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These following cutscenes were shown to players who logged in during the week when Ria Ami was made playable.

Scene 1

Ria Ami gets a call from her manager, saying there's a fashion show that wants her to be the prestigious last guest. The theme for the show is "dressing in stylish uniforms". Ria jumps at the chance, and imagines Mayu Kozue praising her.

Scene 2

Ria decides to get some sleep. On the day of the fashion show, Ria runs into a witch. However, Kyoko Sakura then arrives in the barrier. Mistaking Kyoko for a fan, Ria tries to show off, but Kyoko tells her to stay out of her way. The two get into a fight. Later, Ria leaves the barrier and finds she's missed the fashion show completely. Horrified, Ria wakes up; it was only a dream.

Scene 3

On that day of the fashion show, Ria and Asuka Tatsuki arrive to cheer her on. Asuka reveals she was practicing for the day. During the event, Asuka cheers for Ria...but Ria gets embarrassed because she cheers like it was a sports event. Ria knows she doesn't mean any harm, but feels like Asuka is ruining the event. Suddenly Ria wakes up again. It was another dream.

Scene 4

On the day of the event, just as Ria is about to go on stage, the power cuts out. Although the power is quickly returned, Ria finds that the audience's enthusiasm has diminished. Ria blames herself for being unable to overcome the power outage. Ria then wakes up again, revealing she has been dreaming about the show every single night.

Scene 5

On the actual day of the show, Ria pinches her cheek to make sure it's real. She stumbles into a witch barrier like before. Kyoko appears just as in her dream. However, this time Ria tells Kyoko she can take the credit for killing the witch. Ria then leaves the barrier and meets Asuka and Mayu. When she learns Asuka has practiced cheering, Ria says that fashion shows have their own cheering etiquette, and promises to send her a message later.

Finally, just before Ria's turn to go on stage, the power cuts out for real. Ria decides to just make it part of the show and asks the audience to get out their penlights. She tells them to turn all the lights on her when she gives the signal. Ria's improvisation turns out to be a complete success, though she wishes she could have shown her perfect walk. However, she thinks she's feeling the best feeling in the world.

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