Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Nanaka Episode

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Part One

Nanaka Tokiwa awakens to find herself in a strange, cloud-filled void. As she looks around, she sees a shadowy copy of herself who explains that this place is like the inside of a dream. The shadow introduces itself as a part of Nanaka, the part of her that's been suppressed deep within her heart. The shadow then tells her that it's always wanted to have a conversation with her and asks her if she wouldn't rather put an end to the charade. She is referring to Nanaka's lust for vengeance. Nanaka refuses to give up on her goal and asks her shadow if she didn't already know this. The shadow says they both know that vengeance is a fruitless endeavor that changes nothing, but even knowing this Nanaka suppressed this knowledge deep within her heart.

Nanaka questions if this shadowy figure is really her because the shadow doesn't understand her need for revenge. It's not the end result of revenge that holds meaning for Nanaka, but rather the act of revenge itself.

Part Two

When Nanaka's father was betrayed by his pupil and fell ill, he would repeatedly tell Nanaka to reclaim their school. All of this is why she began on her path of vengeance and later learned that her true enemies are Witches and Kyubey. The shadow agrees that that is where it all began, but she asks Nanaka where vengeance has actually led her: a life fraught with constant danger in a never-ending struggle against Witches. She questions if the Tokiwa School can even be restored. The shadow is certain that they will eventually burn out if they continue on this path. Nanaka admits that there isn't anything to be gained from her actions, but revenge is still her ultimate goal. Anything that happens afterward is of no concern to her. It's all about her conviction and Nanaka is determined to not waver in that. Her shadow says that even twisted flowers can still bloom, but in Nanaka's eyes a twisted flower is not good enough to be called a Tokiwa flower.

The shadow says it's not done talking with Nanaka. Even though her conviction is holding strong, Nanaka is not alone in her vengeance. She dragged Akira Shinobu, Kako Natsume, and Meiyui Chun down with her into her plans.

Part Three

The shadow accuses Nanaka of using her friends to fulfill her goals. Nanaka admits to herself that this much is true: she was the one to point out that they all had a common enemy in a specific Witch that had affected all of their lives. And while she had originally planned to have them help her in her ultimate goal of revenge, none of those girls would have been aware of their connection if she hadn't pointed it out and brought them all together. In this way, the shadow believes that Nanaka is no better than those old pupils who used the Tokiwa school for their own ends. The shadow once more urges Nanaka to give up on her revenge so she can set her friends free. It points out the guilt that Nanaka is now feeling and asks her to remember what she did to cause them to meet.

Nanaka recalls that her and her team were fighting off a Witch together. They had managed to corner it and Akira had begun her attack on the Witch only for the Witch to disappear. The Witch reappeared near Kako and began to target her. But Kako was weakened from their fight and couldn't do much to defend herself. Nanaka leaped in and shielded Kako from the Witch's attacks. Akira and Meiyui jumped in to fight off the Witch and Nanaka woke up to find herself in that cloudy void.

The shadow points out how Nanaka risked her life to defend Kako and wonders if she didn't unconsciously protect her in order to redeem herself. Nanaka insists she didn't save Kako to redeem herself. The shadow urges Nanaka to repent once more, but Nanaka isn't having it. She admits to using her friends for her own purposes, but she would never throw their lives away either. Nanaka still believes it was fate that brought them together to fight a common enemy. Nanaka describes it akin to several flowers in a single vase, each one supporting the other. The shadow still has its doubts, however. Nanaka believes she needs to hold on to her conviction and never waver. The shadow is content for now, but she will continue to watch Nanaka's journey from the depths of her heart.

Nanaka awakens once more to find her teammates standing over her. They're relieved to find that Nanaka has awakened and is alright. Nanaka asks if the Witch was defeated and Akira assures her it was. She turns to Kako and tells her not to worry about anything since they are teammates after all. Meiyui finds her choice of words a bit odd for Nanaka, but Akira is more worried about making sure Nanaka is seen by Mitama in case there's any real damage. Nanaka wonders if she should ask Mitama about her shadowy self. Kako interrupts her train of thought to thank her for earlier. Nanaka smiles and thinks to herself that she truly feels the way she does. Each one of them is their own flower, supporting one another with their shared fate.

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