Magia Record Story We Invite You to a Delightful Halloween!

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Delightful halloween event.jpg

These scenes were shown if the player logged in for five days during the event period.'

Day 1

Kako Natsume and Emiri Kisaki fight a witch. When the fight turns against them, they are saved by Karin Misono. Emiri is grateful to be saved and introduces herself. However, her motor mouth makes Karin feel embarrassed, causing Karin to run off.

Day 2

In order to meet Karin again, Emiri enters a Halloween costume contest and drags Kako along. In fact, Emiri decides to enter as a contest judge. Kako then talks to Natsuki Utsuho, who encourages her to join. Kako invites Natsuki to participate as well, and she agrees.

Day 3

The girls go to a craft store to buy materials for their costumes. Meanwhile, Karin has lost the list of her own costume materials. Natsuki and Kako find and return the dropped list to Karin. Kako invites Karin to shop together. Karin agrees and thanks Kako for her help.

Day 4

As the girls make their costumes, Natsuki is surprised by her brother. Meanwhile, Kako shows her costume to her father, who says the contest was cancelled. It turns out the contest had issues with the construction of the stage, and there weren't enough participants to begin with. In an attempt to salvage things, Kako recruits Natsuki and Emiri to ask shops to "cooperate and support Halloween". Natsuki asks a store onwer to give candy to people who show up in costume, while Emiri demands to know if Karin appears.

Day 5

Finally, on Halloween, store owners hand out candy and are holding a stamp rally. Kako is pleasantly surprised by the results. Emiri tells children about Karin in her "Magical Karin" persona. Karin is surprised to see so many people celebrate. Kako wishes her a happy Halloween.