Magia Record Story Night Fairytale ~You Were At the Water's Edge~

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The following is a summary posted on Discord by Mochi.

Part 1

Episode 1

Madoka, Sayaka, and Homura visit an old house for a beach vacation. Mami, Kyouko, Nagisa will come later and are currently patrolling Mitakihara and Kazamino until Madoka's group comes back. Kyosuke apparently was supposed to go there but he is too busy with music, so he let the girls go in his place. The owner (old lady model) greets them and explains that it's being renovated to rent out rooms, but they're welcome to stay. She teases sayaka saying she's a cute girlfriend for kyosuke. In one of the rooms they find the toy robot, the owner says there are things that have been left there for generations.

Episode 2

Team Madoka meets team I Made Friends at the beach. Kako explains that there is a (yes, another) tale at the beach: the "voice of the waves" where if you can hear the voice, you'll stay friends with whoever you're with forever. Ayame and Felicia fight, saying they're not friends as usual. Kako invites Madoka's team to come check for the tale with them. They go to the lighthouse and talk about leaving a message in a bottle, each putting a letter and some treasure in for someone to find years later. A man comes out and tells them that they don't litter anymore, but instead are making a time capsule that won't be opened for 30 years. Ayame draws a picture to put in the bottle because she's not good at essays. Felicia joins her and they stuff two messages into a bottle.

Episode 3

First night, Homura wakes up and finds Sayaka standing around. Sayaka shows her the toy robot is moving on its own before it takes off outside. They chase after it, Sayaka steps on a branch and thinks the robot noticed her and took off faster. They think it's heading to the ocean before it stops in its tracks from a kitten meowing at it. It then runs back into the villa.

Episode 4

Next morning, they explain what happened to Madoka, who is mad they didn't wake her up to go chase after it. They start talking with telepathy thinking that will trick the robot into moving again later. After breakfast they get changed and Sayaka yells that they're going to the beach, but she plans on them hiding behind a tree. The robot does in fact come out of the villa, and they give chase. They run into the IMF team who came back for another day trip and get caught by the robot. It comes back and they realize the robot understands them and try to communicate with it.

Ayame and Felicia fight over who gets to give it a cool name. Player choices are "Leave it to Ayame" or "Leave it to Felicia". Ayame names it Super Roboda? but it doesn't seem to like it. Felicia names it MooMoo-kun since it "has eyes, a mouth, and a horn," to which the robot just ignores her.

Madoka then asks Sayaka to give it a name. Player choices are "Robocchi, because it's a robot" or "Buusuke, because it's blue." Robocchi is another miss. Buusuke gets a weak reaction. Either way, Felicia jumps in and says since it's so unreasonable they should just call it "piece of junk" and move on. Sayaka suggests naming it "Ponta" after the "pon" noise it makes, which it seems to like.

Episode 5

They spent the whole day following Ponta, who ends up standing atop a rock looking out towards the ocean. They wonder what it's looking for. Kako thinks maybe it's listening for the "voice of the waves" like they were yesterday. Madoka's team wonder if they can try to help it look again tomorrow, since they have to go back to patrolling Mitakihara and Kazamino while Mami and the others switch out with them. IMF team rush home after realizing how late it is. After sending them home and informing Yachiyo and Konoha (AKA the parents), Ponta jumps on Sayaka, who it seems to have taken a liking to.

That night, Sayaka finds the kitten inside, and the janitor of the villa says it got separated from its parents so it hangs out at the villa. He also says he would like to adopt the kitten when it's grown up enough. Felicia messages Madoka to let her know she got home safely, but also mentions she saw a sleepy-looking ghost on her way to the train station, and that it looked vaguely like Kako. The third morning begins.

Episode 6

Mami and Nagisa arrive, Kyouko got the date wrong and is on her way. Mami asks Sayaka to stay, Sayaka explains Ponta to her, Mami suggests she stays while Madoka and Homura take care of both Mitakihara and Kazamino (how are they handling 2 cities each night??).

Later that day, Ponta is back searching the beach. Kids at the beach notice Ponta, so Sayaka tosses a floatie at them to distract them. The kitten then shows up again, scaring Ponta. Mami asks Nagisa to play with the kitten until Ponta can get away. Sayaka catches up and finds Ponta at the lighthouse alone, Sayaka remarks that it must have heard the voice of the waves and wants to go home.

They start heading back and find everyone standing around. Madoka telepathically tells Sayaka to don't say anything because Nagisa is sleeping under a tree next to the kitten. She spent the entire time playing with the kitten, with Mami calling her the hero of the day.

Episode 7

Madoka and Homura leave. That night, Sayaka wakes up to Ponta leaving again, gets changed and heads to the lighthouse with it again. Sayaka mentions she can hear the waves farther away at night since it's so quiet, closes her eyes, and feels like something weird is happening, like there's magic nearby.

Kushu erases a barrier and notices Sayaka with her eyes closed. She asks Sayaka if she's hurt or anything, surprising her. Sayaka asks Kushu if she's the ghost she's heard about, to Kushu's confusion. She notices the girl doesn't look sleepy, so it must have been a misunderstanding. Her name is (I'm guessing here) Irina Kushu. Sayaka explains Ponta, magic robot, voice of the waves, etc. Kushu mentions there's an adjuster nearby that could probably help -- Livia.

Episode 8

Puella Care just happens to be in the neighborhood. Livia says she'll handle the customers and tells Yozuru and Sudachi they can get to bed. The villa they've been staying at, Sayaka learns, is outside the city, on the other side of the mountains, but still within Kamihama limits, and thus still safe from witching. Sayaka asks how she should address Kushu, "san" or "chan," since she's 2nd year of middle school. Kushu says whatever's fine, but she's probably 1 year older, but if she stays in school, Sayaka might catch up to her? Sayaka says no, you don't usually stay in junior high the whole time. Kushu has a hurt look on her face, Sayaka asks Livia if she said something wrong. Kushu probably has some touchy subject regarding her age or school, but Livia doesn't know anything about her.

Livia suspects the robot is a toy a mahou shoujo uses magic on, since she's seen some girls capable of that in her line of work. She then switches to "used", since the doll appears to be very old -- some decades old. She says the magic is specifically to follow a purpose set on it, in this case the doll awakens to find the voice of the waves, and upon finding it, deliver something or a message to someone. Livia comments that it's a piece of junk, and the magic on it will probably be gone in 2-3 days tops. Livia offers to find out exactly what kind of magic is in it, since she's all about giving her customers value.

Episode 9

Next morning, Sayaka explains last night to Mami and Nagisa. Livia saw fragmented memories inside the doll. She saw a memory of a hot summer, and two girls heading to the ocean. The two girls were named Ecchan and Misa-chan. She didn't recognize their uniforms, so they must be decades old. They were looking around the beach area for the voice of the waves. They knew if they heard the voice together, they would be friends forever. They called it the "Legend of BFFs" (it's a shortening of "friends forever" in JP). She also heard them singing about Andromeda and something about the mouth of a fish. Kushu recognizes that as Hoshi Meguri no Uta by Miyazawa Kenji ("Song of Star-Crossing" maybe?). Livia is surprise Kushu knows that, then continues that the girls found a shrine, saying something about the leaves of paper mulberry (heyo event connections).

Livia continues to the 2nd memory, saying that Misa was a mahou shoujo, asking another for a favor -- to cast a spell on the doll that is now Ponta. The other girl worked for payment, much like adjusters do, using useful magic for others. She couldn't see anything else of use from that memory, though, guessing it was about finding that voice in the waves. Sayaka and Kushu agree that they need to do more research.

Episode 10

Sayaka returns to the villa and explains the story to Mami and Nagisa. Nagisa says she wants to go hear the voice with Mami (aww). Kako calls with some info for Sayaka, that the mulberry leaf and voice of the waves gave her a hint about a legend from hundreds of years ago: The Legend of the Paper Mulberry Leaf. It was based on a true story that happened in Kamihama, where two girls met in war and worked together to defeat an evil lord. One theory is that they met by nada no yobigoe, or "The Call of the Sea"... a place where the currents are strong (wow look at all these event connections). Sayaka concludes that the call of the sea must be the voice of the waves, to which Kako agrees. That old legend continued on but as a folktale / urban legend in modern days. Where those two met was where the shrine is built that they came across earlier.

Mami, Nagisa, and Sayaka wonder why everyone is supposedly hearing this voice, thinking it could either just be the wind or possibly magic. The villa owner comes by and mentions when she was their age she went out with a friend to try to find the voice too. The owner says the girl she went with always asked her to sing. She starts singing lyrics from the star song Livia mentioned earlier, including the same parts she had heard. Sayaka asks her if she went by Ecchan back then. The owner says she did -- her name is Etsuko, hence Ecchan. She says she can't remember if she heard the voice with her friend (Misa) back then or not. In fact, she can't remember her friend -- her face, her name, anything. The mahou shoujo Misa-chan, who entrusted Ponta with an important task, was gone from her best friend Etsuko's memory.

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