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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Part 1

Suzune is in the city because of Kyubey's manipulations. It mentioned to her about a city where they've lost all sources on: Kamihama, knowing full well that Suzune is a PM assassin, so she deducts that Kyubey is using this to either remove her out of the picture or use her to kill off all Puella Magis in a city they have no more control of. She still took the bait as it is part of her reason to live.

Once there, she uses her old trick: helping Kokoro who is facing many familiars and giving a surprise attack to kill her after saving her and introducing each other. Kokoro was spared since Masara is around using her magic to stay invisible, blocking the surprise attack and covering Kokoro's back as she retreats.

Since she need intel, Suzune travels the town and uses another old trick: getting into a witch barrier to wait for victims to appear. However, the familiars in Kamihama are stronger and in larger numbers than expected, so she has no choice but to kill them all before she gets killed instead.

Before she can cure her wounds, she meets Akira who is here after detecting presence of familiars. Suzune pretends to have hurt herself by accidentally cutting herself on the sharp edges of the wall. Wanting info, she took Akira's offer for a place to rest. On the other hand, Akira also wants to ensure that Suzune is not kissed by the witch. They head to Emily's shop where today it's Akira's turn to look after it. Suzune is dismayed that Akira did all the talking and even managed to make her talk and give out some information about herself instead. Just as she begins to slowly enjoy Akira's presence, Nanaka appears.

Nanaka's passive aggressive attitude and fake smile reminds Suzune of herself and she takes her guard. She flees when Nanaka tears open her lies and alibi. This angers Akira though, since she felt Nanaka is being unreasonably mean, although Nanaka gave a sigh of relive that Akira is alright, and informs her that Suzune is the enemy of all PMs.

Suzune decides to try her old trick again: hiding in witch barriers until the target arrives. The victim is once again Kokoro, but this time she puts up a fight since she is not caught blind. Nanaka and Akira join in the fray.

Suzune bails since she is outnumbered and outclassed. Nanaka is disappointed that her deduction was correct and she consoles the shocked Akira. Kokoro and Nanaka formally introduces themselves, though Nanaka also politely asks Masara to come out as well since she believes there is another with Kokoro judging by how she acts. Masara complies, and they make formal introductions.

Part 2

Nanaka teams up with Akira, Meiyu, Kokoro and Masara to deal with Suzune. Akira wants to talk first but she assures Nanaka she will fight if she has to. Wanting no bloodshed, Nanaka makes plans with the team.

Since they know her trick, Akira is able to meet Suzune, and only get that she wants to kill all Puella Magi and refuses to explain why since "it is for your own good". Since she is not one to say okay when people ask her to die, Akira duels with Suzune.

Suzune notes that Akira is stronger and faster than she is and considers retreat. Here, Nanaka and Kokoro joined in, making Suzune decide to retreat after all. Akira chases Suzune but is killed, and Suzune manages to kill Nanaka, Kokoro, and Masara in all of the confusion. After making sure that she has crushed their soul gems, Suzune retreats.

On the streets, she sees people taking pictures of her. She asks about it, and a guy told her that someone is looking for her on Kamihama's Local Community SNS. Alarmed, Suzune considers her options and decides to leave town since she did not want to risk anything more and it is hard to assassinate people if she is under check by the community. She does that and heads to the town of Hohzuki.

It is revealed that Nanaka and gang faked their deaths using Meiyu's magic that can hide the truth from those affected by it. What others see is their real dead bodies and no illusion, but the drawback is that Meiyu has to be near the subject where she casts her spell upon them.

Meiyu informs Nanka that while her spell will lead their target to the end they want, the affected person is in perfect control of the means and notes that she is directing her attacks towards the soul gem. In addition, she noted that someone has messed with Suzune's mind due to the noise she can detect.

Nanaka's plan is then explained: Since they did not want to see bloodshed on either side (more like Kokoro and Akira do not want to see bloodshed. Nanaka, Masara and Meiyu seems okay with the notion of killing Suzune whom they think is as equally disastrous as witches, but decide not to do the deed since it might affect teamwork), she had Meiyu use her magic to trick Suzune, then used the influence of the Chinese Triad Meiyu is part of to get people to take pictures of Suzune to scare her away.

In addition, Nanaka also has Meiyu and the Triad spread word of the Ripper which has Suzune's operation method down to every single detail except name to warn other Puella Magi of this dangerous assassin. The rumor is the same as the one shown in Suzune's series which poses much difficulty for her to score targets. Kokoro and Masara thanked Nanaka and team for their help and they officially become friends of sort.

Chisato and Arisa regret their outbursts and patch up with the help of Kako. With info from Kako's network of old bookshops, they found Chisato's targeted book in a recycling area.

At first, Chisato is confused with the story which makes little sense, but under Arisa's suggestion, she read the back of the book and notices her name. This is when she remembered that she is the one who designed and drew the main character of the book, and this is the proof of her bond with her father before he went abusive. She is reduced to a sobbing mess since she felt guilty for her wish which erased the man her father once was. She brought the book back home as a treasure.

The event serves as a prologue to the Suzune manga since it gives the origin of the Ripper rumor.