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Kako Natsume
Kako profile.png
Japanese Name 夏目 かこ (Natsume Kako)
Voiced by Japanese: Eri Suzuki

English: Deneen Melody
Russian: Yekaterina Popova
Mexican Spanish: Elena Chami
Brazilian Portuguese: Wallquiria Santos

ID No: 3011
Release Date (JP): August 22, 2017
Release Date (NA): June 25, 2019

Kako Natsume is one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical Features
Age 13
Eye colour Green
Hair colour Green
Height 150cm
Soul Gem Green open book (ribbon at her throat)
Weapon Spear (Tip resembles a closed book)
Witch Form Andreana
Powers and Abilities Reproduction (Repeat what happened in front of you within the limits of your magic)
Wish “I want to bring back my family's happiness! I want things like they were before... I want Natsume Bookstore back!”
Japanese pronoun watashi ()
Known relatives Unnamed parents
Origins Shinsei Ward
School Kamihama City University Affiliated School, Seventh Grade

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

2★→ 5★



Attribute forest.png


Initial 3267 977 11229

Max at ★2 10310 3190 3851
Max at ★3 13059 4044 4875
Max at ★4 17179 5325 6413
Max at ★5 21291 6609 7949

Max SE 25771 7889 9726
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Icon skill 1078.png Connect: On to the Next Page!

★2 HP Restore [III] & Remove Status Ailments
★3 HP Restore [V] & Remove Status Ailments
★4 HP Restore [VII] & Remove Status Ailments
★5 HP Restore [VIII] & Remove Status Ailments
{{{2}}} Magia: Page of Twinkle Road

★2 Damage to Single Enemy [I] & Regenerate HP (All / 3T)
★3 Damage to Single Enemy [II] & Regenerate HP (All / 3T)
★4 Damage to Single Enemy [IV] & Regenerate HP (All / 3T) & Remove Status Ailments
★5 Damage to Single Enemy [VI] & Regenerate HP (All / 3T) & Remove Status Ailments
{{{2}}} Doppel: Andreana

★5 Damage to Single Enemy [VIII] & Remove Buffs (Target) & Regenerate HP (All / 3 T) & Remove Status Ailments (All)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

2★ +4% +3% +5% +4% +4% +2%
3★ +5% +4% +6% +5% +5% +3%
4★ +6% +5% +7% +6% +6% +4%
5★ +7% +6% +8% +7% +7% +5%

SE +7% +6% +8% +13% +13% +10%
Spirit Enhancement

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1086.png Guard Adept Defense UP [I]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [III] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Icon skill 1216.png MP Boost MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Icon skill 1129.png Regenerate Adept Regenerate HP [IV]

Icon skill 1086.png Crisis Guard Defense UP When At Critical Health [II] & Defense UP [II]

Icon skill 1220.png Doppel Adept Doppel Damage UP [IV] & Magia Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1088.png Magia Adept Magia Damage UP [III]

Icon skill 1089.png Resist Adept Status Ailment Resistance UP [II]

Icon skill 1092.png Blast Adept Blast Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1130.png Fast Mana Up MP Gauge 15% Full on Battle Start

Icon skill 1091.png Charge Adept Charged Attack Damage UP [II]

Icon skill 1129.png Regenerate Circle Regenerate HP [III] (All / 3T) CD: 9 turns


Kako is a bookworm and the only daughter of the family that runs Natsume Books, a used book store in Kamihama. Her mother is a Japanese teacher. Kako's a softy, never acting selfishly, but that doesn't mean she doesn't make herself completely clear when she has to.

Doppel Description

Andreana, Kako's doppel

The Doppel of mistaken steps[1]. Its form is cutting. The master of this emotion fears her Doppel, as it unreservedly swings its blade to chop up everything in sight– even her precious books. Inwardly, though, she also feels a sense of release that she can’t quite describe. Unlike its ever-fearful master, the manifested Doppel chops with its guillotine without ever stopping to think. In addition to its target’s physical body, it shreds any and all magical connections they have. This Doppel can only attack physically from very close range, and sometimes slashes at its allies by mistake, so it tends to leave itself open to attack. But the master of this emotion cannot control it, and so can only remain frozen in fear.

  1. The term used for her Doppel's nature is "Isamiashi". It is a sumo term for when a sumo wrestler attacks too aggressively and steps out of the ring, or a Japanese idiom derived from that term, meaning to act out of impatience and recklessness despite that it probably lead to failure.

Side Story

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

In Kako's narration, she introduces herself as a thirteen year old girl whose family runs a bookshop called "Natsume Library." Her father runs the bookshop, and her mother teaches middle school Japanese classes. Kako narrates she is an ardent booklover. She tells her father the novel he recommended, Furuyashiki Daihachirou's "The Melancholy of a Sugar Glider" was so good she read it in one sitting. Her father recommends another book by the same author called "The Trembling of a Flying Squirrel". Kako enjoyed her life of books until one day everything changed. She sees her father talking on the phone, talking about the bookstore he inherited from his father.

It turns out that a land shark was looking to take Natsume Library, which was the last shop left in the district, and build a mansion over the area. Kako's father had no intention of selling and tells Kako it will be alright. Her father then went around, getting support against the buyer. He initially meets some success, but then he met with harassment. One day Kako finds one of her father's flyers, made to oppose the construction, torn up in front of her shop. She also finds her parent's are fighting, though her father said not to worry. Then one day, the bookstore, which was also their house, burned down. Kako had to restrain her father as he tried to run to the house.

Kako then narrates she saw the culprit. On the day of the fire, she came home from school and picked up the pieces of a poster that was torn up. She then saw a figure in the alleyway next to the house, setting fire to the place. It was a man wearing a long hat and a mask. Kako could only watch in stunned silence. When she decided to leave quietly and get her parents, she was stopped by the man. Barely able to speak, all she could think was that the man was not normal. The man stares at Kako for awhile and then leaves. When Kako returns to her senses, she saw the fire went out of control.

Kako tells everything to her parents and the police. Her parents are just happy she's alright. However, Kako regrets her lack of action. After her family found a temporary home to live in, she returns to the bookstore's ruins thinking she could have done something. Then she sees a girl with a certain white creature. The girl is surprised to find Kako can see Kyubey, and Kako is surprised to find Kyubey talks and knows her name. The girl says it's late, so they can talk another day.

Kako asks around the neighborhood about the girl, but she doesn't get any leads. Then, one day, the girl appears in front of her. She introduces herself as Nanaka Tokiwa. Kyubey introduces himself as well. Nanaka asks if the burnt bookshop was Kako's. When Kako says yes, Nanaka says she heard it was arson and asks if they found the culprit. Kako says they haven't, and Nanaka asks if Kako wants to catch him. Kako, thinking Nanaka means the police, says yes. Kyubey then offers her a contract. Nanaka explains about magical girls. Nanaka believes, based on research from herself and her allies, that the fire at Kako's home was started by a witch. Kako asks if she can catch the culprit if she becomes a magical girl. Kyubey says she can even wish to go back to her old way of life, if she wanted. Nanaka then asks Kako if she has the resolve to risk her life, explaining that fighting witches are dangerous. She tells Kako she has to decide for herself whether to become a magical girl or not.

Kako asks Nanaka what she would do in her position. Nanaka says if it helps achieve her goals she would not hesitate. Nanaka and Kyubey then leave. Kyubey's parting words are that Kako has potential. Kako narrates that ever since she met Nanaka, she couldn't stop thinking she has the chance to fix everything. She wonders if she should do nothing, just like when she did nothing on the day of the fire. She also notices her father has been despondent lately. Kako realizes she's frustrated with herself, but isn't sure she can risk her life. One day, she returns to her bookstore and finds herself in a barrier.

Kako is attacked by a familiar but is saved by Nanaka. Nanaka tells Kako to take deep breaths before explaining the situation. A band of familiars surround the girls. Nanaka says she will fight them, regardless of how many there are. She says that one must carve their destiny with their own hands. Telling Kako to stay back as she attacks. Kako notes that as Nanaka fought she became overwhelmed by her enemies' numbers. Kyubey says Nanaka will be beaten at this rate, and the familiars will turn on Kako next. He offers Kako the chance to become a magical girl and help Nanaka. Nanaka contacts Kako telepathically and says she doesn't need to worry about her. Nanaka says Kako must decide what to do for herself, not for Nanaka's well being. Nanaka is then hit by a familiar, but Kyubey says she's still holding on. Finally Kako makes her wish: To restore her family's happiness and bookstore. As Kyubey creates her Soul Gem, Kako says she won't run away anymore and that she'll fight back.

Together, Nanaka and Kako defeat the familiars. The barrier disappears and Nanaka thinks the witch let them out. Kako is shocked to find that her house and shop are fixed. Nanaka tells Kako that she can go ahead and reacquaint herself with what she lost. Kako apologizes for leaving so soon, and thanks Nanaka. Nanaka says that this was Kako's own decision. After Kako leaves, Kyubey asks if Nanaka was only pretending to lose, to force Kako into making a decision. Nanaka chuckles and says she's hardly that skillful, and indeed she was losing. She says this outcome is the fate Kako chose herself. Kako runs into her restored house and greets her parents. Kako then sneezes, saying she felt a shiver go up her spine.

(Kako's story is continued in Nanaka's Side Story.)

Costume Stories

Halloween Costume
Kako halloween 2018.png

Kako had promised to meet up with Madoka Kaname one day at a restaurant to try out their special Halloween menu. Madoka loves the seasonal decorations and limited menus, and she was especially looking forward to the costume event coming up. Being reminded of the costume event at the Shopping District's Halloween Event dampened Kako's spirits. Even though she had signed up to participate, she still hadn't been able to come up with a costume idea. Seeing Kako's disheartened expression, Madoka asks if Kako perhaps dislikes Halloween because of ghosts and other spooky things. Kako admits she loves Halloween even if she dislikes ghosts, and explains to Madoka her predicament. She had signed up for the event because she had wanted to raise the popularity of the Shopping District in order to attract more customers, but she can't decide on a costume idea that would help liven up the event. Madoka believes that Kako's idea isn't silly at all but suggests Kako wear something that she wants to wear and would think is fun. She tells Kako that the first step to having fun is to "Find what you enjoy!", so she should wear the costume she herself likes the most. Madoka then breaks into a smile and admits that she shouldn't be giving advice since she's in the same boat: she can't come up with a Halloween costume idea either. Kako thinks they should work together to figure out a costume they can both enjoy. Madoka happily agrees and the two get to work.

At the shopping district's Halloween event, Kako and Natsuki get their picture taken in their cute homemade Halloween costumes. Kako made sure to e-mail a copy of the photo to Madoka along with a thank you note. Elsewhere, Madoka is hanging out with Homura when she looks at the photo. At the same time, the two of them realize that Kako and Natsuki match their own Halloween costumes. Homura explains she and Natsuki had worked on them together while Madoka responds that she and Kako had done the same thing. Both girls smile and compliment their two friends.


Event Appearances

Magical Girl Story Appearances

Powers and Abilities

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  • The characters of her last name mean "summer" (夏) and "eye" (目), respectively. This spelling is the same as in the name of Natsume Souseki, a famous Japanese writer. Considering Kako likes to read books and wished for the recovery of her library, this is an interesting connection.


  • Her illustrator is "Shino", who is known as the illustrator and character designer of the Clockwork Planet light novel series.
  • The large flower she wears in her hair is a daffodil, while the smaller one is a daisy. Both represent a new beginning for her bookstore.
  • According to a tweet by Shino, as well as comments in the MagiReco Archive, Vol. 1, her weapon is a bookmark.
  • Kako's halloween outfit is the same as the one Madoka wears in this promotional image.
  • Her Doppel was hinted at in Madoka's chapter of the A la Carte Valentine event.
  • The Doppel's name, Andreana is a word that a given name Andre with a suffix "-ana". This suffix changes the one's name into a mass noun or adjective, and is used in titles of literary works to indicate "the story about one", or as patronym, scientific name honoring one.
    • Andre comes from the Greek word ἀνδρεῖος, which means "manly, brave, stubborn". Thus the name of this Doppel might means "the story of the courageous person".
    • It may instead be named after Tillandsia andreana, a species of Tillandsia plants, identifiable by the wild appearance of their leaves that loosely resemble Kako's hair and their natural propensity to cling wherever they can viably grow (including telephone wires, tree branches, and bare rocks).
  • During Arc 1, only she and Kyubey knew the true nature of Felicia Mitsuki's wish.


Game Gallery

Official Art

Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
Book Resident
(NA: Living with Literature)
Icon skill 1166.pngAccele Draw
Accele Draw 15 turns
Max Limit Break
Accele Draw 13 turns
**Unique to Kako Natsume**
She loves reading and resides in "Natsume Books". Whenever she is at home or the library, she buries herself in words and loses all track of time. A life spent in the company of books is her personal paradise.
Blissful World
(NA: A World of Sheer Bliss)
Icon skill 1120.pngShield Adept
Damage Cut [II] ? turns
Max Limit Break
Damage Cut [III] ? turns
Paradise in my eyes is when books lie in heaped piles around me, and tea and snacks within sight. I turn the pages gradually, not wanting to rush this lovely moment...!「たくさんの本と、目の前にはお茶とお菓子。
I Made Friends!
(NA: I Made Friends!)
Icon skill 1121.pngEsperanza Adept
Normal Passive
Chance to Critical [III] & Attack UP [III]
Max Limit Break
Chance to Critical [IV] & Attack UP [IV]
I get so excited before I go out! What'm I gonna do today with those two? We'll meet up and play, right? And then, you know! Oooh, it'll be sooo fun! But this feeling makes my heart hurt... I remember before I was a Magical Girl, it was like this every day...出かける前からワクワクすんの!今日はふたりと何しよかなーって!
そんで、会って、遊ぶでしょ?そんでそんで、すんごい楽しいの! でもね、ちょっとだけ胸が苦しくなんの…思い出しちゃうんだ、あちし魔法少女になる前って、毎日こんな感じだったなって…
Under the White Camellia
(NA: With the White Camellia)
Icon skill 1119.pngEnhance Weapon
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Damage Increase [VI] (Self / 3T) 8 turns
The four girls were led to each other by an ill fate. Weapons ready, they stand firm to defeat a common enemy. Their beginnings are each different, but what they share is certain. They will thrust ahead until their target is destroyed, for theirs is an alliance of vengeance.数奇な縁に導かれ出会った4人の少女たち

共通する敵を倒すために、刃を揃えて立ち向かう 生まれも育ちも違うけれど、重なり合う点は確かにある

Icon skill 1089.pngRegisterize Circle
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Status Ailment Resistance UP [II] (All / 3T) 10 turns
How can I get you to be happy?

How can I get you to smile? Is the song no good? Is the dancing no good? Then leave it to us, and we’ll cast a spell on you with our spears, bows and arrows, small firearms, various things and prayers.

(MagiRepo S2 #100 Commemoration)
Mischievous Duo
Icon skill 1078.pngHCure Heal
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
HP Restore [I] (Lowest HP Ally) & Defense UP [IV] (Self / 3T) 10 turns
That girl who brings spirit, that girl who smiles while surrounded by books,

Dressed in scary and adorable costumes, they march through the evening town. “Trick or Treat! If you don’t give us sweets, we’ll play a trick on you!”

Even though the two of them are normally so sweet, today’s pranks are anything but sweet.

怖くて可愛い仮装を着こなし、宵の町を練り歩く 「トリックオアトリート!お菓子をくれなきゃイタズラしちゃうぞ!」

The Cloth Cutter Witch
Icon skill 1090.pngConviction
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Accele MP UP [VI] & Defense UP [VI] & MP Regenerate [V]
**Unique to Kako Natsume**
A girl who dreams about old books puts her life on the line to restore the everyday life she loves.

A courageous heart gives birth to a reality that is far from the ideal, and the self-condemnation of being at the mercy of fate. The bookmark is cut off and the warning disappears. Failure after failure cuts everything into pieces.

The future that we choose with the courage to face reality is the heroic tale of a passage.
古書に夢想する少女は 愛しき日常を 取り戻すため 命を懸ける

勇む心が生むのは 理想から遠い現実と 運命に弄ばれた 己の断罪 栞は切断され 訓戒は消失 失敗を繰り返しては 全てを切り刻む

現実と向き合い 振り絞る勇気で 選び取る未来こそ 一節の英雄譚
Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text

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