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Quest 9-1

Summary of 9-1 story

Kyubey introduces MC to the Holy Quintet (minus Homura, who had found a witch barrier). Madoka gets the feeling she's met MC somewhere before.


Once again, everyone starts noticing the same "it's like I can feel everyone else's thoughts" thing. Except this time, everyone's soul gems have started glowing as well. Is MC really a newcomer to the group?

Homura finally regroups, and introduces herself to MC.

With a smile.

Which surprises the fuck out of Sayaka, Kyoko, and Mami.

9-1 Before

Madoka あれ、キュゥべえ?


Huh, Kyubey?

Who's... that girl?

Kyubey やあ、まどか。それにみんな。

紹介しよう。新しい魔法少女の [Player]だ。

Sup, Madoka. You too, everyone.

Allow me to introduce you. This [Player], a new magical girl.

Mami これから、あなたも私たちと一緒に

戦ってくれるのね!? うれしいわ、大歓迎よ!

You'll be fighting alongside us now, won't you!?

That's great! Welcome to the team!

Kyubey 早速だけど、暁美ほむらが魔女の

結界を見つけたようなんだ。 一緒に退治に向かってくれるかい?

Sorry to be abrupt, but it appears Akemi Homura has found a witch's barrier.

Will you join her in the hunt?

Sayaka 新しい仲間が増えたばっかなのに、

自己紹介もなしでいきなりなの? ちょっと人使いが荒いんじゃない?

We just got a new friend,

and there's not even enough time to introduce ourselves? Slave driver much?

Mami まあまあ。気持ちはわかるけど、魔女

退治優先よ。自己紹介は後でゆっくり お茶を飲みながらしましょう。

Now, now. I understand how you feel, but witch hunting takes priority.

When we're done, we can relax and introduce ourselves over tea.

Sayaka はーい。わかってますよー、巴先輩。 Okaayy. Understoood, Tomoe-sempai.
Sayaka それじゃあ行こうか……


Then let's go...

Huh, what's wrong, Madoka?

Madoka え!? あ、なんでもないの。


Eh!? Ah, nothing.

It's just...

Madoka [Player]ちゃん

……だったよね? あたしたち、 前にどこかで会ったこと、あるかな?

[Player]-chan... right?

Have we... met before, by any chance?

Madoka 何だか[Player]ちゃんとは初めて会ったような気がしなくて…… Somehow, it doesn't feel like this is the first time I've met [Player]-chan...
Madoka でも、そんなはずないよね。

ごめんね、初対面から変なこと 言っちゃって。さあ、一緒にいこっ。

But it has to be, huh.

Sorry for making such a weird first impression. Let's go now.

9-1 After

Madoka [Player]ちゃん!

すごいよ! わたしたち、息がぴったりだったよっ


You're so cool! You matched our pace perfectly.

Mami 私も驚いたわ。


I'm surprised too.

That didn't seem like it was your first battle at all.

Sayaka いや~、まさに


Wow~ it feels like we've been graced

by the presence of a genius!

Kyouko こいつ……ホントにただの

新入りなのか!? 一体どうなってやがんだよ……!!

Is this girl... really a newcomer!?

Just how could she do all that...!?

Sayaka もう!

杏子ったら、そうやってアンタは…… たまには素直に褒めてあげなよ。

Oh please!

Come on, Kyouko... It's okay to compliment people from time to time.

Kyouko バーカ、そうじゃねーよ。

いきなりあんな戦い方ができるなんて 普通じゃねえだろうが。

Dummy, that's not what I meant.

It ain't normal for someone to just up and fight like that.

Sayaka んー、たしかに……。戦ってる時、

みんなの気配や考えてることまで 手に取るようにわかったもんね。

Hmm... well, you're right....

When we were fighting, it felt like I could sense everyone's presence and thoughts.

Madoka わたしも、さやかちゃんと


I felt the same thing Sayaka-chan did.
Madoka なんていうのかな……その……

目をつぶってても誰かの目を通して 相手が見えるような……そんな感じ。

How do I describe it... well...

It felt like I could close my eyes, and still see the enemy through someone else's eyes... something like that.

Mami それだけじゃないわ。

みんな、気づいてたかしら? ソウルジェムのこと。

And that's not all.

Did everyone else notice our soul gems?

Sayaka え? ソウルジェムが


Eh? What about our soul gems?
Kyouko 相変わらず鈍いやつだな。

ほらっ、自分のソウルジェムを 見てみろよ。

You're as dense as ever.

Come on, just take a look at your soul gem and find out.

Sayaka/Madoka あ、ソウルジェムが光ってるっ!?! Ah, my soul gem is shining!?!
Mami 意識しないとわからないぐらい

淡い輝きだけど、こんなこと初めて。 いったいどうしたのかしら?

It's faint enough that you could miss it if you weren't aware of it,

but they started shining. What could this mean?

Madoka もしかして……


Is it...

because [Player]-chan joined us?

Mami わからないわ。

ただ戦ってる最中の連携といい、 ただの偶然とは考えにくいわね。

I don't know.

But it's hard to think of it as a coincidence that it happened at the same time we experienced this synergy.

Sayaka 難しいことはわかんないけど、

やっぱり[Player]は 期待の超大型新人ってわけだ!?

I'm not sure about all this confusing stuff,

but maybe [Player] really is a genius!?

Madoka わたしにはよくわかんないけど、

[Player]ちゃんって…… すごいんだね!!

I'm not quite sure,

but [Player]-chan... you were so cool!!

Mami まあ、今は何とも言えないけど、

私たちに心強いお友達が加わったのは 事実よね。

Well, I can't say anything certain for now,

but it's true that we've gained such a strong friend.

Mami [Player]さん、



I am Tomoe Mami. It's nice to meet you.

Madoka そうだよねっ。とにかく魔法少女の

お友達が増えたんだもん! 絶対にいいことですよねっ。

I guess you're right. At any rate, we've got another magical girl friend!

That's definitely a good thing in its own right, huh.

Madoka [Player]ちゃん、

わたし、鹿目まどか。こっちは幼馴染 のさやかちゃん。それに杏子ちゃん。


I'm Kaname Madoka. This is my childhood friend, Sayaka-chan. And that's Kyouko-chan.

Homura この子が新しく入った魔法少女ね? This is our new magical girl, right?
Madoka [Player]ちゃん


[Player]-chan, this beautiful long-haired girl is...
Homura 私は、暁美ほむら。 I am Akemi Homura.
Homura はじめまして……


Nice to meet you...


Sayaka/Kyouko/Mami ………………。 ...
Sayaka て、転校生が……初対面の相手に


Wait, did Transfer Student just...

greet her... with a smile?

Kyouko ……笑った、な……。 ...She smiled, didn't she....
Mami 笑った、わね……。 She smiled, huh....

Quest 9-2

Summary of 9-2 story

Megucas have split up for witch patrol. Sayaka's with Mami and muses that even though they've got a new member, they really are just doing the same thing they've always been doing.

Madoka sends in a telepathic message that MC has detected a witch barrier from really fucking far away. Mami initially questions how MC could detect from such a length, but decides they should check it out anyway.


OUR SOUL GEMS ARE SHINING AGAIN! Apparently they shine in response to some sort of magical power. But what amazes Mami more is dat detection radius. Sayaka's amazed too. Like "hell yeah, now we can finish our witch hunts that much earlier!" Which elicits a "oh, Miki-san" from Mami. Kyoko remarks that "fighting 'em's more fun than finding 'em, anyway."

Kyubey and Homura have a private chat.

QB: Looks like MC's playing quite the active role. Just as you expected, right, Homura Akemi? There's no way a newcomer could suddenly have such a mastery over her power.

QB: What is your magical ability? I think it's most likely the power to manipulate time.

You've been so manipulative in the past few battles, yet when MC showed up, you just immediately trusted her.

Homura Akemi. You've repeated the same time countless times and intervened in the development of MC's power, haven't you?

Homura: ...This doesn't concern you.

QB: Welp, whatever. There must be a reason for you to spend so much time and effort. Walpurgisnacht, I presume?

Homura: Beating that witch... would be impossible for me alone. Hate to say it, but you were right.

QB: Did another me from a different time axis say that? Interesting. So you've been going back in time to cultivate MC's power. Pretty good. Is it safe to say that you've pulled out her original power and awoken it? With her power and the way you guys are now, you can probably defeat Walpurgisnacht. -the way you guys are now- being the key part.

Homura: ...What?

QB: Nothing. Anyway, I've got a surprise for you.

QB then gives a similar talk about you that he did about Madoka in the show about despair and multiple timelines and all that jazz. "I'm not trying to trick you. You seem like you've had bad encounters with previous me's, but that's probably because those previous me's were just trying to ascertain if what you're doing was right."

9-2 Before

Sayaka 新メンバー加入で戦力大幅アップ!

……したけど、やること自体は 一緒なんですよねぇ~。

A new member has joined your party, and your power has leveled up!

...And yet nothing changes in our routine, does it~

Mami 魔女探しは基本的に足でするものよ。

文句言わないで、しっかりパトロール しましょう。

Searching for witches is fundamentally all in the feet.

So don't complain, and let's just keep up the patrol.

Sayaka これがけっこう地味で大変なんですよ

ねえ。見るとやるとじゃ大違いだ、 魔法少女はさ。

This is pretty basic work, huh.

There's such a huge difference in watching magical girls and actually being one.

Madoka (マミさん、聞こえますか?


(Mami-san, can you hear me?

I'm close to the school with Player-chan.)

Madoka (二丁目の商店街の裏通りに

結界があるって探知した みたいなんです)

(And it looks like she's detected a barrier

near a back alley in the second block of the shopping district.)

Mami 二丁目? 学校からずいぶん離れてる


The second block? That's quite far away from the school...

Did she really feel it?

Mami 私たちにそこまでの力はないと

思うんだけど……… わかったわ、すぐ行くわね。

I didn't think we had that much power, but...

okay, we'll be right there.

9-2 After

Madoka みんな、見て! 


Look, everyone!

Our soul gems are shining a little again!

Kyouko 本当だ……やっぱり何かの魔力に

反応して輝くみたいだな。 一体どんな意味があるんだ?

They are... looks like they really do start shining in response to some sort of magic power.

But just what does it mean?

Mami ソウルジェムのことはわからないけど

――それより結界の見つけ方のほうが 驚きたわ。

I don't know about our soul gems...

but more importantly, I'm surprised at how the barrier was found.

Mami あんな遠い場所から感知して

見つけ出せるなんて! 私たちでは信じられない力よ。

I never expected you could perceive it from that far away!

That was far beyond what any of us could believe.

Sayaka Player、

あんたはすごいっ! これでついに、 退屈な魔女探しから解放されるっ!!

You're so amazing, Player!

Now we're finally free of that boring witch search!!

Mami もう、美樹さんったら。

ダメよ。すぐに現場に集まれるように パトロール自体は続行です。

Oh, Miki-san.

That's no good. We still need to keep patrolling so that we can all assemble as soon as possible.

Kyouko でも、見つけるよりもさ、

戦いがぐっと楽になったほうが デカいと思うぜ。

Still, I think it's more amazing how much easier it's gotten to fight them, rather than to find them.
Mami それは言えるわね。 You could say that.
Mami Playerさんが入ったことで連携の効率が上がったのは間違いないわ。 Our efficiency at cooperation certainly has improved ever since Player-san joined us.
Sayaka お? いつもうるさい杏子が、

今回ばかりはやけに素直に 認めたじゃん。

Oh? You're usually loud and annoying, Kyouko, but see? This time you actually complemented someone.
Madoka Playerちゃん、


You're so cool, Player-chan!!
Kyubey Playerは大活躍のようだね。まさに、君の思惑通りというわけだ。暁美ほむら? Looks like Player has found herself a major role, huh. Just as you expected. Right, Akemi Homura?
Homura 何のことかしら? What might you be referring to?
Kyubey とぼけても無駄だよ。


There's no point in playing dumb.

I'm talking about Player's ability.

Kyubey あれは、新人の魔法少女が何の理由もなく、いきなり使えるものではない。 That's not something a new magical girl can suddenly use without any good reason.
Kyubey かなり以前から、誰かの介入があったとしか思えないね。 I can think of no other explanation than that someone has been intervening with her potential.
Kyubey 君の魔法の仕業なんだろう?


Could it be the doing of your magic?

If I'm not mistaken, I believe your ability is time manipulation.

Kyubey これまでの戦いを観察させてもらっていて、うすうす気づいてはいたのだけど、彼女の登場で確信したよ。 Through observing you past battles, that's the hypothesis I've come up with, but once she came into the picture, I became almost certain.
Kyubey 暁美ほむら。何度も時間を繰り返して、Playerの能力に干渉していたんだね? Akemi Homura. You've been repeating the same time, intervening with Player's ability, haven't you?
Homura ……。



That's none of your concern.

Kyubey まあね。だけど、なぜこんな手間のかかることをしたのか、興味はある。


Well okay. But still, I'm quite interested in why you'd invest so much effort into doing this. Would it have anything to do with Walpurgisnacht, by any chance?
Homura あの最大の魔女に勝つことは……


Winning against that witch of the highest caliber...

would be impossible for me alone.

Homura 悔しいけど、あなたが言った通りだったわ。 I hate to say it, but you are correct.
Kyubey 別の時間軸の僕はそんなことを言ったのかい? 興味深いね。 Did a me from another time axis say that? Very interesting.
Kyubey それで、Playerの力を利用するために、時間遡行を繰り返してきたってわけだ。 So, you've repeated the same time over and over in order to utilize Player's power, I see.
Kyubey 大したものだよ。彼女の本来の力を引き出して、覚醒させたと言っていいのかな? Quite the accomplishment. Would it be appropriate to say you've drawn out her original power and awoken it?
Kyubey あの力を持った彼女と今の君たちならば、ワルプルギスの夜にさえ勝てるだろうね。 With you the way you are now, and with her and the power she has, you may just win against Walpurgisnacht.
Kyubey 今の君たちなら、だけど。 The way you are now that is.
Homura ……それは、どういう意味? ...What are you implying?
Kyubey 別に。深い意味なんてないよ。


Nothing really. No deep meaning to it.

But more importantly, you have completely surprised me, Akemi Homura.

Kyubey Playerの力をあそこまでにするには、それこそ何度もの時間遡行が必要だったはず。 In order to cultivate Player's power that far, you must have made several countless repetitions.
Kyubey 普通ならば、もっと早い段階で


Ordinarily, she would've felt increasing despair at a quicker pace.
Kyubey 今の僕でも驚いてるんだから、きっと過去の僕にも想定できなかったことだろう。 The current me is surprised, which probably means that not even a past me could have predicted this.
Homura 回りくどいわね。 You sure keep beating around the bush.
Kyubey わかったよ。



Just let me say this one thing.

Kyubey 君がやり直そうとした時間軸、それはどんなにあがこうとも、しょせん因果律の上に成り立っているものなんだ。 Regardless of how you struggle, the time axes you've restarted are still bound by the law of causality.
Homura あなたは……



Are you saying you've tricked me again!?

Kyubey 企む? それは違うよ。人聞きが悪いな。僕はお互いの利害に無関係なことを言わなかっただけに過ぎない。 Tricked you? Nothing of the sort. How rude. I have done nothing but neglect to say something unrelated to either party's interests.
Kyubey 別時間の僕と君たちの関係だって

きっとそれでうまくいって いたんだろう?

I'm sure that's helped out our relations in previous timelines, has it not?
Kyubey なんであれ、ワルプルギスの夜が現れたときに、君のやったことが正しかったかどうかはっきりするだろう。 I was most likely waiting for Walpurgisnacht's arrival to ascertain whether your actions were proper or not.
Kyubey 暁美ほむら。君の考えがうまくいくか、楽しみにしてるよ。 Akemi Homura. I'll be looking forward to seeing whether things go according to your ideas.

Quest 9-3

9-3 Summary

MC just keeps finding them barriers. Mami's worried. She thinks MC might be pushing herself too much in secret. Kyoko thinks Mami worries too much.


Cake time at that cathedral. Kyoko's disappointed it was a familiar, but she's ecstatic about cake. Why a cathedral? Mami's place is too messy. Wait, where's Homura? Sayaka gets a little annoyed that Homura's not at your welcoming party. Kyoko's pissed and thinks Homura might be hiding something. Madoka assures MC that Homura's not a bad girl.

9-3 Before

Sayaka (みんな! 集まってる?


(Guys! Are you all assembled?

Player's detected another barrier!)

Kyouko Playerのやつ、すげーな……!


Damn, Player's amazing...!

Lately she's been finding them in such quick succession.

Mami なんだかうまくいきすぎてて


Things have been going so well,

it's almost scary.

Mami やっぱりソウルジェムの輝きも


Perhaps the shining soul gems really

are connected to that girl somehow.

Mami でもPlayerさんが私たちに隠れて、すごく無理をしてるなんてことないかしら? But do you think maybe Player-san's actually pushing herself too hard, and she's just hiding it from us?
Kyouko そうやって自分より他人の心配する

とこは相変わらずだな。だけど 考えても始まらないぜ。早く行くぞ!

Man, do you ever worry about yourself, and not others?

Anyway, there's no point just thinking about it. Let's hurry up and go!

9-3 After

Madoka おいし~。やっぱり、マミさんの


It's so delicious~

Mami-san's handmade cakes really are the best.

Mami ありがとう、鹿目さん。

そう言ってもらえると 私も作り甲斐があるわ。

Thank you, Kaname-san.

Hearing you say that is worth all the trouble it was to make it.

Kyouko ただの使い魔だったのは不満だけど、

やっぱり戦いの後のお茶とお菓子は 格別だぜっ!

I'm disappointed it was just a familiar, but after-battle cake and tea is just awesome!
Sayaka あ、ちょっと杏子っ!

あんた、さっきからひとりで 何個食べる気なのよ!

Ah, hey, wait a minute, Kyouko!!

Just how many slices do you plan to eat!?

Kyouko ぼやぼやしてるほうが悪いんだよっ。


Your fault for being such a slowpoke.

See? Imma take this one-!

Madoka もう杏子ちゃんたら。――だけど

マミさん。どうしてこんな場所で お茶会を開いたんですか?

Oh, Kyouko-chan. ...but anyway, Mami-san.

Why are we having tea at a place like this?

Mami え!? え、えっと、その、

今私の部屋がすごく散らかってるの。 だからこんな所で、ごめんなさいね。

Eh!? U-umm, well,

my room's such a mess right now, so we have to have it here... sorry.

Sayaka へえ。なんか意外ですねえ。

マミさんはいつも部屋をきれいに 片付けてるってイメージなのに。

Hehh. Now that's unexpected.

I always pictured Mami-san to keep her room in perfect order.

Kyouko ま、まあ、いいじゃねえか

他人の家のことなんて! それより、ほむらはどうしたんだ?

W-well I don't see a problem,

why fuss over other people's homes? Anyway, where's Homura?

Madoka う、うん。もちろん誘ったんだけど、


Ah, about that. Of course, I invited her,

but she said she was done here, and left home beforehand.

Sayaka 相変わらず無愛想なやっちゃなー。


She's unsociable as ever.

Can't she see we're welcoming Player to our team?

Kyouko 何か秘密を抱えてるようだしな。

アタシらとなれ合う気は ないんじゃねーの?

She looks like she's hiding something.

Does she just not like seeing us?

Madoka きっと、ほむらちゃんにも

都合があるだけだよ。 次に呼べば……必ず来てくれるよ。

I'm sure Homura-chan's got her own circumstances.

I'm sure she'll come... next time we call her.

Madoka Playerちゃん

……ほむらちゃんのこと、 悪く思わないであげてね。


...don't think badly of Homura-chan, okay?

Quest 9-4

9-4 Summary Madoka informs Homura that MC has found another barrier, so they should all assemble, do their duty, and have tea. Madoka says that fighting's been so much easier now that MC's around.

Homura's a little concerned that Madoka's gotten so used to fighting. Has she really awoken MC's power that far? And what the hell is with everyone's soul gems glowing? That's never happened before. Maybe we should have a little talk with MC after this fight.


Homura calls MC to the roof and gets straight to the point. "Do you know why things have been going so well for us?" Nope.

MC still hasn't become aware of her own power.

Homura comes out and reveals her power has allowed her to repeat this same month to protect a certain someone. Except something has happened that even Homura doesn't understand.

WPN is coming. And Homura needs your help.

To fight WPN without letting that certain someone die, Homura needs to use your power.

But... your power isn't exactly what Homura had thought it was. The whole glowing soul gem thing. Never happened before. It's unsettling that your power has awakened this far.

Do you have any self awareness? Like.. any memories of past timelines?

Well, yeah, of course you wouldn't. Sorry for the confusing talk.

Maybe Homura's just a little shaken from what QB said.

9-4 Before

Quest 9.4Before.png

9-4 After

Homura 急に呼び出してごめんなさい、


I'm sorry for calling you so suddenly, Player.
Homura 単刀直入に言うわ。

あなた、今の私たちの好調ぶりが 何故か、理由はわかってる?

I'll get straight to the point.

You were very strong for your first time battling- do you know the reason why?

Homura ……わからない?

だとすると、やはり…… あなた自身に自覚のない能力なのね

You don't know? I'm assuming it's the unconscious ability to ...... yourself again.
Homura 私たちの連携が飛躍的に向上してる

理由……それこそが、あなたの魔法の 力だと思うの。

Our cooperation had improved dramatically. Why, I think it's because of the power of your magic.
Homura 私はね……自分の魔法の力で

別の時間からやってきたの。 ちょうど一か月後の時間から。

By the power of the magic of their own ......

It came from another time. A time that is just one month away.

Homura それも一度だけじゃない。

何度も繰り返してきた。 そう、ある人との約束を守るために。

This has not only happened one time. I've been repeating this over and over again in order to protect someone.
Homura ……ごめんなさい。

いきなりこんな話、驚いてるわよね。 理解しろといっても無理だと思う。

...I'm sorry. This sudden talk has you in surprise, doesn't it? I think it's impossible to explain with clear understanding.
Homura でも、それでも話したのは……

私にもわからないことが 起きているからなの。

But I have to, even if you do not know what I am talking about because this will happen.
Homura 巴マミから話ぐらいは聞いてるかも

しれないけど、もうすぐこの街に ワルプルギスの夜がくる。

You may have heard Tomoe Mami talking about it, but Walpurgisnacht will come to this town soon.
Homura そう、最凶最悪の魔女……今までの

相手とは桁が違う。まともに戦っても 勝てる相手ではない。だから……

To us, it is the most powerful witch to have existed. It is not an opponent I can win against even if I worked with others. But this time will be different.
Homura Player、

ワルプルギスの夜との戦いに生き残る には、あなたの力が絶対必要になる。


It is imperative that you awaken your power to its full extent to survive the fight against Walpurgisnacht.

Homura 私の目的は……そのワルプルギスの

夜との戦いで死ぬはずのある人を、 あなたの力を使って助けること。

My goal is to use your power to prevent the deaths of those who are supposed to die in the fight.
Homura ……だけど、どうやらあなたの能力は


It is different than what is usually going to happen, but apparently, with your ability......
Homura そう思ったのはあのソウルジェムの

輝きを見たからよ。あれも、あなたの 魔法の影響に間違いない。

I have seen the soul gems shine. That influence, is no doubt, the impact of your magic.
Homura でも、今まで具体的な影響が現れる

ことはなかった。あなたの力がこれ ほど覚醒してるのは……不自然だわ。

However, these effects did not appear until now. Your powers can do this much... It's unnatural.
Homura あなたの力が私の時間遡行にも影響を

受けず、ある程度引き継がれると いうのであれば筋が通るけど……

So you can say, taken over to some extent, but without being, your power is an effect of my time regression.
Homura ねえPlayer


Hey Player

Don't you have something like a subjective symptom?

Homura 例えば……前の時間での記憶が


For example, the memory of the time before... or is that gone?
Homura ……そう。


Well, it's not like you should remember.
Homura 変な話ばかりしてごめんなさい。

あなたにとっては訳のわからない ことを言われてるだけですものね。

I'm sorry, I was just talking funny.

To you, it is only what is said that you do not know what the reason is.

Homura キュゥべえにね、おかしなことを

言われたの。それが気になって、 少し神経質になってるのかもしれない

After what Kyubey said, maybe I'm becoming a bit nervous.
Homura わざわざ呼び出しておいてなんだけど

……いま言ったことは、 全て忘れてちょうだい。

Forget all what I said, please.
Homura ……。 .......

Quest 9-5

9-5 Summary

Madoka's a little worried about you. You look a little out of it. Sayaka tries to cheer you two up with the prospect of eating Mami's cake after everything's done. Madoka says Mami will get mad at Sayaka again if she keeps focusing on the cake instead of the actual work. But Sayaka reminds her that she likes the cake too. True. QB wishes to observe you guys fight. Ticks off Homura when he muses that it's rare to see her cooperate with the rest of the megucas.


Kyoko gets impatient that the tea party's not ready yet. Mami says it's better for everything to be fresh, so to wait. Kyoko says she's so hungry she's gonna die. Madoka points out that Kyoko... is already eating something. But it's Kyoko's emergency rations, so she doesn't want to waste too much of it. Sayaka gets all moralfaggy and asks Kyoko where she got that food anyway. Kyoko responds that it was from Mami's house.

Kyoko's living with Mami now. But not because they're friends again or anything! It's just because Mami insisted, okay! Mami's been thinking up new special move poses and war cries for her. Mami's been living all alone, so Kyoko thought... that maybe it would be better for her if they lived together.

Sayaka teases her. Madoka's happy for the two of them, since Mami's always been so lonely.

Homura's surprised as fuck and starts interrogating Kyoko. Did the two of them really get so close again so soon? Sayaka gets a little pissed. "So what if Kyoko and Mami-san get along?" Homura apologizes, but asks Madoka how she knows so much about Mami's character. Madoka... just knows. Sayaka's still pissed that Homura doesn't believe in the group's great friendship. GET OUT! NO SNACKS FOR YOU!

Homura leaves, and is greeted by QB who pretty much stalked her and saw what happened. They discusses Mami and Kyoko's relationship. This development has never happened before. QB asks if this world was out of Homura's expectations, but tells her that all she's doing is repeating the past. He doesn't believe she can change fate itself. Not talking about saving Madoka, but about using MC's power.

...Homura's soul gem is the only one that doesn't glow.

9-5 Before

Madoka Playerちゃん

……どうかしたの? さっきからぼーっとしちゃって。


...what's wrong? You've been spacing out.

Madoka 何か心配事でもあるの?

わたしでよかったら、 いくらでも相談にのるよ?

Are you worried about something?

If you'd like, do you want to talk with me about it?

Sayaka ねえ、ふたりとも!


Hey, you two!

Let's finish up quick so we can have some more of Mami-san's cake and tea, okay!?

Madoka もう、さやかちゃんたら。

ちょっと気が早いよ。油断してるって またマミさんに怒られちゃうよ。

Oh, Sayaka-chan.

You're being a bit hasty. If you're not careful, Mami-san's gonna scold you again.

Sayaka なーに優等生ぶってんのよ。

まどかだってお茶会が 楽しみなくせしてぇ。

Whatever, miss honor student.

You like having tea parties too.

Madoka ま、まあね。へへへ、だって


W-well, that's true. Heheheh. It's just that things have been going great ever since Player-chan joined us.
Sayaka 正直でよろしい。

さあさ、ちゃっちゃとやっつけて 手作りお菓子にありつこう!

Thanks for being honest.

Now come on! Quit your chit-chat, and let's earn us some handmade cake!

Kyubey やあ、君たち。 Sup, guys.
Sayaka あれ、キュゥべえ。


Oh, it's Kyubey.

What's wrong?

Kyubey なぁに、たまには君たちの戦いぶりを

直に見ようかと思ってね。 ちょっと確かめたいこともあるし、ね

What? I just thought I'd observe you guys fight every now and then.

There's something I'd like to check up on, you know?

Kyubey むろん、君たちの邪魔はしない。

まぁ、あまり力になれることも ないけどね。

Of course, I won't get in your way.

Well, I won't be much help, either though.

Homura キュゥべえ……。 Kyubey...
Kyubey おや? どうかしたかい、

暁美ほむら。 なんだか元気がないようだけど。

Huh? Is something the matter, Akemi Homura?

You don't look well.

Homura あなたには関係ないわ。 That's none of your concern.
Kyubey ふむ。まあ、その通りだね。

ただ、まどかたちはみんな協力して やっているみたいなのに……

Hmm. Well, okay then.

Just one thing. It looks like Madoka and the rest of them are working so well together...

Kyubey 君は、あんまり彼女たちと一緒に


But how come you don't seem to be cooperating with them as much?
Homura それがなに!? You got a problem with that?
Kyubey 余計なことを言ってしまったかい?

だったら謝るよ。それよりも早く 結界に向かおうじゃないか。

Did I say too much?

Then I apologize. But more importantly, shouldn't you be heading for the barrier?

9-5 After

Kyouko あれ? なんだよ、


Huh? What,

the tea's still not ready yet?

Mami 淹れたてのほうがいいでしょう。

いまお湯を沸かしてくるから、 少し待っててちょうだい。

It's best when fresh brewed, isn't it?

I'm heating up the water now, so please wait just a moment.

Kyouko えー! こっちは魔女退治で腹ペコ

だっつーの。我慢できないって! 何か食わねーと死んじまうよぉ。

Ehh! But witch hunting has made me sooo hungry.

I can't take it anymore! I gotta eat something, or I'll die!

Madoka 杏子ちゃん、そんなこと言ってるけど


Kyouko-chan, you say that, but...

aren't you eating something right now?

Kyouko これは(モグモグ)とっておきの(パクパク)非常食だから(ハグハグ)


This (om nom) is my stock (munch munch) of emergency rations (gulp gulp). I don't wanna waste too much of it.
Madoka た、食べるか、しゃべるか、


C-could you choose between eating

or talking...?

Sayaka あんたねぇ……一応聞くけどさ、


Why you... Let me just get this out of the way,

but where exactly did you get that food?

Kyouko あン? なんだよ、疑ってんのか?

へへーんだ、こいつはマミが焼いた お菓子だよ。

Hmm? What, you suspect me of something?

Heheh these? These are the sweets that Mami cooked.

Kyouko お生憎さまだね。アタシだって好きで

フラフラしてる訳じゃねーんだ。 今はちゃんとやってるよ!

Too bad for you. It's not like I'm staggering 'cause I want to.

I got these sweets fair and square!

Sayaka ちゃんとって……

魔法を使って手に入れてるんなら ちっともちゃんとじゃないんじゃん!

Fair and square...?

There's nothing fair or square about using magic to get the things you want!

Kyouko 昔はともかく今はマミん家にいるんだ


That was then, and this is now!

I'm living at Mami's place right now, so I didn't need magic to get these, okay!?

Madoka 杏子ちゃん……



You're living with Mami now?

Sayaka ふ~ん、そうなんだー。


Hmm, so that's how it is, huh.

You two have been getting along quite well lately.

Sayaka いや、この場合は違うね。

「昔みたいに」仲良くなった ……ってのが正解かなぁ?

Now wait, not lately.

I guess I should say... just like old times, huh?

Kyouko バカ! そんなんじゃねーよ!!

アタシはいいって言ったんだけど、 その……マミがしつこいんだよ。

Dummy! It's not like that, okay-!?

I kept saying I'm fine, but... Mami was just so persistent.

Kyouko アイツ、新しい必殺技のポーズと

掛け声を考えちゃ、アタシを練習に 付き合わせたいだけなんだよ!

She just wants to force me to help her think up new special move poses and battle cries!
Kyouko それにさ、マミはずっと一人暮らしで

物騒だろうから、その……アタシと 一緒のほうがいいかと――

And besides, it's dangerous for Mami to keep living by herself, so... so I think it's better for me to stay with her, so...
Kyouko ……あれ? ...huh?
Sayaka ありゃりゃ、途中から本音が出てるわ


Oh my oh my. Looks like you let your true intentions slip.

Now it really does look like you two have started getting along again.

Madoka よかったねー、ふたりとも!


That's great, you two!

Mami-san really does seem so lonely... so this is perfect.

Homura ちょっと待って!


Hold it right there!

Sakura Kyouko... is all that true!?

Madoka えっ……突然、ど、どうかしたの、


Eh... what's wrong all of a sudden, Homura-chan?
Homura あなたたち、そんなに仲が良かった

かしら? 昔の関係はそんなに簡単な こじれ方じゃなかったわよね?

Do you two really get along that well?

Your past relationship couldn't have been that easy to mend, could it?

Madoka ちょっと、ほ、ほむらちゃんっ。


H-hey wait a second, H-Homura-chan.

You can't say things like that...

Sayaka 転校生っ! あんた、いったい何が

言いたいのよ!? 杏子とマミさんが 仲良くなったら悪いのっ?!

Transfer Student!! What the hell are you trying to say!?

Is it really bother you that much if Kyouko and Mami-san get along!?

Homura ……ごめんなさい、

今のは私が悪かったわ。ちょっと気に なったものだから……悪気はないの。

...I'm sorry. That was wrong of me to say.

It just really stuck out to me... I didn't mean it in a bad way.

Homura ただ……鹿目まどか。あなた、ずいぶん巴マミの性格に詳しいのね。


Just... Kaname Madoka. You sounded like you knew quite a bit about Tomoe Mami's personality. Did something happen?
Madoka え? ……うーん、別になにかあった訳じゃないけど……その、なんとなくマミさんはそういう人かなぁーって。 Eh? ...No, nothing really, but... well, I just kinda sorta got the feeling that Mami-san was that sorta person.
Homura そう……ごめんなさい。


I see... I'm sorry.

Sorry for butting in, and sorry for asking something so strange.

Homura お互い知り合って間もないのに、

ずいぶん相手の気持ちがわかるから 不思議に思っただけ。

I just thought it was odd that you'd know so much about her inner character despite only knowing her for such a short period of time.
Sayaka はぁ? なによ、あんた。


Haah? What's your problem?

You trying to say it's weird that we all get along?

Sayaka とことんカワイクないわねぇ!

早くどっか行っちゃえ! あんたなんかにマミさんのお菓子はやらんっ!

That's not cute at all!

Get outta here! We're not giving of Mami-san's cake to the likes of you!

Kyubey 待ちたまえ、暁美ほむら。


Hold up, Akemi Homura.

Is it okay for you to always be by yourself, and not with the others?

Homura そんなこと、あなたには関係ないわ。

それより、ずっとそこで私たちを 見ていたの?

That doesn't concern you in the slightest.

Anyway, have you been watching us from there this entire time?

Homura あなたが興味があるのは、私たちの戦いぶりだけだったはず。 I'm almost certain it wasn't just our fighting style you were interested in observing.
Kyubey ああ。Playerが加入して、


Yeah. Ever since Player joined you, so many other interesting things have popped up.
Homura まあ、いいわ。今はあなたに尋ねたい

ことがあるの。 さっきのやりとりなんだけど……

Well, whatever. There's something I wanted to ask you.

About that exchange that just took place...

Kyubey マミと佐倉杏子の人間関係かい? You mean the conversation about Mami and Sakura Kyouko's relationship?
Homura 話が早いわね。私の見てきた世界では、あのふたりがあんな関係になったことは一度もなかった。 Yeah. That makes things quick. In all the worlds I've seen, those two have never had such a relationship. Not even once.
Kyubey この世界が君の予定してた世界とは違う。そう言いたいのかい? So this world doesn't fit your expectations. Is that what you want to say?
Kyubey それより君もみんなと話をしたり、食物や水分を摂取してみたらどうだい? Anyway, why don't you try talking with them, and consuming foodstuffs and liquids?
Homura 私にそんな余裕はない。今度こそ……


I don't have the time for that.

This time... this time I'll protect Madoka.

Kyubey ならば、無理強いはしないよ。


I won't try to force you then.

There's just one thing that interested me.

Homura 気になること? And that is?
Kyubey 君の時間遡行能力は確かに素晴らしい

……ただ決して万能ではなく、 あくまで時間を巻き戻すだけだ。

Your time reversal ability certainly is spectacular.

...But it is by no means all-powerful. It's does nothing more than rewind time.

Kyubey 運命まで変えることができるとは、


I cannot see it capable of changing fate.
Homura それは……今回も私がまどかを救えないと言いたいの? Are you trying to say... that I won't be able to save Madoka this time either?
Kyubey まどかを救いたいという君の目的は


Your goal of saving Madoka aside,

you wish to make use of Player's power.

Kyubey だとしたら、利用すべきその力の性質を


And if that's the case,

how sure are you that you're not misunderstanding the nature of that power?

Homura さっきから一体なに?


What are you saying?

What is it you're trying to imply?

Kyubey ……暁美ほむら。


...Akemi Homura.

Of all the soul gems, yours is the only one excluded from that mysterious light, is it not?

Homura っ!? !?
Kyubey 観察していて気がついたんだ。


I can tell from observation.

Though, I still don't know the reason why.

Kyubey どうやら君の考えていた計画は、


At any rate, it looks like your plan is already starting to fail.
Kyubey そう考えるのが妥当なんじゃないかな


Would that be an appropriate conclusion to come to?

...Akemi Homura?