Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Homura Episode

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The story of the event is told in flashback and is primarily a recap of Episode 10 of the anime.

Part One

As they walk down the halls Madoka Kaname introduces herself to Homura, asking that she be called by her first name despite only having met. Madoka asks if she can call Homura by her first name as well. She was the first friend Homura had ever made, and had first learned Madoka was a Magical Girl when she was walking home from school and accidentally walked into a Witch's Barrier. She was rescued by Mami Tomoe and Madoka from a Witch. As they defeat the witch, Madoka asks Homura to keep her secret.

Back at Mami's home, Madoka informs Homura that she has only been a Magical Girl for a week with Mami doing the brunt of the work as the veteran of the two. Her plan is to have Madoka fully trained before the arrival of Walpurgisnacht.

As Madoka bids her goodbyes to Homura, Homura begs her to not go and fight Walpurgisnacht alone, especially after it had just finished killing Mami. But Madoka knows she's the only one left to fight it and protect everyone. She tells Homura that saving her from that Witch and becoming her friend was the greatest thing she ever did before bidding her goodbye one final time. Kyubey appears and Homura makes her contract to redo her meeting with Madoka, but this time she will be the one to protect her. She soon awakens in the hospital, a week prior to when Homura started school.

She soon joins Mami and Madoka's team, and together they easily take down the Witch Patricia. As time passes, Walpurgisnacht appears in Mitakihara city once more. Only this time, after defeating Walpurgisnacht, Madoka's soul gem has been pushed to the limit with impurities. Homura watches on as Madoka transforms into a Witch before her eyes. Once more Homura is thrown back in time and awakens in the hospital, this time determined to tell the truth about Witches to the others.

As Homura revisits the same span of time over and over, at one point she heard a voice and saw a mysterious magical girl informing her about Kamihama City, and how salvation can be found there. After the battle with Alina Gray and the Rumor of the Anonymous AI, both Homura and Madoka left for Kamihama City to look for Mami, who had gone missing. As Homura ponders all she's learned about the Wings of Magius and the Doppel system, Kyubey approaches her with a request: he wants Homura to take him to Kamihama City. Incubators cannot enter Kamihama City alone, but can do so when accompanied by a Magical Girl. In exchange, Kyubey promises to share any and all information he's gathered with her. But knowing what she does, Homura refuses to help Kyubey.

Part Two

A few days later, Homura, Madoka, and Sayaka Miki return to Kamihama to continue their search for Mami. However, the girls are almost immediately assaulted by Candy. The girls seemingly defeat the Witch easily but before they can celebrate Candy transforms into its true form and attacks once more. Homura attempts to stop time in order to save her friends, but Candy gets the jump on her and attacks her ruthlessly with its ears. Despite Homura stopping time, Candy is still grabbing at her ferociously so time isn't stopped for the Witch. Homura does all she can to free herself from the Witch's grasp, but the Witch is too powerful. As Homura's soul gem fills with impurities, she thinks back to when she first met Madoka at school and begs forgiveness for not being able to save her.

Part Three

In a barren land, Homura speaks with a dark shadow representing her Doppel. The Doppel mocks her, asking if the weak version of herself has finally died. The Doppel knows that time will soon resume, only this time she will become a Witch that Madoka will have to defeat. It claims that Homura wished to save Madoka despite having neither the power nor the resolve to do so. But before it can succumb, the Doppel resolves to destroy the Witch that is currently threatening Madoka and if it can't find the Witch, then it will simply have to destroy everything to protect her. As Homura writhes in anguish at the process of turning into a witch, she notices an Incubator nearby. It seems the Incubator had attempted to sneak into the city alongside Homura, but was stopped by the barrier surrounding Kamihama, leaving it in a broken state. Homura then decides to use the lifeless Incubator body to draw out its knowledge and turn it into destructive power.

As Homura awakens, her Doppel comes out and unleashes its fury on Candy. Out of breath, Homura is amazed to find she's still alive as the Witch teeters on its last legs. She notes that her soul gem has now been purified, and recalls that Alina's soul gem was also purified when she had unleashed her doppel on them. Sayaka and Madoka are amazed at the damage Homura was able to inflict on the Witch and together they finish it off for good. Sayaka wonders if Homura is now able to use missile launchers while Madoka smiles and tells her to stop kidding around. Homura isn't sure if what she just experienced was a Doppel or not, and decides to not say anything to the others just yet. Madoka suggests they go visit the Coordinator that Iroha had told her about. Determined to become stronger, Homura agrees and they all head over.

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