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This category lists all articles that do not fit satisfactory wiki standards, and thus need fixing up, or have sections that need fixing up. They may be missing information, containing unconfirmed speculation outside of the speculation section, or have information that is outdated, in need of a rewriting, condensing, expansion, etc. If you wish to help fix them up, please contribute on the editing page for the page(s) you wish to clean up. If you want specific details or want to start up a discussion on how to go about cleaning up a specific page, do so on the page's discussion section.

To add a page to this category, please mark it or the section in need of cleaning with the green clean-up box, as a way to easily mark and identify what needs cleaning; it also serves as an indicator to those viewing the page/section that the information is in need of work, and helps to prevent the spread of false or dubious claims, information, formatting, or similar. Do not directly add this category to a page.

Some general problems that can be found in the wiki overall include:

  • Incorrect or weird grammar and spelling, mainly unnecessary or incorrect capitalization or weirdly structured sentences
  • Incorrect, unofficial, or fanmade terms used instead of the official terms
  • Commentary, opinions, and fanbase-related trivia in pages/sections purely for objective canon-only statements or facts
  • Conflation of observations, trivia, and speculation
  • Speculation not properly sorted into the confirmed, unknown, and debunked categories


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