Magia Record Story Kagome's Hundred Mysteries ~Burning Summer Banquet~

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Part 1

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Part 2

The following is a summary by IKARUM
The Aru mermaid tells Kagome this place is dangerous. The zombi friends attack her, she raises cane Aru and it shines brightly, she finds herself back at the hotel in the real world and the youkai Arus are with her. She explains that at the fores she followed a blue fire into a spring and was taken into a labyrinth, but from San's point of view she disappeared the moment they entered the forest, the San that accompanied her to the spring was a fake. Kagome also tells them about the girl she met and the fake others. She also explains to Tasuke the youkai Arus, and Tasuke tells her they all sound like local youkai legends. They continue explaining what happened after Kagome disappeared. San, Miyuri, Lavi and Nayuta went to look for her while Tasuke looked into local legends and folklore. While the girls couldn't find anything Tasuke did find an old man that told him about the youkai that the Arus look like and about a girl that came to ask about them too a long time ago, so long that the old man didn't even remember her name. This girl was very interested into the spirit world and wanted to venture there. After reuniting with the girls they came to the theory that the girl was a magical girl and that the fire festival and the youkai legends were related. That the town got it's name from the mysterious blue fire from legends. They came to the conclusion this magical girl became a witch and she's why the legends were affecting the real world. And thanks to the traditions of the festival had one idea. She would use a red flame in a ceremony to call back Kagome, if the blue flame is to spirit away people, the red flame should bring them back. The ceremony worked and Kagome was spit back into the real world, they also told her she spent 2 whole days in the spirit world. There are still question about the girl, the illusion world and Kagome's transformation. But the task at hand is simple, kill the witch. The five girls head to the forest, but Kagome is separated from the others again. Kagome finds herself in the illusion world, but she cannot bring herself to attack the fakes there. The mermaid Aru tells her the light from the cane will show her the way. The mysterious girl appears and tells her the light will open the door to the spirit world. Kagome uses the cane, the fakes and the illusion vanish and she finds herself in the witch's barrier. The others are also there so they prepare to fight. We jump forward to the group on their train back to Kamihama. We see in a flashback that after they killed the witch the youkai Aru mermaid told her though it's sad this is goodbye, Aru and Kagome go back to normal and Aru doesn't remember anything about what happened. They continue talking about what happened, they can't tell them it was a witch's doing. Tasuke gathered his findings on the local legends and handed them over to his friend, in the hopes that he would pass on the correct legends to the people and with time the rumors of the youkai uproar eventually fizzle out San and Miyuri stayed to help with the festival and will do what they can to help. Unfortunately they couldn't find anything about the magical girl, but Tasuke remembered something else the old man told Kayano who then told him, there was one more legend about a girl that looked just like Kagome in that strange outfit, a girl that in her true form carries a lamp and lead the youkai in living with humans, her was the blue fire girl. Tasuke thinks the name of this legend might also be a reason why Aohino got its name. He thinks the witch born from a girl with deep interest into the spirit world and that was able to change form might've been able to change Kagome as well. As to why Kagome Tasuke thinks it's because they were similar in a way, and Kagome felt something when she met her, excitement when facing the unknown. In other words, an inquisitive nature. Kagome looks into the train and it seems like the girl is there, giggling at her answer.