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The following is a summary by bigscarythings.

Part 1

The story opens on the last day of Mikage's classes before winter break. As the bell rings to mark the end of the day, Mikage is zoned out and bored as she usually is at school, and idly listens in on her classmates heralding the coming of winter break, all of them amped up for a Christmas party. As it turns out, it's also the last day of school for their teacher - after the closing ceremony tomorrow, she will be on an unexpected maternity leave for the rest of the year. The teacher really wanted to hang in there until March, since as a sixth grade teacher, all of her students would be graduating this year, but she promises she'll be there for their graduation ceremony.

Mikage heads straight home from school, greeted by her mother; there, we learn that the students will get an early dismissal from school after the closing ceremony. Her mom says it's okay for Mikage to go out and play, but to come home in time for their traditional family Christmas dinner. As it turns out, however, Mikage has plans to go to Lavi and Nayuta's party instead. Mikage's mom realizes that Mikage is reaching the age where she's getting independence, and encourages her to go to the party and have fun. She just asks that Mikage not cause trouble for her hosts, and Mikage promises she'll be a good kid.

In a flashback, we learn about the traditional Yakumo family Christmas rules - that everyone presents new, creative dish they learned; that everyone sings a carol together before they eat, and express thanks for their day-to-day lives; that everyone gets things cleaned up by 9 PM; and that Dad can't work overtime on Christmas. Mikage used to assume that all families followed these same rules, but she was teased for them by the other kids; so now, she wants to join other families for their Christmas celebrations this year to see what they're like.

Back to the present day, Mikage runs right into none other than Sudachi and Yozuru, dressed to the nines in their Christmas costumes. They explain that they're cosplaying as the Three Wise Men, and explain the associated legend behind it; Livia is having all three girls of Puella Care dress up for a special Christmas campaign this week, where they go around town offering a free Coordination to each magical girl. They're visiting the homes of each meguca in order, and their next stop just so happens to be Nayuta's house. Mikage eagerly joins up with them, and she and Sudachi chat and fumu all the way there.

Mikage rolls up to Nayuta's front door, ready to help her set up for the party tomorrow, but as it turns out, the party setup has been put on hold. The reason turns out to be that Nayuta and Lavi found an odd present at their doorstep - a stocking stuffed with carefully-wrapped, handmade confectioneries. These aren't just ordinary candies, but complicated, professional-quality treats like macarons, which are infamously difficult to make by hand. Furthermore, there are thirteen treats - given the western origins of Christmas, and the association with unlucky number thirteen...well, poor Nayuta is pretty much convinced this is a portent of doom.

But Sudachi offers a much more grounded explanation - maybe someone dropped off the gift at the wrong house? In that case, Nayuta completely switches tracks - if this elaborate, thoughtful gift was intended for someone else, then she must get it to its rightful owner! (Poor Lavi seems to be internally sighing all the way through; knowing Nayuta all too well) The clear sticking point, however, is that they have no idea where to start tracking down the original giver or recipient...but that's when Yozuru and Sudachi step up.

Yozuru suggests that she and Sudachi do a Coordination on Nayuta - in changing a magical girl's outfit, her magic is also changed. A girl cannot have her magic customized to her liking, however - instead, while the coordinator is doing the outfit change, if a magical girl steels her willpower in favor of a specific desire, then her magic often adjusts to allow her to achieve such (ex. see the Call of the Open Sea event). They can't be certain Nayuta will get the power she needs to find the gift's recipient, but Nayuta thinks it's worth a shot. Yozuru figures with both her and Sudachi here, she can adjust Mikage as well (Lavi goes out of her way to exclude herself, given that they still need someone around to set up the party!).

To their delight, the Coordination works without a hitch - their matching outfits are a sign that they both had the same desire. When they turn to Lavi for her review, Lavi compares their outfits to those of Befana, a witch famous in picture books and in Italian folklore. Befana, in her search for Jesus that began before he was born, uses a star as her guiding light as she delivers baked goods to people's stockings, hoping one of them will belong to Jesus; it just so happens that the Three Wise Men are also tied into Befana's legend.

Mikage takes all this as a good omen, and is raring to go find whoever this present is for. Lavi puts a damper on everyone's parade, however, when she points out that Befana never found Jesus - she still wanders around the earth, searching for him... Nayuta chooses to pretend she didn't hear that.

Once outside, Nayuta immediately decides to cast whatever her newfound magic is on the stocking, figuring they'll just learn what new, unknown power they have by doing so - but Yozuru wisely warns her that since they don't know what their magic does, they should find an empty area and clear a wide berth. After finding an old, abandoned lot, Nayuta puts the stocking down, and casts her magic...and a fir tree springs up out of nowhere. They logically conclude it's a Christmas tree, but it lacks decorations entirely - foolishly, however, they touch the tree, and abruptly, it erupts into blinding light, and massive gusts blast them towards the tree...

When they come to, they're now in a silent, empty version of Kamihama - not a single soul in sight, save for the four girls. They seem to have been sucked into an alternate world contained within the Christmas tree. Nayuta realizes they've specifically landed by the train station that's closest to her house. But what on earth are they doing here? What does this magic have to do with their coordinated desire?

They get their first clue in an odd Christmas ornament by their feet - Nayuta picks it up, and the gang hears three voices - a very young daughter declaring her love for her mom and dad, and her parents doting on her. They tentatively assume that the recipient must be one of the voices they just heard...and with that, the ball shines, a thin beam of light stretching into the horizon. No matter where they turn or hold the ball, the beam always points the same way - they decide it must be a guiding light towards their next clue. Still, the city streets are complicated, and a straight line won't help navigate them too much...but Mikage and Yozuru figure that since Nayuta and Mikage have become the archetypical witch, can't they just hop on their broomsticks and fly?

Cut to them finding out that they can indeed fly - though Nayuta is a bit too discombobulated to have fun with it at first. After some banter, they get the hang of flying, and the gang lands at the destination the light shone towards, and as they suspect, another ornament is there. In this memory, they find that the little girl's name is Rei-chan; in the conversation, she's talking with her mom about what her special dish for this year's Christmas should be. Since Dad wants spicy food, maybe she should make their traditional dish super spicy this time...? But her mom scolds her for abruptly switching up the seasoning.

With little info to work with beyond the girl's nickname, they continue their journey in hopes the conversations will reveal more information. Along the way, Nayuta remarks to everyone that Rei-chan's voice seems familiar somehow - as it turns out, it's familiar to Yozuru and Sudachi as well. While it gives Mikage the creeps, she knows for sure she's never heard it before... Alas, they can't narrow down who would be someone that Nayuta, Sudachi, and Yozuru all know, but Mikage does not.

In their next destination, an older Rei-chan is talking to her mom again. As they pass by a store that will be closing up shop at the end of the year, the mom asks Rei-chan if she's going to spend Christmas with them, but Rei-chan is spending it with her boyfriend instead. As the memory ends, Mikage realizes the voice is starting to sound familiar to her - just as it becomes unfamiliar to the others.

After collecting several ornament but not learning much new info, Mikage suggests they take a quick detour to Nayuta's house. Their hands are full with all the ornaments they've collected so far, so they ought to get a rucksack or something that'll let them carry more, especially since they have no clue how many they need to find. Nayuta figures that along the way, she'd like to check something in her neighborhood as well - last time she was going around the block, she saw that there was a neighbor's house who had a family member named "Rei." Everyone thinks this must be their breakthrough - it's all too easy for deliveries to get mixed up between neighbors! Alas, once they get there and Nayuta goes to check, it turns out that the "Rei" in that household is a dude.

They're all disappointed over the mixup. Nayuta heads inside her house to grab a bag - and shouts once she's at the door. As it turns out, on her front doorstep, there's another ornament...but the one that currently guides them is not pointing to this new one. In other words, they've accidentally gone sequence-breaking here - they're not meant to find this one until much later. Even so, they figure it wouldn't hurt to take a look at this one at get it out of the way...

In this memory, they hear the voice of an old, old woman - and the voice of Kamihama's current mayor running her reelection campaign, in a campaign car passing around the neighborhood. The old woman notes clearly that she's found the right house - Nayuta Satomi's residence - and knows what she's about to do is unforgivable, but...she leaves the present at the door.

They connect some dots - the mayor's voice is from the ongoing election campaign, and Yozuru specifically notes that this car was driving around Kamihama today. They ascertain that this voice must belong to the mother from the family they've been listening to, and put together, this must be the most recent memory, chronologically speaking. They're stunned this story spans the course of decades - and more than that, the voice that they assumed was intended to be the proper recipient was actually...the gift-giver herself!

This is unheard of for Yozuru - why would Coordination cause the opposite personal magic than what the girls were trying for? They were supposed to find the intended recipient at the end of the road, not the sender. But Nayuta sheepishly fesses up - while she did, in fact, want to know who was supposed to receive the gift, she also wanted to know who sent it. The confectioneries were just too elaborate to be a throwaway gift - who in the world would go so far for someone? She wanted to make sure the giver's feelings reached the proper recipient...and Mikage figures that Yozuru must have connected the dots already, but given their matching outfits, Mikage had that same desire, too.

Yozuru apologizes if she sounded like she was too harsh earlier; she simply believes they're too kind for their own good. As Nayuta grabs the bag, they conclude that this ornament must be the final one, given that no light shines from it - which just leaves them to pick up the rest so they can get a clearer picture of what's going on.

On their way to the next stop, they all chat a bit - Nayuta really, truly does not know who this gift is from, but having heard the old lady's sounds familiar to her for some reason, but she can't place where she's heard it from. She's mortified that she might not remember the voice of such a sweet, generous old lady...but before they can get into that, they find their next ornament. And this sounds like Rei-chan is pregnant! She's speaking with her mother, this time about what her soon-to-be-born daughter will be named. She's already decided on names for girls - her first daughter will be named Mitama, and if she has a second, she'll be named Mikage; the mother remarks that this ties back into the meaning of Rei-chan's name.

And now the picture is much, much clearer - this is Mikage's mother and grandma they've been hearing! The voice sounded familiar because Mikage's voice is just like her mom's as a child; and the voice is now resembling her mom's voice as an adult, which is why it's familiar to Mikage but not the others. With all these pieces in play, they figure Mikage's grandma must have been the voice in the last memory; given all the people consistently involved, Mikage decides her grandma was likely accompanied by her mom and grandpa, too. But why, though? Why would Mikage's mom want to give Nayuta a gift? It's just too strange.

As we close in on the end of Part 1, Yozuru asks Mikage why she didn't immediately recognize her grandma's voice. Mikage explains that when she was little, her mom said her grandparents had to "move to a faraway place" - Yozuru assumes this means they went abroad; while Nayuta thinks it must be the classic euphemism - that her grandparents actually passed away, and her mom was softballing the truth to Mikage...which would mean if Mikage's dead grandma gave her this gift, then they're actually involved in a horror story...? Poor Nayuta is downright spooked - but quickly figures that logically, that can't be the case, then. The more they learn, the less the know and the deeper the mystery gets - hence why they need to find every last voice.

Nayuta asks why Mikage assumed her mom left the gift at Nayuta's house, and Yozuru finds this odd, too. To make things even more complicated, it turns out that Mikage keeps her friendship with Nayuta on the down low, so her mom doesn't know Nayuta...but there's no way to explain why Mikage's grandma would be motivated to leave the gift at Nayuta's house, either. Curiouser and curiouser...but Mikage points out that they were given this magic to find the truth, so the truth they shall find! And for their next ornament, Nayuta asks it directly why Mikage's mother would assist in delivering this present to her, and...

This time, the memory is when Rei-chan is pregnant with Mikage. The grandma is furious this time - they're broke, they're poor, they can't possibly take care of this baby; the grandma begs Rei-chan to rethink this - and Rei-chan explodes that she didn't want this, either.

Everyone is dead silent. In a daze, Mikage realizes out loud that her mom didn't want her. She turns to Yozuru, asking her for blunt honesty, not kindness - is it possible that these voices are an illusion? Yozuru concludes that is not the case - they are true memories. And now Mikage thinks back to other incidents she's witnessed with her mother...her mom talking about how broke they are, or how hard it is to raise two kids; the time a stranger yelled at her mom that if she can't raise a kid properly, she shouldn't have had it to begin with...

Mikage asks that they take a break for tonight. Nayuta says yes. As it turns out, to escape back to the real world, they just need to transform out of their magical girl forms. Once back, they notice the Christmas tree has changed its form, becoming partly-decorated, just before it vanishes. Mikage asks that Nayuta hand her the stocking...and once in hand, Mikage smashes it on the ground, and storms off. No matter how Nayuta cries out to her, Mikage just screams for everyone to stay away from her.

Part 2

After Mikage ran away from Nayuta and the others, she ultimately ended up returning to Nayuta's house to spend the night, since she didn't want to go home. Throughout the night, though, she's plagued by nightmares where she returnis to various scenes in her life that we briefly saw at the end of Part 1, like her wanting a bigger allowance but her mom telling her that the family couldn't afford it - if Mikage wanted more money, she needed to be more useful around the house, and to be good. In another scene, she gets in trouble for throwing a ball and damaging a guy's car, which meant the family had to be on a repayment plan, which was a big hit on their finances; and in a third scene, her mom cries by herself, but shakes off Mikage's concern. Finally, she remembers a time where her mom yelled her name over and over again, with Mikage having no memory of what she did wrong...

Finally, she snaps awake, with Lavi there to greet her. Mikage recalls to herself how she had called Mitama to explain she was spending the night - it was so sudden that she assumes her mom must be upset at her. But enough of that - it's breakfast time. As Nayuta, Lavi, and Mikage finish up their plates, Mikage decides she'll go to school today after all - even though she left her schoolbag at home! Lavi, however, suggests that Mikage stay at home, given everything she went through the other night, but since today is the last day for Mikage's favorite teacher before she goes on leave, Mikage decides she ought to go. Once Mikage is out the door, Nayuta sympathizes with her situation. Lavi wonders if this pile of snow will thaw - which confuses poor Nayuta, given there's no snow out.

Once at the school gate, though, who else is waiting for Mikage but her own mother! Turns out her mom brought Mikage's school bag, having anticipated that Mikage would actually go to school today. She expresses relief that Mikage seems alright - after the sudden call last night, she was worried sick. Her mom gets Nayuta's name from Mikage and decides she'll go thank her for her hospitality sometime, but scolds Mikage to not do something like this again - it makes her a nuisance for other families.

Unfortunately, given everything Mikage has had on her mind, this hits much too close to home. She pushes through her pain, though, saying she's been a good kid and hasn't been causing trouble for anyone. As the bell rings, she says she knows she's just a burden for her mom, and knows her mom wished she never had her. Her mom does a double-take, but Mikage makes a beeline for the morning assembly before she can say anything.

At the end of the day, as everyone makes their leave, Mikage's teacher, the one who's about to go on leave, sits down with her and asks what's wrong. Her teacher observed Mikage's sullen mood, and accurately figures out that Mikage must've had a row with her mom (partly by intuition; partly by observing Mikage meeting her mom at the gate). While Mikage is reticent at first, she eventually opens up by the teacher asking Mikage to talk about it as a favor - otherwise, the teacher will be worrying about her nonstop during her leave! Mikage explains that she's learned she's an unwanted child (when the teacher prompts her for how, Mikage just leaves it at "because I heard her voice", and the teacher doesn't prod any further)

While the teacher would like it if the solution were as simple as "parents inherently love their kids," she's seen her share of terrible families in her time as a teacher. That in mind, she asks Mikage to live with her instead. Mikage is sour on this idea, which reassures the teacher - despite everything, Mikage does want to have faith in her mother.

The teacher explains that she's known Mikage's mom for about ten years now, ever since she began her job when Mitama was in first grade; the teacher used to be Mitama's homeroom teacher. For all these years, Mikage's mom has always been diligent and invested in her daughters' success and happiness. Mikage dismisses it as just her mom wanting her own life to be simple and easy, given that having hellions would drag her own life down, but the teacher counters by pointing out how Mikage's mom would kowtow to various people whenever Mitama got in trouble, and how she went out of her way to talk to teachers to make sure Mikage wouldn't get bullied after the incident with Mitama at Mizuna - these are hard things to do, but her mother freely did them, and would willingly make sacrifices for the sake of her children.

In another incident, when Mikage's mom, her daughters, and the teacher were hanging out at the river, a baby/toddler Mikage was seriously injured; while Mitama and the teacher panicked, the mom remained calm and administered first aid, ensuring that Mikage made it through without any lasting consequences. While saving Mikage, however, her mom screamed Mikage's name to help bring her back to consciousness; Mikage realizes this must be the origin of the memory she has of her mom screaming at her. This incident is what inspired the teacher to become a good mother someday.

The teacher opens the floor for Mikage to speak, and Mikage asks the teacher if it was ever the case she didn't want to have her baby. In truth, there are many horrible news stories that go on every day, from murders to natural and financial disasters...but ultimately, she decided to go through with the pregnancy because of how people can be happy in spite of it all, and by having role models in excellent mothers. With all that settled, Mikage decides she's not staying with her teacher, and asks that the teacher keeps her household calm and orderly for the baby's sake; the teacher jokingly thinks it's a shame she won't have Mikage around.

Afterwards, Mikage immediately returns to the site of the original conjured Christmas tree to find the stocking she dropped, but to no avail. As she struggles, Nayuta and Lavi just so happen to stroll onto the scene, stocking and sweets in hand. They learn that Mikage is willing to dive into the tree again to understand her mom's feelings, and with their suspicions confirmed, Lavi reveals she'd arranged things in advance with Puella Care to get things settled once and for all.

The trio returns to Nayuta's house and meet with Sudachi and Yozuru. After the half-decorated tree is summoned, they conclude that they must be halfway done with the tree, and after recapping how their powers work and the story so far, they note that the archetypical Christmas tree has a star to cap it off - therefore, the final memory they collect will likely be the most important one...and the most terrible one, Nayuta thinks. Mikage insists she's not worried, however, and into the tree they all go.

The next memories involve Mikage's grandparents stressing out over Rei-chan's marriage - they seem to fear the dad will be a dead-end deadbeat - and in another, the grandparents plead with Rei-chan to think of Mitama's well-being - can she truly be called happy? Will her little sister have to undergo that same misery? In short, the memories are making things worse for Mikage, not better - and soon, they find themselves approaching the final ornament.

As Mikage is about to collect it, however, Sudachi vehemently objects in Fumus. Mikage thanks Sudachi for her concern, but insists she has to find closure - except Yozuru sides with Sudachi as well. Yozuru has been struggling with how to apply kindness to this entire situation; she's learned that adhering to a client's request is one form of kindness...but stopping people from making mistakes they'll regret is yet another form of it as well. Yozuru decides that the thoughts and feelings of parents are best left alone, and for the sake of preventing Mikage of making an irreparable mistake, she will stop Mikage - even if it must be by force. Before the odds get too stacked against Mikage, however, Nayuta asserts her support for Mikage. Emboldened, Mikage says she's made up her mind, and she will learn her mom's true thoughts, whatever they may be - and she'll fight for her right to get it. And with that, everyone starts throwing hands.

Memoria 1709 a.jpg

With the power of Christmas on their side, Mikage and Nayuta manage to best the Coordinators. The Coordinators surrender, but Yozuru warns Mikage that this ornament, given how different it looks from the others, will likely break from the pattern observed in the others in some way...but no one can guess how that may be until they try it. Mikage hesitates once more, asking Nayuta why she sided with Mikage. Nayuta explains that while she agreed with Yozuru in some ways, she thinks it's different for Mikage and her mother - she has faith this conflict isn't really being caused by Mikage knowing something she shouldn't, but by not fully understanding this knowledge. After all, it was Nayuta misunderstanding the feelings of her parents that tore her family apart - she doesn't want the same thing to befall Mikage's family as well.

Memoria 1709 b.jpg

With that, Mikage feels encouraged to tap into the ornament - and this time, the ornament does break form with the returns to the scene where Rei-chan had the fight with her grandparents, but continues from Rei-chan's declaration of "I don't want this, either!" with "I don't want to lose my relationship with my parents!" She fully understands her parents' concern, but she has made her choice. She knows how hard it is to raise one child on a shoestring budget, and knows it'll be even harder with two - but she wants her and Mitama to get to meet Mikage. And to prove her commitment to this, she declares she's officially cutting off her parents, since they cannot find it in themselves to welcome Mikage into the world.

Nayuta is all but jumping over the moon with joy at this news, and Mikage finds her spirits somewhat lifted - it's not all happy, given that she's still in a way responsible for her mom losing her relationship with her parents, and isn't convinced that her mom hasn't grown to hate her still... In the meantime, Yozuru notes that with all the memories gathered, the only ones who have been consistently featured in every last one were the grandparents - therefore, they alone are the ones who dropped off the gift at Nayuta's house, though it doesn't answer why they did so.

Before anything else, though, the space the girls are in begins to collapse, with much rumbling and earthquakes - everyone save Yozuru panics, with Mikage exercising her duck and cover drills under Nayuta, but Yozuru is assured in knowing what's happened; with the tree complete, the world has served its purpose and is collapsing. After some banter between her and Nayuta, Nayuta and Mikage quickly move to detransform in an attempt to escape before they all vanish along with the world - but before they can, they're engulfed in a bright like, much like they were when they first entered this world.

They all awaken in an empty world, but it is shortly filled with one last memory - with a very young Rei-chan going over the Yakumo family's special Christmas rules, which haven't seemed to change a bit since Mikage went over them. Just like Mikage, Rei-chan got teased at school for her family's Christmas rules, and asks her dad why they have them to begin with. Her dad explains the importance of these rules to keeping Christmas as a holiday of gratitude and family togetherness, but says that if Rei-chan ever comes to hate her family, they'll stop - to this, Rei-chan concludes they'll be doing the holiday forever, then!

The topic shifts to what special dish they'll all be serving with dinner. Mikage's grandfather is a bit of a confectionist himself, and has some baked goods to share, but notes his aspiration to make his own macarons someday. It'll take forever, though, but he vows to have it mastered by the time last of Rei-chan's kids have made it to middle school. While as he gets older, it may be harder for him to participate on a yearly basis, he vows he'll make an extra dish to make up for every year that he missed; Rei-chan cheers him on.

Finally, the trio awakens back in the real world in Nayuta's house. Mikage thinks over what she just saw, and now knows for sure that by carrying on this tradition, it means her mom has always loved her, and has always been happy with Mikage...and that these thirteen gifts are her grandparents' way of fulfilling their promise to have a baked good for every Christmas that they missed.

As we close in on the ending, Nayuta finally realizes where she'd heard the Yakugrandma's voice from - the grandparents are her neighbors! They used to greet each other when they first moved to Kamihama. Yozuru figures it makes sense; the prepoderence of the ornaments on the west half of the city led her to believe that was where her grandparents were situated.

They're shortly interrupted by a call from Mikage's mom, who's a bit tipsy and sounding a lot like Mitama now - she wants Mikage to come home and celebrate Christmas Eve with them, and also asks about the stocking and that Mikage apologize to Nayuta on the Yakumo family's behalf. As she hangs up, Mikage relays that apology, and then decides she's going home to spend the holiday with her family. She feels bad for all the work Nayuta and Lavi put into getting the house decorated, but they reassure her that it's all good and encourage her to see her family, and Yozuru and Sudachi depart as well.

Once home, Mikage sees none other than her grandparents there - she recongnizes them and saves them all the work of introductions. Mikage's mom explains that she invited the grandparents here after what Mikage said about being a burden on her mom at the school gate that morning; realizing that Mikage was probably figuring things out about their family situation, her mom decided they all needed to clear the air between them and start talking to each other again.

After getting in contact later that day, the grandparents had explained to her mom about sending the stocking to Nayuta's house, since they saw Mikage spending so much time there. Between Mikage's signature way of announcing her arrival with a hearty "Naaaaaayuuuuutaaaaan!" - which revealed how her voice is a dead ringer for young Rei-chan's - and Mikage's uniform, hair, and name, her grandparents realized exactly who she is.

Her grandparents show repentance for just ghosting a gift at Nayuta's door like that without actually talking to Mikage, but Mikage assures them she knows their thoughts and feelings that went into the gift full well. Recalling the time when the grandparents asked Rei-chan if Mikage would bear misfortune like Mitama, Mikage assures them both that her whole family is very happy. The grandparents fully admit that they were wrong - but finally smile and open themselves up to the family once more.

In an aside, Mitama notes to herself that perhaps all is not happy with her - had there been no East-West divide, they wouldn't have had to worry about money, and this split between the family and their grandparents would never have come to pass.

Still, it's Christmas, and that means there's lots of fried chicken and cake to enjoy - so Mikage begins the processions, capping the story with a "Merry Christmas!"

Nayutan Express

Nayutanexpress start.png

Nayutan Express was the 2021 holiday mini-game tying into Snow Thawing Befana, hosted on Magia Record's official website. In it, players are given requests for gifts by various Arc 2 Main Story characters, and drag gifts from the Christmas tree featured in Nayuta・Mikage (Christmas ver.)'s second Magia into boxes and deliver them to the requesters. The description of the game is as follows:

A present is left in front of Nayuta's house. Its sender is unknown, but who was it intended to be delivered to? When Nayuta and Mikage take on the form of Befana, they gain the power to find the recipient.

After discovering the joy of delivering gifts on the holy night, Nayuta and Mikage announced the establishment of "NAYUTAN EXPRESS," an express service to deliver gifts to Magical Girls by Magical Girls.

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