Magia Record Main Story Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Surround Fendthope

As with the previous chapter, this chapter is told in branch format.

Iroha 1

Iroha Tamaki summarizes the story's previous events, and wonders how she can escape her imprisonment. Elsewhere, Nemu Hiiragi is still unable to create a new Rumor. Alina Gray is concerned, but Touka Satomi says that with Walpurgis Night coming they just need to keep playing defense. Nemu is able to adjust the mansion's existing Rumor to make them harder to detect, and to block telepathy from the invaders. Touka asks if they can use Alina's collection. Alina says they can, but wants Iroha's Soul Gem and body brought to her.

Within in the barrier of the Ten Thousand Year Cherry Blossom, Kanagi Izumi notes the space is warped. Yachiyo Nanami, Tsuruno Yui, and Felicia Mitsuki resolve to save Iroha. The girls storm Hotel Fendfthope. The various Feathers detect the intruders and go after them. Meanwhile, Sana Futaba sneaks into the hotel to find Iroha. Elsewhere, weather reporters say that a powerful storm is coming and recommends people take shelter to avoid flooding. Walpurgis Night's laughter can be faintly heard. The chapter ends with Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi resolving to save Iroha. Homura further resolves to destroy Walpurgis.

Sana 1

Despite her invisibility magic, the Feathers are somehow able to detect Sana's presence. Sana tries to magically detect Iroha but fails. Sana suspects the building has something to do with this. She then hears two Feather's discussing Iroha's location, and that Alina requested Iroha's body and Soul Gem. The Feathers don't understand what's going on, but are willing to work for their release. Sana is able to trick a Black Feather into leaving her post and traps her. Sana tries to interrogate the Feather, but she still remains loyal to Magius despite everything that happened previously. Sana knocks the Feather out and takes her uniform.

Sana 2

Disguised as the Black Feather, Sana goes to a White Feather and asks why Alina would want Iroha. The White Feather thinks Iroha is to be fed to "the Eve". Sana comments that Magius's actions are counter-productive, but a Black Feather appears and says all they can do is obey. The group goes to Iroha's cell, where Sana reveals herself and attacks the Feathers.

Sana 3

The White Feather, before falling unconscious, gives a key to her subordinate and orders her to tell everyone what happened. Sana breaks open the prison door so Iroha can escape. This causes a Rumor familiar to appear, which makes Iroha realize that the building itself is a Rumor. Sana defeats the Rumor, and then goes to search with Iroha for Iroha's Soul Gem. Iroha thinks they should leave the building and regroup with the others, but Sana says they can still feed her Soul Gem to Eve. Elsewhere, a Black Feather reports that Iroha has escaped, and Yachiyo is invading.

Yachiyo 1

The heroes enter Fendthope. Momoko Togame, Kaede Akino, and Rena Minami marvel at the hotel, thinking it's like a castle. Rena thinks there should be a princess there. Tsuruno tries to find Iroha and Sana but fails. All the other girls notice their sensing abilities and telepathy are blocked. The group decides to split up. Before they do, they're attacked by Feathers. The girls fend them off. Kanagi notes that one of the retreating Feathers has some doubts. Yachiyo expected that only the most loyal followers would be in the hotel. Kanagi thinks they're more loyal to the release of magical girls. Kanagi and Yachiyo decide to chase after the Feather to interrogate her.

Yachiyo 2

The Feather that Sana attacked before borrows a White Feather robe and goes to confront the intruders. The Feather thinks she's different from the others, since she does not care she's being used as a tool. The Feather runs into the other Black Feather Yachiyo's group was chasing after. Yachiyo's group then arrives, and Yachiyo tries to talk with them. The not-White Feather tells the other Feather to contact the others while she holds the group off.

The Feather is outmatched by Yachiyo's group. Yachiyo tells her to surrender, but the Feather says she can't abandon her chance to escape the fate of magical girls. Kanagi says the Feathers are just being used, and Momoko says that they're only causing more suffering. Yachiyo points out that Magius hasn't told the Feather how they will release magical girls. The Feather angrily protests, but then starts to consider their words. Tsuruno and Felicia say they can work together to stop Magius. The Feather is still hesitant. Yachiyo then asks about the locations of Iroha, Sana and Mifuyu Azusa. The Feather doesn't know, prompting Yachiyo's group to leave. The Feather muses that she might still be used even after release.

Yachiyo 3

As Yachiyo's group discusses the situation, Kanagi and Yachiyo point out they haven't seen Mifuyu. Rena and Kaede think they might be hiding, but Kanagi points out Mifuyu leads the Feathers. Yachiyo says Mifuyu wouldn't abandon her subordinates. Felicia asks if Mifuyu has been captured. Yachiyo says that might be it. Tsuruno suspects Mifuyu would be in the room that she was in when she was brainwashed by Magius. Tsuruno believes the room is upstairs. Felicia then decides to smash a hole in the ceiling, which causes a Rumor to appear.

The girls fight off the Rumor, but draw the attention of the Feathers. Momoko suggests rushing to the top, but Yachiyo tells her to wait and listen to what the Feathers are saying. They overhear the Feathers are searching for Iroha and Sana. Suddenly, Yachiyo's group is discovered by more Feathers, but they quickly hear the other group is going to the first floor to catch Iroha. Yachiyo asks Momoko's team to follow the Feathers searching for Iroha, while the rest of the group tries to find Mifuyu. Yachiyo tells Momoko to meet them on the first floor. The girls then fight through the Feathers.

Sana 4

Iroha tells Sana that Magius has called Walpurgis. Sana says even the Feathers don't seem to know about it. Sana wonders if they can prevent Walpurgis from coming if they can give Touka and Nemu their memories back. Iroha says she doesn't even know how to do that, and that all they can do is keep fighting against their enemies. The girls are then spotted by Feathers. Iroha recognizes the Feather who took a key from earlier. Sana tries to defend Iroha from the Feathers, but the girls get surrounded.

Iroha asks the Feathers if they can leave their lives in Magius's hands. Iroha points out that the Feather's have no guarantee they'll be treated better even if Magius achieve their goals. The Feather doesn't care, saying all the Feathers in the hotel actually put the release of magical girls above Magius. Sana is able to make an opening, and she runs off with Iroha.

Sana 5

Just as Sana and Iroha are about to be caught, Kyoko Sakura intervenes. Saying the Feathers don't think for themselves, she claims they're all either empty inside or causing misfortune for others. Kyoko then says she's not here to save Iroha, merely to beat up people she dislikes. She then demands Sana help her. Sana and Kyoko then knock out all the Feathers. Kyoko explains that she had infiltrated Magius, and was looking for Soul Gems earlier. Kyoko quickly deduces that Iroha has lost hers.

Sana asks if Kyoko knows where the Soul Gems are. Kyoko says she did, but they were moved. Sana then asks where the Magius are, saying that Iroha's Soul Gem could be taken there. Kyoko says she doesn't know, but reveals that Magius is planning to deal with Mifuyu, Tsukuyo Amane, and Tsukasa Amane. Suddenly Iroha collapses. Something attacks Kyoko and Sana, while a Feather takes Iroha's body. A gate closes down, trapping Kyoko and Sana. Kyoko says that Iroha must have been too far from her Soul Gem, but figures she'll be revived when they're closer. Kyoko says they should just smash through the gates and chase after the Feathers. Sana agrees.

Yachiyo 4

Reaching the top floor, the girls spot two Feathers and deduce they're guarding Mifuyu's room. Kanagi tells Yachiyo to head inside while the rest of them fend off the Feathers. As they fight, Kanagi reads the mind of a Feather, and tells Yachiyo to get Mifuyu and the Amane sisters (having learned of their presence from the Feather's mind). Yachiyo finally enters the room, only to see all three girls are seemingly dead.

The rest of Yachiyo's group arrives, having defeated the Feathers. Kanagi drags a White Feather into the room and explains Mifuyu and the Amanes were separated from their Soul Gems. Yachiyo demands the Feather reveal where the Soul Gems are, but the Feather refuses to answer. Kanagi reads the Feather's mind, and finds that Iroha's body and Soul Gem are being taken to the first floor. Kanagi suggests they jump out the window to go straight to the first floor.

Iroha 2

Iroha suddenly awakens, having been paralyzed by two Black Feathers. The Feathers explain she's being taken to Magius. Iroha admits she can't escape.

Iroha 3

Iroha tries to talk to the Black Feathers about what they're doing. The Black Feathers say they're putting everything on a chance to be saved from becoming witches, and are willing to deal with any consequences that arise from this. One Black Feather explains she saw her little sister become a witch, and says that saving magical girls from the same fate would help her find closure. Iroha discusses her own sister, Ui Tamaki, and says she doesn't think Ui would have ever sacrificed many people to save herself. The Black Feather says Iroha can only say that because she's strong, and admits that she's willing to sacrifice others to fulfill her own selfish desires.

Iroha 4

Iroha points out that they're still saved as long as they stay in Kamiahama. Both Black Feathers explain they came from outside Kamihama. The other Black Feather explains she came to Kamihama when she heard a girl say magical girls could be saved there. Iroha remembers an illusion of Ui saying something similar, and wonders if the Feather met her sister. The Feather says she didn't see a magical girl, or even an ordinary girl. She explains the other Feathers from outside Kamihama all heard the message from some kind of shape. After further discussion, Iroha admits she'll never see eye-to-eye with the Wings of Magius. However, she starts thinking Ui has something to do with Magius. Iroha then hopes that Sana will notice something.

Momoko 1

Momoko, Rena and Kaede chase down the escaping Feathers. Meanwhile, the not-White Feather talks with the other Feathers, and learns there's another group transporting the Soul Gems through another path. Momoko's group then fights a group of Feathers.

Momoko 2

After being defeated, the Feathers flee without a word. Suddenly, Momoko spots the not-White Feather. Momoko tells the girl she'll suffer by believing in Magius. The girl admits she thought it was fine to fight for Magius even if she didn't believe in them, but says that now she doesn't know what is right anymore. Kaede and Momoko say they can work together to save magical girls. The Feather says that if she gives up and her friend turns into a witch, she wouldn't be able to handle it. The girl then summons a Doppel and attacks. Rena says Momoko has bad timing again.

Momoko 3

Momoko's team defeats the Feather. The Feather apologizes and says she feels like she woke up a little. Momoko says they can talk later when it's all over. Suddenly the Feather receives a telepathic messages and says Iroha has been captured. She suggests they break the floor to reach the level where Iroha is. Momoko says the building is a Rumor, but the Feather says she'll handle it. Rena and Kaede break the hole in the floor, and the White Feather fights the Rumor that appears while the others go down the hole. The Feather apologizes to someone for her betrayal, even though they "were looking forward to it".

Momoko 4

Momoko says they're still one floor too high. Rena and Kaede break the floor open again, and fight off the Rumor that appears. The girls tell Momoko to go on, saying they'll follow later. After reaching the bottom, Momoko sees Iroha being taken by the Black Feather. Momoko quickly defeats them and rescues Iroha. Iroha tells Momoko they took her Soul Gem. Suddenly a White Feather appears. Iroha then senses her Soul Gem in the possession of a group of Black Feathers, who give it to the White Feather.

Sana 6

Fighting off Rumors, Kyoko wonders if they can even fight off Magius and says she won't risk her life for others. Sana says she'll fight alone if she has to. Kyoko admits she likes Sana's guts. Eventually, Sana discovers Iroha's dropped ribbon. Sana follows and Kyoko comes along, saying it's not too dangerous left. Suddenly they run into more Feathers and fight them off.

Yachiyo 5

After defeating the Rumor that appears, the girls check on Mifuyu and the Amanes. The girls begin to wake up. Tsukasa apologizes to Kanagi for betraying her. Kanagi says not to dwell on the past. Tsuruno says Mifuyu can return to Mikazuki Villa. Mifuyu and the Amanes agree to go against Magius. Yachiyo explains that Walpurgis Night has been called to Kamihama. The girls resolve to stop it. Tsuruno welcomes Mifuyu back. The girls then spot the Feathers holding Mifuyu, Tsukasa, and Tsukuyo's Soul Gems and follow.

Momoko 5

Rena and Kaede arrive to stop the Feathers from escaping with Iroha's Soul Gem. The girls fight the Feathers to take it back.

Momoko 6

All three groups of magical girls converge on the Feathers holding the Soul Gems. After a pitched fight, all the Soul Gems are retrieved. Mifuyu uses her illusion powers to knock out the remaining Feathers.

Everyone 1

The Feathers ask Kanagi and Yachiyo why they're fighting them. Yachiyo asks why they even need to ask. The Feathers say that Yachiyo can't understand because she's from west Kamihama, but Yachiyo says it has nothing to do with hurting others. Kanagi says she understands how they feel, but it doesn't justify their actions. The Feathers admit they can't be as strong as Kanagi, but say they want to be released from at least one hardship. The Feathers tells the girls they're trampling on people's feelings and call Yachiyo's desires selfish. Yachiyo says she can't overlook others getting hurt and says she'll be as selfish as it takes. The Feathers retreat.

Everyone 2

With everyone's Soul Gems returned, Iroha asks Mifuyu and the Amanes if they're alright going against Magius. They say they'll find another way to reach happiness and are willing to do what's right. Sana then returns Iroha's ribbon, which causes Kyoko to comment that she thought it was a good idea. Sana explains the other Feathers were heading to Magius. The girls decide to work together to beat them.

Everyone 3

Mifuyu believes the Magius are in an underground chapel. Mifuyu explains the building is a Rumor that Nemu can rebuild freely. However, the Amanes think she wouldn't have enough time to rearrange the layout. Momoko points out a Rumor will appear if they break in. Mifuyu thinks it could be a trap, but decides they don't have a choice. Mifuyu and the Amanes break down a wall, causing Rumors to appear. A giant wind suddenly blows away everyone except Iroha, Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Sana, Felicia, and Kanagi. Suddenly a Rumor attacks them.

Everyone 4

After defeating the Rumor, the girls sense Alina's magic. Suddenly a barrier appears and the girls are attacked by familiars. Yachiyo realizes Alina is using witches to defend Magius. From outside, Mifuyu calls out to Yachiyo and says they've been locked out. Mifuyu says they'll try to drag Magius and Eve outside so everyone can team up to defeat them. She plans on doing this by blowing up Hotel Fendthope.

Mifuyu tells Yachiyo to get to the chapel as soon as they can. Yachiyo relays the plan to the others. Iroha says the witches and familiars are also being blown outside. The girls make a path through the hotel, while Mifuyu and Yachiyo tell each other to be safe. Elsewhere, two Feathers wonder what they have done, while a weather announcer tells everyone in Kamihama to evacuate.

Team Mikazuki 1

The girls fight through both witches and Rumors. Yachiyo thinks back to the Feathers she fought before and affirms her resolve to fight against them. The girls are then confronted by Feathers

Team Mikazuki 2

Iroha tries to convince the Feathers to stop, but the Feathers say they don't need their pity. Kanagi says even Mifuyu has joined them, but they don't believe her. As the girls fight, the Feathers suddenly hear Mifuyu's voice. The Feather says it doesn't matter because she's gone too far. The remaining Feathers are defeated. Suddenly, Touka, Alina and Nemu appear.

Mifuyu 1

Mifuyu and company fight off witches. Mifuyu explains they were Alina's personal collection. She then says they will strike to destroy Fendthope when the time is right. Mifuyu tells the girls to conserve magic, not to get hurt, and not to use doppels because of the effect they have on stamina. As she fights, Mifuyu thinks her plan is a gamble, but she has no choice.

A flashback shows how Touka recruited Mifuyu into Magius. Mifuyu explains that ever since her family forced her to go on marriage interviews, she began to lose her resolve as a magical girl. Mifuyu ultimately joined Magius when she learned that Yachiyo believed her wish killed Kanae Yukino and Meru Anna. Mifuyu then recruited Tsukuyo, who then recruited Tsukasa, who recruited all the magical girls of the east. Touka then spread stories about miracles occurring in Kamihama, which caused magical girls to enter the city. Suddenly, Magius gathered many Feathers in a few months.

In the present, Mifuyu decides to end this herself, even if it costs her own life.

Mifuyu 2

The girls appear to fight off all the witches, but then a powerful Durbar shows up. Mifuyu says Alina fed other witches to this one. The girls attack.

Mifuyu 3

The girls try to defeat the witch, but what turns the tide is arrival of Mami Tomoe, who has brought Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi and Sayaka Miki with her. The girls destroy the witch, and find that no more have appeared. Mifuyu thanks Mami for saving her. Mami says it's atonement, and Mifuyu says it's the same for her. Kyoko is surprised to see Mami's friends, but Sayaka and Madoka say they're willing to help. Homura admits she's scared, but says she'll push herself since everyone else is fighting.

Mifuyu asks Mami if her friends removed the Rumor from her, but Mami says it was Yachiyo who helped. Mami says she wants to make a clean break from her past self, and says she has a request for Mifuyu.

Mifuyu 4

Mami asks Mifuyu to contact all of Kamihama's Feathers. She says the Feathers outside have stopped fighting and are wondering what to do. She says the Feathers trust Mifuyu and would listen to her. Mifuyu asks if it would change things, but Mami says she can reach them. The Amanes say telepathy can't make it outside the barrier, but Mami says the sisters themselves can help by controlling sound.

Suddenly Feathers begin attacking the girls. The Amanes say they haven't done this before, but use their magic to project Mifuyu's voice. Mifuyu tells the Feathers she is no longer working for Magius and they have committed horrible crimes, including summoning Walpurgis Night. Mifuyu says they could well destroy the city, and asks them to lay down their weapons and prepare to fight Walpurgis.

The Feathers fighting Mifuyu's group, who believed Mifuyu was captured, stop and tell Mifuyu they believe her.

Team Mikazuki 3

Felicia is eager to fight Magius, but the others are shocked to see them. Iroha asks Touka and Nemu why they revealed themselves. Touka says she was sad to hear what Mifuyu says, Nemu says she realized what they were doing was wrong, and Alina says she can't lose Mifuyu's body. Touka says she'd like to talk to Iroha and apologizes to the Feathers for working them hard. That's when Touka, Nemu and Alina attack the Feathers. Tsuruno and Iroha realize the Magius are speaking in a different manner. Yachiyo guesses they're familiar copies from the Mirror Witch's barrier. Iroha says they don't need two of Touka or Nemu and the girls defeat the false Magius.

Mifuyu 5

With the Feathers no longer fighting, Mami says she'll clean up what she had done and summons her guns to blow a large hole in the building. Mami runs inside while the others defeat the Rumor that spawns. Afterward, they find the hole has closed up behind Mami, and that Kyoko is missing.

(To be continued...)