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This is a rough timeline of events in the Magia Record game. It's a work-in-progress and partly speculative. Note that the Magia Record timeline is wholly incompatible with the main Madoka Magica timeline, as Arc 1 takes place over several months (at least two, likely more, especially when including present-day events not included in the main story) whereas Madoka Magica is only a month and a half at most, unless it's taken to be an alternate final timeline, or if Homura's time travel is fixed to a specific point in time rather than a specific period of time.

Note that the game's timeline is, primarily by present day and in some aspects of the past, mutually exclusive from that of its anime adaptation; while some events are retained or similar, the adaptation is effectively an entirely different take on the story and events unfold very differently.

7 Years Ago

5 Years Ago

  • Hinano becomes a magical girl
  • Kanagi becomes a magical girl
    • This is a little ambiguous – she may have contracted a little earlier, but not too much earlier given her appearance in Kanae's story.

4 Years Ago

3 Years Ago

2 Years Ago

1 Year Ago

  • Manaka becomes a magical girl
  • Sana becomes a magical girl
    • There's some uncertainty in just when Sana contracted; Manaka's side story seems to imply that they became magical girls around the same time, but there could have been a few months between them, as the only certainty is that Manaka is still a first-year student by the time she meets Sana who has already contracted.
  • Rena becomes a magical girl and teams up with Momoko
  • Kaede becomes a magical girl and teams up with Momoko and Rena
  • Tsuruno gains infamy for dueling magical girls until she’s beaten by Yachiyo and joins her team
  • Mel joins Yachiyo’s team
  • Tsukasa and Tsukuyo become magical girls
  • Karin becomes a magical girl on Halloween
  • Other magical girls known to be active by this point: Masara, Kanoko, Ria, Konomi, Ikumi, Yumi Yuuki
  • The Mirror Witch sparks the events of Breakpoint, eventually being lured to an abandoned mansion that becomes the Endless Mirrors
  • Mel turns into a witch

Less than 1 year ago

  • Mitama opens her Coordinator business
  • Nanaka and Seika become magical girls
  • Akira becomes a magical girl and teams up with Nanaka
  • Kako becomes a magical girl and teams up with Nanaka
  • Meiyui teams up with Nanaka
  • Emiri becomes a magical girl, Emiri’s Consultation Office is opened
  • Meguru becomes a magical girl
  • Felicia gets into a dispute with Team Nanaka but soon becomes friends with Kako and secures a cooperation with Asuka and Sasara
  • Karin gets lectured by Yachiyo, temporarily joins Team Momoko and quits her Phantom Thief work
  • Natsuki and Aimi become magical girls
  • The Azalea House Trio (Hazuki, Konoha, Ayame) comes to Kamihama
  • Leila and Mito become magical girls
  • Kanagi starts work as a maid
  • Other magical girls likely contracted during this time period: Kokoro, Sayuki, Mayu, Ryo, Rika, Ren, Riko, Himika
  • Alina becomes a magical girl
  • Ui Tamaki, Nemu, and Touka become magical girls together.
    • Ui's power overwhelms her and risks turning her into a Witch. Touka, Nemu, and Alina use their powers to stop Ui's collection of corruption and separate Ui's soul from her body and place it inside of a Kyubey, turning it into Lil' Kyubey and causing all traces of Ui's existence, including others' memories, to be erased from the universe.
    • Alina's creation of her quarantine barrier around Kamihama cuts Kyubey off from its collective hivemind, turning any who cross the barrier into lifeless husks. Because Kyubey can no longer enter Kamihama, no new Magical Girls from within the city can be contracted.
  • The Magius and the Wings of the Magius are formed
  • Mifuyu joins the Wings of the Magius
  • Tsukuyo and Tsukasa join the Wings of the Magius
  • The Magius begin their work on creating Uwasa and the Doppel field around Kamihama City. This simultaneously prevents Magical Girls from becoming Witches, lures Witches from surrounding areas to the city, and their work with Uwasa and strengthening Shitori Egumo cause the city's Witches to become significantly stronger than normal. This forces the city's Magical Girl population to work together in groups to compensate for Witches' strength whilst continuing to abide by strict territory divisions between wards.

Arc 1

Based on the canon Timeline and the fact that the prologue features the main series characters fighting Patricia, arc 1 begins in the spring, no earlier than March 25 but potentially as late as mid-June. For the sake of having a concrete date to work with, the following will assume the prologue occurs on March 25. This timeline mainly uses a minimum estimate of the time frame, so in some cases there could easily be a few extra days inserted.

Date Chapter Event Notes
March 25 Prologue Homura receives visions about coming to Kamihama for salvation With reference to main canon timeline, as she's fighting against Patricia.
March 25 1 Iroha visits Kamihama, where she meets Kaede, Momoko, Yachiyo, and the Coordinator. There's nothing specific to link the two events, but it seems to make sense for them to be around the same time frame.
March 26 2 Iroha checks out Satomi Medical Centre and learns about the Rule of Ending Friendships. Although it's not clear how many days passed since she met Yachiyo and Momoko, there's no reason to believe she'd wait more than she has to, so the next day seems most likely.
March 27 2 Iroha asks Mitama about the Rule of Ending Friendships. As above; it's clearly a different day since she's briefly seen in her bedroom, but the next day seems most likely.
March 28 Another 2 Mami investigates in Kamihama and speaks with Rena. Since Rena is fighting alone, this should occur in the period between her fight with Kaede and the defeat of the Friendship Ending Staircase. Therefore, the 29th or 30th would also be plausible.
March 31 2 Momoko gets fed up with Kaede and Rena. Kaede is taken by the Rumour of the Friendship Ending Staircase, then rescued. Rena checks out the hospital records for Iroha. As shown by the in-game backgrounds (showing the city at night, then daytime), at least 4 days have passed.
April 4 3 Kaede suggests Ui may have been taken by a rumor, so Iroha asks Mitama and hears about the Séance Shrine. She runs into Tsuruno while investigating it. Iroha says she hasn't found a single clue "since last week", which implies a weekend has passed in the meantime. Since March 31 is a Thursday on Homura's calendar in Episode 10, that means at least four days to reach Monday.
April 5 3 Iroha does the Mizuna Shrine stamp quest and runs into Yachiyo, but they can't find the shrine. Again, the only reason to place this on the next day is that Iroha has no reason to wait longer than she has to.
April 6 3 Iroha goes to investigate the shrine on top of the old Mizuna Hotel, but runs into a witch instead, as well as Yachiyo. By the time they've defeated the witch, Yachiyo has realized the Séance Shrine's identity, so they agree to meet the following day. Tsuruno and Iroha agreed to investigate the following day.
April 7 3
Another 3
Iroha meets up with Yachiyo and Tsuruno to investigate the Séance Shrine. Mami also investigates in Kamihama and speaks with Kaede. They meet up just as Iroha unleashes her doppel. Yachiyo and Iroha agreed to investigate the following day.
April 21 4
Another 4
Yachiyo suggests looking up Hiiragi Nemu in the phone book. After going all over town to check out various Hiiragi families, she drinks the Owl Water together with Kyoko and Felicia. Iroha has had time to try every flavour of ramen on Banbanzai's menu. There's no way of knowing how many flavours there are, but two weeks to sample them all seems like a reasonable guess.
April 22 4
Another 4
Iroha, Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Felicia, and Kyoko track down and defeat the Misery Rhyton despite the Amane twins' attempts to stop them. Mifuyu shows herself. Narration states it's only the next day, and the rumor's countdown also substantiates that.

There's some ambiguity over whether this day is a school day or not. Tsuruno has perfect attendance, so she wouldn't skip school to help investigate. She's seen at Banbanzai when the countdown hits 7. However, this plausibly falls into the region of time to fit a school lunch hour, so it may be that she goes home for lunch. That said, her home is fairly far from her school. There's no scale on any of the maps however, so it's hard to speculate on travel times.

Additional evidence comes from Kyoko and Yachiyo encountering students in front of Sankyoin around when the countdown hits 9. This is a couple hours after school would normally start though, so it's hard to say what it means. It might fit a school day if there's a recess? Otherwise, it would seem to suggest a weekend.

Based on Homura's calendar in the anime, April 22 is a Friday, so this and the previous day may require being nudged forward once.

May 11 5 Iroha finishes unpacking at Mikazuki Villa. There's no indication of how much time has passed since chapter 4, but she's shown in her new school uniform, and it states that it's been "awhile". Based on them going to school over the next two days, this can't be any later in the week than Wednesday. However, April 29 is also a public holiday, and the following week is Golden Week, which means it needs to be pushed either back one day or forward two weeks. Three days is likely not enough to call "awhile", so choose the latter here.
May 12 5 Tsuruno and Felicia discover the Radio Wave Girl's voice in Chuo Ward. Also, Felicia learns the address of the Kamihama Urban Legend Index website but can't open it. This is the day after Iroha finishes unpacking.
May 13 5
Another 5
With some help from Momoko, Iroha's team figures out the Radio Wave Girl rumour and frees Sana Futaba from Endless Solitude. Madoka and Homura also get involved, as they've come looking for Mami. This is the day after they hear the Radio Wave Girl's voice.

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