Magia Record Soul Gems

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Main Characters

Iroha Tamaki

102804 iroha soulgem.png Iroha's soul gem in the manga.png MagiReco Manga - Iroha Tamaki Soul Gem Egg.png Episode 7 Giovanna 8.png

  • Top emblem: Circle with chain
  • Bottom emblem: Inverted T-shape with half-circle below.
  • Shape when transformed: Circle(s) with chain, forming cloak clasp
  • Location: Chest/Throat (cloak clasp)

Yachiyo Nanami

Episode 4 ten-point sale 39.pngEpisode 5 Yachiyo soul gem 2.png

  • Top emblem: Crescent moon
  • Bottom emblem: Crescent moon
  • Shape when transformed: Crescent moon with teardrop on the bottom
  • Location: Torso (hangs from chain below chestplate)

Tsuruno Yui


  • Top emblem: Diamond with square hole in the center
  • Bottom emblem: Square "spiral"
  • Shape when transformed: Diamond
  • Location: Waist (center diamond on belt)

Felicia Mitsuki

Feliciasg.jpg Feliciachain.jpg

  • Top emblem: Horned helmet
  • Bottom emblem: Hexagonal gem
  • Shape when transformed: Elongated hexagon
  • Location: Torso (on chain connecting top and shirt)

Sana Futaba

Sanasg.jpg MagiReco Manga - Sana Futaba Soul Gem Egg.png Sanacrown.jpg

  • Top emblem: Crown
  • Bottom emblem: Shield with diamond in the center
  • Shape when transformed: Crown pendant with diamonds
  • Location: Chest/Throat (necklace)

Momoko Togame

Lead-netstore 212006s456mmt6.jpg MomokoShield.jpg

  • Top emblem: Unknown
  • Bottom emblem: Fleur de Lis
  • Shape when transformed: Shield
  • Location: Chest

Rena Minami

Episode 3 Rena Transform 6.png Lead-netstore 212006s456mmt8.jpg RenaQuaver.jpg

  • Top emblem: Triangle with a line bisecting it
  • Bottom emblem: Eighth note (Due to an animation error, in the anime it's depicted as Iroha's emblem)
  • Shape when transformed: Eighth note
  • Location: Stomach

Kaede Akino

Episode 5 Kaede vs Albertine 36.png Kaede soul gem.png Kaedesg.jpg

  • Top emblem:
    • Leaf (anime)
    • Circle with tapered bottom (manga)
  • Bottom emblem:
    • Circle with tapered bottom (anime)
    • Unknown (manga)
  • Shape when transformed: Circle with tapered bottom
  • Location: Tip of hat

Ui Tamaki


  • Top emblem:
  • Bottom emblem:
  • Shape when transformed: Rectangle with circle on bottom, forming cloak clasp
  • Location: Chest/Throat (cloak clasp)

Touka Satomi

Toukasg.jpg Toukasgtr.jpg

  • Top emblem: Bow
  • Bottom emblem: Top of her umbrella
  • Shape when transformed: Bow
  • Location: Chest/throat

Nemu Hiiragi

Nemusg.jpg Nemusgtr.jpg

  • Top emblem: Orb within circle connected by four spokes
  • Bottom emblem: Book
  • Shape when transformed: Orb within circle connected by four spokes
  • Location: Hat (tassel)

Alina Gray


  • Top emblem: TBA
  • Bottom emblem: TBA
  • Shape when transformed: Inverted triangle tie clasp
  • Location: Chest (tie clasp)

Mifuyu Azusa

14 Mifuyu doppel 1.png Mifuyunecklace.jpg

  • Top emblem: Sun
  • Bottom emblem: Sun
  • Shape when transformed: Sun pendant
  • Location: Throat (choker pendant)

Yuna Kureha

Yuna Soul Gem.jpg Yuna PM (before awakening).png Chara 1021 00 b.png

  • Top emblem: Unknown
  • Bottom emblem: Ornate diamond
  • Shape when transformed: Red diamond hanging from gold fixture
  • Location:
    • Chest/Throat (necklace; formerly)
    • Forehead (hangs from horn; currently)

Mabayu Aki

Film03 mabayu soulgem.png Film04 mabayu soulgem.jpg

  • Top emblem: Scissor handles
  • Bottom emblem: Camera lens
  • Shape when transformed: Camera lens
  • Location: Left hip/side of pelvis

Secondary Characters

Kanae Yukino

Kanae Soul Gem Egg.png KanaeCross.jpg

  • Top emblem: Bat wings
  • Bottom emblem: Cross with bat wings
  • Shape when transformed: Cross
  • Location: Right shoulder

Mel Anna

13 Meru witch 2.png MelBrooch.jpg

  • Top emblem: Leaf
  • Bottom emblem: Tarot card
  • Shape when transformed: Leaf
  • Location: Chest


Kuroe soul gem ep24.png Kuroesg.png

  • Top emblem: Circle or oval
  • Bottom emblem: Bow
  • Shape when transformed: Oval
  • Location: Metal garter on right leg

Mayu Kozue

Episode 3 Meeting with Mitama 26.png MayuPin.jpg

  • Top emblem: Paintbrush
  • Bottom emblem: Plant (possibly a nadeshiko)
  • Shape when transformed: Water drop and circle below three spokes (same shape as her paintbrush weapon)
  • Location: Head (hairpin)

Ikumi Makino

S2E7 Ikumi 1.PNG Ikumi 02.jpg

  • Top emblem: Heart with angel wings
  • Bottom emblem: Heart
  • Shape when transformed: Heart with angel wings
  • Location: Chest (Accessories)

Kuro (くろ)

Kuro (Anime).png Memoria 1863.jpg

  • Top emblem:Unknown
  • Bottom emblem: Unknown
  • Shape when transformed: Pink sphere forming bow cloak clasp
  • Location: Chest/Throat (cloak clasp)