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The Event Quests present in April 2014 had story segments.


Mmo Madokayoureagoddess.jpg
Sayaka and Kyoko go shopping for ingredients so Mami can cook. Later, Madoka wins tickets for all the girls to go to a hot spring resort. Sayaka replies with "Way to go, Madoka! You must be an angel, or a goddess!"

Mmo Sayakaandkyokoteasingmami.jpg
Mami, Sayaka, and Kyoko discuss how hyped they are for the resort. The food, the scenery, the spa, etc.

Kyoko and Sayaka tease Mami about how she's going to use her dynamite body to seduce the men. They even get into a play act where Sayaka roleplays Mami, and Kyoko roleplays a man trying to pick her up.

Mmo Itsnotlikeimgoodatgamescauseilikethem.jpg
Hah. Continuity. Sayaka and Kyoko are impressed at how good Homura is at video games. Homura says that it's just because a certain group of people forced her into learning how to play.

Back in World 2, when Moemura asked Kyoko and Sayaka to help her train to become a stronger magical girl, they had her play video games.

Oh, scratch that, that segment was just Kyoko daydreaming. Mami tells her to stop daydreaming about going to the resort just to play games. Kyoko tells Mami to stop daydreaming about going to the resort just to get a boyfriend (she wasn't).

Easy Quests


Mmo eventqueststory easy1 April1.jpg
Miki Sayaka それじゃあ、まどかはまだダイエットを頑張ってるんだ。へえー、記録更新じゃん。 So we still haven't recorded the quest text, huh? Wow, that's a new record.
Sakura Kyoko くだらないことやってるなぁ。無理せず、お茶会にくればいいのに。マミ、おかわり! That's so dumb. Mami, gimme more!

Hard Quests

Very Hard Quests

Very Hard quests did not contain story dialogue.