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Touka Satomi
Touka magireco profile.png
Japanese Name (里見灯花) Satomi Touka
Voiced by Japanese: Rie Kugimiya

English: Michelle Marie
Russian: Tatyana Borzova
Mexican Spanish: Vanessa Olea
Brazilian Portuguese: Isabella Guarnieri

ID No: 1007

Touka Satomi is a playable character in the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record, serving as one of the main antagonists for its first part. She was made playable in March 2019.

General Info

Physical Features
Age 11
Eye colour Russet
Hair colour Russet
Height 148cm
Soul Gem Red bow-shaped gem (ribbon on her throat)
Weapon Parasol
Witch Form Pennen Nolde
Powers and Abilities Energy Conversion
Wish “I wish for the power to [convert]! Allow us to take them from you, Kyubey!”
Japanese pronoun watakushi (わたくし)
Known relatives Unnamed father, Tasuke Satomi (uncle), Nayuta Satomi (cousin) Unnamed aunt (Nayuta's mother)
Origins Hokuyo Ward
School St. Lilliana Academy, 5th grade
Affiliation Wings of the Magius (a Magius), Kamihama Magia Union

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★→ 5★



Attribute flame.png


Initial 4704 2109 1372

Max at ★4 16689 7756 4832
Max at ★5 21019 9803 6072

Max SE 28122 12359 9343
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect: Raise Your Chances!

★4 Attack UP [VII] & MP Restore [IV] & Guaranteed Magia Seal
★5 Attack UP [IX] & MP Restore [VI] & Guaranteed Magia Seal
Magia: Neo * Genesis ☆彡

★4 Damage All Enemies [V] & Defense Down (All / 3 T) & Defense UP (Self / 3 T)
★5 Damage All Enemies [VII] & Defense Down (All / 3 T) & Defense UP (Self / 3 T) & Magia Damage UP (Self / 3 T)
Doppel: Pennen Nolde

★5 Damage All Enemies [IX] & Defense DOWN (All / 3 T) & Defense UP (Self / 3 T) & Magia Damage UP (Self / 5 T)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +6% +7% +5% +6% +6% +4%
5★ +7% +8% +6% +7% +7% +5%

SE +7% +8% +6% +13% +15% +9%
Spirit Enhancement

MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Magia Damage UP [II]

Accele MP Gain UP [II]

MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Blast Damage UP [II]

Magia Damage UP [II]

Doppel Damage UP [I] & Magia Damage UP [I]

Charge Disc Damage UP [II]

Attack UP [III] & Defense UP [III]

Chance to Evade [II]

Aqua Attribute Damage Cut [III]

Magia Damage DOWN [VI] (Single / 1T) & Magia Damage UP [VI] (Self / 1T) CD: 6 turns


A magical girl who is trying to create a world without Witches. The daughter, and patient, of the director of the Satomi Medical Center, Touka is an astrophysics prodigy. Surrounded by a wall of gadgets and devices, she continues to research her one know everything about the universe.

Doppel Description

Pennen Nolde, Touka's doppel

The Doppel of daydreaming. Its form is a Match Seller. The master of this emotion desires more power even after becoming a Magical Girl, in order to achieve more wishes. This Doppel divides its master's lifespan up into matches, and grants a "What if" wish whenever a match is lit. When the Doppel runs out of matches, the master's life is over. It is very powerful, but similar to the Doppel of Dying Wishes, it mustn't be abused, for it sacrifices one's own lifespan.

Side Story

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

The side story begins with a retelling of Magius' initial influence on Kamihama: Namely, the fact Kyubey can no longer enter it thanks to the help of a force field surrounding the entire area. Touka, Nemu, Alina and Mifuyu discusss the recent arrival of the Amane Sisters into the team, and realize that merely 6 members is far from sufficient to gather enough energy to lead their project to fruition.

This is when Alina suggests that Mifuyu be in charge of the recruitment, due to her status as veteran. However, Mifuyu refuses: If she begins recruiting girls inside of Kamihama, there may be confusion about her sudden reappearance in the Western sections, and Yachiyo might find her; If she begins looking outside of the city, nobody will listen to her since she's a stranger outside of Kamihama - which loops them back to the beginning of their problem. Mifuyu suddenly sneezes. She explains that she's been feeling a little sick since she's moved out of her parents' home - something she managed to accomplish thanks to grants bestowed from Touka. The latter asks if she can't just heal herself up with magic, since she's a Magical Girl. Mifuyu says she prefers staying sick, as this is one of the few human things left about herself.

The following day, the three Magius are reunited, but Mifuyu is conspicuously absent. They begin further discussing the problem of recruiting more members. Nemu brings up the harshness of Magical Girls' fate, and the moral implications of the means that they use to attain their goals. Touka mentions that if they also begin recruiting members that don't know about the Witch system, they'll look like a strange cult, further limiting their potential magical girl options.

Touka mentions a discrepancy between supply and demand, which earns her a snarky quip from Nemu. Alina cuts them short before the two can argue further, then directs them back on topic. Touka explains that Mifuyu should take care of recruitment anyways, but in the Eastern wards instead, where she is less known. She then explains that they can extend their potential magical girl pool to girls who simply have a hard time fighting witches. Touka begins praising herself from her genius, but Nemu remarks that putting it in a "come with us if you want to be saved" manner is just making them sound like a cult anyways. As Touka begins reasoning in raw statistics, Nemu laments about the fact it's just the six of them to recruit people around Kamihama.

Alina decides to lead the conversation anyways, focusing on how to enhance the force field and discussing Nemu's rumor creation. Suddenly, Alina receives a message from Mifuyu, informing them that her cold's gotten worse and that she won't be present for today's meeting. Touka is reminded of her illness-induced past, and chastises Mifuyu for not using her magic to heal herself. As Alina is about to send Mifuyu a message back to inform her that she can stay home, Nemu gets the idea of using radio waves to communicate their message in the most efficient way possible such as using e-mail, phone messages, etc. Touka praises Nemu for the idea, and decides to give it a test run.

Later on, Touka sneaks in Mifuyu's living quarters. She finds her asleep and with dinner bought from the convenience store. As Mifuyu groans in discomfort in her sleep, however, Touka decides to try and help her, bringing back a cold, humid towel to apply to her forehead. Touka is surprised that she's now caring for someone, but Mifuyu wakes up shortly after. Mifuyu offers Touka tea despite the former's sickness, but Touka refuses, demanding that she rest up. However, since Mifuyu's awake, Touka decides to use Mifuyu as a guinea pig for the transmission test run, and messages back Nemu to inform her of the situation and launch the experiment. Soon after, Mifuyu begins hearing singing, which makes the experiment a success.

The song is revealed to be from back when Touka was hospitalized; a nurse would sing it to her often to help her get better. She decided to use this specific song knowing Mifuyu's sickness, in hopes that this'd help her feel better, to which Mifuyu agrees. She quickly deduces that the experiment is actually meant to help with the recruitment of Magical Girls using radio waves. Having found that witches and similar creatures only magical girls can see are tuned to a specific frequency, Touka decided to use this specific wavelength to send a message only magical girls can hear within and beyond Kamihama. Mifuyu praises Touka, and then finds renewed vigor, telling Touka she should be right back on her feet the following day; but Touka asks her not to overwork herself.

Back in the Magius' HQ, with Mifuyu now present, the other Magius have to withstand an irrational bout of anger from Touka. It's revealed that this scene is back from where the Rumor of the Seance Shrine was defeated, and Yachiyo came out of it unscathed. Mifuyu acknowledges the presence of a new ally by Yachiyo's side now, and that they should be more careful. While Nemu suggests creating more rumors, Alina suggests using witches instead due to the similarity between doppels and witches; However, Mifuyu claims that method is too harsh, but Alina retorts that spreading awareness of the truth is their best option. Touka begins explaining that they should create rumors frightening enough to inflict trauma on their victims, which shocks Mifuyu and prompts her to scold Touka, explaining that they will not sacrifice people for the sake of their goals and that as long as Magical Girls aren't in danger of becoming witches, they can take their time.

Nemu, however, sympathizes with Touka's situation, reminding Mifuyu that she uses her own life force to create rumors and that using it on low-quality ones would be a waste. Alina agrees, claiming she cannot turn down an offer to create beautiful art. Mifuyu reiterates her desire not to cause more sacrifices than necessary, but Touka slaps her and goes away.

Mifuyu's objections are putting a stop on Magius' plans, as if they stall out too long, people might eventually figure out what rumors are, and the Feathers may be also caught and spill the beans. Nemu admits, however, that Mifuyu, despite her stalling, has a point, as if they lost sight of their moral standing, their plans would fall into disarray quickly as the Feathers are still people, and might eventually sense danger and defect from the Magius altogether. As a result, Mifuyu represents a tremendous weight in the Magius thanks to her popularity, and should she leave herself, the organization may collapse. A frustrated Touka eventually decides to go cool down elsewhere, as she believes she's not thinking clearly. Nemu expresses her relief over Touka noticing, which upsets the latter, who asks her why she hadn't told her directly in the first place if she knew; to which Nemu replies it'd only have made her angrier.

Back in her room, Touka ponders what she could possibly do to help Mifuyu understand. She compares the magical girl system to a dog-eat-dog world and a "survival of the fittest", and says she's ready to do anything to survive as well.

The next day, in Saint Lilliana Academy, Touka is tasked to do group work, which bores her immensely. A younger classmate asks her to explain division to her, but Touka berates her for failing to grasp a concept so simple to her. The teacher tries to explain Touka that this girl only started studying division, but Touka retorts by saying she knew about it far before her age. She then adds that while people can't grasp concepts as easily as she can, she believes she's clever enough to explain them, which is indirect praise directed at Touka. She finally settles on teaching the girl how to do division.

As the lesson continues, Touka tries explaining the girl about fractions, but the teacher informs her it's currently outside of the program. She settles on remainders instead, and the girl comments about how said remainder looks lonely, separated from the rest of the numbers, which confuses Touka. While trying to keep her calm, Touka tells the girl how numbers don't have feelings and that it should be fine, but the girl insists that all numbers should get along, and that as group leader, Touka should have a way to figure this out. Touka snaps at this, and angrily reiterates that numbers are merely concepts and that there is no other thing to do with them but to write that down as intended. The girl, however, begins crying, and Touka realizes she's made a mistake.

As the teacher drags her aside and begins scolding her, Touka reiterates that getting rid of the remainder is the only way to have the answer. This statement, however, makes something click in Touka's mind. She decides she's had enough of being patient, and will tell that to Mifuyu once she sees her again.

With a renewed resolve and an unusually foul mood, Touka meets again with Nemu to tell her about her plans to use the radio frequencies to drag in more witches in Kamihama and use more dangerous rumors, as it is the most cost-efficient solution they have before her. Nemu states that Mifuyu won't be pleased with that outcome, but Touka says that as the genius, she gets to decide whatever she wants. Mifuyu incidentally arrives right after, and Touka explains her point of view to her once and for all. She claims that it's necessary for now, in order to make a better future.

The next part is set in the past, during Touka's hospitalization with Nemu and Ui, with Touka playing a video game against Iroha, and Iroha losing. Ui states that Iroha isn't very good at games, with Iroha retorting that she's better at turn-based board games like shogi. Iroha, however, says she's glad to get all three of them to play games together, and Touka explains she got this game from one of her dad's acquaintances who knew about her love for space. Most of the games Touka are gifted have educational content, which Nemu remarks on; However, Touka claims she already knows all of that. While Iroha praises Touka for her knowledge, Ui remarks it might have nothing to do at all with being good at games.

Iroha then orders all three girls to stop the videogames and do their homework. Iroha remarks the huge break between classes, and asks if that means they have a lot of homework. Ui replies that they only have one big assignment to do: Self-study. Nemu explains that they have to compile information on a hobby or interest, then make a presentation about that, and those without a hobby can look things up online. Ui asks what Iroha would present, and she answers that she'd talk about cooking and baking, as these are the two topics she knows best. Iroha returns the question, and Ui answers that she's going to look into what people sing in school choirs, while Nemu will do her part on her favorite books, particularly philosophical children's stories.

Iroha guesses that Touka will do her presentation about space, but guesses that she'll do more a full-blown class than a simple presentation; However, she greatly upsets Touka by accident. Iroha quickly apologizes, but Touka says that it's not her fault, but rather something else that happened.

It's explained in another anterior scene that Touka decided against doing her project about space, and rather focus on quantum computers. Ui is a little disappointed, being eager to watch Touka talk about space. The teacher calls Touka, and asks her as well if she'll do something on space. She believes that even if the students might not understand the tricky parts, that she'll do a good job at teaching them and making them interested about the topic. However, Touka refuses, unwilling to share her knowledge as she's worked hard to gather it.

Back in the hospital, Iroha guesses that people would still like to hear Touka talk about space, which disappoints the latter as she realizes everyone is in favor of her talking about space. She still expresses refusal over teaching people about this, as she claims she's already had too much stolen from her. She tearfully explains that she understands she's bedridden for the rest of her life, and the hospital doesn't allow her to leave because the world is better outside, and that if she experiences it firsthand, she'll never want to come back.

All that Touka knows of the world is the Satomi Medical Center. She only gets her knowledge of the outside world through internet. She reminisces her father, who never misses a chance to remind her how proud he is of her and her ability to learn so quickly. He informs that Touka should use her smarts to help the rest of the community around her. Touka is worried at the notion of "giving back", but her father tells her that he'll gift her anything she wants if she complies. She asks about living under the same roof as her parents, about finally being free. However, her father cannot gift her that, as she's still very sick and needs to remain at the hospital for further treatment. Touka therefore decides to never give back anything to anyone, as anything she ever gave out to people, she was never given anything back in return.

Touka muses about outer space, the only world that ever gave her anything. She admired the cosmos for its limitless freedom and its endless ability to be discovered over and over. She got to learn things only she knew, which is why outer space is so important to her. Suddenly, she feels a sharp pain in her back which immobilizes her.

Later on, a sleeping Touka is awoken by the same lullaby she used to transmit the radio waves in the present. It's revealed that the 'nurse' who used to sing this song to her is no one other than Iroha herself. Touka asks what Iroha is doing here, and Iroha offers her a present, which is an apple pie she baked herself. Iroha was feeling bad after offending Touka the other day, which is why she made that apple pie for her. Touka laments about how she cannot eat it, but Iroha reassures her that she obtained her father's guidance to prepare it without any ingredient that she cannot eat. Touka taste-tests it, and finds that the pie is incredibly delicious.

Iroha explains that she could teach Touka little thing after little thing to make her happy like this. In the same fashion, she requests that Touka share her knowledge about outer space one more time, to make them just as happy. Iroha tries the pie out, and is surprised at the taste herself. Touka agrees.

The next day, Touka arrives late to class. However, she's brought a lot of classroom materials for everyone. If they want to learn about space, she claims that she should start with constellations first. She then tells Ui that her older sister Iroha is much like the Beta Pegasi. However, she doesn't give Ui an explanation, telling Ui to go look it up herself.

Costume Stories

Swimsuit (2019)


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Touka first appears in Iroha's flashbacks, where she, Ui Tamaki and Nemu Hiiragi are seen staying in the hospital. She seems to be friends with both of them, however she fights with Nemu a lot, making up shortly after.

Touka reappears in Chapter 6, confirming her status as one of the Magius. She tells the girls the truth about Soul Gems, Witches, and Doppels, overseeing the brainwashing of Tsuruno, Felicia and Sana as part of their forced induction into the Wings of Magius. She giggles as Iroha begs her to let Tsuruno, Sana and Felicia go, and taunts her as she finds the idea preposterous.

She is subsequently present in Chapter 7, during the raid on Chelation Land as Iroha and her allies attempt to save Tsuruno and stop the Rumor from consuming large amounts of the city's human populace, as it was intended by the Magius to do.

In the following chapters, Touka continues her role as a villain, working with her fellow Magius to further their plan, as Iroha and her allies try to stop them.

By Chapter 10, Touka has realized that Eve is in fact Ui and helps Iroha and the others to rescue Ui and stop Eve from destroying the city. She then has the Rumor of the 10,000 year Sakura act as an impartial judge for her and Nemu so they can stand trial for their crimes. They are sentenced to never be allowed to transform into magical girls again upon penalty of death. Though she still believes in Magical Girl supremacy, she declines working with Neo Magius because it would sadden Ui and Iroha.

Powers and abilities

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Due to her wish to take the power to [convert] from Kyubey, Touka has the magical power of Energy Conversion, using it to access almost infinite amounts of magic without clouding her Soul Gem. She uses it by converting stagnant energy in the environment to magic that she uses instead from her Soul Gem, thus her Soul Gem never clouds no matter how much magic she uses. As a magical girl, she regularly beats everyone because her main magic ability essentially makes her Soul Gem.

Her weapon of choice is a parasol, which Touka uses to float around the battlefield and fires energy beams. In the anime, Touka can also use her parasol as a parachute of sorts.

Touka's Doppel Pennen Nolde, with the motif of a plague doctor, a Swallow and a match-selling girl. The master of this emotion desires more power even after becoming a Magical Girl, in order to achieve more wishes. This Doppel divides its master's lifespan up into matches, and grants a "What if" wish whenever a match is lit. When the Doppel runs out of matches, the master's life is over. It is very powerful, but similar to the Doppel of Dying Wishes, it mustn't be abused, for it sacrifices one's own lifespan. As a result of three people contracting to save Iroha, their Doppels have a similar appearance to Iroha’s, the target of rescue.

As punishment for her actions as one of the Magius, she's forced to put on a bracelet that prevents her from transforming upon penalty of death.


  • The characters of her last name mean "village" (里) and "to see" (見) respectively.
  • The characters of her first name mean "light" (灯) and "flower" (花) respectively.


  • Touka makes an appearance in the opening next to Mifuyu Azusa and Alina Gray, all three of whom are part of Wings of Magius.
  • Her doppel, Pennen Nolde, bears a striking resemblance to Iroha Tamaki's doppel Giovanna. The guidebook explains that this is because of Touka being inspired by Iroha to become a magical girl and wishing to save Iroha from the fate of magical girls.
    • The guidebook furthermore states that 'its motif is a plague doctor, a swallow and a match-selling girl.'
  • Her doppel name is also a reference to a work of Kenji Miyazawa. For other references to his work, see Kenji Miyazawa and Magia Record.
  • Her doppel's form as a match seller is a reference to Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince", which Shitori Egumo is inspired by. The third poor person the prince asks the swallow to gift a precious gem to is a girl selling matches, but who dropped them in the gutter and ruined them.
    • It may also be a reference to The Little Matchstick Girl by Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen. The story revolves around a poor girl forced to sell matches on the cold night before New's Years. As she strikes matches to warm herself up, she sees a wonderful, warm dinner and her kindly dead grandmother, but they vanish as soon as the match burns out. Trying to stop her grandmother from leaving her, she burns an entire bundle at once. In the end, the girl freezes to death and is taken to Heaven by her grandmother.
      • This story is also thought to have inspired Ophelia.
    • Her doppel summons a bright star in the sky that rains down falling stars - Stars are often seen as symbols of hope and falling stars are said in many forms of folklore to grant wishes. However, according to The Little Match Girl, a soul goes to Heaven whenever a star falls, so it may also represent Touka's waning life.
  • In MagiReco Archive Vol. 2, her doppel's name is written incorrectly. Rather than it saying "Pennen Nolde" in runes (PENNEN NOLDE), it instead says "Totentanz" (TOTENTANZ), the name of Mitama's doppel.


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Memoria Cards

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Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
A Freedom for Just Me
(NA: My Own Freedom)
Icon skill 1176.pngMana Absorb
MP Damage [I] (Single) & MP Recovery [I] (Self) 10 turns
Max Limit Break
MP Damage [] (Single) & MP Recovery [] (Self) 8 turns
**Unique to Touka Satomi**
The earth orbits the sun? That's a lie. The world is a big place? That's a lie. Seeing it on TV, on the internet, how can you be so sure? The only things I know are true? That the starry sky, and the things around me keep spinning.
地球が太陽を周回しているだなんてウソっぱちに決まってる 世界がこんなに広いだなんてウソっぱちに決まってる テレビやネットで見ることも、本当かどうかは分からない でも、星空は回ってる。自分の周りを回ってる。これだけが本当のこと
What Flavor is Break Time? (Touka)
(NA: The Flavor of Break Time: Touka)
Icon skill 1102.pngQuell Morale
MP Gain DOWN [VII] (All / 1 T) 7 turns
Max Limit Break
MP Gain DOWN [IX] (All / 1 T) 6 turns
Everyone's feelings, gathered together. What do you taste, when eating next to a cocoon of impurities? The bitterness of purification warms me up. I want to gulp my dessert down whole, to cleanse my palate in this relaxing moment.集め集まる色んな気持ち。穢れの卵のすぐ傍で口にするのはどんな味? 広がってくのは浄化の苦味 のどを伝う温もりで、ホッとひと息しつつの口直し 空からデザートがやってきたら、丸ごとひと呑みにしちゃおうか
A Longing for the Beyond
(NA: Admiring the Beyond)
Icon skill 1085.pngUplift Adept
Normal Passive
Attack UP [III] & Status Ailment Resistance Up [II]
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [IV] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [III]
The end of the universe brings the dark and vast eternal world of time to my tiny little cramped world. The end of the universe also creates the flow of time. I don't care if my brain cells overheat, I want to know everything. I will cherish what I learn, and it will make me a kinder person.「小さくてせまーいわたくしの世界と、暗くてながーい永遠の時間

世界を広げてくれたのは宙の果て。時間を流してくれたのも宙の果て だから脳細胞がオーバーヒートしてもいいから、ぜーんぶ知りたい

Three Geniuses
Icon skill 1106.pngAttrition Poison
Defense DOWN [IV] (Single / 1 T) & Guaranteed Poison (Single / 1 T) 5 turns
Max Limit Break
Defense DOWN [V] (Single / 1 T) & Guaranteed Poison (Single / 1 T) 4 turns
A girl seeking the ultimate beauty, a girl seeking a universe where a Witch could have such beauty, and a girl who dreams of writing about a world where mechanisms were built in the pursuit of knowledge... Everything began with these three, who are connected by fates from newly birthed stories that twisted together into an unusual friendship.最高の美を求める少女は、その美しさを魔女に求めた 宇宙の全てを求める少女は、知を得るために機構に手を掛けた 世界を原稿にすることを夢みる少女は、物語を産み落とし続けた 捻れた因果の先で繋がった、稀有な関係、始まりは全てこの3人
The Stories (Rumors) Also Know
(NA: Even the Uwasa Know It)
Icon skill 1170.pngCovering Spirit
Normal Passive
Chance to Guardian [II] & Regenerate HP [I]
Max Limit Break
Chance to Guardian [III] & Regenerate HP [II]
Touka may be selfish, but she's a good girl, always thinking of those around her. Nemu is stubborn and sarcastic, and wants approval badly, but she's also a good girl who looks out for others. Ui is serious and a little dense sometimes, but she too is a good girl, kind to all. The stories they made know this from peeking out from their book.灯花は自分が一番のワガママだけど、実は周りを想う良い子ねむは認められたくて頑固な皮肉屋だけど、実は気遣いができる良い子ういは真面目で少し鈍感なところがあるけど、みんなに優しい良い子生まれた物語は知ってるよ。本の中からみんなを覗いて
Dive Into Summer (Tsukuyo・Tsukasa)
(NA: Dive Into Summer (Amane Sisters))
Icon skill 1085.pngAttack Adept
Normal Passive
Attack UP [IV]
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [V]
"I couldn't believe it when we all jumped into the ocean. I had no idea what we were doing. But it was actually pretty fun!" "Indeed. The Magius all holding hands was a little refreshing as well." "Hahaha! I mean, it's not like that's something you do every day, right?"「海に飛び込むなんて、あの時は何をするのかと思ったけど…

すっごく楽しかったな~!」 「マギウス全員で手を繋ぐというのも、新鮮でございました」

Dive Into Summer (Touka・Nemu)
(NA: Dive Into Summer (Touka & Nemu))
Icon skill 1086.pngDiligence Adept
Normal Passive
Defense UP [II] & MP Gain UP [II]
Max Limit Break
Defense UP [III] & MP Gain UP [III]
"*Giggle* Who ever would've imagined we'd get to make memories like this? Indulging in summertime customs like jumping into the ocean, hands held!" "Neither Touka or I could swim, but we still leaped right into the water... To be honest I freaked out a little back then."「…くふふっ!手を繋いで海にジャンプするなんて、

夏の海恒例の体験が出来て、良い思い出になったでしょー?」 「僕も灯花も泳げないのに、突然海に飛び込むんだから…

The Day We Locked Fingers
Icon skill 1119.pngInvisible Weapon
Damage Increase [II] & Guaranteed Anti-Evade (Self / 1T) 7 turns
Max Limit Break
Damage Increase [II] & Guaranteed Anti-Evade (Self / 1T) 6 turns
Our first impressions were awful, and we still don't get along at all.

And yet here are, standing together, because there was an existence that brought us together.
As the starry sky lights up, I remember the vow we made one day:

The day we tied our fingers together to protect her smile.

なのにこうして一緒にいるのは、ふたりを結ぶ存在があったから 星空色の電飾に照らされながら、いつかの誓いを思い出す

The Eve of Awakening
Icon skill 1092.pngAll Disc Adept
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Accele MP Gain UP [III] & Blast Damage UP [IV] & Charged Attack Damage UP [III]
Because it was a wish that saved my life, I'm not afraid to offer it to someone else.

In her dreams, in her mind, from her slumber, she awaits for the time of her "awakening". Spun by several girls, the price of a wish passed down from generation to generation, is it hope or despair...

(TV Anime 2nd Season Key Visual)

夢に、うつつに、まどろみながら、彼女は「覚醒」の時を待つ 少女たちに紡がれ、受け継がれた願いの代償、それは希望か絶望か…

(TVアニメ 2nd SEASON キービジュアル)
The Guardian Spirit is Busy!
Icon skill 1092.pngBlast Force
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Blast Damage UP [III] & Chance to Critical [II] (Self / 3T) 6 turns
"Where is this? ... Who needs us 'guardian spirits'?"

"I don't even know how we're supposed to help!"
"It seems doubtless that this is a place of 'frayed bonds'..."

"Modern society has a huge lack in communication!"

「わたくしに聞いてもわからないよー!」 「“ほつれた絆”がある場所なのは、間違いなさそうだけど…」

Handmade Ultimate Dress
Icon skill 1085.pngSmite Rise
??? ? turns
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [IV] & Charged Damage UP [IV] (Self / 3T) 8 turns
"These things are rather analog and handmade...

"It's no use, we didn't have the budget to go that far. "Hey, Touka. With this design, I don't think she'll be able to take it off by herself.

"Oh, come on, we can't recreate it, we're under budget.

「仕方ないよーそこまで回す予算が無かったんだからー」 「あれ、灯花。この設計だと自力で脱げないんじゃないかな」

The Second Christmas Carol
Icon skill 1088.pngMagia Blast Wall
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Magia Damage UP [IV] & Blast Damage Cut [III]

There came a sense of déjà vu among the lights of the Christmas tree.

There was a Christmas carol that I heard from the speakers on the ceiling some time before.
"I remember that song... It was playing last Christmas as well."

"Are you trying to say we've gone back in time?"

天井のスピーカーから流れる、いつか聞いたクリスマス・キャロル 「この曲、覚えてる…去年のクリスマスも流れてた」

Still Far From A Starry Night...
Icon skill 1085.pngThrust Adept
Normal Passive
Attack UP [IV] & Accele MP Gain UP [II]
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [V] & Accele MP Gain UP [III]

Christmas is a while away, but it's about time we start preparing cards.

We have no idea what Christmas is supposed to be like, so we have to practice.
Sitting at our desks, we unleash our imaginations,

dreaming of a white Christmas, with snowflakes dancing through a holy night replete with stars.

“普通のクリスマス”を知らないふたりには、練習が必要だから 机に向かって、想像力を解き放つ

Thus the Holy Night Wanes
Icon skill 1176.pngMana Absorb
MP Damage [I] (Single) & MP Restore [I] (Self) 10 turns
Max Limit Break
MP Damage [I] (Single) & MP Restore [I] (Self) 8 turns
**Unique to Touka・Nemu (Holy Night ver.)**
It all started with a single diary.

The two girls travel through time, uniting their frayed bonds. As they record the traces and miracles of the guardian spirits of Christmas...

And so, this year, too, the holy night will end.

ほつれかけた絆を結びながら、ふたりの少女は時を馳せる クリスマスの守護霊たちの、軌跡と奇跡を記しながら…

The True Gift Was Her Smile
Icon skill 1111.pngSweet Talk
Guaranteed Dazzle & Attack DOWN [XII] (Single / 1T) 6 turns
Max Limit Break
Guaranteed Dazzle & Attack DOWN [XIII] (Single / 1T) 5 turns
"Here you go! Merry Christmas, Touka, Nemu!"

It was the first Christmas gift I received that made me truly happy.
I thought about it over and over again, and finally realized the reason:

The smile she gave me was the real gift.

もらって心から嬉しいと感じた、初めてのクリスマスプレゼント 何度も何度も考えて、その訳にようやく気づく

When I See Your Eyes
Icon skill 1087.pngSonic Thrust
Damage UP [VI] & Chance to Ignore Damage CUT [VIII] (Self / 1T) 10 turns
Max Limit Break
Damage UP [VII] & Chance to Ignore Damage CUT [IX] (Self / 1T) 9 turns
"Mokyu, Mokyumokyu, Kyupei, Mokyu! Mokyu, Mokyu!"

"Fufu...Is that so, the tea is really good, isn't it...yes, you can have a cookie too" "I can understand what you're saying." "Big sister is amazing!" "Not in the slightest to us..."

"I don't know how. Maybe it's because we've been together for a long time." "Mokyu!"

「ふふ…そうだね、お茶おいしいね…はい、クッキーもどうぞ」 「言ってることわかるの?」「お姉さますごい!」「僕達には全然…」

We Failed
Icon skill 1085.pngWe Failed
Normal Passive
Max Limit Break
Attack UP [IV] & Magia Damage UP [IV] & Status Ailment Resistance UP [III]
**Unique to Touka Satomi & Nemu Hiiragi**
Blue-ray & DVD Volume 2 jacket illustration 1 (TV Anime Final Season)
Blu-ray&DVD 第2巻 描き下ろしジャケットイラスト1 (TVアニメ Final SEASON)
The Lively Roar of the Sea
Icon skill 1120.pngMorale Shield Adept
Normal Passive
Damage Cut [V] & MP Gain UP [III]
Max Limit Break
Damage Cut [VI] & MP Gain UP [IV]
I wanna do this, I wanna do that

There was no room to interrupt the waves of requests coming in from both sides I was caught between a rock and a hard place, being made to sway back and forth

Even my secret murmurs of bewilderment were snatched away and dissolved into bubbles

両脇から押し寄せるリクエストの波に口を挟む隙はない 板挟みにされた私は、されるがままにゆらゆら揺られ

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