Magia Record Story Moon-viewing Slumbering Pajama Party

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The following is a summary posted on Magia Union Translation Discord by Mochi.

Episode 1

Teams Mikazuki Villa and Mitakihara are in their pajamas, having a party inside of what can only be described as a dream world with furnishings meant for a sleepover. Yachiyo mentions the moon looks like it's laughing today, but Sana says since it's Otsukimi (moon viewing day), it must just look a little kinder for its special day. Iroha asks everyone if they've all prepared what they're going to be doing for their party, since they drew lottery and decided pairings that will work together ahead of time. Everyone is ready to begin, starting with a toast.

Episode 2

Felicia insists that her and Mami go first. Mami brings out a giant dish of beef, ready to be cooked on a grill, as well as some tea that she personally prepared. Sana and Sayaka are wondering how meat and tea could go together, but Mami says the flavor works wonderfully. Yachiyo looks disappointed at Felicia, but Mami says Felicia helped out with their idea.

Flashback to when they were trying to decide what to do. Felicia says you can't have a party if everyone's hungry, so she wants to cook meat for everyone. Mami says it would be better to have something more related to moon viewing. Felicia is sure that everyone else will just do the same, so they ought to just do something that's unique to them that they know they'll enjoy.

Felicia fires up a grill and goes to town on the pile of meat, telling everyone to come and get as much as they want. Madoka asks if there's salad, but Felicia tells her there's nothing but meat. Mami brings out a salad she made ahead of time. Felicia is disappointed, but suddenly changes her mind when she sees Yachiyo approaching, saying she'll be good and eat her veggies.

Iroha and Sayaka try the tea, saying it's bitter, but fruity and refreshing. Mami explains how she normally does milk tea. Madoka says the meat is good, but really smokey. Tsuruno laughs that Felicia is a bit too eager to cook. Madoka hears a voice up in the sky, coughing about the smoke. She isn't sure what that was, and wonders if it was her imagination.

Episode 3

After everyone eats, Kyoko asks Sana if she's still worrying, but Sana is doing better now that someone else went first. Sayaka asks what they're talking about.

Flashback to Kyouko and Sana wondering what to do. Sana thinks to herself that she wants to make dango for everyone since it's traditional. Kyouko notices her thinking to herself and asks if she already thought of something. Sana says it's only something ordinary, but wants to make dango. Kyouko's fine with it, saying why not make it if it's the normal thing to do. It's not like people will complain about free dango, right?

Sana says she's still a little nervous, but thanks Kyouko for supporting her. They cart out a big pile of dango to everyone's surprise. Sayaka asks if Kyouko also made these. Kyouko says Sana kneaded the dough while she rolled them up, and... Sana tells her not to reveal the secret. Kyouko tells everyone to not worry about the secret and just dig in.

Everyone notices that Felicia's dango looks like a rabbit (Japanese belief that a rabbit makes mochi on the moon due to a rabbit shape on it). Sana says she painted some of them with food coloring, so they should keep an eye out for more hidden bunnies in the pile.

Episode 4

Homura and Yachiyo are up next, and they thought up a game they can all play. It's something related to moon viewing.

Flashback to Homura and Yachiyo deciding what to do. Homura figures everyone else is going to be doing food, so they should do something fun. Yachiyo pulls out a book and tells Homura to help her look for ideas in it. Yachiyo brings up a story of an old custom for Otsukimi, that children would go out and steal dango from houses on the night of the full moon, and the families would take it as the moon accepting their offering. Homura says it's a little weird and childish, but they could make a game out of it. Yachiyo says sometimes it's good to go back to being a child and have fun. Homura agrees.

Homura explains the rules to everyone. Either Yachiyo or herself will be the oni, keeping their back turned to everyone while a pile of balls sit on a pile in front of them. Everyone has to steal them and hide them from the oni. If the oni finds one, it gets sent back to the pile, and when the oni turns around, no one is allowed to move unless the oni circles them once. Madoka recognizes the game is pretty similar to daruma-san ga koronda. Homura goes on to say that inside each ball is a little prize, so whoever keeps theirs hidden until the time limit wins them.

Sayaka asks how will they know when the oni is about to turn around? Sana says the oni usually sings "Daruma-san fell over" in this game. Yachiyo of course has readied herself to do the singing, to everyone's excitement.

Yachiyo sings the song as people come and go. After the time limit, people that won open up their prize, getting autumn themed miniatures. Yachiyo says she got a bunch from work and decided to make them the prizes. They play another round with Homura as the oni. Everyone is worn out, so Tsuruno and Madoka decide it's their turn next.

Episode 5

While the party is happening, Akari and Hotaru arrive outside Mikazuki Villa. They're looking for Ui, with Akari being super serious and Hotaru being exceptionally sleepy. They're trying to find Ui to tell her about her sister and everyone else. Akari sneaks around and looks into the bedroom windows, seeing Ui and another little girl are asleep, since it's obviously bed time for kids.

Akari asks again if Iroha and everyone really are safe. Hotaru says they should be fine since they're just inside her pillow. She's not sure if or when they'll come out though. She can't actually get her pillow's mouth to open up, even though she used to be able to just open it and look inside. Inside of it is a little world that expands out into a perfect place for pajama parties. Hotaru tries again to open the pillow's mouth, but nothing is happening.

Episode 6

Madoka and Tsuruno decided that their part of the party is simply to look at the moon, reminding everyone they haven't actually done that yet despite being the whole point of the party. They start looking up at the moon in silence. Felicia is bored almost instantly. Kyouko and Sayaka also mention it's kind of boring.

Flashback to Madoka and Tsuruno. Tsuruno says Felicia probably won't enjoy just doing moon viewing, since she has a hard time sitting still. Madoka thinks, then comes up with something.

Madoka tells everyone they're going to see the moon from a different perspective. Everyone looks at the moon every day without ever really LOOKING at it, so they're going to "take a closer look" at it. Kyouko questions if that's how this works. Tsuruno tells her to just pretend she's fallen for the idea. Madoka tells everyone they just have to start by closing their eyes.

Everyone does, and Madoka tells them to picture the moon in their minds. One by one everyone imagines their own version of the moon. A giant rabbit patterned on it, a warm smile, a plain empty circle, etc. Everyone has their own idea of what the moon is. Yachiyo is reminded that their home - Mikazuki Villa - is also a moon in its own way. Felicia says that means watching the moon is perfect for them.

Everyone opens their eyes to compare their vision to the real moon (the pillow face in the sky). There's no rabbit pattern, and no gentle smile. It looks more like a grinning face than anything. Everyone's idea of what the moon looks like doesn't match this moon they're seeing. Iroha says the moon looks like it's watching them instead. Everyone enjoyed the activity nonetheless. Madoka says she's heard some countries describe the pattern on the moon as a crab, so does the moon really look that weird?

Episode 7

Iroha and Sayaka are last, but Sayaka is turning red and stuttering. They announce they prepared a love game / dating sim game to play.

Flashback to their meeting. Sayaka thinks since it's a girls-only pajama party, they should have girl talk. Iroha's never really done much of it, but she wants to give it a try.

They bring out the game, and Iroha says they bought it for one coin at a wagon sale (basically a bargain bin). Tsuruno recognizes that just means no one could sell the game so they're trying to get rid of it. Sayaka says there's also a prize - an entire cake to the person who contributes most to the game.

First part of the game is to decide the name of the heroine. Felicia takes control and names the character "Otsukimi Pajako" since it has to be a theme, of course. Homura and Yachiyo immediately begin theorizing how to raise the stats of Pajako, since they need both likability and intelligence raised, but they don't want to miss any one-time-only events during the week.

A prompt comes up describing an event. Pajako hears a cat crying, with options to either go to the cat, or rush to her date so she isn't late. Madoka has to make the decision. Sana says she's worried about the cat, since it could be hungry. Madoka agrees, and chooses to see the cat. Tsuruno finds out this isn't that kind of game.

Felicia asks when does the fighting start. Mami tells her this isn't a fighting game. Felicia points out that the box has "love is war" written right on it, but Yachiyo says it's a metaphor. Felicia gets an event, asking if Pajako accepts the duel, with options to start crying or to take the glove. Felicia chooses the glove, which Yachiyo realizes means accepting the duel. The music changes, and Felicia asks why did the BGM change to something all heroic all of a sudden. The game says the entire school has gathered, and everyone is shocked that a duel is actually happening. Kyouko says she wants to play too, and asks to take every other turn with Felicia.

The fight is a struggle, but Yachiyo says Pajako's stats should be high enough for it. Tsuruno cheers her on. The game ends, saying Otsukimi Pajako united the school and restored peace. Mami asks if all of these types of games are normally like this. Tsuruno says they won, but Pajako didn't really find any love in the end. Homura asks if they want to try the extra mode that let's them kill 100 suitors. Sayaka and Iroha agree to just split the cake with everyone.

Episode 8

Everyone gets ready to sleep and brush their teeth. Some cram into the giant bed, and others choose giant comfy cushions. Hotaru and Akari open the moon's mouth and finally are able to look inside. Akari is shocked that all of this is inside Hotaru's pillow. Akari asks if this is really safe again, but Hotaru says...maybe?

Everyone falls asleep before they can do anything, and suddenly the world goes dark. Hotaru wonders if it's because everyone just went to sleep. She says the pillow feels like spitting them all out, so they need to get out. The pillow spits them all out one by one outside, all of them sound asleep. Akari tells Hotaru to start hauling them all into the villa. Ui and Nagisa help them.

THe next morning, everyone wake up feeling very refreshed. Ui asks if they remember yesterday. They remember going to a park with everyone for moon viewing, and Iroha and Mami had to go take Ui and Nagisa back home since it was their bed time. Later everyone found a witch's barrier...and then they were having a pajama party in some weird place? They're pretty sure that was a dream, but everyone shared the same dream. Ui and Nagisa know they're fine, so they need to go tell Hotaru and Akari the good news.

Episode 9

Akari and Hotaru apologize for the mess. Hotaru is pretty amazed at how drastically different Akari is between her two forms. Akari tells Hotaru to reflect properly on all the trouble she's caused.

Flashback to how this all started. They're inside a barrier, fighting a Rebecca. Hotaru tosses her pillow, which eats witches whole. Madoka and Iroha's entire groups all enter the barrier at the same time, and the pillow eats all of them plus the witch in one gulp. Hotaru is certain they're okay since the pillow didn't chew, and the world inside is probably safe. They know who they just kidnapped, but realize Ui wasn't in the group, so they decide to head to Mikazuki to tell Ui what just happened.

Hotaru and Akari start heading home, but one last thing is bothering Akari.

Episode 10

Akari asks why didn't the pillow ever open its mouth, and why is there an entire world inside of the pillow, and why didn't anyone inside question what was going on. Hotaru begins explaining each question one at a time.

She has no idea why her pillow has a pajama party world inside it, but it's probably because her wish is sleep related. Good enough. No one thought the party was weird because, who knows, maybe because they thought it was a dream, since people don't really think dreams are weird as they're having them. The pillow wouldn't spit them out because...there's probably some requirement to leave, probably falling asleep. Hotaru asks what happens when you sleep in a dream - do you have another dream, or do you wake up? So if everyone fell asleep, the pillow was probably satisfied and let them escape.

Akari is fine with the answers, and is just happy everyone was safe in the end. Akari asks one last thing: what happens if they never fell asleep and just partied forever inside the pillow? Hotaru mentions, oh yeah, the pillow digests whatever it eats, probably. Akari is mad, saying she's lecturing Hotaru the entire walk home. Hotaru just wants to sleep.

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