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Part One

Episode One

Kokoro Awane catches her breath as she finishes off a Familiar in a Witch’s barrier. As she does so, she’s quickly surrounded by countless more Familiars. She starts to get overwhelmed when a mysterious Magical Girl appears and makes short work of them all with her magia attack. Kokoro thanks the girl for saving her life, gushing about how impressive she was. The girl smiles and asks Kokoro for her name. Kokoro apologizes for being rude and introduces herself. The girl smiles back, replying her name is Suzune. With that, Suzune says “Farewell” and strikes at Kokoro.

- A Suzune Amano Story -

Episode Two

Arisa Narumi calls over to her friend Chisato Shion. She points out a pastry stand to her friend, casually mentioning how hungry she is. Chisato sighs as Arisa prods her to go until Chisato reluctantly admits she’s hungry too. Arisa smiles and offers to treat Chisato. Arisa promises to be right back and runs off to get each of them a filled crêpe. Chisato sighs once more. The two of them didn’t come to Kamihama to buy sweets, but to find a picture book Chisato’s father had once written. Arisa returns with their treats and both of them bite in. The crêpes are delicious and now Arisa wants to try all the flavors they have. Chisato wants to try a chocolate one until she remembers why they’re there and scolds Arisa for distracting them.

- An Arisa Narumi and Chisato Shion Story -

Episode Three

Suzune swings at Kokoro but somehow she misses. Neither of them knows if Suzune missed or if Kokoro somehow dodged, but Kokoro is more stunned at the fact that Suzune attacked her unprovoked. Suzune promises her she won’t miss again and swings her blade once more, aiming for the Soul Gem at Kokoro’s throat. Confused, Kokoro asks Suzune if she’s trying to kill her but Suzune doesn’t respond. Instead she aims another strike at Kokoro. Kokoro hears a voice telepathically warn her to attack Suzune and run. Kokoro recognizes the voice from the telepathy and strikes back at Suzune. Suzune blocks the attack with her blade but before she can attack again, Suzune is struck from behind. A voice from nowhere urges Kokoro to hurry and Kokoro wastes no time in running away. Suzune curses her luck and wonders if magic was the reason she couldn’t see the second assailant. She tells herself the girls of Kamihama may be tougher than she’d imagined they’d be.

Kokoro catches her breath once more as she finishes running through a nearby ward. She notices that Suzune hasn’t chased after her and thanks Masara Kagami for coming to her rescue. Masara casts off her invisibility, having gone after Kokoro when she heard her friend had found a labyrinth. She asks Kokoro why that girl was attacking her but Kokoro has no clue. All she does know is that the girl’s name is Suzune. Masara has never heard of her, but she can tell this new girl is a serious threat.

Episode Four

Chisato was on the hunt for a picture book her father had written. Her father used to be a picture book illustrator until Chisato changed him with magic. Chisato’s father used to be a very popular artist known for his distinct art style. But interest in him gradually waned and eventually his books stopped selling. He turned to drinking and everyday he would take out his frustrations on his wife. Chisato’s mother did her best to endure it and support the family but eventually her body gave out and she passed away. Chisato’s father then turned to Chisato to take out all his frustrations. Chisato bore it as best she could until she couldn’t take it anymore. That’s when Kyubey appeared and Chisato made her wish for her father to turn into a kind, upstanding man. The perfect father. However, due to her wish her father no longer is a picture book illustrator anymore since he’s too busy being the perfect father.

Chisato had confided all of this to Arisa. Arisa had told her she didn’t do anything wrong since her mother wouldn’t have wanted her father to keep illustrating books if it meant it would hurt her. Hearing that brought Chisato back up, and it was probably the reason Arisa had offered to go with her. When prompted, Arisa says she had free time and admits she was curious to see the book her father had written before Chisato had made her wish.

Episode Five

Suzune thinks about Kokoro and concludes there are many different kinds of Magical Girls in Kamihama. She had finished killing all the Magical Girls in the city where she lived and had just finished enrolling at Akanegazaki Middle School in Hozuki City when Kyubey found her. Kyubey had informed Suzune of a city where no Incubator could enter. He also informed her that many Magical Girls were gathering in this same city, knowing full well what Suzune had been doing. Suzune figures Kyubey was only letting her know so she’d go into the city and have the tables turned on her. Suzune came to Kamihama City to investigate it and put an end to any Magical Girls she may meet, in order to end the cycle of Magical Girls’ suffering.

Episode Six

Suzune had resolved to kill all of the Magical Girls in Kamihama. After her failed run-in with Kokoro, she decided to investigate further. Suzune had gone with her classic tactic of finding a Witch’s barrier and hiding out inside until another Magical Girl appeared to take care of it. However, she was surprised to find how surprisingly vicious the Familiars in this city could be. Even Suzune was having a hard time fending them all off as she waited, instead deciding to simply end them all with her magia attack. As the barrier dissipates, Suzune chides herself for the sloppy handiwork and notes she has to heal herself. She hears a voice calling out to her asking if she’s hurt and Suzune is soon approached by Akira Shinobu.

Episode Seven

Several Days Earlier
A classmate of Chisato had randomly approached her and showed her a picture of a book on social media. Chisato recognized it as one of the books her father had written. Her classmate had thought it cool and told Chisato that someone had happened to find a copy of one of his books in Kamihama City. The classmate asked Chisato if it was considered a rare book since it was written a good while ago but Chisato couldn’t say. Chisato remembered her father as someone filled with hope who had wanted to inspire young readers with dreams of their own. But his goal was eventually warped by the world around him and by his own self, so Chisato had tried to keep a healthy distance from the work he had created. Her classmate happily sends the link to Chisato so she can check it out for herself. Her classmate asks Chisato (who is already looking uncomfortable at this point) if she doesn’t already have a copy of the book at home since one would naturally assume the original author would have kept copies of his books. Arisa goes up and asks their classmate if she isn’t trying to bully Chisato into selling her copies of the books or trying to get something out of her in return. The classmate denies this, saying she was just showing Chisato a weblink and runs away from the fiercely scowling Arisa. Chisato thanks Arisa for coming to her rescue. Arisa tells Chisato she shouldn’t let others push her around and says if it were her, she’d punch them right in the face.

Arisa was also a Magical Girl, but she had wished to be stronger than everyone else around her. But before long, she was abusing her power and even lost control to it. At first Arisa and Chisato were antagonistic with each other, but overtime they opened up to one another and became friends. After that, they were joined by Haruka Kanade and Matsuri Hinata and the four of them became a team.

Arisa asks Chisato if she’s reminiscing about her dad since Chisato had a long look on her face. Chisato tells her her dad isn’t dead, but Arisa thinks the old version of him is. Chisato agrees so Arisa tells her to stop thinking about it since it’s not something she wants to remember.

Episode Eight

Several Days Earlier at 13:36
Chisato explains it’s not her dad she’s thinking about, but the picture book. It was one she really loved from before things with her dad went south. After that, Chisato couldn’t even look at the books he’d written so she didn’t remember most of them, but that one book that she loved she can still remember it vividly. The book their classmate had found was called “The Adventures of Dumpling Boy” but sadly Chisato can’t remember what the book was about. She can’t even remember the title of the book she loved but the image of its cover is burned in her memory. Arisa asks if she doesn’t have a copy at home but her home no longer has any picture books anywhere.

For whatever reason, Chisato can’t put the image of that found book from her mind. Something in it triggered her curiosity and wouldn’t let go, so that’s when she resolved to travel to Kamihama and find the book. Arisa thinks it’s a little far to go for just a book but Chisato says she checked online auction sites and couldn’t find any other picture books from her father. Also, the person who made the post originally didn’t reply when she asked him what bookstore he went to. With no other leads, Chisato is still determined to go and look for the book. Arisa offers to go with her since she’s free and the whole situation has piqued her own curiosity.

However, once they arrived in Kamihama all Arisa could do was go from one sweet shop to another, much to Chisato’s annoyance. They continue to keep their eyes peeled for a used bookstore called Natsume Books, a small used books store that is famous for its stock of unique books. But no matter where they look, they can’t find the store. Chisato flags down a passing older lady and asks if she knows where Natsume Books is. The woman isn’t sure, so she calls over Akira, who happens to be in the area.

Episode Nine

Akira asks Suzune if her arm is hurt. Suzune pretends to have just scraped her arm when she fell against the wall. Akira offers her a bandage and asks if Suzune gets light-headed easily. Suzune nods, so Akira offers to take her somewhere she can rest but Suzune declines. Akira offers to call someone for Suzune, but when Suzune declines once more Akira takes her leave. Considering she still needs to gather more intel on Kamihama, Suzune decides to get close to Akira and calls out for her. Akira comes back and Suzune tells her she changed her mind. Akira offers to take her somewhere she can rest, though she’s not sure how much she’ll be able to relax there. Akira had sensed a Witch or Familiar in the area and wonders if Suzune didn’t get involved with it somehow. Considering that, Akira thinks its best if she can keep an eye on Suzune to makes sure she’s ok.

Episode Ten

Akira takes her to a small stall set up at a shopping center, Emiri’s Consultation Services. Akira shows Suzune a chair where she can sit while she explains they’re borrowing some of the space under the shopping center roof to run a little consultation service stand. Akira explains she’s not the one that gives advice (although she helps with what she can), but Emiri Kisaki isn’t here at the moment. Suzune smiles and thanks Akira for her help. She introduces herself to Akira, so Akira introduces herself in return. She then goes to get the disinfecting supplies she’d bought the other day to clean up Suzune’s arm. Suzune decides to rest there for awhile while she gathers information from Akira.

Episode Eleven

The older woman calls over Akira, calling it perfect timing. Since Akira is friends with Kako from Natsume Books, Akira offers to take them there herself rather than just give them directions. Chisato says that’s ok and would be content with the directions, but Akira insists she has nothing to do at the moment. From Akira’s point of view, she’d be losing customers for Kako Natsume if she didn’t make sure they got there. Chisato is still hesitant but Arisa tells her not to complain and happily takes up Akira on her offer.

Episode Twelve

The group soon arrives at Natsume books where Kako appears to greet them. Akira says goodbye to Kako and takes off, but not before Chisato thanks her once more for her help. Chisato turns to Kako and tells her they’re looking for a book called “The Adventures of Dumpling Boy”. Kako says she can check in their files to see if they have it (although not every single books makes it into their inventory files). While she looks, she tells Arisa and Chisato they’re more than welcome to look around for themselves.

Episode Thirteen

Arisa finds a book and calls over Chisato to take a look at it, but it’s not the book they’re looking for. Chisato scolds Arisa for getting sidetracked again. Arisa knows it’s not the right book, but she still wants Chisato to look at it. Chisato skims through the picture book’s pages, reading a story about a kindly Witch that drove away a wolf that was terrorizing a village only for the villagers to exile her after mistakenly blaming her for the wolf’s actions. The word “witch” in the story brings up a different meaning for the two Magical Girls, but Arisa agrees that rejection is a hard thing to deal with. Chisato realizes that Arisa is referring to her own past as Arisa continues to flip through the pages. Chisato reminds them they’re here to look for a different book so Arisa laughs it off as her being distracted again. The two girls search through every inch of Natsume Books but the book is nowhere to be found.

Episode Fourteen

Suzune had intended to question Akira about Kamihama, but due to Akira’s affable personality, she ended up talking about herself instead. After Akira insisted on being called the more familiar “Akira” rather than “Shinobu-san”, she asks Suzune about the school she goes to and finds out she’s from Hozuki City (or will be once she moves). Suzune says she had business here in the city so Akira starts gushing and going on about her friend Emiri. When Akira tells a funny anecdote about her friend, Suzune smiles and laughs along. At first she did it to show she was listening, but deep inside Suzune admits she was laughing for reals a little and may have been enjoying herself more than she thought she would. She can’t remember the last time she spent time with someone like this, just talking and enjoying themselves. Nanaka Tokiwa soon appears, having errands to do in the area and deciding to stop by and say hi. She notices the newcomer so Akira introduces her to Suzune and Nanaka smiles as she greets her. Suzune stiffens up, recognizing the fake smile Nanaka had as the same kind of fake smile she uses as well.

Episode Fifteen

Seeing the fake smile on Nanaka puts Suzune on high alert. Nanaka casually asks Akira how the two of them met. Akira explains she met Suzune when she noticed the injury on her arm as she was passing by. She had brought Suzune to the stand to get her patched up and let her rest since she was injured after getting dizzy and scraping her arm on a wall. Nanaka asks Akira if she wasn’t there when she was injured but Akira says she wasn’t. Nanaka then asks where Suzune is from since she doesn’t recognize her school uniform. When Suzune responds she’s from Hozuki City, Nanaka questions which school exactly. Akira tries to get Nanaka to calm down with the questioning, but Nanaka soon points out that Suzune is from out of town. Next, Nanaka questions Suzune on what brought her here to their city. Suzune doesn’t answer immediately so Nanaka begs forgiveness for how blunt she can come across. Nanaka says she’s only curious so Suzune replies she’s here to visit a friend. Seeing as the course of questioning is becoming more direct, Suzune says she feels better now and thanks Akira for her help before leaving.

Akira calls out to her before turning to Nanaka and calling her rude for grilling someone like that. Nanaka tells Akira she’s just glad she’s safe since she had sensed that something bad might happen, which is the real reason she came over. She knows for a fact that the girl named “Suzune” is their enemy.

Episode Sixteen

The two have searched everywhere but the book is nowhere to be found. Kako comes back and tells them that sadly the book isn’t in their files. Chisato looks a bit downhearted as she thanks Kako for her help. Kako asks Chisato why she’s so intent on finding that book, but Chisato isn’t so sure herself. All she knows is she has to see the book for herself to know what it is. Kako asks if she can’t help them find the book and promises not to get in their way. Chisato initially declines since Kako has helped them out already and it would be too much bother, but Arisa urges Chisato to let Kako help. Since Kako is familiar with Kamihama and is really passionate about books (being the daguther of a bookseller and all), she would be the perfect person to count on for a mission like this. Chisato finally relents and Kako is more than happy to help them out. The three introduce themselves to one another.

Part Two

Episode Seventeen

Suzune thinks back to how Nanaka acted when she first saw Suzune. She never stopped staring at her as she put on a fake smile and kept probing her for answers, like she suspected her of something. Suzune wonders why she would be so suspicious of her unless it was because Suzune was a foreigner to the city as well as a stranger. Although she has no evidence, Suzune’s gut feeling is telling her that Nanaka is a Magical Girl as well. Suzune decides this changes nothing about her method of working and decides to lay another trap down near a Witch in hopes of catching Nanaka in it, and in that way confirming she’s a Magical Girl.

Suzune soon senses a nearby Witch and tracks it down to its labyrinth. Rather than be overwhelmed by Familiars once more, she decides instead to hide outside of the labyrinth. Before her plan can be put into action, she hears someone scream and find that the Magical Girl that was lured to her trap was none other than Kokoro. Kokoro, recognizing Suzune from before, demands to know who she is but Suzune answers with a swing of her sword instead.

Episode Eighteen

Kokoro fights back, determined to make Suzune tell her who she is. The two trade blows, with Kokoro once more asking who Suzune is. But Suzune tells her she already knows what her name is, so any further talk is pointless. Nanaka appears from the shadows, saying she’s very interested in what Suzune has to say as well. Seeing her transformed, Suzune confirms her suspicions that Nanaka was a Magical Girl as well. Nanaka introduces herself to Kokoro and asks what happened. Kokoro explains she was attacked and wanted to know why. Nanaka asks Kokoro if she wasn’t tracking her, to which Kokoro admits she was. It is then that Nanaka calls out for Akira, who was also hiding in the shadows. Suzune is surprised to see that Akira is a Magical Girl as well. Akira asks Suzune why she did what she did.

Episode Nineteen

Kako offers to call a different old bookstore where her father knows the owner to see if they might have it. Kako asks that they give her an hour so Arisa suggests they finish reading the book about the Witch. Chisato doesn’t want to just waste time though, so she suggests they search in some of the nearby stores and come back once the hour is over. Kako doesn’t mind at all and Chisato thanks her once more for her help.

Outside the bookstore, Arisa tells Chisato to slow down since Chisato is practically running from the store. Chisato turns around and is visibly upset with Arisa. She tells Arisa there’s a time and place for kidding around and that was not the time, especially when she made such a rude suggestion. She then points out how Arisa had Kako for help without any consideration. Aria yells, “I get it already!” before accusing Chisato of always nagging at her. Arisa points out you should do everything you can to achieve your goals and didn’t find anything wrong with accepting Kako’s help when she’s the one that offered it. She point out how uptight Chisato can be and informs her she thinks about what she says and does too. Her only thought at that moment was how much Chisato had wanted to find that book. Having said what she wanted to, Arisa tells Chisato she’s going to go back into the bookstore and finish reading her book while she waits for Kako. Chisato decides to continue searching through the nearby stores so Arisa says bye and goes back.

Episode Twenty

Akira asks Suzune why she’s attacking Magical Girls and if that’s the reason her arm was hurt. But Suzune doesn’t answer any of Akira’s questions. As Akira questions her, Suzune considers her odds. It’s three girls against one so she knows even she has no chance in this fight. Suzune decides to make her escape and uses her Heat Shimmer, where she uses her flames to cause the air to bend like a mirage, making it seem like she disappeared. Nanaka’s suspicion has been confirmed, Suzune is the enemy. She knows they need to think their next move calmly, but Akira is still shocked at what just happened, even if she’s only known Suzune for a short while. Nanaka asks Kokoro for her name and then asks for the name of the person with her. She could tell that Kokoro was looking in a different direction when they first arrived at the scene of the scuffle. Masara’s voice can be heard as she materializes, telling Nanaka she was waiting for the right moment to catch Suzune. Masara and Nanaka introduces themselves to one another.

Episode Twenty-One

Suzune pauses to catch her breath after having run off a considerable distance. She thinks about Nanaka and wonders if Nanaka’s intuition was just that good. She shakes off the thought and realizes that the only explanation is if it were Nanaka’s magic ability that told her Suzune was trouble. She knows Nanaka is going to be a threat to her. Twice now she’s also failed to kill Kokoro. Just like her first encounter with her, something seemed to be off during the entire fight but Suzune can’t place what it is just yet. No matter, Suzune is determined to finish off Kokoro next time for sure. Sadly, she has realized that Akira is a Magical Girl as well. As much as it pains her, it makes no difference. She’ll have to kill Akira as well.

Suzune recalls her conversation with Kyubey that led her here. She had told Kyubey she was going to continue her work of exterminating all Magical Girls. Kyubey couldn’t understand why she did what she did, but he wasn’t going to stop her either. Suzune asked Kyubey if he was just waiting for someone to kill her and Kyubey didn’t deny it. Suzune tells herself there isn’t any Incubator that can stop her from cutting the nightmare chain that all Magical Girls are linked to. She knows she has to kill every Witch, Familiar, and Magical Girl since they will eventually become Witches. She apologizes to Akira, but even Akira will have to be killed.

Episode Twenty-Two

Arisa thinks about the argument she just had with Chisato. When Chisato had said all of those things, Arisa just started yelling right back. She didn’t mean some of the things she said, but either way she had gone back to Natsume Books. Inside the book store, Kako is surprised to see Arisa back so soon but Arisa explains they decided to split up for now. Kako has some good news, but before she can tell Arisa about it, she notices the long look on Arisa’s face. She asks her if something isn’t wrong. Arisa realizes her face is giving away her mood all too clearly and reassures Kako that nothing is wrong. She tells Kako that something did happen but it happens all the time so it’s nothing to worry about. But Kako can’t let it go since she’s worried about them.

Episode Twenty-Three

Chisato sighs as she thinks over the argument she just had with Arisa. She knows she was harsher with Arisa than normal and wonders what drove her to do that. It’s Chisato’s fault they’re in Kamihama to begin with and Arisa didn’t even have to come. When she had asked Arisa why she came along originally, Arisa claimed it was because she had free time and nothing better to do, but Chisato knows she was really doing everything she could to help her look for the book. Chisato loudly calls herself an idiot for going so far against her friend, accidentally startling a person passing by.

Episode Twenty-Four

Meiyui Chun arrives where everyone is gathered and introduces herself to Kokoro and Masara. Nanaka catches her up to speed on everything that’s happened and how her magic told her Suzune was an enemy. Meiyui had though her magic allowed her to sense the target of her revenge, but Nanaka’s magic allows her to sense anything that is her enemy when similar, related problems show up. Anything that is linked to her vengeance, including anything that gets in her way is revealed by her magic. Meiyui turns to Kokoro and asks if Suzune was really trying to kill her. Kokoro explains how viciously Suzune would attack her, aiming for her throat every time. Masara had turned invisible and was trying to move in closer in hopes of a chance to attack, but the best she could do was assist Kokoro. On top of that, Kokoro got a strange foreboding feeling from her, like she was out for blood but she doesn’t know why she was targeted. So Kokoro and Masara had been trying to track her down to ask her why she did it. Hearing this, Nanaka figures that Suzune must be using Witches to lure Magical Girls and kill them. Akira asks Nanaka if that’s the reason why she called Meiyui over. Nanaka explains that Suzune poses a great threat to them and must be stopped. If they don’t remove this obstacle from their path, then they will undoubtedly suffer the consequences. Nanaka likens Suzune to a Witch, bringing disaster to the city. The rest of the group agrees with Nanaka, but Akira only sighs. She wishes she could try getting through to her again. Nanaka doesn’t believe that any amount of talking will get through to Suzune, but Akira just wants the opportunity to talk to her once more. Nanaka ask Akira what she will do if she refuses to listen. Akira promises to take on Suzune with everything she has if that’s the case. Nanaka asks if Kokoro and Masara still want to question Suzune, but Masara suggests they drop it for now. Kokoro knows they need to keep themselves safe and this is a highly dangerous situation. Masara asks if Nanaka already has a plan in mind. Nanaka does, and her plan involves the three of them who are already acquainted with Suzune: Kokoro, Akira, and Nanaka. For her plan to work, she will also need the help of Meiyui and Masara. She goes over the details of the plan with the others.

Episode Twenty-Five

Kako is worried about Arisa since she can tell just by her expression that something is wrong. Eventually, Arisa breaks down and tells Kako everything that happened. Even though Arisa said they’d fought since the first day they met, Kako could tell Arisa really cared about finding that book for Chisato. Arisa replies she really did want to find it for her friend. Just then, Chisato returns to the bookstore from her search.

Episode Twenty-Six

Suzune returns to Emiri’s Consultation stand, however Akira is there waiting for her. Suzune wasn’t sure anyone would be here, but she had to at least check if Akira or Nanaka was there. Akira asks Suzune what she would have done if Nanaka were the one she met here instead of her. Suzune says she would have attacked Nanaka if she were alone since she prefers to fight her opponents one on one. Akira is saddened to hear this and asks Suzune why she’s going after them. Suzune says it’s nothing personal but she has to kill all Magical Girls and won’t tell Akira the reason why, stating it would be better for her if she didn’t know. Akira becomes frustrated since Suzune won’t tell them why, telling Suzune she’s not the type of girl to let herself be killed without knowing the reason. Suzune asks Akira if she wants to fight here, but Akira suggests they go back to the alley where they first met.

The two arrive at their destination and transform, ready to fight.

Episode Twenty-Seven

Chisato returns to the bookstore, looking dejected. Kako is determined to set things right so she opens up by telling Chisato about how serious Arisa is about the search. She tells Chisato she knows all about the fight thanks to Arisa and clarifies some things for Chisato. Kako is more than happy to help because it gave them the opportunity to do this together. Also, after having talked with Arisa, even Kako could tell how earnestly Arisa wanted to find the book for her. Chisato thanks Kako for her kind words and says she realized the same thing after she had calmed down and thought it over. She turns to Arisa and apologizes for the things she said earlier. Arisa also apologizes for how she behaved. Kako gives a big smile, happy to see that the two friends have made up. Suddenly, she remembers the information she was supposed to give them.

Episode Twenty-Eight

Akira attempts to strike at Suzune, but Suzune is too fast and dodges the attack. Akira then attempts to throw a fury of blows at Suzune, initially pushing her back. Realizing she’s at the disadvantage at close range, Suzune summons a number of swords and launches them at Akira with her Flame Dance attack. Somehow, Akira is able to knock the swords away. Nanaka and Meiyui watch from a distance as Akira begins her counter attack. Nanaka can tell they’re evenly matched so far. Meiyui asks if having Akira fight was part of her plan. Nanaka says it is, but only because Akira had insisted on it. She knew that Suzune would start with Akira since she didn’t have many leads in the city. She reminds Meiyui to wait to intervene until Akira is at her limit.

Episode Twenty-Nine

According to Kako, her father’s friend who owns a secondhand bookstore has tons of used picture books. The store used to be a secondhand bookstore until business slowed and they turned the store into a general secondhand shop. Although he didn’t say if he had the exact one they’re looking for, his store is near Natsume Books and is currently piled up with picture books they want to get rid of. Chisato and Arisa thank Kako for the help and Kako suggests she go with them to help search for the book.

Episode Thirty

Seeing as how Akira is beginning to slow down, Nanaka tells everyone to move out as she leaves her hiding spot. She intervenes in the battle, striking at Suzune from her blind spot. Kokoro also appears and strikes at Suzune. Nanaka asks if she’s had enough yet as Suzune looks around her, realizing she’s outnumbered. Since her magic reserves are running low, Suzune knows she has no other option but to retreat. But Akira isn’t finished with her yet and launches one more assault at her as Nanaka yells at her to stop. Using this to her advantage, Suzune hits her hard with her sword, causing Akira to fall to the ground dead.

Episode Thirty-One

The three girls soon arrive at the secondhand store where the owner points them out to their rather large collection of used picture books. The girls get started on their work and begin to go through the mountains of books one by one. After a while, Arisa noticed that some of the books were wedged between the gaps in the shelves. Arisa pulls some of them out carefully and the group is astonished to find it was the picture book they’d been looking for. They’d finally found “The Adventures of Dumpling Boy” and their search was finally over.

Episode Thirty-Two

Although the book was a little pricey, Chisato buys it right way. The three of them head back to Natsume Books to read the picture book. Chisato is excited to finally hold the book in her hands once more and thanks Arisa for all her help. Arisa says she can thank her some other way so Chisato promises the next time they get pastries it’ll be on her. Chisato also thanks Kako for all her help since they wouldn’t have found it without her. Kako is happy to have helped and was glad to see them finally find the book they wanted to read so badly. It reminds her of some wonderful scene from one of her books. Arisa also thanks Kako for her help and thanks her for listening to her earlier. Eagerly, Chisato reads the book as if though she were reading her own memories, but once she’s finished reading she has this odd look on her face. Arisa asks how the book was but Chisato is having trouble describing it. She describes the story as “odd” and sadly it didn’t jog any memories in her. She describes the story: a little dumpling character escapes from a dumpling shop to go on an adventure. Along the way he meets a green dumpling and a pink dumpling. At the end, they fuse to form a 3-color dumpling skewer and get eaten.

Arisa can’t believe the werid story she just heard while Kako suggests they try reading it again. Arisa thinks they should read the story backwards since it’s worth a try. Chisato flips to the last page of the book and is astonished to find something.

Episode Thirty-Three

Nanaka calls out Akira’s name as she rushes to her side. Suzune uses this to her advantage and stabs Nanaka as well. Suzune turns her sights onto Kokoro and quickly takes her out too. But this time Suzune won’t be caught off guard as she quickly turns around and blocks the attack from Masara. Even though Masara’s magic causes her to turn invisible, Suzune was still able to sense the faint magic that emanated from her since its similar to her own. Suzune uses her Heat Shimmer once more to disappear from Masara’s sights and reappear behind her. Masara is bewildered by what’s happening as Suzune warns her not to move. She asks Masara for her name which Masara gives. Suzune says goodbye and kills Masara next.

Episode Thirty-Four

After the battle was done, Suzune considered what her next move should be. She’s worn out from the battle and has used up a fair bit of her magic. As she nears a convenience store, two guys there take Suzune’s picture and ask if she isn’t a run away. She turns to them and asks why they did that. They show her Kamihama City’s local forum where people had put a post saying they were looking for a girl matching Suzune’s description. Suzune realizes the post really is about her and demands the two delete the photo immediately. The two guys are taken aback and do as she says. Suzune warns them to not meddle in her business anymore as she leaves. The guys are scared by the look in Suzune’s eyes and one of them decides to post about her, warning others since she could be dangerous.

Suzune walks through a shopping center, feeling like everyone was watching her. She tries to dismiss it as paranoia or nerves when one of the men approaches her and Suzune takes off running. The man had only wanted to ask her for directions, though. As she takes off, Suzune wonders if someone isn’t on her trail and is trying to set her up. She wonders if this was all Nanaka’s doing but dismisses the idea since operating out in the open would be more trouble than it’s worth. She wonders then, if Nanaka did this to force her out of Kamihama. If she takes this into account, it would explain why the battle she had with the four of them went so easily. The online posts could spread very easily which could lead to trouble for Suzune so she resolves to leave Kamihama.

Episode Thirty-Five

When Chisato flipped to the end of the book, she remembered what it was that made the book so special. She points out the publication details where her own name appears. She was the one who had come up with the idea of the dumpling boy; it was her own original character. She had made the doodles of the character when she was very young and her father had turned her scribbles into the character of the picture book. Either she or her father had come up with the plot, but that would explain why Chisato had become so obsessed with the book just from seeing the cover. Chisato wonders why her father would make this book when Kako suggests he did it because he loved Chisato so much. Arisa agrees that her father must have made it out of his love for her and a desire to make a book with her together. Kako points out her father’s eccentric art style and believes the drawing and story Chisato had made up had struck a chord with him. After he created the book, he had insisted they put Chisato’s name in the credits. Arisa thinks Kako is right, but then realizes that Chisato’s wish may have changed all of that. Chisato looks down, tears welling up in her eyes. To Chisato, this book was a record of the past when her father, an illustrator, still had hopes for a future with his daughter. When Chisato realized that, her heart filled with guilt and her eyes filled with tears. Arisa thinks it’s good that Chisato was able to find the book and tells her to hold on to her great memories. She tells Chisato not to let her good memories fade, calling the book precious. Even though Chisato’s heart was going to break, Arisa’s kindness is what kept it together. Chisato cries out Arisa’s name as she grabs her tightly and let all her tears come out.

Episode Thirty-Six

After Suzune had shattered the soul gems of the four girls and left, Meiyui appeared from the shadows and told everyone she had gone. Nanaka exhales as she stands back up. Kokoro and Masara are surprised at the magic that Meiyui wields. Nanaka explains she has the ability to disguise the truth, implying it is a useful ability for someone in her position. Meiyui says her ability only works at very close range, and while it isn’t illusions exactly, she can distort the meaning of truths. Since Nanaka had Masara join in the fight, it helped to sell their story to Suzune and convince her it was real. Having had a long fight with Akira beforehand, Suzune’s magic was dangerously low and could have caused her to panic a little and not use her better judgement. Meiyui’s friends, the Blue Seas Family, had set up the social media forum and with their cooperation were able to set up a post about Suzune. This way the entirety of the Blue Seas Family will be out searching for Suzune, but not in a way that would guarantee her capture. If they were to force Suzune into a corner or challenger her face to face, someone is definitely going to end up dead. Akira admits that Suzune is not someone to be trifled with, calling her attacks ruthless and deadly. Nanaka wants to avoid casualties on their end, but at the same time she doesn’t want to have to kill Suzune either. Neither Kokoro nor Masara thinks they could kill someone either, so Meiyui agrees forcing her to leave would be the best solution. Nanaka apologizes to Akira for using her but Akira admits she could have gotten them killed if she had kept defending a girl she’d known for only an hour. Still, Akira is very sad to know that the person she had thought was her friend was capable of such acts. She asks if that isn’t the reason why Nanaka didn’t call Kako over to help. Nanaka belives that the less people Suzune knows about, the better. Akira bemoans once more the fact that this is all her fault and wishes she was more like Nanaka. Masara tells her moaning about how awful she is in comparison to someone else won’t help. Akira can only be the person she is and instead she should look at the facts and decide what she herself can do. Kokoro explains this is Masara’s way of comforting someone but even Meiyui thinks it’s a rather cold way of doing it. Masara explains that the plan only succeeded thanks to Akira and so Akira is responsible for keeping Kokoro alive and Masara thanks her for that. Kokoro also thanks Akira for helping save her life. Nanaka believes they’ll have to keep on their guard in case Suzune ever comes back.

Episode Thirty-Seven

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Meiyui says something has been bothering her and points out how Suzune had aimed for their Soul Gems every time they fought. Although her magic may have distorted her perceptions, Suzune’s movements were still all her own and each time she struck, she aimed at one of their Soul Gems. Meiyui wonders if maybe she was being thorough since Soul Gems are proof that they’re Magical Girls. Also, although she has no evidence for it, she believes that Suzune’s memories have already been altered once before. Nanaka is shocked to hear this. She thanks Meiyui for the information before telling her she has one more favor to ask of her.

Arisa and Chisato are walking home with Arisa surprised at how dark it’s gotten already. Chisato apologizes for keeping her out so late but Arisa doesn’t mind since she’s going to get some nice pastries out of it. Chisato smiles and tells Arisa she can have as many as she likes so Arisa replies she’s going to get a hundred pastries then. Chisato tells her to stop being ridiculous since she was just saying that to be nice. Besides, there’s no way Arisa could eat a hundred. Arisa asks Chisato if she’s going to lecture her again, causing Chisato to become flustered. Arisa smiles at her friend and tells her to forget it since they still have to jet back to Hozuki City. Chisato points out they’re taking a train, not a plane while Arisa tells her the person who created Dumpling Boy has no right to tell her to be more precise with her words. Someone in the shadows overhears them talking about Hozuki city. Suzune emerges, remembering that Hozuki was her original destination before Kyubey had suggested she take this detour. Considering what’s happened, Suzune decides to let things in Kamihama cool down first before she returns. Even so, she vows to never forget Nanaka Tokiwa.

Nanaka asks Meiyui if she can spread another Rumor as one last favor to her. Since Suzune is likely to attack other Magical Girls in the future, she wants to spread a rumor to warn other Magical Girls about her, especially since they know so few Magical Girls themselves the rumor will help to warn others more quickly. If they make it a rumor, it’s more likely to spread outside of Kamihama. Meiyui says she’ll do what she can, although a rumor about a “Magical Girl who kills other Magical Girls” doesn’t seem like a good one. Nanaka wants to create an unnerving rumor that will strike fear into the hearts of those who hear it, something like the fact that she rips out throats or something. Eventually, the rumor spread like wildfire online and it wasn’t long before it became warped and spread out even further. Eventually it had changed form enough to become an urban legend in Hozuki City, the legend of the “Ripper Girl”.

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