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Quest 10-1

10-1 Summary

Homura calls Madoka up to the roof and tells her a secret.

In the worlds she's been to... there should be a witch appearing at the hospital today.

Madoka: Kamijou-kun's hospital? We need to tell Sayaka!

Homura: No, we must keep her as far away from the hospital fight as possible. She could get too emotional and endanger you. This witch is strong.

Madoka asks why Homura can say such things, but Homura just says she wouldn't believe her even if she told her.

Mami telepathically reports that a witch appeared at the hospital.


Madoka and Homura get there late. Sayaka gets annoyed and says they should've just gone in without them. Mami and Kyoko try to calm her down, but Sayaka goes all witch hunt crazy and decides to go fight by herself if everyone's just going to be slowpokes.

Kyoko promises not to make fun of Sayaka anymore, and gets all confused about how sentimental she's becoming. Kyoko understands how someone important to Sayaka is in that hospital. Kyoko too became a magical girl to protect people important to her, her family, so she understands how she feels. Sayaka calms down.

Homura's surprised that Kyoko would go out of her way to even talk about her past to calm Sayaka down.

Madoka starts worrying about Homura, who says more incomprehensible things, like "QB was right... this world is nothing like what I could ever imagine".

10-1 Before

Quest 10-1 After.png

Madoka どうしたの、ほむらちゃん

こんなところに呼び出したりして? 魔女の事ならみんなも一緒のほうが…

What's wrong, Homura-chan?

You called me all the way out here. If it's about witches, then it'd be better if everyone...

Homura まどか、よく聞いて。


Madoka, please listen.

There's something I'd like to tell you and only you.

Homura 私が見てきた世界だと


According to the worlds I've seen so far

...a witch will appear today at the hospital.

Madoka 病院って、もしかして上条君のいる

病院のこと? だったら、なおさら さやかちゃんに教えなきゃ!

The hospital? The one where Kamijou-kun is?

Then we need to tell Sayaka-chan right away!

Homura だめよ! いいこと、まどか。

病院の戦いのとき、できるだけ 美樹さやかに近づかないで。

No! Listen, Madoka.

We must keep Miki Sayaka as far from the hospital battle as possible.

Homura 彼女は私情で取り乱して、周りを巻き込む可能性が高い。今度の魔女は強敵だから、あなたにも危険が及ぶ。 There's a very high probability she'll get overcome with emotion, and endanger everyone around her. This witch will be quite strong, and it'll put you in danger too.
Madoka ほ、ほむらちゃん……



how can you say that for sure?

Homura それは……いま話しても、信じてもらえない。だから、言わないでおくわ。 Because... no, even if I tell you now, you won't believe me. So I won't tell you.
Mami (鹿目さん、暁美さん、魔女が現れたわ。場所はこの街で一番大きい病院よ。急いで集合して) (Kaname-san, Akemi-san, a witch has appeared. It's located at the town's largest hospital. Please assemble immediately.)
Madoka えっ? 病院に魔女!? Eh? A witch at the hospital!?
Homura やはり起きたわね。

まどか、さっき私が言ったこと…… 決して忘れてはダメよ。

So it really did happen, huh.

Madoka, be sure not to forget... what I just told you.

10-1 After

Quest 10-1 After.png

Madoka ごめんなさい! わたしたち、


I'm sorry! We were still at school, so...!
Sayaka 何がごめんよっ! 遅すぎるよっ!!やっぱりまどかたちなんて待ってないで、もっと早く入るべきだったんだ! Sorry doesn't cut it! You're so late!! I knew we should've just gone ahead instead of wait for you two!
Mami ちょっと、美樹さん。落ち着いて!


Hold on, Miki-san. Calm down!

A large building such as this houses a great number of emotionally weakened people. We need to remain calm!

Sayaka 冷静になんかなってられないですよ!


How can I stay calm!?

We need to hurry and find the witch!

Kyouko 落ち着けって、さやか! 


Calm down, Sayaka!

Rushing head first isn't going to solve anything.

Kyouko 気配からして、今回の相手はかなり手強いんだぜ。オマエみたいなヒヨッコじゃ返り討ちがオチだぞ。 Judging by the enemy's presence, it's quite strong. A newbie like you will get wiped out if you try to be a hero.
Sayaka そんなのんきなこと言ってられない!

いざというときは…… あたし一人で戦ってやる!!

How can you be so calm about this!?

I don't care... I'll fight all by myself if I must!!

Kyouko ……わかった。それじゃあ


...Okay. In that case, I promise I'll stop making fun of you.
Sayaka え? Eh?
Kyouko ひとりで魔女退治してた時と違って

最近は不思議とアンタらの気持ちが わかるんだ。

It was different back when I was hunting witches alone.

But now, for some reason, I feel like I understand you guys.

Kyouko 変だよな? こんなアタシが他人の

こと考えるなんて。自分でもわけが わかんねーよ。たださ……。

Strange, isn't it? Someone like me, thinking about others. I don't understand it myself. Just...
Kyouko オマエにとって、大切な人が入院してるんだろ。心配な気持ちはわかるよ。 I know that someone precious to you is hospitalized here. I understand that you're worried.
Kyouko でもな、あせって出した行動にろくなことなんて起こらない……。 But nothing good will come out of hasty actions....
Kyouko 落ち着いて、アタシらと行動するんだ。 その代わり、魔女は絶対にやっつけてやるから。な? So calm down, and work with us. And in return, we'll be sure to beat the witch. Okay?
Sayaka ……杏子に、今のあたしの気持ちが 本当にわかるっていうの? ...Kyouko, do you really... understand how I feel?
Kyouko アタシだってさ、魔法少女になったきっかけは……大切な誰かを守りたかったからなんだぜ。 You know, when I became a magical girl... I wanted to protect others precious to me too.
Kyouko アタシの場合、それは家族だった。 In my case, it was my family.
Kyouko なのに、アタシが魔法少女になったせいで、逆に死んじまう結果になったんだ……。 And yet, it was because I became a magical girl that they all ended up dead instead....
Sayaka 杏子、それって……。 Kyouko, is that...
Kyouko アタシは、大切なものを守れなかった。 I couldn't protect the ones precious to me.
Kyouko だけどあの時の大切な人を守りたいって気持ちは本当だった。だから、今のあんたの気持ちがよくわかるんだっ。 But my desire to protect them back then was genuine. So I fully understand how you must feel now.
Kyouko さやか……あんたには、大切な人を失う思いはさせたくない。


Sayaka... I don't want you to go through losing the ones precious to you. So please, collect yourself!
Sayaka 杏子……わかった。

あたし、焦りすぎてたかもしれない。 少し頭を冷やすよ……。

Kyouko... I understand.

I might have gotten a little too hasty. I'll go cool my head for a bit....

Kyouko よし。わかってくれりゃそれでいいんだ。じゃあ、全員で奥に進もうぜ。 Okay. As long as you understand. Now then, guys, let's keep going.
Homura ……。 ...
Madoka ほむらちゃん、どうかしたの?


Homura-chan, what's wrong?

We're going to get left behind.

Homura 何で……あの佐倉杏子が美樹さやかの

ために自分の身の上まで話して…… 彼女を説得するの?

Why... Why would Sakura Kyouko go so far for Miki Sayaka as to open up her own personal history to her... and persuade her?
Homura ……違う。キュゥべえが言っていたとおり、私の知ってるどの世界とも違ってきている……。 ...No. Kyubey's right. This is a world unlike any I've known....
Madoka ほむらちゃん? ほむらちゃん、どうしたの? 何を言ってるの? Homura-chan? Homura-chan, what's wrong? What are you saying?
Homura ……なんでもない。なんでもないのよ

まどか。あなたには、その…… 関係のない、ことだから。

...nothing. It's nothing, Madoka.

It's... none of your concern.

Sayaka くれぐれも気を付けてね、まどか。


Be careful, Madoka. Things are starting to happen that not even I can understand.
Madoka ほ、ほむらちゃん……。 H-Homura-chan...

Quest 10-2

10-2 Summary

The hospital is so goddamn huge, the barrier keeps getting more and more complex. The number of familiars also makes it hard to seek out the witch. Sayaka is worried about Kyosuke, her... "friend". Madoka and Kyoko tell her things will be alright, as long as they all stick together. Now that they've got MC, anyway.

They enter a room...


...And everyone in that room is dead.

This does not help Sayaka's mental state at all.

How could Kyosuke be put at such danger, when he only recently got his arms healed so he could play the guitar again?

If something happens to Kyosuke, then for what purpose did Sayaka become a magical girl?

Everyone tries to calm Sayaka down.

Mami even points out that their soul gems are shining again. This must mean something!

Sayaka's not feeling it.

Kyoko asks Sayaka what she thinks of this Kyosuke guy.

Is it worth giving up on everything if he dies?

Sayaka explains her wish, and Kyosuke's accident.

She says she wanted to heal his hands and see him smile again...

...Because she loves him.

Kyoko tells Sayaka that that's all the more reason to not give up. Kyosuke will be safe. Believe in the miracle. Believe in we who are magical girls! Love and Justice always prevails in the end! For we are magical girls of justice!

Mami tells Sayaka it's not like her to give up. Madoka backs Mami and Kyoko. For out of miracles did we become magical girls!

Sayaka apologizes. They're right. She should be the one doing her best. And so she will. She will never give up... she will definitely save Kyosuke!!

10-2 Before

Quest 10-2 Before.png

Mami まいったわ。思った通り、病院なんて大きな建物が結界化してるから、いつにも増して複雑になってる……! This is discouraging. A hospital truly is such a large building to get turned into a barrier. It keeps growing more and more complex...!
Mami 使い魔も多いようだし……


There are a lot of familiars, too...

Looks like it'll take quite some time to find the witch.

Sayaka そんなっ! こうしてる間にも恭介が

……あたしの友達が襲われてるかも しれないんですよ!!

No way! At this rate, Kyousuke...

my friend might get attacked!!

Madoka 落ち着いて、さやかちゃん。

今のわたしたちなら、きっとすぐに 魔女のところまでたどり着けるよ!

Calm down, Sayaka-chan.

The way we are now, I know we can reach the witch's whereabouts quickly!

Kyouko まどかの言うとおりだ。


Madoka's right.

Now that we've got Player, there's nothing we can't do!!

Mami そうね、私もそう思うわ。


Yes, I agree.

Now let's go! We'll start with this room!

10-2 After

Quest 10-2 After.png

Kyouko う、なんてこった……。

この部屋の入院患者は…… 皆殺しかよ……!!

Ugh... how could this be...?

Everyone in this room... has been slaughtered...!!

Sayaka う、うう、どうなってんのよぉ。こんなんじゃ、恭介が……、恭介は、いったいどうなってるのよぉ……。 Ugh, ugghh... what's going on. At this rate... Kyousuke... Kyousuke... what will happen to Kyousuke...?
Sayaka 恭介、恭介ぇ……せっかく腕が治ったのに、大好きなギターがまた弾けるって、あんなに喜んでたのに…… Kyousuke... Kyousukeee... it hasn't even been that long since I healed your hands. You were so happy to be able to play your guitar again...
Madoka さやかちゃん、ダメだよ。しっかりして!上条君の病室はもっと先なんでしょ?


Sayaka-chan, you gotta pull yourself together! Kamijou-kun's room was further in, wasn't it? I'm sure he's safe!
Sayaka 気休めなんて聞きたくない!

ひどすぎるよ。恭介に何かあったら、 あたし、何の為に魔法少女に……

I don't want your words of consolation!

This is just too cruel. If something happens to Kyousuke... then what would I have become a magical girl for...?

Mami 美樹さん、落ち着いて私たちのソウルジェムを見て! ほら、輝きが少し強くなってるのがわかるでしょ? Miki-san, calm down, and look at our soul gems! Can't you see? Their light's getting a little stronger.
Madoka ほ、本当だ……それになんだか、

すごく心が温まるような…… 不思議な、光……

Y-you're right... and it's such a mysterious light...

it kinda feels... like it's warming my heart...

Mami 原因はわからない。でも、きっと私たちに何かが起きてるのよ。魔法少女としての特別な何かが……! I don't know what's causing it. But something must be happening to us. Something special to us as magical girls...!
Kyouko そうだぜっ!


Yeah! I'm sure Mami's right!
Sayaka だから、変な気休めはやめてっ・・・・・・


Please, stop trying to console me...

I... don't feel a thing!

Kyouko さやか……。ひとつだけ教えてくれ。


Sayaka... Just tell me one thing.

What... do you thing of this Kyousuke guy?

Sayaka 杏子……。 Kyouko...
Kyouko もう死んだって、あきらめちまう。


Could you say 'he's already dead, let's just give up already'?
Sayaka 違う! 違うよっ。恭介は……あたしが魔法少女になった理由……なんだ。 No! Of course I can't. Kyousuke's... the reason... I became a magical girl.
Sayaka 左手に怪我して、大好きなギターを弾けなくなって、いつも哀しい笑顔ばかり浮かべるようになって…… His left hand got injured, and he could no longer play the guitar he loved so much. His face was always so sad...
Sayaka あたしは何とかしてあげたかった!


I wanted to do something for him!

I wanted to see him smile from the bottom of my heart! So bad that I'd even form a contract for it!

Sayaka ……恭介のことが、好きだから。 ...Because... I love him.
Madoka さやかちゃん……。 Sayaka-chan...
Kyouko それならなおさらだろ、さやか!


Then all the reason more, Sayaka!

This Kyousuke guy will definitely be okay. Believe in the miracle. For we are magical girls!

Kyouko 必ず最後は愛と勇気が勝つんだ!


Love and justice always win in the end!

That's how our stories as magical girls of justice always turn out!

Mami そうよ、美樹さん。あきらめるなんて


She's right, Miki-san. It's not like you to give up!
Madoka うん、そうだよ。わたしも杏子ちゃんや マミさんの話を信じる。私たちは奇跡で魔法少女になったんだもん! Yeah, that's right. I believe in what Kyouko-chan and Mami-san say. We became magical girls out of miracles, after all!
Sayaka みんな……ごめんね。

あたしが一番がんばんなきゃ いけないのに……。

I'm... sorry, guys.

I should be the one trying my hardest, and yet...

Sayaka あたし、がんばる! 

絶対に、あきらめない…… 必ず恭介を助け出してみせる!!

I'll do my best!

I'll never give up... I'll save Kyousuke for sure!!

Kyouko その意気だ。さあ、立つんだ!


That's the spirit.

Now, stand! We won't accomplish anything by sticking around here. Onward!!

Quest 10-3

10-3 Summary The girls get closer and closer to the witch. Sayaka apologizes to Kyoko for being such a burden. Sayaka admits that Kyoko is the stronger and more reliable one. Unlike someone like herself...

Kyoko teases her. No time for sentimentality. Madoka giggles. Kyoko-chan really is a strong and gentle girl.

Homura smiles and comments on how well they all get together. ...especially how Sayaka and Kyoko have been holding hands. It's not like them. ...or at least the "them" that Homura knows. [the "they" that Homura knows? Dammit grammar.]

Kyoko tells Homura to cut it out! Can't she be more considerate of how Sayaka's feeling right now?

Madoka tries to break up the two, but states that she thinks Homura was in the wrong there.

Being reprimanded by Madoka is enough to wipe that smug smile off Homura's face.

Mami breaks up the bickering for good, and tells everyone to get in formation.


Madoka apologizes to Homura for the outburst. She stutters, but manages to say that Homura really shouldn't say things like that anymore. Homura regains her cool, and says that she's the one who should apologize. Madoka's glad she didn't get Homura mad at her.

Homura whispers to Madoka to remember what they talked about earlier. That not even Homura knows what the hell's going on in this world. So Madoka should stick as close to Homura or MC as possible.

Homura tells Madoka that no matter what happens to everyone else, she wants Madoka to be safe.

Because... because that was our promise. And this time, I'll fulfill that promise. For sure.

10-3 Before

Quest 10-3 Before.png

Kyouko よし。この部屋は問題ないな。

さやか。大丈夫か? 気配は強くなってる。魔女に確実に近づいてるぜ。

Okay. No problem with this room.

Sayaka. You okay? The presence is getting stronger. We're getting closer to the witch.

Sayaka う、うん。……そ、その……

ごめんね。杏子。さっきから ずっと頼りっぱなしで……。

Y-yeah. ...Umm...

I'm sorry. Kyouko. I've been relying on you too much.

Sayaka やっぱり、あんたのほうが

全然強くて、頼りになって、 ……しっかりしてる。

You really are so much stronger,

so much more reliable, than I am.

Sayaka あたしみたいな理由で願いを叶えた子とは違うんだね。 You're nothing like some girl who made a wish for the same reason I did.
Sayaka 心のどこかで好きな人に振り向いてもらいたいから、願いを叶えたようなやつとは……。 Someone like me who just made a wish to get the one they love to look at her....
Kyouko バーカ。今はそんなこと言ってる場合かよ。ほら、こっちだぜ。モタモタするな。 Dummy. Now's not the time to say things like that. See, here were are. Don't space out on me.
Madoka えへへ。やっぱり杏子ちゃんは


Eheheh. You really are a strong and kind girl, Kyouko-chan.
Homura ……あなたたち、


...You guys really get along, huh.
Madoka え? どうしたの、ほむらちゃん? Eh? What's wrong, Homura-chan?
Homura 佐倉杏子に美樹さやか……さっきから手まで繋いであげて、ずいぶんと、


Sakura Kyouko and Miki Sayaka... you're getting along so well, you've even been holding hands. It's really not like you.
Homura 正確には……私の知ってるあなたたちらしくない。そう思っただけ。 Or more accurately... It's not like the two of you I used to know. That's my impression.
Kyouko な、なんだテメーっ! いい加減にしろよっ! いま、さやかがどんな気持ちかわかんねーのかよっ!! Wha? The hell's with you!? Give me a break! Don't you understand how Sayaka feels right now!?
Madoka やめてよ、杏子ちゃん!


Stop it, Kyouko-chan!

Now's not the time to be fighting!

Madoka そ、それに、その、いまのは……


A-and, well, you too, Homura-chan...

I think you were in the wrong this time.

Homura まどか……? Madoka...?
Madoka さやかちゃんの気持ちもそうだし、


Think of how Sayaka-chan feels.

And you think about Kyouko-chan too. You can't talk about other people like that.

Homura あ、あ、その、私はそういうつもりで言ったんじゃないの。その、 Ah, uh, but, I didn't... I didn't mean it like that. I just...
Mami やめなさい、あなたたち。


Stop it, you guys.

This really isn't the time for that.

Mami 先を急ぐわよ。ほら、佐倉さんも。


Let's hurry on. You too, Sakura-san.

We're inside a barrier, so I want you to follow close behind too, Kaname-san.

Madoka は、はい。ごめんなさい。マミさん。


Ah, yes. I'm sorry, Mami-san.

Let's go now.

Homura まどか……。 Madoka...

10-3 After

Quest 10-3 After.png

Madoka あ、あの、ほむらちゃん?


Ah, um, Homura-chan?

I uh... sorry about what happened earlier. I ended up saying something weird, didn't I?

Madoka あ、で、でもでも、あの、さっきみたいなことは、今はあんまり言わないでほしいなって、その―― Ah, but, but you know, um, I really don't like it when you say things like that, so...
Homura いいの。私も余計なことを言ったと思ってるから。謝るのは私のほうよ。 It's okay. I said unnecessary things too. I should be the one to apologize.
Madoka よ、よかった。えへへ……

ほむらちゃんを怒らせちゃってたら どうしようかと思っちゃった。

O-oh, thank goodness. Eheheh...

I didn't know what I'd do if I made you mad, Homura-chan.

Madoka みんなと一緒にがんばって、早くここの魔女をやっつけちゃおうね! Let's all do our best and beat that witch!
Homura まどか……



Let me tell you something so that nobody else can hear.

Homura 病院に来る前にした話よ。この世界で起きることは、いったいどうなるのか私にもわからなくなってる。 Remember what I told you before we came to the hospital. Not even I can tell what'll happen in this world anymore.
Homura だから私の言うことを聞いて、できるだけ私やPlayerから離れないで。いいわね。 So listen to me, and stay as close to Player as you can. Okay?
Homura まどか……私はね、他の人間はどうなったとしても、あなたにだけは無事でいて欲しいの。 Madoka... no matter what happens to anyone else, I want you to be safe.
Homura それが……それが、あなたとの約束だから。私は今度こそ、あなたとの約束を守ってみせる。 That... that's our promise. And this time, I'll be sure to fulfill that promise.
Madoka ほ、ほむらちゃん……。 H-Homura-chan...

Quest 10-4

10-4 Summary

Sayaka's gettting really anxious since they're getting real close to Kyosuke's room, and they still haven't found the witch.

Kyoko asks if Mami has any ideas.

Mami says that maybe they should split up. It'll be dangerous to split up their forces, but it's even more dangerous to lose any more time. Kyoko agrees, since they can always regroup when someone finds the witch.

Now for the teams.

Homura requests Madoka and MC for her team.

When Mami asks why...

>No reason in particular. Just thought it would be best not to separate Sayaka Miki from you two.

Mami buys it and agrees to the divisions.


...and holy shit these levels get more and more ridiculous.

During the fight with not-even-my-final-form Charlotte, Madoka fails to block an attack, but is alright.

Madoka asks if Homura and MC are alright, and giggles a little. She guesses they can't fight like they normally do if it's only half of them. Madoka apologizes for being a burden. She suggests they meet up with Mami and the rest since the witch wasn't there [!?].

Homura's thoughts:

(What!? No! Something's wrong here! Kyubey... was right! Something's definitely different about this world. But... what? At this rate, my plan will collapse on itself, and Madoka will once again be unsavable in this world. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?)

10-4 Before

Quest 10-4 Before.png

Sayaka どうしよう、杏子。全然魔女が見つからないのに、もう恭介のいる部屋まですぐだよ? What do we do, Kyouko? We haven't found the witch at all, and Kyousuke's room is right nearby...
Kyouko くそっ! 本当に広い建物と結界だな。

マミ! 何かうまい考えとか、思いつかないのかよ?

Dammit! This really is a vast building and barrier.

Mami! Do you have any good ideas?

Mami ……仕方ないわ。


...Looks like we've got no choice.

It'll be dangerous, but let's split up into two groups.

Mami 戦力は分散してしまうけど、美樹さんのお友達のためにも、これ以上は時間をかけられない。 It'll end up cutting our strength in two, but it'll put Miki-san's friend in more danger if we spend any more time.
Kyouko たしかに、それで見つからなけりゃ、魔女の居場所は最上階しかない。


True, if we don't find it soon, the witch must be at the top floor. Let's regroup there!
Homura ならチーム分けが必要ね。私は……


Then we need to decide on teams, don't we. I choose...

Madoka, and Player to go with me.

Mami それでかまわないけど……


Not that I mind, but...

What's your reasoning for that choice, Akemi-san?

Homura 別に。ただ美樹さやかを


Nothing in particular. I just thought it would be best

not to separate Miki Sayaka from you two.

Mami ……まあ、いいわ。今は時間のほうがもったいないもの。それじゃあ二手に分かれましょう。 ...Well, okay. We can't spend any time deliberating. Let's split up, then.

10-4 After

Quest 10-4 After.png

Homura まどかっ!!! 大丈夫っ!?! Madoka!!! Are you okay!?
Madoka だ、だい、じょう……ぶ。


I-I'm o...kay.

I just messed up a little... trying to dodge that enemy's attack....

Madoka わたしより、ほむらちゃんやPlayerちゃんは怪我、なかった? Don't worry about me. Are you or Player-chan hurt, Homura-chan?
Madoka えへへ、やっぱりマミさんたちがいないと、いつもみたいに戦えないね?


Eheheh, I guess we really can't fight the same way without Mami-san and the others, huh? I guess I really am worthless, huh.
Madoka 足を引っ張っちゃって、ごめんね、


Sorry for holding you back, Homura-chan, Player-chan.
Madoka わたしのことは気にしないで。

ここに魔女はいなかったんだから、 早くマミさんたちと合流しよう。

Don't worry about me. The witch wasn't here, so let's hurry up and regroup with Mami's team.
Homura (違う! 何かがおかしい! 

キュゥべえの言っていたことは…… 間違いじゃなかった!)

(No! Somethings wrong here! Kyubey... wasn't mistaken!)
Homura (この世界は、明らかに何かが違っている。でも、問題はその違いが何か、私には……わからない!?) (Something's clearly wrong with this world. But I just can't... figure out what!?)
Homura (このまま、キュゥべえが言うように私の考えがまた崩れるのならば、この世界でもまどかを救えない) (At this rate, my logic's going to crumble down on me again, just like Kyubey said, and Madoka won't be savable in this world either.)
Homura (いったい、いったい、どうすればいいの?!?) (What, just what am I supposed to do!?)

Quest 10-5

10-5 Summary

In the end, neither team could find the witch.

It has to be... in Kyosuke's room.

Sayaka laments.

Kyoko tells her not to cry. They can't beat the witch with her in that state. But Sayaka's in despair, and says she's not strong enough.

Mami talks some sense into her. If Sayaka really loves Kyosuke, she should man up, save his ass and tell him how she feels. Sayaka calms down, and begs everyone to help her save Kyosuke.


The witch is beaten, and the hospital and Kamijo-kun are all safe!

Sayaka thanks everyone for helping her save Kyosuke.

>Now everyone's safe and everything is done.

>...Or so I'd like to say, but there's still one more thing left to do. Right-?

Madoka asks "was there?"

And then Kyoko (Or is it Mami? Pretty sure it's Mami) says:

>Oh, did you forget? Remember how Miki-san promised to confess if we saved her friend?


>Eh!? Eh!? EH!?

>Wait a minute!

>D-do I really have to go through with that!?!


>Of course you do. You can't back out of it now.


>W-wait a minute... are you really okay... with letting Sayaka get a boyfriend?


>Of course! Besides...

>Just having someone to fall in love with... is a very joyous thing. To us magical girls, that is.

>So be sure to give it your all. I'm seriously rooting for you.


>Mami-san... thank you.


>Yayifications! Do your best, Sayaka-chan.


>Things got a little intense, but pretty romantic, too. Fufu... wouldn't you say so too, Sakura-san?


>Eh!? U-uhm... I... uh, guess? Sayaka's... getting a boyfriend, huh...


>??? Hmmm? What's with that lukewarm response? Do you have a problem with Miki-san getting a boyfriend?


>N-no, not really! Of... of course not. G-g-give it your best, Sayaka!


>Even you, Kyoko? ...Thanks. Eheheh, well, looks like I've got no choice.


>N-no problem. I'll r-root for you too. So, um... good luck.


>...hey, Sayaka Miki. You really intend to confess?


>...Excuse me? Akemi-san, do you have another complaint?


>Of course not. It's just that so many things I never expected to happen just keep happening. You probably wouldn't understand even if I explained it to you. Just one thing: please, do not underestimate any of the coming battles. I can no longer predict anything that will happen in this future. The Sayaka Miki I knew never even attempted to confess. And things never went well with her and the hospitalized boy.


>H-he-hey, Homura-chan!? What are you saying!? How could you say that!?


>The trifling details don't matter. However, Walpurgisnacht is nigh. If we want to stand a chance against the strongest witch, it would be best to refrain from wanton merrymaking.


>I let this jerk open her mouth for one second and she spouts this bullshit! Sorry, but I'm not just going to let you off this time. Apologize to Sayaka!


>You still don't get it? Kyoko Sakura, you should know better than anyone else that you aren't normally this considerate of other people. No, before that. Romance is normally unthinkable for magical girls. It leads to nothing but despair. So concentrate on fighting. I wish to prepare for Walpurgisnacht.


>Cut it out already, Homura-chan!!

>Something's been strange about you recently, Homura-chan. You've been saying nothing but strange things lately. You've been hurting Sayaka-chan and everybody else.

>...I'm sorry for yelling. But I really do think you're being mean, Homura-chan.

>...let's go, guys. I guess Homura-chan's just tired today is all. After all, I -have- been messing up all day because I'm so weak...


>...Kaname-san's right. If we stay here any longer, we'll just end up yelling at each other. Let's go.

[They leave]



>...Why? Why would Madoka say such things to me...?

>You just don't understand. You don't understand how dangerous the coming battles will be.

>Or how much I worry about you...

10-5 Before

Quest 10-5 Before.png

Mami なんてことなの……。魔女が最後の最後までみつからなかったわけだわ。 How could this be... We couldn't find the witch until the end of the end.
Mami よりによって、美樹さんのお友達の病室にいたなんて……。 And of all places, it's in the hospital room of Miki-san's friend....
Sayaka 恭介……恭介……きょうすけぇ……。 Kyousuke... Kyousuke... Kyousukeee...
Kyouko 泣くな、さやか。これからアタシたちは魔女と戦うんだぞ。アンタがそんな調子じゃ勝てるもんも勝てないぞ! Don't cry, Sayaka. We're going to fight that witch. We can't win with you in a mood like that!
Sayaka だって……だって……あたしには無理だよ。もうダメだよ、あたし、杏子みたいに強くないもん……。 But... but... I just can't. I can't go on anymore, Kyouko. I'm not strong like you....
Mami ダメよ、美樹さん。あなたがしっかりしなきゃ! That's no good, Miki-san. You need to pull yourself together!
Mami 恭介さんを救って、想いを伝えたいくらい好きなんでしょう?


You like Kyousuke-san so much, you want to save him and tell him how you feel, don't you?

...Then that's what you have to do.

Mami 約束、できる? できるわよね、美樹さん。大丈夫、みんなもついてるわ。


Promise me, okay? I know you can, Miki-san. It'll be fine. We're all here for you. Everything will turn out fine.
Sayaka ……うん、わかった。


...Okay, I understand.

So... please, everyone, help me save Kyousuke!!

10-5 After

Quest 10-5 After.png

Madoka 無事魔女は倒せて、

病院も上条君ももう安全! ……よかったね、さやかちゃん。

We safely beat the witch,

and now Kamijou-kun will be okay, and so will the hospital! ...Isn't that great, Sayaka-chan?

Sayaka ……うん。よかった。恭介が助かって、本当によかったよ。 ...Yeah. Thank goodness. Thank goodness we saved Kyousuke.
Mami さあ、これですべてが無事に済んだわ……といいたいところだけど、まだ一つやり残したことがあったわねー? Well, that settle's everything... or so I'd like to say, but there's still one thing left to do, isn't there-?
Madoka やり残したこと?


One thing left to do?

Was there?

Mami いやだ、忘れちゃったの?

お友達が無事だったあかつきには、 美樹さんが告白するって約束よ。

Oh, did you all forget?

Miki-san promised that if her friend turned out safe, she'd confess to him.

Sayaka え!? え!? え!?

ちょっと待って! え、あれって本当にやるの!?! 

eh? Eh!? EH!?

Hold on a sec! Eh, do I really have to do it!?

Mami するに決まってるじゃない。

今さらしらばっくれたりしても ダメですからね。

Of course you do.

Don't try to play dumb now.

Kyouko お、おいおい……本当にさやかに、


H-hey wait a sec... is Sayaka really going to, well...

you know, get a... a boyfriend?

Mami 当然じゃない! それに…… Of course! Besides...
Mami 好きな人がいるなんて……

それだけで幸せなことなのよ。 私たち魔法少女には、ね。

Just having someone to like...

is happiness. For us magical girls, that is.

Mami だから、絶対にがんばってちょうだい


So be sure to give it your all.

I'll be rooting for you.

Sayaka マミさん……




Madoka やったぁ!



Go for it, Sayaka-chan.

Mami たきつけておいてなんだけど、とってもロマンチックな感じなってきたわね。ふふ……佐倉さんもそう思うでしょ? Things got a little crazy, but it feels so romantic... heheh, don't you think so too, Sakura-san?
Kyouko えっ?! あ、ああ、

そう……なのかな? さやかに……彼氏、かぁ……

Eh!? Ah, yeah, uh... really?

A boyfriend... for Sayaka...?

Mami ??? なぁに、気のない返事ね。

どうかしたの? 美樹さんに彼氏ができると何か困るのかしら?

??? Hmmm, now that's a halfhearted response.

What's wrong? Do you have something against Miki-san getting a boyfriend?

Kyouko べ、べつに何もねえよっ!

あるわけ……ね、ねえだろっ。 ががが、がんばれよな、さやかっ!

N-no, not especially!

Of... of of course not. G-g-g-go for it, Sayaka!

Sayaka 杏子もそう言ってくれるんだ?

……ありがと。 えへへ、なんか、まいっちゃったな。

Even you, Kyouko?

...Thanks. Eheheh, well, guys, I guess you've got me.

Kyouko あ、ああ。アタシも、お、応援するよ


Ah, yeah. I-I'll be r-rooting for you too.

So, um... good... luck.

Homura ……ねえ、美樹さやか。


...Tell me, Miki Sayaka.

Do you really intend to confess?

Mami ……なーに? 暁美さん、何かまた文句でもあるのかしら? ...What's that~? Akemi-san, is something the matter?
Homura 文句なんてあるわけない。ただ、あまりにも私の予期しないことが起こり続けている。 Nothing at all. It's just that things I'd never imagine happening keep happening.
Homura 詳しいことは説明してもわからないでしょう。でも、お願いだからこれから起きる戦いを甘く見ないでほしい。 None of you would understand even if I explained myself. But please, I'd appreciate it if you'd all be sure to not take any of the coming battles lightly.
Homura この未来はもう私の予測の範疇にない何が起こるかわからない。


I can no longer predict what will happen in this future. As evidence...
Homura 私の知ってる美樹さやかなら、告白なんて真似は絶対にしないはずだし、その病院の男の子ともうまくいかない。 The Miki Sayaka I know would never even dare consider confessing. Things never turn out well between her and the hospitalized boy.
Madoka ちょ、ちょ、ちょ、ほむらちゃん!

ちょっと何を言ってんの! そんなこと言っちゃダメだよ!

H-h-hey, Homura-chan!

What are you saying!? You can't say that!

Homura 多少のことはどうでもいい。


Forget the trifling details.

Just know that Walpurgisnacht is coming soon.

Homura あの最凶最悪の魔女に勝つために、


And if we are to win against that vilest, evilest of witches, I would like you all to at least refrain from wanton merrymaking.
Kyouko コイツ、たまに口を開くかと思えば、ろくでもねえことばかり! さすがに今回は許せねえ。さやかに謝れっ! And as soon as I see this girl open her mouth, it's nothing but garbage again! I'm not letting you off the hook this time. Apologize to Sayaka!
Homura まだ、わからない? 佐倉杏子、


You still don't understand?

Sakura Kyouko, it's not like you to care this much about others.

Homura だいたい、よくわかってるはずよ。


First of all, you all should know by now.

That romance is normally unfathomable for magical girls. It leads to nothing but sorrow.

Homura だから、戦うことに集中して。ワルプルギスの夜に備えて欲しい。 So focus on battle. I would like you all to be prepared for Walpurgisnacht.
Madoka もうやめて、ほむらちゃんっ! Stop it already, Homura-chan!
Madoka 最近のほむらちゃん、変だよ。さっきからおかしなことばかり言って。さやかちゃんやみんなを傷つけてるっ。 You've been so strange lately, Homura-chan. Nothing you've been saying has made any sense. You keep hurting Sayaka-chan and everyone else.
Madoka ……大きい声出してごめんなさい。

でも、やっぱりほむらちゃんが ひどいと思う。

...I'm sorry for yelling.

But I really do think that you're being mean, Homura-chan.

Madoka ……行こう、みんな。


...Let's go guys.

Homura-chan's probably just tired today, is all.

Madoka さっき病院で一緒だったときも、


I mean, back when we were at the hospital, I was being nothing but a burden to her, after all...
Mami ……そうね。今はここにいても喧嘩になるだけだし、鹿目さんの言うとおりにしましょう。 ...You're right. If we stay here any longer, we'll just end up arguing again. So let's just do what Kaname-san suggested.
Homura ……。 ...
Homura ……なぜなの?



Why would Madoka say such things to me...?

Homura まどかは、わかってないのよ。これから起こる戦いがどれだけ危険なのか。 Madoka, you don't understand. You don't know how dangerous the coming battles will be.
Homura そして、私がどれだけあなたを心配してるのか……。 Nor how much I worry about you...