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Part One

Sayaka participated in a lucky draw where the first prize is a premium ticket to a famous violinist's concert. She wanted to present this as a gift to Kamijou, but she did not win.

Seeing her disappointment, Madoka informed her of Kamihama's New Year calligraphy event where the first prize is a pair of premium tickets to that concert.

Sayaka got cold feet when she heard that it is a pair of tickets instead of one, but Madoka and Homura are gung-ho on helping Sayaka to win the event, and eventually Sayaka agreed to have a go as she is both overwhelmed by her friends' passion and her own desire to please Kamijou. The event is a rally where participants have to solve riddles which will give them two kanjis when they arrive to the shop which is the answer. They have to form a four letter idiom suitable for the occasion. The winner will be the ones who have the best suitable idiom and calligraphy writing.

Since it is a competition, the trio is at a loss since they are not locals. Luckily, they received help from Kako, Natsuki and Ria which allowed them to collect the words they want.

Unfortunately, they are unable to find the shop which gives them the last letter. Sayaka took the opportunity to apologize to her friends for her half-ass attitude since she is afraid of inviting Kamijou out, leaving the work all to Homura and Madoka. The two didn't really mind and think Sayaka tried her best, but the latter didn't think so, and finally got fired up after the apology.

While they are able to solve the riddle and get to the right shop with the letter they want, Sayaka got soft when she saw a pair of children who are also participants cry when they realize the letter they want is gone.

Sayaka gave the word to the children with Madoka and Homura's approval and got another letter in return as per rules and once again apologize to them. However, Madoka and Homura are just happy Sayaka is following her heart without regrets.

After viewing the words they have, they find out they need just one more letter to form the perfect idiom, and they manage to find the shop with Kako's help since it is her family's bookshop.

The trio thanked Kako and hurried back to Mizuna Shrine to write the idiom. Iroha who is also at the region saw the trio, but they are too fast and thus couldn't greet them.

After meeting up with the rest of the Mikazuki team, Yachiyo announce the commencing of the Manor's annual event: drawing lucky bags.

Part Two

As the caretaker of Mikazuki Manor, Yachiyo gave all the inhabitants a red packet, and then announced the manor's New Year tradition: buying lucky bags.

Kamihama's business street has the tradition of preparing great lucky bags during New Year's as a way to thank their customers, and the manor used to let their residents learn the importance of using money by letting them buy desirable bags with the money they have.

Tsuruno accompanied Felicia and is able to nudge her to reconsider since while the Decagonball lucky bag with movable figures is great, she also didn't want to have a character she doesn't like. Eventually, she bought a lucky bag which has 3 figures inside to have a higher chance to score. She also meet Ayame at that store who is accompanied by Hazuki. Ayame also bought a similar lucky bag at Hazuki's gentle nudge, and the girls exchanged figures for the characters they want. Yachiyo and Konoha, the head of their respective households, share a smile of comfort seeing how their charges made the right choice.

Iroha accompanied Sana to shop, and is able to gently nudge her to reveal her wish: to visit a shop selling kitten goods. Sana only sees the goods from outside when she is alone since she is afraid she would scare the manger if the door opened on its own. With Iroha's help, Sana picked a bag which not only has kitten toys, but also an album of cute cats of various types. Iroha also bought a bag which has a pair of kitten cups and she is delighted as she can give one to Ui after she returns after New Year (she has flown to where the Tamaki elders are, working outside of Japan).

When they regroup, Iroha is surprised to see Hazuki and Ayame joining in as well. It seems Felicia's next date is with Kako and Ayame. As they walk, they see Kako with Homura, Madoka and Sayaka, all looking troubled.

After asking, they realized Sayaka gave away another word to a crying child, thus making her idiom not possible. Iroha and co. decides to help, and with their help, Sayaka and co. managed to get another word. Sayaka strikes Eureka as she looks through the words, and decides to form the idiom Manchu Han Imperial Feast which is suitable for the occasion.

Unfortunately, the riddle which points to the shop hosting the words is so difficult even locals cannot solve it. Just then, Kyoko who is in town to eat the good food passes by, and as an act of desperation, Sayaka asks Kyoko to help decipher the riddle. While she has no clue, Kyoko does remember seeing a gold decoration in a shop with food around 50 points, allowing Iroha and co. to realize it is Banbanzai, and they rush there.

It seems Tsuruno is embarrassed about the decorations which she had forgotten about. In the end, they managed to get the words, and Sayaka manages to win with the idiom, her writings which show passion and for the kindness at helping the kids (they inform the judges about Sayaka beforehand).

Since she is Sayaka, she gets cold feet when she realized she won and now has to ask Kamijou out. She is thinking about just giving one ticket or telling Kamijou to go with his family, but immediately changes her mind as she saw the intense and ridiculing glare from Madoka and Homura when they realized she is thinking of chickening out. Eventually, Sayaka agreed to Madoka's suggestion at asking Kamijou out on the roof when school starts, and is once again taken aback by Homura's passion supporting her advances on Kamijou.

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