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Part 1

Part 2

Summary by Ikarum

Episode 21

Amaryllis and Cornelia have been summoned to an audience with the next emperor. Titus is here because he heard from Pliny that someone has been spreading rumors of Vesuvius spitting fire, but he's just here to ask about the details, not to punish them. The girls tell Titus about how he'll succeed his father next year and the precise date of the eruption on October 24th. Titus thinks about moving the army to assist the people.

Episode 22

However, he tells them that it will impossible to save everyone, as they cannot prove the tragedy will happen until it approaches, Pliny said the same thing. He has to think how the people will see him, as uprooting the citizens from the land of their ancestors without any solid proof as to why would make him a tyrant. The memories of Cleopatra manipulating the roman people are still fresh, and he doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes. But he will not disregard their advice and will do everything he can to save as many lives as possible. Amaryllis cries as she doesn't want to sacrifice a single life and she wishes these peaceful days could go on forever. After recovering a bit they report to Himena and the others. Having received the report, they head to scout the place of the picnic with Marius, but on the way they are attacked by the Witch of Symbols.

Episode 23

They beat it, and back in the hill of the picnic they hear people approach so they hide. Marius comes running to Cornelia, his father has acknowledged their engagement. Junia also comes to congratulate her (she trips but she's fine). They get to a hill to admire the view while Himena and the others watch over them. Marius says goodbye to Cornelia and Junia wishes these days would go on forever, Cornelia thinks back to what Amaryllis said and then wonders where did Himena and the others went to. Turns out after the picnic date was completed successfully, they were sent back to the space-time tunnel. The record of 78 AD is back in Amaryllis book, next stop is probably 79 AD, the year of the eruption. There are still paradoxes left, so Nemu tells them to be ready to fight the powerful witch they saw earlier and get back History Route B.

Episode 24

Himena is seeing the memories of someone. This someone is in Pompeii at the time of the eruption and talking with Cubius, she asks him if this is divine punishment for rejecting the invitation to the maiden lights of Vesta. Himena recognizes these are Amaryllis memories, she's always thought the eruption was her fault. The date is October 79 AD, earthquakes are increasing in intensity and the waterways are drying up, Himena and the others arrive once again to Cornelia's garden. It's been one year since they last saw each other. Titus has ascended to the throne and thanks to Marius' father the city council, although still a small portion, is starting to consider evacuation, but there's no time left, they only have 2 days to the eruption. Amaryllis arrives, Junia has fled the city safely. Junia's stepfather decision to mov out of the city inspired the rest of the 3 families to do the same, and they're now doing everything they can so the evacuation goes smoothly. Junia and Cornelia's father are talking in the street and how reluctant they were to move their businesses outside the city, but now feel nothing but thanks. They wish to prepare ships to evacuate people but they don't have enough. The church of Isis appears offering the ships of their members, Marius also offers to put pressure on the council. And then October 24th comes, Vesuvius erupts.

Episode 25

Amaryllis asks Hilarius and Cornelia to guide people along the coast to the east. Ashes and rocks are falling and buildings are crumbling, the evacuation has finally started in earnest. Cornelia's father demands the people to free their slaves and abandon anything not worth their lives. Things are going really well thanks to Marius pressure on the council. More rocks are falling, escape through the east became complicated so they decide to head to the boats instead. Hilarius informs other cabmen were abandoned in their barracks and thei need rescue, Cornelia's father asks her to get on a boat but she wants to stay with Marius, Cornelia's dad asks him to stay with her. Junia's stepfather is helping them, he will board a boat once other people are safe. At the boats it looks like people that left earlier came back to see what's going on, but in reality they have the witch's kiss and are heading north to a section of the city in flames. Marius leaves Cornelia in Amaryllis hands, telling them he will be back soon and leaves with Hilarius. The entrance to the Witch's barrier appears and it's the same strong witch Himena and the others faced at the start of their journey, Himena and the others appear and ask Amaryllis to leave this to them and instead focus on helping people. Cornelia offers to wait for them but Nemu assures that once they eliminate the paradox, they will be whisked away so they will be fine, this where they part ways. Cornelia and Amaryllis thanks them and Himena says goodbye to Lyririn, Neririn and to take care of Junirin, Miyuri is surprised she waited until now to give them nicknames, Himena held back because she thought it would be too hard for them to understand. They enter the barrier.

Episode 26

Himena and others are fighting the witch while Cornelia and Amaryllis are trying to stop the people from walking into the fire. Amaryllis is starting to think she can't save the people this time again, but Cornelia asks her to not give up and it's here that Marius and Hilarius arrive with reinforcements, they saved the cabmen (who were Hilarius' rivals) and they will help in knocking out and carrying the people to the ships. The sea is getting rowdy and soon it will be impossible to sail, Junia's father asks Marius to look for his father who is still in the city. A commotion happens, as people that were waiting in other places are gathering here, but they don't have enough ships. Then Cornelia and Amaryllis see on the distance a fleet of ships coming to them, it's the roman navy under Pliny's command. As they approach the yell that under Pliny's directive luck is the ally of heroes

Episode 27

At the shores of Stabiae Pliny the Elder watches the sky. He asks the people there to run away. He will stay, it's his fate to die here. He asks the people to tell his nephew Gaius this, he could not predict this calamity, that on the curiosity of a scholar and the will to rescue a friend he headed here with a few ships here, and obstructed by volcanic smoke he had no choice but to stop at the port of Stabiae, where he died to the black smoke. His secretary asks why he has to record the lie that he could not predict it. Pliny thinks back to when he organized the relief fleet, one of the aides ask him why do this, he tells him with the permission of Titus they will help Pompeii has Vesuvius is acting strangely. He commands them to go, luck is the ally of heroes. As a finally act to the aide he asks for this to be remembered as an achievement of them, not of Pliny. Pliny also asks his secretary to destroy the record of what he told his aide. He leaves a chuckle has he knows his secretary will have a hard time trying to make the story of what happened coherent. The secretary asks again why is he hiding the truth. He says he inquired about his life with girls that came from the future, girls that were trying to gain back a future where he died an heroic and foolish death. He asks the secretary to tell Gaius about his death, so it's inherited even 2000 years ahead. As if Gaius leave a strange history recorded, time will be devoured and the world destroyed. He doesn't mind if he dies tomorrow, as his destiny if he knew about the future or not is the same. His secretary doesn't understand, but Pliny assures him he will with age. He coughs, this air is bad on the throat of a sick person like him.

Episode 28

Himena, Miyuri and Shigure hare having a hard time fighting against the Witch, so Himena tells Miyuri to go wild and she will stop her. She does and they manage to kill the witch, and as she wakes up, they're in the paradoxical space-time tunnel. The find San, Mitsune and Hagumu here, it looks like all this time they've been walking in this abnormal space. The paradox should've been resolved, but this space still exists, and suddenly the witch appears again. But its existence is unstable just like Amaryllis' record. Mitsune thinks their earlier defeat is being overwritten by the defeat it suffered at the hands of Miyuri and the others. San, Hagumu and Misune fight it to finally put an end to its interference.

Episode 29

In Pompeii the sea is getting worse. The soldiers decide to make the current ship the last one. Cornelia stumbles and Marius catches her, he asks her to grab onto something. The city burns, there's no way for them to go back. Marius father says to him they will start again in Napoli, as long as they're alive they can start over again. Cornelia hopes Himena and the others made it safely to the future. San direct the group to attach the witch, this time when the witch attacks Mitsune and Hagumu Mitsune used her magic to falsify her attack connecting and this time Hagumu successfully delivers the final blow. As the barrier disappears, they find themselves in the burning Pompeii. The fire is subsiding, it looks like all the ships safely left port, Amaryllis record is stable again and they regained Iroha's concept. Lives were lost, but more lives were saved and thanks to the emperor Titus the people will resettle in Napoli and Cornelia and the others will have a new start in life. As they leave memories of dreams flow again into Himena, Hiko thinks it's because the book of Iroha she's holding is tuning with the records being written. She's a young girl rejecting the invitation to the maiden lights of Vespa by another young girl and Cubius and being gifted a bracelet from a man that looks like Marius. These are the records they couldn't read on Iroha's book. Himena wants to go back to Pompeii, but it's too late, something will happen to Amaryllis. In Pompeii, she isn't with Cornelia and Marius.

Episode 30

A young girl says she's always liked Marius, that's why she could never become a maiden of Vesta. She was really happy when she got the bracelet, the proof of her engagement with him. Aboard a ship Amaryllis dispels her transformation, she was always Junia. She says the maiden in love Junia died the day fire fell from the sky, her world crumbled that day under the ashes, along with Marius and her sister Cornelia. On that day he protected her for the crumbling roof, his last words were I love you. And then the gods gave her the chance to live again, a postponement of 3 years. Those 3 years she could live with her sister and the others again were like a dream. Kyubey appears, he asks her why she isn't with Cornelia and the others, it's because this is the ship Junia is supposed to be in. The lies of her impersonation magic lasts about 1 or 2 days, as long as she's there nothing will go wrong, but if she isn't present for a few days inconsistencies start to appear. Amaryllis never existed. She regrets lying about everything, her birth, her love and even the messengers of the gods. She got magic capable of overturning events when she wished to be reborn in the past. Her heart screamed in agony as she piled lies upon lies to direct Marius and Cornelia's feelings to one another, but she still wanted to save everyone. But she had no idea of what else to do, she lost everyone and at the end she also killed the loving heart of Junia. She steels her resolve to dedicate her life to the goddess, but she was reborn instead, the only proof that she lived once being the bracelet she still has. No matter how any times she talked about the coming tragedy she was always taken as a scared little girl, no one believed her. She thinks that if she continued as Junia without using any magic nothing would've happened and Cornelia would've never noticed her feelings for Marius, that's why she became Amaryllis. She really wanted to save everyone, for nobody to get hurt. If this is divine punishment for rejected the will of the gods, she will live and atone for it, while relying on the memories of her shining bracelet. She will mourn for the lives lost, giving her life for Rome's peace and remain "married" to harmony for life, as Pax Romana's Sweetheart.