius?"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "向こう…かりんちゃんの反応がある" "Over there... there's a reaction from Karin."
image=75px Tsukuyo "他にも居るでございますよ!" "There are others, sir!"
image=75px Momoko "二木の奴らかもしれない急ぐぞ!" "It could be those guys from Futatsugi, we have to hurry!"
image=75px Midori Ryo "わかってるよ!" "I know!"
image=75px ??? "こっちを利用してるお客さんは今頃みーんな用事の最中や" "The customers who use this place are in the middle of all kinds of things right now."
image=75px ??? "あんたもそれを感じて私の所に来たんやろ?" "You felt it too, and you came to me, didn't you?"
image=75px ??? "なぁ…?" "Hey...?"
image=75px ??? "…………そう" "...........yes."
image=75px ??? "各地の魔法少女が集結して今、新たな動きを見せている" "Magical girls from all over the world are coming together, and now there's a new movement."
image=75px ??? "それで、あんたの時計の針に動きはありそうなんか?" "So, is there going to be any movement in your watch's hands?"
image=75px ??? "でなければ来ない" "Otherwise, I wouldn't have come."
image=75px ??? "ほなら、また進むみたいやな" "Then it looks like we're moving on again."
image=75px ??? "0時に向けてまた針がひとつ、ね" "One more needle toward midnight, you know."
image=75px ??? "となると、私らもひとつ挨拶に行かなあかんな" "Then I guess we'll have to go say one more hello."
image=75px ??? "ラビ、良ければ乗って行き現場まで連れてったるわ" "Rabbi, if you want, I can take you for a ride and take you to the scene of the crime."
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px Kagome "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
image=75px Kagome "何が起こってるの…?" "What's going on...?"
image=75px Kagome "アルちゃん…" "Al-chan..."
image=75px Kagome "これが私が纏めなくちゃいけない魔法少女のこと…?" "This is the magical girl I have to put together...?"
image=75px Kagome "世間に知らせなくちゃいけないみんなの姿…?" "We have to let the world know about everyone...?"
image=75px Aru-chan "<…………>" "........................"

Section 4

Menu Select Text:
御園かりん: マ、マギウスの名前を出したら、急に怒りだしたの…
Misono Karin: I-If you even mention Magius, they'll suddenly get angry…

Part 1
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px ???juri "マギウスの関係者なら、さすがに放置できねーだろ" "If you're involved with the Magius as we suspect, we can’t let you leave."
image=75px ???ao "この子だって、何も知らないみたいだよ?" "But this girl doesn't seem to know anything?"
image=75px ???juri "それは聞いてからだ" "You can only say that after we’re done asking her."
image=75px Misono Karin "ひっ…" "Eep..."
image=75px ???juri "お前はマギウスの何を知ってる" "What do you know about Magius?"
image=75px Misono Karin "…………" "............"
image=75px Misono Karin "な、何も知らないの…だから聞いたの…" "I-I don't know anything...that's why I asked you..."
image=75px ???juri "それはどうかな…?お前の目に聞いてやるよ" "I wonder about that...? Look at me when I’m talking to you."
image=75px ???ao "はぁ…" "Haahh..."
image=75px ???ao "殺そうなんて思ってないから、白状しておいた方がいいよ~?" "We’re not thinking about killing you, so you'd better drop the games and confess~?"
image=75px Misono Karin "そんなの、できないの…" "I can’t do that..."
image=75px Misono Karin "わたしが…聞きたいぐらいなのに…" "All I wanted was ask about the Magius..."
image=75px ???juri "来い" "Come"
image=75px Misono Karin "あぅっ!" "Ow!"
image=75px ???juri "さぁ、何を知ってるか吐きな" "C’mon, spit out what you know."
image=75px Misono Karin "ア、アリナ先輩は学校が一緒なのあとは…知らないの…" "A-Alina-senpai went to school with me...I don't know anything else..."
image=75px Misono Karin "ほんとに何も知らないの…" "I really don't know anything..."
image=75px Misono Karin "急に居なくなっちゃって…マギウスだって言われて…" "She suddenly disappeared...people told me it was because of the Magius..."
image=75px Misono Karin "神浜を消そうとしたって言われてでも、わたしは信じてないの…" "Even though they told me she tried to erase Kamihama, I don't believe them..."
image=75px Misono Karin "本当に…マギウスなの…?" "Was she really...Magius?"
image=75px ???juri "あ?聞いてんのはこっちだろ" "Hah? I'm the one who's asking questions here!"
image=75px Misono Karin "ごめ、なさい…" "I'm…sorry..."
image=75px ???juri "ふぅ…" "sigh..."
image=75px ???juri "帰りな" "I’m goin’ home."
image=75px Misono Karin "えっ…?" "Eh...?"
image=75px ???juri "ヒザは震えてるし、瞳の中は不安でグチャグチャだ" "My knees are shaking, and my eyes are squirming with anxiety."
image=75px ???juri "この状況でウソを吐けるようなタイプじゃないだろ" "You're not the type of person who can lie in this kind of situation."
image=75px ???ao "だから言ったのに疑いが晴れてよかったね~" "That’s what I told you. I'm glad we cleared that suspicion~"
image=75px ???ao "気が変わらないうちに、お家に帰った方がいいよ" "You'd better go home before we change our mind."
image=75px Misono Karin "う、うん…" "Y-Yeah..."
image=75px ???ao "キャッ!" "Kya!"
image=75px ???juri "っ、誰だ…?" "Who goes there...?"
image=75px Kaede "かりんちゃん大丈夫!?" "Karin-chan, are you okay?"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "すぐに助けるからね!" "We’re here to save you!"
image=75px Misono Karin "かえでちゃん!いくみん!" "Kaede-chan! Ikumin!"
image=75px ???ao "思ったより釣れたね姉ちゃん…" "We fished up more than we thought we would, didn’t we, nee-chan..."
image=75px ???juri "大漁でいいことじゃねーか" "A big catch is a good thing, ain’t it?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "助けるって言っても、一筋縄ではいかなそうだね" "Even if we say we’ll save her, it's not gonna be that simple, is it?"
image=75px Momoko "コイツら…" "These guys..."
image=75px Momoko "いろはちゃんたちを襲ってきたヤツらか…" "They're the guys who attacked Iroha-chan and the others..."
image=75px Rena "ももこの買い物のせいで遅れた時の…" "It’s your fault we’re late because of shopping, Momoko..."
image=75px Tsukasa "この人たちが、外から来た魔法少女…" "These people are the magical girls who came from outside..."
image=75px Tsukuyo "そのようでございますね…" "That appears to be the case..."
image=75px ???juri "ニヒッ" "Nihi"
image=75px ???juri "まさか1匹の小魚で大物が釣れるとはラッキーだ" "I didn’t think we’d be so lucky to bait such a big one with one small fish."
image=75px ???juri "やるぞ妹" "Let's do this, sister."
image=75px ??? "力量を見るってこと~?" "You mean seeing what you're capable of~?"
image=75px ???juri "そういうことだ" "That's what I'm talkin’ about."
image=75px ???ao "おっけ~" "Okay~"
image=75px ???ao "イージーモードイージーゲーム…" "Easy mode, easy game..."
image=75px Momoko "あの時と同じようにやり合うってことかよ" "You’re going to come at us the same way you did back then?"
image=75px Momoko "アタシたちが何を…" "Who do you think we are..."
image=75px ???juri "今のが答えだな" "This is our answer."
image=75px ???ao "バッドエンドは嫌だから、小手調べぐらいにさせてよ~?" "I don't want a Bad End, so let me at least do a prelim~?"
image=75px ???juri "樹里サマがどれだけ熱くなれるか次第だ" "Depends how hot Juri-sama can get."
image=75px ???juri "どいてな" "Step aside."
image=75px Misono Karin "っ…" "..."
image=75px Misono Karin "いくみん…かえでちゃん…みんな…" "Ikumin...Kaede-chan...everyone..."
"夜の森は真っ黒。包み込むような影になって、お月さまが居る空が色づいて見える。" "The night forest is pitch black. Wrapped in shadow, a colorful sky and Moon can be seen."
"だけど今日は森の方が明るい。赤、緑、青って何度もまばたく光たちは、森の中をカラフルに彩っていく。" "But today, the forest is brighter. Red, green, and blue lights flicker over and over again, and paint the forest colorfully."
"それはまるでお祭りのよう…。本当のお祭りだったらどれだけ良かったかって思う。" "It’s like a festival…I think about how much better it would’ve been if it was real festival."
"だって、この光はみんな魔法少女たちが争う光だから…。" "Because this light is the light that all magical girls are fighting for...."
"ピュンッと瞬く放たれた光。バシッと受けて飛び散る光。ピ力ピカ何度も輝いて、みんなの命が飛んでいく…。" "*pew* and a light blinks. *clang* in a hit, and light scatters. Everyone's lives are flying in the wind before they extinguish...."
"私はただ動くこともできずに見守るだけ。それが役目だからって見守るだけ。" "I’m just someone who can’t act, and can only watch. Because of my role, I can only watch over them."
"暫くして光が消えてしまうと、あの子が私の耳元でささやいた。" "A while after the light went out, that girl whispered in my ear."
"「入っていくよ、追いかけよう」って…。" "I'm going in, let's go after them...."
image=75px Iroha "灯花ちゃんたちの準備ができたみたいです" "It looks like Touka-chan and the others are ready to go."
image=75px Tsuruno "全員は入れないと思うからわたしたちはここで待ってるね" "I don't think everyone can all fit in, so we'll wait out here for you."
image=75px Yachiyo "くれぐれも争わないようにね" "We don’t want to be constantly fighting over and over again."
image=75px Mifuyu "その時はワタシが止めますから、安心してください" "If it comes to that, I will stop you, so please don’t worry."
image=75px Iroha "十七夜さんは来てくれますか?東のリーダーなので" "Will Kanagi-san come? Since she’s the leader of the East."
image=75px Kanagi "うむ、そのつもりだ" "Mm, that’s the plan."
image=75px Yuna "あなたたちも争わずに待っていてちょうだぃ" "All of you should also please wait a moment, before competing~"
image=75px Yuna "この争いのルールを確認してくるわぁ" "I'm going to confirm the rules of this contest, okay~"
image=75px Promised Blood "わかりました" "Understood"
image=75px Iroha "それでは確認しにいきましょう" "Then let's go confirm it."
image=75px Iroha "キュゥべえに…真実を…" "The truth...with Kyubey…"
image=75px Kagome "アルちゃん…心臓…飛び出しそう…" "Aru-chan... my heart... it's about to leap out of my chest..."
image=75px Aru-chan "<大丈夫だよ、かごめちゃん>" "It’ll be okay, Kagome-chan."
image=75px Kagome "“リィちゃん”がいてくれるから…?" "Because ”Rii-chan” is there...?"
image=75px Aru-chan "<そう…だから信じよう大丈夫だって>" "Yes, that’s why you should trust that it’ll be okay."
image=75px Kagome "うん、もちろん信じてる…信じてるから、追いかけてみる…" "Yeah, of course I believe you... I believe you, so I'll go after them..."
Part 2
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Yuna "…………" "............"
image=75px Hikaru "こんな施設を持ってるなんて神浜…侮れないっすね…" "They had a facility like this in Kamihama...They shouldn’t be underestimated"
image=75px Hagumu "私たちでは知能も才能も財力も敵わない…" "We’re no match for them, in intelligence, talent, and wealth..."
image=75px Hagumu "でも、そういう人が居たから、神浜の魔法少女だけは解放された" "But it’s only because them, that magical girls in Kamihama could be freed."
image=75px Hagumu "だから灯花様とねむ様は宝物居なくてはいけない人たち…" "That's why Touka-sama and Nemu-sama are treasures, they’re people who we need to stay..."
image=75px Shigure "なめないで…" "Don’t you dare look down on them..."
image=75px Shizuka "何だかビカビカしてウネウネしてる…" "It’s kinda flashy and serpentine..."
image=75px Shizuka "落ち着かないわね…" "It’s unsettling..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "現代科学の粋ですね…" "So this is the essence of modern science..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "こんなのドラマでしか、見たことないよぅ…" "I've never seen anything like this, except in dramas..."
image=75px Touka "でも目の前にあるのは現実!" "But what lies before your eyes is reality!"
image=75px Touka "ようこそ、わたくしの電波望遠鏡に" "Welcome, to my radio dish telescope."
image=75px Nemu "準備は既に完了しているよ" "Preparations have already been completed."
image=75px Hikaru "もしも罠なら、この施設を破壊するっすよ" "If this is a trap, I’ll destroy this facility."
image=75px Yuna "やめなさい、ひかる" "Please stop, Hikaru."
image=75px Touka "そうそう損害ばいしょーって知ってる?" "Yeah, yeah! Do you even know what damage compensation is?"
image=75px Touka "くふっ" "Pfft."
image=75px Hikaru "…………" "............"
image=75px Iroha "それじゃあ、灯花ちゃんお願いできるかな?" "Well then, Touka-chan, can you do me a favor?"
image=75px Touka "桜子、送信ボタンを押してくれる?" "Sakurako, can you press the transmit button for me?"
image=75px Sakurako "|わかった|" Understood|"
??? "「また、ボクに干渉してくるなんて驚いたよ」" "I'm surprised you're choosing interfere with me once again."
??? "「こんなことをするのはキミぐらいだよね?」" "You are the only one who would do something like this, am I right?"
image=75px Kyubey "里見灯花" "Satomi Touka."
image=75px Touka "くふふっだいせーかーーい" "Kufufu Great Successsssーー!"
image=75px Touka "久しぶりだねっ、キュゥべえ" "Long time no see, Kyubey."
image=75px Kyubey "こうして干渉してくるのは、ボクと初めて会った時以来だね" "I think the last time you interfered with me was that time we first met."
image=75px Kyubey "ただ、あの時と違って、通信しかできないようだけど" "But, unlike that time though, this time we can only communicate."
image=75px Touka "中を覗こうとすると、機材をぜーんぶ壊そうとするんだもん" "If I had tried to look inside, I would’ve just broken all the equipment."
image=75px Touka "それに、今は神浜の中で会話をしたかっただけだからねー" "Besides, I just wanted to have a conversation with you from inside Kamihama right now!"
image=75px Touka "ちなみにこっちでは、キュゥべえの映像が見えてるよ" "By the way, we can see Kyubey’s video feed on this side."
image=75px Touka "そっちからは、なーんにも見えないと思うけど" "But I don't think you can see anything from that side."
image=75px Kyubey "別に構わないよ" "I don't mind."
image=75px Kyubey "それで、ボクに何か聞きたいことでもあるのかい?" "So then, is there something you wanted to ask of me?"
image=75px Iroha "そうだよ、キュゥべえ色々と聞かせて欲しいの" "That’s right Kyubey, we need to ask you all kinds of things."
image=75px Kyubey "そこには環いろはもいるんだね" "So Tamaki Iroha is also there."
image=75px Yuna "私もいるわよぉ…" "I'm here too~..."
image=75px Shigure "ぼくも" "Me too."
image=75px Kyubey "紅晴結菜に宮尾時雨" "Kureha Yuna and Miyabi Shigure."
image=75px Shizuka "私もいます、久兵衛様" "I am present as well, Kyubey-sama."
image=75px Kyubey "巫の時女静香も" "Shizuka, the Tokime diviner too..."
image=75px Yachiyo "そう、あなたの息がかかった少女たちが揃っている" "Yes, all the girls you contracted have assembled."
image=75px Nemu "だから、僕達にもご教授願えるかな?" "So maybe you could you teach us a few things?"
image=75px Nemu "彼女達に伝えたことを" "What you told those girls."
image=75px Ui "うん…教えてキュゥべえちゃん…" "Yeah...tell us, Kyubey-chan..."
image=75px Ui "みんなに伝えたことを…" "what you told everyone..."
Part 3
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Ui "うん…教えてキュゥべえちゃん…" "Yeah...tell me about it, Kyubey..."
image=75px Ui "みんなに伝えたことを…" "What I told everyone..."
image=75px Kyubey "それはきっと、自動浄化システムのことだね?" "I'm sure that's what you're talking about, the automatic purification system?"
image=75px Iroha "うん、そうだよ" "Yeah, I do."
image=75px Iroha "教えてくれないなんてことはないよね?" "It's not like you won't tell me, is it?"
image=75px Kyubey "もちろんだよ" "Of course."
image=75px Kyubey "神浜に入れなかっただけで、秘密にするつもりはないからね" "Just because I couldn't get into the Kamihama, I'm not going to keep it a secret."
image=75px Kanagi "ふむ…" "Hmm..."
image=75px Kanagi "誰かに肩入れをしているというわけではないのか" "Doesn't that mean you're putting your shoulder to someone else?"
image=75px Kyubey "ボクは神浜にある自動浄化システムのことを知って" "I just found out about the automated purification system at the Kamihama."
image=75px Kyubey "それが必要そうな子たちに、教えただけに過ぎないよ" "That's just what I taught the kids who might need it."
image=75px Kyubey "紅晴結菜、時女静香、宮尾時雨、キミたちには必要だっただろう?" "Kureha Yuna, Tokime Shizuka, Miyabi Shigure, you guys needed that, right?"
image=75px Yuna "…そうねぇ" "...yeah,"
Yuna "「私たちには神浜への恨みがあるだけじゃない」" "It's not just that we have a grudge against Kamihama."
Yuna "「生きるために魔女を巡って争い死体を重ねてきただけそれを繰り返さない明日が欲しい」" "We've been fighting over witches and piling up corpses to live, and I want a tomorrow that doesn't repeat itself."
Yuna "「この争いの果てに擦り切れたみんなの心を癒やせる町に戻したいのよぉ」" "I'm trying to get the town back to a place where everyone's hearts can be healed after all this strife has worn out."
Shizuka "「私たちはこれからも日の本やこの国に生きる人たちのために戦いたい」" "We want to continue to fight for the book of days and the people who live in this country."
Shizuka "「それには魔女になるという現実はとても邪魔だったわ」" "And the reality of being a witch was very disturbing to me."
Shizuka "「だから必要だと思った私たちが闇に染まって堕ちることがなければもっと多くの人を救えるはずだから」" "So I thought it was necessary, because if we didn't fall into the darkness, we could save more people."
Shigure "「ぼくたちにも必要…」" "We need to..."
Shigure "「解放して、認められたいから…そして、認められるために必要…」" "Because I want to let go and be recognized... and I need to be recognized..."
Shigure "「きっと世界のぼくたちへの理解が変わればぼくたち魔法少女はもっと幸せになれる…だって普通より優れてるんだから…」" "I'm sure that if the world's understanding of us changed, we magical girls would be happier... because we'd be better than normal..."
image=75px Kyubey "彼女たちが言った通り、これが答えだよ" "As the girls said, this is the answer."
image=75px Iroha "それなら、私たちにも教えて" "Then tell us about it."
image=75px Iroha "ここにいる神浜の外から来た魔法少女たちはみんな" "All the magical girls here from outside the Kamihama."
image=75px Iroha "強いエネルギーっていうものを探してるの" "I'm looking for something called strong energy."
image=75px Iroha "それがあれば自動浄化システムが手に入るって本当なの…?" "Is it true that you can get an automatic purification system with that...?"
image=75px Kyubey "そうだね理屈では可能だよ" "Yes, in theory it's possible."
image=75px Kyubey "ただ、その強いエネルギーがどんな形をして存在しているかは" "Just what form that strong energy takes to exist."
image=75px Kyubey "神浜に入れないボクには、確認のしようがないけどね" "There's no way to check that for me, though, since I can't get into the goddamn beach."
image=75px Kyubey "あくまで仮説だよ" "It's just a theory,"
image=75px Iroha "このブレスレットが、そのエネルギーだったりしない?" "Could this bracelet be that energy or something?"
image=75px Iroha "宝石からは強い魔力を感じるの" "I can sense strong magic in the gems."
image=75px Kyubey "通信だから判断できないよ里見灯花の見解はどうなんだい?" "It's a communication, so I can't judge it, what's Satomi Touka's take on it?"
image=75px Kyubey "一体どういう物なのかは判別がついてるんじゃないかな?" "I think you have a good idea of what it's all about, don't you?"
image=75px Touka "魔力パターンを調べた限りだとイブの残骸に間違いないよ" "From what I've been able to find out about the magic pattern, I'm pretty sure it's what's left of Eve."
image=75px Touka "userNameがコアになってイブはバラバラになったからねー" "It's because userName is now the core, and Eve has fallen apart..."
image=75px userName "モキュッ" "Moccasins."
image=75px Kyubey "もしもその通りだとすれば、ボクの仮説は立証できる" "If you're right, then my hypothesis can be proven."
image=75px Kyubey "環いろはの言う通りかもしれないね" "Maybe I'm right about the ring Iroha."
image=75px Yuna "やっぱり、これを集めれば自動浄化システムが手に入る…" "After all, if you collect these, you'll get an automatic purification system..."
image=75px Yuna "それは、ひとつでもあれば、可能なのかしらぁ?" "I wonder if that's possible, if there's even one?"
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Kyubey "欠片が飛び散ったのなら、ひとつでは足りない" "If the pieces were scattered, one is not enough."
image=75px Kyubey "ただ、必要な量はボクにも見当がつかないよ" "It's just that I have no idea how much I need, either."
image=75px Hikaru "手探りになりそうっすね" "I guess we're going to be groping, aren't we?"
image=75px Ui "でも、本当に手に入るの?" "But can you really get it?"
image=75px Ui "どうしてキュゥべえちゃんは、そう言い切れるの…?" "How can Kyubey-chan say that...?"
Kyubey "「穢れを回収した結果ワルプルギスの夜にも迫る存在になったのはキミ自身だったよね、環うい」" "You yourself were the one who became a looming presence on Walpurgis Night as a result of the collection of the defilement, weren't you, Kan Ui?"
Kyubey "「だけど、ボクだったはずの個体がキミの身代わりになったことで」" "But the fact that the individual who was supposed to be me took your place..."
Kyubey "「イブが保有していた膨大な感情エネルギーは神浜の町に四散してしまった」" "The vast amount of emotional energy that Eve possessed has been dispersed to the city of Kamihama."
Kyubey "「ボクたちは感情を持たないからエネルギーを維持できなかったんだ」" "We couldn't sustain the energy because we don't have emotions,"
Kyubey "「つまり、自動浄化システムは“エネルギーを回収する力”を持つただのシステム」" "So an automatic purification system is just a system with the power to 'recover energy'."
Kyubey "「肉体を失って思考も行動もできないただの概念なんだ」" "It's just a concept that has lost its body and can't think or act."
Kyubey "「だけど、実体を持つことができれば再び自由に動かすことができる」" "But if you can have an entity, you'll be free to move it again."
Kyubey "「ブレスレットについた宝石を所有することはそのまま自動浄化システムを所有することと密接に繋がっているんだよ」" "Owning the gems on the bracelet goes hand in hand with owning an automatic cleansing system as it is."
Kyubey "「ただ、本当に可能かどうかはあくまで可能性の領域を出ないけどね」" "It's just that it's really not out of the realm of possibility, though."
image=75px Iroha "自動浄化システムを所有する…" "I own an automatic septic system..."
Part 4
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Hikaru "キュゥべえから手に入れる方法は聞けたっす" "I've heard how to get it from Kyubey,"
image=75px Hikaru "長居は無用っすよ結菜さん" "You don't have to stay long, Yuna."
image=75px Yachiyo "まだ帰られては困るわ" "We can't let you leave yet."
image=75px Hikaru "なんすか" "What is it?"
image=75px Yachiyo "帰るならキュゥべえの目的を聞いてからにしなさい" "If you're going to leave, wait until you hear what Kyubey wants."
image=75px Yuna "そうねぇ" "Well,"
image=75px Yuna "この害獣なら、何かしら目的があっても不自然じゃないわぁ" "With this vermin, it's not unnatural to have some kind of purpose, huh?"
image=75px Yachiyo "特に私が気になってるのは、キュゥべえの動きについてよ" "I'm especially curious about Kyubey's moves."
image=75px Kyubey "ボクの動きかい?" "Is that my move?"
image=75px Nemu "僕も、やちよお姉さんに同感だね" "I agree with you, Yachiyo,"
image=75px Nemu "君は頭の天辺から爪先まで徹底して打算で固められた個体だ" "You are an individual thoroughly hardened from the top of your head to your toes in the form of percussion."
image=75px Nemu "自動浄化システムの取得方法を聞かれてもいないのに" "You didn't even ask me how to get an automatic septic system."
image=75px Nemu "進んで魔法少女たちに伝達しているということは" "You're willingly communicating to the magical girls,"
image=75px Nemu "彼女たちが必要である以上に君に目的があるからだよね?" "Because you have a purpose beyond needing these girls, right?"
image=75px Nemu "違うかな?" "No?"
image=75px Kyubey "柊ねむの言う通りだよ当然ボクたちにも目的がある" "Hiiragi Nemu is right, of course we have a purpose."
image=75px Yachiyo "馬脚を現したわね…" "You're showing off your legs..."
image=75px Shizuka "久兵衛様の、目的…?" "Kyubey-sama's purpose...?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "それって、日の本を守るために、魔法少女になる仲間を作る…?" "Does that mean I'm going to make a friend who becomes a magical girl to protect the book of days...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "どうなんでしょうか…" "I'm not sure..."
image=75px Yachiyo "彼女たちに伝えたのは、どういう目的があるからなの?" "What is the purpose of telling these girls?"
image=75px Kyubey "理由は簡単さ争って欲しいからだよ" "The reason is simple, because I want you to fight for it."
image=75px Yachiyo "――っ!?" "--What?
image=75px Shizuka "争って…欲しい…?" "Struggle... want...?"
Kyubey "「ドッペルになるのと魔女になるのは同じ」" "Being a doppelgänger is the same as being a witch."
Kyubey "「ボクがキミたちから回収している希望と絶望の相転移で発生するエネルギーを得られるわけだからね」" "So you're getting the energy generated by the phase transition of hope and despair that I'm recovering from you guys."
Kyubey "「だからボクは戦う場を用意したんだ」" "That's why I'm prepared to fight."
Kyubey "「魔女になるのが1回きりなのに対してドッペルの発現は繰り返すことができるからね」" "It's because you can only become a witch once, whereas the doppelgänger can be repeated."
Kyubey "「魔法少女の寿命は延びるし必要な個体数も減るかもしれない」" "Magical girls will have a longer lifespan, and the number of individuals needed may be reduced."
Kyubey "「そうなれば有史以来よりキミたち人類がボクに言ってきた“ひどい”という状況を減少させられると思わないかい?」" "And don't you think that would make it less awful than you and your kind have been saying to me since the beginning of time?"
Kyubey "「これは今の神浜だからできる検証でもあるしボクとしての譲歩でもあるんだよ」" "This is a validation that I can do because it's a goddamn beach now, and it's a concession that I can make as a bok."
image=75px Iroha "私たちはキュゥべえの実験に付き合わされているの?" "Are we being forced to go along with Kyubey's experiments?"
image=75px Iroha "それで殺し合いをさせるなんて…" "So you're going to make them kill each other..."
image=75px Kyubey "キミたちも言うんだろ?失敗は成功のもとだって" "You guys say that too, don't you? They say failure is the key to success."
image=75px Kyubey "この一件で誰が死のうとも、キミたちは未来のためになる" "No matter who dies in this one, you are all in the future."
image=75px Kyubey "少数の個体の生死について固執する必要はないと思うよ" "I don't think we need to get fixated on the life and death of a few individuals."
image=75px Yachiyo "…里見さんとそっくりね" " look just like Satomi-san."
image=75px Touka "わたくしも思ってたよ" "I thought so too,"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私たち、利用されてたんですか…" "We were being used..."
image=75px Shizuka "違う…違うわよ…" ""
Part 5
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "やっぱり温室育ち歯応えが無さ過ぎるな" "I knew you grew up in a greenhouse and didn't have a lot of teeth."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "キャッ" "Caw."
image=75px Midori Ryo "牧野チャン!" "Makino Chan!"
"パシャ!" "Pasha!"
image=75px Midori Ryo "写真の中に閉じ込めた…" "I'm trapped in a photograph..."
image=75px Midori Ryo "証拠写真はそのまま廃棄させてもらうよ!!" "I'll let you destroy the photographic evidence as it is!"
image=75px "ぐっ、ァアッ!" "Guh, ah!"
image=75px "なんて芸当だ…" "What a trick..."
image=75px Midori Ryo "ケガないかい?" "Are you hurt?"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "うん、ありがとう…!!" "Yeah, thanks...!"
image=75px Makino Ikumi "この人たち、魔女相手の戦い方じゃない…" "These people aren't fighting against witches..."
image=75px Midori Ryo "こりゃ、対人特化だね…" "It's got to be interpersonal..."
image=75px Tsukuyo&月咲 "笛花共鳴!!" "Fuehua resonance!"
image=75px ??? "っ…な、何この音!頭が…割れる…" "Huh... what's that sound! My head... cracks..."
image=75px Kaede "私だって…や、やれるもんっ!!" "I can do it too...ya, I can do it!"
image=75px ??? "ッ!!" "Yeah!
image=75px ??? "体を…借りるよ…" "You can borrow my body.
image=75px "はいっ…" "Yes..."
image=75px "どうぞ…" "Go ahead..."
image=75px ??? "プレイヤー2プレイヤー3" "Player two, player three."
image=75px Tsukuyo "(あと少しでございます…)" "(We're almost there...)"
image=75px Tsukasa "(息をなんとか…持たせよう…!)" "(Let's make him hold his breath somehow...!)"
image=75px Tsukuyo "くっ" "Huh."
image=75px Tsukasa "あぁっ!" "Oh!"
image=75px ??? "ありがとう…" "Thank you..."
image=75px ??? "音を操ってくるなんて、特殊な敵だね~…" "It's a special enemy to manipulate the sound~..."
image=75px Kaede "あわっ、あわわ…" "Aww, aww..."
image=75px Tsukuyo "どうして神浜の魔法少女を、狙うでございますか…" "Why are you going after the magical girls in the Kamihama..."
image=75px ??? "マギウスの翼って知ってる?" "Do you know what Magius' wings are?"
image=75px Tsukuyo "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
image=75px ??? "私たちの魔女を奪って、町を滅茶苦茶にした奴らなんだ~" "They're the ones who took our witches and ruined the town~!"
image=75px ??? "知ってることがあったら教えてよ~" "Let me know if there's anything you know!"
image=75px ??? "特にマギウスの3人のこと" "Especially the three Magius's."
image=75px ??? "わわっ!" "Wow!"
image=75px Kaede "そ、その代わり…そっちも教えてよ…" "Well, instead... tell me about that one too..."
image=75px Kaede "こんな、魔法少女同士で、争うなんてよくないのに…" "It's not a good idea for magical girls to fight with each other like this..."
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px ??? "はっぁああっ!!" "Hah!"
image=75px ??? "なっ、おい妹…!何やってんだお前…!" "Wha, hey sister...! What the hell are you doing...!"
image=75px ??? "ぶった斬る…!" "I'm going to cut you down."
image=75px ??? "なーんてな" "Nah."
image=75px ??? "――っ!!" "--!"
image=75px ??? "らぁっ!" "Rah!"
image=75px ??? "だっ!" "Was!"
image=75px Rena "頭突きぃ…!?" "I'm going to have to butt heads.
image=75px ??? "怖がりなアイツにしては懐に飛びこみ過ぎなんだよな" "For a guy who's afraid of everything, you're jumping in too deep, aren't you?"
image=75px Rena "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px ??? "樹里サマの妹を出しにしたんだ焼かれる覚悟はできてんだろ?" "You put Juri-sama's sister out, you're ready to be burned, right?"
image=75px Momoko "させないよ!" "I won't let you!"
image=75px Rena "ももこ…" "Momo..."
image=75px ??? "他の奴らはどうした?" "What happened to the other guys?"
image=75px Momoko "眠ってもらってる" "They're asleep."
image=75px ??? "ニヒッ、やるじゃん!燃えてきた…" "Nicely done! I'm getting burned..."
image=75px Momoko "アタシだって鬼じゃない今ならまだ引き返せるぞ" "I'm not a demon, and I can still turn back now."
image=75px Momoko "人を相手に全力で、刃物は振り回したくないんだ" "I don't want to go all out with people, and I don't want to wield a blade."
image=75px ??? "しかたねーな…" "I can't help it..."
image=75px Momoko "最初からそれでいいだろ…まずは何事も話し合いってね" "That's the way it's been from the beginning... you know, talking about everything first."
image=75px ??? "全力で振り回したくさせてやるよ" "I'm going to make you want to swing around as hard as you can."
image=75px Momoko "――っ!?" "--Huh?!"
image=75px Momoko "あーもう…アタシの堪忍袋の緒も限界だな…" "Ahhhh... my patience is running out..."
image=75px Momoko "みんなっ!!" "Hey, guys!"
image=75px Momoko "コイツらの拠点も含めて、洗いざらい聞き出すぞ!" "Let's get the word out, including these guys' base of operations!"
image=75px Momoko "アタシの激励の力に、付いてこい!" "Follow the power of Attah's encouragement, follow me!"
image=75px Rena "ももこがキレた…" "Momo has lost his temper..."
Part 6
Name Japanese Translation
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私たち、利用されてたんですか…" "We were being used..."
image=75px Shizuka "違う…違うわよ…" ""
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "神子柴に続いて、久兵衛様にまで…こんな…" "After Kamikoshiba, even Kyubey-sama... such as this..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "まだわからない決めつけるのは早いよ" "I don't know yet, it's too early to make assumptions."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ちゃる…?" "Charu...?"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "等々力耕一が言ってたよ" "That's what Koichi Todoroki said."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "少ない情報で結論を出せば、自分の身を滅ぼすんだって" "He said if you draw conclusions with little information, you'll destroy yourself."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "わたしたちはエネルギーのことを何も知らないんだよ" "We don't know anything about energy,"
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "どうして集めているのかも" "And why are you collecting them?"
image=75px Shizuka "ちゃるの言う通りだわ" "Charu's right."
image=75px Shizuka "表面だけさらってショックを受けてる場合じゃない" "This isn't the time to be shocked by just skimming the surface."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "ごめんなさい、早まってしまいました…" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm premature..."
image=75px Hikaru "それで言うと、ひかるたちだって同じっすよ" "So, when you say that, it's the same for Hikaru and the others."
image=75px Hikaru "魔女化のことは知ってるっすけどキュゥべえの目的は知らないっす" "I know about the witching, but I don't know what Kyubey's purpose is."
image=75px Yuna "聞くよりも前に、排除が進んでしまったからねぇ" "I've been eliminated before I've even heard of it, so hey."
image=75px Touka "ぷーっ!" "Phew!"
image=75px Touka "みんなそんなことも知らないのー?" "You guys don't even know that?"
image=75px Nemu "ちょっと灯花煽らないでくれるかな?" "Can you not agitate the lanterns a bit?"
image=75px Kanagi "場をわきまえた方が良いぞ" "You'd better play your cards right."
image=75px Touka "自然に出ちゃったのー" "It just came out naturally!"
image=75px Touka "ふたりは羽根なわけだしちゃーんと知ってるよね?" "You two are feathers, so you know it's a feather in the cap, right?"
image=75px Shigure "うん…ぼく、覚えてるよ" "Yeah...I...I remember."
image=75px Hagumu "私も覚えています" "I remember that, too."
image=75px Touka "じゃあ、知ってる人はおさらい" "Well, if you know what I'm talking about, let's review."
image=75px Touka "知らない人は知っておくために簡単な説明をしておくよ" "For those of you who don't know, I'll give you a quick explanation so you can know."
image=75px Touka "特にそこの人は、頭もわるそーだしね" "Especially that guy there, he sounds like he's not very smart."
image=75px Shizuka "なっ、失礼よ!!" "Nah, excuse me!"
image=75px Iroha "灯花ちゃん…!" "Touka-chan...!"
image=75px Yachiyo "はぁ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Kyubey "キミからじゃなくてボクから説明しても構わないよ?" "You don't mind if I explain it to you, if not from you, then from me?"
image=75px Touka "キュゥべえはエントロピーとか熱力学だとか言って長くなるもん" "Kyubey goes on for a long time, saying it's entropy and thermodynamics."
image=75px Touka "だからわたくしからせつめーします" "So I'm going to make it happen.
image=75px Kyubey "…………" "............"
image=75px Touka "キュゥべえが何モノなのかはひとまず置いておいて" "Let's put aside what Kyubey is for now."
image=75px Touka "目的とその理由を簡単にせつめーするね?" "We'll make it easy for you to explain your purpose and why, won't we?"
Touka "「まずキュゥべえの目的は宇宙の維持!」" "First of all, Kyubey's purpose is to preserve the universe!"
Touka "「宇宙のエネルギーっていうのはずっと目減りしていてね放っておくと、この宇宙は消滅するかもしれないんだよ」" "The energy of the universe is diminishing all the time, and if left unchecked, this universe might disappear."
Touka "「要はそれをなんとかしたいんだよねー」" "The point is, you want to do something about it..."
image=75px Hikaru "それがひかるたち魔法少女と何の関係があるんすか…?" "What does that have to do with Hikaru and the other magical girls...?"
image=75px Yuna "契約する少女を増やす以上は、意味があるっていうことよねぇ" "As long as we get more girls to sign up, it means it makes sense, right?"
Touka "「そう!」" "Yes!"
Touka "「そもそも人間が感情を表す時に発生するエネルギーには目減りせずに増えるって特徴があるんだよ」" "In the first place, the energy generated when humans express emotions has the characteristic of increasing without diminishing."
Touka "「そして、その唯一増えるエネルギーを効率的に手に入れられる存在がわたくしたち魔法少女っていうこと」" "And the only entity that can efficiently obtain that increased energy is us magical girls."
Touka "「キュゥべえいわく第二次性徴期の女の子が願いを叶えて絶望する時のエネルギーがいっちばん効率的で良いんだって」" "According to Kyubey, when a girl is in her secondary sexual phase, her energy is the most efficient when she despairs of getting her wish."
image=75px Shizuka "だ、だいにじせいちょうき…?" "So, Dai Daijiji gaiji ki...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私たちぐらいの年齢の期間をそう呼ぶんです" "That's what they call a period of time when they're about our age."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "へ~そうなんだ" "Heh, I see."
image=75px Shizuka "で、その絶望する時のエネルギーって?" "So, what's the energy you have when you despair?"
Touka "「魔法少女が魔女になる時のエネルギーだよ」" "It's the energy of a magical girl turning into a witch."
Touka "「この時がキュゥべえたちにとって宇宙を維持するためのエネルギーを手に入れるチャンスなんだね」" "So this is a chance for Kyubey and the others to get the energy they need to keep the universe going."
image=75px Touka "わかったかにゃ?" "Do you understand?"
image=75px Nemu "詰まるところ僕達は宇宙のエサを作るために生まれた" "At the end of the day, we were born to feed the universe."
image=75px Nemu "わざわざ自身の希望を叶えて絶望させるためにね" "I went out of my way to fulfill my own wishes and make you despair."
image=75px Shizuka "日の本のために、戦ってきたと思っていたのに…" "I thought I'd been fighting for the book of days..."
image=75px Kyubey "本当は宇宙を維持するための存在だったということだね" "So you're saying that you were really meant to maintain the universe."
image=75px Shizuka "…………" "............"
image=75px Yuna "魔女化を知った時ほどの衝撃はないわねぇ" "It's not as shocking as when I found out about the witching."
image=75px Yuna "何に利用されようとも、現状が変わることはないわぁ" "No matter what they use you for, it's not going to change the status quo!"
image=75px Iroha "でも、振り返ってみてちゃんと理解できました" "But in retrospect, I got it right."
image=75px Iroha "キュゥべえがこの町にみんなが来るようにした理由が…" "The reason Kyubey made everyone come to this town..."
image=75px Yachiyo "自動浄化システムとドッペル化は実験する恰好の的ね…" "Automatic septic systems and doppelgänger are a good place to experiment..."
image=75px Kyubey "わかってもらえて良かったよ" "I'm glad you understand."
image=75px Kyubey "ドッペルのサイクルを利用して効率化を図る検証は" "The validation of using the doppelgänger cycle to improve efficiency is"
image=75px Kyubey "宇宙の維持を目的とするボクたちとして当然のことなんだ" "It's only natural for us as boks to be the ones who are trying to maintain the universe."
Part 7
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Momoko "このまま勢いに乗っていくぞ!" "We're going to keep the momentum going!"
image=75px Momoko "これ以上、好き勝手させてケガ人を増やしてたまるか!" "I'm not going to let them do whatever they want any more and injure more people!"
image=75px ??? "思ったより劣勢だね~" "You're not as good as I thought you'd be!"
image=75px ??? "火を点けちゃなんねーヤツを、燃やしちまったみたいだな…" "It's like we've burned a bunch of stuff we haven't been able to light up..."
image=75px ??? "引き際だよ" "It's time to pull out."
image=75px ??? "わかってるっつーの" "I know, I know."
Part 8
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Momoko "逃げるのか…" "You're running away..."
image=75px ??? "元々、小手調べのつもりだ正面切って死ねるかっつーの" "Originally, I was going to do a quick check, because I wasn't going to die head-on."
image=75px ??? "それにお互い仲間が大切だろ?" "And we need each other's company, don't we?"
image=75px Midori Ryo "その大切な仲間を奪おうとするのはそっちだよ" "You're the one who's going to try to take that precious companion away from me."
image=75px ??? "こっちも、奪われた分を奪い返すだけだ" "We're just going to take back what's been taken from us, too."
image=75px ??? "姉ちゃんこっち全員退いたよ" "Sis, they've all backed off over here."
image=75px ??? "じゃあ、色々語り合うのはまた今度だな" "Well, I guess we'll have to talk about a lot of things some other time."
image=75px Rena "行かせないわよ!絶対に吐かせてやるんだから!" "I won't let you go! I'm going to make you throw up for sure!"
image=75px Kaede "私も行くよ、レナちゃん!" "I'm coming with you, Lena!"
image=75px Momoko "――っ!?" "--Ha!"
image=75px Momoko "行くな!レナ、かえで!!" "Don't go! Come back, Lena!
image=75px ??? "炎の壁に巻き込まれてもしらねーぞ…" "I won't be caught in a wall of fire..."
image=75px Kaede "私の蔓で絡めとるからお願い!" "I'll tangle you with my vines, please!"
image=75px Rena "なんなら生け捕りにして、色々聞き出してやるわ!" "If you want, I'll take you alive and ask you a bunch of questions!"
image=75px ??? "ま、コイツらなら耐えられそうだな" "Well, I guess these guys can take it."
image=75px ??? "炎の壁に呑まれなぁっ!!" "Don't get swallowed up by a wall of fire!"
image=75px Kaede "あっ!" "Ah!"
Misono Karin "「かえでちゃん!危ないの!」" "Kaede! It's dangerous!"
image=75px ??? "――っ!?" "--What?"
image=75px ??? "(おい、待て…)" "(Hey, wait...)"
image=75px ??? "(お前じゃ、耐えられねーだろ)" "(You wouldn't be able to stand it)."
image=75px ??? "もう、止まらねー…" "I can't stop now..."
"ドンッ" "DON'T!"
image=75px Misono Karin "はぁ…はぁ…" "Ha...ha...ha..."
image=75px Misono Karin "あっ…" "Oh..."
Misono Karin "「ア”ァアアアッ…!!」" "A-"Aaaaahhhh...!"
Kaede "―かえで―かりんちゃん…" "-Kaede -Karin-chan..."
Rena "―レナ―ウソでしょ…" "Lena, you're kidding..."
Misono Karin "―かりん―アァッ…うぁぁ…" "-Karin-Ah...uhhhh..."
Kaede "―かえで―かりんちゃん、かりんちゃん!!" "-Kaede - Karin-chan, Karin-chan!"
Misono Karin "―かりん―…………" "-Karin.........."
Misono Karin "―かりん―(わたしはただ…アリナ先輩に…会いたかっただけなのに…)" "-Karin- (I just wanted to... meet Alina-senpai...)"
Misono Karin "―かりん―(話を聞きたかっただけなのに…)" "-Karin- (I just wanted to hear your story...)"
Misono Karin "―かりん―どう、して…" "How do you want me to..."
image=75px ??? "姉ちゃん…" "Sis..."
image=75px ??? "あの火力じゃ、小魚は残らない…" "That kind of firepower won't leave any small fish..."
image=75px ??? "なんだ、あれ…" "What the hell, that..."
??? "―???―アイツの側にいるヤツは…" "-? -Whoever is with him..."
??? "―???―もしかしてあれがドッペル…?" "-? -Could that be the doppelgänger...?"
Part 9
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Kyubey "自動浄化システムの入手に必要なエネルギーについて" "The energy required to obtain an automatic purification system."
image=75px Kyubey "なぜ、ボクが伝えたのか、その理由はわかったかい?" "Do you understand why I told you that?"
image=75px Touka "うん、ありがとー" "Yeah, thanks."
image=75px Touka "また何かあったら連絡するからよろしくねー" "I'll be in touch if I need anything else..."
image=75px Kyubey "こうして干渉してくるのは、ボクとしてはやめて欲しいけどね" "I don't want you to interfere like this, though, as far as I'm concerned."
image=75px Touka "くふふっそれはわたくし次第かにゃー" "Well, I guess that's up to me..."
image=75px Kyubey "キミも不可解な人間だね里見灯花" "You're a baffling person too, aren't you, Satomi Touka?"
image=75px Touka "というわけで、これで答え合わせは終わりだね" "So, I guess that's the end of the answer."
image=75px Yuna "探すべき敵とブレスレットの宝石について" "On enemies to look for and gems in bracelets."
image=75px Yuna "明確になったのは収穫ねぇ" "It's clearer than I thought.
image=75px Hikaru "っすね" "Right."
image=75px Hikaru "戻ったら次女さんと三女さんに伝えないといけないっす" "I'll have to tell your second and third daughters when I get back."
image=75px Iroha "このまま争ってもキュゥべえの思うツボですよ" "If we continue to fight, it's just what Kyubey wants."
image=75px Iroha "手を取り合って世界に広げましょう" "Let's join hands and spread it around the world."
image=75px Iroha "この自動浄化システムを…" "This automated purification system..."
image=75px Iroha "その方法は目の前にあるんですから" "Because the way to do that is right in front of you."
image=75px Yachiyo "世界に広がれば、検証のために使われることもないわ" "Once it's out in the world, it won't be used for validation."
image=75px Yachiyo "確かに二木市はマギウスの計画で煽りを食ったかもしれない" "It's true that FutatsugiCity may have been incensed by the Magius' plan."
image=75px Yachiyo "でも、今はあなたたちも含めて、みんなを救うチャンスなのよ" "But now we have a chance to save everyone, including you guys."
image=75px Yuna "理屈を理解できないほど私の頭は悪くないわぁ" "I'm not so stupid that I can't understand the logic, you know."
image=75px Yuna "だけど、これは理屈ではなく、感情の問題なのよぉ" "But this isn't a matter of logic, it's a matter of emotion, oh."
image=75px Yuna "キュゥべえがもしも話を伝える相手を選んでいるとすれば" "If Kyubey is choosing who to tell the story to,"
image=75px Yuna "正解ねぇ" "That's a good answer."
image=75px Kanagi "融和を望める相手であれば、最初から選んでないということか" "So if it's someone you can hope to reconcile with, you wouldn't have chosen them in the first place."
image=75px Touka "うまくいけばキュゥべえとの共存も目指せるんだけどにゃー" "Hopefully, we'll be able to coexist with Kyubey..."
image=75px Yuna "言ってなさい私にとっては害獣よぉ" "You are a vermin to me."
image=75px Hikaru "聞くことは聞いたっす帰りましょう、結菜さん" "I've heard all I have to say, let's go home, Yuna."
image=75px Yuna "えぇ" "Yes."
image=75px Yuna "また、“”という敵をかけて戦いましょぅ…" "We'll be fighting again against an enemy known as "
image=75px Kanagi "…………" "............"
image=75px Kanagi "交渉は決裂だな…" "I guess the negotiations have broken down..."
image=75px Ui "あの…静香さんたちは…大丈夫…?" "Um...Shizuka-san and the others...are...okay...?"
image=75px Ui "キュゥべえちゃんのこと、何も知らなかったんだよね…?" "You didn't know anything about Kyubey-chan...?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "私たちは願いで宇宙の延命装置にされていた…" "We were made to be the life-extender of the universe by a wish..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "いつもそうです" "It always is."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "巫は…魔法少女は…秘密の中に生きている…" "Miko... magical girls... live in a secret..."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "悔しいです…" "It's frustrating..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "願いまで利用されてるなんて思わなかったもんね…" "I didn't think you'd be used to your wishes..."
image=75px Iroha "そう、だよね…" "Yeah, I know..."
image=75px Iroha "私たちも少しずつ、知っていったことだから…" "It's something we've learned about, little by little..."
image=75px Shizuka "でも、考え方ひとつよ" "But it's just one way of thinking."
image=75px Iroha "考え方…?" "The way you think...?"
image=75px Shizuka "願いで日の本が救われて、戦ってきたことは変わらない" "Wishes have saved the day, and what we've been fighting for hasn't changed."
image=75px Shizuka "魔女になる理由を聞いてショックはうけたけど" "I was shocked when you told me why I became a witch,"
image=75px Shizuka "私たちは世界を越えて、宇宙をも守ってきたのよ" "We've protected the universe beyond the world, and we've protected the universe as well."
image=75px Shizuka "それほど誇らしいことなんてないわ" "I'm not that proud of you."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "うん、そうだね…" "Yeah, well..."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "そうだね、静香ちゃん" "Yes, Shizuka,"
image=75px Yachiyo "強いわね…" "You're so strong..."
image=75px Yachiyo "きっとあなたたち一族だからこそ" "I'm sure it's because you're a family."
image=75px Yachiyo "そういう納得の仕方ができるのかもしれないわね" "Maybe that's the kind of convincing you can do."
image=75px Kanagi "凡人には難しいな" "It's hard to be an ordinary person."
image=75px Ui "じゃあ、これからも一緒に戦ってくれるの?" "So you'll continue to fight with me?"
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "静香…" "Shizuka..."
image=75px Shizuka "もちろん" "Sure,"
image=75px Shizuka "世界に広がれば魔法少女はみんな救われる" "If it spreads around the world, every magical girl will be saved."
image=75px Shizuka "魔女だっていなくなる" "Even the witches will be gone."
image=75px Shizuka "それでも私たちは、日の本や宇宙のために戦える" "Yet we can still fight for the book of days and the universe."
image=75px Shizuka "拒否する理由なんてどこにもないわ" "I don't see any reason to refuse."
image=75px Shizuka "環さん、握手" "Tamaki-san, shake hands."
image=75px Iroha "えっ、あっ、はい!" "Eh, ah, yes!"
image=75px Shizuka "これからよろしく" "It's nice to meet you."
image=75px Iroha "っ…よろしくお願いします!" "Huh... nice to meet you!"
image=75px Shizuka "それじゃあ、行きましょうすなお、ちはる" "Well then, let's go, Sunao, Chiharu."
image=Card 10264 d.png Chiharu "そうだね、これから来る仲間にちゃんと話を伝えないと" "Yes, I'll have to make sure to tell the story properly to my friends who are coming."
image=Card 10274 d.png Sunao "それでは、みなさんまたお会いしましょう" "Well then, I'll see you all again."
image=75px Shigure "…………" "............"
image=75px Hagumu "…………" "............"
image=75px Nemu "ふたりはどうするの?" "What are you two going to do?"
image=75px Nemu "君達の理想を叶えるのは、今である必要はないはずだよ" "It shouldn't have to be now to fulfill your ideals, should it?"
image=75px Nemu "世間に魔法少女の事を広げるのも簡単な話じゃない" "It's not easy to spread the word about magical girls to the world."
image=75px Nemu "一歩ずつ進むことを考えれば、共に手を取り合うのが賢明だよ" "It would be wise to take it one step at a time, hand in hand together."
image=75px Shigure "…考えておく" "...I'll think about it."
image=75px Hagumu "あっ、待って、時雨ちゃん!" "Oh, wait, Shigure-chan!"
image=75px Hagumu "すみません灯花様、ねむ様!" "Excuse me, Touka-sama, Nemu-sama!"
image=75px Kanagi "ままならないものだな" "It's a hard thing to do, isn't it?"
image=75px Yachiyo "そうね…" "Well..."
image=75px Yachiyo "時女一族が協力してくれるって言ってくれたけど" "The Tokime's family said they'd be willing to help us."
image=75px Yachiyo "ただ争いのルールが決まったようなものね…" "It's just like the rules of the conflict have been set..."
image=75px Ui "うん…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Iroha "今日が始まりなんですね…私たちの戦いの…" "So today is the beginning of... our battle..."
Part 10
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px Kaede "かりんちゃん!" "Karin-chan!"
image=75px Misono Karin "…………" "............"
image=75px Kaede "よかったぁ…大丈夫、ちゃんと生きてるよ" "Thank God... it's okay, I'm alive and well."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "ごめんね、かりんちゃん…" "I'm sorry, Karin-chan..."
image=75px Makino Ikumi "私が変なこと教えたから…" "Because I taught you something weird..."
image=75px ??? "ペッペッ…" "Peppe..."
image=75px ??? "くそっ、ドッペルってのは、本当に魔女と同じだな…" "Damn, doppelgänger is really the same as a witch..."
image=75px ??? "まともに食らってたら、ゲームオーバーだったかもね" "If I'd taken a proper bite, it would have been game over."
image=75px ??? "今のうちに退いておこう" "Let's retreat while we can."
image=75px Momoko "待て何もなしに逃げて終わりか?" "Wait, so you're just going to walk away and end up with nothing?"
image=75px ??? "…………" "............"
image=75px ??? "じゃあひとつだけ教えておいてやるよ" "Then I'll tell you one thing."
image=75px Momoko "なんだ…" "What..."
image=75px ??? "二木市の魔法少女" "The Magical Girl of FutatsugiCity."
image=75px Juri "プロミストブラッドの次女で大庭樹里(おおば じゅり)だ" "I'm Promist Blood's second daughter, Juri Oba,"
image=75px Juri "で、そっちが三女の笠音アオ(かさね あお)だよ" "So, that's my third daughter, Kasane Ao."
image=75px Juri "ついでに、とっておきな" "And by the way, I'm saving it."
image=75px Momoko "グリーフシード?" "Grief seed?"
image=75px Juri "はなっから小物を殺すつもりはなかったからな" "I wasn't going to kill the little guy to begin with, you know."
image=75px Juri "使ってやってくれ" "Use them."
image=75px Tsukuyo "ドッペルは穢れを使うものでございます" "The doppelgänger is the use of uncleanness, sir."
image=75px Tsukasa "魔力は回復してるはずだから、そんなのいらないよ" "Your magic should be restored, so I don't need that."
image=75px Ao "え~" "Huh?"
image=75px Ao "聞けば聞くほど、この町は特殊だね~" "The more I hear about it, the more special this town is!"
image=75px Juri "まぁ、詫びとして取っといてくれよ" "Well, keep it as an apology."
image=75px Rena "こっちはまだ、戦う余裕はあるわよ!" "There's still plenty of room to fight over here!"
image=75px Ao "別に追ってきてもいいけど、死にかけの子にふたりついて" "I don't mind if you come after me, but follow two of the dying children."
image=75px Ao "残りの人数でどこまで戦えるのかな?" "I wonder how far we can fight with the rest of them?"
image=75px Ao "刺し違える覚悟は必要だよ~?" "You have to be prepared to stab me in the back~?"
image=75px Rena "っ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Ao "…………" "............"
image=75px Juriの声 "おい、妹!行くぞ!" "Hey, sister! Let's go!"
image=75px Ao "…………" "............"
"私を誘ってきたキュゥべえの声も。" "And the voice of Kyubey, who invited me to join him."
"無機質で角張った電波望遠鏡の中…。" "Inside an inorganic, angular radio telescope...."
"そんな気持ちは吹き飛んでしまった。" "Those feelings were blown away."
"私の心を強く揺すったから。" "Because it shook me so hard."
"引き金をゆっくりと絞っていく…。" "Slowly squeezing the trigger...."
"パンッ" "Pang."
"私たちの戦いの…」" "Of our battle..."
"私にもスタートを切った音が聞こえた。" "I heard the sound of a start for me too."
image=75px Iroha "私たちも行きましょうか鶴乃ちゃんたちが待ってます" "Shall we go too, Tsuruno-chan and the others are waiting for us?"
image=75px Yachiyo "そうね" "Yes,"
image=75px Nemu "待ってくれるかな" "Can it wait?"
image=75px Iroha "ん?" "Hmm?"
image=75px Nemu "この時を待っていたんだ" "I've been waiting for this moment."
image=75px Ui "どうしたの、ねむちゃん…?" "What's wrong, Nemu-chan...?"
image=75px Nemu "そこに潜んでるよねひとり" "I know you're lurking out there, one of them."
image=75px Kagome "――っ!?" "--?!"
image=75px Kagome "…………" "............"
Part 11
Name Japanese Translation
image=75px "菴輔ЁЛ*ォ!?" "An-an-uh-uh-uh-uh?
image=75px Kagome "えっ…!?" "What...?
image=75px Iroha "大丈夫!?" "It's okay!"
image=75px Iroha "待っててね、すぐに使い魔を倒すから!" "Just wait for me, I'll defeat the messenger in a minute!"
image=75px Kagome "…………" "............"
image=75px Iroha "私、会ったことがある…" "I've met..."
image=75px Touka "お姉さまのお知り合い?" "You know your sister?"
image=75px Aru-chan "<昔、いろはさんに助けてもらったんだよね?>" "Iroha-san helped you a long time ago, right? >"
image=75px Kagome "はい…" "Yes..."
image=75px Kanagi "なんだ、その人形は…" "What the hell, that doll..."
image=75px Aru-chan "<ごめんなさい…>" "I'm sorry..."
image=75px Aru-chan "<彼女は他人と話すのが得意じゃないから>" "She's not very good at talking to other people."
image=75px Aru-chan "<私がこうして代わりに話すことがよくあるの>" "This is how I often speak for you."
image=75px Aru-chan "<今はすごく緊張してるから、許して欲しい>" "I'm very nervous right now, so forgive me."
image=75px Kanagi "腹話術か、すごい技術だな…" "Ventriloquism, that's an amazing skill..."
image=75px Yachiyo "そこなの…?" "Is that where...?"
image=75px Touka "ただ、盗み聞きはよくないにゃー" "It's just that eavesdropping is not a good idea..."
image=75px Iroha "ごめんね、お名前なんだっけ…?" "I'm sorry, what's your name...?"
image=75px Aru-chan "<自分で言わないと>" "I have to say it myself."
image=75px Kagome "…………うん" "......................................yes."
image=75px Kagome "あの時、自己紹介はしてませんでした…" "I didn't introduce myself at that time..."
image=75px Kagome "私…私は…っていいます…" "I...I'm...I say..."
image=75px Iroha "かごめちゃんは、ここで何をしてたの?" "What were you doing here, Kagome?"
image=75px Kagome "ふぅ…" "Huh..."
image=75px Kagome "私、魔法少女のことについて、手記を纏めてて…" "I was putting together a memoir about a magical girl..."
image=75px Kagome "それで、ここに魔法少女が居るって聞いて…" "So, I heard there was a magical girl here..."
image=75px Kagome "入ってきちゃったんです…" "I just came in..."
image=75px Kagome "ごめんなさい…" "I'm sorry..."
image=75px Iroha "魔法少女について…纏める…?" "About a magical girl... put together...?"
image=75px Kagome "みんなに魔法少女のことを、知ってもらうために" "I'm trying to get everyone to know about magical girls,"
image=75px Nemu "切っ掛けは!?" "What's the occasion?"
image=75px Kagome "キャッ!" "Fuck!"
image=75px Touka "ねむ?" "Nem?"
image=75px Kagome "…………" "............"
image=75px Aru-chan "<彼女が魔法少女のことを纏める切っ掛けになったのは>" "She was the catalyst that helped me put together the whole magical girl thing."
image=75px Aru-chan "<いろはさんに助けてもらったこと>" "What Iroha-san helped me with."
image=75px Aru-chan "<それから魔法少女のことを良く知ってるおじさんに会って>" "And then I met an uncle who knows a lot about magical girls."
image=75px Aru-chan "<世間に魔法少女を知ってもらうために手記を纏め始めたの>" "I started putting together a memoir to let the world know about magical girls."
image=75px Nemu "そうか、合点がいったよ…" "Well, I'm getting to the point..."
image=75px Ui "なんのこと…?" "What do you mean...?"
image=75px Nemu "僕が最後に作ったウワサは、君に憑いていたんだね" "The last rumor I made up was haunting you, wasn't it?"
image=75px Nemu "佐鳥かごめ" "Satori Kagome."
image=75px Touka "それって、ずっとねむが探してたウワサのことー!?" "Is that the rumor that Nemu was looking for all along?"
image=75px Nemu "そう…" "Yeah..."
image=75px Nemu "ウワサは僕の魔力とほとんど同一" "Rumor has it that my magic is almost as strong as yours."
image=75px Nemu "だから君の存在に僕だけがこうして気付いたんだ…" "That's why I'm the only one who found out about your existence like this..."
image=75px Ui "それって、どういうことなの…?" "What does that mean...?"
image=75px Ui "ウワサって残ってるのは桜子ちゃんだけじゃなかったの?" "Wasn't Sakurako the only one left with rumors?"
image=75px Sakurako "|私以外にも残っていることに気付いてはいたけど|" "|I've noticed that there's more than just me left, but..."
image=75px Sakurako "|力が微弱すぎて存在するかも怪しかった|" "The power is so weak that I doubted it even existed."
image=75px Nemu "けど、こうして居る…" "But here I am..."
image=75px Kagome "リィちゃんを知ってるの…?" "You know Li-chan...?"
image=75px Nemu "僕は君に憑いているウワサの生みの親だからね" "I'm the creator of the rumor that's haunting you, you know."
image=75px Kagome "え…" "Eh..."
image=75px Nemu "僕も魔法少女の事が世間に知られていないのが不満だった" "I wasn't happy that the world didn't know about magical girls either."
image=75px Nemu "だから、そのウワサは“風の伝道師のウワサ”は…" "So the rumor is that the 'wind preacher rumor' is..."
image=75px Nemu "僕が世間に魔法少女の事を広げるために作ったんだよ" "I made it to spread the word about magical girls to the world."
image=75px Nemu "先の戦いで命と引き換えにしようと思ってね" "I thought I'd trade my life for the battle ahead."
image=75px Nemu "ただ、引き換えになったのは、足だけだったけど" "But the only thing I got in exchange was my leg,"
image=75px Kagome "私…魔法少女のことを纏めようって決めて…" "I... decided to put together a magical girl..."
image=75px Kagome "でも、怖くて何もできなくて…" "But I was too scared to do anything about it..."
image=75px Kagome "そんな時に出会ったんです…リィちゃんと…" "That's when we met... and Lily and..."
image=75px Kanagi "すまない" "I'm sorry,"
image=75px Kanagi "気になる話ではあるが、帰りながらにしないか?" "I'm curious, but why don't we do it on the way home?"
image=75px Kanagi "夕食当番なのを忘れていて、家族がご立腹らしい" "I forgot that I'm on dinner duty and my family seems to be upset."
image=75px Iroha "…………" "............"
image=75px Iroha "鶴乃ちゃんたち以外に、魔法少女は居な