Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Mitama Episode

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Mitama Yakumo invites multiple magical girls to her place. Tsuruno Yui says she's surprised to see so many. Yachiyo Nanami says she didn't expect anyone. Iroha Tamaki wonders if they were drawn by the "bonus prize". Tsuruno reveals the event is called the "Great Mitama Thanksgiving". Felicia Mitsuki says she doesn't feel like participating, especially since she doesn't know what she's competing in or what the prize is. Finally Mitama arrives and reveals the event is a quiz tournament about herself. She says the winner will get a free "adjustment session".

Yachiyo wonders why Mitama is doing this. Iroha and Tsuruno say they can't waste this opportunity. Mitama says all questions will be multiple choice, and those with wrong answers will be eliminated. Mitama says the winner will receive the title of "Mitama's Perfect Lover", much to Felicia's displeasure. Mitama begins by asking what her three sizes are. The player can pick an answer but it doesn't matter. Mitama says the correct answer is a secret. Momoko Togame is annoyed by this answer. Yachiyo calls it more bothersome than usual.

Tsuruno notices Mitama has a rope hanging next to her. Mitama then gives the real first question: What is her actual age? The player can decide between "17 Years Old" and "27 Years Old"

If 17 Years Old Is Selected: Iroha picks the answer, saying she remembers Mitama is a high schooler. However, Tsuruno says a person can go to high school at any age. Yachiyo wonders if it's a trick question. Tsuruno then says she always hears Mitama sings old songs to herself, and decides the actual answer is 47. Mitama then pulls the rope next to her. A trap door appears under Tsuruno and she falls down.

If 27 Years Old Is Selected: Konoha Shizumi and Hazuki Yusa discuss Mitama's age, with Hazuki thinking she's 17. Ayame Mikuri disagrees. Konoha says she's never seen a magical girl that's 27 years old, but Ayame asks Konoha to believe in her, and convinces Konoha with a cute stare. Ayame explains that Mitama is more of an adult than Konoha and Hazuki and acts more like an old lady. At this point, Mitama pulls the rope and sends Ayame down the trap door.

Mitama explains there are cushions at the bottom of the trap doors, and says the answer was 17 years old. Yachiyo, Iroha and Sana Futaba say they can't let their guard down. Mitama then gives her second question: She likes to cook as a hobby but are her dishes delicious. The player can decide between "Delicious" and "Taste Nasty".

If Delicious Is Selected: Kako Natsume says Mitama has this nice older sister aura, and she knows Mitama has bought cookbooks from Kako's family's bookstore. Felicia says the cookbooks haven't helped at all, and says that once time she ate Mitama's cooking with Kyoko Sakura and passed out. Mitama sends Felicia down the trap door. Kako says she knows Mitama's food is delicious.

If Taste Nasty Is Selected: Ria Ami and Mayu Kozue ask Manaka Kurumi if she's picked the right answer. Manaka says it has to be correct. She says that even though Mitama has started a cooking class, she's in contention for the title of "Legend of Bad Cooking". Mitama says she's unhappy to hear that, especially when she's just started to pay attention to the color of her food. Manaka says she heard Mitama uses paints. Mitama says she's graduated from paints, but now uses banned food colorings. When Manaka asks how many people Mitama plans on killing, Mitama sends her down the trap door.

Mitama says "Delicious" was the correct answer. Yachiyo says they're just being "made to dance for the tyrant named Mitama". Time passes. Mitama gives her 9th question: What is her favorite movie. The answers the player can choose are "The Elegy of the Virtueless Boys", "Friends for a Week The Fake Girlfriend", and "Pacifistic Hayashi".

If The Elegy of the Virtueless Boys Is Selected: Ria says she'll pick the movie she knows. Mayu asks if movies like that are interesting. Ria says she's seen them some time ago, and was surprised there was so much action even though the movie was made before CGI existed. Ria admits the movie made her cry, causing Mayu to say she's now interested. Mitama says the movie is called "a monument of gun action movies". Ria says her only problem was the main actress, and says they should have chosen a super model like herself. Mitama sends Ria down the trap door, saying she's being rude to the film's actress.

If Friends for a Week The Fake Girlfriend Is Selected: Ren Isuzu asks Rika Ayano if she's picked the right answer. Rika doesn't know, but says she loves the movie. She explains it's about a guy who dates a girl in order to disguise himself, but ends up falling in love with that girl's best friend, forming a love triangle. Rika calls it a sad movie, and Ren says she wants to see it now. Rika says she can take Ren to see it sometime in the future. Mitama is silent, which worries Rika and Ren. She then chuckles, which relieves the two girls.

If Pacifistic Hayashi Is Selected: Yachiyo says that since they never talked about movies with Mitama, it's basically a random guess and so she'll pick the movie she knows. Iroha asks Yachiyo what the movie is about. Yachiyo says it's about a geek boy who gets involved in a worldwide war and tries to explain more of the plot. Iroha says she doesn't really watch anime or movies and so can't really imagine what Yachiyo is talking about. Mitama says nothing, causing Sana to worry Iroha is in danger. Sana tries to push Iroha out of the way, but Mitama says she wasn't going to do anything. Sana cries before Mitama sends her down the trap door. Mitama says she just felt so sorry for Sana.

Mitama says "Pacifistic Hayashi" was the correct answer, but admits she's run out of questions. Mitama now wonders what to do since there are still so many competitors. Momoko suggests making up questions, while Iroha suggests giving a free adjustment session to everyone who hasn't been eliminated. Mitama says that's a bit much. Ultimately, she settles on drawing lots to pick the winner. Yachiyo calls it a farce, but Mitama says she's happy.

Momoko asks why Mitama decided to hold the event. A flashback shows Mitama putting her magic into a cloth sheet and using it to defeat a familiar by herself. Mitama narrates that even if her services are no longer needed, she can still keep herself alive. Mitama narrates she's obtained the magic to keep living that she never had before, and that if she ever had to her abandon her neutrality, she could help someone.

In the present, Mitama says she only held the event because something good happened to her. Suddenly the other girls sense a witch and decide to hunt it down. As the others leave, Mitama tells them to draw their lots later. Mitama then wonders who she should use her power on when she decides to stop being neutral.