Madoka Magica Online Story Quest 3

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Quest 3-1

3-1 Before

Sayaka なにこれ?

こんな所に人が大勢集まって……。 なにか集会でも始める気?

What's this?

There's heaps of people gathering here...... Are they planning to have a meeting?

Madoka さやかちゃん、あの人たち

様子が変だよ? 見て。 首筋や手首に変な印が・・・…!

Sayaka, don't those people look kind of weird? Look.

There are weird marks on their wrists and the back of their necks...!

Mami あれは魔女の口づけ……。

魔女が獲物と定めた相手に刻む 刻印よ。

That is the Witch's Kiss....

A symbol that witches engrave on people they have chosen as prey.

Mami あれを刻まれた人は、


As long as the witch isn't defeated, the people with the mark will...
Kyouko ああ、間違いなくあの世行きだ。 Yeah, they'll kick the bucket, without a doubt.
Madoka そんな! 早くなんとかしないと!

マミさん、すぐに魔女をやっつけに 行きましょう!!

No way...! We have to do something, quickly! Mami, let's go defeat the witch right away!

3-1 After

Madoka ど、どうしよう

[Player]ちゃん みんな倒れてるよぅ……!

Wh-What should we do, [Player]-chan? They've all collapsed...!
Mami 大丈夫、気を失ってるだけよ。


Don't worry, they've just fainted.

And the barrier's disappeared too, it's safe now.

Madoka みんな無事なんだ!


Everyone's okay!

Thank goodness...

Mami ふふ。鹿目さんたら、本当に

嬉しそうね。 でも、私たちが 一息つけるのはあとよ。

Fufu. You really are happy, Kaname-san.

But we can catch our breath afterwards.

Mami 倒れている人たちは

警察や消防の人たちに任せて、 私たちは早く退散しましょう。

We'll leave the people who collapsed to the police and fire brigade.

We should run away quickly.

Mami さあ、[Player]さんも


Come on [Player]-san, let's go together.

Quest 3-2

3-2 Before

Madoka そういえば、このまえ話していた、

あの魔女の口づけっていったい どういうものなのかな?

Come to think of it, what exactly is that Witch's Kiss

that was mentioned before?

Kyouko 被害にあった人たちの首筋や手首に


There are often strange markings on the wrist and neck of injured people.
Kyouko あれは魔女が狙った獲物や目標に


It's something that witches attach to their targets and chosen prey.
Madoka ……口づけって、

……どうやってつけるの? 本当に魔女がキスしてつけてるの?

...How do they attach this ...kiss?

Does the witch really kiss them?

Kyouko し、知るか!

そんなこと、あたしがわかるわけ ないだろっ!

H-How should I know!

There's no way I'd know something like that.

Sayaka あっ! また大勢の人たちがいる!

見て、あの人たちの首筋! 魔女の口づけがついてる!?

Oh! There's another crowd!

Look, on their necks! They've got the Witch's Kiss!?

3-2 After

Sayaka 今回もなんとかうまくいったね!

[Player]もすっかり 慣れた感じだし。

We managed to win again!

It seems like [Player]'s getting quite used to this.

Madoka ほんと。[Player]ちゃん

魔法少女としての 才能があるのかもね!

Yeah, I guess [Player]-chan really has talent as a Magical Girl!
Homura そんなに浮かれていて、


Don't you think you're getting a bit carried away?
Homura 使い魔をいくら倒しても……。 No matter how many familiars you defeat...
Homura ……魔女を倒さない限り、ああいった

大勢の人たちが、いつまでも危険に さらされ続けることになるわ。

As long as the Witch remains alive,

crowds of people like that will continue to be exposed to danger.

Madoka ほむらちゃん……。 Homura-chan...

Quest 3-3

3-3 Before

Sayaka しっかし、あの子は一体なんなのよ!

いきなり現れては、いつもフンイキ 悪いことばかり言ってさ……。

Man, what the hell's with that girl!?

Suddenly appearing out of the blue, and always saying stuff that ruins the mood....

Sayaka 魔女を倒さなくちゃいけないことは


I know we need to defeat witches.
Sayaka ……だから、こうしてパトロールも


...That's why we're on patrol right now, isn't it?
Madoka んー。あれはあれで、

ほむらちゃんはわたしたちのこと、 心配してくれてるんじゃないかなぁ。

Hmm... But still,

I think Homura-chan might be looking out for us.

Sayaka ……やれやれ。


...Good grief.

That's 'cause you're such a caring person.

Mami 大変よ!

また、魔女に操られている人の集団を みつけたわ。 早くいきましょう!

Oh no!

I've found another crowd of people being manipulated by a witch. Let's go, quickly!

3-3 After

Sayaka 結界もなくなったし、操られてた人も

みんな無事。 全部うまくいったー!

The barrier's gone, and all the manipulated people are safe.

Everything went perfectly-!

Sayaka ……ってわけじゃないのよねぇ


...I wish.


Madoka ……これじゃ、


...At this rate,

we're never going to finish, are we?

Madoka ほむらちゃんの言うとおり、

このままだと、いつか誰かに被害が 出ちゃうかも。

Like Homura-chan says, at this rate,

someone might eventually end up hurt.

Kyouko 魔女を倒さないかぎり、口づけを

消すことは絶対にできないぜ。 つまり……

As long as the witch remains unbeaten,

its kiss can never be erased. Which means...

Madoka 街のどこかにいる魔女を探し出して、

あたしたちがやっつけなくちゃ いけないってこと……だよね。

We need to find the witch that's somewhere in town

and beat it... right?

Quest 3-4

3-4 Before

Sayaka ふう……。毎日毎晩パトロールに

魔女退治。大変だよねえ。 [Player]も思わない?

Whew.... We're on patrol and exterminating witches every day and every night.

Such hard work, don'tcha think, [Player]?

Madoka さやかちゃんったら、

最近そんなことばっかり。 またマミさんにしかられちゃうよ?

Oh Sayaka-chan, that's all you've been saying lately.

Mami-san's going to scold you again, you know?

Kyouko そうそう。 泣き言をいうのは勝手

だけどよ、そんなこと言ってても、 魔女はやっつけられねーぞ?

She's right. You can complain all you want,

but that witch ain't goin' down any sooner, ya hear?

Sayaka そんなこと、あんたに言われなくった


I know, I know.

Don't have to tell me.

Sayaka 何よ、ちょっと先に魔法少女になった


What's with you? Just because you became a magical girl a teensy bit earlier than me

doesn't mean you have to act all sempai-like.

Mami でも美樹さんは最初からひとりで

戦っていたわけじゃないんだから、 ずっと恵まれているのよ。

But Miki-san, it's not like you've been fighting alone from the start;

you've always been blessed.

Mami だから、みんなでがんばりましょう! So let's all keep at it, together!

3-4 After

Sayaka マミさーん。いくら仕事だからって、

こう毎度戦ってばかりじゃたまんない よー。 どうにかならないの?

Mami-saaan. I know it's our job,

but we've been fighting and fighting, and I can't take it anymore. Isn't there anything we can do about it?

Mami 大変なのはわかるけど、いまは魔女の

口づけを受けた人を助けながら パトロールを続けるしかないわ。

I know it's tough, but right now

we have no choice but to keep up the patrol while saving people who have been kissed by the witch.

Mami 少しずつでも捜索した範囲を

増やしていければ、必ず魔女を みつけられるはずよ。

If we keep gradually expanding the scope of our search,

we should be able to find the witch eventually.

Sayaka うえー。 どうにも思っていた

魔法少女のイメージと違うのよねえ。 地味というか肉体労働というか……。

Blehh- This is not what I thought being a magical girl would be like.

This is so dull. No, this is like manual labor...

Madoka あ、あそこ! また、魔女に操られた

人たちがいるよ! 助けにいこう! [Player]ちゃん。

Ah, over there! More people being manipulated by the witch!

Let's go save them, [Player]-chan!

Quest 3-5

3-5 Before

Sayaka マミさん、また大勢の人たちが

集まってきたけど、 ……今までと様子が違う!?

Mami-san, another crowd of people is gathered here,

but... they look different from before!?

Sayaka これって、まさか! Could this be...!?
Mami ええ、今度こそ


Yes, it's definitely the witch this time!
Madoka さやかちゃん! マミさん! 

大変なの!!  あの人たちの中に仁美ちゃんが!

Sayaka-chan! Mami-san!

This is bad!! One of those people is Hitomi-chan!

Madoka ……止めようとしたんだけど、


...I tried to stop her,

but she won't listen to me!

Kyouko 落ち着けまどか!


Calm down, Madoka!

If you're worried about your friend, then this is no time to panic.

Kyouko 助けられるのはあたしたちだけなんだ


We're the only ones who can save her,

so quit yer yelping and focus!

Madoka 杏子ちゃん……。

うん、行こう! 魔女をやっつけに! 今度こそ本当にみんなを助けよう!


You're right, let's go! Let's beat that witch! We'll really save everyone this time!

3-5 After

Mami 2人とも、


It's great that your friend's safe, you two.
Madoka マミさん……。



I'm glad I became a magical girl.

Madoka マミさんやみんなと出会えて、


I'm so... so glad that

I was able to meet you and everyone else, Mami-san!

Kyouko/Mami へっ…… 鹿目さん…… Heh... Kaname-san...
Sayaka きょ、杏子…あのさ……、


Ky-Kyouko... um, well...

I'm... I'm thankful too.

Sayaka さっきは…

危ないところを助けてくれて…… ありがと。

Back there...

You saved me from a hard place... So... thanks.

Kyouko ば、ばーか。

なに柄にもないこと言ってやがんだよ お前は!


Don't say things like that! It's so unlike you!

Kyouko んなこと言ったって


Even if you say that stuff,

I'm not giving you any Grief Seeds, okay..!?