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This page is dedicated to astronomical information related to Madoka.

Extraterrestrial Life

In Episode 9, Kyubey reveals himself as an alien from outer space. His precise origins are unknown, but presumably he belongs to a scientifically advanced race that is either immortal or has mastered faster than light travel. Kyubey's species is likely a hive-mind, similar to an ant-colony, such that all members share a collective consciousness and memory.

Witches and celestial objects

Anonymous observes that nearly all the witches and familiars have names corresponding to celestial objects within the solar system:

Character Celestial object Description
Gertrud 710 Gertrud a minor planet orbiting the sun
Anthony 272 Antonia an asteroid
Adelbert 719 Albert an asteroid
Suleika 563 Suleika a minor planet orbiting the sun
Ulla 375 Ursula a large main-belt asteroid
Charlotte 543 Charlotte a minor planet orbiting the Sun
Pyotr 2720 Pyotr Pervyj a main-belt asteroid
Polina 142 Polana a main-belt asteroid
Elly 2650 Elinor
616 Elly
both asteroids
Daniyyel 2589 Daniel a main-belt asteroid
Jennifer 6249 Jennifer an asteroid
Albertine 1290 Albertine an asteroid
Anja 265 Anna an asteroid
Gisela 352 Gisela an asteroid
Dora 668 Dora a main-belt asteroid
Elsa Maria 182 Elsa
170 Maria
both asteroids
Sebastian 1482 Sebastiana an asteroid
Uhrmann 10239 Hermann a main belt asteroid
Bartels 17823 Bartels a main-belt asteroid
Oktavia 598 Octavia an asteroid
Holger 9266 Holger a main-belt asteroid
Klarissa 302 Clarissa
1162 Larissa
a main belt asteroid
an asteroid
Izabel 210 Isabella a main-belt asteroid
Michaela 1045 Michela an asteroid
Patricia 436 Patricia a main-belt asteroid
Mathieu 1592 Mathieu a main-belt asteroid
Roberta 335 Roberta a large main-belt asteroid
Gotz 2278 Gotz a main belt asteroid
Kriemhild Gretchen 242 Kriemhild
984 Gretia
a main-belt asteroid
an asteroid
Walpurgis 256 Walpurga an asteroid
Candeloro 9010 Candelo a main-belt asteroid
Du Polignac 21432 Polingloh an asteroid
Ophelia 171 Ophelia
an asteroid
a moon of Uranus
Zoë 1793 Zoya an asteroid
Homulilly 1181 Lilith an asteroid
Clara dolls 642 Clara a minor planet orbiting the sun
Lotte 3480 Lottie an asteroid
Luiselotte 599 Luisa a minor planet orbiting the sun
Liese and Lisa 3454 Lieske
3976 Lise
both asteroids
Lilia 213 Lilaea
756 Liliana
a main-belt asteroid
a minor planet orbiting the sun
Quitterie 570 Kythera
10973 Quito
a minor planet orbiting the sun
an asteroid
Itzli 1596 Itzigsohn an asteroid
Rosasharn 223 Rosa an asteroid
Cecil 4058 Cecilgreen
297 Caecilia
both asteroids
Virginia 50 Virginia an asteroid
Giovanna 111561 Giovanniallevi an asteroid
Campanella 1077 Campanula an asteroid
Yu Hong 6541 Yuan
15627 Hong
both asteroids
Beatrice 83 Beatrix a main belt asteroid
Hevelius 5703 Hevelius an asteroid
Pennen Nolde and Pennen Nenemu 201 Penelope a main belt asteroid
Old Dorothy 339 Dorothea an asteroid
Cendrillon 13223 Cenaceneri an asteroid
Elfriede 618 Elfriede a minor planet orbiting the sun
Zola 6030 Zolensky an asteroid
McDougal 4589 McDowell an asteroid
Catacombe 13178 Catalan an asteroid
Totentanz 8770 Totanus an asteroid
Dum 17681 Tweedledum an asteroid
Dee 9387 Tweedledee an asteroid
Merkava 22132 Merkley an asteroid
Tara 5863 Tara an asteroid
Oaji 14217 Oaxaca an asteroid
Marita 912 Maritima an asteroid
Aztekium 3290 Azabu an asteroid
Abigail 31631 Abbywilliams an asteroid
Casuarius 7132 Casulli an asteroid
Breadman 4242 Brecher an asteroid
Gothel 1049 Gotho an asteroid
Luca 21919 Luga an asteroid
Henrietta 225 Henrietta a main belt asteroid
Cyan 403 Cyane an asteroid
Maura 28039 Mauraoei
9904 Mauratombelli
both asteroids
Shalimar 3408 Shalamov an asteroid
Vayu 7595 Växjö an asteroid
Carmela 48416 Carmelita an asteroid
Andreana 2175 Andrea Doria an asteroid
Akakiy 6422 Akagi an asteroid
Pamela 1243 Pamela an asteroid
Poker Alice 291 Alice an asteroid
Hund Balou 23041 Hunt
4391 Balodis
both asteroids
Bond Bomb 13693 Bondar
17696 Bombelli
both asteroids
Renata 575 Renate a minor planet orbiting the sun
Obariyon 34044 Obafial an asteroid
Tagori 7855 Tagore an asteroid
Naomi 6139 Naomi an asteroid
Gannishikudoku 3330 Gantrisch an asteroid
Yuerao 32622 Yuewaichun an asteroid
Taburatsu 721 Tabora an asteroid
Gibdaughter 2742 Gibson an asteroid
Victoria 12 Victoria a main-belt asteroid
Trolley 1208 Troilus an asteroid
Zipzap 7565 Zipfel an asteroid
Sylvie 87 Sylvia an asteroid
Grim 6912 Grimm an asteroid
Gosirsa 22402 Goshi an asteroid
Carola 235 Carolina an asteroid
Sotria 54963 Sotin an asteroid
Latria 639 Latona a minor planet orbiting the sun
Clothette 5511 Cloanthus
583 Klotilde
an asteroid
a minor planet orbiting the sun
Renard 1416 Renauxa an asteroid
Elise 956 Elisa an asteroid
Zenobia 840 Zenobia a minor planet orbiting the sun
Zabaii 175017 Záboří an asteroid
Candy 3015 Candy an asteroid
Harold 114096 Haroldbier an asteroid
Stacey and Stacy 13389 Stacey an asteroid
Ekaterina and Katarina 6955 Ekaterina an asteroid
Rebecca 572 Rebekka a minor planet orbiting the sun
Joseph 649 Josefa a minor planet orbiting the sun
Teresa and Theresia 295 Theresia a main belt asteroid
Huygens 2801 Huygens an asteroid
Kirico Keepers 91890 Kiriko Matsuri an asteroid
Echo 60 Echo an asteroid
Shin 4002 Shinagawa an asteroid
Kotori 8246 Kotov an asteroid
Durbar 4389 Durbin an asteroid
Patan 21482 Patashnick an asteroid
Paola 2973 Paola an asteroid
Bona 49987 Bonata an asteroid
Lucy 32605 Lucy an asteroid
Coco 6436 Coco an asteroid
Matasaburo 9111 Matarazzo an asteroid
Shitori Egumo 362238 Shisseh
8450 Egorov
164 Eva
two asteroids and a main belt asteroid
Oscar 750 Oskar a minor planet orbiting the sun
Box Wood 1660 Wood an asteroid
Etteilla 20804 Etter an asteroid
Oshiti 5592 Oshima an asteroid
Suzugamori 8712 Suzuko an asteroid
Raspberry 25062 Rasmussen an asteroid


  • The asteroid 2278 Götz is named after Paul Götz, an astronomer who discovered several asteroids, like 543 Charlotte and 563 Suleika.
  • 142 Polana, 182 Elsa, 210 Isabella, 225 Henrietta, 242 Kriemhild, 295 Theresia, 256 Walpurga, 265 Anna, 583 Klotilde, 710 Gertrud and 719 Albert were discovered by Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa.
  • The named witches that appear in Kazumi Magica and the doppels of the characters from these spin-offs, as well as the doppels of the Monogatari characters cannot be led to a celestial body due to them using words from foreign languages as names. An exception is made in the cases of Kazumi and Umika Misaki, as their witch forms are named as per Magia Record.
  • QB is the subclass for Astronomy in the classification system used by the United States Library of Congress.

See Timeline for the phases of the moon as seen in the show.