Madoka Magica Online Story Quest 1

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Quest 1-1

1-1 Before

Kyubey よし、早速見つけたようだね。

これが魔女が隠れ潜んでいる迷宮…… 結界への入り口だ。

Alright, it seems we found it straight away.

This is the labyrinth where the witch lurks hidden... the entrance to the barrier.

Kyubey 魔法少女の使命は、こうした結界を

見つけ出し、世界に恐ろしい災厄を 撒き散らす魔女を倒すことだ。

Finding this sort of barrier and defeating the witches that spread terrible disasters to the world is a Magical Girl's mission.
Kyubey 結界の中は、なにが待ち構えているか


Inside the barrier is a very dangerous place, where no-one knows what awaits you.
Kyubey 君の力なら切り抜けられると思うけど


You should be able to make it through with your power, but take plenty of caution.
Kyubey さあ、準備はいいかい?

準備ができたなら魔女の結界に 突入しよう!

Are you ready?

If you're all set, let's break through the witch's barrier!

1-1 After

Mami キュゥべえ? それに……あなたは?

いま結界の反応が消えたけど、 まさかあなたが……。

Kyubey? And... who are you?

The reaction from the barrier disappeared just now, but don't tell me you...

Kyubey 一足遅かったようだね。


It seems that you were a second too late.

The familiars were all defeated by her.

Kyubey Player、

紹介しよう。彼女は巴マミ。 そっちの2人は……。


Let's do some introductions. She's Tomoe Mami. Those two people are...

Sayaka あたしは美樹さやか。

デビューしたての新人魔法少女でーす よろしくねっ!

I'm Miki Sayaka.

I'm a newcomer magical girl who's just debuted--! Nice to meet you!

Madoka わたし、鹿目まどかです。えっと、

わたしもまだ新人なんだけど……、 どうぞよろしくね!

As for me, I am Kaname Madoka. Um,

the thing is, I'm also still a newcomer, but... it's very nice to meet you!

Mami ここで会えたのはいい機会ね。 Our meeting you here is a good opportunity, isn't it?
Mami Playerさん、

よかったら私たちと チームを組まない?


If you like, won't you form a team with us?

Mami ぜひ考えてみて。 You should certainly think it over.

Quest 1-2

1-2 Before

Madoka でもびっくりした。 What a surprise!
Madoka まさか去年クラスメイトだった

Playerちゃんが 魔法少女になってたなんて……!

To think Player-chan, my last year's classmate would become a Magical Girl...!
Sayaka マミさんは他の魔法少女には


Mami-san said to be careful of other Magical Girls,
Sayaka Playerみたいな子


But for a girl like you, Player, I'll give you a warm welcome!
Madoka 実はワルプルギスの夜っていう、

すっごく強い魔女がもうすぐこの街に 現れるんで、

To be honest, a really strong witch called Walpurgis Night will soon appear in this town,
Madoka 他の魔法少女たちが大勢集まってるん


So lots of other Magical Girls are gathering here.
Madoka どんな子たちなのかな?

その子たちとも友達になれたら いいなぁ……。

I wonder what the other girls are like.

It would be great to make friends with them...

Madoka ね、Playerちゃんも


Don't you think so too, Player-chan?
Mami (……3人とも聞いて。


(...Listen up you three.

I detected the response of a witch.)

Mami (……間違いなくこの近くに結界が


(...The barrier must be close by.

Come right away.)

1-2 After

Madoka 結局、魔女はいませんでしたね……。 In the end, the witch wasn't there...
Mami 私たちに気付いて逃げたようね。


It seems it noticed us and fled.

It must be quite a cautious opponent....

Mami 次に見つけた時はもっと慎重に


We have to be more careful the next time we find it.
Sayaka 次にって……すぐに追いかけなくても


The next time? Don't we have to chase after it right away, Mami-san?
Mami 魔女は普段から私たちの裏をかくため


Witches normally change spots many times to outsmart us.
Mami それに逃げた直後は隠れるのに必死で


And straight after they run they're desperate to hide

so finding them will be difficult.

Mami 早く見つけるに越したことはないけど

今日のところはひとまず大丈夫だと 思う。

It would be best to find it quickly,

but I think it should be safe for today.

Mami 私たちも今夜は解散して、


Let's also call it a day and prepare for it for tomorrow.

Quest 1-3

1-3 Before

Sayaka マミさんはああ言ってたけど、


Even with what Mami-san said, I'm still worried.
Sayaka 魔女はまわりに不幸や災いを


Saying the witch is spreading unhappiness and catastrophe around here...
Madoka うん、早く見つけて、犠牲になる人が


Yes, we have to find it quickly and make sure nobody will be sacrificed...
Madoka でないと何の為に魔法少女に


Otherwise, I don't know why we became Magical Girls.
Madoka Playerちゃんも


Don't you think so too, Player-chan?
Kyubey (頼もしいね3人とも。

 そんな君たちに朗報だ。  魔女の結界を見つけた。)

(You three are certainly promising.

Here's some good news for people like you. I found the witch's barrier.)

Kyubey (マミにも知らせたから、


(I've told Mami about it too, so I want you to come quickly.)
Madoka キュゥべえ?



...OK. We'll go right away!

Madoka さやかちゃん、

Playerちゃん、 行こ!!

Sayaka-chan, Player-chan, let's go!

1-3 After

Kyubey 魔女ではなく使い魔の結界だった


It seems it was a familiar's barrier, not a witch's.

My mistake.

Mami あそこまで成長した使い魔なら


With a familiar that's grown that much,

it can't be helped mistaking it for a witch.

Mami 魔女になる直前に倒せたんですもの。


We managed to get it right before it turned into a witch.

I suppose that's good enough.

Madoka でも使い魔ということは……

それを産んだ魔女がまだいるってこと ですよね? 早く何とかしないと……

But if it was a familiar...

That means the witch that gave birth to it is still around, right? We need to do something quickly...

Mami このまま追いかけっこをしていたら、

被害が出てしまうかもしれないし…… 何か作戦を考える必要があるわね。

If we were to chase after it now, we may end up getting hurt...

We need to think of some sort of plan.

Madoka うーん、



It would be great if there was something we could do...

Quest 1-4

1-4 Before

Madoka (マミさんマミさん!


(Mami-san, Mami-san!

Please listen to this!!)

Mami (鹿目さん、ちゃんとテレパシーは

 通じてるから落ち着いて。  どうしたの?まずいことでも―)

(Kaname-san, calm down so the telepathy goes through properly.

What's the matter? Did something bad-)

Sayaka (違うんですマミさん、

 あたし、凄い作戦を  思いついちゃったんです!)

(That's not it, Mami-san,

I came up with a great plan!)

Sayaka (花をむしっちゃえば


(All we need to do is pluck flowers!)
Sayaka (あの魔女は、


(That witch is growing roses right?)
Sayaka (だからその大切なバラを

 摘んじゃえば、怒って姿を  現すんじゃないかって!)

(So if we pluck its precious roses, it'll get mad and show itself, won't it?)
Mami (そ、それは思いつかなかったわ。

 上手くいくかは分からないけど、  ……一度試してみてもいいかもね)

(I-I didn't think of that.

I'm not sure if it will work, but it might be worth a shot)

1-4 After

Sayaka さぁこれでどうだ?!


How do you like that?!

Come out you damn witch!!

Madoka ……なにも、起こらないね? ...Nothing's happening?
??? (魔女の結界を見つけた。

 先日話に出た奴に間違いないと  思う)

I found the witch's barrier.

I'm certain it's the one we were talking about the other day.

??? (約束通り一緒にやりましょう。


As promised, we'll do it together.

I'll be waiting along with Sakura Kyouko at the entrance.

Sayaka 今のは転校生? 魔女が別の場所に

いるってことは……あたしの作戦、 大失敗ってこと?! トホホ……。

Was that the transfer student?

If the witch is at another place... That means my plan was a complete failure?! Boo-hoo...

Kyubey 願望を多大に加味した作戦の成功率は

極めて低いものだよ。さあ、この事は 教訓にして、いまは魔女退治だよ。

Plans that depend heavily on desires have an extremely low success rate.

Consider that a lesson - for now, it's time to exterminate the witch.

Quest 1-5

1-5 Before

Madoka 紹介するね


I'll introduce you, Player-chan.
Madoka こちらは佐倉杏子ちゃんと

暁美ほむらちゃん、 2人ともとぉっても強いんだよ!

This is Sakura Kyouko-chan and Akemi Homura-chan,

They're both really strong!

Kyouko ふ~ん……アンタが新入りか。

ま、せいぜいあたしの足を引っ張ら ないように気をつけるこった。

Hmm... so you're the newcomer?

Well, just try to make sure that you don't get in my way as much as possible.

Kyouko よぅし、ついてきな新米ども! Alright, let's get going, newbie!
Homura あなたは……。 You're...
Madoka どうしたのほむらちゃん?もしかして

Playerちゃんのこと、 知ってるの?

What's the matter Homura-chan?

Could it be, you know Player-chan?

Homura ……いいえ、別に。それよりも

早く行きましょう。急がないと、 佐倉杏子に置いていかれるわ。

...No, not really.

More importantly, let's hurry up. If we don't, Sakura Kyouko will leave us behind.

1-5 After

Madoka やった……魔女をやっつけたよ、

さやかちゃん! Playerちゃん!

Hooray... we beat the witch

Sayaka-chan! Player-chan!

Sayaka やった!



We did it!!

Kyouko やれやれ、トーシロは初々しくって


Geez, the novices are so fresh, I can't watch.
Kyouko 仕方ねぇ、

ヒヨッコの羽が生えそろうまで もうちょっと付き合ってやるか。

It can't be helped.

I'll keep you greenhorns company until you've grown some wings.

Mami そうだ…いい機会だから

Playerさんに グリーフシードについて説明するわ。

That's right...

I'll take this opportunity to tell you about Grief Seeds, Player-san.

Mami グリーフシードというのは、

魔女を倒すと落とすことがある 貴重な品よ。

Grief Seeds are a precious item that

witches sometimes drop when you defeat them.

Mami これにはソウルジェムに溜まった

穢れを吸収して、浄化する働きが あるの。

They have the ability to absorb and clean the impurities that build up in your soul gem.
Mami とても大切なことだから


This is very important, so don't forget it, OK?